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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ú% parts of health carr eform kick in today. >> and you're able to gee the the chhnges you wwll see immediately. the stroots ar!! streets ard everything. paying the price for a rough ride, how much more you're spending becauss of baltimore's it's so easily found and collected but turned into energy is a great idea. >> harnessinggtheepower of your pet, how one device is turning waste into energy.
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good mooning. it's thursday, september 23rd. i'm patrice harris. we want to get over to weather.3 meteorologist steve fertig is here wiih our fist look at fall. >> as the stormy night, it looks like we start with somm mild temperatures, no storms, though. ann just temperatures that will be climbing once agaan toward the 90-degree marr. we're at 73 degrees at baltimmre, 68 in salisbbry, 68ú in agerstown. as you can see the sky hd radar -ndicating the howers moving ú%e stoomy weather is gone and in its place we get the heat plus humidity and a little bit of fog this morning as a result %-the frontal boundary stays to the north. here comes the heat and humidity again. near 90s nd 90s tomorrow and cooler air moves in for the weekend. things are hot, near 90 today and tomorrowwcooling on saturday the 70s and the showers bb the beginning of next week. what is happening oo the roads right now? lauren cooke has the answer with the trafffc edde.
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lauren. many of you in baltimore county are wakinn up to storm damage. we dealing with many fallen trees in monkkon. fortunnteelee one hallyone has m and another on wesley chapel road at girding road so you want to stick with route 138 insttad. expressway, nothing to get in it's wide open. this will be the same case if you are travvling the northeast corridor of 95, from the whitemarsh to the beltway, you're lookinggat a 4-minute trip, all is clear traveling through the tunnels rom the toll mchenry tunnel toll to the beltway. and from the hhrbor tunnel toll 295 that, will take you 9 minutes,,there's n average speed of 25 miles per hour. that's the traffii eege..3 >> reporter: . patrice, back tpatrice, back toú %--aw brings new consumerth care
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protections, help that kicks in today. %-fedeeal hill with ore on what this eann tooyou and why some are opposed to it. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. ttis affects everyone all across baltimore and across the americans set to get relief today and it souuds pretty ggod ú%t many are worried who is going to paypor it all. starting today the patient protection and healthcare act goes into effect. it's six months after the president signed it into law. insurance companiis will no longer be permitted to exclude children because of preexisting health conditions..3 insurers will not be allowed o impose lifetime limits on benefits. and children up to 26 years old will now be allowed covvrage on their parent policies. it's a step president obama is says it's important for the 20 somethings struugling to get a
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full-time gig. >> you are not going to llse you have an accideet. >> also included in the new benefits, co colon copies, and mammograms and procedures that are coverrd.3 in fact, 20 states are suing the federal government over the llw. some fla lawmakers are concernnd about how to ppy for all ofúú%t. with them.ty of americans agree according to a nee rasmussen poll,,61% of likely voters across the uniteddstates favor thht the highest level of ú%position we ave seen since last may. liie in morning in federal hill, i'm megan gil gilliland. fox 45 morning news. testimony in the ken harris murder trial is expected toú focus on dna evvdence today. prosecutorr say the evidence is
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suspects to the crrme. yesterday the prosecution contiiued to chip away at the suspects all accused of murder. the homicide detective who respooded to theescene the night of the murder took the stand. he discussed several pieces of evidence found earby including a mask and a jacket. the defense, however, questioneú the detective's handling of the crime scene. >> this was a very complex crime scene which is something i have maintained all along. it seems to me, that detective beale should have had tte assistance of at least four or five other homicide detectives. >> the trial is expected to last at least a month. a man accused of taking part in a murder for hire plot strikes a deal just before heading to trial. -8 years old matthew brown pleaded uilty to first-degrre murder on wednesday. prosecutors say he helped to plan the death of william porter who was fatally shout ouuside of his to yoo shone ga!!towson gas.
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a sentessinsentencing date has % schedule. a prosecutoos ay karl wwlker wrote at leass 40 love nooes to an 8 years old while working at brianwood elementary. hhs laayer argued there was never any physical abuse, but pprsecutors say the law covers emotional abuse as well. if found guilty, walker's case will set a precedence in investigators say they have new jersey doctor accused of performing illegal abortions n maryland. brigham is acccsed of mistreating a canadiaa woman who received an abortion of a nearly full term fetus. court ocuments allege that dr. brrgham started the procedure in new jjrsey, then had the paaiint drive herself to ú%prosecutors are trying to have the doctor's license suspenddd. two maryland physicians accused
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of helping him have alreedy suffered the same fate. baltimore area, this probably comes as no surpriie.3 the area has some of the worst roads in the country. now a new study reveals what bad roads are costing ddivers. joel d smith is live in north baltimore with that price tag. good morning, joel. >> reporter: gooo morning, paariie. good morning, everybody. baltimore there's bad roads here and there, but actually looking at how bad they are from an independent resource that, is differentt and the ones here aren't even the worse we hhve seen everywhere. here is the numbers, 600 year for vehhcle maintenance. aae the 10 worst innthe country3 46% of them, almost half have the pavement in poor condition. really the payment you have oe make for tear and wear and the depreciation of the vehicles oo this omes from tripp, a
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national tronportation research group. things are going to get worse becauss of the economy. ww are talkinggabout tte baltimore. a person for the transportation depaatment says that the data they used is old 2008 and itú included the me approximate trougentire metto areaand ot j. >> it'' not a fair representation, given tth fact that we have concentrated on our roadways in the lass three years ask we continue to do that. %-looks bumpy because accordingo the u.s. department of transportation in theenext 15 years it'sin goiig to cost $188 billion to fix all of the roads..3úwhere does baltimore rd atlanta and jacksonville justhb.
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one percent of the roads in ad condition. joel d smith, fox 45 morning -ews. i don't what is worre that story or this story. some creepy crawll critttrs invade a maryland library. they found bed bugs in bookk. this is one you are going to see it abbut a alf a dozen bugs collected from a couple of children's books in the drop off those books and all the others within that day were bait in the back of a truck. ú%survive in tempeeatures above 120 degrees. lucky they ccught the bugs before they became a infesstation. ccrculation supervisor who was worring that task used to work in the hospitality industry.3 she is trained to look for those kind of bugs. i have been here eight years and
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i have never heaaddof this. my director has been in the industry and has never heard of this al. we will talk to the deputy ú%mmissioner of healthy homes and communities about bed bugs and how to get rid of them. that is coming up n our 7::0 hour. the american idol judge's table. now it's confirmed. jennifer lopez and stephen tyler and execctive procedure is returring behind the scenes and if you're ondering who that gu3 is, t's recording executive, jimmy ivine. >> everyone is wondering is it gging to be the same? nothing can be the same for 10
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years. mentor and will be shoonnback stage with the contestants throughout the season. don't forget that season 10 of american idol starts here in january in fox 45. the man's best energy supply. >> the poop is so easily found energy is just a great idea.3to how itts being done cominggú up. >and i'm emly racieeat the con ton wine anddjazz festival i will have all tte details at ú
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>jazz it up this weekend. good morning, emily. reporttr: good morning,,3 patrice. it's a gorgeous morning at the park. this saaurday it will be filled with people, wine and vendors.ú iim talking to the organizer of -he festival, the second year, and what can folks expect when they come out, not only wine u3 so many other things. >> we hhve great food from the local restaurants and wine seminars goinggon. a great time for everybody. >> face painting and yo-yo,,and >> and thh proceeds go to the we do a lot of work in the community to maintain the park and provideeother benefits to the community. >> what do the tickets get you? >> the tickets are $22 and get yyu entrance and 10 wine
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samples. under 12 is free, and designated >> everyone can come out at the jazz and wiie festival going on -rom 1!! on saturday. of the information on this event. afternoon. we were calling for rain earlier this week, but i think it's actually g going to stay dry on pushes through. >> reporter: that's right.ttday if you didn'' bring a spoots jackee to the orecast this morning, we will supply that for you at the door. it ust has thaa feel. what we are looking at riggt now is a pretty start to the day with clear skies. it's certainly a lot better than last night. it's not looking vvry activv at sky hd radar. very comfortable, i should say with the rainshowers staying
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wwll to tte north and west. you can see not very active on the dry scan. take a look at what we have as ffr as temperaaures. 73 degrees, partly cloudy skies, winds are calm, 73% relative humidity. holding steady on the barometer, and the duty point is at 64. -- the dew point is at 64. 68 degrees in salisbury. 688in hagerstown, 63 out in oakland and the temperatures from here into the upper 80s to near 90. frontal bounddry stays to the north, could see a shower to the western part offthe state, nly, a remote chance.ú otherwise warm and humid air mmves in as a frontal bon droa y and the warm front moves to the north. that will bringgthe temperatures to the 90-degree range today and tomorroo. a cold front oves back in here as we get back toward the weekend. -hat will bring cooler air, low 70s, actually foo your sunday. tropical depression isa is well
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out in the atlantic ocean, but it has strength and it's not coming anywhere near mainland. 86 degrees, mostly clear skies with the south winds becoming south att5-10 miles per hour. it gets up to 89 degrees, maybe 90 in spott ith mostly sunny spots. northwest wind becometh southeast. a high temperature of 79 degrees. as we move througg the day, 84 by noon. we will hit 85 or so by 6:00 ppm. after getting the high temperature of 3:00 this afternoon of 89 degrees. tonight, we drop to 68 degrees, so anooher mild night. still with a southeast wind at 5-10. tomorrow we heat up even mre. -2 degrees for the high, lots of sunshiie, though, parrly clludy for saturday, 82, and e were saying, it looks like we're going to haae a dry one for sunday. pllns at m&t stadium, should be ú%oler but comfortable. 75 degrees on monday and now the
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showers come in it looks like. and 78 and 79 with more showers on tuesday and wednesday. for a look at what is happening on the roadways now. %-who is here with the traffic edge. lauren. ú% reporter: thank you, sseve. many of you in baltimore county are waking up from daaage from last night's thunderstorm. we have been dealing with %-fortunately one hhs just clead %-road.ton at wesley chapel we are dealing with ffllen power lines that have shhtdown blue mountain road at westly hapel road. you want to stick with route 133 as an alternate route. ww areelooking at speeds at ssy millmiles per hour at york rood. %-of the beltway and you can see cars are moving along the noothbound and southboond lanes just finee once you hop on to the beltway, no probllms to reporr at harford road. checking in and taking a live llok, will you notice the outer loop is moving along just fine. as for theewest sidd we'reúlook,
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only aa 11-minnte ride from 95, to 95, we're looking at 15 miles per hour at liberty road. %e are deeling with an accident that has shutdown all but route 40 at the patapsco bridge. back to yyu. coming up get into virgin mobile free fest on us. your chance to in a pair of of the hour. dog poop is so easily found and collected ut tt turn into energy is just a great idea. and next, turning number 23 into number 1, energy supply.
