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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> the shooting inside of johns hopkins. >> my worse fear is because you
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-hink somebody may come down the halllway with a gun. >> woman ttat was feet from a man that shot a doctor. who she turned to in er hour of need. >> rescuued from a raging iver. how long it took, and the great effort it took to pluck this man tt safety. >> windd will change and the heat will move in. how high the temperatures will go. >> cleaning up the gulf coast beaches. evidence of a majoo isaster, inches below the surface. what the government is now doing tonighh to keep you from seeing itt >> live in high definntion, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is -ox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbertt first tonight. breaking news out oo south baltimore. what you are seeing is a seen of a triple shoot, 10th and snow three men shot. two shot in the stomach.
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one in the leg. and no worddon their conditioos tonight. gunman. >> well, thh gun fire at johns hopkins, last week, caused evacuations and lock downs. >> paul pardus would shoot a doctor, mother and turn the gun on himself. police,,there were obviously a lot of people in the hospittl. >> kathleen cairns brings us the story of one of those people, trappee in a room, close to a killer. >> when a ggnman fired shoos on the eighth floor of johns hopkins hoopital, deb mckeever was down the hall. >> we kept the door shut. >> kind of loud noise. >> she was with her mother-in--aw. a patient. along with two therapists, and a nurse. craaked the door open aad then he shut the door and saiddthere is a shooter in the hall. get down. >> immediately, he got doww and started to put the chairs that, door. and he told us to get down.
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and be quiet. >> deb dialed 911. >> ssooting in thh hall way. >> happened so fast. i was pretty much scared to death. i thouggt, possibly, we were going to -- somebody would shoot us. >> heerd shooting, screaming and barricaded with a room. >> my worst fear is you think somebodyywill come down theehall building.3 gun. >> first thing i did is say, please, god keep us safe. i tooo my mothee-in-law's handú and i prayed for everybody that and i said, you know, prayed to god that he woull be with us. >> an hour later, they were evacuated. >> i do believe god was with us ú%at day. >> she credits police, and the -ospital staff.ú >> iithink, they are heroes. i think they did a good job to get the situaaion under controll as quickly as they did. in east baltimore, kathleenú %->> mckeever said her 10:00.
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mother-in-law had bbck surgery and is recovering at home. dr. cohen is in ggod k shoo in the stomach by pardus, before pardus shot his mother and thee himself n thursday. and the cohen's issued this statement earlier today. we are especially grateful to %-worked to make david's goho3 recovery possible. now it is fortunate our time and energy be focused on david's recovery. >> and yyu can atchhmore of ouú coverage oo the hopkins shooting. go to and look for hot topics, at the top of the page. >> the first person to go on trial in the murder-for-hire plot that killed a towson gas station owner is found guilty. a jury delivered the verdict today. keith daniels is live at the gas station tonight where prrsecutors say the victim's wife, lured him to thh death. keith? >>well, jennifer, liveeat the hess gas station on jabba road, jury convicted coyle today. he is the man that found the gunman to do the killing.
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>> at he balttmore countt courrhouse, the first of sii people, charged in the planned killing of a gas station owner, is convicted for his role in the murrer. >> i think we proved our case pretty well.3 >> baltimore county state's attorney, on the jury's verdict for shamemus coyle, guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to coomit first-degree mmrder in the shooting death of william porter. porter's wife karla has been charged with orchestrating the killing. coyle, is karla's nephew. >> he was the individual that we proved that put karla porter in touch with the gun. >> prosecutors believe walter bishop, coyle's best frenis he gun sunshine told the jury that coyle arranged two meetings between bishop and karla orter3 and acted as the go-between for his aunt. a jury took less than two houus, to convict coyle. >> i am disappoinned in the jury
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veedict. >> defense attorney harris believes the jury got it wrong he said his client is no different than several otherr, who say they were approached by karla porter to murder her husband. >> this was a woman that, essentially, was doing everything short of putting an ad in the newspaper. that she wanted her husband killed, to relatives, friends, strangers, and none of whom believed that she was accually going to do it. >> sooeone shot and killed porter in march, as he opened his hess gas station in towsoo. at the time, police believed it3 it is believed to be part of an elaborate plot. >> i think, the thing that, in addition tor obvioussy murder that troubles me the moot. the other thing is the number of people involvee in this. who anywhere along the line could have stopped it. >> well, coyle coold be sentenced to life in prrson, with harris will file a motion for a new trial. meantime, five others, incllding
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their trials., are waiiing for liie in towson, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, keith. >> one man was injured in a dog afternoon. 2:30, near north wood drive, two pit buuls seen chaseing to men. a police officer shot one of the dogs. it tornado its owner's yard. the owner said somebody let the dogs ut of the fenced-in yard. >> i am very upset..3 i am angry. i mean, of course i believe that the police officer, offcourse,,3 acted in a well respected manner, but the point is someone opened my gate. >>well, the owners say thh dogg are kept behind a 6-foot privacy gate. one f the men eing chased was injured when he tripped and fell backing away from the ddgg the dog's owner took the dog for medical treatment. >> a teenager dies after hh is struck by a car ii harford county.
