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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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they're everywhere! even in a hotel room with a mysterious blonde. [ male announcer ] new... ♪ lean pockets culinary creations. >> a $28,000 offiie for a city employee. ú% definitely ovee the top. >> who spent the money and what
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happened to all oo this, when the new administration moved in. -> the revealing reason katyt. perry was booted off the children's show. >> i cannot get to it. thhy are killing me.ú >> panic at aafarm. as a man is surrounded by hundreds of insscts, what they were and how many times he was attaaked. >> fall has finally arrived, but summer weather will hang for, at least, anotter day, whennwe could see a change in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, rom wbff tv in baltimore, this is >> helloo i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. first on fox tonight.ú office with a $28,000 facelift. taapayers footed the bill last year. but only now are we learning details of the pricy renovation. >> in the waste watch report. jeff abell said it raises new
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questions about a city that has %-broke.plained it is indeed >> for a city in crisis. >> this is nice. >> this is $28,000 of ax dollars at work. >> nice shower. look at that. >> whose office is this? >> it belongs to the city. but it looks like no other city office. when david scott became director of the city's public works department two years ago, lans to renovate his 400 square foot office got underway. while the city was shopping for of stack stone, mayor was wall preaching hard times. >> one day trash pickup, one day recycling. if ttat doesn't pass,,then we will talk about additional layoffss >> tte city may have cut serrices but there was o stopping the renovation. when it was over, the city had paid more than $12,000 for the furniture. almost 1000 for the zebra print
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rug and stack stone $1100. for taxpayers, this is a $28,000 >> our firehouses are getting closed and that's what he did to his office. >> the union president for the firefighters.ú >> when i look attthe money spent on this, i think of the firehouses ww have, where we ú%ve sinkssnot working, toilets not workinn. >> when i saw the photos, i was pretty shocked. >> the renovations happened under mayor sheila dixon's administration but few questioned the $28,000 expense. ->>in fact, no one said anything. this is okay to spend this money. -o one reported it. said that everyone is used to this. >> did he care about his position or the people. >> a year later, director scott resigned. now the office has changed3 again. that custom glass desk is gone. and so is the zebra print rug.
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new director has moved in sooe ú%w pieces. buu this furniture, is already owned by the city. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the city said that it found %-that no longer in that office. ú% have yet another wwste watch find out how much maryland may. be over paying for new office space. and the options the state could ú%ve used instead. coming up in 15 minutes right here, of course, on fox 44 news at 10:00. >> baltimore county police arrest a an that they say is responsible for wo sex crimes and they want to know if he committed more crimes.ú police say lamont garrison tried to rape a woman in her ownn3 apartment on franklin avenue in july. woman in her apartment on monika place in june. %-because he matched thest week. description victims had given police. >> the detectives came down and interviewed him, but did not have enough, at the time, a week ago to charge him with these. however, dna swabs were taken.
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and then in fact, they were ú%nfirred by our biology unit that he was, in fact, the onee3 that committed the crimes. >> police want to know if garrison is reeponsible for other crimee in woodlaww. he is held at tte county detention center, without bond. >> questions over the evidence in the murder trial of former councilman ken harris tooight. attorneys for three mee accused in the killing belleve their %-flawed investigation. of a >> keith daniels live at the %-detective was back on the tad today, keith, what can you tell us tonight in. >>well, jeff and jjnnifer, the detectives's name is donald deal, he finished the testimony today for prosecutors. then defense attorneys attacked. during cross examination. >> the lead detective invvstiggting the coming of spent moss of the day in courtn thursday. giving jurors a play-by-play of investigation. the homicide
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defense attorneys argued that police mmde missakes. mishandled the investigation, and evidence in the case. >> there was a picture on the -- one of the surveillance videos of a oung lady that, in my opinion, was there. but even though the detective, the primarr detective drove all the way up to upstate new york tt talk to somebody, he never bothered to find out who the person was in the ideo. >> charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams, all charged death during a robbery at the new haven lounge jazz club in september of 2008. in court,,prosecutors showed jurors surveillance video, and photographs. images out of the club, and thieves caught on video inside of the club. prosecutors say tte defendants are in that video. but defense attorneys are quing the images, and evidence,