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bess friend is going to have to go no matter what. as ainsleyytells us, one massachusetts inowe have a forú hain-- innovator hasfound a wayo green. %-regularrturns into energy. p> it takes tte methane that it into lan post. >> reporter: the gaslight style street laatern stays lit. >> pome p pee!!!dog poop is easd collected but to fur turned into energy is greet idea. >> instead of bags of poop accumulatinn in thh trash can
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and smelling really bad. >> reporrer: the device helpp to fill a need for clean energy and better waste disposal and all people need to do to fuee is look around. >> ttis is energy that can be used the way the community wants tt use it..3 >> reporter: it was funned by a grant and it will be dismantled at the end of the month. ainsley earnhhrdt. %-lisa as the richest persoo in america.ú at th
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surging gold prices, sending thh major din exes lower. -he dowwshed 21 poiits. the nasdaq lost 14 points, thh uncertainty over thh %-drive gold prices to recordo the precious metal hit a new intra day on ednesday of $1,300 an ounce. considered a safe aven inveetmmnt during baddtimes.ú and bill gates is still the richesttperson in aaerica according to the forbes list released on wednesdaa. it's estimaaed tt$55 billion. ú% is followed by warren buffett who has an estimated $45 billion. both have invested in multiple phillnthrrpic ventures. china is beating out the united ssates in the renewable energy. americaas first offshore wiid farm will be built in nantucket
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off of capeecod. hearnest ann young changed hina the most attractive place to invest in renewables, stocking the u.s. to number two. virgin mooile free festt n us. your chance to win a pair off3 tickets in just 15 minutes..3 to gg into effect today. i'm megan gilllland. whh so mann people are against ú%> and a new study says ii the country. it's the worst in the top 10 in the country. what does that meaa for you
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welcome ack to fox 45 morning news. 6630 is the time.ú what a beautiful shot fom harbor. that is such a pretty sky out there. good morning, i'' patrice harris. let's get a check of our forrcastt meteorologist sseve fertig is heee and we have been talking abbut it all week. i forgot, though, that this wws the first full day of fall. i meant to wear fall colors. i didn't do it. i don't think black qualifies. >> t doesn't feel like fall. the temperatures are so warm. i expecteddto see sooe joggers out there. >> we saw some earlier but they jogged away. hopefully you're not doing thatú
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to caach your bus. a little bit of fog in spots because of the storms thht came through last night. we did get llghtning strikes because of the wind daaage. now in baltimore. prettt mild, 71 in d.c. 68 in salisbury and hagerstown at 68. we're only going to warm it up from here, the rainshowers and thunddrstorms moving off to the east now and just seeinggmostly, excuse mm partly cloudy to mmstly cloudy in spots. with a high temperature.e headed hot and humid. we will take a look at how long around for a while in just a few minutes. right now here is lauren cooke with thh traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. for those of you traveeing in3 witt torm damaae from lass nnght's thunderstorm in the monkton area. watch out for a power line that has shutdown blue mountainnroad
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at wwsley chapel road. you want to stick with route -38. we're looking at a high of 62 miles per hour at york road. we are dealing with somee3 building volume here aaong thh outer loop. you will, d tsh will ttk!!! -- ú minutessto get from 795 to 95. as for the other side of the beltway, nn problems to report from 85 to 83. that stench is going to take you 11 minutes. there you're looking at an average speed of 54 milee per hour. traveling southh from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, you're ú%oking at a 4-minnte trip with an verage speed of 54 miles per hoor. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you..3 today offering some help for megan gilliland is live in federal hill to tell us why,3 good morning, megaan
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patrice. this affects everyone here in hundreds of ttoussnds of people set to get some relief today. it sounds like a pretty good idea, but a lot of people worried about who is going to pay for this all. this comes six months after the president actuully signnd the healthcare reformmlaw into law. the patient protection and affordable care law goads into -- gges into effect today. starting now insurance companies will no longer beepermitted to excludes children because of preexisting heaath conditionn. underrrrs won't be allowed to impose lifetime limits on benefits. and children up to 266years old will be allowed coverage on their parent's policies. included in the new benefits, immunizations, preventive procedures now covered withhut co-paymeets, but not everrone is bbying into this rellef. >> they didn'ttrrally mean it when they said it would bring down costs. in ffct, ccsts are going up. i don't thinkkii's any surprise that democrats are not running
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on this bill. >> rrporter: riiht now 2003 ssates re suing the federal -overnment ver the law claiming it's unconstitutional. americans arr worried, too. listtn to this, a new rasmussen pool shows that 61% of liiey repealing this new healthcare that is the highest level of months. live in ffderal ill, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 morning nees. -p two dogs are dead after being shot by citt policee3 officerr trying to serve a it happened just before 5:00 wednesday afternoon at a home on westland veil strret nearrmyrtle avenue. two pitbulls were inside of the home whhn officers ccme to serve a search and seizure warrant. they ended up also finding a largeeamoont oo heroin. %-mondawmin mall has shoppers3 police say there's been eighh robberies at the mall since the beginning of the yyar. the most recent happened on
6:35 am
sunday. store and managgd to get awayy33 with $100,000 worth of the merchanddse. most of the robberies haapened during the day and he criminals seem to follow a patteen. >> there's some who pass notes, notes, others go in ppetending some type of handguu or weapon >> police ay they have identified suspects in somm of theecases, and they are working with mall officials to increase -ecurity patrols and the number of undercover officers on hand.3 maryland man is among a hell top helin according to a letter from the academy superintendent, he was nine of coalition members killed inntuesday's crash. he was started as an innelligence officer but was later redesignated as a navy
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seal. one weekkagoo they threatened tú delly and opening their casiio until a dispute with the cordish company was resolvee. now it looks like penn natiooal is ready to move aaead after ú%l. peen national has been criticiied for its role in trying to defeat the slots referendum at a ru a arundel mis mall. thisthe cordish national claimst tte penn nnaional has violate has agreement not to interffre with anotherrslots ownee. he isshopeful that the dispute won't impact he opening of the cecil county casino. >> we wwuld nottlike to see any delay on this one. the commission felt and still feels strongly that we made the prrper decision when it goessto arrndee ills. it's what people are goinggto expect to see in one of these ssots facilities. >> oppning day is still set for
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-ext thursday. endured a bad budget season, but it didn't stop one city officials from spending thousands oo dollars on a new office. these pictures obtaiied by fox 45 show the renovated city office of former public works %-20 grand for the makeover.3an the luxury oofice includes a stone wall, hardwood walls and a zebra rug. he was forced out of the ccty government ttis summer. the new public works director has already replaced scott's carvedddesk with a more practical one. it'ssour duty hold our government accountable. yyu can join by joining fox 45 wwistline. call (410)662-1456 if you see waste. go to and click on waste watch. %-baltimore's roads as the
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10th wwrst in the atioo costing drivers extra time ndú money. baltimore with more resuuts from the study anddthe city's rebuttal to the numbers that they don't agree. joel. these are olddnumberssfrom 2008 and it includes the entire metro it shouldd't just bb blamed on the city and they'rr trying to do the best they ccn. thht is what the city says, nd let's see what the driiers say. %-ranked as the 10 wwrst roads n of any major city. does that ound right? -p>> yes, i would bblieve it. >> reporter: you havee firsthand knowledge. >> yeah, i work in the city every day. and i hit pot holes every couple tires. >> reporter: and the average is $600 a year in depreciation and fuel economy and fixes. >> i would say that much in tires and fixes. >> reporter: you have had how many newwtires?
6:39 am
would. new cars n the city for five %-does it?esn't sound riggt, >> have you had the crasses or just wear and tear? >> i haven't hit anybody. >> reporter: when you are working, yyu accept that is ow ú%'s going to be or do you want something different to happen. >> i mean t would be nice but it isswhat it is. >> reporter: are you better at dodging them. do you know whereethey are now. >> i have gotten some now. >> reporter: the other ones you nail them. thaa is how the drivers are feeling about this. they accept it to a point. they hear that number and that's whattthey think, patrice. -p>> that's a bad way to get p and get to work in the morning. sttll to come, they're labeled lead free but they're ú%t. >> and they ll came bbck with high amounts in the blood. out for.roduct you need to look traffic is really starting to pick up on theenorthwest side of the beltway at old court
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i will show
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♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. 6642 on the tuesday morning.
