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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 21, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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40s and 50s. areas is upppr3 >> my car said the 50s, and i put on tte seat warmers for the first time. >> as we go into autumn it's going to feel more summer-like for the first term. it's backwards. the calm wind, so definitely a chillier ssart in some places more than others. look at pprrii burgg!! harrisbun 46 degrees. 53 in hagueers towns and salisburr and baltimore itself, 50 degrees, the mildess spot but cooler than it has been foo a while. high pressureeturns to the southeast, it will bring a return ffom the southwest and. we should be in he upper 70s. the warmerrer air is on the way. ú%inshowers possibbe for late wednesday into thuusday s the front pushes through. another front comes through on -riday iito saturday. sunny and pleasant, upper 70s, -njoy this one and the warm air retuuns for mid-to late week.
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weddesday through friday we will -e in the upper 0s tt near 90 and showers, we can use not expecting a whole lot, though. %-let's see whaa is happening on the roadways. lauren cooke is here with the %-lauren, good >> reporter: good morning, steve. we do have problems in north baltimore, a two-alarm fire has you do want to stick with rooand avenue as an alternate route. %-the alternate route, there's volume but everyyhing is up to speed on the inner and outer loop. yoo're look ago the an 11-mmnute ride from 95, to 83, with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. all is clear from the mchenry -unnel toll to tte beltway, you're looking at an 11-minute ride from the harbor tunnel toll to 95, yoo'reelooking at a speed of 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. ,3
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we are following a developing story this morning.3 a two alarm fire rips hrough a home in north baltimore overnight injuring one person. ttere were 6 people inside the home on northern parkway when the fire broke outtaround 2:300thii morning. everyone escaped, incluuing one3 -umped out of a second storyhe window. fire justtbroke out in one of the bedrooms upstairs. theemom of the house had toojum3 out of the attic window. ddd anddone of the kidss nd sister got down the steps, we cllmb around the roof, nd pretty much free fall off the roof. if we would have been in there a moment longer han we would have burned riggt with it. ú%aa the ssrvivvl skills kicked in with they did. >> the woman who was iijured in the fall, ii expecttd toobe okay. the cause the fire is still
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under investigation. the recession is officially ooer! %-buu many people here in maryld and across the couutrr are having trouble believing that the recovery ffr real. megan gilliland is live with the latest numbers and what they mean for you. good morning, megan. >> reporrer: gooo morning, the national bureau of conomic research says reeession started in december of 2007 and ended in %-turn since the late depression in the 19 thirttes.ú 1930s. while the group is saying the recession is over, it haan't said that the economy has returned back to normal yet. with unemployment rate at 9.6% and growth too ssow in months to drive that down, many people believe ww are still in recession regardless of what -hese researchers may say..33 it's a feeling presiient obama >> reporter: obviously for the millions offpeople who are still out of work, eople who have seen their home values
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decllne, people who are3 struggling to pay the bills ay day-to-day, it's still very real for ttem. >> very real for marylanders, too. accordiig to a asmussen report, 77% of likely voters in the state say the u.s. is currently in a recession. 16% say no, 100 weree't sure. almost 80% say hey know someone out of work and look for a job. here isswhat some of ourr3 facebook fans have to say about this news. no, not when i ust lost my job last week and have to wait a month before i can receive unemployment. thank god for savings. think some is the recession over? it's the question of the day. we are goinggto take your calls in the 7:00 hour. you can go to ask tell us what you think there orrssund off through facebook. send uu a tweet at fox baltimore and you can text your answer to3 45203, just eeter foo 45a for yes or fox 455 for no.
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megan gilliiand. fox 45 morning neww. ú%ene of a triple ssooting in south baltimorr. it happened just before streee and stroll place. officees say two men were shot shot in the hips. all three are in serious conditions. but they re xpected to survive. %-homicide detectives were on te baltimmre. shooting in east woman were shot at homewood avenue at east preston street. there's no word on a suspect in either shooting. the first persso to go on triil in theemurder for hire plot that ended in the death f a towson gas station owner is found guilty. nnw prosecutors are preparing to try the victim's wife who thee say lured him to his death. coil was convicced of killing william porter back in march as he opened his gas in towson. at tte time theepolice believed ii was an attempted robbery, but
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now it's believed to be part of ú% elabbrrte lot. %-in porter's murder including s wife karla who has been charged with or kes traying th or orchee thingg >> he was the individual ho put kara porrer in contact wiih the gunman..3 >> this is a woman who was doing everything short of putttng n ad in the newspaper that she wanted er husbaad killed to believed that she was going to do it. >> coil is sentenced to prison with the chance of parole. according to a new poll, governor o'malley is leadiig challenger bob ehrlich in the gubbrnatorial race. a rasmussen poll takennafter tuesday's primary election, shows 50% of voterr support o'malley. 47% support former governoo ehrlich, and 1% offthe people polls say they would vote for a
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different candddate. that poll has a 4% marrin of error. >maryland's first sllts parlor may not opeeed as planned nexttweek and it's all because of politics. penn nntional is scheduled to they''e waating for a decision from the attorney general over its role in the vvter referendum overr he slots in arundel ills. penn national who owns the casino in west virginia is spendings millions of dollars in hopes to have blocking slots at the anne arundel county maal. >> their revenue comes from maryland, and most of that from anne arundel counties. by slowing slots, they continue to rake in maryland dollars in west virginia and control the market. peen national claims to be3 supporting the first amendmeet rights involved in the referendum. stay tuned to fox 5 morning news for continuing coverage of this story.
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we will taak to the president of trying to bring slots to arundel mills.ú that is coming later this hour. ú%d that will be followed with a sit down frrm a representativee3 from a group against bringing a3 slot casino to the mall. that will be durrng the 7:00 hour. for aal of the latest news on november's midterm election,ú you can go to our website at and click on the vote 2010 in the gnaws features section. number one killer of ttens and a new study gives an insight into why. a recent urvey from by harris interactive questioned nearly %-only 36% of them say that regular texting during driving ú%uld result ii death, while 555 said the same about drinning and driving. dangerous and that is why the mva is working hard to show teens just how dangerous texting -nd driving can be. joel d smith is live at
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demonstration todaa is designed to prove the faat once and forr3 all. that issa surprisingly low numbbr that only 36% of teens could result in eath. >> reporter: i have theú claires and we are going tt be doing the original mva version offthe course. when think of drrnking and driving, teens, do you think that coull lead to death? >> obviouobviously, i mean evere knows that drinking and driving is horrible decision.ú >> reporter: how about3 texting and driving, do you think in your mind that leads to death possibly. >> possibly. i know a lot oo peeple who sweer they will drink and drive, hee3 wwll never drinkkaad drive, i but texttng nd drrving, thhy o it all the time, so i guess the connection isn't there. reporter: we hhd you drive this ourse eaalier. you did fine without texting. we ade you text. ú%sent me aad you hut somebody.
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we will put this back down and it's only fair that we put me to the test aa well. get in the passenger seat if you dare and we will see how e canú do here. i will have you hold the microphone, claire. and we will see to make sure3 that it's possible not to hit anything. ú%is turn definitely need two hands for..3 weemadd it. so we're clean through the first time and now it's time number i'm going to try to text as we go. all right. the phone now ann text it. make passsnumber one. i'm going to text clear back. here we go. okayy that's the turn. i got two of them. i'mmgoing to hit send. %-all riiht.ess. i think we proved our point, claire. and i want to check your phone and see if i got anything worth
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looking at. >> repprter: no i sent er thru.3 ttat is just a ig mess. obvvously serious topic here. we have to show in someway hoo bad this could be. and throughout rest of the morning we will be doing more of this. >> joel, ttank you. coming up prosecute pop to poll -- from pop to politics. p> i thought equality coming up on 6:14 on his
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tuesday morring..3
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we check out things at the inner harborr clear skies and allost a full moon. winds are calm and 51% relative humidiiy, as 30.22 and rising on the barometer, 42 is our dew point.. dry air is allowing the temperatures to drop a little bit some places more than others. dine in salisbury, only 51 %-wilwilmington at 50 degrees, ú in the 40s laterr there could be outlying areas in the 40, chillier and milder as we head into metro areas of d.c. and baltimore. dry scan, ooky good, as far as sky connitions, we can use a little rain as we ave een saying for several days. it looks like we're going to have another pretty day much like yesterday when we saw plenty of sunshine. high pressure is the reason for the sunshine as we get the northerly flow ahead of it. we got a lot of unshine so bringing thht into ppay. we also had the northerly flow around high pressure and then when we get a more southeaaterly flow today. then we will see tte warm
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replacement of the moist ir3 coming our way as we get thh southerly flow ahead of that frontal boundary. that moisture ould bring a chance of for aashower into the part of the most of the moisture steers to the north as the frontal boundary steers in that directiin. then we get more n the way of heat and humidity building in mind that frrnn. %-meanwhile the jet streaft is s going o steer well to the north as it movvs over our area. that is going to allow all of that warm, moist air to come in. as a result, teeperatures oming into the upper 80s and 90s,ú and the nexx front cools down for the next weekend. plenty of sun, northeast wind become southeast at 5-10 iles per hour. the central part of the tate, 78 degrees with plenty of sunshine and northeast windú becoming southeast at 5-100 the warmest air moving into tte northern part of the state, ú% degrees there, but plenty of3 sunshine, southeast winds at
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5:00, and tonight not quite as cool. anddbegun degrees or -- bun 88 degrees for the high. things up as ww get into autumn, as it sounds backwards with a chance offshowers late wednesday ú%to thursday. and 90 on fridayy some late showers possible friday into saturday with a high of 80 degrees. 74 and 75 for the sunday ravvns sunday and for monday. lets see whalet's see what is happening on the -oadways. lauren coooe is back with tte laaren. >> reporter: thank you, interstate 70. -s we make our way through baltimore county, we're dealinnú ú%th a disabled car attyork road. the jfx will be clear from 695 all the way downtown o east a house fire in north baatimoreú
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hhs shutdown falls road between3 road. youudo want to stick wwth roland avenue as an alternate route. you we are lookinn at higgh speeds on the beltway at harford road. toward towson. as for the west side of the beltway, here is a look at liberty road where you can see mooe volume in ttis vicinity, but you're still looking at an ú%this morning.from 795 to 95 that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. coming up no substitutions. bought for me. tth brand name items that have generic counterparts that are just as good. i thought eeuallty was non-negooiable? >> next lady gaga is putting all her ards on the ttbbe. why the poker faced op star is getting ppoitical and who is
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id igaga is known forú -eing outrageous, but as nicolee collins tells us, now she is showiig her own outrage on the and don't tell. >> don't ask, don't tell is wrong. it's unjust. >> reporter: at a rally in maine, pop star, lady gaga turned the meet dress, into a metaphor for gayyrights saying equulity is the ppime rib ofúú%. %-the iiht to wear the same met dress that i do? >> reporter: the eccentric3 icon, urged aine's two republican senators to vote senate vote that would include
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the repeal on the millitary baa on openly gay service members. %-nonnegotiable.ality was >> reporter: despite opposingú colllns plan to vote with their3 party, not because of the ccntroversial policy, but rather because democratic leadership will not alllw republican amend presidents to the deeense bill. they aae concerned about voting to change the policy before a millltary review of its impact on the armee forces is completeú should all have the opportunity to review that rrport which is to be completed on december first. as we reevaluate this poliiy and ú%e implementation of any new changes.ú tte senate coulddvote today to begin debate as early as 2:15 p.m. eastern. the top testimon democrat in tht
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ú%e ffnal vote won't happen until noveeber. drinking or texting while driving? which is most dangerouu for you3 and next, lookkfor a job?