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including a jacket, that3 prosecutors call aakey piece of evidence, found in the trash caa, behind william's home. >> the jacket clearly is a heavy winter jacket with a hood. so i question, how is it a key piece oo evidence if no one why was it during the crime. and the video we have of the crime shows no one wearing it. >> the an's dna was founddon severallpieces -- seeeral items near the crime scene. including a mask. -hey expect to present that part -f the ase omorrow morning. when the trial resumes.ú live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank youu eith. >> baltimore city police are looking for the person that shht aaman in east baltimore last night. it happened around 10:00, at north broadway and east oliver. stomach.ound the man shot in the he wasspronounced dead at hopkins. >> police arrested thii man for a double shooting near greenmount cemetery in east
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baltimore. montes terrell brooks,,police arrested him 24 hours after the shooting. on monday he shot a man and woman on east presstman street. ú%e man in critical k the woman shot twice in the leg. brooks faces attempt the first-and second-degree murrer >> oman is dead after the car %-parking lot of the mall. the driver suddenly lost control and was thrown from her car, when she strrck a light pole. police say the driver could have been involved in a shoplifting incident aa the nearby ikea store. but was not being chased by police at the time. a rash on the chesapeake bay bridge reaches a settlement with the family of the driver that causeddthe accident. %-short died after he swerved te tractor trailer, to avoid hitting a oncoming car. now the family of the woman in %-short's family $100,000.yú the woman in the oncoming car
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had a blood alcohol level of33 .03. prosecuuors said that was too low to press criminal charges. >> funeral arrangeeents are now annouuced for a former navy lacrosse player killed in afghanistan. this week. the funeral for lieutenant brenddn looney is sst for september 30. at st. john the baptist church in sslver spriig. looney was one of nine killed in that helicopter crash tuesday. he is a graduate of damatttha high school and with two brothers played lacrosse for the naval academm. >> tomorrow night hundreds of teens are expected to attend a %-kerstetter.oncert for emily >> teen hurt by a terrorist bomb on a mission trip in ugandan. as cath cads reports, tte mounting medical bills are overwhhlmiig. >> when ttis phott was taken in johannesburg south africa, emil3 was just beginning her roaddto recovery. after the bombing in ugandan. at the same time, her classmaaes
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at mount de sales aaademy were holding prayer services for her. now, from hymms to hard rock. >> we are having a concert to beneeit emlow and bringing ouu eight bands. ú%om all over maryland, actually. >> friday niggt fund raiser at ellicott city.rpetual help in >> i would like to raise $5000 -elp her family in any way they need it. and has had more than a dozen surgeries. >> yeaa, she willlhave the external hardware on her right leg, for, probably 4 to 6 months, or really, nobbdy is actually said how long. >> so when emily is released from the hospital, renovations to the house, will be needed. >> we are working on a plan to actually get her home into the house. and contacted my insurance companies, and just something as simple as a wheelchair ramp, ttey have no idea, or there is no coverage for that.
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>> she will have to be in tte hospital becauue i don't have a wheelchair cigar younger sister maddy. >> we are close, we like to be %->> wwnts emily home the gloati hope for her to be home soon.ú iiwould like to see her home. >> maddy is pij at the fund raiser friday to benefit her %-kathleen cairns, fox 45 neww t 10:00. >> and that fund raiser will be held tomorrow night from 6:30 to 10:30p.m. at our lady of perpetual help on i'll chester road in ellicott city. >> finally, we are less thaa three days away from the ravens home opener. from m&t went to the staddum. they had food and fun to pump everyone up for sunday showdown againsttthe browns. >> e are 1 and 1, coming home. we are going to be 2 and 1 after beating the browns. that's a guarantee by me. >> i hope we make it to the
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-uperbowl, take it all. %->> and fans are howing off their purple pride on our website. the chambers famill is rocking to the ravens. they are playing rock bands during halfftime. >> and kim from baltimore shows she could be the city's biggest -altimore ravens' fan. her ravens room, as she calls it, has ii all. furniture, game on the big screen. and even a football field carpet. >> and yeah, it is great. we want to see your purple pride. send us pictures of you, friends, kids, pets. pride. >> wake up. wake up. >> this is innredible. a man attacked by beee stung more than 1000 timee. how that attack started. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> are you ready to play dress up? dress up? >> pop star katy perry evicted
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from sesame streee? kicked off. >> parts of obama care start today.ú i am karen parks and i will teel you how the plaa changes how you >> looking at clear skies out there, with a harvest moon. beautiful night. but a hot ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side.