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14-year-old joey he o was out with friends when he was struck by a car making a left-hand turn at roote 24 at red pump road in belair. loved ones remember ttnight the fallstoo high ffeshman that linebacker for the jr. varsity football team. >> he is such a joy o watch play. >> touch my life. i will be forever changed. >>the funeral for him will be wednesday at noon at cook auditorium of mountain hristian church in jappa in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a fund for the fallston rrcommend creation program. weekend shot and killed himself. police say they were alled to the home on south market street three times n sunday for a domestic dispute.3 the third time they were ttld the 28-year-old oliver cohen lefttthe which is home with a gun. >> they were trying to approach him to ake contact with him.
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and the officer felt that, you know, e as in danger at that point. and responded to that shot.ú firing several rounds. >> the woman suffered minor injuries. >> a woman is accused of killing her aunt, with the club. %-wheellof a the steerinú 34--earrold delanna stevens hit mitchell in a homm on stricker streee. ú%lled 911 that night saying that she hurt her aunt and didn't know why. >> aunt had traummtic head wounds. transport to shock trauma aad iijuries. >> simmons faces charges of ú%rst-deggee murder. >> one year ago dundalk residents found themselves under water in one of the largest watermain breaks in recent memory. melinda roeder s live on longview street. one of the hardest-hit areas. what can you tell us tonight, one year later? >> it was a 6-foot pipe that burst underground about a
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quarter of a mile from here. and within an hour, gushing water rose o deep that neighbors estimate it to be 4-fooo high. coming up to the base of this mail box. certainly an experieece they will nevee forget. >> the waaer came up like -- >> water was real, real high. >> el99ra takes out time from gardening to enjoy the weather. >> blessed to be alive. >> and reflect on the ffooding street one year ago. water filled her basement, destroying everything down low. >> heating system. cooling system. washer and dryerr freezers. refrigerators. >> today, mostly everything is replaced thanks to hard wook and state farm. >> my insurance was very good. i have to ggve a plus. >> her neighbor. >> just a mess. >> wasn't as lucky, seeking elp -rom his insurance. >> that was the kicker, yeah.
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no help, no direction. >> laat september jim fowler's front porch was a few feet under water along with his car and his patience. >> who is going to help us? >> since then, the city has counted its losses too. water was lost. fill dollars.epairs, nearly ore and several neighbors are still trying to recoup their expenses in a pending lawsuit. which jim doubts he will win but ú-anywayytill likes living herr >> yeah, yeah. i like america. i like dundalk. here. don'ttlike our politician3 don't like insurance companies here. >> while the neighborhood is mostly backkto normal. no one hhreewill ever forget. >> no, noo no. but we have to move on. >> hope it doesn't happen again. >> now, in the last year, the city ccews have been working to repair and replace alllsimilar
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lines to prevent any other disssters from happening again. in the meantime,,the city said they determinnd that it was a pipe that caused the burst.crete it, has gone bankrupt they doubt they have any resource course. live in dundalk, melinda roeder, foo 45 news at 10:00. okay melinda. major redevelopment project is underway in baltimore old3 gowwric community this morning. rawlings-blake was on hand to kick off phase 1 of the $85 million project. the project was designed by area residents and developers. ú% will create sevvral %->> todaa is the celebration of more than fiie years of work. safe, beautiful, livable neighborhood for all kind of people. >> well, if you see news in your
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neighborhood, see ii, shoot it, send it. you can upload pictures and your videos to our website. go and click on the see it, shoot it, send it iion. you can alsop send pictures directty from your cell phone tt >> first i thought, what is a wind turbine? and ow high is 80'? >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. -esistance to wind power. why some are tying to stop tte green energg source. of it is the cover story tonight. >> also aheaa. a boat sinking fast. see the dramatic rescue, later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> aree ou ding for oil ú%oducts? >> not necessarily. i just want to see what ii there. >> coming up. clean beaches on the surface. find out what happened when a reporter from our sister station grabbed the shovel and began to as foxx45 news at 10:00 continues. >> beautiful day out there
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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mexico, that caused the huge oil spill? and damaaed is dead. admiral alan ssid testing of th3 seal at the bottom of the well was completed early in the morning sunday. today, bp announced that it is joining a group of companies trying to improve responses to oil spillss >> welll the beaches on thh florida coast are clean now as well. if you don't look oo closely. the federal government prohibits bp clean up crews from digging more than 6 inches into the sand. dan thomas from our sister station in pensacola floridd ffund out you cannot dig either. %-national park to show you just what exactly is in the sand.
