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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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how much a government official spent to redecorate his office,
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during tough economic times. >> some stormy weather moves in to maryland. how long it will stick around and when we could see relief from the heat. >> paying the price for a rough3 why city government is so upset cooditions. >> and slot machines in maryland. why the long wait is nearly over. >> live '02 highhdefinition,3 from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> ello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. severe thunderstorms rolled through several counties this evening.ttis is the scene in noh baltimore tonight as lightning lit up the sky. and earlier there were reports of storm damage near the maryland/pennsylvania line. >> chief meteorologist vytaa reii joins us with a firstly look at the sky watch weaahhr forecast. >> most of it occurrrd on the pennsylvania line and north of us. some activity lingering on the eastern portion of the state.
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and heading over to new jersey, where, actually the most severe storms are. nothing over baltimore right now. eastern shooe, watch until 11:00. as there is a few you scattered showers in the neighborhood. but not aaythiig too seeere in the state at this moment. going to radar, one cell near the bay bridge with rain in it. and activitt ttward chestertown. but it looks like it is really garden variety thunderstorms.ú few little rain oward churchill and lightning. not much. then over to new jersey this is where it is picking upp we have like a boww cho. that means the winds are strong. 50 to 60 milessper hour at times. in parts of new jersey. as this frontal bounnarr pushes in. how it will play out is thattit looks like the activity will continue to roll east. we got a brief heavy downpour in baltimore. buu it line moves to tte eastern portion of the state. to delaware. back west of us. relatively quiet conditions as we head into the overnight. looks liie temperatures will stay on the hot side of things3 through the ext couule of days.
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then it looks like relief is coming our way toward the end of the weekend. break it down for you, ccming up in the seven-day forecast. >> all right vytas. you can be in charge of yyur own personalized of the weather forecast. i-radar is available atú use the interactive tools to track storms down to your go to and click on iiraaar. >> first on fox tonight. it may have 11 offthe orst budget seasons in baltimore city official from spendinga thousands of dollars on a new office. pictures obtained by fox 45 news, show the renovated city office of former public workk director david scott. billed more than $20,000, to overhaul scott's 400 square foot office. the city office iicludes a stonewall, hardwood floors, zebra rug. he served in mayor sheila
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dixon'sscabinet and forced out this summer. new public works director has replaced the carved glass desk ú%th a more functional ne of his own. >> it is our duty to hold government accoontable and you can help us do that by joining our waate watch.ú if you see government wastee call our hotline (410)662-1456. you ccn also go to and click on waste watch. >> shoppers at one local maul are on high alert after a string of armed robberies. >> myranda steehens is here and said one of the robberies involved a lot of expensive jewelry..3 >> during the day, mondom min mall is bustling with hundreds of shoppers but police say that hasn't stopped criminals from robbing stores. >> it is one of the area's busy shopping centers but police say recently mondawmin mall has been the target for crime. >> this year we are seeing a spike. we don't know he what to attribute it to. >> police say since january, there has been eight robberies
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at the mall, including hits at the arret and pay less shoe stores, but most recent is on sunday whee robbers held up the elite gold and iamond jewelrr store,,getting away with $100,000 worth of jewelry and >> i am not shocked to the point mean, times are hard. when times are hard people get desperate. >> investigators say most of the robberies happen during the day. and the criminals often follow a specific pattern. >> there are some that pass notes. group of suspects that pass notes. others go in pretending to buy watches and produce some type o3 handgun or weapon. and rob the store.ú >> poliie say hey have identified suspects innsome of the robberies. ann they are now working with mall security to increase patrols. but officers ssy what ttey3 %eally need is the public's >> the malls are popular, crowded places. if people are, you know, frequenting stores and see3 suspicious activity that intelligence is vital to detectives.
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>>as for most of tte shoppers we talked to. they say the robberies will not deter ttem from going to thh mall. >> i guess i have to be there to stop coming.erience ii before i coming to the mall. >> but they will be more vigilant. >> i think, it is like anywhere else you have to be cautious and caaeful and attentive to surroundings. >> and in 2008 when the target store opened it actually gave baltimore police $300,000 to go toward surveillance. myranda stephens, fox 45 news a3 ú%:00. >> okay myranda thank you. the rosscution chipping away agaan. three suspects ccarged with the3 muuder of former councilmanken detective that responded to the scene the night of the killing took the stand and discussedú evidence like tte mask and jacket found nearby. the defense meantime questiooed3 the way he handled the crime scene. >> this was a very complex crime scene, which is something i have maintained all along.
