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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 20, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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you. >> the shooting iisiie johhs hopkins. >> my worss fear because you are thhnking somebody might be coming ddwn the hallwwy with a gun. >> tte woman feet from he maa who shot a doctor, hhs mother then himself. >> slot machines in maryland.. next week ooening of the location in perryville could be put on hold. >> another beautiful day. we could see uch-needed rain later this week. best chance for showers in my sky watch forecast. and kids and adhd. why more medicine might not be the% answer if original treatmenn is unsuccesssfl. is unsuccesssfl. >> good evening..% >> just down the hall from the killer. woman who was near the gunman at johns hopkins hospital last week shares her terriiying story of survival. >> kathleen tells us the hospptal visitor turned to a
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higher power for help. >> he says after the shot was fired there was a lot of commotion in the hallway as people ran for cover. she tells us sse started to ray. when she ound herself barricaded in a rrom with 4 other people. when gun man fired shots on the eighth there are of ohns hhpkins hos hospitall the ddb was uss ddwn the hall. >> so we kept the door shut. loud noise. >>reporter: she was with hhr mother-in-law a patient along wwth two therapiss and a nurse. >> physical therapist cracked the door open and then he shut the door and said there's a shooter in the hall. get down. immediately i.e.. got ddwn and started putting the chairs against the door and told us to get down and be quiet. deb dialed 911.
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i thought if ppssibly we were going to ssmmbody was going to shhot us. >>reporter: as swat teams surrounded the buiiding. >> i do believe goo wasswith ssaying calm ann actinn -úquickll. tonight at 10:00 find out who she called her heroes. this is news at 5:30. thank you kathleen. the doctor shot by pauu shows progress in the recovery. úr. david cohen familyysees he's now in ood condition.. cohen has shottin the stomach by at the time map who shot and killed his mother and then himmelf on thursday. dr. cohen family issued a statemmnt today. the famill says we are eepecially grateful to everyone at johns hopkins who worked to make davvd's recovery possible. nnw it is important our time and energy bb foccsed on úavid's recovery. to atch more of ourr% coverage of the hopkins somewhating go to our wwb site
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and look for hot topic at tte the first of 6 people charged in the murder for higher plot that killed a gas station owner is found guilty. koil was fouud guilty today of first degree murder aad conspiracy tt commit first degree murder. he conspired to kill william pprter back n march. koil could face life behind bars. 5 other people including porter's wife are úwaiting trial. >> woman is charged in the deathhof hhrraunt. police say 34-year-old miss simmons killed miss mitchell friday at home on orth stricker street. police say she beat mitch well a club and then called -ú911 and said she hurt her aunt. >> police arrived the aunt was suffering from traumatic head wounds and transported which baltimore medic to shock trauma and uufortunately succumbed to her injuries. >>reporter: simmons ow faces several chhrges tonight including first degree urder. teenager dies after being
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hit by a car in hhrper county. street when it happened. he police say 14-yyar-old joe mond was out with friends friday night when struck by a car trying to make a left turn neaa route 24 and red pump rrad in belaire. family and friend are now remembering the% high sccool freshhan who played in the band and ws a line backer for the jv úootball team. >> he wassjust a joy to watch -úplay because he was so proud of him. >> that'' my life.i'll be forever changed. >>reporter: funeral services for joe will be eld his wed at noon at cook auditoriummof mountain christiaa church in jav is asking that n lieu f mrours donation be made to a fund to the football recreation program..% >> fredericc county police say aaman who died ooer the weekend shot and illed himself. police say they were% third time they were told the 28-year-ood oliver cohen left the home with a gun.
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>> they were tryyng tt approach him to ake contact with him, shot, a shot waa fiird and heeofficer felt that he was in danger at that úoint and responded to that shoo iring several rounds. >>reporter: woman suffered minor injuries. city police identify tte man shot and killed in east baltimore over the weekend. police say 25-year-old george llwis was shht on bone part avenuu early sunday morning. lewws was taken to hopkins but died short time later. police this time.spect or a motive at how are the roads lookingg% tonight. lauren cook here now with the report. >> thank you jenniier. we are dealing withhseveral accidents in baltimore city. one on liberty heights avenue att% drrid arr drive and another on east middle street at saint paul street and the third right on orleans street and north broadway. expect heavyy% congestion traveling on the jfx p to falls road. traveling n tte west said of the belt way we look at pretty high speeds at liberty road.
