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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 22, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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visit the site and bang, you're transported to a porn site. twitter hacked, what happened and if it's safe forr3 you to log inno your account today. a minor nuisance becomes a big problem in maryland. the eeonomic impact of the stiffening bug on the state. get ready to rock, your chance to win tickets to the virgin mobile free fest. september 22nn.g. i'm patrice harris. weere in the final hours of
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summer. meteorologist steve feetig isú here to fill us in. >> ou llke fall, i'm sad to see %-i'm ready. >> it's one the hottest. >> for some people it's going to be welcomed relief. it's going to be a warmer day todayythan it was yesterday. we're going in the opposite diiection, pptrice. look at the temperature riggt now. we saw yesterday, talkinn bout temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s in many locations. we were in the low 60s downtown. now we're in the low to mid-60s throughout state. for the time being, bbt we do think we wwll get ssme shower channes later as the front that ii bringing some showers through the great lakes and eastern midwest comms our wwy for later in theeday, maybe a fewwshowers then. that frontal bouudary brings in3 the shower chancessbecause arm air will be ahead offit. it will be providinggus a little bit of lift, and with it shower chances for later afternoon and sunny start to the day, and
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clouds llter, thundeestorms, near 90 not just today but through tomorrow, ann monday as -ell. tonight but also saturday into sunday. more on that cominn up in a few minutes. right now lauren cooke has got the track edge. you know what it's going to look like this morning. thann you, steve. we're dealing with an accident in howard county involve an overturred tractor trailer alonn the westbound lanes on route -- interstate 7 on route 94. if you're traveling on the west side of the highhay, looking at high speeds on liberty road. are moving along just fine. an 11-minute ridd from 795 to 95. it willlremain clear from 95 to 83. that will also take you 11ú minutes, there you're looking a3 an average speed of 54 miles per hour. no problems to report, moving from whitemarsh, you're looking at a quick 4-minute trip with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. as you make your way up to harford coonty, we haveeaacrash along the southhounn lanessat route 22 innaberdeen.
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thht's the traffic edge report, patricee back to you. lauren,,thank you. 6:02 oo fox 45 morning news. a man accused of beating a dog to death is ordered to work with animals. this morning, people are outraged. megan gilliland is live at the spca where hh was supposed to be good morning, megann >> reporter: good morring, patrice. that dog aauser was orderee by the court it spend 50 hours working here at the spca but the directors here saa he is not welcomed. his name is derrick chambers and he was arrested last month and chargee with the bloody beating death of a miniature pincher. years for that, instead of prosecutors agrred to drop aal of those charges, if, if chammers performed by hours of community service at the spca. activittes shaking their heads.l >> i don't think anyone would ú%er send a convicted chaild molester to the boy discounts to do community service.
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it's inappropriatt to send an animal abuser to a shelter. >> reporter: prosecutors said they only agreed to drop the charges in this case after documented evidence surfaced whichhrevealed hat thh beaten ddg had earlier attacked the defendant's wife. still he spca told changers it wwll not!!!!-- chamberss it wilt his services. -p the chair of the ccty's antianimal abuse task force will weigh in on the court's -ecision. that is coming up later this hour. >a glen burnie man isú -ndicted on he sex traaficking charges. 42 years old dirt during42 years accused of prostituting a minnr. ú% lureddher by promising her a had a un. if convictee, he faced life in
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prison. police say this man was in a car that approached tte victtm earlier this month. a woman driving the car asked the victim if he anted a ride. two white men and a baby were also in the vehicll and police say once the victim got inside, the man there in the skktch robbed ann tasered her. the victim managed to escape from the moving vehicle and go to nearby home for help. -he was was taaen to a hospital where she was treated and released. if you have any information, you are askkd to call the harford county sheriff's ffice. there'ssa reward forrinformation leading to an arrest. baltimore's police commissioner wants to make sure hissdepartment and area universiiies and hospitals are on the same page if an incident like the hopkkns shooting ever happens again. yesterday commissioner fred bealefeld with security from seveeal institutions like hopkins, and loyola nd maryland state, they met with hopes of
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imprrving communication between school security and city police. >> the commissionee s very happy with the response of the hawkins and the bpd..3 ú%is is a good time to take a look at what ssstems are in place and make sure that god forbid a situation like this happenssagain that we're going to be best prrppred. >> the ommissioner plans to have meetings every quarter to address security at every institution. meanwhile, the investigation to the man behind the shooting at the hopkins hospital continues. baltimore police search thh home of paul pardus on tuesday. he lived with his mother in arlington virginia. authorities are tryiig to reveaú the clues that might reveal too3 what pardus' mental state wws leading to the shooting. papardus shot dr. cchen, his mother and hhmself. gop lawmakers voted agginst a defense bill that would have lifted thh ban on gayssserving openly in the millitary. it included $27 billion in
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defense spending and pay raises for the troops. they hoped ttat senaaor susan collins would provide the 60 vote to pass the bill buttshe voted with the members of her party. >> i was the sole republican that voted for the lieberman language on don't ask, don't tell. i think it's the right thing, to do, but i cannot vott to proceed to this bill under a situation that it's going to shutdown the ddbate and preclude republlcan amendment, that, too. majority leader harry reid saas he will bring the issue upú again in a lame duckksession after the november elections. tells you to stay away from its websste, buttthat is what twiiter was telling ts users yesterday. a hacker was sending some unsuspecting users to porn sites
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and those problems went all the way up to the white house. joel d smith is here to explain why this could be just the start of such attacks. good morning, joel..3 >> reporter: good morning, patrice. twitter is in the midst of revamping its website and during the some hackers founddan -pening in the security. instead of shhring informatiin and news 140 characters at a time. twitter followersswere looking at this, weird pop ups, nd ugly content appearing would you warning. you scroll over the links, andú pop ups would hht and it coverr the text you're looking at. anddit takes you to places you didd't mean to go, inccuding porn sites..3 this type f breachhoo networking sites in the future could do more harm like twitter said it had the problemo fully patched by lateemmrring. ones were back to tweeting soon
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>> thhre will be those that wanú toogum up that system and things like that. it doesn't -- i don't hesitate to continue to use it. >> if it can hit the white house correspondent, it can hit you, too.3 >> repprter: keep yoor tweets safe and mmke sure you know what is going out nder your out from trusted followwr. robert gibbs ays that the ppge wws quickly taken down but is3 now back up. he wrote during all of this mess, my twitter went hey wire, absolutely no clue hy it sent3 going to the tech guy. a 17 years old frrm australia says he accidentally did all of up to that point is when it got taken by haccers, they took it the rest of the way. maybe that is what happened.
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didn't mean to do it, but a 11 years old may be to blame for ú%l of this. >> very interesting. joel, thank you. coming up stinking bugs. very concerned. this test in a sense takes preceeence over any other problem that we have. the financial damage stink bugs are causing in maryland. nd high pressure shifts off to the east now. it will bring in a southerly flow. that means warmer temperatures,3 juss how warm it gets and whether or not that rain in th
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>>wellome back coming up on 6:13 on this wednesday morning. we're checking out the sky watch
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hd radar, not seeing aaything right now. we should see sunshine, eventually we will see a channe of shower or thuuderstorm moving through later in the day as the frontal boundary apppoaches. that front drapes in the midwest that is headed in our ggneral direction..3 most of it should sseer to the nooth. this. righttnow temmeratures at 66 degrees, winds are calm andd3 70% relative humidity. and the dew point is at 58. thaa has climbed a little bit from yesterday and so that mmans we got a little more moisture to work with nd we may see shower chances. 66 degrees, in ballimore, close to the same at d.c. ú% 68. and 66 in oakland, and yesterday %-ootlying areas in the upper 44s ut that is not the case today. high pressure has moved off to the east and in its place we get ú%re of a southwesterly flow, that is bringing in wwrmer temperatures, that is why weegot the 60s to start and ii only gets warmer it from herr. that frontal boundary ill approach and bring aachance for a shower on the we were part of the state.
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now at 4:00 for western3 %-indicating the showee chances. the mason-dixoo line could be the ddviding line where we see showers or not. the next few days as temperatures climb to near 90 degrees. that low pressure center moves north and east and we will continue to see a lower chance for showers as the next front maybe into sunday. it may affect the game at m and t bank stadium with a fee showers around. tropical storm lisa is out there well out in the atlantic ocean. we wwn't be concerned about that 446 miles per hour and remind yu that we're still in the middle we will continue to watch the tropics. it could be a warmer day with mostly suuny skies and central part of the state, getting up to 48, and might hit 90. partly cloudy skies after beginning sunny skies. the western part of maryland, seeing a shower chance, later in afternoon, better temperature, and at 90 degrees.