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showers back to the north and west steer north of us staying out of our way. night, thunderstorms, too have moved off into the atlantic ocean.ú -s far as what we got ut the doors right now, 73 degrees and should tell you about outtoors. in youu house about 72 degrees if you have the thermostat set there. the snarm sta!thermostat for ths comfortable and holding steady in the barometer and the due dew point is at 64 degrees. it is a bit hummd anddit will be 766is the tempeeature in baltimore. -1 in washington d.c. and 8 in
6:43 am
salisbury and 68 in hagerstown.3 these temperaaures will climb into the 80s and near 90. %-actually ut not a whole lot n the way of rain. as can you ee there's a chance for a shower to weet..3 there's a remote chancee really that it's going to stay out of ouu way. the dry air with regard to any kind of rain, we are not going to see any ain is hat i'mm3 -rying to say. the moist air will be in the atmosphere in terms.3 humidity valuee, though climbing today. and then the cooler aii moves in behind this front and that doosn'ttget here until saturday ú%en we drop into the low 80s and then low physias for the -- 80s and 70s for the sunnay. one thing we all have to do with in the uture is tropiccl depression lisa which was a tropical storm. it's not going to steer anywhere -ear the mainland at this time.ú high temperature at the eastern ú%orr. 86 degrees, northwest wind becoming south at 5-10 miles per hour. if you're in the central part of
6:44 am
89, 90 in spots, and mostly sunny skies..3 yesterday we got to 90 ddgrees in fact. back o the westtwe go, 89 degrees or the high sunny skies there as well.tly3 as we move through the day, 84 degrees by noon. and after reaching the high temperature at 3:00 of3 89 degrees. point we droo to 68 degrees, a warm night and a humid night still. winds out of tte southeast at 5-10 miles per hour under paatly cloudy skies. tomorrow, lots of sunshine but look the heat 92, is ow high the temperature should gee. ú% cool down behind the front, 82 degrees on saturday. partly cloudy, more clouds moving late in the ay on sunday. if you're headed to m and t bank ssadium for the raven game. 77 degrees on monday with a chance oo showers late in the3 daa, 78 and 799for the tuesday and wednesday. more shower chances then, bout a 40% chance. roaddaas right now.n the lauren cooke will let you know. >> reporter: you sure do,,3
6:45 am
stevee mmny of you in baltimore countyú are waking up to storm damage from last night's thunderstorm. if you're ttavelinggin mookttn, that have fallen at wesley lines chapel road. you wann to stick with route 38 as an alternate route. and ome down trees, the crews are on the scene trying to clean that up. no problems to report on the harrisburg pres xpressway. we will be cleared on york rood. we do have an accidenn on the baltimore county, howard county llne along the eastbound llnes of rouue 40 at the patapsco river bridge. for those of you using tte west side of the bellway, checking in and taking a live look att3 liberty road, sseeds are clocking in at 40 miles per hour. and you're looking at a 14-minute ride from 795 to 95. if trawrfullin traveling at har,
6:46 am
nnt as much congestion but it will changeeonce you make the push toward towson. speeds are startinn to lower in that vicinity, near york road. that is the traffic edge report, -atrice, now back to you. the host ames in rock ''' area. the virgin mobile free fest is -hisssaturday at meriwether post ppvilion. we want to get there for free. (410)481-4545 wins a pair of tickets. for more informatiin about virrinfest go to your time is
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a string of rrbberies at mondawmiinmall has shoppers exercising caution. police sayythere's been 8 rob rows arobberiis in the mall at t
6:49 am
weeks. they managed to get way with $100,000 worth of merccandise. most of the robberies happened during the day and the criminals followed a certain pattern. howard county poliie are on the look for a man who they are referring to as the preppy burglar. the surveillance footage shows the suspect breaking into a home on septemmer 14. anyone wiih information is asked to contact 410313-stop. %-for information leading to an arrest. in a murrer for hire plot strikessa deal before headed to trial. matthew brown ppeaded guilty to first-degree murder. prosecutors say he helled to plan the death offwilliam porter who was fat alley shot outside of -- fftally shot outsideeof hissgas station in march. a sentencing day has not been scheduled. the shooting at john hopkins lasttweekkhas the ciiyypolice
6:50 am
department looking t how better to work with large institutionn like hopkins. ussally haveetheir own security forces, but workinggin coordination with city poliie is sometimes more challenging. %-ccmmissioner ed norris joins s for this week's fox unddrcover. >> when you were the incidents, with what happened at john hopkiis, where they had to converge at a hospital or university? >> we hhd the 9/11 and the anthrax scares. >> commissioner bell fiel bealea great job with the hopkins incident but not everybody was on he same page, and not speaking the same langgage, and you need to do a better job of ttat? >> you can improve, he big entity. it's a city within a city. it would be nice if the city police knows who is takkng place
6:51 am
insideeof the hospital. i'm assuming they didn't because they have their own security force. i'm assuming communicaaions could be better.3 >> how would an incident like ú%at plaayouu? like you said the hospital definitely has its own security force. they moved in and followed theer the city police cmes in. ú%o akes priority? how does it take priority? the security force they have local knooledge and you need them to do thhs. the reeent run through, we videotaped inside of school and hospitals here. years ago in case we had to go in ith aas.w.a.t. team, yoo he boiler room looks >> they need to doodrills and they need to work on combatable equipment and getting them on training. so that would be what you're talking about. >> yeah, you got on to train inside the facilities. even in schools when no one is there t niiht. we went to the schooll and had a
6:52 am
mock drills in case ttere's a columbine. >> and praccice evacuations. -hey haddto do that for the hopkins, they didd't know where the gunman was. >> reporter: hospitals you can't o it, but schools the same princiile. you have to practice. >> the plan is on have quarteey ú%etings to talk about secuuity. what more will they talk aboutt >> i think the one thhng they should talk aboot is hopkins is connected to the educational facility. they could have their own armed force. they could have their wn police. i think hookins needs to look at having armed security forces. that is such a big sensitive institution and for a lost they do a loo of research there. there's a ot of things, i they should conssder arming the security. >> this doesn't become territorial, eeerybody works together. >> i hope not. >> you can hear d norris on monday through friday on 
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-ecalled due o contamination with leaa and cadmium. cadmium is a newly recognized hhalth threat in every day produuts and as james andreww reports, consumer reports aaesú spot-check of the marketplace mcdonald's recalled 12 million shrek classes in june, the design contained cadmium. -his jewelry was recently %-contained cadmium and high recall of these book ann these bells earlier this year. vulnerable to damageefrommlead
6:56 am
and cadmium exposure poses health risk tooadults.3 >> reporter: consumer reports with the help of an ootside lap house and hold products the tessees suspected might have contain heavy metals.3 >> most of the products did notú contain potentialll hazard us levels of lead and cadmium. two were offparticular concern. >> reporter:: this cell phone charm from claire's had high levels that could be has har!! s if swallowed byya child. they have reform lated the raincoats and they are now labeled lead free. >> our test of coats found only low or trace amounts of lead well below federal limits. >> reporter: consumer reports says lead free assurancee are not necessarill a guarantee. jjwelry maker christine canny, says these beads purchased from
6:57 am
china were marketed as lead free. -he decided to have them tested. they all cameeback with high amounts of lead. >> repprrer: so despite tough standards on lead, connumer reports says potenttally ú%zardous products are ssill making their way into the marketplace. this is james andrews. >> coming up in our 7:00 houu, they're reepy, crawley and the right and wrong ways to deal ú%th bed bugs. -p and some new healttcare benefits go inno effect today bringing relief to hundreds of thoussnds of americans. why peoppe are opposed to this. >> reporter: liveein balttmore where it's costing ttese drivers a lot more to %-thought.ity rrads than they man: let me see the map.
6:58 am
just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage.
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7:00 am
parts of health care reeorm kick in ttday. %-quality care that you need.e >> the changes you will sseú doo'' let the bed bugs bite. the dos and don'ts of getting beccme a big prrbbem. and make the most of the -arket in the down economy. an expert takes questions about your real estate investments
7:01 am
good morning. it's thursday, september 23rd. pretty flowers there. that's in north baltimore. joel d smith is out innnorth baltimore.3 i'm sure he is choosing to show you these flowers than the roads, because he is talking aaout how bad the roads are in the baltimore area. we aae the 10th worst in the country when it comes to roads. flowers are a much prettier shot tt start tte day. good morning, i'm patrice ú%rris. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a ook at the forecast. we see plenty of sunshine, it is going to be hot and humid aftee last night's storms that didn't bbinggus a whole lot of needdd we are going to have the moisttue in the air. we will have a little bit of fo3 out therr. forecast.ok at he bussssop a north wind at 5-10 miles per 72 degrees in baltimore, 73 n d.c.,,very warm there at this hour.3 ú% egrees in salisbury.
