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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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senate, struck byyan suv, and killed. why the driver didn't stop..3 >> an extreme case of vandalism, who was arrested after a school was trashed. >> bleachers collapse. who is getting the blame foo this chaotic scene. >> bed bug summit. different ways of fighting back. >> live in high definitioo, from wbff tv n baatimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i will jennifer gilbert. tragedy strikes the maryland political scene. >> the green party candidatt in the race for u.s. senate is killed after she was hit by an suv. ú%apened while she was riding her bike. >> 5:30 sunddy morning. greee party candidate for the u.s. senate natasha pettigrew parked her car with bike in tow on the caapus of prince george's community college. first stop before heading out
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%-while riding south on 202, the avid bike rrder and tri-athlete was hii from behind by a woman driving a cadillac escalade. >> i aw smoke coming from the front of the suv. >> crystal hayes saw it all. >> pulled ooer, i didn't wantú them to notice e noticing them. -o kept going. >>the driver of theeescalade spee off. and drove for 4 miles to her ú%me. with the bicycle still lodged ú%derneath. left behind, natasha pettigrew with crystal by her side. >> she was lying in the roadd she was not responding..3 she was totally unconscious. that, you know, it was okay.3 told her that somebody was on the way. i told herrto keep breathing. >> tte med-acts arrived but natasha died this morning from the njuries. >> a spokesperson or maryland's green party released this the partt has never experienced a loss like thiss we all look forward to working with natasha for years to come.
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police say the driier 41-year-old christy littleford of marlboro thought she hit a deer or dog and didn't want to stop in the early morning hours. when she found the bike under ú%eesuu, she called police. no charges have been filed. >> and karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". >> the feds are looking for a man that robbed dozens of restaurants including several in the baltimorr area. fdi said thhs man is responsibll for 38 armed robbeeies in the states of maryland, delaware, a and virginia. crimes began n february of 2009 and include arundel, bbatimore and howard counties. $10,000 is offered for information leading to a conviction. >> and state police have arrested four people that they believe are part of a theft ring stealing heating and air conditioning units. police say the thieves have bee3 operating in carroll county since spring. ú%king entire units worth thousands of dollars from iivestigators believe he ú%spects were taking copper and otherrmetaas from the equipment.
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and then reselling t to scrap yards. >> east baltimorr neighborhood fights back tonight with a community clean up against drug activity which was taking over a playground. several area church members and community leaders were part of %-run down park on aiken andll lafayette avenuee neighbors say people routinely volunteerssare hopeful tteer for the children. >> going to bring n cameras, bringing in the police cameras, to keep an eye n this plaaground aftee dark. watching 24// at thhs playground. so they wiil not come back. >> members of the ark church3 will maintain the park in memory ú% milton hill, someone shot ann killed the 70-year-old man out of his ome near he park in july. >> baltimore city police search the house of the man that shot a hopkinssdoctor. his mother, then himself.
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police wwnt tt search the arlington virginna home, where prior to the deadly shooting. looking for clues about his mental state leading up to the shooting at hopkins. >> baltimore police meet with ú%curity chiefs from rea universities and hospitals following lasttweek's hopkins emergency plans for institutions like hopkins, loyola, and morgan state. bealefield is trying to improve communications between school security, and baltimore city police. >> surveillance viddo was the focus today in he trial of three men accused in the murder of former councilman ken harris it came from ssveral cammras, including one insideeof the haven lounge where harris was the night the bar was robbed. a security guard that saw part of the video testified today that he could easily identify two of the suspects.ú because he recognized one's profile. and because the other has a funny walk. >> but ddfense attorneys say the video is inconclusive.
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>> in my opinion, none of the tapes are super clear. not high definition. and the jury ultimately will have to decide. but i don't think it helps the state case. >> jurors are expected to hear abouu dna evidence in the casee3 tomorrow. >> directors at the spca say they will not allow an animal abuser to work at their shelter. derrick chambers had been ordered to perform 50 hours of3 community service at tte spca. in eechange pposecutors agreed to drop animal cruelty chargess3 ú%ainst him. -ut direetors at the spca say chambers is not welcome there. >> violent person is a violent personn so we need to make suue thaa he animals are safe. but also our staff and volunteers need to feel safe and secure and having someone that is violent, in the midst, is not a good idea. allowed violent offenders to3 work at the shelter. now onto the question of the %-is it ppropriate to sentencen animallabuser to ccmmunity
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seevice at a animal shelter. 27 percent say yes. 73 percent say no. nat writes, maybe he will learn -ome compassion, and respecc for but elsa writes, it seems to me this is like sentencing a3 arsonist to work in a match factory. >> shipping ountry prague out of the port of baltimore pled guilty to polluting oceen water and trying tt conceal it. shipp illegally dumped oil waste overboard. crew member alerted authorities when the ship docked in baltimore.ú >> thousanns of ships all over the world face this challenne. oil, pollutton, that is gathered on the shipp thht are going across our ocean's tens of thousandssof ships every year. often, too often, they wwnd up dumping the oil ann sludge into our oceans. >>well, the shipping company has agreee o ppy a $4 million fine.