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tonight 68 degrees and even thunderstorms still possible.3 look for a few showers after that. tomorrow we warm up again, rather 89 degrees, it cculd be 90 in ssots. ooce more, 90 in saturray. and later in the day into a chance of showers. 72 high of cooler, 73 and 73 for the monday and tuesday. %-look at what is happening on e roadways. let's check in with lauren cooke. lauren. steve. we're dealing with a seriiuss3 accident in howard county. %-tractor trailer ann it's blocking two westbound lanes of interstate 97. no delays traveling east, it will be an easy ride from columbia pike as you make yyur way to the beltway. at liberty road, as we check in we take a live look, a little bit of volume but everything is up o speed. it will be clear as we travel up %-an 11-minute ride along outer
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loop from 95 to 83. as you make your way toward we're dealing with an accident on 95 at harford county. it's going at aberdeen on tte southbound lanes at route 22. we are looking at a 50 miles per hour traveling souuh at whitemarsh boulevard. that's the traffic edge report, patrice, back to you. thank you, lauree. foxes all new comedy line up has hit the small screen. think you're as unny as fox. if you are, then you can laugh all the way to theebank. our website. you can win valuable prizes. we will pick thhee winners on friday. up for grabs, a ton of great stuff, including a slide hd camera, a wii camping and you can wwtch all of tte shows here3 on fox 45, catch great episodes of glee, and raising hope at
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 they'rr only the size of a fingernail, but they''e starting to cause big economic damage here in maryland. as beth tucker tells us, there's a new kind of spirch ssink bug s eating crops. >> i call them aalot of other
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names that i can't put on camera. >> reporter:: it's enemy %-black's orchard but for the ú%iversity of maryland. and the usda. >> we arr very concerned. >> this teet in a sense takes precedence over anyyother problem we have. >> reporter: they have come together to try to help.ú you see at bob black's orchard of his apple crop this year, and 20%%out of that, we have 80% to sell of great quality apples. >> reporter: native to asia, this insect with theestriped tte mii 1990s.ed in the u.s. in in necessary in 2003.3etection since they're nonnntive, they have no natural predators. >> as they are reproducing, >> and they're feasting.g them. >> it feasts on everything that
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we grow. >> reporterr they suck the juice sort of drinking from a ú%raw. >> they literally ssck the juice that dries up to be corky spoú right there. >> reporter: of the uda is usds devvloping a proposal to help. >> growerrers like bob black need answwrs next year. it's too late to help this yearú ú%ey will is to have a rational approach to dealing with this pest in the upcooing years. >> reporter: back at bob black's faam he has great looking apples, he hopes theú future is this bright, too. still ahead, how much is too much of an investment. money especially in the winter on our energy bills. trying to cut your home's energy cost. and later get into virgin mobile free fest on us. your cans to win a pair of tickets is coming
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> stockk improve after a federaa rrserre meeting and trrvelers can expect to pay a %-for holidaas. it home in time business brief. >> reporter: the federal ressrve said tuusday the economic recovery is expected to continue at a slow pace for the near term, but improvemenn is change. the dow gained 7 points but the nasdaq and the s&p both finished down slightly. the numbbr of new homes being buiit jumped 5.10% in august toothe highest level in four mooths. according to a commerce level report, the annual ice rate of hole construction rose too3 128,000. job creation will be the key to helping the house market
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recover. apple keeps its ccown as king of consumer satisfaction.ú however, consumers are happier about their pc's,,too. ú%new satisfaction index shows customer ratings of pccs incrrased 4% ovvr the past year with a rating of 78 out of 100. headed home for the holidays? better book your tickets right now, airfare prices are expected to rise up. prices were up 4% compared to august of 2009 and they show no signs of stopping. analysts say ticket prices bottomed out when the demand was slow. now that demand is increasing, prices aae, too.3 i'm stan case. there's a new resourceefor marylanders looking foo work. the marylann workforcc exchaage is a website that brings -ogether multiple job search and employer websites along with every job posting in maryland in 1 place. governor o'malley announce the site yesterday and it couldnnt
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come at a better time. marylann's unemployment rose3 from 7.1 to 773% in august. a ban, and why texas employees were told to darken it might be legal.ú i'm meggn gilliland, whaa animal advocates have to say. why is the white hoose commenting on problems on why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
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welcome back to foxx45 morning news. -:29 is the time. i'm patrice harris. let's check in withú meteorologist steve fertig on this weather kid wednesddy. good morning. got a dapper looking ramierú parker here this morning. are you excited to do the weather today? >> yys. >>how old are you. >> i'm 6years old and evvrybody is watching today from school, i bet, right? >> let's go back here and show them what is going on out there3 ra mier. i right now i will tell you what %-the showers well oof to theú north and west but not heee, ry conditions to start, and kick for the starting emperature in baltbaltimmre and in d.c., 66 an -alisbury a temperature of 66. -4 degrres there and we are
6:30 am
going to see the temmeratures upper 80s before we're done. take a look at the high, 88 degrees, nd maybe a thunderstorm lattr in the day. you're going to teel us why later in the day. do?3t now whht are ou going to let's. >> toss it to lauren for the traffic edge. >> excellent job. thank you, so much, ramier. unfortunately we do haveeseveral accidents in baltimmre city that ú%%-and youuwant to watch out fa crash at route 22. ú%ok at whitemarsh. you will see no problems to reporrt a 4-minute ride alonggthe southbound lanes from whitemarsh bbulevvrd to the eltway. all will be cleer traveling fort mchenry toll plaza to the
6:31 am
from the harbor tunnel toll o 295 that, is going tootake you 9 ú%nutes and an average speed of 54 miles per hourr that'' the traffic edde reporr. patrice, back to you. thhnk you, lauren. 6:31 now on fox 45 morning there's outrage thissmorninn over an animal abuse case. to deaah is sentenced to work with animals. they don't want him, good morning, meean. >> reporter: good morning, ta3ú tris. patrice, that dog abuser was3 ordered by the court to work by hours here at the spca, but he director here says he is not welcomed inside. his naae is derrick chambers. he was arrested and charged with the bloody beating death of a miniiture pincher. he could have received 4 years in prison for that, but inntead prosecutors agreed to drop all of those charges in chhmbers performed 50 hours of the
6:32 am
advocatessshakinggtheirs heads. ú% we need to unish hese people.ú if we need to rehabblitate them, community service at the animal shelter. >> hey dropped the charges after documented evidence revealed that the beaten dog had earlier attacked the defendantts wife. still the spca told cchmbers his service is not wanted here. live from the spca, i'm megan fox 44 morning news. stty tuned to fox 45 morning nnws for continuing coverage of3 the chair of the city's antianimal abuse task force will weighhin on the court'' decision. that is coming up later this ú%ur. city policeeare investigating an early morning ú%ooting in northeast baltimore. inteesection of eedman avenue and bel airrroad before 2:00 this morning. when they are arriied on the neck ann orso. a second oneewas shot in the finger. there'' no word on either mms
6:33 am
condiiion at this time. police are still lloking ffr a -uspect. firefighters in baltimore county rush it put out a blaze at parkville. flames broke out t a home on %-joppa road.venue near east no one was hurt. under investiggtion. a maryland hunter dies aftee a falling out of a tree.ú be killedd dder when he fell from a ttee stand. -e wasn't using a saffty harnnss, this is the sscond accident since bow deer began. a woman is killed by a hit and driv!! driver. natasha was riding her bike when sse was hit. ú%e woman rrsppnsibleethought sheehad hit deer orra dog and
6:34 am
she told investigators she didn't want to stop because of pettigrew's bike still lodged underneath her suv and that iss3 >>i'm empty and lost. i miss her, but i did the right thing. i made the decision not to resucitaae when her heart failedd she wwuld not want to have live3 in a vegetative state. a spokespersonnfor maryyand's green study released this statement. as a party we have never experienced a llss like this. %-natasha for years to come.ith filed against the driver. it was a game of trickkor tweet for the millions of users onntwitter. for hours a hacker wasscovering some tweets and then sending othhrs to japanese porn sites.
6:35 am
joel d smmth is here to explainú how it happennd and why that problem wenn all tte way to the >> reporter: ggod morning. patrice, it's okay now but for a whill everyone with a witter account was -- no audio -- >> they were looking for things that they were never getting to. even the white house press ú%twitter was ii the change of3 revamping its website and during the move, hackers found an opening in the security ann took -dvantage of it. ú%u saw robert giibs there, it was affecting a lot of different people. as things move barred, people were trying -- forward people were trying to make improvements, instead hey were sent to porn sites in japan. install malicious oftware or
6:36 am
steal important infoomation.ú it hasn't happened yet, and it'ú fully patched, but by late could happen again. >> the platform was not built for this. these kind attacks cooud keep on commng oo ttitter whhle security are catching up to the user banks. >> reporter: use caution with any link, even if it appears to be sent from a trusted follower. an estimmted 1.. millioo people follow the white house tweeter feed. which robert gibbsssays it was quickly takennout, he wrote, my tweeter account went hey wire, i don't know why it sent thaa tweet, or what t is. if it happened toothe white mouse press secretary, it can affect anyonn. >> do any know who did this? >> reporter: not sure who it is, but a 17 years old from australia said hh is tt blame
6:37 am
acciddntally. he just wanted to see if it were to workk the idea asstaken by hackers and they started to directing the people to the pornograppic it gottme chokkd up. a lot of people were upset about -his and they got it fixed now. a harr!hairy situation in t. 5 female african-american security officers are told to it might be legal. the 5 employees received a written displin airy warning from a supervisor saying they would be written uppand fired if they continued to wear bbonde ú%aves. one employment attorney says texassis an t will state and employees can be told how to dress and look on the job, as long s the employer doossnot bays his rules on race or gender. >> we wann to know whether that rule is uniforrly applied to all of these employees. is this juut for black mployees
6:38 am
is it for whitt employeee, or is it for males as well. policy. >> theecompany has backtracked. local managers misinterpreted the rules and all employees will be allowed to have blonde hair. it races an interesting question. ww ant to know what you think, should employers be allowwd to tell employees how to wear their it's the question of the day. we willltaae your calls during 7:00 hour. %-what you think or sound off on facebooo of he send us a tweet at fox baltimorr or ext your %-for yes or fox 45b for no.5a coming up as the temperatures cool down, youu energy bill is going to heet up. %-money, especially in the intr oo our energy bills. the home energy investments worth making. and raffic is really starting to pick up on theú northwess side of the beltway
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here aa old court road. iiwill haae more onnthh delays and our weather
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meteorologist steve fertig is here with a very cute raaier. >> he is looking too dapper. ú%-ids look better than i do.hhr it happens. you are 7 years old and you're -n the second -- what great again? ú% second grrae. >> second grade, where? >> at ellmentary mmddle.3 p> and we wanttto say to whh tooay before we get startee. >> my mother, miss cooper and my friend phillip. >> okay. are you ready to do this thiig? >> yes. tell them what is going on at
6:42 am
the inner harbor. >> right now winds are -- >> temperatures. >> the temperature is 66 degrees. >> good. >> yeah.ght partly cloudy. >> wind is. >> it's calm wind.3 >> caam wind. >> and the humidiiy 75%. >> yep, great. >> ann pressure. >> he pressure will be 30.09. >> and faaling. >> what about the dew point. >> the dew point will be. >> 58 deerees. >> 58 degrees. >>that wasn't nice, i got rid of it before you said it. throw out the temperatures for us. thhre you go,,niie toss. around the area. >> right now in hagerstown, it will be 64 degrees. >> it is right now and in baltiiore it is? >> in baltimore it's 66 degreesú in salisbury it will be 62 degrres. p> excellent. >> what about satellit satellit,
6:43 am
anything going on right now. >> not rrght now..33 >> but tell them about what is coming, maybe. >> maybe there might be some -- maybe there might be some storms this evening. >> yyah, could be some showers, maybe some thunderstorms, because tte front is going to be coming through, and it may bee3 bringing us some showers by3 later thii afternoon, right? >> and mmybe intoothe evening? what about this weekend, any chance. >> any chance this weekend? around. >> yeah. >> what about the forecast. >> today. >> the forecast today is 88 degrees.3 >> and maybe we will get an afternoon what? >> mayye we will get an afternoon ssower? >> winds? p> winds southwest, 5-10. >> it will be -- >> a hot day. >> absolutely, compared to normal. >> what about tonight? >> tonight it will be 68 degrees. >> right. >> with -- 68 degrees, maybe some showers.ú >> yep.
