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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 21, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> bleacherr crashing down.
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what caused this collapse at a race. injured. >> dangling from a bridge, and then falling 100 feet into the whaa made this mmn so desperate. and the end this dramatic scene. >> channe for rain tomorrow. then the heat moves in. how high the temperatures go and when we will see relief in the sky watch forecast. >> texting while diiagreeing research said that it ii equivalent to having four beees. >> how much a two, second distraction increases the chance of an accident.ú >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. there is outrage tonight over the outcome of an animal abuse case. man man accused of beating a dog to death is ordered to work with animals. jeff abell is live at the spca with the details. jeff? >>well, the court ordered at boozer to spend 50 hours, working right here at the spca. but tonight, direetors here say
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that abuser is not welcome..3 >> that's a great dog. >> at the spca, there are 500 people that volunteer for the lovv of animals. but recently they learned that an animal abuser was ordered to work here oo. >> we were shocked. ú% last monthh police arrested derrick chambers and charged im aaout the bloody beating death of a miniature pinscher, o much evidence animal rights activists considered the case a slam dunk. >> n this case all the pieces were in place. arrest, confession. and a muuilated dog in a bag. four years in prison, and insteaa they agreed to drop all charges, if he performed 50 %-at the spca.nnty service here a decision that left animal advocates shaking their heads. ever send a convicted co-child mow lesser to the boy scouts to do community service and inappropriate o send a animal abuser to a aaimal shelter.
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>> it is not faith. or smart. >> system pca told the defendant it will not be accepting its services. this shelters directors say is no place for abuseers. >> we have to punish these people f we havv to rehabilitate them, they need psychological counseling, but not community ú% ffr their part, prosecutors3 say they agreed to rop the charges in this case, after documented evidence surfacee showing that the dog that was beaten, ad earlier attaaked the wife of the defennant. we're llve in north baltimore, jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, jeff. question of thh day. is it appropriate to sentence an animal abuser to community service t a animal shelter. 27 percent say yes. 73 percent say no. one writes, maybe e will learn some compassion, and respect for another life. >> but elsa writes, it seems to me this is ssntencing an arsonist to worr at a match factory. telllus what you think. sound off through facebook.
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since a tweet at fox baltimore. texttyour answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yys. fox 45 b for no and your3 response may air on the late eeitton at 11:00. >> baltimore's top cop met with universities and hospitals -oday. following last week's shoooing at johns hopkins. commissioner bealefield reviewed emergency plans or institutions like hopkins, loyola, and morgan state. and he is trying to improve commmnications between schhol security, and city police. >> the commissioner is very happy with the response of thee3 and this is an opportunity for us to look at what systems aar in plaae nd make sure that god forbid a situation like this happens again, we would be best preeared. have meetings every quarter to address security at majoo institutions. >> and earlier today, baltimore police searched the home of the man that shot the hookins doctor, his own mother. -hen himself. jeaa davis and her son paul,
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livvd in this arlington virginia home. police are looking for clues ú%out his meetal state leading up to the shootinn. >> an east baltimore neighborhood fightiig back tonight against drug dealers accused of taking verra playground. keith daniels is standdng by live at he park where local churches and city hall have all joined in the city clean up effort. keiih? >>well, jeff, live on aiken street at lafayette avenue, a spot looking more like a play ground. ú%ke a look behind me over here. it is another kind of game happening heee at this hour in a place where they say, that the drug game dominated the court. it is children and the playground tonight. part of a neighborhood clean up. >> sylvestee tool social security part of the clean up crew. at the corner oo east lafayette and aiken street with several other church members, and community leaders. choping weeds, edging sidewalks.
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>> trying to put the play back in playground. at a run down park where %-sell and buy drugs.routinely a neighborhood take back, a community clean p. where children once played. >> weehope that it will help, to make it a better neighborhood. and maybe the neighboos will see it and want to keep it this way. >> renee diikerson. >> it is good that they are cleaning it up. >> lives neet door to the park. she remembers when the children left, and the drug dealers came. >> let them ccean it up. i would not be scared to walk by there at night anyway. >> members of the ak church will maintain the park, in memory oo one of the church's volunteers. murder victim 70-year-old milton hill. hill lived not far from the park. someone shot and killed him. out of his home in july. gunned down police say, over a scooter, he used to get around town. >> milton hill was a wonderful mmmber of the church.
