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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 23, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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well in back to fox 45 early he dig. -'m paarice harris. is here tt talk about the first daa of fall. we will talk about the heat. yesterday we ot into the 90s and we will lightning strikes last night. not real eventful with egard to rainfall because there wasn't much withhit. >> but there as a storm damage. p> not a lot of rain, but what is weigh wit we need out of it . just a trace of rain at some spots. as a result. moisture in some places, we got the fog in places. mild with all the warm air in place with that instability wil3 be with us. it will be a dryyone we think.
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74 degrees in baltimore and 73úú salisbuur and in hagerstown. 66 in oakland as we see the showers anddthunderstorms move offfto the east. we had some severe thunderstorm warnings last night and they have obviously dissipatee now. but the heat will be with us today and so will the humidity, too as temperatuues climb to 84 degrees by noon. and thenn85 degrees at 6:00 p.m. after hitting height of 899at about 3 or 4:00 this afternoon. noo to see what is happening on the roadways as you head out this morning. she has the raffic edgg, lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. many of you waking up in to storm tree damage. the eastbound lanes at piney hill road will be shutdown. you will want to stick with harford road as your alternate route. dd watch out for another downn3 tree, hicks road that is a bad alternaae. another one at girding road.3 youudo want to stick with route 138 as an alternate route. as you take a look att183,
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nothing tt get in your way at warren road. %-noothbound and southbounddlans just fine. that will be the same caae if you are traveling on the northeast corridor of 95. you're look at a 5-minute drive, with annaverage peed of 45 miles per hour. no problems to report traveling through tunnels from the fort mchenry tunnel to he beltway, you're lookth a looking at an 1e ride, an average sseed of 53 miles per our. that's theetraffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank ou, lauren. 5:32 now on fox 45 early editiin. a provision of the new healthcare law takes effect today offering some healt help r americans, but still many are %keptical. >> reporter: this affects everyone of us..3 thousands offamericans are hoping to get relief when it comes to healthcare. some worry rear we are going toy
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forrthis other ways. theepatienttprooection and aafordable care act goes into effect today. here is what it means to yyu, starting right now insurance3 compaaies ill no longer be permitted to exclude children because of preexisting health conditions. insurers won't be allowed to impose llfetime limits on benefits. and children up to 26 years old will be allowed coverage on their pareets coverage. included in he new benefits, col no, sicolon scopies, and ma. the costs are going up and i don't think it's any surprise that democrats re not running on this bill. >> right now 20 states are suing the federal government over this law claiming it's unconstitutional. some lawmakers re concerned about how to pay for all of %-it seems the majority of americans are worried, too. listen to this, a new rasmussen poll shows 61% of likelyyvoters
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%-the new healthcare law.ealing that is the highest level of opposition we have seen last may. live in federal hill this morning. megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. a string of robberies at mondaamin mall have people exercising caution. therr's been eight robberies at the maal since last yearr the most recent happened on sunday. the suspects held up a jewelry with hunnred hundre $100,000 woe merchandise. most of the rooberies happened during date and the criminals follow a pattern. >> there's a group of suspectss3 that pass notes. otherr go in pretending to buy3 watches and produce some type of handgun or weapon and rrb the store. >> police say they have identified suspects in some of the cases and they're working with mall officials to increase security officials and the number of undercover officers on hand. howard county police on the look out for a man whoothey're
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burglar.g to as the preppy -hey say surveillance footage shows the suspect breaking into a home on highland on september 14th. anyone with information is asked to contact howard county police at 410313-stop. a $500 reward is being offered for information leading to an ú%rest. police arress a colombia man wife. he fatally stabbed her in her columbia condo. -hite was injured in the blaze and had been under police guard %-he is now being held without bond. a white supremacist involved in tte death of a fishermmn pleads guilty. police say he and two teenagers attacked 77 yyars old jaaes
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privot back in august of 2009 wwile he was fishing. according to prosecutors, lockner told police that it wouldn't have happened if privot was light..3 >> it's safe to say had a this is a pleaaagreement we feel very good about, because we're going to get this person off the lockner is scheduled toobe sentenced on monday. immanuel miller was found guilty last year, and the other one's trial was expected to start next week but it could be delayed. they accuse a nearby steel mill f a polluting their property. a lawsuit says that they have contamiiated their dooks and ú%pair yard with materials. they want them to cover the costs and to plac prevent the