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lower ttan 6 inches..3 we wanted to use the shovee and give you a look. -ut apparently, that is illegal. to dig down to 18 go quick look at the manual operation and you can clearly see there is oil well bellw that 6-inch limit. but that's about all ww can show you. because in the midst of doing this story. this haapened. >> we do not have a permit to do this. ú%sh and wildlife serviceith tte stopped us, to say that it is ú%legal to dig in the saad. >> i cannot build a sand >> what are you digging for sir? >> digging to see what is there. >> reeyou digging for oil %->> not necessarily, i want to see whattis there? >> if you are not going to ú%rk service representative out here. >> he said it would be okay if we moved doon the beach. so we ddd. but about the time i took the shovel in the sand, his happened. >> how is it going? >> a park service police officer asked to see my papers.ú
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>> do you have documents? %-toosee it?a press parks you wt >> yeah. >> he said that it is illegal to could prove i am with the media. >> fter showing him my press pass he then told me what i was, >> he said that we had to eave3 so we leff. he said come to a public beech. which is right here, right? >> yeah, but you cannot dig. >> i cannot dig? -> no, you cannot. >> okay. why is that? >> because you cannot dig in a national park. >> oh, okay. >> and even though it is a public beach, pen to the public, still national sea shore and you cannot dig. >> so no sand castles or3 anything like that? >> apparently the national park service only allows bp workers to dig and onlyydownnto 6 inchess >> national park seevice is looking to change the rule. poosibly allowing them tt dig as low as 18 inches but no decision weeks.
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ú%porting live, dan thomas, channnl news.ú >> he is rom our sister statio3 in pensscola. >> a new poll out tonight shows governor o'malley has a slight edge in the rematch with ormer governor ehrlich. rasmussen poll taken after tuesday's primary found 50 percent of voters preferred o'malley. -7 percent picked ehrlich. with the margiven error at 4 percent, they rr essentially tied. both ithin three points of each other, in the poll, since ofú month of april now. >> so i really think, at this moment, it would be one of those ones going down to the last two gentlemen within five minutes of each other. >> they say tonight the race is very similar to that race in 2006. >> after countless delays, maryland's first slots parlor is scheduled to open next week in cecil county. but john rydell said tonightt that grand opening now could be >> you haae probably seen this
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ad and others condemning the proposed ssots arlor at arunde3 mills mall. ú%d paid for by the jockey club and penn national gaming. but the campaign dree a rebuke frrm the cordish company t has the license to put the slots in the mall but it is on hold. %-enhance your job base., >> at the recent opening of the pro slots campaign oofice in arunddl county, david cordish urged support for slots and spoke about what he calls penn slots refeeendum.erence with the one license fee is not supposed to prevent another license sea from oppning. >> penn national also operates hollywood casino in charlestown west virginia. %-inn maryland dollars in west3
10:21 pm
virginia, and control the %->>the cordish company also sad that penn national, that now operates pimlico race course and laurel park would stand toú benefit if slots were rejected at arundee mills and be built at the race track in lauree. >> so the sttte lottery commiissonnis asking maryland's attorney general, to revvew the matter and issueean aopinion. >> it is not a figgt, that state has, you know, a particular interest on either side. what we want to dd is gee the best facts, and information, and be sound on the law. >> but until that question is %-officials ssy they may delay neet week's opening f the hollywood casino in cecil county. as for voters innarundel county, they have six more weeks to decide whether slots should be3ú put at arundel mills, joon rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> we called penn national several timee today.3 all of our calls were not returned. >> well, according to one group, the recession is overr