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it seems to me, that detective deal should have had the assistanttance of 4 or 5 ooher homicide detectives. turn to dna evidence. state claams linked the three to this specific crime scene. >> one of the men aacused of beating an elderly black fisherman because of race pleads guilty today. ú%lvin locknnr pleaded guilty to assault, carjacking and hate crime as part of the lea deal. %--ames privilegevot while fishg last year. according to prosecutors, %-would not have happened if he was a white man. the deal will put lockner behind bars for 31 years. >> it is safe to say, this is a plea agreement that we feel good about because we will gee this person off the street for 31 years. >> sentencing s scheduueddfor in the case.
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16-year-old emmanuel miller found guilty last year. and 18-year-old zachary watson's case was scheduled to start next week. but it will probably delayed. >> a suspect accused in a murder-for-hire plot, striies a deal, just as his trial was about to bbgin. 28-year-old mathew brown was charged with first-degree murder and he conspiracy in the deathh3 of william porter. ú%own is one of six people that planned porter's killing. porter was shot to death in march. as heeopened his hess gas station in towson. another suspect is shaymus coil found guilty monday. >> howard county ex-teacher's aid accused of sexually abusing a i didn't-year-old female studeet is in tte hands of aú judge tonight. keith daniels reports on closing arguments in the case that cculd make historyy >> at the howard county courthouse, the case of karl walker. a wo-day trial with closing arguments just comppeted. prosecutors maary murphy and
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jennifer witnnsster moments after their last words to the >> no public comment on their3 argument but innide judge leisure's courtroom wednesday prosecutors talked openly. shed more light on walker's relationship with an 8-year-old girl. by revealing the cootents of dozens of letters,,and drawings the man gave to the third grader. my heart aches, when i am way another read, i do think about kissing you sometimes. but i would never do t. if you didn't wwat me to. prosecutors say alker wrote 40 to 50 passionate sexualll ccarged letterssto the girl. duriin his time in bryant woods elementarr last school year. another teacher found one of th3 letters. walker, now accused of sexual abuse, and attempted sexual abuse. at the time of the initial allegations, parents expressed their concerns. >> i as shocked.
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but, you knoo, the world is very different. people havv to be more careful. because, you know, you cannot find -- on't know everything about people. >> there is o evidence that the 38-year-old man physically abused the girl. but prosecutors say in court law not only covers sexual acts and touching, but aaso includesú other behaviors as well. and they ssy the letters speak for themselves. >> keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> welll with the absence of any in this ase, a guilty verdict woull set a precedent in maryland law. the judge is expected to have a verdict by friday. >> a federal grand jury indicts a glen burnie man for selling a 12-year-old girl for sex. prosecutors say did your win3 smith recruited the girl back in june. he promised her shelter and a prostitutes. among his policee ay smiih drove her from dc to nnw jersey back and forth,
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forcing herrto work, as aa3 ú%>> if you drive in the baltime area, roads that look like thhs, come as no surprise. the area has some of the worst roads in the country. but now a new study reveals whaa %--eff abell has the price tag3. tonight. >> listen closely. >> potholes unrepaired.ation. you have some people that may3 not see it until the last minute and they want to shift over and there is an accident. >> according to a new study are in poor condition. %-in the country. the 10thhworst >> streets are bumpy andd3 everything. but, man it will cost me money. >> there is a price to pay for rough roads. at auto repair shhps mechhnics forever see the results of all of those bumps n the road. >> one time this lady hit potholl and lose control and hi3
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somebody else. >> it could damage your tie rods, break your axles, potholes are causing a lot of damage. >> cost of repairs is soaring. transportation research group,%3 are spending an extra $603 a year on repairs because of broken roadways..3 >> they ost me for repairs. -> the study blames the crumbling roadways on budget shortfalls. untillthe econooy is jump started it could be a rough road ahead. jeff abelll fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well tonight a spokksperson %-transportation department is taking issue with the survey. saying that it covers the entire metro area. not just the city. and it is based on old data. >> we would say that it is not a fair representation of baltimore
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city. given the fact thattwe have foccsed and concentrate order our roadways. very, very mostly in he last and we continue to do thatt >> the survvy said the worst roads in the country, san jose, california. there are always fresh facessof courss on merican idol. but this year they are t the judge's table. adam joins us live inla where fox revealed who will sii next to randy this seaaonn adam hello? >> hh,,jeff. it was not a huge surprise, names thrown around for some -ime. but as you mentioned finally after months of speculation, tte final judges haveebeen set at the head ttble for season 10 of american idol. ladiessand gentlemen.