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stocks surged on mmnday on nees that the great recession is officially ovee. the dow jumped to close at 10,043. the s&p 500 gained 17 pointt. if you're one of those people looking for a job, here is good news. retailers plan to hire more seasonable workers this holiday season, according to an %-expected to hire 600,000rs are temporary workers, fewer thhn before the recession, but more
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than last year. -redit card use continues to %-credit card use will account r 45% of all transactions. that's down from 56% last year. and a peak of 87% in 2007. analysttsay he recession has changed consumer spending habits and people are lees reliant on their credit cards. i'm stan case. slott in maryland hits another road block. we hear from bothhsides of the slots issue about the long road to gaming innmaryland. and the reccssion ii gopher? i'm megan gilliland. the group who is that thing are getttng better and the people who aren't buying it? driving with your eyes closed the length of a football field. we're talking about the texting w
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welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:28 is the time. you are starting to see the sunrise out there. hopefully to warm up this chilly morning. good morning, i'm patrice harris.ú -p meteorooogist steve fertig is here with a look at the temperatures as we get closer to yep. we're going to see tempeeattres warming up for the ffll as it sounds backwards but cool or
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about it should be. we will be back in the 70s, much like yesterday, if you like ttke a look at the sky hd raid a you are not going toofind a -hole lot in the way of rain out there. unless you look toothe north. you can see thht we are starting cool at spots. 45 degrees at theebus stop. there are the ddw points, that's how dry it is in the llw 40s, the actual temperatures, 60 in baltimore, and 58 in d.c. and 51 ii salisbury. outlying areas in the upper 40s but 78 degrees should do it for the high today, a pleasant day with the southwest wind becoming south and 20. warmer temperatures as we hhad toward autumn. let's see what is happening onú the roadways right now with lauren cooke who is here with the taffic edge. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve. for those of yyu travelinn in baltimore countyy you want toú watch out for a disabled car on 83. ú%'ssgoing to be at the southbound lanessof york road.3 if you are traveling on the top road.of the belttay, here is a
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an 11-minute ride from nivee to. traffic is starting to picc up from 795 to 95. that stretch is going tt take you 12 minutes, an average speed of still pretty ihigh, 51 miles per hour, nn problems to report on the northeast corridor of 955 from whitemarsh bbulevard to the ú%ltway, you're looking at a 4-miiute trip witt an averagee3 speed of 52 miles ppr hour. patrice, back to you. ♪ story this morning. a two-alarm fire rips through a home in north baltimooe there were six eople inside of the home on northern parkway when the fire brokk out at 2:30 this morning. everyone eecaped including one woman who was injured when she -umped out offa second story window. %-the bedrooms upstairs. in onef
6:31 am
the mom of the house ad to jump oot of the attic window. dad and one of the kids and sister got down the steps. me and tu had to ush out thee3 window, cllmbbaround the rooff3 and pretty much free fall off the roof. if we would have been n there a moment longer than we would have so glad the survival skills kicked in whee they did. >> the woman who was singed in the fall is expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. ú%> believe it or not, oneegroup says the recession is over. in fact, the name burea!! natiof research says it's been over for months. megan gilliland is you what ou >> reporttr: the recession. started in december of 2007 and then ended this past june. that akes it the longest economic down turn since the
6:32 am
great depression in the 1930s. -hile this ggoup is saying the recession is over, it does not say that the economy hass3 returned back to normal just yet. with the unloyalt unemploymenn t 9.6 in growth and too slow in recent months tt drive that rat3 down. they are in the recession regardless of what these researchers may say. >> businesses right now are holdinggback on a lot of increase coming.e they see a ttx economy to grow againn he eeds3 law in place rather than a tax increase. >> reeorter: according to the commerce department maryland and alaska are the only two states where personal income is higher but still in folks in our state according to a has rasmuusen report of voters say that the u.s. is still in aarecession. 16% say no, 10% weren't sure and
6:33 am
almost 80% say they know someone out of work and looking for a job. here is what our facebook fans have to say. carroll writes in and say they care bout one thinn and onn thing only, to get rrelected. that's the reasoo we are in his boat. the housing situation wass3 created by politians making laws that allowed people to buy houses that could not afford thhm, why? so they ould get votes. we want tt know what you think. is this recession over. that's thh question offthe day. we will aae your calls during the 7:00 hour. you can go to and tell us what you thinkú there. or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet at ffx baltimore or text your answer tt 45203. enter fox 45a ffr yes, it's %-megan gilliland.5b for no. foxx45 morning news. for the second time in montts a coach for baltimore3 ravens is facinggdrunk driving chargee. assistance defense line coach
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andanmoler was pulled over. and state police said he was impaired and charged him with severallviolations including dui. last may was charged wwih di and negligent driving in carroll ccunty.ú he was a quid of -- acquitted 3 police are looking for 17 yearr old rosa torres. she was last seen on wood borne ú%ltimore on unday night. torres had threatened suicide. she has relatives n montgomerr and may be on her way there.3 anyone with information is asked to call the missing person's unit. a baltimore woman is %-her aunt. the beating death of 34 yealdz delana simmons is %-police say on friday they foud cecila itchell beaten.. they believe ssmmons hit her
6:35 am
withhthe cluu the deeice that you use to ock a car. afterwards simmons called 911 and told the dispatcher that she huut her aunt. >> untti olice arrived, the %-show wws transported to shock trauma and unfo unfortunntely lr simmons is charged with assault. there's a preliminary hearing today in the case of a 14-year-old accused of murder, aatheshia is charged with the another man survived the incident. a man who told police he murder and hate crime charges. a baltimore grand jury returned an indictment in the case of jermaine holy on monday. he is ccused on in august death of martin reyes. hollie fatally beat reyes with a wooden stake.
6:36 am
he told investigators that e arresttd. vehicle crashes aae number one killers of teenss a new study gives an insiiht a recent survey by harris 1700 teenagers.stioned nearly only 36% said that regular texting whiefggdriving could whd result in death. drinking and drivinn but they are both equally dangerous. joee d smithhis live at centennial high school where they are going to prove that it can be as deadly. >> reporter: ! >> you sent me a textt i don't know if you were driving unintelligible..3ú >> reporter: i of trying to say hi there, pal. but ii didn't ccme out that clear. what they're oing to be trying to do at centennial high school is trying to ddmonstrate wwat they're doing.
6:37 am
it's a bad text or badddriving, either one, it be dangerous. we will send them in a goll cart -hrougg a kiewrs ik ourse lik. whht do you hope they sse by doing? >> whaa we're trying o do is -hange behavior you know. it's always not me. i'm not one who does it, but stastaaistics show that one in 3 teens admit to texting whhle driving or being in a wwek with3 someene who is texting while driving. >> reporter: some the tats are crazy .08 for rinking aad driving..3 double that is your distraction level when you're talking about texting. >> i mean, i know with alcohol %-with texting it's like becomin intext kateed where that individual haa had the
6:38 am
texting while driving..3 >> reporter: explain the law for those who might have a new one. >>the laa prohibts anyone from %-they're on the roadway, thate inccudes while you're stopped at a stop sign. it's simpll. youujust can't text while you're driving. >> reporter: coming up next week,,you condition be driving in a car and have a phone in %-devices are legal in maryland starting next week..3 you got o be careful in a lost3 ways while you're drivvng. >> that's agood remainder, ú%el. thank you. >> reporter: ep. cominn up go gennric. the one thing i won't budge on is ropicana oraage juice. >> the tore brand items thatú most closely resemble brand nnmes. >trafficcis really starring ú% ppck up on the north side of the beltway here at cold court road. i will toll you what some the other main lines look like coming up in tte raffic edge -eport. >> reeortee: i'm emily gracie. llve t the marshy point ce
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meteorollgist emily grrcie is falling nto the new seasonn3 witt some fun festivity. sse is at marshy point because ttey're holding the fall festival. good morning, emily. patrice. a gorgeous morning oot here. i'm joined by weany a national >> is ouu 3rd annnal fall festival. we have a hey wagon ride. %-activities like scare crowú making and painting. have story time and nea meet the animals. >> and the banjo music. give us a taste f what we're
6:42 am
-earrng. the opossums here and great music. how much does this cost? >> this is free. wwere open 10 to 4:00 on saturday, rain orrshine. it's a one day event and a lot of fun here. you might want to bring a few dollars, we're serving hot dogs and hamburgers, and the hey riie is a few dollars. >> reporter: it's on saturday information log on to and while it's a little cool out here this morning, it will warm uppby aturday, a high temperature of 80 degrees, just - thinn most of the day looking good, steve, correct. ann definitely not as cool as it we're warming by the bonfire thii morning. a opossum, staying away rom 95. >> absolutely. %-out and enjoy nature todayt because it's to be a comfortaale day with temperaturessin the upper 70s. ú% degrees rye out in with clea3
6:43 am
skies,,winds are calm, 51%% relative humidity, and 51.22 and rising on the barometer. and that is warm air and allow arallowing for a cool tart. anddupper 40s and 60 degrees in baltimore. a little bit of a reasonable, r3 in hagerstown. it's been a cool starr for ure. allhough temperatures are going tooclimb into the upperr70s, it will be quite comfortable for the afteenoon. meanwhile sky hd raddr seeing any showers.wwwithout a chance of a shower, maybe as you heard emily say by this weekend, but even eeore hat, we may be talking about a we will e etting a lot ofú suunhine in here today with all of that high pressure. on the eastside of high3 pressure, and keep us cool for today. the warmer ir is on the way from the south and ahead of that cold front we sse the chance as tte cold front mooes iito tte warm, moisttair, tte hance of some showers, by ater tomorrow as the temperatures get into the
6:44 am
upper 80s then. the shower chances more likely to the west. ttis frontal boundary is going to steer to the north and east and take a lot of the shower chancesswith it. ú% will taak about the wwarer temperatures coming our way from the south as we get into the rest of he week and the frontal boundary that follows could friday nighh into jet stream stays well to the that is going to bring in all of the warm, moist air, and temperatures near 0 degrees as we get the norrhwesserly plow for wedneeday through riday. here is whattwe can expecc for eastern shore. 77 degrees, lots of sunshine %--outheast at 5 miles per hour. the central parr of the state, -ot tto difffrent, 78 degrees for height witt a lot of sunshine, northeass wind becoming southeast later at 5--0. -ack to the west where you will be closer to a ridge of hiih pressure aloft, it will be warmer by a u!! couple of degre, plenty of sunshinn of the tonight not quite as cool as we drop to 66 degreessand the clear
6:45 am
skies. tomorrow 88 deereess big difference then as we head toward autumn which arrives technically at 11:09 tomorrow night. the tstles going the wrong3 direction, eally from what we would expecc. we head toward autumn and it warms up. 88 degrees on thursday. late showers on tuesday into and 90 degrees ffr friday, and mostly sunny, a beeter chance of a shooee comes hroughhon friday into saturday..3ú a high of 89 on sattrday. it cools downnbehind the next front. 74 and 755for the sunday and monday. comfortable but cooler for the game as you head to the m&t stadium for the opener between the ravens and the other team, the bbowns or something. let's see what is happening on the roadway withhlauren cooke. lauren? steve. in fredericc that you want to watch out for. it'ssgoiig to be on the eastbound lanes of interstate 70 at interstate 270. if you are traaeling at 83,,the disabled car has clearee from the souttbound lanes at york road. the jfx will also be clear from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street.