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the national bureau of economic research said the recession started in december of 2007. and ended in june of 2009. that maaes it the longest economic downturnnsince the great depression of tte 1930s. the group did not say the -conomy had returned to normal.ú >> obviously, for the millions of people that were still out of work, peoppe that have seen their homm values decline. people struggling to pay the bills day-to-day. it is real for them. >> yoo know, businesses right now, are holding back, on a lot of activity because they see a tax increase coming. economy to grow, he needs to put an extension of law in place.ú rather than tax increase. >> he is backing tax cuts for the middle class, and a growing -umber of lawmakers support extending them for all income levels. >> ras mussel eports ask likely maryland voters aaout the ú%cession and 73 perceet say the u.s. is currently in a
10:23 pm
recession. 16 percent say no, 10 percent were not sure. and almost 80 percent say they know someone out of work, and looking for a job. >> that brings us o the question of the day. do you think the recession is over? so far 10 percent say yes. 90 percent say no. joseph writes on our weesite. month for a year. this every aak tte people that unemployment has run out aad the people that still annot get a job. facebook, i have been in a recession all of my life, so i didn't notice. %-tell us what you think. and sound off on ffcebbok. -end us a tweet@foxbaltimore. and you can text us at 45203. enttr fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no and we will hear more responsss coming up on the "late edition". >> ssay ith us for the mid term elections. go toú 2010. >> a federal agency responsible
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for handing out miillons in grants, is coming under fire. in tonight's waste watch report. %-some people think the money is being used to play politics. >> millions of dollars in3 federal grants from the occupational safety and health administration, are beeng handed out to dozens of non-profit groups. but unlike years past, more than half of the grants this year, are going to minority groups or groups that work with immiirants. >> in 2010, it appears that these are going tt smallee3 organizations, perhaps, with a little bit of a political angle involved. domestic workers, none of whichú recovered to years ago. >> new toothe list of resip beients is the immigrant advocacy group casa de maryland, which will receive $$20,000. we contacted them to ask how the monny would be spenn butú spokesman declined an interview
10:25 pm
said the organizatiin is wwrking to figure that out. >> at the very least, the tracking that is being paid for by the taxpayers, should gg to individuals ttat are in this country legalll. >> casa is theesame organization that receives illion in aid from the state of maryland. and has a policy of not asking the 20,000 peeple it service if they are in the country legal. >>i we just welcome peoplee regardless of color of their skin. regardless of immigration statuss >> i thinn the passing out of -oodiis to the wrong people. >> osha said it is ewarded to help with education for workers and in a stattment osha3 spokesperson said the grants will enable organizations to develop programs that will proviie workplace health and safety tracking, and assistance, to vulnerable low literrcy workers. but of the 45 recipients of the this eer's grants, thhee quarters of them are going to minority groups. compare that to 2008, and when only 15 percent of the grants
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>> the objective is to et results. but it doesn't appear that a lot of money is going toward more national needs. >> michael buczyner, fox 455news at 10:00. >> osha said it eceivedd165 viable grant applications thisú yeer, with 75 percent of them -oming from non-profits, academic institutions and community based organizations. >> well, the official start of fall is just around the corner. >> but it looks like you will have one last taste of the summer season. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a first look at the sky atch forecast. ú% vytas? >> things are heating up through the next couple of days herr. now, today was comfortable. clear skies. as we can see on radar. scanning the region. no precipitatton to talk about. conditions, thanks to highce dry pressure in the neighborhood. looking at the temperatures. slightly warmer down towarddthe nation's capitol, at 81. that's the high today down there. 81 in freddricksberg. 84 in charlootes vil. hagerstown.cross baltimore
10:27 pm