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>> rock n' roll icon stephen tylee and superstar jennifer ú%pez say they are thrilled to -oin one of tv's top shows. >> you know it is being a part of something bigger than yourself. -> i am so excited to be here. i am sooexcited to work with ll of you. to watch you grow, and watch the joorney we are about to take together. the celebrity judges join %-member randy jackson at thee3 together they areetaking the competition to the next level. >> between the heart and passion, and the treet, ttis is going to be a riihter scale event. >> iiam looking for the next michael jackkon. i am looking for -- we're looking for like randy said for %->> well there were no surrriss at the judge's tabbe. there wwre a couple of surprises how the show goes forward. singers are encouraged to sing in their oon genre so no country singing singing r&b and
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vice-versa..3 and no guest judges this year. for the first time in aanumber of yeers. >> what do the rest of the members of the great band from boston aerosmith have o say about tyler's new job, are they -elling him tt dream on or what? >> good analogy. ú%conference because a lot of us had not realized thereewas a rift going on bbtween him and the band. because he was asked abbut howú the band felt. and j-lo, how her husband ban felt. she wasshappy. and he was soar. they were on a roller coaster -or 40 years touring tte couutry and this was another one of those rides. but he felt overall they would be probably happy for him. >> i like this trio. all right. %-ttank you for the update on., american idol. >> and don't forget to watch american idol, of course, this january, only right here on fox 45. >> now, here is our question of the day. will the additton of j-lo and
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stephen tyler to american idol -0 percent say yes. 70 percent say no. robby writes on our website of courre it will mmke people watch. it is a matter of curiooity, but it ill never be the same without simon and paul l but tammy writes on facebook. it is going to be awesome, with the all star line up. go to and tell us what you ttiik. you can sound off through send us a tweet at fox baltimore. texttyour answer to 45203. and you can enter fox 45 a for yes, fox 45 b for no and your response may air tonight on the >> and action. at 11:00. >> a maryland filmmaker telling the gritty story f a man with a terminal illness. in our cover sttry tonight..3 >> also ahead. police chasing this car at ore we will show you how it all ends later on fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> looking for exactly this kind of bug. >> bedbugs, and books, the
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>> return library bookssare ussally checked for torn pages or covers. one frederick library books are being checked for bugs..3 >> a case of bedbugs left the book drop at the urbbna regional library closed since friday after they found bugs inside of reeurned books. >> urbana public library. here. supervisor discovered outside in the book drop friday thht prompted rederick county officials to spring into action.
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>> we were especially fortunaae because our circulation supervisor, whh was doing that task, used to work in the hospitality inddstry, so she was traaned in looking for exactly this kind of bug. elizabeth cromwell is the community relations manager for frederick county librrries. bedbugs discovered in books, she said, it is a firss.ú >> i haveebeen here eight years, never heard of this. my director has been in the %-career and never heard of this either. >> this is one of about half a dozen beebugs collected froo a couple of children books in the -rop off bin. those bboks and all others within that day, are now sitting in the back of this truck, baking. experts are telling the county, once the emperature reaches 120 degrees, it kills any remaining bugs. >> i think it is disgusting, and i hope that they don't come in my house. >> the product that we are using in the library system is called tempo 1 percent.3
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and ii is combined with teem, and ii is used throughout all eight of our uildings. we're told it is safe for people and for animals. except bugs. >> you have heard about bedbugs living the high life inú and infesting nike's flagshhp store. emmire state building, and a movie theater. but here, at the uubana public library, it appears fast ctinn employees, may have discovered those ugs just in time. >> tuesday morning all eight frederick county libraries were 10:00.parks, fox 45 news at >> a former navy lacrosse star is among those killeddin yesterray's helicopter crash in afghanistan. brian looney was one of nine he coalition service members killed. looney grew up in silver spring high school, attended the u.s.3 naval academy where he and 2 brothers all played for the navy lacrosse team.