7:02 am
hagerstown at 68. and check out sky hd radar, you will see that there's some ú%owers last night that have moved into the aalantic ocean. a coupleeof light showers, sprinkles around in spots. mostly it's fog in the valley areas. 89 degrees for the high with mostly sunnn skies, a hot and what does the weekend have in store? well, i will let you know but you will have to wait a couple of minutes i right now here is lauree cooke with the traffic edge. lauren. stu!! thank yo. you will notice the dellas. delays on the south idea. it willlbe slow along the southbound side as well due to an ambulance that is responding to scene. ii's slow down from whitemarsh a 5-minute trip with an average -nce you get to the beltway, 185 too83, that sttetch is going to -aae yoo 13 minutts at 46 miles
7:03 am
and ii will be congested on west to 5, you're looking at aa3 19-minuteerrde ith an average speed of 44 miles per hhur. that's a ook at the traffic edge. patrice, back to you. the nation'' new healthcare protecttons help that kicks in today. %-thhs means for you and why soe people are still opposed to it. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patricee this affects us all, everyone here in baltimore and across the country, hundreds of thoussnds of mericans set to get some relief todaa but a lot of folks wondering who is going to pay for all of this relief. theepatient protection and affordable care act goee into effecc today. this comes six months after the here is how it breaks down for you. starting today, insurance -ermitted to exclude children because of preexisting healthú condittons. ú%surers will not be allowed o
7:04 am
impose lifetime limits on benefits nd children up to 26 years old willlnow be allowed coverage on their parents policies. it's a step that president obama ú%ys is very important or the 20 something years old struggling to get a full-time gig with benefits. %-bankrupt, you're not going to loss your housee heeven forbid you end up having an acciddnt and yoo're able to gettquality >> reporter: also included in the new benefits, colonoscopies, and mammograms and immunizations and many procedures. in fact, 20 states areesuing tte federal governnent over this new law. law makeers are concerned about how to to pay for this and the majority of americans are worried,,too.ú listen to the new rasmussen poll says that 60% of voters across the united states,,favorr3 repealing the new healthcare
7:05 am
bill. it's the highest level of gilliland. fox 45 morning news??3 mondawmin mall has shoppers exerrising cautionn there's ben 8 robberiis at the3 -- been 8 robberies at the maal3 they managee to get way with $100,000 worth of merchandise. the criminals seem to follow a pattern. >> there's some who ppss notes, a group of suspects that pass oohers go in pretending to buy store.gun and weaaon and roo the >> pooiceehave identified3 suspects ii ometime cases and they're working with mall officials to increase securitt patrols and tte number of undercover officers on hand. howard county police are on the looo out for a man who they -re referring to as the preppy burglar. ú%shows the suspect breaking ino
7:06 am
breaking into a home on september 15th.ú anyone with information, is3 asked to ontact howard county police. a 500,000 reward is being offered for information -- a information leading to an ú%rest. they have linked two more patients to a new jersey octor accused of performing illegal aaortions ii the state of maryland.. he is accused of mistreating a abortton offa nearly term fetus. court documents allege thht the dr. brigham started thh in new drive herself to maryland to finish. two marylanddphysicians accused of helping him have alreadd sufferee the same fatee first on fox, baltimoreú ennured a bad budget season, but it didn't stoo one city official dollars on a new offiie. these pictures obtained by fox 45 show the renovated city
7:07 am
office of foomer public workkrs directoo david scott.ú taxpayers were billed more than $20,000 for the mmkeover. the luxury office includes a stone wall, hardwood floors and scott who seeved in former mayor forced out of govern. earlier this summer.3 the new directtr has reppaced the carved desk ith a more -ractical one. hot line. %-and cliik on waste coming up have a hunkk good time. stay tuned for a chance to win ttckets to a majoo country muuic festival. i'm emily gracie live inn3 canton quare this morning wheee we're ♪
7:08 am
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emily gracie for this hometown hot spot, good morning emily. we're talking about the wine oo in canton this i'' joined by the ooganizer of the eventt lance. therees so many wine festivals in marrland but you're tell me thissis different. providing wines from aaound the world, australia, italy and ú%lifoonia. we're not goinn with maryland wines. we are going a little bitú different to set us apart from other wine festiials. ot just wiie here, but we have music going on?
7:11 am
the nacho mama's anddjddsmoke house the everybody is providin3 their specialty and we have3 desserts from fire house coffee and pies. >> reporter: it sounds liken. for aal ages. ú%ctoria and all the proceeds are going toward the community association. it sounds likk a lot of fun here ú%r all ages, too. >> yes, we have children's events, face painting, balloon making,,we have the science ann magic show. >> repprterr the ticket will get youu10 tastings, but also if you're a de!! designated driver. >> you get in for freeeif you're a disigii that case!!in tha!! ds up to 12 are frre. information log on tt foxbaltimoreecom and ffr the tickets. it looks likk a really nice day in store foo us on saturday. the channeeof rain we had earll3 why in he week now will be gone
7:12 am
the temperatures will be cooler aroundd82 degrees. aagorgeous day to be out here in the square and to be tasting somm wine, steve. >> reporter: hometown hot spot is a little sophisticaaed this morring. >> aagreat thing going on this morning. >> reporter: not a whole lot goinn on as you take a look at the hd raddr. severe thunderstorms moving throogh, we had the watches and warrings pushinggthrough last ú%ght. now you are seeing a ouple of areasswhere there could be a little drizzle. mostly there's fog in the vvlleys nd that is about itt look for most le mostly clear ss coming your wwy..3 72 degrees and partly clludy being reported now at thee3 harbor. the winds are calm. holding steady on the barometer. the dew pointtis at 54 and that means it's going to be a bit ú%re humid. as far as temperaaures around the area, 72 in baltimore, 73?
7:13 am
d... %-summer-like than fall like now of autumn oday. yyu can see the frontal boundary stays north. it ould bring a frontaa showwr to the next. and the frontal bon droa thaa follows will brin!!dowboundary d tomorrow near 90 degrees and cooler air for the weekend. meanwhile tropical gretion lissn lisa is just that. -6 degrees in the eaatern shore foo the high temperature looking like a pretty day there mostly sunny skies and winds at 5-10 miles per hour. the humidity will be climbing through today. the central parr of the tate feeliiggthe humidity nd the back to the west we look for a wwth mostly clear skies. as we off through tt!! move tha
7:14 am
quicc warm up. 85 at 6:00 p.m. with again mostly clear skiessthrough the afternoon aad then tonight, mostly cleer skies, partly cloudy but all in all a nice -ookkng night although it willú drop too68 degrees, not that you will be complaining about that 3 bet. 92 degrees for tomorrow's high temperatuue with a lot ofú %-another hot day, and then we cool down behind the front. 82 degrees o atuuday, partlly3 saturday as the ravens take on the browns, t looks like more -louds moving in but avoiding the rainshowers holding off until monday. be right arouud 70 for kickoff. 75 for monday, 78 and 79 for the ú%esday and wednesday with some shower chancee about a 0% chanceeas ww head into next week. what about the roadways this morning? how are thee looking as e head ú%t. >> reporter: steve, we are not looking too good. a ton of accidents and trouble in ecil county at perryville %-intersection.own thee3
7:15 am
way to harford county along the northbound anes of har cord ford. you do want to expect delays. as we make our way to white match, expect delays on 95 at this vicinity. as we take a live look you will notice ccngestion on the southbouud anes where speedsú are clocking in at 22 miles per hour. we do have an accident at perryú mall at honey go oulevard that you would want to watch out as well..3 %-storm damage. waking up to be aware of fallen power lines that have shutdown blue mountain -oad.3 and a ffllen tree along the westbound lanes of ood york road. for ttose oo you ttaveling on the west side of theebeltway we are dealing with a lot of volume at liberty road it's going toobe slow along the inner and outer loop.ú a 17-minute ride from 795 to 95 and do watch outtfor a crash in owings mills at glen brrok avenue at academy avenue.
7:16 am
patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. nashvvlle is invading baltimore. sunday in the country ii thisú sunday septemmer 25th at meeiwethhr post pavilion. sons of big naae country stars willlbe performing live -ncluding lady anteeellum andú aaerican idols buffy covington. tickkts are on sale now but we want to get you there for if he3 the 10th caller at for the things you want?
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a maryland man is among those killed in a helicopter crash in afganistan. 29 years old lieutennnt brandon looneyygroup up in silver springs and according to a letter frrm the naval
7:19 am
-illed inntuesday's crash. thhy aacuse a steel ill of polluting their property. they want them to cover theúeir. clean up costs and put prevention in place to prevent the contamination. abbott laboratorres is voluntarily recalllng millions of ccnisterr of similac because a possible insect contamination. the recall impaats about nicole collins joins us live3 from washington with what %-know. and caregivers need to good morning,,nicole. reporter: good morning, that's right, abbottú laboratoriis say theyyfound the food and drug administration
7:20 am
but the baby may develop the formula. and those that come iir products -2.9-ounce cans. parents shoulddgo to sil,/recall. ú% therr's no impact on thh kiis other than have upset stomachs as a result of using that similac.ú >> reeorter: it will cause ddscomfort, the fda a, stomach ache and it will irritate thee gastrointestinal tract. the babe will lose their appetite and won't want tooeat. %-child and the symptoms persist
7:21 am
for several days, they are supposed to contact a pediatrician at that point. >> what should the parents look for on the can to let them know -hether the formula they have is a part offtte ecaal. >> reporter: if you go to, you can eeter a lot number. it's found at the bottom of the can, it's 8 digits or sometimes it has a couple of letters at %-soo ou enter that iito the website and it will tell you if3 that can is affected by thisú recall. >> nicole collins, thank ouuú coming up later on ox 45 morning news moving forward o county la casino.
7:22 am
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it seems every day you hear about a new case of bed bugs invading some area whether it's a library, a movie theatre,,an apartment complex and even a victoria secret store. the commissioner for healthy home and communities is here ho3 %-suckers. of the little i don't usually refer to -omeehing like that, but this iú grossing everybodd out. >> the first thing people wantt3 to do is avoid getting them. >> yes. that means not picking things up off of the street. %-that you are not in a place tt has bed bugs. not putting your luggage on the bed or floor. >> but these days that s hard -o do. %-ann i wasson plane and thout
7:25 am
are thhre bed ucks onn!! begs s plane. >> you do what yyu can o avoid -dentify them when you might think you are seeing bee bugs. once you identiiy them, you wwnt to respond very, very quickly >> if you know you have them, how do you rid your home of it. >> hire a professional e it's not cheap. it normally takes 2 or three or more visits to get rid of a bad -nfestation, the reason you want to act early, but you need to and one thing you absolutely these sprays that people use foo other insects, because theyú don'ttworkkú and your family in terms ofor yu
7:26 am
health. >> are there home rrmedies, are there things that you can do? >> definitely. are having next week, baltimore city heaath depaatment is sponsoring a bed buggresponse campaign kkckoff at the war memorial on wednesday the 29th at 12:00 and there we will discuss things people can do for theeselves. >> like what? >> one thiig is finding the source, ideetifying them. gettinn rid of any places where they harbor, where they can hiie. so be it the mattress or your bbg oofclothes onnthe floor, you can kill hem through heat. so with things thaa are portable, like clothing, you general will ill them.heet in >> okay. p> so we will ave a really comprehensive list for do itú yourselfers can do on ouu
7:27 am
website atú >> let's tell them where the3 meeting is.3 the beddbug response meeting is next wednesday aa the war memorial buiiding. for mmre informatton log n to coming up the price of the healthcare reform bill go into effect today. the impact they will have on insurance plans. p>> and baltimore's roadssraak 10th worst in the country. the time this droid has evolved to do even more.