6:44 am
>> southwest, 5-10. night. what about the seven-day forecast. let's wrap thhs upstarting to with today. the low. thunderstorm.wer or >> late shower or thunderstorm. -p>> tomorrow? >> tomorrow it's 89.3 >> uh-huh. ú%rtlyycloudy. >> friday with partly cloudy. >> yep. >> saturday maybe a late shower or thunderstorm? >> yeah. ú% with a higg of what? >> with a high of -- what degrees, 80 degrees. ú% 80 degreee. >>sunday it will be 72. >> with a couple off-- >> with a couple of showers. >> will it make a difference whetherrthe ravens win or lose. >> no it won't. >> 73 on friday, and 70 what on tuesday. ú% 77 on tuesday. >> excellent job anddnow you toss it back to patrice. >> thhnk you, so mucc.
6:45 am
%-i can't believe you arr only 7 years old. you are such a groww up. do you feel grown up. >> when you real wil really aren up,,twa d whaa do you want to d? >> maybe be a surgeon. >> we're going to have you hook you up with dr. benncarson and get you sst up on that path. have your counselor or principal send steve at a note or send him a note at ú%> now you need to get a check of our roadways. lauren cooke is here with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, patrice, we arr dealing wiih an acciient in howard coonty. -t involves an overttrned traator trailer and it's blocking two westbound lanes of interstate 7 70. we are dealing with an accident in baltimore county rrght on
6:46 am
drive. for those of you usinggthe west side of the beltway, we are looking at slow speeds here at liberty road. checking and taking a life look, it's going to be slow. speeds clocking in at 17 miles ú%r hour. we will clear a little bit f you're traveling 695 at parkville. here is a look at hartford road. things are moving along okay. it will be a pretty easy ide as you make the push toward towson. for those of you using 95 in the whitemarsh area, here is a look and you will notice, it's wide open traveling nooth and southbound. you're looking at a quick 4--inute ride. of 95 at harford county at route ú%. we do haae several more acccdents in the citt. one on north calvert street at evee30th ssreet and another avenue. that is the traffic eege report3 patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. the hottest namessii rock 'n' roll are coming tt our area. the virgin free mobilefest is
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sttrred from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.3 we want to you get you there for free..3 -he 10th caller right now at ú%10)481-4545 wiis a pair of tickets. for more informatioo about virginnfest gootoú 747 -- 6:47, excuse me is
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family...
6:49 am
and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. new it mornnnn, a man -ccused in the killing of air maryland state trooper will be this court today for a preliminary hearing. sarrh illiams is facing the death of trooper weslee in security at a restturant when he another man annhony milton is also charge ii the murder. two suspects in a baltimore county home invasion are on the loose this morning. about 4:30 this mornnng, officers say two black ble men h
6:50 am
%-no one was hurt, but itts stil not cleaa what they got away with. >> a man who was chhrged with breath a dog to death is ordered to volunteer with the spca. an animal advocates are outraged. last month pplice arrested derrick chambers. witneeses saw him beating his he confessed to police and they found the ddg'ssma mutilated oy in a bag. -nstead of a conviction, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges in chambers performed 50 hours of community service at an aaimal shelter. we are joined this morniig with decided.ú good morning. >> good morning,,what is your reaction when with you heard this? ú% we have an inne incredible se of outrage and sphrus tracc, frn because we see case after case of anim animaa abuse.
6:51 am
this made it to the courthouse steps and dessite overwhelming evidence, theeprosecctor declined to prosecute. i knnw you're not in the prooecute's head and we're somettingglike that would happen, but the les leniency ist of the problem that you all are facing? >> exactly. the criminal justice system needs to take animal abuse serioosly. this was a particularly brutal and misguided crime. thhre's a misguided notion thatú an animal a sheltee by ordeeing an a animal abusee to clean cages. his family cat, then he needee to o something to get it off,,3 %-do what he did as brutally ase ú%d it. it was never a reason of attacking the cat's back. he jumppd on the cat's baak. >> he told the police he jumpee
6:52 am
ú% the cat. he nipped his finger and the reactton to was so disproportionate. even after he beat the dog with. at that point. >> barely. >> whht would you like to see haapee as opposed tt going to volunteer at aa animal shelter, becaase you are liking it to defending a -- to sendinn a child abuser to work with kids. >> we do have laws oo the books and these a animals abusers need need toobe rehabilitated, they needdto seek counts. >> aa this poinn the sheltee says weere not taking him, but this is what the court ordered. whattwill happen noww because he will get some kind of punishment and sentence. i think ii's up to the derrick3 to change that community service order. >> it's interestiig to see how3 whht it will be and how he will be pi punished for thaa. -p coming up in the 7:00 hou,
6:53 am
attack. accounts are under >> these kiin avenue tacks are ú%ing to keep -- attacks are going to keep coming on twitter3 we hope to save money especially in the winter n our energy bills. can you feel it in the air, much to invest in making yooroo
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system and added insulation toig the attic. >> we hope to definitely save money especially in the winner -n our energy bills. >> reporter: consumer reportss3 dan declarico has taken a closer look at slashing your energy bills..3 >> you can cut your costs by adding insulation and energy efficient heating and cooling ú%uipment. >> repprter: you can save federal energy tax credits duee3 to expire at the end of the year. youucan get a 300 credit of up to $1,300, like innulation, sealing ear leaks and more reflective roofing. >> there's enerry tax credits aa geoohermal heat pumps and small winn turbines. >> reporter: you can save energy by making simple changes >> 5-10% of your home's electricitt gooto devices that
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>> reporter: whennver possible unppug devices likk ú%ur coffee maaer and your cell ú%one after it's been fully charged. last but not least, adjust theemostat temperatures by 5-10 degrees at night and when you're noo at home. that can trim as much as 20% of your heatiig and cooling bills. this is james andrews. commng up in our 7:00 hour, it's one offthe toughest stains to get out. -p>> you never know when it's going to get spillee on your clothes, on your carpee. >> we puu one trucc tha productt promisss to get outt ine stains to the test. >> rrporter: an accused animal abuser sentenced to work at the spca. -hat animal advocates haae to say about that? up next, animal hack
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
now on fox 45 morning news. p>> outrage at the spca. p> it's inappropriate to send an shelter. whyythe man applied to volunteer at the shelter. ú%> you visit a site and bang, you're transported tt a porn ú%te. twwtter, what happened and if it's safe for you to log inno
7:01 am
we put the wine away to the will it work test. good morning. it's wednesday, september 22nd. i'm patrice harris. ú%t's get a check of our forecast as we say goodbye to summer. meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> ello fall.g, summer. feel more summer-like oday than it was yesterdaa even, because temperattres are warming up with a more southhrly floo. take a look at whha we got out thereenow. you will see 64 degrees starting at at bus stop. temperatures are eginning to climb from there. and 68 n d.c., and 62 in salisbuuy and hagerstown. averrging around 64 to start the day. starting with unshine, too, but some clouds on the way, also some rainshowees moving in for later in the affernoon orrmore likely evennng. could have thunderstorm here and theee. here is where we're headed,
7:02 am
88 deggees for the high, high temperature of the day. what about what is happening on the roadways this morning? we check in with laurenncoooe ú%o has the ttaffic edge. lauuen. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are deallng with a new acciient along the southbound lanes of 895 at the harború ú%nnel toll plaza as weetake a look at the live look, the accident scene is captured. it's blocking one lane and you will expect lengthy delays, traveling southbound to the harbor tunnel toll plaza. that stretch is going to take you 16 minutes.. therr youure lookiig at an average speed of 26 miles per hhur. fortunately no problems to report traveling from the fort mchenry tunnel. ú%ip with much higher of 58 miles per hour. we're dealing with congestion from the west side of the ú%ltway from 795 to 95, you're looking at an 18-minute ride -ith an average speed of that's the traffic edge repprt. patrice, back to you. hank you, lauren. 7:02 on fox 45 morning news. a man accused offbeating a dog to death issordered to work with
7:03 am
animall. this morning, people are megan gilliland is live at the spca where he is supposed to serve his time, but not likely to hhppen, is ittmegan. abuser's name is derrick shape h-- chambers. he was ordered bit court toowork here 50 hours. but the directors are ot too ú%not wellomed here. that he is anddhis application has been ú%ightly deniedd >> what were your reasonings. why id you tell him as to you didn't want him to walk through these doors. >> it's our policy not to accept any violent offendees especially someone who has not hurt animals. we cannot subject animals to that or our staff of volunteersment we need to make sure that the animals are protected and they are safe. he is not welcomed here.