6:46 am
and the fire has just cleared in north baltimore. ú%ere at northern parkkay. we are looking at speeds movvng through the parkville area. here is a live look at the harffrd road, cars are moving 60 miles per hour along the outer loop. it will be a nice and easy ride towson.make where you ar your wú ú%ecking and taking a live look at liberty road. it'ssstaating to slow down. 60-minute ride from 795 to knife 95. theecongestion will continue if you're using the northeast ú%rridor of 95..3 here is a look at the whitemarsh area where speeds are clocking in aa 60 milessper hour along the southbbuud lanes. here is the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. fox's all new comedy premier tonight. think are you as unny as fox? if you are then you can laugh all he way to the baak. submit our bess clean jokes and ú%u can win valuable prizes. we will pick three winners on friiay. up for grabs, tons of great stuff, includiig a slide, hdd3
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flip camera. a wii gaming console and a camping price tag. ccmedies this fall at fox 45.e catch the season premier of glee tonight att8:00, and the raising hope tonight at 9:00, anddthe premier of running wild tonight at 9:30. it's all her today is the day i double down.
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[ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated
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in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. a two larm fire ripp through a home in north -altimore overnight injuring one person. thereewere six people inside of the home on northern parkway 2:30 this morning.e out at wooan who was injured when she jumped out of a second story window. she is eeppcted to be okay.ú family membees of the doctor injured in the ohn hopkins ssooting says he is expected to
6:50 am
be okay. ú%ul pardus shot the doctor and then turned killed his mother and then turned tte gun on tim the operator oo penn national gaming may hold off, while state regulators may hold off if the company improperly interfered with another company's efforts to build aú casino in anothhr part of the country. the efforts are now on hold until the november election hen the voters wiil decide the casino's fattebut financing is pennn ational gaminn. they obbying for a casino at -auren racetrack whicc they own. it will be up to the attorney generalls office to sort it all. against slots will continue and so ill the debate. here wwth one side of the debate is john representative of the cordishhcompany. p> why do you say that penn
6:51 am
national is wrong for them to push the campaign against slots. the license agreement that the penn nationaa we have signed withhthe state of maayland, we are required o cooperaae with other licenseee and to help the facilities open and earning money for state of maryland. our facility will represent 60% of the entire slot industry in the state of marrland. we wwll be the number one taxpayer in the state of marylanddpaying the state over $450 illion each year..3 -nd that is bbing delayed by the another licensee in the sttteis one liccnse in the state. >> right. >> so it's impossible for penn national to have anothhr license elsewhere. and they're violatiig their license agreement by obstructing most lucrative slots facility in
6:52 am
the state for maryland. >> that iisue is going to be up to the attorney ggneral to decide, ut vottrs aae now gging to decide whether you all continue tt move forward ith and a lot of people ttat are posting are sayinggit's too closeeto residential areas. it's not aapropriate at a maal and a mall se setting isn't thec appropriate place for it. >> one ii massive misinformation campaign that is being funded by a competitor. first of all arundel mills has the lowest residential popuuation around it of any site in anne arundel county. >> okay. affect less residents thaa arundel milll. for instance, laurel has three times the population liviig around it haa arundel mills. secondly, rundel milll is not a residential area. it ii a regional commerrial complexx it's one of the largest commercial areas in the entire
6:53 am
when voters have to take in all of this information and make thhir final choice, what do you say o them to sway that momentum to your side??3 >> we find when voters understand the facts of the situation, one, that the fact population around it than anywhere else, two that the funding behind the no slots effort is from a competitor who3 actuully owns a competing facility in charles town, westú virginia, currently all of charles town revenues for the most part come from maryland. and most of that come anne arunnel and surrounding counties. >> the motivation of the the that s not a residential tourist destination ii the state of maryland. and that he slots customer is
6:54 am
455years of age and older. >> okay. >> has a higher income than the national popplation, that's the exact type of customer that we want in the area.ú >> you know, ww said we hhve been talking about slots forú years. i guess we will know the outcome in just a few more weeks. thank ou for commng in. coming up in the 7:00 hour, we ill hear from the other side of the slots debate..3 no slots at the mall will join us live instudio. next do ou really know the is brand name? when it's okay to let go of your favorite brand. 6 bower is
6:55 am
6:56 am
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ú%> plenty of people arr buying them, but aa james andrews reports, some people are still reluctant to swap out their ú%vorite name brands. >> reporter: consumer repprt shopping guru todd mark says buying store brands caa cuu your grocery bills by an average ofú 30%. however a consumer shopper report reveals 811 aae rrluctant to give uppon the brande brand . >> things like that my mom forr3 me. >> repooter: onsumer staters pit 21 ssore brands against bigg name grands for staples like butter. the storeebrands bought out right 3 times. 11 times it was a tie. so store brands are a good bet. potato chip tted with lay's
6:58 am
those aae the nice balance of real potato flavor, fat andú aad target pantry cap tut, tied >> the market pantry was ery ttmatoey, theehaines was spicier. >> it varied in qualitt. >> bumble bee chunk light tunaú was better in taste test. but owe thh whole, consumers find that store brands are worth the try. >> manufacturers stand behind their products. if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can simply brinn it back foo a refund. >> this is james andrews. they're the hottest tickets in town. your first chhnce to win tickets to thh virgin mobile.
6:59 am
and the recession over? i'm megan gilliland. why researchers are aying things are getting better aad why some of you aren't buying it. and i'm joel d smith ive at centtnnial hhghhschool where -tis morning kids are being put ú% the test. can you actually this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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experts say the recession is
7:02 am
over. >> peoppe who are ssruggling to pay the bills day-to-day, it's rereal for them. hoo ong we have been out of it ann hoo the americans feel about the rrcessionn driving, which is most dangerous for your teen. get ready o rock,,your chancc to win tickets to the virginnmobile free fest. good morning. it's tuesday, septembbr 21st. i'm patrice harris. let's cheek in with meteorologgst steve ferrig and talk with him about the cool temperrtures thissmorning for the first time, i turned on the3 heater in my car and put a jacket out while walk out to the car. >> i didn't go that far, but it was a little cool. >> i had on a t-shirt under that. >> it's going to be in the 60sú 60s downtown but 50s, andú might need a light jacket,3
7:03 am
maybe. perhaas. ú%doubt it. 55 degrees this morning, starting out. -5 degrees at the bussstop, a -chool staat, yeah, definitely it's n theecool side compared to normal. look at at wilmington delaware at 55 degrees. ú%d 51 in hagerstown. 41 in salisbury, it's dropped a little bit. -atrice is sounding more correct all the time. 50 degrees innthe downtoon area so some areas obviously a little cooler ttan hd radart dry conditions right now ann that ii he way things should stay with mm pressure overhead. enjoy the pretty day coming your ú%y, 75 degrees by noon ann 744ddgrees at 6:00 p.m. aaterú hitting the high of 68 this afternoon. here is lauren cooke with thh do you need a jacket this morning, lauren. >> repprter: i did, i bundled wwen i headed to the station this morning. ú%pefully it will warm up very3 soon. we are ddaling with an accident -n frederick at the eastbound
7:04 am
lanes of interrtate 70, at interstate 270. it will be clear, though if you are traveling from cclumbia pike toward the beltway. we are dealing with slow speeds on the west siie of the elttay. here is a live look at the liberty road whhre you will notice he outer loop is gging to be oving along slow. you're look ago 816-minute ride from 795 to 95. we are ookinn at building -ooking at an 11-minute ride -ith an average high-speed of 50 miles per hour. from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, you'rr looking the a ú%minute trip with annaveraae trip of 54 miles per hour. patrice, back to you. 3 we are following a developing story this morning. a two allrm fire rips throuuh a home in north baltimore overnight injjring one person. there were six people inside the hhoe on northern parkway when thh firr broke out around 2:30 this morning. -eeryone escaped including one woman who wassinjured when she3 jumped out of a secoon story
7:05 am
window.ú >> fire just broke out in one of the bedrooms upstairs. the mom of the houue had to jump out of the attic window. dad and one of tte kids and sister got down the steps. me and tu had to push out the winnow, climb out the roof and pretty much just free fall off the roof. if we would have been in there a ú%ment longer then we would have burned right with it. glad the survival skills kicked ii when they did..3 >> the woman who was injured in3 the fall is expected to be okay. the cause offthe fire is still underrinvestigation. the recession is officially over. bureau of economic esearch, but many people here in maryland and all across the country are having trouble believing hat the ecovery is for real. morr on the latest numbers and%. good morning, megan..3 >> reportee: good morning, patrice. and good morning to all of you. the national bureau offeconomic
7:06 am
research says the recession started in december oo 2007 and ended in june of 2009. -t's the lodgest economic down turn since the greaa depression in thh 1930s. while tte grouu is saying the reeession over, it does not say that the econooy has returned to back to normal and with the uuemploymenn rate aa 9.6 nationwide and grooth too slow in recent months to drive that ratt down, many people still believe we are ii a recessiin regardless of what these researrhers may say. -t's a feeling president obama is now addressing. obviously for thh mmllions of people who are still out of home values decline, people who are struugling to pay the bills, them. >> and ery real for many marylanders. according to a rasmussen report, state say the u.s. is currently 16% say, noo
7:07 am
10 were not sure and almost 80% say they knnw someone out there looking for a job right now. here is what some of our ú%ceeook fans have to say about this ews. krista wrote in and said just cure why is. whht guideline is used to determine whether a recession is over? because for real, i doo'ttsee theeeconomic research group says it determines that theelowest turning point of a business cycle happened in june. the grouppsays that turning33 point arks thh end of thedeclif the rising phase. that turns us to the questions ú% the ddy. do yoo think the recession is over? we will take yourrcalls ater3 thii hour. you can go to and tell us whaa you think there. or sound off through facebook. aad you can text your answer to 45203, just enter fox 45a for -es the recession is over or fox 45b for no. ú%ganngill lapped.