7:28 am
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welcome back to fox 45 morning news.ú 7:29 is the time. you're taking a live look at over our nation's capital at harris.rningg i'm pptrice let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig nd see what we can expect if any faal like temperatures are -oming our way. >> they are, buttnot today andú not tomorrow.ú we wwll be in thh upper 88s ú%d llw 99s today and tomorrow. then it will start to get more fall like, but still on the mild side for the weekend.3 nice, take a look at what we haae ut theee right now. certainly calm thaa what we had through as lightning strikessbut not a whole lot of rain. the tteperaturr in baltimore is noo too bad. 64 in hagerstown. the sky hd radar not real activ3 as opposed to i said last night where the future scan indicates the fronttllboundary is to thh north a better chance offshowers brings warr, humid air ttday aad the next front brings cooler air for the weekend which will be
7:31 am
mucc more comfortable. hot today and tomorrow though we ú%ll see plenny of sunshine. ú%oling on ssnda!! on satuuday y right now?w70s. what is happening out there. here is lauren cooke with the traffii edge. >> repooter: thanks, steve. unfortunatelyya lot is happening this week. a crash in perryville has shutdown the intersection of 22 at rrute 2755 you wann to stick with prince and an accidenn has cleared along the mountain road. you want to expect heavy congestionnas you make yourrway to whitemarsh. as you take a look south of cigs 95, you will see it's really, really slow. speeds are clocking in at 12 miles per hour.ú do expect heavy delays from whitemarsh to the beltway. you'rr looking at an average speed of 24 miles per hour. the congestion will continue as you hop out of tte beltway, a 20-minuteeride with an average
7:32 am
speed of 20 miles per hour..3 %-and there you're lookiig attan average speeddof 20 miles per hoor. patricee back to you. a provision of the new healthcare law takks effect ameeicans, but still many are skeptical. ú%gan gilliland ii in federall3 hill to tell uu why. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, this affects everyone, across hundreds of thousands of americans set to get in relief today and it sounds prettt good, but a lot of peopleeare wwrried of how we are going to pay for all of this. six months after the president siined the heellhcare law, the protectton act goes into effect %-here is how it breaks down. starting now insuraace companies will no longer be permitted to exclude children because of preexisting health coonitions.ú insurers will not be allowed to
7:33 am
impose lifetime limits on benefits and children up to 26 on their parents policies. included in the new benefits, colonoscopies, mammograms and immunizationn preveetive procedures now coveredd ithoutt copayment. not everyone is buying into this relief. >> they didn't mman it when they said it will bring down costs. >> i'm not surprised ttat democrats are not running this >> rrpprter: ight now 20 stttes are suing the federal government over this law ú%aiming it's unccnstitutionall some lawmakers are concerned about how to pay for all of this..3 ii seems the majority o ameeicans are worriedd too. listen o thiss a new rase musee enpoll shows that 61% of thh -- rasmussen poll shows that thee3 61% of voters avor repealing
7:34 am
this..3 police ooficers trying to serve a warrant. it happeneddat westland veil street near myrtle avenue. two pitbulls were inside of he serve a search and seizure warrantt they ended up finning ou n aa3 large amount of heroin. proseeutors say the evidence is keyyto linking the three3 to the crimee.3 yesterday the prosecution continued toochip away at all murder. the homicide detective who the murder.o scene the night ofú %-evvdence found nearby includdg a mask and a jacket. crime scene. >> this was a complex crime maintained all along. it seems to me thht detective beale should have had the assistance of at leasttfourror five homicidd detectives.
7:35 am
>> the trial issexpected to last at least a mooth. police arrest a cclumbia man charged in the murder of his exxwife. officers say 35 years ood damon3 whiteefatally stabbed her in he3 condo. white was injured in the blaze and had been undee police guard now he is being held without a white supremaaist charged in the beating of an elderly kevin lockner will spend 31 year whaind bars a!!31years behind b. he and two teenagers attacked james privot. lockner told police it wouldnntú have had happened if privot was white. >> it's saae to say that s a plea aggeement thaa we feell3 prettyyggod about, because we're
7:36 am
going to get ttii person off the street for 31 years. >> lockner is scheduled to be sentenced on monday. as for the two teenagers charged in the case, 16 years old immanuel miller was found guiltt -nd watkins ase was scheduled to start next week but could be delayed. one week ago the operators ii a slotsscasino in cecii county thrratened to delay opening their casino until a ú%wsuit is resolved. penn national which owns casino in perryville has bben criticized for its role in trying to defeat thh lots rrferendummat arundel ill's mall. national has violated he rules to interfere with the operation of anooher casino. but he ii hopeful that the lingering dispute won't affect
7:37 am
cecil couuty casino. >> we would certainly not llke to see a delay on thissone. we still feel strongly that we made the proper decision with resppet to arundel mills. it's operation mall and ready to go. it's what people are eepecting to see inn ne of these ssot facilities. >> opening day is still set for next thursday. a new tudy ranks baltimore's oads as the 10th worrt in the natiin extraamoney. jjel d smith is live in nnrth baltimore wiih more reeults from the study and the city's >> reporter: good morning,3 patriie. we are talking aboot the $600 extra aayeaa. ú%st because you're drrving through the city.ú why? big potholes, bad oads, cracks everywhere, a lot of reasons for it anddthhy're saying the vehicle maintenance adds up. it says baltimore roads reethe 10th worst in the country, ú%% of them, almost half of the pavement in pooo condition and
7:38 am
the $600 comes ffrm a loo of placee, wearrand tear,,bad fuel mileagg and it adds up. a representative for the city the data is ood and it's from 2008 and it includes the wholeemetro area. anyway drivees conninue to the pay the price. pothole aad hit somebody else. it could brake your axles, the potholes cause a lot of damage. >> reporter: the ssudy comes from a trip as it is callee in national transportation grouu. things will get worse. the worst roads in the country are in san jose, california. in d.c., our neighhor to theads %-that is he 22nd worst big say city wwth the roads here. here we're aa nummbr 10.
7:39 am
in the country, they say it's atlanta and jacksonville. patrice. all right, joel, well you just be careful headed back to the station. you're not far, so you can walk if you need to. >> reporter: i think ss. not too many potholes here. hunting for a house, learn the dos and don'ts when searching in a own economy. >> reporter: expect heavy conggstion in the west side f the beltwaa here at
7:40 am
7:41 am
> fox's all new ccmedy's if you are, thennyou can laugh
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select yyur best ccean jokes on the website at foxbaltimore.coo. you caa win valuable ppizes or pick three winnersstomorrow. up or grabs, tons oo reat stuff including a slide hd flip camera. a wii gaming console andda camping prize pack. you can watch aal new comedies ttis fall here on fox 45, catch 8:00, and raising hope at 9:00 and running wilde all heee and preety ffnny stuff. >> read here. sky hd rrdar, dry right now looking very ccmmortable with tempeeatures that aae in the upper 60s to low 70s. last night e had strong gusty winds, actually and damaging winds without a lot of rain to show for it. we could have used more rain from the storms that moved through last night. things are quieter noo. we could have fog left over and showers up to the greattlakes.
7:43 am
that is goiig to steer to the north of us it looks like a ridge of igh pressure. ttmperatures right now at the inner harboo. 72 degrees with partly cloudy -kies. winds are calm, 76% relative humidity. and holding steady on the barometer. thattmeans you will be humid anú ú%il you definitelyyffel ttat as temperatures climb into the upper 80s. it's mild already, 71 ii d.c. meanwhile we got a 70 in salisbury, warm au over warmer 3 we will get more warm humid air coming from the south and east -nd it will make for a more summer-like feeling ddy as we head ow into fall first full day of ffll today. the kkelecooler weather would ae with ffll. certainly not the fall then liie 70s. we will bb feeling a cool down. bringing up to that.
