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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 22, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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mall robberies, whhre they aae occurring and why police are warning shoppers. bad roads in baltimore. >> streets are bumpy and -verything. >> how mucc money they cost local motorists evvry year and how ttey rank against roads in other majorrcity. first day of fall is briiging a chance or some showers and thunderstorms. we're under a severe i have details innmy skywatch forecast. meet the two hollywood insiders who will be joining randy at the judges' table this %- hello, i'm jeff barnd. >> and i'm jennnfer gilbert. we have some severe weather hitting parts of oor area this afternooo. >> we start with chief3 meteorologist ytas reid for he very lateet on the watches and the warniigs. >> what better way it wrap up theeseason with severe
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thunderrtorms and that's kinn of associated ith summer of-like weather. evennthough fall egins at 11:0@ -entral maryland. we did have severe thunderstorm warnings for balttmore county, also caaol county and hartford county until 5:30 so those just havv exppred. @%ill we have gusty storms in northern baltimore county. %-uutil 11 o'clock.rms as well we'll conninue to monitor the activity out there. here's has going oo on ac radar scanning the xciseeup towards delta, straddling the border in pennsylvania and northern maryland. heavy rain and also we can continue to see maybe some lightening with this and ssme gusty wind and a few isooated showees justies of cockies little bit of shower activity buu nothing in the form of annthing severr right now in central maryland.
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more activity ovee towards pittsburgh and western3 aae going to be heading and also the hot temperatures, how long the heattwill sttck around shoppers are being warned to @%west mainland.opular mall in police say they've seep a recent spike in ccime. miles an hour ana? >> reeorter: police say ssnne the start of the year there havv been eight robberies here including oneehere at the target police say the laaest robbery@ happeeed on sunday at elite gold and diamond jewelry store where the robbers got away with $100,000 worth of jewelry and@ watches. investigators say tte criiinals to buy merchandise and then it's a trend they are seeing throughout theecity, not just throughout the maal. these are street--evel
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crimmnals. they are using weapons nd people are doing what they should do. if somebody comes up to you with a gun, you should give them what they nned. don't escalate the situation. identified suspects in some of the robberies. mall management released a statement late thii aaternoon saying they have added more seeurity officers here at the mall and they are increasing patrols in order to keep shoppers safe. we'rr liveein west baltimore,@ myranda stephens, fox 54 news at 5:30. >> thank yoo, miranda.3 city police are investigating a shooting in northeast baltimooe. investigators were called to bel air road just before 2:00 this morning. they found one man shot in thh neck and torso. - second was shot in the tpeupbger. police are looking forra %-edgewooo.attacced a woman in police say this man was in a ca3 withha female driver. the driver asked the victim if she wanted a ride. police say once the victim ggt3 in, the man robbed and tased her. the victim maaaged to escape, was treated and later released. if you have any information
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hartford county sheriff's immediately. aaself-pro claamed white supremacist accused of beating ppeads guilty tooay in couut as part of a plea deaa.@ police ssy lockner and two teens beat 77-year-old james privitt while he was fishing last yeer. police say lckner told them that this wouldn't have happened if he was a height man. underrthe deal, lockner ill spend 31 years behind bars. >> t's safe to say ttat ttis i3 a plea agreement that we feel street for 31 years. >> sentencing is scheduled for monday. two teees were also charged in the case, 16-year-old emmanuel miller was found guilty last year. -ase was scheduled to start next week but will probably be the process prosecution chhpping away agaiisttthree
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of former city council member kee hhrris. today the homicide detective who -esponded to the scene the night of the killing took the tan and discussed evidence like the mask aad jaccet found nearby.3 the defense questioned the way >> thisswas a very complex crim3 scene which was something i've maintaiied all along. it seems to me thht detective deal should have had he assistanceeof at least fourror five other hommciie detectives. >> tomorrow the focus should turn tt dna evidence tte state claims links the three to thh strikes a deal jjst as his 28-year-old matthew brownnwas -carged with murder and conspiracy in the death of prosecutors say brown was one of he was prosecuted in march. another suspect was found guilty killing of a aryland statee33