7:08 am
langilliland fox 45 morningnewú a sent survey by harris interactive questioned neaalyú 1700 teenngers, only 36% said regularly texting during drivin3 could result ii death. while 55% said the same about drinking aad driving. but they'rr both equally dangeroos and that is why the mda issworking to show teens how can be.ú joel d smmth is live at centennial high school where a demonstration today is designed to prove the fact once and for all. numbers how people view drinkinn and texting. >> reporter: the tough thing is you alwayy hear this. theekids think they re invincible and ddn'' ttink of how ddngerous things are. everyone knnws i won'' drink and drive but they text almmst eeery it's very common. thht is why we are hhre.3 we got the mda. good idea to do this today.ú whht do you think they are gging
7:09 am
to earn whee they go through ú%is course anddsee how difficult it is when they're trying to drive and text at the same time. >> e hope that they learn just that.3 it can be dangerous. once your attention is taken away from what you're suppooed to do, which is drive that3 vehicll, things can happen. >> reporter: you guys have equivalent drinking wise. >> it's equivalent to having four bbers. who would imagine getting mind the wheel after drinking four ú%ers. we're trying to get the same message that you shouldd't get beeind the whhel when you text >> reporter: we have video of me trying to texx while drivinn a little bit ago. i triee texting you actually, i ttink you have the results of that. i didn't knockdown too manyy3 things while trying to text andú drive but my text wasn'' that successful. %->> reporter: hi, there.úis p> whattyou said, was ho there,
7:10 am
pak. >> reporter: if i was trying harder to text, i probably well ass did and ran ovees some things. it all works with me. we have had students that worked the ssme with them.ú group and try to get that we will have the kids o sign pledges that hey won't do thisú >> it'ssso eaay to startwn on drifting if you're texting, there'' so many dangers. joee joel, thank ou, appreciate it. coming up, poo star lady gaga urggs federal lawmakers to repeal don't ask, don't tell. heard. >> repooter: i'm emily gracie live at the fall festival going on this old bbs canning company.
7:11 am
today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs.
7:12 am
training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
7:13 am
pointtnattre center with the fall festival going on this weekend. we have aaple pressing going on this weekend. >> we have basic mmchine which throws apple intt this hopper. then we are going to turn ttat crank. it taaes the apples apart and3 it's going to compress theú apples and that is where our cider omes out from. >> folks oming oot this weeeend can give this a try.3ú >> es, we are going to have a lots and lots. here is little ider for you. >> ou ill have the opportunit3
7:14 am
to come out ann press, and children will have many -ctivities to enjoy. >> speaking of accivities, hat is going on over heee should. >> well,,that is the famous marrhy point turtleeraces are going on. >> we got our maryyand terp %-there see goes.e is tippy, she is getting leff behind by the red ears. she is ttying to cheat. >> thaa's kknn of a rule breaker. >> a little camera shy, too. >> a lot of activities going on this weekeed, it's all free, correct. we have music, food, canoe trips, and boat tope triis and d all of that is to romote the chesapeake bay. %-the festival goong on from 10o 4:00 here at marshy point nature center. for more informatioo loo on to and it's aalittle chilly outthere this morninn but it won't be by saturday. 80 degrees for the afternoon
7:15 am
high. partly cloudy and just a slight chance of a showerr i think ii will stay niceú throughout much the day. come on out here. steve, i want to get out on the turtle race. what do you think.ú i think you can beat them. %-turtles, though, theyyre turng all ver he place. >> thank you, emily: they're going to enjoy plenty of sunshiie theee because the high affect our weather. it's slowly moving as well thatú high pressure to the east. meanwhile, what we gottat sky h3 radar is a clear scan and that is because the high pressure bringing us the ice cleer skies. the clear skies have brought us cool temperatures, however. take a look at where we start. 60 degrees at the inner harbor, which is probably the wwrmeet part offtheestate. the wwnds are tt start. ann it has allowed the cool down in spots. ge53% our relative humidiiy, not just 60 in baltimmre but coooer. 49 in salisbury and wilmington, delaware. and seeing temperatures in tte
7:16 am
40s there as well. 51 up ii hagerstown. definiiely chilly in theú outlying area more than the metrooarea. dryyconditions as things continue to be veryypretty with the high pressure itting over us. it moves off to the east..3 whill we have plenty of sunshine, the high pressure will mooe off and we will get the %-moisture and the chance ofore %-throuuhh er tomorrow.shes most of the hat activity will -tirrnorth as the cold front stirs that in that direction. we want mooe rain. the next chance of rain mightt33 come frrday into saturday as the frontal boundary moves in our direction then. here is what he with expect today. the easteen shore, 47 degrees for the high, a lot of sunshine, should be a prrtty and comfortable day today with just the northeast wind at 5-10 miles an hour. -nd 78 degrees anddplenty of sunnhine makes for a nice afternoon in the ccntral part of maryland. back to the wess, even a couple of degrees warmer, it's 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine, and tonight 61 for the overnight low.
7:17 am
5-10 miles per hour. we warm it up, the southerly flow, 88 degrees, a chance for overnight into early thursday. we dry out, 88 degrees earll on thursday, and 90 on friday, nd then look for temperatures to cool back own a little on saturday, 80 degrees with a chance of some showers. 77 for sunday. and a liitle cooler aad comfortable and 80 degrees on sunnay with mostlyysunny skies. get ready for autumn, it comes tomorrow night at 11:09. here she comes, lauren cooke with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you,3 steve. we do hhvee new accident in baltimore ounty at reistersttwn at er ggne road at franklin boulevard. here is live look at liberty road where speeds are clooking in at 50 miles er hour along %-you''e looking at a 21-minute ride from 7955to 955 -s you make ouu way to parkville, here is a look at harford road where you can seee3 -e are not dealing with too muuh
7:18 am
congestion long the inner or outer loop. making for not toootough of a riie in towson. speeds are staating to ssow down along the southbound lanes here is theeshot of 695, expecc the slow ridd from the beltway to the harbor tunnel thruway. ú%ose of yoo headed to bwi look at 95 at anne arundel you can pull up the shoo. there will be nothing to get in through the airpoot this morning. that's the traffic edge report. ú%trice, back to you. hank you, laurenn hottest names in rock 'n' roll re coming right here to our area. the virgin mobile free fest is this saturday at mary weather post p!! pavilion from 11:00 a.o 3:00 p.m. we wwnt to get you there for free. the 10th caller at (410)481-4545 wins a pair of tickets. for more information about 7:11 is the time. yo
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>> state police say he was impaired and charged him with several violations includingg3 ú%i. dui and negllgent riving in he was acquitted of those charges last month. lady gaga is known for being
7:22 am
for showing herroutrage for the policy. the pop star said that the policy is unjust and she called on the state republican senators to vote yes on eale to repeal it. nicole collins joins us live3 that bill. >> reporter: lldy gaga is known for elaborate and wacky again ups, but she toned it down for this rally, dressinggmore as impassioned as eeer.3 >> don't andd don't tell is wrong. it's unjust. >> repooter: at a rally at maine, pop star lady gaga managed to turn the meat dress into a metaphor for gay rights, saying equality is the prime rrb of america. >> shouldn't everyooe deserve the right to wear the same meat dress that i do?
7:23 am
[ cheering ] >> reporter: the eccentric republican senaaors on to vote against their party in a key senate vote that would allow debate tt begii on the defense authorization bill hich includes the repeal on the lesbian service and >> i thought equality was >> reporter: dispiet opposing don't ask and don't tell, senator olivia snow and collins plan to vote wwth their party, democratic leadershhp won't allow amendments to the defense bill. the seeators are coocerned abouú voting to change the policy impact on the armed forces is complett. inna statement, snow writes, we should aal havv the opportunity to review that report which is to be completed on december first as we reevaluate this policy and the implementation of any new changes. the senate could vote today to
7:24 am
begin debate as earry ass3 2:15 p.m. eastern. however, said a finallvote on3 the defenseebill will not happen until after november's midterm election. reporting live from washington, i'mmnicole colllns. >> it's interesting to see who came out tt hear her speak. were they fans of lady gaga or dd they care about that issue. or maybe both, because i kkow she is using social media to3 care about the issue. >> reeorter: she announced this on twitter and she has reaahed out to her fans who calls hem little monsters. she used twitter and her ownn3 website to get the message out have quite a bit of information for people who are perhaas, not as familiaa wiih civicc and how these things work. to find who your ssnator it and provides talking points about what to ay when they call to try and support this issue. she ii making it very easy for
7:25 am
causs. >> very interesting, nicoll, very nteresting. thank you. coming up later on fox 45 morning news, claims that the recession is over. why many people are taking issue with the new report. but nexx, they want to stop slots at a run de arundel mills. tte reason opponeets say they don't belong this droid has evolved to do even more.
7:26 am
now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
7:27 am
wwen, where and if maryland fleedz slots is an isue that has been debated for years now. least until the november elections when voters in anne arundel county decideeif a casino should be built as arundel mills mall. david jones is the hair of no slots at the mall.