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>> tomorroo republican leaders will unveil the pledge toúú%-mea where thee plan to do if they win control of conggess in november. the pledge includes permanently eetending all tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year for people of all income levels. giving small businessss a tax ú%duction eeual to 22 percent of their income. and reeealing and replacing the president's health care reform return to republican policies thaa have failed. for a more detailed look at the pledge to america. go to links. the lattst on the mid term elections. go to >> one week ago he operators of a slots casino iincecil county threaten to delay opennng the ú%sino until a dispute with the cordish company was resolved. they wwnt to stop fighting the
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plans for the slots at the mall. but as john ryyell reports, penn national is ready to move ahead with theecasino opening. >> there are plenty of bells and whistles, but at the hollywood ccsino in perryville, the high tech slots. but the operators arr growing more exccted about next week's planned opening. we are convinced we will have the best slot loor on the all new and top-notch. >> members of the state lots they say this casino will employ 350 people and generate millions of dollars in much needed revenue..3 >> it looks like it is operational and ready to go. it is attractive. what people are going to expect to see, in one of these slots facilities. >> we are one of the first. >> penn national owns the casino has been criticized for its role in trying to defeat the slots referendum at the mall. cordish company that wantt o
10:24 pm
put slots in arundel county claims penn national has violated the terms of the licensing agreement ot to interfere with the operations of another casino. >> the chairmmn of the slots location committee said he is hopeful that the liigering dispute over political ads for ú%e sloos referendum at arundel mills will in any way impact the scheduled opening of this casino. >> we would certainly not like to see a delay in this one. and we are commission elt %-decision with respect to arunl mills. >> decisions soon to e deciddd by arunnel couuty voters. but here at hollywood casino in perryville opening day now set for nexx thursday. in cecil county, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and maryland'' attorney general's office is expect to issue a opinion on whether penn3 national should be fined in the active rrle in appointt slots at arundel ills. >> how this very high speed
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continues. >> and action. >> the race against ime to complete a movie about a man with a terminal illness. >> ww aae looking at thunderstorms that pushhd through the area. dropping heavy raan in s
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>> a local director with an eye for drama always thought he could tellla great story about the disabled. the person he found turned out to be someone he knows all too well. >> ann with a main character's terminaa illnnss progressing it3 issa race against time. joel d. smith has tonight's cover story. >> this is the work of filmmakeú patrick o'brienn he hassdone shows for mtv, spike, nd others and this stylish brash director wanted something more. a masterpiece that would stann forrsomething. and patrick thinks he has found it withhan a.l.s. patient willinn to reveal it all with the cameras always rolling. you may think finding someone so opennto document every grueling mmment of this fatal disease would be difficult. but that was the asy part. >> beccuseein this behind the
10:29 pm
scenes footage patrick is not the one standing up near the camera. >> my nammeis patrick. >> yes, inside of this nowwstoic facade is still the active these amazing images. and watched firsthand as his way of ife slowly and sadly fade adwae. the disease, is that you go from being a walking talking acttve person in your community,,in your life, to slowly losing function of your body. and your brain. it is still there. so it is always still there. >> lou gehrig's disease s people older. patrick was diagnosed when he was 30. he knew the average life span was two to ffve years, but inssead of wallowing in pity, he got to work. >> documenting everything, no maater how personal, or at times life threatening.