7:04 am
>> what s the first thiig that at vocts tryin!!advooates, and p these animals. >> certainly you wouldn't have someone who harmed childdrn to be a part of their service. it was a bad idea and we weren't consulted at all, so it wws a surprise. >> elaine, from the spca north -altimore. megan guild land, fox 45 morning news. police are investigatiig an early morninn ssoooing. officers were alled to the intersection of irdmannavenue, and el airravenue. they ound a man shot in the neck and tooso, a second was shot in the ffnggr. condition at this time. tto suspects in a baltimore county home invasion are on the loose this morning. arrund 5:30, officers say two black men with guns and knives entered a house at essex. no one was hurt, and it's still not clear what he mee got away
7:05 am
it. a glen buunie man is indicted on sex trafficking charges. -2 years ld durr win smith is accused of prostitutiig a minorú he allegedly recruited herrin june of this year, by promisinn hee a luxury home. prosecutors say he there is3 threatened her with -- also threatened her with a gun. police are on the lookkout for her attacker. police say this man was in a car ú%at approached the victim earlier this monthh %-got inside, the man here in ts sketch robbed and tasered hhr. the victim managed to escape and went to a nearby home for help. she was taken to the hospiial where she wws treateddand releasee.ú if you have any information, you're asked to call the harford counny sheriff's office. company tells you to stay away from its website. ú%at is what twitter had to tee3
7:06 am
itssusers. a hacker was redirecting them to their por!!a porn site, ann thes went up to the white house. >> reporter: hopefully that is ot the case. twitter is in the midst of revamping its website. computer hackers saw an oppning3 in security and took advantage instead of sharing infoomation and newss140 chaaacters at a time, followers were looking at conteettappearing without3 warning, taking them to places where they didn't waat to go and pop ups, when they didn'' expect ttem. sometime places they ended up ú%iig, japanese porn sites. %-install malicious software to %-happened and the problem is -ully patched. the users even theemore powerful ones were ack tt twitting sooo thereafterr
7:07 am
to um up the systemmand things like that.33 it doesn't -- i don't hesitate to continue to use it. >> if it ccn hit the white hous3 correspondent it can hit you -ustsseasily. there's nothing you can dd about it. >> reporter: what do you do to keep safe. make sure what is going out is %-you're verifying the content that is out there. make sure to verify the ontent even if it's from a trusted whitt house. 1.8 million follow the white %-taken down but now it's up.ú my twitter went hey wire, nn clle why it sent out that messaae or what it is. it goes to he tech guys. now we are hearing why this may a 17 years old from australia said it was an accident. he opened up a hole and a bunch of hackers jumped in and took over. a hairy situation in texas.
7:08 am
fivv female african-american police officersecurity officeeso ditch theirrblonne hair. they received a written disciplinary warninggfrom their supervissr, saying they would be written up and fired if they continued to wear blonde haar. >> we woull also liie to know whether that rule is uniformly is this just foo black employyes? is it for white employyes as ú%ll. is it for males as well. this is all-important in making a determination whether or not that is an unlawful pollcy. the company says local managers misinterpreted the rulls and all employees will be allowed to have bllnde hair. it's an interesting situation. ann it brings us to the question of the day. should employers be allowed to
7:09 am
tell employees how to wear thei3 later his hour, but you can go to ask tell us what you think. send us a twee tweet at fox baltimore. cominggup loooiig for something to do this weekend? ú%w you can spend sunday in the countrr withhsome help frrm fox 45. i'm emily gracie live at shawan owns for ú
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7:11 am
the race is on. head out to the legacy chase at shawan downs for a day oo horse racing and family fun. meteorologist emily gracie is livv with all of the details for this morning's hometown hot spot..3 good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning,
7:12 am
patrice. weekend.ds will be packee this it's pretty quiet right ere right now but a gorgeous morning. we are talking about the legacy race, it's a difffrent kind f race. i'm joined by dd. sesar from cnbc. and tell us what is this people's chase. how is ittdifferent from other chases. >> it's a thoroughbred race, and it's not on flat course. it's jumping ver fencee. >> where do the proceeds go, >> that's riiht. the proceeds go to greater baltimore center for our breast center and nursing educaaion. it's a ggeat opportunity for the community to support the hospital, all peoppe's chase raccig across the country. the proceees go to non-for protist and we're exacttic to be the beneficiary of all of this you can come outen and joyú it this saturday. for more information on the
7:13 am
you can go to our website at it likes like a really nice daa in store for us.ú temperatures will be around 80 degreee for saturday afternooo and it looks like just a slight ccance of a shower, but for the most part, we should stay dry during the day. and not aadrop offrain out here this morning. although, steve, i hhar theee's a slight chance. we may sse a break in the drroght..3 >> reporter: yeah, a littte bit. it doesn't look like a whole loo, emily. but i got to say, you got some nice locations you have been hanging out at? >> i can't believe this is work. >> reporter:: unbelievvble. great looking scene there with %-always looks pretty when you have horses around, i think. ú%y hd radar looking pretty nice right now. it looks like it's a nice daa no matter where you are in maryland llast for this part of the day time being as emily was telling %-there's a chance for a showerr ú%en a little bit oo thunder coming our wwy for later in the afternoon or evening and you can see it nowwin the mid-west and
7:14 am
up through the great llkes in the eastern great lakes headedú toward new york. that forgotten tall boundary is going to be headed in our direction, in the evening hours or tonight. 66 degrees the temperatures right now.ú partly cloudy skies, in the meantime winds are calm, 73% relative humidity, temperature wise, 66. %ight now baltimore, and 68 in the same for hagerstown. no 40s out there like yysterray or 50ss ttday the warm air cooiig in on ú%e west sidd of thh high pressure that now moves off into the atlanticcand that sets the ssage for the shower chances you see 4:00 here on the futureessan ú%del. also the frontal boundary continuessto be to the north. ittbriigs a better chance further north of somm showers. ww may get some, you see it here along the mason dixon line for 7:00 p.m. you get the warm and humid air moving ii tomorrow. it more summer-like as we get into autumn. to look. lisa is well out in thee3
7:15 am
atlantic.ú it's path still to be that, too much right noo but we wwll et you know hat we're in troppcal storm system. of course the activity drops -uite a bit to the end of this month. we think in the aatern shore, shhuld be a prrtty day with breezier with a 11-20-mile-an-hourrwiid. in the central part of the state, a 5-10-mile-an-hour wind. partly cloudy skies and %-could have a ssower or thunderstorm late in the day there. ú%e better chance will be in the %-we could get up to 80 degrees. 68 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies. an evening thunderstorm but a mild 68 for the overnight low..3 89 degrees for tomorrow. partly cloudy, 91 on friday and ú%rtly cloudy and 80 on saturday. the front could briig ussa fee ú%owers and even into sunday. a few scattered showers around ravens against the browns. 72, cooler, 73 and 74 for the
7:16 am
monday and tuesday. now for a look at what happening oo the roadways. here is auren cooke with the traffic edge, laurenn steve. we are dealing with several accidents this morninn. trouble in harford county where we're dealing with a crash along the southbound lanes of 95 ther3 at route 22. if you're traveling in aberdden watch out for that. we have another accideet downtown at east pratt street. if you're using the harbor tunnel dooexppct slow speeds due to a crash along the toll plaza. look you will notice the delays. bbck to o'donald streee. for ttose of you using the congestion at harford road. do expect a slow ride from 95 to 83. as for the west side of the beltway, here is a look at liberty road where weere looking at a 16-minute ide. we are dealing with another -cciient in baltimore county. it's going to be right on security boulevard at woodlawn drive and problems in howard county where we're dealiig with
7:17 am
a crash that is involving a3 ú%actor trailer, that will shutdown two lanes at interstate 70 at roote 44 thattis the raffic edge report. patrice, baak to you. nashville is invading country is this sundayn the september 26. ú%ns of bii ame country stars will be performing live inccuding lady antibelunnan american idol. the 10th caller right now atee. (410))81-45455wins a pair of ticketss3 7:17 is the 3
7:18 am
7:19 am
a second suspect heads to
7:20 am
trial acccsed takinggpart in a murder foo hirr plot. 28 years old matthew brown is william the death of prosecutors say he is oneeof six people who planned porter's killing. porter was shht to death when he ú%ened a gas station in arsh. %-guilty was in court on monday. gop lawmakers voted against the defense bill that ould hav3 llfted the ban on gayssserving -penly in millitarr. it also included $7255billion in defense spending and pay raises for american troops. two men have accused a prominent atlantt pastor of sexual coerccon. the llwsuit was filed on tuesday at de kalb county, georgia. it alleges thht the biihop pressured young maleemembbrs into sex. a spokesman for long denies the claims.
7:21 am
nicole collins joins us live ffom washington to report on the good orningg nicole. -> reporter: good morning, patrice. i should mentton there''snothing criiinal about these alleggtions. in acc the plaintiff's attorney in thisscaseesays this is not an offenseeof child mooestation, because the two young men alleged that seeual contact began only after they were 16 years old or older, which is the georgia.age of egal consent in >> angels were flying around my bed all night, all day. >> reporter: eddie long fiery sermons have made him a leaderú in they advantage eyy community. they have accused him of using his spiiitual authooity to coerce ttem into sexual acts. reporter: 20 years old more eo morris rob sin robinson.
7:22 am
>>he would useeblib caa stories to tell how impootant it was to follow your leader and your the acts that they were engaged in, were not necessarily meaning that he was a homosexual. >> reporter: long is known for publicly denouncing homosexuality. >> this man loves his wife wiih a passion. everybody knows he loves his wife. ú% reporter: long spokesperson categoriially denies the accusations and writts in a statement, it is very unfortunate that someone has taken thisscourse of action. our law firmmwill be able to respond once attorneys have had an doe opportunity to review the lawsuit. both lawsuits seek unspecified punitive damages on counts ranging from negligence to breach of ffduciary duty. nicole collins. >> we should point out that one of these young pen was arrested for reaking into bishop long's church, stealing ipad, jewelry and other valuables from his
7:23 am
what does that man's attorreyúú. >> eporter: the attorney did this with an accomplice.fact he said he was lashing out att3 thh bishop and trying to take things that were most ppecious to him, insinuating the material cared about.ú%-hh said this wasú when he did this ann was arrestee he was forte forced tok about it and realized he wasn't the only one. it raises the question of perhaps where this lawsuit could be coming from in ii is indeed nnt legitimate, patrice. >> nncole collins, reporting still ahead the better ú%siness bureau prepares to name the best of the best. the traits that the company's shares. and the u.s. senate ca!can y datecandidate from rince georgs kent. why the dri
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
usually when we have the better business bureau each week it's to warn ou of scam aatists and businessessthat want to take advvntage of you.ú this week we want to talk about what makes a good usiness and ú%out how the bbb decides who to give the thumbs up to. angie barnett is here with the torch awards. >> i love the thumbs up, that's cool. event where you are honoringig people who are doinn the right thing. tell me about the evenn. >> it's calleddan award. it's a fundraiser. -usinesses. what we call he elite, those that meet our standards and second it's a fundraiser to allow us to serve consumers.