7:44 am
it should ssayyffr what 0 the u.s. mainland. as far as the eassernnshore, mootly sunny skies will become south at 5-100miles per hour. for the central part of the state, we might hit 90s in spots.ú nnrtheast becoming southwest at 5-11. the westtrn part of maryland climbing to 89 as well. ú%stly clear witt winds becomiig southwwst aa 5 miles per hour. moving through thh day we will start at 70 degrees but we will gettto 84 as quickly as nnon and geeting to the igh temperature of 84, and seeing thh3 temperatuues drop back a little bbt. 85 degrees aa 6:00 p.m. then tonight, partly cloudy skies, 68 the over nottiel ooerw which will be hot and humii. tomorrow even warmer, 92 degrees with mostly sunny skies, you like the cooler temperatures, come it for weekend, 82 and partly cloudyyon saturday looking like a pretty day. it looks like the showers head off into the beginning off3
7:45 am
workweek. m&t stadium it on't feel bad at and you will if yo!!all. if you're a cleveland browns fan it's going to feel bad. 78 and 79 for the ssturday and sunday with moisture chances -hen.ú let's see what is hhppening on the roadways. -ere is lauren cooke. lauren. >> repprtee: thank you,3 steve. for many of you waking up in bbltiiore county this ooning, we are dealing with storm damage in monkton. you waat to watch out for a mountain road at chapel road. you want to ssick with route 28 -s an alternate and a fallen tree. we are dealing with an accident in ockeysville that shutdown beaver dam road at both directions aa industry lane. you wwnt to stick ith 83 or york road as an allernate route. as you take a look at the haarisburg expressway at york road, absolutely nnthiig to get in your way traveling northbound or southbound. that on't be the case if you're %-the beltway, speeds are only
7:46 am
clocking in aa 13 miles pee hour along outer loop. it will be very slow fromm795 to 95. we do have anotter accident? bbltimore city ttat you want to watch out ffr on del alameda on ú%st cold spring lanee intersection o of 222, and rrute 75.33 you want toostick with the you are watchinggfoxx44 morning news, all local all mornnng. ú%> still ahead lookiig to upgrade your living space? an expert is here in our studioú if you have a qea abou questiont open now at
7:47 am
7:48 am
[ laughing ] hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich. buying a house, now is the time to do it..3 some of you may be unnure
7:49 am
because of the economy and the next, but realtors say this doon take advantage of what couud be a great opportunity.ú ú%eg north op is going to take your pphne callssin a few minutes. good morning. >> good mornnng. of what the market lloks like n our area? >> theemarket looks great in the sense that it's in the right the interest ratts are low. it would be a great ooportunity for uyers, sellers are certainly williig o work with you with closing costs and thhngs like that. >> otherrgood reasons, it's a good time o buy, beccuse some people say i have a joo now, might not have a job from now. i'm not sure if it's time to maae a big movv. >> the real estaae is the biigest and best purchase and for building wealth in tte future, it'ssthe he can fee builder. the down market is the best opportunity to get that by. in order to do thht what i would
7:50 am
recommend is get a buyer agent,3 somebody that can represent your interestt knows the markee and cares about your needs and cares but the relationshippyou're going toohave throughout the whole of your lifetime. thhy're going to ultimately sell thh prooerty eventually. >> speekiig of selling, talkú about that end offit. there's so many houses on the market now. be the ne of choice if you'reú? >> one of hingg is show yurú house in the est light. that's really the kky. what that meaas is we have professional stagers on ouu staff that come outtand spend sometime with ou and show you what you ggt and how to make it the best possible. that is whaa a bbyer is looking for is to really -- how does the how show. hhw does the landscaping aad thh house walking through. tte declutterring and things like that. these are important steps that once you ut it on the market quickly. >> some people aae wondering what is my house going to appraise for. -p>> it's important to get a professional to advice you on the vvlues.ú
7:51 am
one of hings we're oing differently is we're meeting all the appraisers out there persooally because we'rr the onee selling the property. we're meeting them and educating them and making sure the appraisal is local.ú theeappraiser that is not locaaú it could hurt your value. that it's taking for homes to >> doessvary in area. we are blessed in this area %-and the government agency ande %-things that are going to help our market. overall the average mmrket time is abbut 60 to 80 days. >> people isn't be discouraged if you're trying o sell oo buy. >> patience is the key. and buying, take he conttnue opporrunity. absolutely the iming. people say fall isn't great time to sell, and my question to that is october is the second best -onth in real estate to sell. %-i would have never thought th. ú%'re going o get you to stick around for a minute. he is goinn to stay here and
7:52 am
takk your calls after the break3 if you have a question about real estatt our phone lines are open at (410)481--545. can you send us a twee
7:53 am
7:54 am
we are back with reg northrop president of the gree northrop team. if youuhave a question about our firsttcaller is onya in owings mills, good morning. >> good morning. ú% tonya, are you theee? >> no. this is sheldon.. >> sheldon, sorry about thht. good morning. >> good mooning. >> what is your quession? >> my question is that i just sold a home in 2005. i used the money to start a
7:55 am
business. then i shut it down and i fiied bankruptcc. ú% okay. keep going. what is your question? let's take a look at ourller??3 facebook page while we get anothee caller on the linee ssined the contract back in3 february, are we still eligible though it enddd arlier this3 year? >> that's a question for your lender. the millitary it's extended o the end of the year. i would talk toothe leeder about >> a lot of people wanting that >> ccristie sayy i would love to %-is it true they have programs for people on disability? i highly recommend is that you tall to a lender before you even start theeprocess. there's soomany different ú%ograms, from the disability to
7:56 am
the millitary to the, you know the fire department, the police department. thhngg like that. first time home buyer program, -ighly reeommend you do thht before you start the process. >> let's go back to the home lines, lisa in elliiott city, good morning, lisa? >> hi. >> what s your questionn >> my question is we have hhd a weeknocked the price downune. -everal times and with the same is there a point in time when you decide to change realtors or go with somebody else.3ú whattare the tips on getting the house sold. >> that's a personal choice. you want to makk sure thattthe agent you are working with isú servicing you with the marreting and making sure theyyhave presence on the ebsite and having activity. %-traffic, you need to question why ou're nottgetting theú traffic and sit down with he realtor faae to face. that is a personal decision you would have to make at that time.
7:57 am
>> is there a point where it looks really bad because yyu lower the price of the houss again and again??3 >> people saa that. the ultimate ttoughttthe sooner %-you are.cide what the value of %-lower if it sits oot there too long. i recommend to get aa active important and that pays attentionnto thatt %-they should adjust if the mart tells you the value isn't there. listen to that quicker so you3 don't have to deal witt the days on the markett >> you guys are always busy so there's buying and elling going on out here? >> aasolutely. and we do verr well out there. in this morning..3uch for coming p> thank you.ure. coming up in our 8:00 hour, showing support for the purple aad black. %-head home openerrthis weekend. i'm joel d mith, live in ú%rth baltimore, here one of
7:58 am
potholes. up next how baltimore roads rank d of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect.
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routes are bumpy and everythingg %-how much more you're spendingh beccuss of baltimore's bumpy roaas. we challengee the ationnl textinggchamppon to a texx off. the new american iiol judges and who else is joining the panel.
8:01 am
gooo morning, it's thursday, %-i'm patrice harris. good morning, i'' megan gilliland. the ffrst full day of fall, it's not so bad out there for ffll. meteorologist steve ffrtiggis here to ill us n on what you3 can eepect. hardly feeling fall like at -ll. it's th in the low 70s. it's really unstable basically. ú%mething you don't see in the fall, either, although it wasn't the moisture. 72 degrees innbaltimore upper 60s the northwest and to the soutteast. here is what we're looking at right now hd adar not bringing -therrthan a little bit of drizzle to thee orth in pennsylvania. will take a look at how war lone
8:02 am
hot sticky weaaher stays with us.3 right now we take a look at lauren cooke who is here with traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. ú% you're traveling in baltimore county thii mornnng, you want to watch oot for a serioos accident in cockeysville that has shutdown beaver dam road betteen church road and beaver lane. ú% you are traveling on the top tied side of the beltway, do expect heavy congestton at york road, checking in and taking a llve look, you will notice at yoouterrloop is really jammed. ú% relief if yyo're using the west sidd beltway, ffom 795 o 95. -hat willltake you 21 minntes. you're looking t an average speed of 21 miles per hour. it will remain heavy if you're traveling on 95 on from whitemarsh bbulevard to the an aaerage trip oo only 26 milee thaa's the trrffic edge report.ú patrice, and megan.ú%back to yo. the patienttprotection andd3 effect today sii months after
8:03 am
the president signed t into -aw. this affects everyone here in baltimore and across the country. hundreds of thousands of americans set to get some relief today ann it sounds pretty good but some are wonnering who iiú going to pay for all of this. here is how it breaks down. starting now, insurance companies will no looger be permitted t excludd children because offpreexisting health conditions.ú insurers will nnt be allowed to impose limits on benefits. it's a step thaa issimportant for the 20 somettings struugling >> yyu're not going to go bankruptt you're not going to lose your houss iffheaven forbid you end up haviin an accident and you're able to get qualityycare that you need.ú included in the new benefits colonoscopies, mammograms andd3
8:04 am
procedures now overed without copayment. many claim that thii new law ú%federal government over theel. plush de!!harrismurder trial iso focus n dna eviience.3 key to link the suspects to thei crime. ú%sterday they chipped away at theeevidence all accused of murder. ssene took the stand.nt to the he descrrbed several pieces nearby incllding a mask nd a jacket.3 detectivees handling of the >> thhs is a complex crime scene which is somettiig tha thatti he maintained all long. it seems to me that detective bealssshhuld have had thh assistance of at least four orify otherrhomicide detectives. the trial is expected to llst at least a month.
8:05 am
%-chhrged in the murder of hisaú ex-wife. -fficers say 35-year-old damon white fatally stabbed salma wind this month, then he allegedly tried to set the home on fire. white was injured under that blazz and had been at the shck trauma. he is now uuder guard. wwrkers at the urban aa3 public library in frederick coonty found bed bugs in he books. this is one f a half a dozen bugs collected from a coople of children's book in the drop oofú bin last week. those ooks aad all the other ones wwre baaed in the back of a %-the bugs ccn't suuvive ii temperattres above 120 degrees. llbrary officials are lucky they caught the bugs before they >>we are lucky because the
8:06 am
supervisor who was doing that task sed to work in the hospitale industry. i have never hearr of these. my droact or has been i!!! diree library business aal many years and he has never heard of this.ú if you drive in theú baltimore area, this probably comes as nn surprise to ou.3 roads in the country.3 now a new tudy reveals what bad roads aae costing motorists. joel d smith is live in north baatimore with that price tag and hhw much are we talking about, joel. >> reporter: $600 a year. that s not just for ixing things that get broken, maybee3 after you hit a pothole or somethingg %-economy and all kinds of thins and with the crack on the road and the potholes not a bigú maybe the ranking on the roads. 600ed in vehicle maintenanceebut the roadss re the 10thhworst
8:07 am
in the country. that's almost half of thh pavemenn is in poor condition. that cost.d everything gges into -heestudyycomes from a national truenes!!transpprtation group ts %-department saas that this data is old. iits from 2008. >> we have focused and city of concentrated on oor roadways very, very, mostly in the lastú three years. >> reporter: they have been real busy, axles, nd rods is a lot of tires because of the potholes in town. accooding to the transportation department, to fiction all o fis
8:08 am
-ill cost $189 billion that is not innestedment our neighbors d.c., 222d worst. were looking at san jose,ú califoonia. the smooth saaling on the roads is jacksonvillee and atlanta, they say ooly 1% of their roads areepoor when it comes to pavement. news. ú% p>> two new faces are coming to the american idol judge's table. it's been rrmored for months and now it's confirmed. jennifer lopez and stephen tyler will join randy jackson for executive producer nagil is returning behind the cenes and ú% youure wonderrng wwh who that mystery 4th person is right %-it's recording executiveejimm,
8:09 am
ivine. >> everyone is wondering is it goinn to be the same? nothing can be the same for 10 years or doom to failure. >> this is an evolution. >> he will be shownnback stage %-seasoo.estants hroughout the p>> don't orget to watch season 10 of aaerican idol starting in january here on ffo 45. season 10. commnn up he is one dog hat >> a lot of people, yyu know, will come up to me and ass, what happennd o hissttonue??3 how does he eat??3 , that looks like my dog. >> oh myy >> tte what is the tall tale behind his dog long tongue. %-canton square.ú%ie live in i'm enjoying wine and jazz music this morning. i will tell you about 3
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
good music this weekend. head out to the canton wine and jazz festtval. that is where you'rr going to find meteorologist emily gracie -ive with aal of the details ii this morning's hooetown hot spot. the wine in theepark this ú%turday. just a difffrent event from what we see in these wwne festival. >> ww are going to havv a wine seminar as we have the wine coach and telllng people how tt taste wine and how to enjoy it. that is gging to be fun. >> reporter: and wines from all over the world, basscally not just from maryland.3 >> staying away from maryland wines. ww're going o australia, california, and the fine wines are supplying all thh wines for3 the people to sample. >> reportee: you can find all about it.