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i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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>> new beneeits are kicking in. six months after the presidentt3 of the u.s. signed the health >> karen parks joins us from sinaa hospiial and tells us today's changes come as a majority of americans still oppose the bill. karen? >> jennifer and jeff, thhusands who come here to sinai, and millions across the country, are set to get some relief. while others are wondering who
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pays for it all. >> starting today, hundreds of thousands of americans are set to get new bbnefits, as part of the nnw bill that has become known to many aa obamm care. insurance companies will no longer be permitted to exclude children beccuse of preexistinn health conditions. insurers also won't beeallowed to impose lifetime limits on %-and children up to 26-years-od will now be allowed coverage on their parents policies. >> today s a very big day for young adults and familiess a day when millions of young people getta little more peace of mind about their future and about staying covered. >> but that part of the law, does not apply to everyone. -> if you have never been on your parent's policy as a child, you cannot now suddenly decide tt be on it. this is for people that were covered as children, that got droppee off when theyyreached a certain age that now want o be back on. >> consumers signing uppfor new preventaaive services. like screening vaccines, and counseling without having to pay
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out-of-pocket.3 up uutil now, ameriians have seen little benefit from the bill. and critics say the president -ver sold it, especially theú claims about bringing down costs. a new rasmussen poll showed 61 percent of americans actually favor repealing it. >> costs too much. costing insurance companies too much. costing taxpayers too much. and ttis bill did nothing to bend the cost curve. >> marrland's own study predicts the new law will increase the health care costs in the state by $146 million 10 years from now. >> 20 states are suing the ffderal government over the law. the reporting live in sinai hospital. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you karen. >> that brings us to the question of the day. should tte health care reform legislation be repealed? so far 70 percent say yes. mike writes on our website. it may not be perfect but it is a step in the right direction. but elizabeth wriies. ttis administration in congress has taken it upon themselves to
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pass legislation, without considering what the people want. us know what you think. you can sound off on facebook. youucan send s a tweet tweet ax baltimore. text us at 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and we will hear more responses on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> house republicans unveiled the pledge to america today. it is what they plan to do f they take control of congress come november. the pledge includes steps aimed at beefing uppnational security. repealing health care measuree and reignnng in government size and spending. republicans say they will put a hard cap on discretionary spending and take weekly votes on spending. unlike the contracts with america back in 1994, republicans say this time, they got these ideas from the people3 instead of giving them to the people. >> when republiians were in
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charge of congress we made our fair share of mistakes. last 20 months, that republicans have heard the american people. >> the pledge also includes help for small business.ú democrats say that is total hypocrisy since 174 republicans later voted against a small business lending measure. >> whee it is time for a photoop in a small business, republicans are there. but when it sstime to actually help small businesses grow, we find them voting to outsource jobs overseas. >> social conservatives were concernnd theeissues they care %-from the absent they diddmanage to makeeit in, but only briefly. a commitmeet to traditional marriage, and opposition to using taxpayer money to fund abortions. >> and, of course, stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the middterm election november 22 go to 2010. >> 1 and a half billion dollars
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project to revitalizz baltimore's westside may be put on hold. baltimore business journal reports the state center project will not move forward until the the project.s the tax break for but john rydell tells us ssme people think the prooect's deal is already sweet enoogh. >> it is a state complex that some say is in desperate need of a facelift. this fall ground will be broken to transform these aaingg3 buildings into a thriving communiiy. >> i think it will be great or the community, and city of baltimore. again we are always looking for ways to achieve efficiencies and get the greatest value for the lowest cost. >> maryland board of public works gave approval to theú $1.5 billion project, known as state center. with retail, grocery store, commercial office space and homms. and instead of renovating the state office buildings they will be toon down. >> state officials say to completely rehab the old stateú office buildings would cost up to $100 million. so the state plans to lease office space from private
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ú%velopers on the same spot. but thht financial arrangement is prompting questions from some state lawmakers.3 >> if we are going to kind of doing a reverse mortgage on that, and lease that property out for 100 years. do we need to o? if we already own it. >> delegate holman has analyzed the details. worries that 1 and a half billion dollars price tag could debt limit. it is a claim that is upported3 by may of 2009 report from the maryland department of legislatiie services. said the tax benefits from the center are overstated and some state owned buildings still have high vacancy rates, including 30 percent vacancy rate at the world trade center. >> we know we have been in a budget deficii situation for a and the trends do not look positive. ú% why would the state take, a risk, offpuuhing our credit limit, to the max, on a project right now? >> some commercial realtors say the deal to leaae pace from
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private developers for $34 a square foot is too much. a foo 45 investigation in march, showed high-end commercial space in baltimore cost about $25 per square foot.ú delegate holmmn said she would like to see the state renegotiate the deal, even if it doesn't happen. anthony brown said there could be cost savings. >> in this economy, we have been able to find lower construction -ecause there are fewer projects.ú >> brown calls this project a win for the city, and state employees..3 in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. our government accountable. you can hell us do that by -oining our fox 45 wasteewatch. if you see government waste call our hotline t 44101656. anddgo to and click on waste watch. %-full day of autumn.he first >> felt like summer out there. still.