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we certainly appreciated the contributions, he made both in the communiiy and in the church. >> now the church, fightingg3 back. once again put their mark back3 on the park. >> well, we are back here live. this is councilman karl stokes they arr bringing in police surveillance cameeas to watch ú%e playground. after dark..3 right now, there is a big huge slight that the city has moved in. tonight. to keep theedealees away. >> live in east baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and thank you, keith. >> two-alarm fire rips through a home in north baltimore forcing ssme of the people trapped inside to jump to safety. the fire broke out at 2:300this morning, along west norttern parkway and falls road. six people were inside wwen the fire started. everyone escaped. but one woman was hurt when she had to jump out of the second-story window. >> something that i didn't thin3
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so we would have been in there a ú%ment longer we would have burned right with it. so tried the survival skills kicked in. >> woman hurt in the fire is expected to be okay. the causeeof the fire is still being investigated. >> a rising star in maryland's green party struck and killed riding her bikeein prince george's county. karen parks joins us and said that the driver of the car, kept on going. karen? >> that's right jeff. pplice say the driver, christy littleford offupper marlboro thoughh she hit a deer or dog.3 once she got home the found the bike under the executive called pooice. natasha pee tegrew hoped to unseat -- she wanted to fiiht to improve bike paths in maryyand. >> 5:30 sunday morniig. -reen party candidate for the parked her car with bike in tow
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on the campus of prince george's -ommunity college. firsttstop before heading out ú%o a ride. while riding south o 202, the avid bbke rider and tri-athlete was hideehit from behind by a ú%calade. >> smoke coming from thh frontt3 of the suv.3 >> crystal haze, saw it all. >> as i pulled over, i didn't want them to notice me nooicing them. so i kept on going. >>the driver of the escaladeú sped off and drove for 4 miless3 to her home. with the bicycle still lodged ú%ft behind, natasha pettigrew %-not side. she was totally unconscious. i did talk to her, told hhr that it was okay, told her that somebody was on the way. >> med-acts arrived but natasha died this morning from her injuries. >> i am empty. and lost.
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i miss her, but i did the right thing. i made the decision nottto resuscitate when her heart failed. she would not want to have lived as a vegetable. >> the 30-year-old, life long marylander wanted to be the next u.s. senator for the state. reereeenting the green party. >> a spokespprson for maryland'3 green party released this statemeet. as a party, we have never experienced a loss like this. we all looked forward to working with noir years to come. riiht now no charges have been >> karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. assistant coach for the ravens is charged with d.u.i.. andy moeller arrested after pulled over for speeding on the beltway early saturday. he faces seven charges. moeller was acquitted last month on separate d.u.i. charges. >> and coming up at 10:50 on "sports unlimited", it waa
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conduct in the game that got head coach john harbaugh in %-the fine he is now facing, afr sunday's game. >> texting while driving is just as dangerous s drinking and driving. but many teenagers don't see it that way. recent survey by harris interactive questiooed nearly 1700 teens. 36 percent say texting and driving could be fatal. 55 pprcent say the same about spring and driving. experts say this proves more must be done to educcte teens about the dangers of texting and drivinn. texting behind the wheel could get you a $500 fine. joel . smith went to a new program that ncourages teenagers to do their best texting while driving before an audience.ú >> texting and driving, it could ú%%-if you are the average teen something you do every day. moss teens admit they have done it, buttwhy can't they just quit? according to clair, in this
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world of coostant information, touch is out of this world. >> you are used to knowing everything. and like those 15 minutes of driving and not knowing anyyhing is different..3 >> you know first of all you have to stop and think about -hat it is you are doing. so we're looking at ccanging behavior. >> oh, sharp turn. >> this driving ccurse at centennial high, the marylaad motor vehicle administration is trying to prove to teens thee are not as good as they say they are. texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to crash. -> research said that it is equivalent to having four beers. and you know, today no one gets behind the wheel after drinking four beers. ú% people do drinking and drivinn as horrible. like even if people are underage drinking, they promise that they willlnot drink and drive. they will not drink and drive because that's awful. but texting and driving, is not that way for thee.