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cyril williams is facing the death of troopee wesley in brown. brown was wooking security at a3 prince george's county rrstaurant this past june when he was shot several times. @%so charged innthe murder. the case offhoward county teacher's aide accused oo sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl is now inn3 the happens of a judge this evening. prosecutors ay caal walker wrote 4 or 50 sexually explicit letters last school year. there's no evidence whatsoever abused the little girl ut prosecutors beeieve the law not onnl covers acts of physical abuse but emotional abuse as well. >> a former navy lacrosse player is among those killed in yesterray's helicopter crash in afghanistan. brenten looney was one of nine coalition serviie members3 -illed..3 looney grew p in silver spring and was ggaduatee f damassa
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high school. -e and his two rothers all played for the navy lacrosse team.@ bedbugs indeciie a frederick workers found the bugs living inside books at the book return drop at the urbanna branchh the library was closed so tte job. >> i've been here eight years and i've ever heard of this. >> in and out infected books are baking in the back of a truck as we speak. bedbugs don't takeetoo well to extreme temperaturee. toniiht?are the roads looking laurenncooke has our traffic edge report. >> thank you, jennifer. we are deelinn with several accidents in baltimore city, one on west baltimore stteet at north caarie street.@ no prrblems through the for the if yoo're traveling on the west side of the beet way we are
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deeling with slow speeds here at liberty rood. you'll notice the inner loop and outer loop is goinggto be very jam. speeds only clocking in at 23 mills aa hour there. asswe make our way up to the top road. fortunately you will see some rrlief on the inner loop as yoo make your way to parkviile. that's our traffic edge report, jeff and jjnniffr, back to you. -p>> thanks very mucc. the wait is finalll over. %-randy is he judges' table.. p> reaction to ttday's big idol press conference. >> repooter: 'mmjeff abell..3 just how bad are battle's roads? we'll lay it out in dollars and cents in a oment. >under a severe thundeestorm watch until 10:00 toniggt asswe
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-ornish coopany was resolvee..3 it wants ppnn national to stop fighting thhir plans to put slots t arundel mall. >> reporter: well,,they are3 still making plenty oo occupation ffr next week's opening and today members oo tte commission that approved the license ot a first hand ook at wwat's going on. there are plenty of bells and whistles, but at the hollywooo caasno in perryville, technicians are still tweaking thhse igh-tech slot machines -ore excited next week's planned ooeninn. >> thh best slots n tte east coass as far as the prooucts thaa'' out there. all new and it's all top notch. >> reporter: members of theeslot commmssson are also optimistic. people and generate millioos of dollars in much--eeded revenue. p> i thinn it's very
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attractive. it's what people are going to expect to see in ne f hese slots facilities. >> reporter: and slots -ommission chaarman on frey sayy he's hopeful the lingering dispute ver thhse ads both for and against the slots aa referendum will havv any impact fox 45 news aa 5530.uleddopening if you drive in the city, no baltimore's roads are in critical conditioo. but now we know how much tte bad @%aas are costing mmtorists. jeff abell standing by with thh it ddesn't sound so good, jeff. >> reporter: yyu're right. here in the baltimore metro area -nd hances are you'll feel a bump in the road. a new study shows that this area's roadways are the tenth worst in the country. @%conddtion and there's a price3 transportation research group,
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reeearchers eetimate motooists %-a yeaa n vehicle reeairs all because offbrokennroodways. go tt any auto repair shop and thaa annual priceetag comes as littte surprise. >> the streets are bumpy ann@ anythingg it's oinn to cost meesome money. >> t could damage our tires, the poo holls cause a lot off33 damage.@ >> repairs now, if you're not going to a ack alley mechanic, you''e going to a reputable dealership, they are going to charge you for parts and labor. >> reporter: while the report blames those poor roads on budget short falls and state budgets, and by the way, the city with the worst oods in the san josee california. jeef abell, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> hanks very much.
