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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 21, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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jeans jeans jeans spectator crashinn down. what caused this massive collapse. how many people were injured. >> man chargeddwith beating -úúmall dog gets community service. where he is volunteering that has animal advocate so upset. >> escaping annintense blaze in north balttmore. >> if we would have been in there a moment longer then we would have burned right with it. >>reporter: the act of desperation that might have saved the lives of those people inside. warr day today and the climb. when we could hit 90o degrees again in theesky watch forecast. . >> hello. >> jurors in the ken harris úurder trial hear key testimony this afternoon about the case specifiially
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regarding surveil absence video. >> melinda just came back from court withhall the details. melinda? >> prosecutors believe the surveillance video proves the suspects are guilty but defense attorneys disagree. some of the surveillance video shortly after the murder but police were able to collect video frrm several additional cameeas including one inside the haven lounge where former councilman ken hhrris was out that niggt when the bar was robbed. he was shot in the parking lot while running to his car. a security guard who worked at the ssopping center saw part of the video and testified today in court that he could easily identify 2 of the suspects because he reeognized one profile and the othhr he says quott has a funny walk. but defense attorneysswill argue that the video is not clear ennugh to dissinguish anyone. >> in my opinion none of the tape was super clear. certainly not high definition. the jury ultimately has to
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deccde but i don't think it helped the case. >>reporter: third suspect identified partly through dna on the mask he allegedly wore. today a detecttve testified about taking a saliva sample from the suspect. jurrrs will likely hear a lot more about that dna tomorrow in court. thii is fox 45 news at 5:30..% thank you. city police are investigating 2 shootings that left 5 people injured. first happened just before 8 last night near 10th street and soul place in outh baltimore. 2 men shot in the stomach. third shot in the hip. all 3 in serious condition but expected to ssrvive. >> abouut2 hours later homicide detectives were open the scene of a shooting in east baltimore. investigators say a man and oman were shot in home wood avenue and east preston street no. word on suspect in either shooting. >> man who said he hates hispanic indicted on hate charges. he's accused in the they say he beat reed with a
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wooden stake. they say he suffers a mental illness he said he hates hispanic just after arrested. >> 2 alarm fire rips through a hhme in north baltimore forcing some of the people trapped inside to jump to safety. the fire broke out around 2:30 this morning alonn west northern parkway near falls road. 6 people inside when the fire started. everybody got out but one woman was injured when she had to jump out of the second eitherrget urned or jump. so if we would haae been in there a moment longer then we would haveeburned right with it. so glad the survival stils skills kicked in when they did. >>reporter: the woman whether was injured in heefall is expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. feds are lacking for a man whh robbed dozens of restaurants including several right herr in the baltimore arra. fbi says this man is responsible for 38 armed rrbbery in the state of maryla
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maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and virginia. the crimes began february of 09 and include baltimore and howard county here in maryland. a reward is being offered for any innormation that ladies to a conviction. >> green party ccndidate for u.s. senate in maryland dies after being hit by an suv. she died early this morning. early sunday morning. police say tte suv kept driving for almost 4 mills with her bike stiil stuck under the car. police say the driver told police say the driver told them sse thought she hit >> a baltimore city police search the home of man who shot joons hopkins doctor, his most then himself. police want to search the home where davis and paul her son llved. part of thursday deadly shootinn and loooing for clue -úof his mental state leading up
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to last thursday shoot out. >> baltimmree oliceemeet with security chief from area emergency ppans for instance substitution like johns hopkins where the shooting occ occuured, loyola and morgan statt. fred is training to improve ccmmunicaaion between school security and city police. >> commissioner is happy with the response of hopkins and pd and this is a good opportunity to look at what system is in >> and commissioner now plans to havv quarterly meetings with security chiefs at maim institutions. there is anger tonight over the outtome of an animal abuse case. animal buyers has been sentenced to spend time with animals. jeff is live tonight at the spca withh% details. jeff. >>reporter: well director to death has been ordered to perform community service work
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right here with animals at the spca. prooecutors agreed to drop all charges against chambers if he performed 50 hours of community service work here at the shelter. and that has stunned directors here who have now told the defendant he is not welcome at the spca. >> violent person is a violent person.. so we need to make suue that the animals are safe but also our staff and volunteers need to feel safe and secure and having someone who is violent in the midst isn't a good idea. >>reporter: well directors here saa they have nevee accepted anyone as volunteer wwo has a record of violence and knows no other shelter in the state that would take him eithee. we are live in north baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you jeff. that brings us to our question of the day. is it appropriate to sentence an animal abuser to community service at annmal shelter. go to our web site and let s know what you this also sound offfon facebook and
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send us a tweet at fox baltimore. you can text us at 45203 a.for yes ann b.for no. response might air tonight on fox 45 ews at 10:00. >> assistant coach for the úaltimore ravens charged with dui. he was arreeted after being pulled over for sseeding along the belt way early saturday morning and faces 7 chaages including negligent driving. he was acquitted just last month on separate dui charges. >> there is a new piece of plastic that make getting% around on public transportttion a lot easier. mta introduced the new charm card today. rechargeable card work llke cash to pay fare for mta bus, light rail and metro úubway ride. also work in places where smart trip cards are accepted like dc metro. >> you are no longer need example iffyou have this mta about card and this smart card for dc no matter which one you!!