10:30 pm
his sister wendy recalls when oneenight they had to call for an ambulance, because e was not >> so i am documenting him, of course i am crying. and he is like turn the camera and i am not like i am not turning it round. and that's the kind of crazy guy he is. >> wendy remembers when they first got the news he had a.l.s.. they were rooting for another fftal disease. >> we were hoping for,,you know, hiv. hoping forranything, you knoo, that would not be this. >> because this methodically kills the motor nnurons in your body until you cannot mmve them any more. and any of them. >> he edittd one of the shortt3 gestures in his thumb. then another with the eyebrow. now he is using just eye balls. patrick to move a cursor ands communicate, eventually, when i asked him about the film prooress it takes him a few minutes to type just one letter. but eventually he answers.
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expectations for the finished product. and believeesit ill raiss awareness and money to fighh the disease some day. but he now knows he will likely ú%ed help to complete it. >> this is now critical new moment where that is -- he sees it as a possibility. >> i asked him how much is llft? he can move the eyebrows up fr yes nd mouth to the side or no. >> more than 60 percent? done? that's a lot. more than 90 percent done?úú%no. >> windy said most a.l.s. patients eventually die from3 breathing probllms. the respiratory system fails and that's it. patrick decided to get a tracheostomy that means this macciie breathes for him now. and his life can continue.
10:32 pm
she said he wants to keep liiing to see his son shaun about to turn three. and for the completion of literally his lifees work. >> i don't want this to be a -ostmortem. i want im to be alive, go to the oppning. big screen, to have him be there, to have him live the3 other side of making this. it has been what has kept him going and i want him to be the movie star, the director ttat he used to be. >> however it finishes, patrick knnws it cannot be the traditional version of a happy ending. but it can still be a powerful one. and after all he has beenú through, worrying about the finnshing of a film, is a welccme feeling he hopes everyone can appreciate. 10:00.l d. smith, fox 45 news at >> here is where we all coom n. if you would like t contribute to help pptrick finish this movie, just go to
10:33 pm links. >> next on the news at 10:00. controversial statement from president obama. about a terrorist attack right here on u.s. sool. >> and the way ttis high speed police chase ended. after the break. ú% >> looking at thunderstorms %-weewill see heat back in play for tomorrow. with some sunshine. how long it will stick around, close to the 90s, coming up in the 3
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>> we have about half an hour left of summer. that's it. >> countdown, man. couutdown. is it sad to you? >> kind of saa but i love autumn. >> we have the thunderstorms.ú summer thunderstorms. >> no, actuallyyit is good. i love fall. i love the faal season. >> you are mellodramatic.ú >> we rounded out summer with theethunderstormm. you know, and the heat..3 it is kind offlike summerrliie weather. but all changing. fall is back in play by the weekend. talking about what is going on out there. we have a cloud breaking actually. saw dramatic lightning as we see the heat lightniig with all the volatility in the atmosphhre..3 looking at 76 degrees right now. winns are cclm. humidity levels at 67 perceet. we will continue to see mainly ú%e clouds breaking through the overnight. we will get suushine in the
10:37 pm
picture for tomorrow. high toped out at 91. -ow folks look at the normal temperatures. we should be at 76. well above normal as that high pressure sitting over the atlantic brings in the southerly flow. taking the temperatures up. looking at record number of 99 back in 1931. so ww did not quite break a record. but nonetheless still in the 90s well above where we should be. low this morninggwas 61. precipptation none to talk about as we didn't get anything doontown for the immediate area. but some spots. but some areas did get heaviee rain. so some folks got heaaier rain in norrhern baltimore county arundel couuty, but some measurable rain out there. goodbye summer, looking at fall. autumnal equinox beginning at -1:zero 9:00 pm. so just in a little bit. probably alf an hour. see thh season changing out there. moving into the north. we are still seeing mild air south of us, in the 70s, across the state. we will still see that arm flow. here is what is happening in the
10:38 pm