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>> lets try this ooe. if you look down, to text for five seconds, wwiie driving 55 miles per hour, it is eeuivalent to driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. >> it is dangerous. >> clair actually said that she gave up texting and driving a few months ago. but challenging. almost as difficult as this. >> you have to think about the other people on the road. and especially as teenagerss who are only thinking about themselves most of the time. that's really hard. >> in ellicott city, joel d. 80 percent of them were abused. >> scientists trying to find out if obesity is contagious. later on foo 45 news at 10:00. the virus hat could be causing kids tooput on weight. >> the search for a missing3 child leads police to this suspecc. what about the man's past drove him to hang from the bridge and whaa happened when police simply
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got too close. >> and the triallin the murder offaaformer baltimore cooncilman. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. the key piece of evidence shown in court today that could lead ú% a conviction. >> it wassa beaatiful day today3 plenty of sunshine. comfortable temperatures. currently stting in the ower 700. but it will heat up around centrallportions of maryland. as we get down the road. show you that coming up in the forecast.
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm.
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$2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. >> jurors in the ken harris murder trial watch surreilllnce video today from several cameraa at the strip mall harris was shot. %-has the latest testimony, and
10:17 pm
including a security guard that identified the suspects, forr3 %->> it has been two years since former baltimore councilmanken nightclub. -his surveillance videe releesed after the crime to the media, outside of the bar. the men police say are responsible for harris' death. a seccrity guard that worked at the shopping center testified he could identify two of the ssspects right aaay. because the other, he said, has a funny walk. but the defense claams the vvdeo is not clear enough to distinggish discipline in my opinion, none of theetapes re super clear, not high definitioo. >> jurors hearr from the police videooapes collected fromeveral surveillance cameras that nightú including one from inside the haven lounge. attorney jeeooe bifvens ú%estioned the ime printed on the video that was not properly match to match the timing of the crime.
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>> i have to onder,3 specifically, with respect to the tape from the bar, when were these tapes made, and how did they come to have the incorrect time. >> video could be kky to the case if thh jury believes the suspects the same guys caught on tape. >> and the jury ultimately i will have to decide. but i don't think it helps. >> melinna roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and prosecutors say one suspect was identified through dna found on a mask he allegedly wore. >> the fbi is looking for this man that they say rrbbed 38 restaurants, in the states of mmryland, delawaree p and virginia. $10,000 reward is offeree for any information leading to a conviction. >> and a baltimorr grand jury indicted germane holly monday on murder and hate crime charges. -e is accused in the august death of martin reese, police say holly fatal tat tail beet him with a wooden enstake, holly he hates hispanics after he was
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arressed. >> nine service members are killed at a helicopter crash in3 southern fghanistan.3 it happened today in sabull province. taliban claims it shot it down. but nato officialsssay there was no reports of hostile file fire at the present time of the crash.3 it is the worst crash since 2006 for coalition forces. >> meantime a vote on the defense bill thaa includes "don't ask, don't tell" falls short on capitol hill. republicans blocked the bill that included $725 billion in defense spending and pay raises for the ttoops. many democrats hope enator -ollins of the state of maine would be the 60th deciding vote. ú%e was not. other republicans argued the military needs to finish its own survey on "don't ask, don't tell" so they can weigh-in on on this particular policy. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, spoke at the united nations summit today. the focus of the summit may be
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battling global poverty, but capitalism. he blames it for most of the world's problems. and said that it will soon be defeated. >> the deeands of liberal capittlism and multi-national corporationsshave ccused the sufferrng of countless women, men and children, in somcountries. >>as he spoke, the american -elegation remained in their seats, the first time in recent memory that u.s. diplomates did not aak ut. ú%hmoud ahmadinejad, made no mention of iran'' disputed nuclear prrgram. which the security council will discuss tomorrow. >> unemployment in the statt of -aryland takes a jump. rates state wide rosie to 7.3 percent in august, uppfrom 7.1 percent back in july. labor depaatment said that employers cut 5700 jobs last month alone. -ationwide, the unemployment rate is even higher. 9.6 percent. >> the towson commons was sold at auction earliee today for 28 and a halffmilliin dollars to an unimprrssed buyer.