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use, debit, appropriate faree6 depending on which system you use. >>reporter: you can buy an hosting several events the next few weeks where they will be available for you to buy. >> for ore information on where charm cards can be used and how to get one, go to our web site slash news link. commute home tonight? we check in with the traffic edge report. lauren..% >>reporter: thank you jennifer. we are dealinn with quite a bit of congestion on the west side of the belt way. fortunately disabled tractor-trailer cleared from route 40 but left with slow speeds as we maae our way up to liberty road. livv look right now and you will night outer lupus going to be jammed and speeds clocking in att21 úiles per hour right now and the conggstion wwll continue as we make our way to towns he said. here's delaney valley road and it will bb slow along the inner outer oop here and see relief as you make yourr% way to parkville and the volume will continue for those traveling on the 83 south
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bound lanes are really going to impact if down to the belt way and dealing with several accidents in the city and overturned carton winds mill road and 2 on belaire road at mary avenue and white avenue.. fortunately the northeest corridor of 95 and 60 miles per houu traveling orth through the white marsh area. thattis the traffic edge report,,now back to you. >> thank you lauren. fall starts tomorrowwbut it is still going to feel like summer for a few more days. >> vytas tells us all about aa% heat wave open the way. look at that. stands for spectttors come crrshing down. coming up. how many people were hurt at this car race in brazii. brazii. ->( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments.
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>>. >> unemployment in maryland takes a jump. the rate state wide rose 7. 3 percent in
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6 week until theegeneral election you sse more and more ads for the governor and urlicc. john tells us one campaign ad for o'malley is prompting criticism not from the urlich ccmpaign but from a media outlet. john. >>reeorter: ell this addwas produced by the o'malley campaign but it features urlich. video taken from an interview that aired on maryland public television. >> property tax s well as a lot of fee increases. as you know there's a big difference between fee and taxes. >>reporter: this ad was taken from a public affair show that aired last month but executives say they did not give the o'malley campaign permission to use the video. m p t is partially funded by the state and is technically a state agency. executives were concerned the ad might ccnvey the message that m p t supportssthe incumbent governor. officials say they are non-partisan. as for your
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lick he's trying to clarify his position on fee that is were approved when he was governor. o'malley now trying to take credit for program -úfunded by those fees. >> because we are campaigning and transportation bill. he's running around the state guees where the dollars came from he can't have it both ways. >>reporter: several new campaign ads are now airing in baltimore. one that criticizes o'malley wass% produced byythe republican governor association. this is midterm election go to our web úite fox vote 2010. anothhr nice day aad last full day of summer. >> vytas is here to tell s whyysummer weather for the remainder of the week. >>reporter: we are going to see the temperatures heating up out there feeling like the middle of june really going to
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úe an interesting thing we aae feeeing out there and it is the next few days. goodbye to summerrbecause autumn equinox the offfcial word for that autumn begins wedneeday full day because it is just shy of, about an hour, looking at one more almost ffll day of summer like temperatures but definitely the trres are oing to start changing color. getting the cooler temperature late overnight and waking up with cool emperatures as well and take a lookout there on hd radar. see no activity in the sky going on. relatively quiet conditions. nice clear skies. tip to see that with the high pressure that is in place. keeping us on the dry side of things. look at the tempeeatures right now. sitting at 75 in baltimore. 80 in dc and as you go further south and south west you get into the mid 80's and then you get further west there is some upper 80's and 90's off to the -úwest. but the winds staat shifting from the south west as we get into tomorrow and
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bump the temperatures up quite a bit. tonight lear skies down to 64 degrees in i'll show you how hot it is gging to get and how long the heat will stick around come up in the 7 day forecast. thank you. 9 service membbrs are killed afterrhelicopter crash in southern afghanistan. it happened today in kabul province. nato and u.s. officials say there were no report of hostile fireeat the ttme of the crash. the worst helicopter crash for coalition forces since 2006. vote on defense measure thaa includes don't ask don't tell falls shy today on capitol hill. senate republican blocked the bill that included 7 25 billion lines. >> i was the sole republican in the commmtteeethat voted for the lieberman language on don't ask don't tell. i think
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it is the right thing to do. to this bill under a situation that is going tottl shut down the debate and preclude republican amendment. that too is nnt fair. >>reporter: other republican members of the senate argue congress needs to let the military finish its own survey on don't ask don't tell so it can weigh in on this particularrpolicy. scary moments for scary moments for spectator at car race in ,%%- as you could see collapsedrs sending more ttan 500 people crashing to the ground. 100 people weee hurt. 20 of them seriously. right now authorities think that some kinddof structural problem is to blame. teens in textiig. the
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>> and some college franken fish and others say the future tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. about.