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checking in and taking a live look you notice everything is moving along just pretty good. we are lacking at 433miles ppr hour along theeouter loop lanes. as we make the push to york road thereeis quite a bit úf congestion along the inner loop. see some relieffas you make the push to parkville. we have 2 accidents in howard county watch out for. both are going to be in columbia. one sorry. one on twin rivers road at overnor parkway and another on route 108 attlark brrwn road. now back to you. >> thank you lauren. >> mmjor redevelopmmnt project gets nderrway in alttmore old ouch neighborhood this morning. if. >>. [applause]. >>reporter: mayorrrawlings blake was on hand to kick off phase phase one of the 85 million dollar projeet. project designed by loccl resident and area developers úill be creating several affordable housing option like new pprk and youth haven community center. ú> tooay is a celebration more
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than 5 years of work o help make this a safe, bbautiful aboot, liiabll neighborhood for all kinds of people. >>reporter: when it cooes to news in your neighborhood, see it shoot it send it. up loadd6 photo video to our web site and just click on tte see it shoot it send it icon. send photo directly from the ell phone if you wish to picks at fox great weatter keepss% oncoming. >> there are changes on the way. still ahead vyyas tellss% way. still ahead vyyas tellss% us when it is kids and adhd. coming up. úhy patients not drugs could be the key to successful treatment. >> maryland first slots parlor was to open next week buttit was to open next week buttit might not happen.i'll
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tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> peoppe about. >> panel of econooist says the national bureau f economicr. research says the recession ended in june of 2009. by statistics the recession lasted 18 months. that makes it the longest recession ii u... since world war 2. recession in the mid 70's and early 80's lasted 16 months.. go to our web siie and let us knoww aaso sound off on
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facebook or tweet at fox baltimore. text s at 45203. enter fox 45 aafor yes and bbfor no. and response ight air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> after counnless delay -úmaryland first slot parlor set opening could be put on hold. % john? >>reporter:: well, penn nationallthe coopany that -úplans to open a slots parllr in cecil countyybut the company till trying to put slots at andarundle millsssays ppnn national is violatinn the law. that's because penn roll the anti-slot ads for the mills. that casinn n hold until voters decide the issue this november. but he company says penn national is spending millionn of dollars dump because penn nationallic also owner hollywood casino in úharles town. and kord company claims that's a conflicc of interest. >> tteesubstantial amount of the revenue comes rom maryland and most of that from
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andarundle and surrounding counties. so by delaying slots in andarundle county they cootinue to rakeein maryland dollars in west virginia and control tte market. >>reporter: attorney general office is being assed toysh an úpinion as to whether penn national has violaaed the terms of its agreement. meantime no word on whether% slots in cecil county will open next week. this is news at 5:30.%- federal agency ree for handing out millions in graat is coming under fire. osha the occuuational safety health administratton gave 220,000 dollars to the provide training and education program for employers and workers bun like year past more than half of the grants are going to minority groups or groups that work with immigrant. now some are wondering if the money is being used to pay about play
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poll ticket it appears these are goong to smaller organizations perhaps with a little bit of a political angle nvolved incllding day labbrer and dommstic workers none of which recovered two years ago. >>reporter: they would not agree to on camera interview anddstill worring on how to spend the money. quarter of the grants are going to labor unions. >> our duty to hold government accountable and help uu do that by joining our waste watch. if you see government waste you can call our hot line at this number on the screee. also go to our web site and click on waste waachh if new poll out today shows governor o'malley has a slight edge in the rematch with former governor urlich. new poll taken after tuesday's primary ound 50% of votees prefer o''alley. 47 percent
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picked urlich. one percent said they like to vote for a different candidate. 3 percent say they are still unddcided. margin of error was 4 percent. and for all the latest news on the midttrm election úoming up on november 2nd go to our web site of course slash vote 2010. >> beautiful day toddy but much-needed rain could be on the way. vytas has the forecast. >> it is going to take a few days for it to get hear becaase we have nice dry conditions with the help of high pressure whhch is actually sinking aarr doesn'' allow any moisture to rise. clouds and create showers and we are lookkng at mainly dry conditions. radar level 2 scanning the sky. not finding conditions for the overniiht as well. just beautiful conditions out there. ddwntown baltimore. 80 in dc. head west on i 70 over tt hagerstown sitting at 77
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degrees. get over there on western maryland at 64 degrees and comfortable there as well. folks on the eastern shore -úlooking at mid upper 70's as well in the mid 70's over there innchesttr town and feels pretty good across the state for the most part. we'll see some shift in temppratures over he next few days here. warmer temperatures continue to build up out of the south as we see a shift in the the wind% direction. right now the winds cominggii frrm thee% northwest. as weehave the northwest wind reason beinn hhgh pressure is actually sitting over west irginia and clockwise rotation of air so we are seeing wind wrappingg% around the clockwise rotation bringing the northwest flow over the statemeet high úressure will be shifting off to the east and that means that clockwise rotation will be coming from the the south as we get to the middle and end of the week. that means temperatures will increase. forecast on the road what day weeget the 90 mark. toniiht clear skies.. 64 degrees and when the rain will arrive all coming up innthe 7 day forecast in a few moments. >> thank you. you can be in chargeeof your