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complex used tt be thh retail and business hub in downtown it also houses the amc movie theater. most rrcent owner capmark filed for bankruptcy back in july. >> with six weeks until the general election, you will be seeing more and more ads for govvrnor o'malley and bob ehrlich. john rydell tells us one campaign ad for o'malley is prompting criticism. not justtfrom the ehrlich campaign, but also from a tv station. >> the ad is produced by the o'malley campaign. >> the property tax, as well as a lot of fee increases. difference between fees nd taxes. >> it ncludes a news anchor from maryland public tv. >> raising taxes during that period. >> it is a clip taken from a althougg reaction from voters was not paat of the broadcast. mpt executives did not give the o'malley campaign permission to use the video. and mpt is paatially funded by
10:22 pm
the state and technically a executives were concerned that %-that mpt supports the incumbet governor. but officials say they are non-partisan. >> ludicrous, over the top,3 goofy. ads. >>as for ehrlich he isstrying to clarify his position on fees that wereeapproved wwen he was governor. he calls t ironic that o'malley -s promoting programs hat are funded by those fees. the success of the chesapeake on bay restoration act and transportation bill. taking credit for cover crops and fixing sewer treatment plants and buiiding. guess where the money came from. -> spokesman for the o''alley campaign defends the ad ttat uses mpt video..3 he said the campaign receiied positive eedback and goucher college prooessoo said that is not a surprisee >> the reason,,ehrlich campaign in art, it is a good ad.
10:23 pm
it got a lot of play. it is a simple message, i think. you know, resonates, stays with you. >> prooessor said that lifting video from rrgular news shows for political ads is simply a reality of our time. >> nowadays, any image cann3 appear anywhere. this is in part what happens with the technollgy we have available today. >> and it s legal? >> it is legal. %-not forward.s moved backward >> new cammaign ads are now hitting the air waves. thissone, which criticizes governor o'malley was produced by he republican governors association. one of many expected to be funded frommindependent groups, ú%tween now and eleetion day. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and for all the latest news, on november's mid term lections go to our website 2010. >> great day today. weaaher wise and temperatures are about to heat up. >> check in wiih chief meteorologist vytas reid for details. vytas? >> jennifer and eff, beautiful
10:24 pm
ú%y out thhre. plenty of sunssine. comfortable temperatures. temperatures numbers for the next couple of days here. looking at the h.d. radar. relativvly quiet conditions. talk about where the nearest rain is. dry out there..3 but you have to head up forr3 michigan wwere they are seeing severe storms pushing through the state, ansing michigan to sag gnaw and bay city. they will continue to see violent weather there. gusting winds and heavy rainfall. stretching from chicago to central illinois, springfield, peoria, heavy thunderstorm activity, heading tt ccampagne. moving along a frontal boundary that will tryyto make the way through here, as we get into later portions of the evening tomorrow. but it will be broken up. highs today upper 70s and but some 90s just off to the southwest. and that's what is trying to push into our range as we get down the road. currently in the low 70s. and those numbers will heat up4. tomorrow, withhthe warm air pushing in from the south. around, coming up in the
10:25 pm
forecast. as we begin autumn tomorrow. back to you. falling 100 feet intoothe water. ú%at made this man so desperate? and theeend to thii dramatic ú%ene. >> these savings will be realized by rrduction of uncompensated care. >> health care reform saving
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>> a report releesed recently by state officials say the federal health care bill will save maryland hundreds of millions of dollars during theenext decade. >> a powerful state lawmaker is speaking out and calling the report political spin. in tonnght's cover story, we examine maryland's prescription for savings. >> a select group of democratic -tate leaders and members of the governor's cabinet recently laid out the blueprints for health care reform in maryland. >> this report, as i say ii our workplan, for the next five months aheed.ú >> maryland's health care reform coordinating council made up of governor, said that health care reform will save marylandú taxpayers, $829 illion over he next 10 years. and slash the number of uninsured marylanders in half. >> these savings will be realized by reduction of
10:29 pm
the elimination of theehigh-risk pool anddhigher federal match in the children's health insurance program. >> ryan dennis is the executive director of progressive marylaad. >> definitely waste, fraud abuse that can be cleaned up and this health care law definitely does take the first step toward that. so we should see well over a3 billion dollars in savings. >> but that's just one side of the story. >> this administration is deceiving the citizens of maryland by claiming that there is gging to be great tax savings, great cost savings in this program. and in reality ii is just the opposite. it will be expensive. >> house minorityyleader anthony o'donnell blasted the o'malley administration's reporttand findings, calling it political spin during an electiin year. -> it doesn't pass, you know, the credibility test. doesn't even be past the laugh test. we have no idea in reality how much this will coss us going down the road. >> the report said that the state's savings will depend on ability to keep health care
10:30 pm