7:27 am
all of services that the bbb offers to condition summers are absolutelyyfree. we want to generate ome reveeue to help us two that more ú% we like that. businesses, what is the cryelite sisserricriteriafor that. because when they want aú reputable business, heyylook to -he bbb. >> these bbsinesses are ninn finalists are actuallyú two inch binder. i mean ott of documentation -hat really providing proofs of meeting standards, managemeet practices. you're going to look at their recruitment and personnel policy, how they train people and how they manage their business. and theenexttpiece we're going to look at is the advertising,ú %-those thhngs that the publicof sees first, making sure ii's not
7:28 am
deceptive but t's very hon set ohonestpresentations. >> one criteria we take is mayb3 a rest or negative cut o your business n thh short-term for a long-term gain. you know, when times were tough, businesses didn't cut deals and cut corners. they actuully stayed with it. so it's realll showing the best of your business practices. >> it's nice to honor those people whh do that, go the extra mile..3 we appreciate that you are all those business coz tha those bus so we can be confident if you would like more innormation about theebetter business bow
7:29 am
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fox 45 morning news. severn 31:00 is the time. and you're taaing -- 7:31 is the time aad you're taking a ive look atta beautiful sunrise at shawan downs. how beautiful is that?3 >> very. %-morning.y to wake-up this >> ggod morning, i'm patrice enjoy it while you can, ú%ccuse not that the sun won't come out, but the summer sun summer is fading today. >> that shall require a lull. >> fireworkss >> it was very pretty and it's %-throughout date, throughout 23 %-going to movv and there's a chance of shhwers which we could use. we don't want toothe thunderstorms which we may have to do. that is what is coming our way.
7:32 am
partly clouuy skies at the bus stop and 66 is the temperature in the downtown area of baltimore. d.c. a little warmer at 66. salisbury as ou go northwest and southeast, 52 and 53 respeccively. sky hd radar ot shhwing ann rain riiht now, you do see thh showers up toward the great lakks along the frontal boundary that could be ddaaed into this evening. we could get the shhwer chance or a thunderstorm. 800deerees y noon.ú 85 at 6:00 p.m. topping t 88 at 3:00 this afternoon. might have hit 90 in a few locations. what abouu your chute this morning? we need -- the ccmmute thhs morning? we need to check in with the expert on that information. >> reporter:: if you're traveling through the harbor -unnel this morning, we expect slow speeds. that is due to an earlier crash along the toll plaza. traffii will be down to owe donne!!o'donaldstreet. congestion on thh west side of the beltwaa checkinn in and taking a live look at liberty
7:33 am
road. you are looking at a 19-minute ride along the outer loop from 795 to 95 with an average speed dooexpect heavy volume from 953 to 83. that stretch is going to take you 18 minutes. there you're looking at ann3 afternoon speed of 54 miles per hour. it's going to be heavy on he northeast corridor !of 95, whitemarsh to thee95.ún 95 from that's a traffic edge reporr. ttank you, lauren. 7:33 on fox 45 morning news. there's outrage this morning over an animal abuseecase. the man accused of eaaing a dog to death is sentenced to work with animmls.3 megan guild land is a land is ga where they say the they do not t him. ooderee to work 50 hours here at the pca. his name is derrick chambers.
7:34 am
ú%ambers was arrested last month and charggd with the blood death ú% a miniature pincher. for hat but instead prosecutorr agrred to drop all of charges if chambers performed 50 hours of ú%spca.3y service here at the it's a decisiin that animal add advocates are shaking their heads overr >> if we need to rehabbtat rehae them they need psychological counseeing. >> the beaten dog had earlier3 attacked tte defendant's wife.3 still the spca told chambers from the spca in north baltimore thissmorning. i'm megaa gilliland.ú fox 45 morning nees. a prince george's county woman rrnning for u.s. senate iú killed by hit-and-run driver. 30 ears old green party candidate na sh natasha pettigrw
7:35 am
died. she told investigators sheght didd't want to stop because of the time. once she got home, she found pettigreww' bike still lodged oo >> i'm empty and lost. i miss her, but i diddthe right thing. resucitate when her heart failed. she wwuld not want to have lived in a vegetttive state. >> a spokesperson for maryland's green party released this statement..3 as a party, we have never experienced a loss like this. we all look forward to worring with natasha for years to come. filed agaanst the driver. a man accused in the killiig of a maryland state troopee ill be in court today for a
7:36 am
preliminary hearing. -illiams is facing firsttdegree murrer charges in the death of brown was working securityyat a -rince george's restaurant this past junn hen he was shot several times. annther man anthony miltoo is more than two yyars affer a stud in's death at bowling brook preps, the counselors previously -ccused in recklees endangerment in the case could face charges again. the maryllnd court of appeals overturned a lower court's ruling saying the 5 reform prosecuted. %-to wall 911 after 17 years ld consciousness while ssaff memberssrestrained im. simmons later died as a result of being restrained. of it a game f trick or tweet yesterday for thh million3 of users on twitter. for hours a hhcker was covering some tweets and sending others to japanese porn sstes. joel d smith is here to explain
7:37 am
how it happened ann why the problem went all the way to the white house. good morning, jjel..33 >> reporter: good morning, patrice. everyone with a twitter acccunt was told by the company to stay off the website. that's how bad it was. uutil everyooe gro got news, alf those witt accouuts, eeen white house prees secretary rooert gibbs was already afffcted. twitterris in the mist of revampinn its websitt. hackees saw an opening in he security and went for it. instead of sharing information and news at 140 characters at a time people were getting pop ups ú%ht they didn't want to. the former bbitish gordon brown's wife was sending people to japanese pprn siies. these type oo breaches can install mmliccous ssftware on your computer or steal privatee3 information frrmmyour computer. it might be a matter of time before it happens again. >> the platform wasn't built for
7:38 am
this. these types of attacks are going to keep oo coming onntwitter marley and a number of social network sites as security are catching up to the user baaks. >> reporter: hat do you do to keep your twwets safe? as always know what is going n out under your name and makeú sure you're verifying the content out there. make sure you'reemonitoring platform. aatany length, even houghhthaa appear to be a trusted followwr3 make sure you know who is there. >> for now we have found informmtton,,a 17 years old from for this.ú he saw a hhle in the system and insertee a pop up for fun.3 the hacker took over ann created the link to the website. is this the point whereei mentton, i need a job. i'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me, except for the media. he was seeking work in security and journalism, how do you think this ordeal will look on is
7:39 am
resume..3 >> i don't think fox 45 is hiring. that is pretty iiteresting, new3 but t's a sign of the timess the technnlogy ii good on the one hand but you know you're susceptible to thii ind of thing on tte other hand.3 ú% reporrer: it's fuu and %-people can get inside of your ú%stem and take everything that is important to you. >> a hairy situation in texas. -ive female african-aaerican security officersee are told to diich their bbonde hair or else. it turns out it might be legal. the 5 employees of a private security firm received a disciplinary warning ffom a supervisor saying they would be written up and fiied if they continued to wear thhir blondeú weave. one employment attorney says texas is an at will state. employees can be told how to dress and llok on the job as far as the eeployer doesn't base his rules on race and gender.
7:40 am
>> we want to know if this is just for lack emppoyees? is it for whiie employees as well? is it for maaes as well. this is all-important in making the determination whether or not that is an unlawful policy. >> the compaay says local managers misinterpreted the rules and now all mployees will be allowed to have bllnde hair if they want. >> it's interesting and it brings us to the question of the should employers be allowed to -air?employees how o wear their our lines are open now at (410)481-4544. you ccn allo go to our websiteú at and tell us what yoo think. we heard from a lottof you on our facebook page. you can send us a twwet at fox ballimore. you an text your answer to -5203, eeter fox 45a for yes, or fox 45b for no. oming up correcting a party foul. >> you never know whennit could be spilled on your clothes or carpet. >> find out if the wine away can
7:41 am
get your clothes looking new again. %>> expect heavyycongestion on -ight now speeds are clocking at iiwill show yo bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million...
7:42 am
working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
7:43 am
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%-tuesday's at 8:000 raising hoe at 9:00 and running wilde at 9:30. it's all herr on fox 45. so is meteorologist steve fertig i'm going to tease this right now, patrice. i'm going to tell you you got an up to the ccallenge, don't you? >> he is going to e doing some stand up comedy. i broke the news. take a look. %-one.all etting ready for that take a look aa the did radar. ww are lookinggforward to that andda prrtty day today witt pleety of sunshine and showers coming our way along the frontal boundary. i sawwthat to having her to do it.ú 66 degrees is the temperature3 right now at the inner harbor, partly cloudy skies, winds calmm 73% relatiie humidity, and the barometer is fflling. 66 the temperature in baltimore. 68 n d.c. and 63 in alisbury.ú
7:45 am
up in hagerstown, 62 degrees, so some low to mid-60s rather than the 40s and 50s we had yesterday. warm air coming from the south and the west. ú%ong high pressure that moves from the east. that will set the stage from a potential shhwer or thunderstorm later in day as the front comes in nearer to us. that comes in at 4:00 this afternoon and to the rest of us3 the north central part offthe evennng a chance. mmst the moisture my stream to the north and with that rontal boundary. then the warm humid air will become more humid and summer-like, even though it will be the first full day of fall tomorrow. then the frontal boundary thatt3 follows up brings us theeshower chances for the weekend. meanwhile tropical storm lisa is out in the atlantic ocean. we want to remind you that you're still in the middle of tropical storm system. it gets closer in atlantic. as far as the temperature 688degrees at the easternnshore. a 10-20-mile-an-hour wind. the central part of theestate, %-900in a few spots.., hitting
7:46 am
and back to the west the best chance of seeing earlier showers or thunderstorms there with a high of 90 degrees, tonight an eveeing shower or thunderstorm possible, a few showers, lingering, mmybe later at niiht and 68 degrees ddring the overnight low.3 a mild one at thaa. tomorrow, 90 deerees for the high. 91 on friday as theehigh temperatures continue to be in our region.3 shower or thunderstorm chance for late saturdayyfor sunday. sunday 72 deggees for the high. here is lauren coooe with the %->> reporter: lauren. >> reporter: thank you, stevv. we do have a ton of accidents this morning. trouble in hooard county where we're dealinggwith a crash that involved an overturned tractor ú%ailer. it continues to shutdown two westbound lanes at routee944 another crash in col you will u. for those of you traveling through the harbor tunnel expect a ride due to the accident along the toll plaza. no problems to report traaeling through the fort mchenry
7:47 am
tunnel. if you're using the bbt way, watch out for -- beltway, watch out for disabled car. no problems. we do have problems to report i3 the valley moving through parkville. here is a live look at harford road where speeds are clocking in at 22 miles per hour along the outer loop. it will remain heavy as ou make your ay toward providence road. ww're dealing with heaay congestion. at liberty road, it's crawliig along. we doohave another accident in lutherville timonium at greenspriig valley road. still head a texas company tells several employees how to wear their hair and the move might be legal..33 ú%about it.knowwwhat yoo think should empllyers be allowed to tell employees how to wear their hair? %-(410)481-4545..3re open now at you are
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
p>> a texas security ffrm tells 5 african-american employees to get rid of their blonde hair. they each got a disciplinary warning from a supervisor saying fired if they continued to wear blonde eaves. texas is at willlstate. becauss %-hoo to dress and look at job as loog as the employer doesn't base the rules on race or gender.ú some employees be allowed to tell empllyees hhw to wear their hair. our first ccller is tim. >> good morning, tris. >> what do you think about this? >> it rule seems to be profiling because it is only made to
7:51 am
most african-american women are brunets. you an't have blonde streaks. if you arr blonde, you can't have brunet streaks. >> that may be thh reason that the employer did reverse what ú%thhnk you so much.3int. >> let's go to jessica at owings mills. good mmrning,,jessica. >> what do you think about them being told what cooor they could wear their hair? >> i don't it's fair, either. i think they're rong with that. everybody colors their hair and they want theii haii to llok %-i think they're wrong with th. >> thank you, jessica.3 ú% thank you, and you do the >> thank you. >> good morning, chris at race sisters toww. >> good morning, patrice. >> i agree with the other two ccllers, i would go to say this is clearly racism. for too long historically the
7:52 am
-- wann tt tell the african-american employee how to wear their clothes and hair, and often they there can be subtle3ú hints. i aw it in the '80s, and '90s, long story short, ii3 thhnk it's perceived okay for hair, brown hair. >> i guess that -- >> but an african--merrcan, particularly female wants to color her hair ou're not allowed to do that and that iss3 racist. >> a lot of people are agreeing with you. some people may haae missed the point. if you tell everybody there can be no one wiih blonne hair that works at this business, then that is one thing, but if yyu just tell one group, that is where it becomes a gray area, blonde area in this case. let's take a look at what people are saying at our ú%cebook page. stephen wrote in and said there3 are many ther jobs that doo't have theee rules.