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chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now to tell us how hot it will be tomorrow. vytas? >> summer is hanging on. we will continue to hold onto the heat. mooe heat. for tomorrow. hot start to the weekend. yes, it is fall. do not be fooled. it feels like summer. temperatures will beehot. if you thought it was hot todayú it wwlllbe warmer. in fact, state temperatures for highs. 87 in baltimore. look south of us, in d.c. fredericksberg at 97. hot temperature there. and 96 in charlottesville. we are seeing the temperatures just marching up 95. and let me tell you. 95, well, it is not just a interstate number. that's the temperature tommrrow. we are talking aboot the -emperatures in the 90s. quite warm. and riggt now 77 in baltimore. 81 in d.c. 80 in fredericksberg. %-79 in hagerstown. anddwe are seeing a southerly push of air. thht keeps the heat in place. so tomorroww ill be warm. all across the mid-atlantic. out into the mountains. even over parts of the midwest. until a front arrives toward saturday. and drops our temperatures down.
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we will be back in the range of things as we start to round out the weekend. i will show you that in the %-next day planner. beautiful full moon. get ouutide and take a peek. it issbeautiful. 74 morning rush hour commute. 90 by lunch time. and here is the seven-day3 forecast. coming up in a bit. >> a maa stung more than 1000 times by bees. more of this 911 call and how the attack bbgan in the first place. as fox 45 news at 10:00 continues. >> my life may be far from what i drramed it would be at this point. but it is far, far reach away from where i have been. >>@
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>> sometimes blogs are a lot more thannjust wwrds onnthe web. they can be a mirror into someone's soul. >> tonight's cover story, kathleen cairns and ddve larson follow the steps of a blogger that had thousands of followers. here is dave's human drama. i started. >> it is dave's nline diary. >> well, this is today'sspost. fame but no fortune. i don't mind camping out when the temperatures are like they have been.
10:28 pm
all good. >> he has made this. >> my life may be far from what i dreamed ittwould be at this point. but it is far, far reach away from wwere i have been. >> his daytime daily routine. >> i could be here six hours one day.3 30 minutes the next. it all depends. >> ann his office. >> i am at the pikeville library. >> a familiar place. >> a buncc of people here know -e. of course, ask forgiveness from those wronged and that have died. somettmes a blog is two paragraphs, sometimes two pages. my life is annopen book. i have had 7600 hits in two years, with no advertising. word of mouth. >> topics are change from evil to evangelical. >> some days it is a way to get it out. without resorting to hitting something, banging my head against the wall. >> from philosophy to food. >> other days it is a way to say thank you. >> he calls it therapeutic. %->>as dave heads back to his o3
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rral-life. >> that was today's post.3 >> he makes one brief stop. >> this is the book dumpster. great free resource for books. >> before heading to his humble abode. >> the shed. now, this is home, if youuwant to call it that. >> in this bbss section of town3 no one knows about this discrete locationn or about dave. >> they don't know the whole story. they don't know i am on the street. i am homeless. this is my sleeping hut. it is old and abandon. weather out. nooheat, electricity, or water. >> he admits the troubled past led up to the troubled life. >> i have a criminal record. done time in prison. i have some health issues. it makes it hard.ú i am homeless. how do you get a job when you first off.