costs down. and it is a challenge thht the governor is aware of.ú >> remains for us to determine whether this costs us morr at the end of the 10 years, or whether we're able to bring thhse cost curves down. >> a closer review of the committee's interim report. reveals concern about how maryland will pay for health care reform, once the federal government drops its financial support in 20/20. the report projects aryland's health care costs will increase by $46 million that year. >> we're not going to sugar colt it or hide the fact that after 10 years health care expenditures will exceed the savings associated with healthú reform. >> they are going to use federal kind of bailouts in this scheme, federal mmney, thattcomes to maryland, and count that as savings. thatts ludicrous. >> realizing savings close to a billion dollars won't be easy for the state. as noted in the 22 page report. after carefully reeiewing the
10:31 pm
entire document, we found several red flags, that you did not hear the governor, or other3 state leaders taught. take for example, the language on paae 11. under the subsection, iscal implications of health care reform in maryland. it said, any current and future projections about relative costs, and savings, necessarily will be fluid, and dependent on decisions, states make in implementing reform. then on page 12. the authors of the report predict strong job growth by 2017. ú%%-employer's sponsored insura, as a tool in reducing the state's uninsured in half come 20177 then on page 13. is labeled a dynamic tool rather than aastatic and fixed3 guarantee. >> and further down the page, another red flag. the financial modeling tool did not address the ongoing short-term challenges in the state budget. related to the grooth in
10:32 pm
medicaid enroolment and other factors. >> the spin that claims this ú%29 illion, is never goinggto3 materialize and is really going to be more costly in the long. >>one as implementation goes forward, i think, it will the road that will see savings %->> now, health care reform wil not cover every uninsured maryland. >> in fact, the report estimates will be without any healthyland insurance. that includes illegal immigrants, and those that still decline coverage. >> the search for a missing child leads police to this bridge. and a standoff with the suspect. what about he man's past that drove him to hang from thee3 bridge and what happened when police got just a ittle too close toohim. >> bleachers crashing down. what caused this collapse at a race and how mann people were hurt?
10:33 pm
>> millions of fans, of course, follow elebrities every move on twitter. but now they want to folsom of their fans. still ahead. how you can get stars to ollow you, on twitter. >> looking at nice clear conditions ttrough the overnight, with temperatures dropping into the cool upper 50s, lower 0s. it looks like we will seeethe temperatures warming rapidly through the mid-morning and afternoon. brushing almost 90 degrees. how long will he heat stick3 around? old bbs canning company.
10:34 pm
today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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understand it will get warmer. >> a lot warmer actually..3 and you know, that there is this seaaonnl change taking place. >> eah. >> you know what it is right? >> autumnal equinox. >> and the beginning of fall. ú% thank you. >> well it will be chaaging -- >> are you alex travec. >> yes i am, but definitely see theechanges taking place, which is pretty cool. start to see the leaves changing, aad the cooler nnghts. football weather. all put together, and it is fall. looking at hd skycaa inner harbour. clear skies. 67 degrees.3 winds calm. you cannsee the almanaccpage shows the story of the day. reaching 77. hitting that where we should be3 for this time of year. no precipitation to talk about. look at the temperatures mom and dad out there. 47 degrees. getting into fall kids are at
10:37 pm
the bus stop chilly wiihout jackets or hats. put on a coat, because temperatures are cooler in the morning hours tarting off the day. autumnal equinox, autumn begins tomorrow, 111zero 9:00 pm. so full day of summer like temperatures but official beginning happens at 11:zero 9:00 pm. so ttis was the last full day of summer. and there will be a partially full day tomorrow. here is whaa is happening temperature wise across the state zzand i, out there in wessern maryland. 63 in alisbury. and bigger picture. you can ee the cool air up in the new ennland state. yesterday it as much further down. like in pennsylvania. seeing 50s. and thht air is pushed back north. as we see hot air come in fromm3 the southwest. what is ruling the hot air is high pressure that continues to drag up that warm air with that southwesterly flow. back over the midwest, there is a fronttpushing down. also fires off strong storms across parts of michigan. but that front is going to have a hard time getting here with the dry air in place. looking at the time line here on
10:38 pm
future scan. ú%gh pressure has the cloocwise rotaaion spin. bringing up in the heat and hot air builds in. high pressure south helps inú bringing it in. and temperatures will increase for the next few days. in fact, see temperatures in the lower 90s by friday. and then the shift in next cold front that will build3 in from the northwest and plaans. tort saturday and sunday. so nice push from motor nature of heat. 87 degrees on the eastern shore for folks out in easton andd3 denton, with sunshine tomorrow.3 central portion of the state looking at 90 degrees tomorrow. southwest wind at five to 10. western edge of the state, mayye a chance for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. but 87 is the high. even out in the mountains. tomorrow, 90. plenty of sunshine. southwest wind at five to 10. late tomorrow night, a chance for maybe a shower or thundersttrm. but on the hot side of things temperature wise. 90 thursday. 92 friday. then we start to see the shift back into the normal reall of things. by sunday, a chance for maybe a passing shower or thunderstorm.