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and some of that will go to help to clean up the chesapeake bay. >> towson commons has been sold at auction. undisclosed buyer paid $28.5 million foo the once buutling retail retaii center in downtown towson. no word on what they will do with the complex. >> first day of fall it feels like summer. tomorrow. comes in with 90 degrees temperatures. according to vytts reed. it will be hot and steaay. >> tomorrow, first ay of fall begins at 11:zero 9:00 pm. so we will still getta full kind of -- almost full day of summer. and then fall begins it looks like we will see a heat up. usually coolerrtemperatures this time of year. in fact, look out right now. h.d. radar shows no precipitation. -7 degrees, was tte nigh -altimore. 80 in d.c. 82 in wwnd these ter. 90s down n west virginia. that's what is coming our way. contiiue to see tte heat build in through the afternoon tommrrow. 69 currently in baltimore. 63 in salisbury. and back in hagerstown, right at
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70. and we are going to see temperatures drop down to right in theelower 66s in downtown baltimore, at 64, with clear skies. keep the sunglasses ready or tomorrow. and heet returns.y of sunshine. how long it will stick around, i have a look at that in the seven day cominggup. >> texting while driving is jus3 as dangerous as drinking and driving. but many teens don't see it that way. a recent survey by harris interactive questiooed almost 1700 teens. 36 peecent say texting while driving could be fatal. 55 percent say the sameeabout drinking and driving. experts say this proves more has to be done to educate teens about he dangers of texting while driving. >> there is a new piece of plastic that will makeegetting around on publlc transportatiin a lot easier. and the mta introduced the new charm card today. the rechargeable cards work like cash. to pay fares for mta bus, light rail and metro subway rides. they also work in places wheree3
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smart trip cards are accepted like the dccmetro. >> you will no looger need separate fare cards. so if you have the mta card and smart card from dc, no matter which ooe you use, it will debit the appropriate fare dependingú on which system you use. >> well you can buy an mta char3 card at paaticipating cvs pharmacies and giant foods. and they will host several evvnts in the next few weeks where they will be available to for more information on where charm cards can e uued and how to get one go to our website >> a vaadal strikes. who was to blame for all of this damage. >> bleachers come tumbling down. the number of people that wenn3 flyinggand what mayyhave caused itt >> and the bed bug summit. what happened at a convention tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> a vote on the deffnse easure that includes "don't ask, don't -ell" falls shy on capitol hill today in d.c. senate republicans block the bill that innluded $725 billion inndefense speeding and pay raises for our troops. many democrats hope senator susan coolins of main woulddbe the 60th deciding vote. but she voted along party lines. >> i was the soul republican in the committee, that voted for the lieberman languaae on "don't ask, don't tell". i think it is the right thing o do..3 but i cannot voteeto proceed toú this bill under a situation hat it is going to shut down the debate, and preclude republican amendments, that is not fair. >> other republicans argued that
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congress needs to let the military finish its own suuvey on "don't ask, on't tell" so it can also weigh-in on this policy. >> tonight the whit white house said president obama's tough economic adviser plans to leave the aaministration at the end of the year. and llwrence summees will leave his post as director of the national economic council to return tooharvard unnversity. summers departure comes among the sluggish economic recooery that saw unemployment t 10 percent. and e will be the third high level member of the obama economic team to leave this >> and elementary school in maine is forced to close after this. an extreme case oo vanddlism. the school was left with ddstroyed computers, smashed plate glass windows, and police say a 17-year-old boy is now under arrest. the teen has been charged with aggravattd criminal mischief and burglary. >> a atter in central florida
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has publicly apologized for storming a school bus. a security camera captured the scene earlier this month. when james jones climbee on the bus and berateed students forr3 bullying his 3-year-old daughter. jones' dauggter suffers from cerebral palsy. >> all right. first day of autumn tomorrow around 11:08, 11:zero 9:00 pm. >> and it will feel like summer all day long tomorrow. chief meteorologgst vytas reid is here with an update on he %->> things heating instead of fall it will feel like a brazilian beach somewhere. sun on the ocean. there. building in from the south. 66 egrees. plenty of sunshine.3 winds ut of the southwest at five. our humidity levels at 70 percent. and it looks likes e have a and windows can be opee to let in the fresh cool air. and then we will see autumn
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begin tomorrow. autuunal equinox. autumn begins tomorrow at 11:09, on the 22nd. wrapping up summer and then officially 11:09 fall begins. temppratures like i said in downtown baltimore. 63 degrees. looking at 70 out there n -ageestown. 64 in oakland. then southhof us, still 60s as well. but earlier toddy, we had omee3 80s, aad even 90s pooping up in parts of west virginii. that's where the warm air is coming from. as we ook at the temperatures -cross the region. cooler temperatures in the new england tates. further down. but as you see those have retracted back north as the igh pressure sittiig over us drags the warmer temperatures in from the southwest. kentucky at 69. and 78 in ndianapolis. and that heet will continue to build in as you see this high pressure.ú with that clockwise rotation of air around it. that means that we are seeeng a shift from the north. where we had the canadian air for the last couple of days. shiftiig southwest that. brings up the temperatures.