7:28 am
he joins us this morniig with why he and so mmny otters are >> good morning. >> we hearr from joe weinberg why they want to move forwarrúw. why are you so opposed this at the mall? >> we oppose it at the mall because the mall doesnnt have certain convinces built ii to prooect the ommunity. mr. einberg likes tt say theee's not that many residents3 around the mall. that is not true. that area haa been built up over the last 0 years since the mall haa been thhre and theee's thousands of homes there now. built in and thhre aren't proper traffic mittgations that are in -here nd the amount of visitorú to that would generate through that area. the area simply cannot handle it. %-suggested place and that is where penn national gaming who helping to finanne the push is planning it. therees no proof that if it goes
7:29 am
ú% anne aruudel mills mall it will go to laurel park. >> we have never advocated a location or it. find a more appropriate location than the mall. >> beccuse there's thhugh secondaay location already allocated, is the push to get away from the mall, there's no tellinn if and it will stay in ananne arundel county that stans for you to lose a lot of money. >> slots are going to anna ren n ddle county. we are looking tt our county the 2008 area that wasscarved out in thh amendment to match whole entire county is not affected by this zoning bill. interesting and we going to continue to follow it through november. you will have the home stretch3
7:30 am
coming up thh fbiiis look foo a suspect in a string of robberies. how many places he hit and what the crime spree research. we're live at centennial high school where later this morning, these will be trying to welcome ack to fox 45
7:31 am
7:32 am
mooning nees. 7::2 is the ttme. i'm patrice arris. meteorologist steve fertig is -ere closer to fall. check out the sky hd radar, nnt a whole lot happening there. ú%mperature wise it's chool cole some ome ssots at
7:33 am
salisbury at 41 degrees. some 50s around the area. high pressure moves off to the east, though, what that will do is bring a more southwesterly flow by tomorrow. into theeupper 80s then, we could have shower chhnce insiie the front puuses through. sunning things up, un me and pleasant in the upper 700, warm, mid-and late wwekk in the upper 80s and near 90. two showers possible and get on to saturday. -e will get you the rest of the weekend forecast and the ravens forecaat nd early projection. we will talk about the hereeis lauren cooke with the traffic edge. p>> thank you, stevee we do have troubleeon the3 beltway moving hrough we are dealing with tww accidents one on the outer belt loop. as you take a live look you will see one of the accident scenes ask it's leading to heavy, heavy delays from 95 to 83. that ssretch is going to taae you 17 minutes this morning. no reeief as weehead westt,doo3 expect delays from 795 to 955
7:34 am
there you're looking at a -1-minute ride. unfortunately the congestion will continne on the northeast corridor of 95. from whitemarsh to the beltway you're looking at a 6-mmnute trip. that's the traffic dge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. 734 on fox 45 morning news. believe it or not, one group saas the recession is over. in fact, the national bureau of economic research ssys it's been over for onths. more on what many of you have to say about the news, good morning megan. >> reporter: the national bureau offeconomic research says june of 2009. economiccdown turn since the great depression in the 1930s. while the group ii saying thee3 recession is over, it does not saa that the ecooomy has returned back to normal. what theeunemployment rate at 9.6 nationwide in growth, too
7:35 am
slow in recent months to drive that rate down, many peoppe belieee we are still inú %-these researchers may say. >> yoo know, businessee rightt3 %-activity, because they see a x iicrease coming. if the president want this eeonomyyto grow again, he nneds to put an extension of current3 law in place rather than a tax increase..3 >> reporter: according to the commeece department, maryland and alaska are the only two highhr now than prerecession levels. buu still folks in our state are concerned. according to a a rasmussenn3 -eport, 73% of the the voters here in maryland say the u.s. is currently in a recession. 16% say no. 10% wereenot sure andd lmost 80% say thee know sommone out of wook and looking for a job. here is what our facebook fann had to sayy jackie writes, we have seen improvement, but i'm not sure thaa it'ssover, thhngs aren't quite back to what thhy were.
7:36 am
i would say t's on tte mend. of the day. is the recession over? what do you think. riiht now. give us a call at (410)481-4545ú you can lso go to fox and tell us what you thhnk there. or sound off through our facebook page. send us a twwet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45203. bbtter toxx45 fox 45a for yes, e recession is over or fox 45bbfor no it's not. meean gilliland..3 fox 45 morning news. federal agents are looking for a suspect ho they say robbed dozens of rants includins including several in the baltimore area. fbi agents believe that the same person is responsible for 38 robberies in maryland, pennsylvanii and noothern virginia. the incidents started back no 2009 aad including robbbries in ann awn ar anne arundel and d
7:37 am
countt..33 - 10,000 reward is beiig oofered ú%r information leading tt a conviction. vehicle crashes are the3 number one reasoo for the killlr of teens.3 a recent survey by hhrris -nteractive questioned nearly 1700 teenagersment only 366 said regularly texting during drivin3 could result in death while 55% said the same about drinking and driving. they're both equally dangerous and jjol d smith is live at demonstration is likely to prov3 you on angerous exting ann driving caa be..3 good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, pa%. we have the video of my sell driving earlier whiie trying to text. it did not go so well. youuknow, we can look at that, but the idea is we have here, is send some students through this. students who are supposed to be so good at texting all the time, so fast, and see how good they could go ttrough the course and be successful.
7:38 am
they are starting to set his up. how would you know it's effective. >> it's the first time we are doing it. there's ssatistics out there that back this up. we will knoo it's effectiie if we have those kids sign the pledge, because we know that they got the message that it's wheel. >> reporter: insttad of making thee talk about it and write it down and bein being accountable we talkee to teens and unless they know somebody, it doesn't touch them all theú time. ú%t we hope this had important. ú% they got that perception that it'ssnot going to be me. but when you takeeyour eyessaway from the road, when you're driving at 55 miles per hour, yoo are traveling a distance in a football field. imagine what can happen in those 5 seconds when you are noo paying attentton. >> reporter: 5 seconds is if you are a gooo exter. we're talking about the law. even if youudon't get into a
7:39 am
-rrsh, the law is there. talk about that foo a little bit. >> the law says that you can't send a text, it's plain and simple, you can't send a textúú, including setting at stoplight. you just can't o that. it's a misdemeanor, fineable up it can be an expense. -> reporter: for the kids,ú that $500 might be a deterrent beeide the danger fact that we are talking about this..3 >> it's a good reminder both for teens nd adultt. so many peeole still do it.ú you see it all the timeeattlight or even hen youure driving. >> reporter: it's so scary. you see to the side and see somebody driving at 30 miles an hour their head is down doing ttis. keep in mind, starting next you can't even talk on the phone got hands free.eek unless you3 thann you, jjel. coming up patricia jessamy loses her re-eleetion bid.
7:40 am
we take a closer look at what might have cost er her job as city state attorney. i will have more on he delays and show you what some cockledoodledooooo!
7:41 am
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all the comedies this fall. catch the season premier of glee %-and the eries ppemier of running wild. it's all here onnfox 45. i ddn't know if the weather meteorologist steveeferriggwho is a pretty funny guy. getting outdoor, outdoor activity should be had with all of the clear skies. sky hd raid uneventful. it's nothing happening out there with high pressure sitting ovvrhead and the high pressure is going to bring us a cool start to the day with cleaa skiessand rather call winds. take a look aa what we have as far as the temperature downtownn you will see where 60 degrees ii here but in other areas, outlyynggarras we got upper the barometer is on the rise and ú%re is a look at thh temperatures, 51 in hagerstown and we got aa49-degree readdng in salisbury. in wilmington, delaware not too
7:44 am
faa rom cecil county, 40 degrees but definitely a %-it will warm up niiely by this -fterrnon aater we get to where -e were yesterday in the upper 70s. meanwhile dry conditions in the sky hd radar. high presssre overhead, going to lied overhead. eventually we will see tte south and moreehumiddair, too. in faat, we get toward theemid and late week. the frontal boundary approaching for the western counties, shown at 4:00, movingginto the centrrl counties by the eveninn. a lot of this activity is going to steer to the orth and east unfortunately,, ecauue we coull ww areebehind two inchee of ain foo the yearly total. as far as the next front, a beeter chaace o movv in, as it moves friday and saturday. aheed of a lot of warm air. jet stream is going to steer to the north over the area. that is going to allow a lot of moist air o move in. temperatures are going to climb
7:45 am
at the eastern shore 78 degrees for the high. comfortable, and southeast at 5 iles n hour. %-climbs to 78 degrees with a lt of sun and the western part of maayyand, justta tad higherr3 gettinn to 80 egreesshhre with a lot of sunssine, just a 5-mile-an-hour wind out of the southeast. tonight we drop to 61 degrees, clear skies,,looks pretty and not quite as cool with a south wind at 5-10 miles per hour. here comes the southerly flow as we head toward autuun. ú%nd of backwards here as we get we are goinggto see temperatures climb, 88 degrees tomorrow. wednesday into early thursday.ú high of 88 degrees as w clear ot in the afternoon, 90 degrees, %-sunny as well.ot just hot but the next frrnt rings the shower chance. behhnd the front cooler, opener at m and t stadiumm3 between the ravens and the browns. 80 degrees for the high which should climb at 3:00, a few degrees coolerrfor the game ime
7:46 am
temperature. %-who has the track edge.n cooke lauren. >> repprter: thank you, steve. we do want to expect slow speeds travelinn on the beltway in the parkville area. two accidents on the inner loop anddanother on the outer loop north at harford road. as we take aalive look, heavy,3 heavy delays.3 -ouucan see one of he accidents in the shot. ú%u're lookinn the a 31-minute ride from 95 to 83. we are dealing with quite a bit of coogestion oo the left side of the beltway. here a live look at liberty road. frrm 795 to security boulevard. we do have an accident that you want to watch out foo at rice reisterstown at tar gone road. there could be quitt a bit of ú%ngestion traveling at 665 as you ake the push to 695. checking in and taking a llve look here. it's wide ooen on warren road and southbound lanes are moving long just fine as you make your way toward thh beltway. that's yyur traffic edge report.
7:47 am
patrice, back to yyu. thank you, lauren. have returned to normal but newt research shows the reccssion is over. we want to know what you think. is the recession over? our phone lines are open now at
7:48 am
7:49 am
-p accord togs a panel of officially over. the national bureau of econommc says that the recession ended in 20099 by its statistics it lasted 18 months. that makes it tte longgst recession since world war ii. it brings us to the question of the day. do you think he recession is over? baltimore. good morning, lisa? >> good morning, paarice. >> what do you think is the rrcession over?ú is one thing, but reality is
7:50 am
another. yes, it may be ovee, for those who are making 100,0000or so, but those of us who are making 50,000 or so. no, it's not over. we are still going through salary reduccions anddfurloughs3 no, it's not over. >> lisaa you are saying what a -ot of our people ow on facebook are saying. thank you for your call. >> what do youuttink about the recessiin? >> i think t's craze crazy that recession is over. the economy is still ddwn, and i think ii's for tte electioo. >> good point. the election is coming up. good ppint there. >> michelle in essex is on the line. good morning, michelle? >> hi, how are you? >> a lot of people are saying, i don't care what that report says, we don't feel like the recession is over? what do you think? >> i'm riggt along witt it.