10:39 pm
>> scary moments for spectators at a car place brazil. yyu coulddsee the large section of bleachers for spectators collapsiig, sending 500 peoppe crashing to the ground. 100 people were hurt. 20 of them seriously. and an investigation is underway right now. authorities think a structural problem s to blame. after a missinn 8-year-old girl is found safe and soond. her father has been arresttd, however, after a standoff with police. ambrose artinez threaten to jump into the river monday. he tried to ang himself. belt snapped as you can see. and martinez plunge into the -iver. police were able to get him out of the water to a hospital immediately. martinez is wanted for allegedly raping his girlfriend ann police say the daughter alyssaawas kidnapped from school earlier in tulsa oklahoma. %->> children ith this virus,
10:40 pm
80 percent of them were abused. -> scientists trying to find out if obesity is contagious, laterú on the news at 10:00, the virus common cold, adding inches to your waist line. >> some celebrities want to be %-how you can get celebrities to follow you on twitter. -oming up in tonight's "word on the web". >> lindsay lohan's legal troubles mounting. the lawsuit that she is
10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
>> new study said that children exposed to a ertain strain of the common cood virus are more likely to become obese, adenovirus 36, one of 55 strains the difference in weight was staggering. children with a virus were a whooping 35 pounds heavier than uninfected children. -> we don'ttyet have a treatment for this viruss but if a parent sees that their child is gaining weight rapidly that may be a sign there is a problem. >> but doctors want tooremind parents if the virus is proven %-stars of course on twitter evy
10:44 pm
day, but now they want to folsom of their fans, according to the celebrities. in tonight's "word on the web", get stars to follow you, on twitter. jjdy? >> stars including jessica simpson justin bieber and demi moore are willing to check out part of a first of its kind charity auction hosted by e-bay called twit change through saturday bid to have celebrrties follow your ccount for three months, retweet your posts or mention you to their followers. e-bay say all the proceeds from thh auction go to haiti relief and you may be able to snag a good deal or a famous follower. three tweets from mccoy and comedian opee less than $50ú earlier and for those willing to coughhup more cash, highest on twit change is for dana white president of the mixedú martial-arts group. bidding or white is topping
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more than $15,000. >> and to check out twit change or put your money where your tweet is,,go to our weesite"word on the web". i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> celebrity socialite paris hilton held for questioning by today. on flown there for business, just yesterday. pleaded guilty to having cocaine in las vegas. for that she gotta fine and community service. now japan is very be strict about allowing people into the couutry with recent drug convictions. tokyo's security asked hhr to stay overnight at an airpprt hotel for more questioning beforeeshe is allowed into the country. >> lindsay lohan is in court -nddsaid that she is prepared to appear before the judge. lohan was on probation for drunk driving conviction. judge has a warrant for her
10:46 pm
arresttsigned but holding it until friday. the judge could send her backkto jail. >> and in anothhr lohan legal battle. you remember this. her lawsuit against e-trade. she claimed the financial company based on milkaholic baby in the lindsay ad after her. it was great. she was suing for $100 million. but dropped the case, there is lindsay. as a quute simple business decision. >> john harbaugh got his monies worth arguing a bad call on get any phone free only at verizon
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forecast. 90 degrees tomorrow. hot one. to start off the first day of autumn. then the first full day of autumn. 90 on thursday. we may get a brief shower wednesday night. %-92 degrees.3p friday. saturday. ú%. and back in the 70s on sunday, mondayy tuesday. maybe a slight chance for the day that we have the game with the browns. back to you. >> all right. thank you, vytas. >> john harbaugh gets fined for3 his actions sunday. >> ref should have too. "sports unlimited", that's theú name of the show. been like that for 20 years to tell us how much hitting a referee will cost the coach. bruce cunningham in "sports unlimited". yo


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