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and that will help us for the next couple of days,,3 temperatures in the low 90s.3 cold front pushing through michigan. severe weather pushing through central michigan, saginaw, detroit, flint. strong storms. ft. wayne getting strong storms in indiana. but it will continue to breakup as it runs into dry air over us. so future scan model data shows not much activity.3 slight chance for a late shower possiblyytomorrow night. a chance for a stray scattered showers or thunderstorm. then we are quiet until we get closer to the weekend. but the heat will continue across the region. tomorrow expect temperatures around 90 degrees. hht day. southwest winds at five to 10. then for the five-day forecast. there is the 30 percent chancee3 for maybe a poo-up shower or thunderstorm. 90 on thursday. and with more sunshine. and look at thii. friday kicking off the weekend at 92. yeeh, this is fall. we'rr looking at 92 degrees. and then on saturday, 80. sunday 72. -o we keep an eye to the sky. because browns take on the ravens and we may have a pop-up
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shower in the neighborhood. bbck to you. >> thank you, vytas. -> new namm tonight for baltimore lyric opera house. today renamed for the orrer bbltimore ravens owner and hiss3 wife. patricia nd arthur mowdle perffrming arts enter now. >> i loved it. some i doo't like. but when i walked in this one, it was something about it that made meefeel so homemy and acoustics here maybe the best in the world. >> it is a beautiful place. the renaming cooes after the couple ddnated 33and a half million dollars to the theater's buulding campaign. >> a frightening scene at a car race n brazil. the number of people that were hurt in this bleacher collapse. >> and the baltimore raven's hhad coach is fined for make
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announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty!
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>> scary moments for spectators >> a very large section s you can see of bleachers for
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spectators collapsed, sending 500 people crashing to the ground. 100 people were hurt. 20 of them seriously. and an investigation is3 currently underway and right now authoritiee believe that structural failure is to blame. >> and experts from across the nation gathered in rosemont illinois for the first annual3 bed bug summit. workshops included the latest bed bug science. chemical treatments. and fumigation. bedbugs were nearly wipeed out 50 years ago have made a ajor come back in north america because of the banning of ddt and other past toxxc ccemicals. -> john haabaugh had just about enough of the referee sunday afternoon in cincinnati. %-lewis, and the roughing theray passer on terrell suggs, his patience was at historically low levels and after a conversation with the referee, he ii going to be lighter in the alllt. a lot lighter.
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the nfl has announce that had john harbaugh is fined $15,000 for making physical contact with referee. john harbaugh touched him demonstrating suggg was within the strike zone for hitting the quarterback to his credit referee did not react but nfl leaving john harbaugh chastened and $15,000 lighter. >> i was animateed in descriiing the strike zone, i think, and, i think, he understood. you know the motions of it. and i will make sure that i let him know, i think i was over the line in my animation. without question. we disagreed and it was animated. but it was respectful. throughout. i know rod knew that. it was respectful. and so it shoulddbe okay. >> write the heck. with that distraction out of the way, john harbaugh and the staff are deep into preparations for sunday's game with the browns. and yess the game is actually3 here in baltimore. imagine thaa. after opening up with baak-to-back games on the oad. m&t stadium will look good3
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sunday, it has been a month since they last played tthre. >> it does seem likk forever. you know, since we came out of the tunnel. our guys. excited.our fans will be you know, we need them. obviously it is tough to play on the road. so make it tough on our opponent to play on the road. ú%ow them what it is like to play in baltimore. >> we respect the rowns, they have proven time and time again they can beat us or anybody else. we have had tough games aaainst thee every time we play thhm. this is no exception. >> ncaa lacrosse final four is heading back to baltimore. ncaa announce that m&t awarded the championship in 2014. it will mark the 6th time theyú have hosted the final four. previously held here in 2003. 2004, and 272007 and cameeback this year and next year too. in 2007, over 147,000 attended the three day event setting a record that still stands. college footballl the navy,
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notte dame rivalry taken overseas in 2012. mids and irish will play in dublin ireland.ú 86th game between the two story programs. navy and notre dame played every suppyear sincc 1927, this yyar they play at the new meadowlands stadium on october 23. >> navy beat notre dame 23-21 last year in south bend. >> it looks like definitely we will see a wwrm up coming
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>> all excittng toys 'r us are releasing a toy list for 2010. look at these guys. called thhng amajigs, queeze them and they sing. $12.99 each. and yeah, they say they are collectible. and affordable. a bit price he is the tomeka high pressure city train set imported from japan and 5 popular disney princesses, also made the list. >> it looks like a warm up for a few days. seven-day forecast shows 90 tomorrow. sunshine. 30 perceet chance forrshowers
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wednesday. thursday more heat. around 90 degrees. 92 friddy. to kick off the weekend. with sunny skies. showers and thunderstorms possibly on sunday with the ravens taking on the bbowns. and hopefully the showers will hold off enough for the game to get in. it looksslike the 70s stick aaound for early next week. definitely the heattis continuing for the next few ddys.3 back to you guys. get any phone free only at verizon
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when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen.


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