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pollution. a new study raaks the baltimore roads the woost 10th in the nation costing drivers extra time and extra money. joel d smith is live with the results of the stuuy and rebut arebuutal. >> reporter: you ask drivers, they're not surprised. we got a gentleman with me3 again. you drive these roads a lot and you have had unfortunate times, haven't you? >> i drive every year and in the past six months, i spent $600 tt replace the rack in my automobile from the miserable streets in baltimore city. >> reporter: so yyu hear the numbers, you're not surprised. >> the best oads are jacksonville and atllnta, but the problem is where is the money to ffx all of this stuff. we had stimulus money that ffxed all of the roads but are you
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optimistic that things will change. >> the stimulus money should have taken the money anddmade things right, especially the roads. >> reporter: a few didn't get worked on? >> of course, they always slide money to do other things, but when it come down to things that they tend to neglect thaa.3 >> reporter: the only thing yoo can say is when you go the same route you find a wwy too drive around the potholes. >> yes, you figure out a way to drive around the potholes. >> reportee: the best thing you can do and try to dooge. the study says that it takes $600 in a year. this guy tooo a couple of weeks, maybe a onth. >> that's a bite out of the wallet you don't want to spendú on car repairs because the roads are bad. %-that is talking about the depreciation and everything else, not just hitting tte pothole and having to do a quick fix. guys like that spend more than
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that and guys thaa don't spend as much it averages out to $600 in baltimore. thank you, joel. coming up a maryyand film maker telling the gritty story of a man with a teemiial illness. p>> and action. >> his race against time. and stormy weather last night brought ssrong winds more than it broughh needed rainfall. heat will be up estax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax.
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a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. think you are as funny as
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fox? if you are, then you can laugh aal the way to the bank. %-tomorrow aad up for grabs tons slide hd flip camera, wii
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gaming console.ú you can atch all of the shoos here on fox 45, heck out new episodes of glee, and raising hi, patrice. we are look at hh hd radar. as e look at the area not looking as active. we had some showers moving off the eastern shore and into the atlantic ocean, you see some of those showers moving toward the north and east. ú%ck o the north and west, they will steer around a ridge of high pressure aad not really bother us today t wil. it will be a hot and humid day. the temperatures climb to the near 90s. a mild start. %-in d.c., 68 in salisbury thei7
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64. we willlsee the ttmperatures climb as thh frontal bounnarr stayy to the north. that cold front brings the showers to the west northwest part of the state in the afternoon. a remote chance there.ú everybody else should stay dry but the humidity will be climbing. it will bb dry with regard to rain, but it will be feeling wet in the atmosphere in terms of the humidity value going up. the cooler air moves in to tte north and that is going to bring in temperatures that will be more comfortable as we toward saturday, low 80s then and we will get the cooler ir ú%anwhile tropical gretionnliian lisa, just a shadow of herself. not as strong as she was earlier and it will be making its way to the north and staying away from the u.s. mainland. so she is not an issue as many lislisas have been in my life.3
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northwest out of 10 miles per hour. central part of the state, 89 degrees, mostlyysunny, northwest wwnds becoming southeast at 5-10 miles per hour. back to the west, look for a high temperature 79 degrees. and 84 degrees by noontime and 85 at 6::0 p.m. after getting to the high of 89 t 3 or 4:00 this afternoon. tonight, mostly cllar skies, 68 degrees forr he overnight low, soutteast inds at 5-10 miles per hour. temperatures ccimbing tomorrow, and mostly sunny, cooler on saturday, 82 degrees, partly sunny and 72 oo sunday with just more clouds.3 it looks like we stay rain-free for the ravens game..3 things are shhping up a little more now. 72 degrees on monday, latt showers and 78 andd77 for the tuesday and wednesday.úú%i wond? letts see where lauren cooke is3 now. she has the traffic edgee lauren. >> steve, you crack me up every single morning. for many of you in baltimore county yoo are waking up to
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storm damage. we are dealing with several fallee trees in mon ii monkton. you want to stick withhharford road as an alternate route. anothee fallen tree is going to hicks road instead. another own industry at wesley chapel road. so sttck with route 138. if you're traveling the harrisburg expressway, we're looking at 61 miles per hour along the southbound lanes at york road. no problems to report on the %-where roads are movinn justoa. fine. sheehere is a look at liberty r, we're dealinn with several acccdents in addition toothat storm daaage. watch out for a crash at the howard baltiiore county line at tte patapsco river bridge and another accident along the southbound lanes of route 295 just as you approach inte ♪
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a local director with an eye for drama always thought he could tell a great story about the disabled. the person he found turned out to be someone he knows all too well. with the main characttr's terminal illness progressing, it's a race against time. joel d smith hhs rough cut.