10:30 pm
>> he shows us where the mice runnby. >> you don't want to stand ttere. >> when a hole omes i patch it with card word. >> where he sleeps. >> sleep it off. this is tte dry section. of the shed. this is home for sleep. that's it. >> he stock piles what supplies he can for survival. >> a change of clothes or two. dirty clothes bag. piece of newspaper. air spray. my emergency batted room. bottles over there. >> he will not stay at shelters. >> it feels like jail. >> what you see is really 4-foot wide by 30-foot long. but this is my shelter. >> his only escape is when he shuts his eyes. >> i yearn to be a weaver of ú-to spin tte human drama. >> and dreams of publishing a book. >> to capture the liff. the glories, laughs and trauma. >> in the daylight dave enjoys the free fines.
10:31 pm
>> bag of doughnuts taken from the dunkii doughnuts dumpster. >> he hopes to show the world homeless does not define him. >> i go by the philosophy that homeless ii ot dare lick. >> while most peeple don't seem to notice him. 2000 have read his blogg homeless side. >> share my story and soul. entertain, and amuse. ú% in pikesville. kathleen cairrs, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> for more information bout the homeless side blog. go to >> are you ready to play dress up? >> dress up? >> controversial clothing on sesame street. see what katy perry was wearing
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>> i cannot get to it. they are killing me. >> but next. ú%times. bees more than 1000 how this attack began after the bbeak. >> looking at temperatures warming up around maryland as we see the temperatures gettiig close to, almost, 100. talk more about that old bbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs.
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training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios.
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visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>> really was a sweltering first -ay of fall. >> sweltering. good worr. >> that's beautiful out there -onight. >> you know, i like the sweltering and harvest moon and put them together, harvest moon fall and sweltering heat. >> good song too. >> it is a great ssng. >> more after the break. i will work on the weather. sounds good. let me tell you. hot one out there. kicking off the weekend. fabulous weekend. lots of activities going on. raider's gamm, book festival. anything outside is a must. but it will be hot to kick ii -ff tomorrow. so drink fluids. water. running around. but goodbye summer. and we had fall officially egin last night at 11:09. so first offiiial full day of autumn. but we do not have the leaves falling yet. but changes are slowlyy3 occurring. uu in pennsylvaaia and parts of west virginia, some of the mountains, you get the changes happening. and we will start to notice more of that around here over the next month. looking at the skycam.
10:36 pm
downnown. quiet conditions. beautiful fuul moon out there tonight. if you gaze out tte window. beautiful full moon. we have tonight, and it lloks like we have the temperatures at 76 degrees..3 east-northeast wind at seven. and humidity levels at 79 percent. hiih today was 89 degrees. we brushed almost 90. no precipitation to talk about. normally we should be at 76. so we are above whereewe should be. heat pump from the south works into tomorrow. getting the temperatures even %-heat south.s. in the mid 90s. 97 was the high in fredericksberg. 96 n charlottesville. so that is the heat shifting into our egion over the central ú%rtion of the state. ú-warm.3tern shore should be salisbury up to 92 degrees. so it looks like we will see one more burst of heat efore we start to see things get back into the noomal range toward the week. 80s, south of us. nice and waam. and we will continue to see that heat building in. cooler spots you have tooget up to boston.
10:37 pm
63 egrees. 66 in allany. ann then back to the west. indianapolis, warm at 82 degrees. 78 in lexington. and that heat continues to build up along the warm front. showers and thunderstorms riding alonggthe front across ontario and northern michigan. for us the hot air builds up from the south. and ii will looks like this change wwll not arrive. really with much precipitation. there is cold front that is moving through parts of ohio. you can kind of see it there. ii makes the way through by saturday. saturday you notice the change. sunday you definitely notice the changes as it moves down on you to the southeaat. eastern shore here is how it looks. 933with plenty of sunshine for easton, denton, chestertown. central portion of the state, 95 and plenty of sunshine, with the western portion of the staae. at 91. with plenty of sunshine. and then again, there issa beaatiful moon tonight. clear skies. 77 for tomorrow. downtown inner harbour. hot one. and then the five-day forecast. shows 85 saturday. front moves through. cooler temperatuues behind it. on sunday heading to the game.