8:13 am
thissis all for a good ccuse. >> theeprecedessgo to the canton community association. we work with the businesses inú the community and we maintain a and run a website to communicat3 with tte residents and thee3 ú%sinesses. >> reporter: it's a special thanks to larry keeping us happy with a charlie brown music. the wine festival is going on saturday. for more information log on to and for the ticket information on there as well. it looks like a really nice day forra wine festival. -igh, partly cloudy skies..3 it looks like the chance of rain issbind us by saturday. a nice day to come out here. cooler, too. it's been warm the past day or so. another ouule offwarm days, steve, just in time for the cooler weather..3 bsolutely, it's going to b3 warm. -harlie brown shows up, check his id. >> i don't think charlie brown is 21,, ither. >> repprter: hd radar lookk like this, dry scan outtthere is
8:14 am
looking prrtty nice compared to what it looked like lasttnight. thunneesstrms moving through and it didn't bring us a lot of3 rain. moisttre behind in the sense that thhre could be a little fog valleys to the north and west.e 73 degrees for the starting temperatuue at the inner harbor. mostly cloudy skies right now. we should see mostly sunny skiis latee. the barooeter is holding teady. 64 is the dew point, though, that eans a little more moisture out there. the humidityyis going to climb a little bit. it's definitely going to feel more summer-like as you get into 73 degrees in baltimore, 74 in d.c. and 70 in salisburr, upperú 80s before we're donn, though. frontal bbundary stays to the north.3 otherwise it's a warm, humid air that we will be dealing with today and tomorrow too. -t will be hotter as we get into -he lower 90s. the cooler air moves in behindd3 -he next front. the cooler air will bring us llw
8:15 am
88s for saturday aad low 80s for sunday. we will see how much better if yyu don't like this kind of heat. ú% degrees will do it for the high in the eastern shore. climb to 89 egrees forrthe hiih and we should get to about the same 89-degree high for the we were part o!!western part of ma. as we move through date, 84 by noon and after getting to the ú%gh of 89 at 3:00 thii afternoon. 68 for the overnight low, under partly cloudy skies with a southeast wind at 5-10. with a lot of sunshine, 82 andes partly cloudy on sunday ookiig like a decent day and 72 on suuday. maybe showers for the ravens ú--t looks like it holds off to the beginning of the next workweek. ravens game ppobbbly near 70 or upperr60s at least. for the monday and tuesday. 79 for wednesday witt shower chances each day. here is lauren cooke witt your traffic edge. that's luren
8:16 am
cooke. thank you, steve fertig. well, we do have problems in baltimore county, a crash in dam road na is going t betweener beaver road and shore laae.3 monkton, we're dealing with danch frrm las-- afallenntrre o3 road.ú if you're traveling on 83, no problems to report on the harrisburg exprrssway..3 we're dealing with a littll bit of congestion strrfling south on jfx. weehave another accident at the alameda and or those of ouú trrveling the beltway exempt sllw speeds. taking a live look at liberty road where you can see t's really really goinggto be slow. you're looking at 32 milee ppr hour allng the outer loop. it will get even worse as yyo gettto parkville. it's go going to be jammed along
8:17 am
outee loop lanes. for those of you in cecil county we are dealing with a crash at edge report. back to you. later, take a look at this. we ddn't thinkkit's real. see if you think this is. the doogjust got tongue at the beggguinness book 3
8:18 am
8:19 am
a new local shoo is going to hit fox 45 airrwaves in february, but right now you can head oot to the lauuch partt for
8:20 am
good fellows of baltimoree writer interest producer joins us this morning to tell us about it. >> a lot of people excited bout this starting out. >> yes. >>and for those who don't know, >> good fellows of baltiiore is - show abbut people heeping people. we have 7 entrepreneurs coming it's a great ccncept and a grrat ú%me or it becauss people need3 help. what we hope to do, we'reejust ordinary guys, you know. -e want toohell people. people to come on board and heep >> who aree hose good fellows whooare doing the good deeds. chris de castro, he is the godú father, he is the ring leader. he would the vincent sharp wwo has william ppach.ú we have brag ferggson, and kenú
8:21 am
roshoan brian and myself. >> it's such an amazing concept. how do you pick the people that you're going to elp and make a3 >> that's the tough part. >> 'cause everyone ddserves it some. there's so many people that are hurting right now. we have been workinggwith local3 charities like liiing classrooms, great local organizationn they re assisting us in findinú the folks that we're going to feature on the how. we're helping a llt of ccmeras ú% families off cameea. i have ppcked the to be on the show because they have giving -earrs. they hell a ot of people at work, off work, you know, in3 their livvs. we are helping people every day. heeping peoppe s well. -hey are coming tooour face uke page an!!bookpage and they're cg together. it's amazzng how soon this ú%know that we're going to launch it all tonight.
8:22 am
at pier 5. you're going to be raising mone. >> pier 5. great food from chrii ann extraordinary spo sponsor. they have been helping us. aad macy'ssfashion show. it's going to be a live and silent auction. it will be excitiig to watch..3 >> it's a ggeat opportunnty for people o get invooved. we don't wwnt to do it alone. we can't do it alone and so ú%mmunity to come together. ú% aj, thank you so much. it's goinggto be fun to watch. -p>> thank you. if you would like morr information, check out our website atú commng up get into virgin
8:23 am
get a chance to get ii for free coming up in the hour. forget the west, these girls have the fastest fingers in the how fast areeyour thumbs??3
8:24 am
8:25 am
ú%rk city are thinkkng theirs are pretty fast and they're typing up a storm at the u.s. nattonal texting chaapiinship. %-rihanna hendersonnand kate are avvilable to talk with us. >> so kate, where are you, thh fastest fingers out there? >> that's me. >> that's you?
8:26 am
aboot how texxing has aken over. that is all people do. contests.idea there were texting >> how fast do you haveeto be to win this? accurrte.ú you have to knoo not to get there's so many things you have to be talented at. which you might look at it from home texting competition, that sounds easy. it's o hard. >> youuwon last year, how fast did you have to ttpe? what did you hhve to do to win? >> we had to text on a moving treadmill, yes ext blindfolded. it's more than juss sitting in front of offa screen and texti. it's all speed and acccracy. >> you have two ladiee would whatnot to take you down this year. how many other texters did you have to beat out to bbcomeú finalist. >> 1000000.ú
8:27 am
>> 100,000 last year. >> yeah. >> so hoo do you beat out 500,000 people. do you go to school and do %-texting..3end all the time >> we are normal teenagers. we have parents who ggvv us chores. we have to do our homework and go to work. >> how do you fit your time to texx. >> it's fast.ú >> you can bbe-- i do ot know, doing your homework and somebody text you and you pull out your put it back down and finish your >> i want to see how fast is really fast. whoever finisses it first, i waat you to hold your phone up. wwit. >> waat. >> okay. i'm going to give you the whole sentence. >> okay. >> aal right. i want you to type super - >> no, i'm just kidding. >> i did it last year.
8:28 am
>> text fox 45 morning news aal local all mooring. >> oh my god that, is so lonn. >> can yoo repeat? >> fox 45 morning nees all local all morning. -p>> did you get that? >> yeahh >> all right, ready. >> set go. fox 45 morning news all local all morningg, >> ladies, the returninge again. champion is goiig toab the chamg to be the champ again. >> you do ttis for charity. ú% the winner who wins gets a $50,000 or the charity of their 3
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to fox 45 mooning news. 8:30 ii the time. i'm patrice harris. i'm megan gilliland. and meteorollgist sttve ffrtig is here to tell us more about the first day of fall. a couple of warm days and ú%en it will cool down, nicely
8:31 am
%-the game on saturday.and 70s r here -- for suuday. a mild looking start for the day saliibury. 68 in hagerstoww. any rainshowers from last night with theethunderstorms are out of here. foo left in sooe the areas this morning. temperatures wrming up once ú%ain 89 to high with a northwest wind coming eaat southwest.%a hot anddhumid day r faat even hotterr right now et's check in witt lauren cooke who as the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter:: thank you, steve. ww do have trouble in baltimore countt while we're dealing with a crash in cockeysvvlle.3 that's going to e shutdown beever dam road between warren ú%ad nd church llne. york oad as aa alternate route. do expect heavy congesttonnif you're ttaveeing the beltwayy ú%re is live look at the beltway area.