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fall begins tonight but it still feels liie summer out there. >> chief meteorologiit@ vytas reid is trrcking what could e some severe weather out there. >> we saa hot temperatures out there and ii's helling fire up theeatmosphere creating a lot f instability and lift in tte atmosphere. we're going o continue to see the chance for thunderstorms. @%t's talk about the changes in the season. autumnal equinox and that happenn tonight at 11:09 p.m. we have equal hoors of daytime 122hours and 12 hours but nonetheless we are going to see %-tonight. take place overnight do have srong storms that have bouudary out there. mooing over towards lancaster county, we'll continue to see that move over into chester county. nonetheless it's going to continue to give us achance for some showers and thunderstorms firinggup alonggthe frootal boundary. as we cootinue to see the %-thunderstorm.ome gusty
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the main threat is heavy rain,,3 lighhning and aaso the usty -inds anywhere from 40 to 60 mile an hour winds n this thunderstorm ell.@ we may have a potential for some more activity llter this eeeningg severe thunderstorm watch and peak here ffr central maryland until 10:00, eastern shore until 11 o'clock. you caa see the warnings still across the border inth here. dip down into the state so we this evening in the next severa3 hours to see if any of that will >> 94 in, 94 hagerstown, 79 in oakkand where the rain-cooled air as theefront approaches. it's really not going to change the temperattres much.@ we're still going tt be on the that should stay forrthe nnxtre@ several days here. tonight expect to see showers and thunderstorms possible. temperatures down to 7 deggeee. i'll have a closer look at how long thii potential severe weather will tick around and %-sticking around as well as we
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-et towards the weekend.3 forecast. own personalized forecast.f your iradar is is now available at go to so long simoo, kara and ellen.3 hello steven and jenniffr. tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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fox finally reveals the new look at the juuges sitting at the table for season 11 of "american idol". >> adam howwley s live in l.a. >> reporter::there's bben all sorts of names and rumors and everything's been thrown out in the last couple of months..3 it wasn't a huge surpriie when the judges' names wereefinally -nnounced but the table -- the head table -- able i shoull say for the judges' table of "american idol". @%%-ladies and gentlemen, miss -ennifer lopez.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: rock and roll icon steven tylee anddmusic-move they aae thrilled to joon one of television' top shows. >> it's being a paat f ssmething much biggee than yourself. i'm so excited to be here. i'm so excited toowork with all of you and watch you grow aad watch the journey that we'ree3 abouttto take tooether. >> reporter: the celebrity judges joined original and returning panel member randy jackson at the table. together they are takiig the competition toothe next level. the street crrd. >> i'm looking for tte nextt michael jackson. we'reelooking, like randy said, for the best "american idol" -ver.@ >> reporter: aal right.@ there was a couple of33 %-even though the judges' table wasn't so much of a surprise. the second thiig is a channe
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from "american idol" for the first tiie in ten yearss they are going to encourage singers to sing in their oon genre, so no more will you see a country singer trying to sinn r&b, or example. members of aerosmitt think of steven tylerrwalking this way and talking this wayy >> reporter: that's a good question. they asked jennifer lopez whht her husband mark anthony ttought abbut joining "american idol" and she was giddy aaout her steven tyler said something to tte effeet oo the band's idden @-thissis just another one fand ttose rides alluding to the band mmy not be so happp he'' leaving the tour to e on the show for thh next few months. >> very interesting. @%nighh.sley live in l.a. thank you. question oo the day. more likely to watch?jenniffe
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us know what youuthink. you can also sound off on facebook or send us a tweet. your response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10. after fouu interceptions and a loss, can flow flacco and the ravens bounne back
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