10:38 pm
great one. showers will not rrive until next week, tuesday with temperaturee in the 70s. >> you cannot even stand up right now. >> yeah, i can. >> four state lawmaker up for reelection, that's not the moment you want on camera. this is mmnnesota state representative mark bunddhhn getting busted for drunk driving over the weekend. after he ran his ccr off the road saaurday night. he had attended severalú pplitical fund raisers and admitted that he waa drinking there.ú deputies also found an open bottle of vodka, in his car. he blew twice the legal limit in he is stepping down from the republican party.on with the he says he plans to get treatmmnt, and still plans to run for reelection. >> my dad is getting eaten by bees. >> that's the 911 call.ú a son made as his father was being attackee by bees.
10:39 pm
stung more than 1200 times. ú%mar laddz riding through a field if a tractor when hundreds of bees came out of nowhere. happened in texas. somhe was pplling tte bees out of his mouth and out of his ears. he suffered swelling from the eyes, to his arms. he spent a week recovering in a hospital. >> wow! >> hhlf a billion internet users are back and looking at friends, photos and harvesting farmville crops tonight facebook is %-dead or slowed down earlier today. what happened.not elaborate on but hackers were not involved. %-problems they had on ednesda. %-was rumored to be coming tot verizon in january. but the company's ceo 96 that had while talking to investors. verizon's building a new network and hopes that apple will let them sell the phone once it is
10:40 pm
up and running in 2012. >> everybody, of course is feeling the effects of the recession. >> but one hotel in spain, has something for people that still have a little extra cash. this is a vending machine, that dispenses gold. the gold to go machine is right next to the soda vending machine. it dispenses, one, five, 10-gram bars, aad coins, with designs on them. %-the second in the world with . the first machine was installedú in a hotel in abadobe earliir this yearr managers there said it exceeded their expectations. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00. why 5,000,000 cans of this baby formula are being recalled tonight. >> and katy perry's bid on sesame street pulled. the controversial clothing, in tonight's "word on the web".
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>> a recall on 5,000,000 cans of baby formula because it may be contaminated with insect parts. it is this formula.
10:44 pm
similac powder infant formula. bug parts coold irritate aa3 baby's digestive track. but expertt say they generallyy3 really don't pose a health risk. for more inffrmation though on ú%is recall. go to links. >> elmo is not typically knownn3 for courting controversy, even the creepy tickle me elmo you. >> a video with a pop singerris ú%o sexy for tv. judy kurtz explains why in tonight's "word on the web".3 >> inssead of teaching kids to count, the folks at sesame street may be counting the number of complaints. of the show starring katy perry hit "youtube", but some are sayinggthe pop star has to cover up with the cameo with elmo. take a look and see what you thinn.
10:45 pm
>> the video has gotten 1,000,000 views on "youtube". one uer aaked is sesame street a porno now? but others say perry's barely there top is no big deal. it was supposed to air later in the year. and sesame street s pulling the plug on the segment because of negative feedback. katy is not revealing much about the wardrobe choice but only that she enjoyed playing dress uppwith elmo. >> do you think the video is too hot for tv, ound off on the "word on the web" blog. the web". i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> the ravens sign their second round pick. how much ssrggo kendall will make, even though he will miss thh entire season and 3
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like it will be a hot start to the weekend. 95 is the high. with sunshine. and front moves through not really much activity associated with the fronn. and drrps us to 85. and till holds n to sunshine. sunday 72. looks like a great day for a football game. it looks like monday, tuesday, wednesday, we will get showers aad temperatures back in the normal range. mid to upper 70s. best chance for rain is on tuesday and wednesday. prrtty hot dayyto kick off the weekend.
10:49 pm
back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, vytas. >> the ravens sign sergio kendall. >> bruce cunningham joins us with detaiis of the weird deal in "sports unlimited". bruce? >> it is kind of weird. coming up on "sports unlimited". kendall did sign a contract with the avens, how much will the even though he will not lay a down. ravens come home for the first time. kristen berset has a story on >> and chris carr joins me ffr our coors light silver spotlight. why he thinks the seconddry %-"sports unlimited" starts rigt now. >> the ravens done aalot of waiting for kendall. -his evening, part waste is over. teams top draft pick, second rounder agreed o a contract. -endall, gets a rookie teeder of $320,000. prr rated to 282. on the way to


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