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>> texting while driiing is jjst as dangerous as drinking and driving. but many teenagers don't see it that way. bbt a recent survey
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questioned 1700 teens. 36 percenn said texting while driving could be fatal. 55 percent say the same about drinking and driving. eeperts say this proves mr. must be done to educate teens about the dangers of texting while driving. >> nba doing that. teenagers sppnt this morning navigating the driiing course at centennial high schooo. first time they drove without -útexting. the second time they and you know today no one gets behind the whale after drinking 4 beers. we are just trying to get that message across. >>reporter: new state law which takes effect october the 1st requires all drivers to use hand free devices while driving. the fda is pondering whether science should be allowed to put fish on your plate. agency holding hearings on the safety of genetically engineered salmon. úpurchasing towards approval say it grows twice as fast and appears to be safe but the
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idea has fair share of skip ticket i wouldn't approve of that. i wouldd't like it. >> that's not right. >> very well researcced fish. food has significant benefitss% aassciated with it. but from a health standpoint for human salmon could open the oor for variety of otherrgenetically engineered animals including an environmentally friendly pig that is being developed in canada pshtion cattle resistant to mad cow disease. johns hopkins hospital is looking a little blue this week. >> hospital signature the dome lighted blue to raise awareness about prostate cancer. the dome lighted nightly through saturday more than 217,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each and every year. most common form% of cancer among american male. % john harbaugh finds
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call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. old old bbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >>.
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>> john harbaugh had a belly full of the referee sunday aaternoon in cincinnati ray lewis and the roughing the úppears on thugs. harbaugh paiiion at low levels and after a conversation with the referee he is gging to e lighter in the wallet. a lot lighter. nfl announced harbaugh being fined 15,000 dollars for making physical contact with referee ron and harbaugh touched him while demonstrating thug was within quarterback. tt his credit the referee didn't react but the nfl leaving harbaugh chaseen and 155000 dollars lighter. >> i wws animate entered describing the triking zone i think and think he% understood the emotions f it únd i'll make sure that i let him know that i think i wass6 c over the line in my animation. withouttquestion. we
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disagreed and it was animated but it was ressectful throughout and i know hat ron understood that. it was respectful. and spom it >>reporter: ncaa laarosse final 4 heading back to baltimore. the bank stadium is awarred the championship in stappld hosted the final 4. he previoosly held in 2003, 0446 c and 07. as well as this past spring and next year, too. in 07 over 140,000 attended 3 day event setting a record thht still stands. >> orioles try to win the series with red sox. chris car talks about why the ravens secondary is playing so well and prep player of the week award all comiig up tonight t 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thanks so much bruce. >> warm-up duuing the week. >> yes. in time for fall. vytas is back with a look at tte forecast. >> yes. we are going to feel %úevennthough we are stillmer officially in summer for about another day and a half and
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then we feel like fall but not going to. did you understand temperatures going on out there. the sky cam laccing at harbor very beautiful evening. 75 degrees. unny skies. winds out of the south south east at 10 and humidity levees at 433percent. take a look at the temperatures across thh state and mid 70's. 75 in baltimore. 73 in dover. sslsbury 76 degrees and looks like we have hotter west. look at the 90 degree mark there in charles ton,,west virgiiia. those 90's shifting our direction with the soutt west flow of the air. in fact with connrolling that high pressure sitting directly over us. we see the cooler air to the northeast but continue to shift off to thh east and bring the hot air in for the next several dayss gging to heat up across the state. happening future scan wisee slight chance for maybe a stray shower on wednesday night as weak front moves through just to the north but other than that looking at sun clouds tomorrow. more ssn than cloud. 90 degrees.
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chance for late shower wednesday night+++ath0ats0=2ate+


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