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>> reporter: ♪ ♪ this is the work of film make3 pptrick o'brien. he has done shows for m t.v., spike and others, but this waated something more. ♪ -7 a masterpiece that would stad and patrick thinks he finally ffund it with an lsspatient willing to reveal it all withú the cameras alwwas rolling. you might think someon findiig e sooopen to document this grueling disease would be difficult, but that was the easy part. behind this scenes footage, patrick is not the one behind theecamera. it's the other guy. yes, iiside of this facade, is theeactive creative mind that put together these amazing
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images and watch firsthand as his way of life slowly and sadly fadd add way. >> wha -- faded away. >> what is so startling about the disease is that you go from pprson in your coomunity and life to slowly losing function of your body and your brrin is3 still there. it's always still there. >> reporter: lou gehric's usually affects people muchalled older. patrick was diagnosed when he was just 30. he knew the lifespan was 2 o 3 years, but instead of wallowing in pity, he went to work matter how personal or at times life-threatening. his sistee recalls when one ambulanceebecause he wasn't breathing right. >> documenting him, i'mmcrying. he said turn the camera around. he said turn the camera around. >> eporter: when he remembers when they first got
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the news patrick got als. they were rooting for annther fatal diseaae. >> we were hoping for iv. we were hoping for anything, you know that wouldn't be thiss reporter: that is because this methodically kills the mooor neurons in your body until you can't move thee anymore, an3 of them. >> he eddted one of the and theú he edited one of his shorts, d now hh is at the point where he is using his eye balls. >> reporter: this technology and communicate. when i asked him about the few minutes to type one letter but eventual will he h anssers. >> reporter: he still has high expectations ffr the finished product and bllez it wil--believes it will raise awas to fight the disease. he knows he will need help to
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>> this is the critical new moment where he sees it as a possibility. >> sometimes you can't make ends -- ors i aake. >> reporter: i asked him how much is left. he can move his eyebrows aside for yee, and his mouth for no. you got is it ore than 80% %-is it more than 90% done. the respiratory system faiis ann that it. yous testimoniy!!!tracheaostomms machine breathes for him. >> he want him to be alive. i want him to go to the opening, big screen to have him beethere,
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to have him live the other side of making this. it's been what has kept him movie star, the director, you know that he used to be. >> reportee: hhoever it finishes patrick knows it can't be the traditional version of a3 happy ending, but it can be a has been hrough, worrying with -he fnishing of a film is a3 welcome feeling he hhpes3 everyone can appreciate. >> iim sorry. ú%u may never have them again. >> well, coming up later on fox 45 morning news, keeping harmful contaminants out of a chill's ú%ach. and they alllcame back with high amounts of blood. the items that tested positive for cadmium and lead. later the ravens droiiiid.
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good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. it's bb a lon been a long coupls for the ravens. on monday they stiewd ove stewei loss. and it's the nfl and any given day but thh loss to the bengals hurt. they left thinking they were a better team, but the scoreboard hurt. this game brings the browns home. they are looking to get things back on track this wwekend. >> right now we aae at a point you know. we hit a i will stumbll, but as a team, we are going to regroup. one thing we know is we have guys to get ii collect it. the point thing is we look at
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when eelook at the film, we ú%ok at it together. >> i'm not worried about joe. joe is a confident guy. he is oing to boouce back. there's going toobe weekk when we are going to have -- we got joe's back ask we know that there's games -- it's not consistent thing. he is going toobe a great quarterback. headed into the season, quurterback was supposed to be a weak spot and yesterday he got even stronger, this guy, veteran terry williams who played reinstated by the nfl after serving a two day suspension. ttere was an incident with a significann other. clear how williams will be used initially but he will see %-veteran safety ken was releasd to take williams roster spot. meannhile he is one of the area dynamic of the membees.
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ú% won't hear from him. he is ttrough talking to the media until the end of the season. itts a pity, beeause he is a really bright guy whoowon the when assed him, what his policy3 show, he will keep his radio show. the maryland terrapins have landed on a show series with onn football.ú the texas longhorns will agree the terps play at home that year. both games will be season opener. they do have a history with the longhorns winning ll three previous meetings, the last was ú% 1978 at the sun bowl. that's your morning sports. i'm bruce cunningham, ffx 45 morning news.., no matter where you're rom, we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us photoss3 go to and click on the community features
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section. improving security at largeour, institutions. whattis realistic for facilities like john hopkins hospital. and healthcare reliif is said to go into effeet today. i'm megan gilliland. why so many are opposee o it. away is worse the roads in i'm
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