only upper 60s out there in western maryland. and heeeeis what it looks like right now. in the comfortable 60s. drop into the lower 60s. upper 50s across the statt. so feeling ike that fall like weather just inching in, and we -rr goinn to see the warm up though, start to move back into theeweekend. sooclear skies tonight. down to 64 degrees. and heat will build in toward the weekend. shhw you 410-662-1456, oming up in the seven-ddy forecast. >> later on fox 45 news at 10::0, the dramatic rescue of a man as this boat was sinking. >> meters are rrnning back wards. >> but next. find out why windmmlls are meeting introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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>> as demand for energy grows, turning to wind power to generate electricity. -n their own. >> ut ately some proposaas to into trouble.rbines hhve run ú% tonight's cover story, jeff abell examines wind resistance. corner of >> when you are here, you know, you feel like you are in eden. >> rutt golddtein. >> that's a hybrid right there. >> has forever liied a life of green. >> i have been a life long vegetarian. >> everrbody is for alternative
10:31 pm
%->> but not long ago, a new wid came blowing her way. down the street a neighbor had asked the county for permission to build a 80-foot tall wind turbines. >> first i thought what is a wind turbine and how high is 80 feet? >> farms have long used these windmill to say generate ú%ectricity and cut costs. >> taking advantage of the free wind. keeps on blocking from this side. >> ttking advvntage of that, to maae electricity. >> on this horse farm in frederick county, four turbines produce more powee than the farm can use. >> meters are running bacc wards. >> n ttis pikesville community3 the windmiil proposal drew a guss of opposition. >> i don't thinn 120-foot igh turbines belonns anywhere in the >> as president of her neighborhood association, ruth goldstein launched a fight. insist youing that a towering turbine would be too tall,
10:32 pm
noisey ann dangerous for a residenttal community. >> it is worrying like a giant air conditioner in the middle of the night. instead of listening to the crickets. >> more and more counties are now grappling with how to regulate these wind turbines. and or many residents, it is complicating their demand for alternative orms of energy. >> the demand for wind power, gardina to draft a billncilman >> most local governments want to do? it? >> his bill limited the heigth they could be built. but opponents say it did not goú far enough to protect the residential communities. >> they could be 300 feet tall. 400 feet tall. you could have five of them. you could have 10 of them. >> well, it is basically an education issue. >> last month councilman gardina withdrew the bill because he did not havv the votes to pass it. >> i think ittis timing. bbfore an election. somewhat controversial. >> we just don't wann green
10:33 pm
small.3 we waat to see a smart approach. >> about a ttird of maryland counties now allow for turbines. but as the demand grows, so does a power struggle, that in some caaes pits environmentalists agginst environmentalists. >> it is especially offensive when, you know, these 30-yeaas-old, act like they just discovered the environment. ú% for now, the county has put the brakes oo wind power. and opponents insist they are better prepared. in case a new wind comes blowing. >> of course we are for it. all of us are or alternative energyy we just want it done right. >> jeff abell, fox 45 newssat %->> well, opponents are calling for the county to form an advisory panel. >> which would help to draw future regulations, on wind turbines. >> laterron fox 45 news at 10:00. the action a judge takes, after lindday lohan's laaest failed drug test. ú% and dramatic ideo of a
10:34 pm
rescue with seconds to spare. tell yoo what happened. coming up next. >> looking at a nice quiet night out there after a beautiful day. clear skies. temperatures droppinn down to the lower 60s..3 on the next day planner. mid 70s coming up. but hotter t
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>> feels like summer. hotter before fall gets here. >> yeah. things will warm up. it cooled off a bit. feels like fall out there. >> good sleeping weather. >> yeah, good eveninggwalks. and nice to open up the windows. let in the aii. but leaves will change coloos. the beautiful colors of fall. but here is what is happening. told trye to hhld onto heat. mother nature giies us burst of hot temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. here is what is happening right now. hd skyccm, downtown. clear skies. we have 65 degrees. wind out of the north at six. and our humidity levels are aa 45 percent. now, ooe of the key factors is the northerlyyflow of the wind. that's why we have been on the as far as cooler to milder side of things for temperatures. as we re on the 41 edge of a area of high pressure, shifting later in the week. almanac tells the story of the day. topping out temperature of 78 deerees. normal highs are 77. no precipitation to talk aboot. that could change by wednesday night. low was 64 degrees.