7:51 am
if it's over, it's news to me. >> let's take a look at what facebook.e saying on our one our twitter responders said, tell that to the milliins of people still unemployed and can't find jobs. scctttsays statements like that aae encouraggd to havv people spend money. if it works, it will make the rrcovery they're looking for and %-skeptical about the future.re3 >> i'm not suue it's over, but i do see a lot more jobs hiring, so 'mmsatisfied in the direction we're moving. hopefully it keeps looking up and doesn't go downhill again. thank you for your calls and comments this morning. coming up later on fox 5 morning news, thh virgin obile free fest is just around the corner. stty tuned for your chhnce toú next gregg bernstein wins the democratic nomination for the city state attorney. what it might take for him to [ laughing ]
7:52 am
hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich.
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7:54 am
ittwas an outcome that shocked a lot of peopll in baltimore. 15 year incumbent patricia jessamy lost her position of city state attorney to new customer gregg bernstein. he ran on a platform of fighting crime and prosecuting cases and something that he is good at. and democrat kurt anderson joins us for this week state spot house light. >> this is thh kind of state house ou always wantedment you. you get theefirst, last and only word. >> let's talk about this election. why did patricia jessamy lose. a lot of peopleeweren't expectingg hat? %-i have likened to a footballsú
7:55 am
analogy.ú the football team didn't do any planning. i think that jessamy didn't do the things you need to do ahead ú% time, the main thhng is rais. during her campaagn, hee offense and defense sputted. she never offensively got -erself out there and never talked about hersell enough so that people were confident that she as the person doing the special teamssfailed hhr her missrablely. her campaign. >> was it all about her campaign or wws it about her record as -ity state attorney. -p>> you didn't let me finish. i was about to finish.ú >> i don't know where the football analogy was going. >> she had home field advantage there's was a lot of empty seats -n the stands because a lot of people didn't come out to vote for her. let e give credit for the other team. certainly they played a great gregg beenstein and his team put on a good campaign.
7:56 am
they raisee a lot of money. they made themselves an opponent to give folks an alternntiveeto vote for. ittwas pat jessamy and her campaigg that lost the race. you're shaking your head no. >> i don't know if i'm doing the pigskin predictions or the statú bernstein made a lot of promises in hhs campaign. in terms i'm going to fight crime and prosecutt ccses. these are the same cases that jessamy says i didn't prosecute because the evidence wasn't good. bernstein is going to have the same kind of evidence what is going to allow him to go forwaad with those cases where jessamy said, no, not enough witnnsses or police didn't give me enough to ork with? >> certainly it will be case by case basss. gregg bernstein and pat jessamy not in this case alone. and you still have judges. ooce the person is ffund guilty has to put the person away for a long time. it's still a combination of the office of tte state attorney, the police department nd the
7:57 am
judges in baltimore city tootry to help continue ttis downward -rend and we have ad a downwar3 trend over the last two yearsú with the crime..3 >> kurt anderson. nic
7:58 am
7:59 am
experts say the recession is over? people who are vug ling t!! vu y the bills still feel quite it. texting or drinking and driving.
8:00 am
which is the most dangerous forú your teen??, good morning, it's uesday, septemmer 211t. i'm patrice harris. ann i'm megan gilliland. we have a school ccosing to ass along to you this morningg the rosedale ccnter is now closed for the day with no %fternoon classes due to a power and certainly not due to the weather, because it's shaping up to e a nice one ut there. heee with all the details.3is >> reporter: much like jest, -ith plenty offssnshinn. great wind and t should be a great day, the last whole day of summer. tomorrow we will get moss of the day will be summer, because summer or autumn doesn't aarive until 11:09 tomorrow night, not that anyone is counting. we are looking at temperaturesfs
8:01 am
depending on where you are. a cool start, free degrees, wow! that has jumped down qqite a bit. 45 degrees in salisbury. these are the dew point temperatures, 44 in hagerstown. ú%ose numbees areeindicating hoo dry it is. 60 degrees in baltimore.ú d.c. the saae and 49, there's the cool spot innsalisbury. aad the outlying areas in the upper 40s, otherwise 60 downtown. we are headed to 644for the high. it should be a pleasant afternoonn we will let you know what autumn shapessup like as we head into it in a few minutes. we will tell you about that. right now lauren ooke has the traffic edge. lauuen. >> reporter: ttank you, steve. we are dealing with several disoants he mainnline!!acciden. we are dealinn with low speeds. delays traveling ttrough the parkville area where we're -ealing with a crash along the innnr and outer loop both at as you check on the ouuer loop, heavy delays.
8:02 am
one the accidentssis aught in should shot right now. you're looking at a 35-minute ride along outer loop from 95 to 83 with aa average speed of3 50 miies ppr hour. we will remain heavy traveling on the west side from 795 to 95, thaa streech is going to take you 26 minutes. there e are looking at an avvrage spreed of 53 mills per hour. do expect a speeddof congestion. we are looking at a 7-minute trip with an average peed of 37 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice and megan, back to you. we aae following a developiig tory thissmooning. a two alarm fire ripped through a home in nortt baltimore overnight injuring one personú there. therr were six people inside of this home on northern parkway whee the fire broke out. it happened at 2:30 this morning. everyone fortunately escaped inccuddng one woman who was injured when she umped out of ú%e second storyywindow..3 >> fire just broke out in one of the bedrooms upstairs.
8:03 am
the mom of the house haa to jump out of the attic window. daa and ooe of the kkds and sister got down the steps. me and tu had to push out the window, climb around the roof, %--of the roof. just free fall3 in we would have been there a moment longer,,than we would have burned right with it. glad the survival skills kicked in when they did. the woman who was injured in the fall is expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police are called to the %-southhbaltimore.shooting in 8:00 last night near 10th street in soul place. officerr say two men were shot in the stomach, a 3rd was ssot in the hip. all three are in serious to survive.uu they are expected about two hours later, homicide detectives ere n the scene of a shooting in east baltimore. investigators say a man and aa3 woman were shot at homewooo avenue at east preston strret.
8:04 am
there's no word on a suspect in eether shooting. the recession is officially ovee. that is according to the natiooal buueau of economic ressarch. it says the recession started in december of 007 and endeddin june of '09. ú%rking the longest economic down turn since the great depression innthe 19 thiities. with the unemployment rate 9.6 nationwide and growth too slow in recent months to drive that rate down, many people believe we are still in recessson regardless of what these rrsearchers say. a feeling president obama is addressiig: obviously for thh millionn of people ould who are still outt f work, peopll who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day-to-day, it's still very real for themm >> and very real for many according to the rasmussen reporr, 733 of likely voters inú thii state say the u.s. is
8:05 am
currently in a recession. 16% ssy o, and 10% went sure. almost 80% ay they know someone out of workkand ookkng for a -ob. now despite the polling numbers, the commerre department says maryland is one of only tto states wwere personal income is ú%%--evels.than prerecession alaska is the other state. veeicce crashes are theú number one killers of. in new study ives us an insight into why. they questioned nearly 1700 teeeagers, only 36% saidd3 could result in death while 55%3 said the same about drinking and %-but of course, they're both equally dangerous. and that is why the mma is working hard to show teens just how dangerous texting and driiing can be. demonstration today is designed to prove the facts to those teenagers. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good mmrning,
8:06 am
patrice. problem is the stigma you are everyone knows the rinking and driving is just that. we have seen the commercials each year, everyone knows somebody wwo has a problem with that or even someone has died. now it's the texting andd3 %-we know how dangerous it is, t it's not oottthere. there's not enough about it. maybe we will change that todayú we will put a course today. and make the teens driveethrough %-with the texting anddfigure ot ú%e difference. i did this as welll we got bill young with the mma. this idea seems smart, how come something new, but the texting issue is something had we'ree3 starting to get a lot f data on saying that it's just dangerous when people are doing thiss3 >> reporterr and we're saying itts dangerous equivalent to or worse than delivering and driving wwen you look at the3 stats. %-is like someone who is twiceon
8:07 am
overdue the leam limit. >> reporter:!!legal limit. %-video of myself earlier we put the course as well. you see my driving and i hit a cone in thissatmosphere that way. i didn't do too bad, but my textinn results weren't very good..3 i bbrely got it thrrugh because i was working on not hhtting anytting. ú% you text well, you are not going to drrve as well. guys, we saw the results of me. hopefully the kids do the same thing. %-try to sane ipledge that saysi will not text and drive anymore. >> hopefully they won't do it. joel, thanks. >yep. still ahead, that is what you can call a power couple. just how much ough the highest earning duo in ú%
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
ú%> are you bummed that summer issjust about over? >> yeah. >> the fall festival att aash point nature center will help to lift your spirits. meteorologist emiiy gracie is live there. -lok at you, having fun yet. >> we felt likk we said goodbye to summer this morning, but we still one more day left. i'm joined this morning by theú director kirk. tell me what areetheeactivities going on other than canoeing. go out and eeplore the outer we are goiiggto have a hunting dog, not trials buttww get to see how retrrevers get to interacttwith the handlers.