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own personalized forecast. i radar now available at fox use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to our web site slash i rrdar. aggressive children with adhd possibly don't need to take other medication thh more kid with attention deficit hyper activity disorder who act aggressively are being given anti-psychotti medication. in addition to sttmulant like rid license. if paais hilton spends a day in court. coming up what she pled guilty to and what her punishment is going to be. adventure landing in the dvw
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>> he has been a ship captain, gladiator and now sherwood foress. megan has the low down. >>repprter: latest telling of the robin hood story brought in more than 300 million úollars worldwide. if russell crowe stars as the title character. this versiin looks at the politics and theeevents that turned robin lonn stride
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into robin the hood. most of the new releases this week are úor television shows. modern% family just won the mmy for best comedy. the first season is out tomorrow. another sitcom community is about to enter its sophomore seasoo. miss matched group of college students try to get through community college. it stars chevy chase ann joe mchaal. crime novelist teams one a detective in the show castle. nathan plays the womanizing oo what made moonlighting so successful. >> make a pretty good team. % like star 60 and hutch. >> you remind me at of hooch. >>reporterr season 2 come in famous character. the man that played allen in the hang
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úver. now stars in an. hbo comedy bored to death. helps detective solve crimes in the first season of the show. if looking for something that is a little bit mooe family frien friendly, disney is coming out with tinker bell and great fairy rescue. it's rated g. i'm megan that's the low down. >> paris hilton heads to court if las vegas today. harris hilton pled guilty to 2 drug charges. last monnh she was charged with cocaine possession you may recall and obstruct ago police officer. now under the terms of the plea agreement she will serve one ear of probation and she must do 200 hours offcommunity service. also avoid serving any jail time. lindsay on the other hand may not be so lucky. accress admits she failed a court ordered drug test. this just weeks after lohan was release from jail and ccurt ordered rehab. under the terms of the probation failed test means 33 probation failed test means 33 days at least behind >> joe flacco benched that's
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what fans are cclling for cincinnati.avens lost to >> hhrbaugg feels about making a change in quarterrack. nnxt in sports. about and looking at cllar skies here over maryland. you can se
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence
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pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax.
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it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. those in heeravens nation who want to see changes made. specifically at quarterback. yes. there are thooe who want to send joe flacco to tte bench. he did not the play very well that's or sure. his 4 interception were his a careee high and his quarterback ratinggat 23 percent is a career low. on my radio show today peoole were ting off on the ravens -úthird year starter saying back up mark should get a shot. problem is this sn't baseball and flacco isn't a starter
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lifted for reliever and john harbaugh isn't worried about starting nn. 5 moving forward. >> nobody has a better perspective than us in house and we like ur football team. we likeeour ppayyrs. and we are not one bit concerned about our talent level at any position. we know we can win with the guys we got and that's what we intend to doyshtion eveeybody relax. come out toobill bateman in towns end tonight at 7:30 for the coors light silver spotlight. player change. chris carter joining me instead of jimmy mclane. taping starts at 7:30 be sure to get there early and wear the purple and black. in towns end in. hear from thug on the penalty and why former offiiial says it was the wrong call including ray lewis going off on the officiating. the orioles start 3 game road trip in boston and lay of the wwek count down. all coming up tonight at 10:50 on sports unlimited. >> thanks so mucc bruce. >> hotter as the summer winds down. >> yes. vytas update on the forecast. vyyas.
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>>rrporter: temperattres normmlly going down this ttme of year but actually they are gging up. we see some %úgauge as we get down the road not too bad. olks like the temperrtures but beautiful temperatures tout today. very comfortable. looking at the skkycam inner harbor shot you see it is back to the sunshine. beautiful day to be walking around the harbor. 77 degrees. winds out of the westtnorthwest at 6. humidity level at 24 percent. so very low humidity levels so kind of dry out there and so we are going to need a little bit of moisture o kind of give us a little bit of precipitationnas we get down the road here. looking at thh bigger picture temperature wise we have the 70's just pretty much thrown across the state. 78 in philadelphia ann 80's just to the south. we'll tip to see the northwest flow keeping us on the cooler side of things with high pressure just off to the west and as that highh6 c1 pressure continues to wrap in on the front edge the clockkise rotation we are talking about that's canadian low so we see the cooler air across the sttte. clear conditions off to high presssre and sinking air is so presssre and sinking air is so that equals sunshine
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