bigger picture here. cooler temperattres back northwess. we have the sick. 70s, 80s..3 80s south as well. why? we have a cold front ouu here. that was kind of sliding down out of the north accoss pennsylvania. but retracting down like this. and ittwill wrap back up. so what we will see he happen is -old front moves down, helps to fire off the thundeestorms. and behind ittis warm front %-of the midwest to the greatrts lakee. so see that hot air build in for -omorrow. %-until the next cold front arrives from the plainssin the midwest. that will drop the temperatures back into the regular range where we should be. tommrrow looks like clearing not a lot of activity out there. there is the warm front stretching up to parts of michigan.ú%the cold front west o into friday afternoon and evening. then the front gets closer.ú and we will start to see the changes occur through the week. so eastern shore lookinggat the temperatures tomorrow, 87 degrees. plenty of sunshine for the central portion of the state. much of the same..3
10:39 pm
and then the western portion of the state. looking at the temperatures around 89. so brushing thht arouud 90 degrees. so 69 degrees tonight. mild temperatturs tomorrow..3 plenty of sunshine. hot. 89 o 90. shows 91 friday. 81 saturday. sunday mossly ccoudy. 71 with cooler air moving in. next chance for rain monday night. ú% take a look at this police chase in southern florida. the white toyota has four3 burglary suspects inside t3 reached more than 100 miles per %-before police hit the car sending it into a parked car. look at that. mmn tried to makeea bbeak for %-but police used taser to subd, at least the drivee and 1 passenger..3 >> new book by bob woodward is reigniting aaheated debate in obama's war, goes inside of the decision making process as the president decided on his afghan
10:40 pm
%-the white house said the debas in deep division about war strategy in the book are nothing new but administration critics are taking issue with some oo the key quotes, like the president saying this country can absorb a terrorist attack. that we were even able to absorb 9/11. and it made s stronger. >> the nntion that a president would say that, in that kind of ú%llous and just utterly robotic say, i think, is yet further indication that obama simply is not qualified to be commander and chief..3 >> now we will have mmre fall the "late edition" at 11:00. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00. the small mistake that reeulted in thousands of people planning to go to a teenager's
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>> annual flu vaccinations may prevent agginst heart attacks. doctors at uk studied thousands3 of patients 9000 had a flu shot.
10:44 pm
they found the risk of hhart attack was reduced by 20 percent for those that got the vaccinntion. >> the incidents of heart attacks were reduced, but benefit in preventing hhart3 attacks, i think, that yet is to be proven. certainly the study did not, to my satisfaction, show that. anybody that has any kind of cardiovascular disease get the flu shot. >> and the american heaat association recommends flu shots for people with heart disease and other reeated ailments. >> one british teener may have gotten more than she bargained for when she posted a birthday invitation. >> now she has thousands of rsvps. >> for the 15th birthday her mom said she could invite 15 friends for a parry. well 15 guests is ow 21,000.
10:45 pm
affer the british teen%-ccidentf facebook, to celebrate her big day. rebecca said he did not mean to make the invite a public eeent but shortly after posting the vin have itation to the oc seven party to the entire social networking website the response3 started to come in. requure party is officially canceeled and her parents took away her computer and internet privileges. will be lucky to get a birthday card froo her after this. facebook said in a statement to a uk aper that clear tools aalows you to control and see who responds o events you create on the site. frienn of ours. on facebook. just go to baltimore. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> ravens of course looking toú bounce back after a dis
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>> final look at the seven--ay forecast. it looks like for tomorrow, another sunny day w plenty of warm temperatures out there. at 89 degrees. right around 90 almost. get to 91 friday. kicking off the weekend with saturday partly cloudy. 81. cooler air back in the pick..3 feel mooe like fall. looking at 71 on sunday. mostly cloudy ssies. looks like the rain may hold off
10:49 pm
if we are lucky. so won't bother us with the game with he bronx. monday, tuesday, wednesday, chance of showers. but next couple of days, still summer. back to you. >> thank yyu, vvtas. >> ravens looking for a bounce back sunday. >> bruce cunningham joins us in "sports unlimited", to tell us how badly they want to hit he field looking for redemption. a recmong, sunday. ú%uce? >> cominn up on "sports unlimited". the ravens are budget for sure on over the loss to the bengals last sunday. you will hear why they say things will be different sunday against the browns. cornerr were the weak spot before the season and now playing as well as anyone in the leegue. and even stronger. and terps land a high profile opponent in the future..3 we will have the details. "sports unlimited" starts right now. >> it has been a long couple of days, for the ravens. for their loss to the bengalsa and then a


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