7:53 am
either start applying or change ú-won't allltheewouldn't allow.y depending on employers have the right to allow oo not allow if -ou want to work at their facility. >> i think most people would agree with that if it's applied across the board. >> howwis that legal, you're gginn to tell a white and caucasianian person they can't have hair blondee if a blacc woman wants to wear blonde hair, they should be allowed to do it. p>>blonde with the other folks in the office may not be much of a problem. ttankkyoo for your comments. is setting up job in mary weathere!!maryweather his week3 stay tuned.
7:54 am
next erasing the mistakes of the night before. we put the wineeaway to the will it work test. 3
7:55 am
7:56 am
it's a stain that no one wants to fight. -e wining about your wine. >> we put the wine away to the will it work tess. if you are a wine lover, you probably know that a slight tip of the hand can come with getting tipsy. >> you never know when it's3 clothes, oo your carpee.your the party gets out of hand, you just never now what is goong to -appen. >> nowwone product claims that3 wine awwy claims it can remove wine stains from carret and
7:57 am
fabrii. >> let penetrate for one to 5 >> we put the wine away to the will it work test. first we tried it on a cotton blend sweat ter. and it made the stain lighter ú%d then we tried to on the caapet and on a silk shirt..3 >> i'm shocked, that isú completely gone. >> you can get two 12-ouncee3 gallons for $21. -p>> i was amazed at how well it will perform. ú% will it work? >> i definitely think it's a deal. >> joel d smith is liking that. he might put it to use. for more information loo on to links inside cooing up in our 8:00 hour, tough times making the grade. what to do when your child has a rough start to the schoollyear. why is the white house commenting about the problems on twitter.3 i'm joel smith, straight away, how theea
7:58 am
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now on fox 45 morning news.3 transported to a porn site. -witter hacked, hat happened and if it's safe for you to log into your account today. p>> tte maacoo and cheerleaders get together. >> the actual sport isn't the a look at some of the wwackiest - field antiques. aad get ready toorock. your chance to win ickets tt thh virgin mobile freefest. good morning. -t's weddesday,
8:01 am
you're takkng a live look at shawan downs. they got a big event coming up. you're waking up to ssmmer out there, but when ww go to ed tonight, that sky is goinn to be aafall sky, things are changing. >> meteorologist steve fertig ii ú%re. >> don't alk about ii? >> that sccne was a rus rooster. >> it's pretty sunshine ouu there rrght now. we do expect to see warrer skies, and warmer day asswe look toward autumn which officially arrivvs at 11:09 tonight and saying goodbye to summer. 68 degreee, temperature right now in baltimore. %-right now over tte state.ns %-the north and west, we may hae to deal with some showers gets closer to the 4:00 for the wessern counties. otherwise, humid aii in tomorrow. itts going to feel more like summer-like as we get into the
8:02 am
-alk about the cooler weekenn.l %-wwekend or friday i should say saturday through sunday aad we will watch the possibility of shooers later today. whht is happeninggon the roadways right now. here is lauren cooke with thetr. laauen. >> reporter:eege, lauren. >> reporter: thank you, -teve. we are dealing with quite a bit of connestion on the west side of the beltway aa we take a live -lok at liberty road. you will notice it's going to be ú%ckedd long the innee and outer loop lanes. that stretch is going to taking looking at an averaae speed of %-it will remain heevy from 95 o 83, there you're lloking at a 30-minuue trip with n afttrnoon speed of only 20 miles per hour. and we are dealing with connestion on the northeast corridor of 95, from whiteearsh boulevard to the beltway, you'r3 looking at a 9-minuue trip with an average speed of 55 miles
8:03 am
pourrperhour. thank youu lauren. p>> a man accused offbeating a dog to death is ordered to work with aaimals and his sentence is causing outrage ttis morning. derrick chambers was arrested last onth and charged with the bloody beating death of a minnature pincher. years in prison but instead prosecuuors agreed to drop all charges in chambers performed 55 hours of coomuniiy servicc at the spca. it'it's a decision that has aail >> i don't ttink anyone who end a coovicted child molest for the servicee it's.úo community >> it's just not safe, it's just not smart. >> prrsecutors say they only agreed to drop the charges inú this case after documented eviience surfaced which revealed attacked he defendaat's wife,r but the spca told ccaabers it
8:04 am
saying it's no place for abuuers. investigating ann arly morning shootinggin northeast baltimore. ú%ficers ere called to the3 intersection of irdman avenue at -el air road at 2:00 this morning. when hey arrived on the scene ú%ey found one man shot in the neck and torso. a second one was shot in he finger. there's no word on either man's two suspects in a baltimore loose this morning. at 4:30 two men with guns and knives entered a house at bridge crossing road in essex. nn one was hurt and it's sttll not clear what they got away with. 42-year-old der win smith is accused of prostituutng a minor. and threatened her with a gun. if convicted smith faccsslife in
8:05 am
a baltimore woman is assaulted anddrobbed in edgewood. now police are on he looo out for her attacker. police say this man was in a car thattapproached the victim earller this month. a woman driving the car asked ride and police say onne the victim got inside, the man there in the sketch robbed and tasered the victim managed tt escape and went to a nearby home for helpp she as takkn to a hospital treated and if you havv any information youú are asked to call the harford county sheriff's offiie. firefighters in baltimore county rushed to put out a blaze in parkville. the blaae broke out at 11:00 last night aa a home at joppa road. no one was huut, the cause off3 that fire remains under investigation..3 it's not often a company tells you toostay away from its website but that is exactly what a hacker as reeirecting some of them to porn sites.
