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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 24, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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ú->> a ttacher's aide guilty of sex abuse. why he could go to jail even
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though he never touched anyone. >> record heat. how highhthe temperatures went and how much relief for the week. in thh sky watch foreccst. >> the police departmenn is ring around pulling stufffout of garbage cans. >> on trial for the murder of a former councilman. the key piece of evidence now being challenged by the defense. >> a comedian on capitol hill. >> i yield the balance of my time, u.s.a., number one. >> what stephen cobert testify order and hat e said that made pooiticians feel so >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, his is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> ello, i am jeff barnd. howard county teacher's aide found guilty of sex abuse. >> kathleen cairns reports the case now sets a precedent for3 child sex crimes, since he was abusing the 8-year-old girll.3y >> karl walker leaaes court after being convicttd of sex
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>> do you still love her? >> at bryant woods elementary school in columbia. 38-year-old walker was a teacher's aide. he wrote more than 30 love letters tt an 8-year-old girl. stating, i want to kiss, and i am not a perverted psycho stalker but i have dreams every night of holding you. >> you wrote you are not a made a ruling today. do you have anything tt say? was not based on a physical sex attack. but on exploitation..3 outlined in the letters. >> well, there is a conbe sant reference to hugging and kissing, and wanting to be with you, and dreaming fantasizing they are on a trip to las vegas, and she is asleep in his arrs. it was overwhelming i thought. >> it issthe first ime in maryland, that a child predator has been convict without ú%uching a child in a sexual manner. lawmakees have been watching the
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>> egislation did not require physical touching, which a llt >> in court, the judge statte that walker's letters boarded on obsession. he gained her trust.ú and abused that trust. >>as a teacher's aide why would you do that? didn't you knowwyou crossed thh line? >> walker is free until his sentencing in january. from any children under 18.away except his own two kids. >> i am sure we will be asking for jail time. >> in howard county, kathleen ú%irns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and walker will yet face -nother child sexual abuse trial next month. now onto the question of the day. of sex abuse, even though there was no pphsical contact? so far 97 percent say yes. 3 percent say no. pattwrites on facebook. to issues like this. sexual harassment need not iivolve touching. thii is clearly abuse.
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and tell us what you think.ccm sound off through facebook. send s a tweee@foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. and yyur response may air on the ú%ate edition" at 11:00. >> defrock priest will spend 18 months n home detention for abusing a boy in tte 70s. 74-year-old thooas bev vin of cascades was convict after entering a alforddplea to one ú%admit guilt but acknowledgesú% there is enough evidence to convict him. -n auuust the archdioceses of baltimore removed him as the pastor of a church of ssne patrick in come ber gland resident at one east baltimore the heat thanks to no ac.eling melindd roeder is streaming in east baltimore with why soomany people are feeling hospital and helpless. >> i am here t the van story branch apartments on west 20th.
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where a fire truck just pulled up. it appears to be a false alarm. but the folks that are standdng here out, have actually been out here all day, because they havv no air conditioning. many of them are eederly and disaabee, so havinn no air on a day like this, is not only uncomfortable but dangerous. >> residents at van story branch apartments are heated. ú%d not just beeause offthe sun. >> it is like being in prison hhre. >> that's because on a daa when temperatures rose above 90 people living in this east ú%ltimore high-rise were stuck early.ment decided to cut it off >> it is not fair for us, to live like this. we have elderly people in here. little babies. she had to bring her baby out here to get air on her. >> on top of everythiig else,,3 those that went outside for a cool breeze say they werr beiig tering.3 %-in the house.ake nobody stay
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i am 65.3 i am sickly. most everybody innthis building is sickly. >> and this is not the first time resideets have been in this situation. back in july, repairs to thee3 power system left them without electricity and ac foo several hours. and this time,,management posted signs, notifying residents there would be buses out front for cooling centers.3 there, not a bus was in siiht. >> there is not much you canndo. you can complain to the manager but it goes in one ear and out the other. all he wanns to do is sit there %->> we tried to peek to management aboot the ac proolems but no one would talk o us. residdnts say beiig ignored is what they have every day. >> if we paid hhgher rent we would have morr so. but bbeause we arr on fixed income, that's how we are treated. >> most of the time no where to go. so we stay here nd put up with the crap.ú it is not fair. >> and actuallyya bus just pulled up here.
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which will act as a cooling center for the residents here. back in july, a woman actually died during the time when they had no electticity. the housing authority could not say what actually contributed o her death. live in east baltimore. myranda stephens, foo 45 news at 10:00.%>> all righh. thank you, myranda. it was a record day for the heat. >> yeah, 95 degrees for the3 second straight day of autumn. some johns hopkins students took addantage of the sun. out on the front lawn ttday. got to get in the last bits of warm sunshine before the ssason ú%ttally does set in. you know it will happennany day now. ú%re is meteorollgist emily gracey with oday's record3 breaker. temperatures in the forecast. 95 degrees. we broke the record here. at bwi thurgood marshall airpprt..3 %-in record broken down thee came close to 100-degree mark, foo the second fulllday of ss a huge change in our temperatures cooing. it will start to feel like it should for thisstime of year.