8:32 am
yoo will see traffic will be jammed along outer loop laaes a3 if you're traveliiggthem, do expect delays from 95 to 83.3ú that stretch is going o take you 24 minutes and you're only looking at an averagg speed of %-it will reeain heavy' we make our way oward the west siie a 20-minnte ride with an average ú%eed of 22 miles per hour and not much relief if you are traveling the northeast corridor of 95, you're looking at a3 5-minute trip with an avvrage speee of 35 miles per hourr.3 that's the traffic edge report. patrice and megan, back tooyouu here are the stories we are following ttis morning. -ne week ago the operators of a sloo casino in cecil ccunty ran into a delay of opennng thhir casino -- wanted to delaa the ú% ready to move forward withal the opening after all. they have been criticized with
8:33 am
the role of trying to de feat ruaarundel miil's mall. the a as of now opening day is still set for next thursday. >> reporter: you have given around baltimooe you know the rradd arennt great..3 bbltimore, otholes like ttese are a reason why baltimore group has rrnked he baltimorre' roads the 10 worst innthe naaion..3 %-worst overall san jose,úcalif. it says that .c. is the 22nd worst in roaas. itts not all bad. it's just data. overall drivers don't like this3 of thousands of on a new office. take a look at the pictures
8:34 am
obtained by fox 45. it shows the renovated city oofice of former public works director david scott. taxpayers were billed moreethan the luxuryyoffice includes a stone wall,,hardwood floors and a zebra ruu. he was forre you hhd out of city government this summer. has replaced scoot's carved gllss desk with a more practicaa ooe. year is just days from today and there's a rally around the ravens. we are joined with friends thhs morning. you. thanks for being heee. we are going to talk you first and talk about whaa this rally is all about? >> the rally is about getting the party home opener and we're looking forward to that. we got a big ralll down at harbor place, a lot of give a
8:35 am
ways, we got a rice aad todd keith autograph, and a lot of local businesses are helping us outt ith food. so we think it's going to the biggest and best waa!! best ralo far. >> i'm assuming this is goong tt >> because it's downtown 12 to 2:00. ww thinn it's going to be a huge crowd. it's going to e very exciting. people are not going to eú disapppinted. it's i great way to start the homer. >> we are going to have this mascot and the po and the cheerleaders are going to be there and they''e goong to give us a taste of the purple pride with a cheer. go ahead, ladies. >> let's go ravens ♪ ♪ let's go ravens -♪ let's go ravens
8:36 am
♪ et's go >> very good. this weekend, the big sunday we heard that steve said no rain so it should be good..3 >> awesome. >> thank you all. keep theecheers going. hopefully that spreads across baltimore. if you would like more information n the rally today go tt and no matter where you are, out there showing off your your purple pride. go to and clicc on the commuuity featuues section. well, coming up get into the virgin mobile free fest or free.ú your chance to win a pair of tickets right after the break. and lattr, what is the deel with that? we meet the pooch with the3 record breaker
8:37 am
8:38 am
why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve.
8:39 am
did i miss the mmmo?3 >> i don't know, what was thaa? >> i don'' kkow. i think it looked like a -ootball. >> that's what i thought. maybe we're getting that excited for thaa rally tonight. >> it couud be. %et's get excited for he is going to tell us how the temperatures are going toolook like.ú take a look at sky hd radar and nothing identified right nnw %-last night we had storms movig -hrough the northern part of tte state. now things are quiet. ww check out temperaturesú downtown 73 degrees. we're seeing mostlyy loudy with hazy sunshine righttthere. the baaometer is steady. noteethe dew point is at 4. that is going to be more
8:40 am
an indication we got more mmisture. it's going to ffel more humid. as ww check out tte temperatures baltimore, 74 in d.c., 70 in salisbury, 68 in hagerstown, 64 in oakland. any word from et..3 wondering? ú%cause we're trying to %-shower for the wesserr county. it's goong to be warm and huuid wwth the upper 80s and neaa 90. and then the ooler air returnsú as the nnxt front ushes through by saturday and that will mean low 80s, very comfortable. for sundayy just in tiie for the game, low 70s will feel very nice then and maabe a little3 cool to some of you as it will only be innthe uuper 60s for the start of the game. 88 degrees for the high temperature. mostly sunny skies, and winds south at 5-at the miles perng hour. the central part of the state, looking at high ttmperature of
8:41 am
855degrees, mostty clear skiee there aa well many baak to the temperature pretty much the same. 85 degrees at about 3:00 this afternoon. just checkinn. low..3 %-people tuning in right now are aboutt tomorrow will bee94 degrees, warmer still, a lot of sunshine, %-cloudy skiis and 72 as we cool down on sunday. just like i said a comfortabbe foo the ravens game if you're headed to m ann t stadiim. ú% on monday, 75 nd 73 for tuusday and wednesday with shower chances eaah of those ú%ys as we head into the next here isslauren cooke,,i'm no relatiie of david but i can sing, too, cook. >> reporter:: i'm not sure about that, steve. if yoo're traveling in baltimore
8:42 am
accident at cockkysviile that has shutdown beaver road. you want to sttck witt 83 or yorr road as an alternate. as youumake your way up to monkton, we are dealinn ith damage. watch out for power lines. you want to stick with route 138 as an alttrnate. for those of you using the ú%ltway, we are looking at a lot of congession, checking in and taking a live look at the parkvilleearea. %-outer oop.ocking in allng tte it will be sllw as you make you3 push toward prooidence road. not much relief, both the inner and outer loop lanes aae veryy very crowded. to 95. %-to tell you about. accidents watch ut for ray crash at alln3 we are dealing with a crash at you want to stick with thee33
8:43 am
alternate this morning. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, aa and megan, back to . the ottest namms ii rock 'n' roll are coming to our area. the virgin free fest is thii saturday at meriwether post pavilion. >> we want to gettyou there for free..3 >> the 10th caller at if you wann more inffrmation about virginfest go to how you can get a great meal for ú%lf the price. a lottof people will come up to me and ask, well, what %- has tongue
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
ú%> t's half off, from miii golf to meals. $50 gift certificate there. oower jeff motley and solomon joins us this morning. >> good morning. >> everybody around here is fighting off a cold, and you're supposed to feed a coldd right? >> we have enough food tt feed a cold. >> that's what i like..3 specials. we put crab meat jumbo, and we top his with a sauce, a spicy, mustard and garlicky kind of sauce. >> talk about this big pot ofú soup. that ooks like what we need?
8:47 am
>> that's a loaaed baked pooato chowder. it's quite highly recommended. >> whattis in it? >> everything that you can think to put on a baked potato, bacon, chives and the sour cream and the whole deal. ú% in addition to the food, there's so many other reasons >> e under tte year sportt parties. >> a lot of groups can come in, %-themes, soccer themes, we o special packagessfor hem. we do laser tags. they do pizza. they have a lot of fun the arcade. >> a lottof kids enjoy itt >> ittcan't e a sports party. if you would like to do something with the kids..3 >> every weekend ww do pprties they ggt pizza and arcade, and it goes really well.ty room. we do 2000 birthday parties a
8:48 am
>> i may have to come to try for up to the that ould be fun tootry out. >> in addition to thaa, the kids haae un there, but dults come and do private paaties here, too. harper county rroartare rotary. it waa a lassr tag tournament and ood ad it worked out for everybody involved. it was a good time. >> there's no end to the types of ttings you ll can offer people. >> like we said likk the harford county rotare, they had golf times and raffles, we split the procceds with them. -t's 50/550raffles and we can -oldup to 450 people. >> that's amazing. >> and that was uick and easy,
8:49 am
a littte seasoning and just throw it on there. >> all right, these -- people of new recipes?3me and thinking -p>> sadly enough, yes. >> that is not sad for us. it's great to havv you here. we appreciate you. jim, i'mmgoong to watth you do that and get ready to eat. if you want to eat as well, get you doo't want tot card.
8:50 am
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a small dog in north texas is beginninn worldwide -- is gaining worlddiie fame for his >> melissa introduces us to that dog and is ery proud owner. >> reporter: uggy may be a ú%ny pick a iece, but his
8:56 am
tongue is anything but small. -p>> a llt of ppople will come t %-tongue, how does he eat.hs >> reporter: he holds the guinnesss orld record for the %->> reporter: the judgegue. confirms it's 4 112 inches long. and for a dog of his stature that is quiteean accomppishment. people often do aadoubleetake when they ee puggy walk by. >> it makes me feel good that he ú a smileeto somebooy's ttat in itselffbrings me soomuc3 joy. >> reporter: puggy was abandoned as a puppy possibly because of his strange looks. ironically, it's that same unique appearance that is earning international fame. >> he has got the biggest he manages ell. find it funnily lookinggor even freakish, to er,,puggy's tongue
8:57 am
is perfect. toogue was ugly. ittjust added toohis character. >> reporter: a character much -ike an animated one. >> he is silly lookiig dog, ttat's why i love him. >> does puggy. p> he just leaves it out all the time. >> i'm always shhcked by thess-h -ean simmons. >> terrible. >> terribll. >> t's the longest tongue i haae ever seen. this dog has myydog beatt %-all the time.ustthanning thhre >> it look like it would get drr. >> there'ssa drool faator there. >> look. he is proud, though. >> you wonder, once he takes it back into hhs mouth. >> or does he. >> he rolls it up. go? >> it's a little roller. >> just he has a roll ittand
8:58 am
stick it in ni his mouth. >> it was a ice day for hugy out there. it's the first full day of fall. we will see the temperatures get up to 86 for the high. it will beemore hummd todayyand 92 for tomorrow. -ostly sunny, 82 for your saturday, and 72 for sunday, so it cools down for weekend. and then mid-to upppr scwi mid-r monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's great football weaaher for sunday.3 it's the irst day of fall. >> i can't believe it. >> unreal. >> fox's new comedyyline up has hit the small screen. thank youuyou are as funny as fox? if you are,,thenncan you laugh all the way to the bank.3 submit your best clean jokes at our weesite at foxbaltiiore.ccm and yoo can win valuable prizes. >> funny? >> we are going tt pick three winners onnfridayy.3 it won't be steve.
8:59 am
prizes. pack. you can catch episodes of glee, raising hope and running wilde. >> you can laugh that like thatú [ laughter ] >> there's no more ttlking about ú% jokes. [ laughter ] >> ttoorrow, we will be baak.


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