8:06 am
the white house..3 joel d ssith is here to explain why this could be just the starr of thhse kinds of attackk, good ú%rninggjoel. >> eporter: good mmrning, patrice, we hope it'ssnot the case, but witter is ii the midst of revamping its website. during the change over, computer hackers saw an opening in the it.uritt and took aavantage of instead oo sharing information and news 140 characters at aú time, twitter followers were some ugly content without when scrrlling over some links, the material you were trying to look t. ú%me sent you to japanese porn sites. experts say this type of breach on social netwwrking sites in the future could do even more harm, like installing malicious ssftware to your computer or -tealing personal information. twitter said that did not happen fully patched.the problem is -he users, even the most powerful ones were back twitting after everythiig was back to >> thereewill be those that want to gum up the syssem and thingg
8:07 am
like that. it doesn't -- i don't hesitate to continue to use it. >> if it can hit the white just as easily and there's nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: what can you do? to keep the tweets as afe as possible. keep an eye at what is under your name. makk sure everything is verifie3 as much as possible. use caution with any link even if it appears to be from a trusted follower. we have theeperson who ccaams to be mind his. noticed a flaw in the system and -ried to insertta pop up in the system for ffnn aater that the ackers took advantage aad created links to porn. this is point wwereei mention i -eed a job. i'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me except for the media. he was seeking work in security ii journalism. %-ddsmith, fox 45 morning news.m
8:08 am
hey're ooly the tie size oa fingernail and they are ssarting to cause economic damage here in maryland. eating crrps. ii's enemy number one at farms at bob black's othe rcharr thek buu cost him 20% of his rop. >> so 20% out of ttat, we have 80% o sell of ggeat quality apples. we're inngood shape, but wee3 damage next year.go to 30% >> these bugg are ative o asia and because they're not a nonnative speoses, there's no natural predators to keep thaa >> i don't have crops, but those bugs -- i can't get into my house without them chasing me. >> they're everywhere. still ahead, they're the hottest ticket in town. your chance to win ticketsú to the virggn mobile freefest is coming up sometime before the
8:09 am
end of this hour. and i'm emily gracie, live at shawan downs, the legacy chaae is
8:10 am
8:11 am
p>> it'ssthe legacy chase to benefit bgnc healthcare. >>that is where emily gracie is saddling up for today's hometown hot sppt. >> reporter: i'm onto a horse and i'm assured that only experienced riders should be ridinggthese orses. the legacy chass, how is this different from a series of other horse races. ú% it will be six raccs every hhlf an hour starting at 1:00 on saturdayyafternoon. the races are over fences. they're longer, at least two
8:12 am
it will have at least 10, 12,anú horse inside every race this weekend. >> new this year, september ú%st, tell me about that? >> september fest, we're trying to have an opportunity for all budget here. and septembbr here we hope is for youngee people, maybe even collegg people, college studeets who would likee o come out and enjoy a day at the racess and each other and maybe even haae something to eat and drink. -p>> we do all -- where do all e proceedd go? n they go to benefit the cancer ú%eter and services at bgnc healthcare. you ccn find all of theú information at our website at ú% look like a nice day to come high o on saturday and partly cloudy skiee, a chance of a the rrin. definitely a chance of showers on ssturday and over thh next couple of days, steve. i know you have some sort f
8:13 am
horse joke just waiting to come oot. i want to haa it. >> reporter: whht was hat again, say it one more time?ú oh, horse joke. >> i heard patrice had onn >> reporter: you put me to the stop, and now i can't do it. patrice is goinggto be the stand up comic. >> i keep on talking about her doing the up to the challeege which is goong to be stand up comedy. ú%'s going to be so much fun for all of us anyway. hd radar, dry start to the day, dry scan right nnw and a ccance of a shower later in the day. winds are calm, 70% elative the barometer. ú%w point at 58, and we have ot temperatures that are warming uú more todaa. 68 degrees in baltimore, 70 in %-hhgerstown.aliibury and 55 in we are looking at warmer air moving in here on the backsidd of hiih pressure that moves off3
8:14 am
to the eass. that will set the stage for the potential of a shower or thunderstorm as the fronttmoves -lose to us. here shown as 4:00 at the person western counties and close to 4. and evening into later vening could be a shower or thunderrtorm to the mor northern part of the state according to this model anyway. the activityystays to the north, and then we get the warm humid air to move ii. it's gging to become more huuid tomorrow to the first full day of autumn. we will feel more summer-like it's all reminding you that we're still in trrpical storm season. take a look. weegot tropical storm lisa in the atlantic. 46-mile--nnhour winds, gusting higher, but far enough out in the eastern pprt offthe attantic that it's not easy tt project its path yet.ú we will keep an eyy on that one. 86 degrees foo the eastern shore for the high today. looking at plenty of sunshine with a 10-20-mile--n-hour wind. it will be breezier. look for the central part of the state to ennoy sunshine earlier. a few more clouds later in the
8:15 am
day and thunderrtorms holding off until the evening. southwest wiid at 5-10 miles per hour. 30% chance. that is the best area, r the chance ttat has the best chance of seeing a shooer on thunderstorm later in the afternoon or eveenng. with a cup of showers after that. 68 is the overnight low which is rather mild. tomorrow 88 degrees for the high, 91 on friday so the heatt3 continues to be in play and then we cool doon behind the fronn, -0 degrees on saturday. we get showers with next front. 722on sunday hich could include a few showers around for the games as you are headed to m&t bank stadium. 73 n monday, 70 on tuesday with plenty of cloudy skies. now ffr a look at hat is happening o the roaaways and -hen hat is happening with regard tt any traafic out ttere. here s lauren cooke. %-of traffic this morning. on an accident in baltimoreeccunty in lutherville mo lutherville !.
8:16 am
you will notice nothing to get %-it will be an easy ride traveling southbound. we are dealing with heavy congestion inntte parkville area. here is a look at parkkille road where the outtr loop is crawling.ú it will be sllw from i didd't have too83. -- 85 to 83. and it's going just aa jammed, we do have several ore to 95. accidents. lanes of route 295 at rouue 100 that you would like to watch ouú for as well as two more in howard county along -- there's one aaong the westbound laaes of route 3 32 and another accident involving annoverturned tractor trailer shutdown two westbound lanes of iiterstate 70 aatroote 94. thank you, lauren.ack to yo. fox's all new comedy linn up has hit the small screen. think you're as 91n funny as fo? iffyou are, then caa you laugh
8:17 am
submit your best clean jokes on our website at we will pick three winners ones. friday. up for grabs, tons of great stuff including a lide hd swiss camera. wiiing console and a prize pack. catch n all new episode of glee on tuesday's at 8:00, raising hope is on at 9:00, and running wilde at 9:30. all of those greet shows here on
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it is fall try outs at school right now. ii they don't make the
8:20 am
cheerleadiig squad. whaa do you do to keep the kids3 in this week's 411, jonathan bbice the director foo sports in the balttmore city schools is >> fall is a big time, a lot of try outs. idd can are geetin!!kids are ger classmates. if thee are not making that cut, what do you say to make them go to school and be a art of group activitiess >> tthre's a whole host of group activities thattdon't require addition or repetitive ideas that beeome a particcppnt.ú there's things like robotics, things like, we have one school where students are creating i phone applications. thhees a host o!!!therr's a hotr activities thattdon't require arguably the world's best
8:21 am
%-was at one time cut from hisan basketball team. he went home and dedicated himself nd practiced and the next year he was aale to make the team. there's no harm in t first not being successful. we would expect young fee peoplo make a decision not to make that pursuit and either one is okay. >> how important is to get hee involved in something. -p>> i with toll you that the the most. having kids engaged ii activvty in school helps them feel a connection. it helps them to be in the presence of liie-minded peers. and we see that their grades arú actually better. it helps for those students college admissions process.ú be well rounded and so evee ome -f our most selective colleges
8:22 am
and universities, john hopkins, harvard, places like that, they don't want students that 4.0gpa. they want a high gpa but a well rounded people. >> by joining the clubs you'rr making a lot of friends. things like that. who do you do your kid to help your kid or cousin to find their niche in expool fee!in schooll >> they want to make sure that their children feel supportedd part of the system perspective young people expected norms off3 behhvior. ttis year in city schools we have expanded research fireman. and two the connents, one teachee -- connnnts ccmponents,ú another teaches about how to
8:23 am
interact it peerssand bullying prevention. the other thing is to make sure that the schools have the right culture and climate. we have what we call positive behavior intervention suppoot in 23 of hour schools that foccses ppople. ú% the one thing is communication, making sure they talk tooother kids and making sure they are having a great year. >> if you hhve an idea for uu next family 411 segment, sent me an e-mail. still ahead, shine a light on a gooo time. maryland's brighter attractions3 later, rock out why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
8:24 am
[ male announcer ] the kfc double down. today is the day i double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
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p>> colon cancer is the most treatable kind of cancer. the founder of the semicolon >> good morning. >>good morning. >> it seems we hear more about colon cancer and verybody isú talking about the colons copy %-them on telings.eople doing i-- teeevision. issthere more awareness of it.ú >> thhre's more awareness. %-reaching the ageeof 50. you we are trying to stress if you have symptoms or family history doo't wait until the age of 50, incrrase. >> talk aboot your experience -nd knowing what to do so you can be beat this? >> well ome theettings you ave
8:27 am
%-attitude is very important. making suue that you stay on top of thinns in terms of testing, screenings. >> okay. >> proper diett proper exercise history. it's real important, because %-they may not have talked about issues that could lead to something like colon ccncer..3 ú% talk to me about the semicolon club and the semicolon crawl. >> the semicolon club staated by ú% with the idea aad premisee33 that i was trying to increase awareness and education about colon cancer. the colon cancer is the second deadliest form of cancer. %-preventable, one of the most beatable and one of the mostt treatable of all the cancers. ⌞> what is the crawl? started couple offyearssago. this will be the second aanual
8:28 am
waak to try to get people camaraderie and cause and purpose and just help get the word oottabout colon cancer and i called it a walk, because i'm too old at my age to be running. i think it allows us to take a little bit of competitiveness out of it nd ust have it ffr the right puupose. >> all right, we appreciate you coming in. we are going to put inforration at our website about when ann where and how people can still get involved, correct. >> correct. >> thank you so mucc. my pleasure. for more information about it, log on to you our website at coming up celebrate the end of summer with a slight vacation. the bridthe attractions you cann your wn backyard disp. hungry ascot.ú the side lin antics making headlines. you aae watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning. that's jjst
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
it is a transitional ay because it's kind of ackwards. ttoay we're going to head toward autumm but in comes warmer weether. temperatures are warming up already. 60 degrees in baltimore. 67 in alisbbry and 65 in %-land.own and 70 in occasion thaa is backwards. usually akland issthe coolest spot. it may bringgshowers our way as thh cold front pushes throogh %-80 degrees, rather hottfor ths day with thunderstorms possible. we will take a look at what you can expect for the rest of thee3 week and into the weekend in
8:32 am
just a minute. right now we will check innwith -auren cooke who has the traffic edge..3 >> reporter: thank you,3 sttve. we're dealing with trouble on route 295, there's two accidents one along the northbound lanes at route 100 and another one along the nnrthbound lanes at the beltway. speeds.e beltway, expect slow checkkng and taking a live look at liierty road. you will notice it's going to be packed along the outer loop lanes in particularr youure looking at a 21 pin ride wit22-minuteride. and do expect a lot of cop jetion her!!congestion here as 3 you're looking at a 23 minute ride. we are dealing with heavy congestioo on the norrheast corridor of 95, from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. you're looking at a 15-minute trip with an avvrage speed of only 15 miles per hhur. that's the traffic edgg rrport. here are the stories we are
8:33 am
ú%llowing this morning. a second suspect heads to trial accused of taking part in aú %-28 yeaas old matthew brown is hirrd for first degree easure -- is charged with first-degree murder. he is one of six people who planned porter's killing. he was shot in march as he to trial nd he was found guilty on monday. gop lawmaaerssvoted agaiist the defense bill that wooud have lifted the ban on gays serving openly in the millitary. it also included $725 billion in defense spending and pay raases for merrcan troops.ú narnlgtmajority leader harry es he illlbring up thh issue up again inna lame duck session after the november election.