8:11 am
that is an amaziig and interesting thing to see. >> i heard of about thisstreeú does that sound like something i could win is this. >> basically, you jump upp and grab ahold of aatree with your feet off the ground as much as you can. >> with that person off the ground youuwin a prize. >> i can win that one, and we're talking about making cider earlier. folks can come out and do that as well. >> we are going to be making apple cider whill we're outsiie. there's going to be hu be musicd crafts for children and face painting. festival going on this weekendd saturday, from 10 to 4:00. free admission, like we said earlier. you caa find all of theú information on our website at and it looks like a gorgeous day aa least for most of it onú saturdaay temperatures will be right around 80 degrees for the afternoon high.3 it will feel a little more like summer than fall. partlyycloudy and just a slight chance of shower or
8:12 am
that's a slight chance. we are goinn to err on the %-are going tt win courag!! to o cooe out here. >> reporter: i didn't know >> it essential feels like it. >> reporter: it's going to bee3 nice outside. yyu want to take advantage of it, no matter where you are across the state. we got dry air in place, and bringing a lot of sunshine. a nice dry scaa on the hddradar, 60 degrees the temperature righú now reporting ssnny skiessat the inner harbor. winds are calm, 53% relative humidity and the barometer holding steady. the high pressure sitting over us and 43, the dew poinn you look toward salisbury which is in the 40s a littll bii ago, now at 53 degrees, 50 in hagerstown.3 someethe outlying reas rather chilly in the 40s his morning. now we're starting to warm up thiigs with sunshine a little more brightly. as you can see the sky hd radar -hows the nice dry scan.3
8:13 am
the high pressure overhead is the rrason why. it will bringgus plenty of3 sunshine and it will bring us more of a southerly flow of air -y tomorrow n the backside of it. ttat will bring more heat and more humidity as the next front comes in. it looks like it brings a chance moist air for the westerr part of the state at in the afternoon. central county a little more thereafter. the central moisture moving in that direction. we will get more warm air building in through thursday and friday. it's going to be a warm day as we ead intt auuumn which comes ú%morrowwnight specifically at 11::9 p.m.ú meanwhile tte jet stream stays well to the north. that is going to alh!alabama lom moist air to come in. during the day at the eastern shore very commortable indeed as we climb to 777deerees. a lot of sun and a northeast ú%nd becoming at southeast an hour. 78 degrees here with a lot of -un and thh northeast wind ta will shift to the southeast at ú%10 milessper hour. back to the west, a couple of
8:14 am
degrres waamer than that,ú 800degrees for the high with a lot of sun and tooight, rathhr clear kies with 61 degrees, not quite as cold, the reason it ú%n't be as cold even with the clear skies, the flow changes to the south instead of the north -he high, it really jumps up temperature wise as we head ú%ward the beginning of autumn. and maybe a shower late in the dayyor overnight. 88 degrees foo the high n thursday. 80 degrees on frrday and chhnce to see a shower on late friday and 88 degrees for the high on then we dry out in time for the game. 80 degrees for hiih. cooler still in you are headee to m and t stadium. it shouud be a commortable one with low 70s for kickoff. here is lauren cooke with the traffic edge. lauren? >> reporter: thank you, steve. many of our main lines. we are deeling wwth an accident along theesouthbound lanes of 95 there at caton avenue. and unfootunately we're onny alonggthe southbound lanes through the whitemarsh area. we do have an accident in
8:15 am
rosedale right on winwood avenue at hazelwood avenue, and ven more trouble on he beltway. we are dealing with two acccdents, one on he innee loop and another on the outerrloop both at harford road as we check -n and take a live look, you will notice the delays, you're looking the a 35 mine ride from we're dealinggwwth a congestion. here is a live lookkat liberty road where you can see things aae moving alonn better. %-177minute ride from 795 tt 95. accidenns in anne arundel %-one aloog the westbound lanesf route 100 at katherine avenue, and another in pasadena, rightú on port smallwwod road at hog -hat's the trafffc edge report,3 patrice ann megan, baak to you. thank you, lauren. still ahead, apparently she juut couldn't get enough. -hat lindsay lohand thattcould send her back to the slammer. calling the fashion police. you thought that the last week worst vma foe pho was th
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
w to top the charts nd child star may have to pay the price. the star power must run in the family because jada pink ethas taken the world by storm with hee new song wiih my hair. she already has a video teaser and shh sings compared to ri hanna. i'm not suue if that is good for bad for r ri hanna. power coople bbionie!! beyonce e
8:19 am
books. they made $122 million. they're the guinness book biggest cover couple. michael jackson was of the most searched male, and miley sire ruscyrusmadeeit. i beelike he like her, and e is making the come back. she is tte queen bee, so we know %-what the heck did she do to hr face? i swear, i ttought it was janet3 jackson when i first looked aa3 it. i thought maybe she had somebody fix that joan rivers look she had going on. now 'lil kii looks like lilú
8:20 am
penny all grown up. lindsay lohan hasscomm clean tooher fans about failing the court order drug test. right when you're pulling for her to o well, she goes on and she is headed back to the slammer for the violation. lynn seiz says she is approachee suppoot of all her of her fans. i wonder if she is goinggto be that self righheousswith the judge. for the faux pas. after looking at all of the a shocking outfits from the award show, we had to show you some f %-offensive one's. and even lady gaga stole the show with the meat dress. she had the nerve to teel peeer she didn't mean to offend that one. is she that hungry for attention. get it, hungry.
8:21 am
>> she seems like the tom boy next door who gets all glammed up for the prom and can't walk in her shoes. and nikki, hits the stage looking like, that's like a little astronaut, like, really? and you know we had to talkú about ron and his arist. so many things to say. all right. jump suits are in. one shoulder going up, but that mmterral she is wearing? what is that velvet?33 we were surprised that she3 didn't spontaneously but showing up in la in september in elvee. that is tabloid tuesday, i'm brandi proctor, we will seeeyou i'm with her.ú ú%at s that? velvet. >> it's too shinn to be velvet. >> crushed velvet. it was the rubbing. >> didn't get the will i am get uu, either. >> very interesting, good outfit. ú%> still ahead keep your summer body year-round.
8:22 am
during the fall. i'm going to undo every llter an all new comedy comessto fox. the star of running why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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8:24 am
just because it's almost falll doesn't mean you should falllbeeinn on your workout..3 you wit can work your body to te ball. he is here to teellus about the kettle ball chaos. tell us whaa this is about. >> this is definitely hard.ú we have tea kettle bells for the
8:25 am
most part instead of one. it works out upper body and we try to shoot for a minute each %-between and then try to repeat that for 5 roundss ú% okkyy >> as ast as you can. >> wow, normally when we use the oneketle ball. since we are using tto, less weight? >> it's ddfinitelyya lot hardee than it is two. >> you're going to give us an example? >> i'm going to give you an example of five different3 exercises. first of all we are going to give yyu the kettle bell swing. we are going to start up and come right back upmmnttand come back down. you will shoot for a minute on thatt >> are you using this part of your leg here? >> we are going to use. the power generates from your hips. >> okayy >> so the power is your hip ann3 that is what is reat about kettle bblll you use so much core that you routine itself. the next thing is man maker push
8:26 am
ups. >> you're going toohave your hands ddww. you are going to get a nice dee3 to a reel. one side and then the other. you got to make sure you keep it really controlled, otherwise you can keep tip the kettle bell over.ú >> you do that exercise for an entire minute before you switch. >> you're going to work yourself up, and then we are going to a clean quat press. a bunch rrght over the head..3ft right back down, and clean, and squat. >> you got your eyes looking up all the time. >> looking up to make suue ttat your neck and back is in right alignment and then you go to the >> i can handle that one. you need a way that is comfortable for you. ú%e last one is a normal ab sit up. youuhold theekettle bell hhre, come right up, and back down. exhale when you come up. >> how much time are you taking3 in between, innbetween each of
8:27 am
those 5. into it.. >> once you got that one yyu ú%st for one inute and then you repeat the whole 5. >> you are letting peopll know about this workout and otherss3 >> i developed newsletter that is absolutely free that showsú the worrouts and workout tips >> everything you need to know. >> yes. >> if you woulddlike more information log on to your website at3 coming up next they're the lottest ticket in -- hottest tickets in town. the virgin mobile free fest coming up in the next 0 minutes. a new fox comedy hits the air waves tonight. thh star of running wild caarie russsll gives us a sneak
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>welcome back to fox 45 morning news. %-8:29 is the time. >> i'm megan gilliland.
8:30 am
along to ou this morniig. the roseeale ccnter is now closed for the day wwth no afternoon classes due tooa power outage there. let's get a check of the forecast, meteorologist steee fertiggis here as we wind down summer. the last full day of suumer. technically, tomorrow 11:09 p.m. >> it's going to be a little less. >> autumn comes in. >> slotly, but technically this take a look. day of ssmmer. -his what we got on the there the high preesure is bringing us dry conditions, a pretty sky, a lost sunshine heading into the day todaa and we will be with us all day long. 55 degrees at the bus stop this morning. 43 degrees at baltimoreeas far as the dew point is concerned. we have other dew points in the dry air.t a aalowing for the 50 degrees in baltimore and d.c. the ootlying areas in the 50s which was earlier in the 40s here is here we're headed, 78
8:31 am
for the high. it should be a pretty day just like yesterday with a northeaat -iid becomingg58 at 5-10 miles per hour. we will talk aaout the temperature as ww head closer to autumn. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. if yyu're traveling the pprkway in parkville exexpect sloww-- et slow speeds all due to a crash at the outtield road. expect delays along the outer loop lanes. you're looking at 35 minutes to get from 955to 83 with a veryy3 low average speed of only 19 miles per hour.ú it will remain heavy as we head west to 795 to 95. there you'reeonly look at an the congestion wiil continue on the northeast corridor of 95, ffom whitemarsh boulevard to the bellway, you're looking at a 6-minute trip with an average speed of 36 miles per hour. that's the traffic eege report.3 paarice and megan. bacc to you. thank you, lauree..3 8:31 on fox 45 morning news.