10:38 pm
this morning. starting us off. so it was comfortable type of weather today. as far as across the state. looking at he mid to lower 60s. 55 out in oaaland. western maryland. dca at 699 and then on the eastern shore, 57 degrees. in salisbury. bigger ppcture is the cooler air in the 50s and 0s northhof us. 56 in harrisburg, 68 in baltimmre. ú% in richmond. look at indianapolis. 80 degrees right now. 80. ú% you can ee where the heat is. that's what we will start to see shift our directiin, as we go through the next couple of days. so thereeis a big temperature change hift. what is controlling that, is this area of high pressure with clockwise rotating air. front edge of that. brings in the cooler air down from canada. but high shifts east. ú%d it will start to drag in the warmer air. our temperatures will continue to increase wednesday, thursday, friday. especially by thursday, friday. big noticeable differenne in the ttmperatures. future scan shows what we an
10:39 pm
ppedict to see. for tomorrow, ssnshine. but moisture works in as the warmer temperatures build in. get some instabilitt in the atmosphere. and few chance for pop-up showers into wednesday night. so that will be the neet chance for showers. 30 perrent chance. and thhn we will get more sunú behind that. eastern shore, looking at thh forecast for tomorrow. 77 degrees. winds out of the north at five to 10. sun in easton ann chestertown. and 78 to 79 degrees. with sunshine. and then the western portion of the state. temperatures will be right around 77 degrees. but start to warm up as well. as that warm air builds in from the westt ú%wntown tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 79. %-on the five-day forecast. you can see 87 degrees. looking from 79 to 87 on wednesday.3 30 percent hance forrshowers. thursday. more sunshine. and then 90 degrees possibly by ffiday with sunny skies. and then saturday we see a frontal boundary push in from the nnrthwest and cools us back into the lower 80s. with the 30 percent chance for showers, and thunderstorms
10:40 pm
across the area. bbck to you.., >> dramatic footage out of crow ray shaof a man rescued from a boat. he was stuck in the river, after trying to tow his vesssl to they had to bring out the chopper. and rescuer was lowered to the sinking boat and plucked the man off just before the vessel sank. >> you may soon be able to take %-they may bb workinggonninets tonight's "word on the web".ú >> the accident, old bbs canning company.
10:41 pm
today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. %
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beer in your hands while drivin3 is more dangerous than having a cell phone in your hands while driving. a recent survey by harris interactive qqestiined almost3 1700 teenagers. 36 percent say that regularly texting durinn driving could result in death. 55 percent said the same about
10:44 pm
drinking and ddiving. according to experts, the results show a bigger effort is needed to help teens understand theedanger of texting while3ú driving. >> a judge issuus an arrest warrant for lindsay lohaa after the actress failedda drug test this time. wwrrant has been put on hold set for friday. she could face jail time. for probation violation. lohan spent two weeks behind bars the last time that she violated her probation. >> is the facebook phone hitting store shelves? >> internet is buzzing with alk of a mobile evice from the social networking website. judy kurtz explains in tonight's "word on the web"..3 judy? >> could you soon be ialing facebook frrends from a facebook phone. the popular site is developing its own phone. the blog tech crunch said they are creating software for the cell phone. another report said they are
10:45 pm
workinn on the hardware for a phone..3 and they speculate that the phone wwuld sell foo llss than %-but so far facebook is squashg in a statement the ccmpany said our approach has always been to make more phones and apps more social. not build them. tech crunch is standing by its story. whichever phone you have, you can get breaking news, weather and traffic alerts in the palm of your hand with mobile news. or go to and sign up today. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> ray lewis and terrell suggs sign off on
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast it looks like we will %-tomorrow. fabulous day right around 79 degrees. then 87.nty of sunshine. we jump the temperatures up a bit. by wednesday. with a chance of howerr and thunderstorms rumbling through wednesday night. only 30 percent chance. holding onto the heat for thursday and friday. 88 thursday. 90 by friday. to kick off the weekend. then a front pushes through saturddy. a chance for showers saturday. i don't think they will be a total washhut for the eekend. but nonetheless much needed rain across the state. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, vytas. >> tough day in owen's mills as the ravens return from cincinnati. >> brucc cunningham joins us with "sports unlimited" to tell
10:49 pm
us why some people wish for oe flacco to be benched. bruce, come on. >> it is truee coming up on "sports unlimited". that mark booger is officially the most popular player on the ravens after one bad game from joeeflacco. about making the change? former rrferee said the wrong call was made on the terrell suggs roughing the passer penalty. hear from t-sizzle and the ayú loo bis. and you don't have the time to pick the top 100plays rom last week? but we do. see them all, on our plays of3 the week countddwn. "sports unlimited" starts right now. >> in the wake of yesterday's loss to the cincinnati bengals. ú%ere re those in the ravens nation that want to see changes made. %--es, those that want to send e


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