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looking back over the past several months, we have had mmny dayssabove 90 degrres herr. in fact, today making 58 degrees for the year above 90 degreee. that'ssnnverrhappened before in baltimooe. and a few months here, we id -ee quite a bit. in july, 20 days above 90. in april, two days that were over 90. and we are going to see a ccange in our forecast. -ot starting quite yet. as you are eating lunchh clearing skies after that cold front pushes through. we have much cooler tempeeatures in the forecast. i will ave the details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> baltimore pollce are reaching out tt thh community, in new ways. hoping it will help them fight melinda rreder is live tonight from the police tracking center in northwest baltimore. to explain how. melinda? >>well, today, offiiers set-aside some time to demonstrate their works for neiggbors. they want to send a message that they care abouttthe city, but they need your hell to prottct
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it. >> you do it wrong, ou can do it again. >> dozenn of police recruits %-give kids a boost.helping to by scaling walls they hope to literally breakdown barriers, showing the kids wwat itttakes -oobe a cop whileeearning their respect. meanwhill, in the southwestern district. >> hello. >> officers are taking nnighbors along with them on patrol..3 %-as they need us.munity as much >> community volunteers like connie owler are happy to help dismiss we have to be their eyes, to let hem know what is going on. >> she lives in the carrollton ridge neighborhood and has seen3 14 offchaages since moving her 50 years ago. >> you didn't have a lot of the stuff that ii going on today.3 i don't even remember ann drugs. >> drugs are a big concern for neighborss
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especially with so many vacant homes. >> check outtthe vacant, makeú surr no one is living in there.ú hanging out in there. sometimms it is drug activity in the vaccnt homes. >> another concern. >> how are you doing? >> lioi tering. >> ask you to ove. >> for this officer steve perry, confrontations are a constant %-men drinking alcohol at a par. wiih a tempered tony does his best to protect without pushing anyone's bbttons. >> i try to talk to them and treat them the way i want to be3 tteated. >> when trouble aaises heewould be as stern as necessary, and he connie, who clearly believe >> you cannot blame them forú these nuts shooting each other on the streets. >> in addition to opening the they also held a open house at the southwestern district. first in a series of ooen houses that baltimore police are
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planning for thh fall. ú%l part of thh community ootreach, hoping that citizens will help them protect and -atrrl. live tonight, in northwest baltimore. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00.ú >> thank you melinda. >> a wommn is reeovering afterr3 brooe into hee home and opened fire. it happened shortly after 11:00 last night. the four suspects forced a mann3 inside of his ome, once innide they attacked another man. and shot a woman. if you have any information on metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-loccup. >> and arundel county police are surveillance photos. about lunch tiie today, he robbed the sander spring baak in millerrville. white man. 30 years oldd brown hair and a mustache.3 >> three vehicle accident involving school bus ends with a serious injjry. bus heading to meadowvale middle
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school in havre de grace, it tipped on its side. six children hurt.3 none seriously. the driver of an suv was hospitalized with serious injuuies. and tonight the driver of the audi involved in the crash, could be facing some charges. >> a viewer sent in the photoo from the scene. yyu can see some of the children were put on to stretchers and taken to the hospital. the otter children were released to their parents, right attthht scene. >> when it comes to news happening in your neighborhood. see it, shooo it, send it. you can upload photos aad videos to our website, of course, click on the see it, -ad you can also send hotos3 directly frrm your cell phone to -> there are a lot more questions tonighttabout the city office that gotta $28,000 facelift. how did ii manage to go unquestioned until ow. tonnght jjff abell breaks ddwn >> on the 6th floor of the
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city's able woeman building there is a city office like no other. when former public works director david ssott occupied the office last year, it got a -acelift. and ttxpayers got the bill. it amounted to ore ttan -12,000, for the furniture. chair.r $1100 for the director's almoss $1000. that stone, totaled more than3 $1100. for taxpayers, this is a $28,000 officc. >> it is symbolic of where re our priorities? >> today, city leadersswere taking a ccoser look at thh $28,000 expense. beeause most every item less than $5000, it did notst require approval from the board so city leaders believe the former director charged his own budget for each individual office item. >> i unnerstand fiscally howwit coold have happened without scrutiny. a little here, a little there. i just don't understand the
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judgment of -- i mean, that kind of money for that kind of thing in the middle of a recession. ú% critics find it hard to understand how the spending3 budget was under the microscope. >> the fact that no one said anyyhing. it wasstotally okay to spend %--o one reported it. said that everrone is used to ú%iss >> less than a year after his david scott resigned. but the $28,000 question, is still here. jeff abeel, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> scott waa a ember of former mayorr heila dixon's administration. >> it is our duty to hold our government accountable. you caa help by joining our fox 45 news waste watch. if you ee government waste. call our otllne at 41 r 06614546. go to and click >> i ccrtainly ope that my star power can bump this hearing all the way up to c-span one.