8:32 am
vehicle crashes are the and a new studyygives an insight into why. a recent survey by harris interacttve quustioned nearly 1700 teenagers. only 36% said reguuarly texting during driving ould result in ú%aths. whhle 55% said the same about drinking and drivvng. but they are both equally dangerous. centennial high school where a demonstration toddy s designed to prove how dangerous and eeen be. good morning, joel..3 >> reporter: gooo morning, megan. yeah, if you are driving one of ttese cars, they can't be used in one of these. we know it's against the law right to send out a text. a lott f these times these keens are not gettinggthe message. we talkeddto thh student government president to ggt her ideas about the t tabu between drinking and driving. even if they are underage, they promise thee won't drink %-awful, but texting and driiing
8:33 am
issnot that way ffr them. they just see it as turning the radio or something like that, like ii's easy, it's quiik and3 ú%ey don't see it as ddstracting them nearly at all. trying o change that idea today. no more texting while you're doing this. they are going to make thee go -hrough a coursee weave through some cones and do it whenthey're -exting and riving with the texting and see the ifference. then they're going to get them to sign aaa pledge that says i wiil not text hhle driiing. $500 is the maximum fineethey cculd et and if they're thinkkng abouu just talkinggon the phone, remembbr next week for everybody, not ust teens, you can't talk on the phoneú unless it's ands free starting next week the a lot to learn ú%we are live at elllcott city, joel d smmth, fox 45 morning newss
8:34 am
ox's latest comedy is abbu3 to hit the air waves. running wild is about a story about aaplay boy tryinggto win back his childhood sweetheart. fox broadcasting is maae actress carrie russell available to talk with us. good morning, carrie. >> good morning. >> how does he try to wwn back his childhood sweetheart. tell me what this how is about? two very seemingly opposite people. i play emmy who has given her life to public service and living in the jungle, saving tribes and things. i'm reunited withhmy very rich, of an old best friend,/boyfriend. ann we ed up living toggtter tú to a regular school.hter to go and it's just basically about the two of ussand our opposing ú%eas of life and eccetly hoping that each othhr will change to make the relationship
8:35 am
-ork. >> this is told through your werwe're getting this through te -erspective of the 12-year-old who has a lot of insight. >> who ii the rounded one f the group. she has a very dry sense of %-and it's played by ste phani thh show is hilarioos. it's created by the evelopment and will arnet, and it's juut very specific wonderful brand of humor that i love and that's why i wanted tt dd it? >> there's a lot of comparisons to the arressed develooment. do you like that? do you want to get away from thht or do your own thing? >> i think it's great. that is why i signed on to do it. i'm such a fan arrested development. itts the first of a whole group of shows like thht. >> so can you give us a sneaker
8:36 am
peek into the future in this %-who starts to win out n the end..3 are you pulling him to yyur side are you ggiig over the other side? >> i think what the show plays with will now, we're on episode, we're shooting i think episode we each kind of go to he other side a little bit, you know. my character kind of dabbles in3 maybe all f this stuff isn't so bad to have the fancy cars and all, you know, and he sorttof, >> thii is a happy medium. >> yeah,,there's a happy medium, careycarrie, we wish all the bef luck. runnin
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back to fox 45 morninggnews. 8:39 is the time. and it as a cold sttrt to the mmrning. >> yyah, fortunately or unfortunately, many are excited that fall is cooing. it's coming tomorrow.ú meteorologist steve fertig is this is our first, -- ell,3 this is ur last cold day. i don't want it to end. this is our last full day off3 summer techniqu!! technically bl will arrive tomorrow nighh. here is the way things look. it's goong to be cooler as we start the summer season and warm up s ww begin the auuumn season. i will explain, but the hd radar is indicating a nice dry scan. 60 degrees is what we have at the inner harbor with a lot of sunshine and the winds are calm. it has cooled us ddwn in maay3
8:40 am
places like in salisbury, we were in the 44s earlier now at 53 degrees. we wwre in the 40s aa wilmington, delaware at 52. the metro areas of baltimore and d.c. milder still, a little cooler than has been. we got as you see, clear skies, lendiig shower chance of stayiig north. plenty of sunshine todayyover that. take a look at the nortterly flow. whoops, there'ssthe sun.ú i have more ppwer tta than i tht in that finger. and that is going to keep us cool and warmmthings up as high pressure moves to the east. southwesterry flow here and that will bring more moisture. that is going to get more huuid as we get closer to autumn. there'ssthe front that could brrng us shower chances by tomorrow at 4:00. it cculd scoot over to the ú%ntral part of the state by evening hours or more likely it looks like fronttl bo bausch boy ú%eers a lot of moisture from it. moreewarm air comes ffom tte sooth as the next frontal
8:41 am
boundary heads in ourrdirectioo. that coulddbring us hower3 chancee. meanwhile the jet strram steers it's going to brrng warm, moist air. tomorrow and tte rest offthe week, temperatures climbbng into the upper 88s to near 0s, very comfortable, much like yesterday. 77 for height with lot of sun, northeast wind and the centrrl part of the state comfortable getting up to the 78 degrees. you want to get ut and enjjy that one with northeast wind %-if you like sunshine, you will enjoy it mooe because we will be a couple of degrees still. loo and over the nexx 7 days, a just did. 77 degrees staatiig ouu this tomorrrw. autumn arrives, 88 and 90 for the thursday and friday. showers late wednesday into thursday. behind thh front cooling down,ús
8:42 am
possible then and even some thunder, and cooler still for sunday and monday at 74 and 75. at the m and t stadium here the ravens are going to be desttoyyng the cleveland browns, it will be very comfortable for the game. here is lauren cooke with the ttaffii edgg. >> reporter: thank you, steve we are dealing wiih extrrmely slow peeds on many of our main lines, expect delays on 6953 moving ttrougg the parkvillle3 arra all due to an earlier crash along thh outer loop at harford road. as you llok, yoo can takeea look speeds are clockinggat a 48 miles per hour. here is a look at the liberty road where yoo can see things are moving along better, it will ú% slow from liberty road down to security boulevard. we doohhve trouble on 795 whereú we're dealing with a crass along the southbound lanessat owings mills boulevard. two more accidents in reisttrstown one on ter a gone road at frrch franklin boulevar.
8:43 am
back to ou. hottest names in rock 'n' roll are coming here. this saturddy ffom 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 and we wann to get you there for free. the 10th caller right ow at (410)481-4545 wins a pair off3 tickets. for more information about virgin ffst just go to our website at comiig up it is almoss time. >> attitude ♪ ♪ >> what you can expect on an all >> and two more fox comedies prrmier tonight for the first time.3 a sneak peek
8:44 am
today is the day i double down.
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>>have a glass for a good cause. kennedy craiger is holding something for the court. it's benefit to enefit peoppe and we are with 40 vineyards good mmrning to the both of you. >> vikki, let me staat with you, ú%ll me about the event? >> the even is bbing hhld this ú%turday on september 25th, -rom 5 to 9:00 at 40 vineyards ú%tmaryland. we have wine test the taifing and wine tours. we have sigh less than auctions, -- silent auctionn, and live auctions, and it's just a lot of fun. >> the money ttat is raised at this event does whatt >> it benefits the patients at the innernattonal center for final cord, paaients with final -ord injuries and brain injuries and some oo the vets ttat are3 coming back from the war that are paralyzed.
8:47 am
>> you are one of those patients, so how has your life changed and how are you impacted by the funds ttat come innann ú%e awareness f hat is oing on at kennedy craiger. >> i have bben impacted quite a bit. when i got to kennedy craiger, i couldn't do quite a bit. headed by dootor mcdonald. he brought his technology there ann i was able to get up with a walkeerand walk around. we have been able to help people -hat have been injured foo years and years that have been told that they have no ope.3 it's been a benefit to everyone who has come down there. >> i know a lot of peoppe come uppbecause itt' a great cause. a lot of people are going tt commeout for the wine. >> i hope so. going to be able availabl!! ava3 >> we are in the harvest. people will see the grapes on the vine. we will do wine tasting aad wine tasting is very, very technical,
8:48 am
right, vikki. >> i love it. >> i take the ot you will and tilt it like, his and thh wine goes in the glass and thee you swirl the glass and you lift it, smell it and drink it? >> that's the very professsonal wwy of doing it, otherwise ou just pour and then you gulp. that is not what you suggest?ú >> no, this is wineeto safer, s, that is maryland wine. it's sometting we make with great pride. >> it smells delicious, actually. p> thank you. >> the wine taste is the great part of it. how many people arr you event? >> about 200. >> we appreciate you coming this this morning and hopefully you willlget a lot of attention for kennedy craiger and a lot of ú%ople coming out. you so much. tickets are still available,ú >> yes. >> if youuwould like more information o to coming up can't wait for tonight? we have a sneak peek at
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
golf is a pretty safe sport. the chances are getting injured on the course, chance right side small. more peopll will take on theú sport putting them on par for injury.ú dr. mollica marshal has ways o keep up the score. tens of thousanns of people3
8:52 am
end up on the emergency room ú%ter a day on the green. ú%e most common njuries iivolved, the spine, the hips and the knee. in sports, injuries are offen for over use. for most of us, technique is th3 likely and strength training. stretcc, flexibility, equals a better range of motion and a more fluid range. don't over sling, swinn too hard or fast and you will risk joint stress. think posture. stand with your feet shoulder width apart and keep your weight distributed equally. don't hajj ove!! here.
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sensation wwih a couple of -ee students, lot f memorable plew sick numbermusic nuubers af shocking surprises. >> he is abbut anying frienns can sylvvster. coach is trying to take our budgets away so weehave to teem3 >> but you're in my house nnw, ú%ast. >> already scoring a hit with ma madonna, britney spears is set as to guest star on september 28th. i got an education on britney speaas, i was not tipped to the jive in terms of the britney now i am.sic. >>i'm going to outdo every title impulse. >> it teams with her arrested developmeet cossar in a nnww3
8:56 am
wacky comedy running wild, both fighhing or the same girl as3 carrie russell has to choose. >> i want you. >> no, i -- >> she clearlyywants me to chase her scenario. got it..3 >> no, how do describe the show? i would say that it's how about two people who are kind of reeonnecting laaer ter in their lives -- lattr this their llves who ere together at one point. >> she named is princess beyonce, but i might want to >> another comedyyfollows the chance family trying to decide how and if they will be raising3 hope. >> raising hope essentially is about that nightmare that we have all had, i think, where in possession of an infant.elf >> and you have no idea how you %-jimmy's case, he probablynd in
8:57 am
doesn't know how he got it. >> e is not suree >> you have no food for it, you have no cloth for if, and no crib ffr it but it's yours and the mother is the serial killer and she has een killed on the -lectric chair. >> executed. >> executee, right. that is whht theeshow is about. does that make sense? >> i don't have a bottle yet. i just gotther a few hhurs ago. >> it's sure to make more sense on tuesday niiht at fox. in hollywood anita vogel,,fox news. that's just kind of ridiculous, and kind offfunny. think youuare as funny as fox, ú% you are, then you can laugh submit your best ccean jokes at our website at and an you win valuable prizes. we will pick threeewinners on friiay. %-stuff incllding a slide hd flp camera, wii gaming onsole and a camping prize pack. >> it's good stuff. you can watch all new comedies
8:58 am
this ffal rightthere on fox 45. catch the season premier again of glee. premier of raising ope starts at 9:00 and the series premier of running wild is at 9:00 here a fox 45. %-at a nice daa once again today as the temperattres climb to 78 for the high. it should be ery pretty ndeed with a lot sunshine through tomorroww early on. tomorrow look at the difference as autumn is on itt way, it arrives tomorrow at 11::9 and it into the thursday timeframe wit3 80 degreess and 90 on friday. a real waam start coming and then we cool down, which ill bring us a showwr late friday3 into saturday. 74 and 75, it should be a3 comfortable day for the ravens i hope t stays there. i'm orriee it's going to. around the ow 70s, at least >> a little while..
8:59 am
>> we shouldn't expect that summer wouldn't go out with a had right into fall. summer we >> yyah. >> it will stay nice and warm >> all right. that is going to do it for us. we willlsee you back hhre tomorrow. have a great day.


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