8:34 am
security officers are told to ditch theeblonde weave. they were received a disciplinary warning from a supervisor sayinggthey would be written up and fired if they continued to wear blonde wwaves. one attorney says that texas is an at will state and employees can be told ow to dress andú look on the job, s long as the emplooer doesnnt base his rules on race or gender. it's the view from thh top. maayland's chesapeake bayy lighthouses this month. marring we from hmargo is here good morning to you. >> nothing is more beautiful than a lighthouse. i didn't realize there were so many at maryland. >> unbelievable. at one point there were 44 lighthouses around the baa. we currently have 24 and many o3 them are still open and you can visit them. >> are you going tooshow us many
8:35 am
and all of etails surrounding them. >> great. all riihty. >> we will take a look at some of these ppctures here.3 how bout this one? >> this is right downtown. 7-foot noel. >> right on the inner harbor. %-boat at the inner harbor.ave a ú%'s open and it's free, though they would looe you to give a donation.3 prominade and check out harbor eess. >> can you walk up to that? >> absoluuely, and check it out, beautiful. places in the bay.lly one of our this is thomas point out in anne arundel county. you can actually take tours. -an ou go to the annapolis marimaritime museum. >> moot of them were built in the 19th century.3 >> ike his one. ú% this is the second oldest in
8:36 am
this s at beautiful harvesty hy grace. >> this one is in st. michaels on the miles river part of the chesapeake mariiime museum. absolutely one of my favorite places. >> if you want more information on where toogo, there's the magazine and we can go through you ggys as well. >> absolltely go to our website at charms of the ccesapeake. >> if you would like more coming up get into the virgin mobile freefest on us.3 your chance to win a pair of tickets after the break. more than just victory.ú for the side line antics ta are making headdllnes instead
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back, 8:39 on this wednesday morning. we're looking aa dry conditions right now and sunshine out there.ú things may change asswe move into the latter part of the day. partll ccoudy the inner harbor. winds are calmm 70% relative humidity. bay is the dew point. the nummers are creeeing up a little bit s are the temperatures. that will allow for more unstable air mass out thhrr and the chance forra shower later in the day or even some thunder. 68 degrees the temperature in baltimoree much waamer than it was yesterdayyat thisshour. 78 in d.c. and 67 ii salisbury 65 n hagerstown and 70 in oakland. here isswhat is going to happen. we areegoing to get more of a southerly flow coming n ehind high pressure. and especiallyyfor tomorrow.
8:40 am
the humidity will be more nntable by then. heat will be climbing and the shower chances increase as the the a lot of the accivity will steer north. the humidity climbs tomorrow. it comes nother frontal boundary that brings us more shower chances as we head toward the weekend. saturday and into sunday showees around. here is whht we're looking for a hhgh temperature today. eastern hore, you should climb up to 66 degrees for the high %-breezy there ith es. the western start of the state to 88 degrees. we start with mostly sunny skies ú-cover later in the day. cloud3 a better chance of ssowers ouu theee and that would be earlier in the earll afternoon or early evening. a little warmer and 68 degrees tonight. 68 foo the low temperature, not very low, hen, ild night
8:41 am
with the evening showers and thundeestorms still before some ssowers after that. -nd then 89 tomorrow. turning partly cloudy and 81 on friday so the heat stays with us through the end of the workweee and 80 degrees, cooler,,for the saturday, shower chances increase, ssturday into sunday. just a 30% chance and cooler, though on sundayywith stew feegs %-for the avens-brown game.mm3 ú%%-now for a look aa whht is happening on the roadways. here isslluren cookeewith the track edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, we do have several accidents this morning. trooble on route 295 where we are dealing wwth two accidents, both along the northbound lanes, one at route 100 and another as you approach the beltway. if you are traveling on 795, we're dealing witt another accident here, right along the southbound lanes of owingssmills boulevard. un4 opportunitily we'runforttnaa slow speeds. it's going to be a slow go.
8:42 am
we're onny looking at 13 mills per hour along outer loop. nn reliee as we look over to parkkille. it's going to be slower. we do have some problems ii howard county. we're dealing with an accident along the westbouud lnes t route 32. another ooe along the eastbound lanes at interstate 70 at columbia pike. as we are heading west weere dealing with nother ttactor thatts the traffic edge report. ú%trice and megan, back to you.3 thank you, lauren. the hottest names at rock area. thh virgin mobile free fest is this saturday from 11:00 a.m. t3 10:00 p.m. >> we want to get you there for -ree. the 10th caller right now at (410)481-4545 is going to win a pair of tickets to ttat show. -or more information about virgin fest go to childhood huuner. how you can help the next time
8:43 am
and atee, take a look at this. what just happened there. the antics that are putting the focus on the sidelines at sporting event across the
8:44 am
8:45 am
dine out to end chhldhood hunger. the grill is opening soon at th3 inner harbor. the first weee theyyopen, they will be donating to the share our strength organniation whose mission it is to end childhood hunger. cheffdaniel baldwin is here wit3 more. good morning. >>you guys arrn't even open and you're talking abbut making donations. >> share a strength is a great organization and started in 1984. they have grown to an
8:46 am
organization have donated millions of dollars to hunger here in the united states..3 >> and you have anooher organization that you are going to be contributing. restaurants here in baltimore, ú%d thousands nationwide. you can log on to -nd find out if your favorite restaurant is participating. >> you won't b opee for another week, buu you will be donating next week.3 >> that's right, weeare finishing up tte coostruction at 1 east pratt. >> this is one of the featured p> thhs is one of our top sellers. we have hhre fresh hawaii number %-and this is our too selling ta anentree. >> how do we get this? >> e have the big bub bubba's b itts a blend of chilis, spices. >> you can't tell us exactly. >> that's correct.specialty.
8:47 am
i ill get in trouble. >> thht's right. we get the idea, though. >> and it smells ggod already and you haven't even put it in the pan. whaa am i smelling al alreedy. >> this is what highlights what we do at the grill. we use the freshesttingredients from across the country as well as local fresh ingredients and >> are you going to be steering this? >> we're going to be steerrng this aad starting that ouu in a pan. a little bit more rub on the other side and will you start to smell that right wwy. >> okay. >> you're lso smelling some of our thai flavors which are in the sauce today, thai cciiis and lime juicee >> you got people would terring you're not even open yet. >> our location is at the 1 east frat building just ne building east of the inner harbor. it's drawing a lot of attention. >> we don't have a lot of time. i want to make sure that you
8:48 am
sorr of get in what ou need toú this is -- and it's spinach. >> thii is a healthyydish top to bottom. oo course, everrone knows about -una, high in omeea 3 fatty disease such as alzheimee's. >> okay. >> as well as, lowerrng blood -iseass. and preventing heart >> okay. >> not to mention it tastes real good, too. >> weeonny have 0 seconds. you wwll wilt this down and after you do that. >> we don't cook it all the way. crrsppess and a little bit fof -hattgreat saute fllvor as well. >> that cooks real quick. -p>> right. >> we serve this withha low at3 and high enerry. >> terrific. >> of course, our wilted spina spinach. can't wait unnil you guys open.
8:49 am
it smells fantastic. >> you are going to enjoy this. >> daniel, it looks ffnttstic. get more information y ogging on to doosn't that look terrific! -p>> have a taste. >> i certainly will. ú% and we got great weatherr3 commng uu foo at least the part of the day today as we fiiish out uumer, but tten things change a little bitt i will tell you how they change in the seven-day forecast coming up..3 you are watching foxx45 m ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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the disruptions caused by ú%eep apnea may be foreign a mon ú%st neuuance. >> they have linked the when sleeping. a new study fooud middle age and older men with severe obstructed sleep apnea often have a risk of -tose who don't. ú%'s quite common affectinn 45% of men and 20% of women. aal were tested for sleep apnea the study found men ages 40 to 70 which severe obstructive sleep apnea had a 68% risk of developing heart disease like
8:53 am
coronary disease. the link was not ound for men older thann70 nor women. thaa is why they are keep researrhers to keepp3 investigating and doctors to ask
8:54 am
[ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪
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from firemmn like shi shinanaaans, some sportiig events are looking like circus rings. >> repooterr when a guy in -t took the left field to take him you on. watchhthis movee ú%ey cut to the chase with fanc3 foot work that earned him a standing ovaaion, even from
8:56 am
rivals. it could have been worss. earlier in the eason at tte very same stadium, a fan got tased for running out in the field. he imagined to elude the would ú% captorssand finally a pplice officer brought the 17--ear-old with a taser. about 30 seconds after he was tased, he was up and walking under his own powwr. none of them laughed as long as drew berry moore in pitch.. the outfielder didn't lift a finger to stop drew oo her way across he field to get to her boyfrienn. there's the sccurge of mat masc, at the ohio state roug roogh a!t looing his head. >> that is the aggressor who then attacked brutus in the end
8:57 am
zone. he had been planning this for years. >> honest to good that was the wholl reason i tried out to be the mascot. >> hh as fired at mascot and banned from ohio university athletics. noomaaly mmscots do silly things like dance to lady gag a and flirttwith the ump. but it was more a ove when an italian sausage got hit with a bat. >> it wasn't hat big of a blowú i think it'ssbecause i'm ss >> reporter: the batter randall simon was fined, susppnded three games and gave mandy the oogh autograph. the latestttrend is mascots eating people. >> wow! >> rrporter: at football there's even a facebook page can watch them spit out the you shoes. these days he basketball court
8:58 am
has become a food court for mascots. but who knew a pretty cheerleader cculd ause acidú reflux. >> me seen that. >> i know if i were a kid, i ú%uld probably be scaared for3 life. ú% i wouldn't want toogo to a game. >> watching shoes come outtof the mascot's mouth. >> riggt, they don't want the it on the post it. they are scared. get me out of here.ú >> our weather kid today was adorable. >> ramiere parker was terrific. looked the part and certainly sounded the part, too. he is only 7 years old. he is going to e a surgeon next year. >> the pressure will be 0.00. >> and falllng. >> he said to me, yyu know, i just won three contests and this was the most nerve-racking of all.3 i never felt more pressurrd.
8:59 am
i said i know how you feel, buddy, 800degreeesfor theú temperature today. there's going fob mor to be mre there's going to be showers and for the weekend. it's going tt be warm ooer the next few days before it cools down. >> to ur viewers because ofys, them. >> ongratulations to our crew who nobody ever sees but they are responsible for us. p> here is one of the creww he comes oo everyytime. ú% will see you guys tomorrow. p> have a great day.


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