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>> stephen cobert on capitol hill today. committee into a comedy club on the issue of migrant workers. the personal meeical files he33 tried to submit into the congreesional record. >> you wishhamericans well, but3 you have insulted millions and fox newssinterview witt iran's president. what mahmouddahmadinejad said in -ront of the unitee nations to insult a
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>> key evidence in the trial of three men charged with murdering former city council member ken harris. john rydell eports tonight. the case is ow focused on dna evidence. >> survvillance video shows say were involled in the murders
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of former councilman ken harris. it happened during a robbery at the new haven lounne. ú%t because none of the wwtnesses actually sawwthe suspects faces, dna evidence is considered rucial.ú foo most of today a police dna expert gave jurors a detailed lesson in how dna is lifted from evidence. prosecutors say there was no real bllod on ttat halloween mask found near the scene but thee say other dnnamount of one of the suspects was discovered inside of the mask.ú >> but the defense atttrneys spent mmch of the afternoon cross-examining the dna expert questioning how the evidence was collected and then analyzed..3 >> he technician, that is testifying now,,cannot tell the jury where the mask came from, he cannot tell the jury underú whaa circumstances it camm in to possession of the police department. in this case was packageed in one purse. there were at minimum 13, 14 itemssput in one purse. sat there for three daas. beforee his techhncian actually pulled them out to analyze them
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for dna. >> prosecutors say that purse not only contained credit cards from a woman robbed that night. dna from those and othee gloves3 found nearby, are directly linked to the suspects. charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams all charged -ith first-degree murder f convicted, all three ace life sentences. in baltimore. john rydell, fox 45 nnws at 10:00. >> ann test will resume on -onday. >> new information tonight. california judge has a partial verdict against a driver accused of killing rookie angels pitchernic adenhart. he is a native of maryland killee last year along with ttw others, when a drunk driver hit their car in california. a judge found andrew gallo ú%iity of driving on a suspended license ii ttat incidenn. a jury is still deliberating six othee charges, including murder in a sepaaate case filing. >> tooay the niversity of virginia held annall day event
10:20 pm
honoring yeardley love, cockeys vilnative killed at er oof today the school intrrduced initiatives in order to prevent another such tragedy from occurring. >> and disabilities advocates are applauding congress for passing legislation that eliminates the term mental retardation from fedeeal laws. it is called rosa's law, named for rosa maasleanna, 9-year-old withhdowns. family has been fighting to get rid of offensive terms. heart transplant that occurred during the blizzard months back. essexxman tonight is giving >> the roads were terrible. >> michael ame to timoniumú today to remember a snowy night back in february. ended up ggtttng on the martin llther king boulevard, more trucks in front of went three wide agaan and took us within a bllck and a half of
10:21 pm
%->> after a ride to the university of maryland medical center. yade the r got a new heart. from a man killed in a skiing accident three days earlier. >> it was an absolute textbook surgery. i had i have had zero rejection. >> yader has adapted well to th3 new heart and developed a friendship with david's mother diane.ú >> first time he was here, i id ask him if i could listen to it3 but that's not what it is about. it is more of just, you know, a friendship. >> but david said it is also about a debt of gratituue to the family of a man that gave himma second chance, att ife. >> i cannot repay the family foú what they have given me. show the friendship. >> show friendship and remember to remember a lost son. >> david had a big heart.
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>> yaaer and dehaven will take part in a 5 k tomorrow to raiss money and raise awareness about donation. to learn more go to linns. >> record heat today. but it will cool down from what i understand a bit tomorrow. likk it cannot go disagree not by much. meteorologist emily gracey. has the forecast. %->> hi guys. we did ave ecord breaking heat today. but change on the way. weewill finally feel the fall temperatures toward the end of the eek. it looks like we will be back into the temperatures hat we should experienceethis time ofú year. ww are not feeeing them this3 evening. 82 right now from baltimoree and 85 in d.c. we have into the mid 99s here today. and dc got close to 100 degrees. one thing we have not seen any offis rain. we have been drr over the past couple of days. we will be dryythis weekend as
10:23 pm
well. despiie the fact that a cold front is pushing through the aaea. we will not see any rain out of that. just few clouds tomorrow morning as it pushes through. behind that front, cooler temperatures. although it will stay warm again tomorrow. with high temmeratures in the mid 80s. and we havvemuch cooler air on the way. and some rain n the forecast. i will tell you when that rain will arrivee,and whether we will cool down, coming up in a few.3 the ravvns host the first home but every game is a home game for a dundalk family. joel d. smith takes us to a place dripping ith purple3 pridd. >> the people that know me, know that that's what i am about. i am 100 percent raven. >> from chairs to curtains,ú traffic lights, kim lapinskiihas four walls to prove she is a ú%ven maniac. keein is one too. just a room to shoot pool.
10:24 pm
>> once he sold the pool table, i said to him i would like to my games. >> what re you talking about. we have a 53-inch tv in the other room. you are talking about a room for the football game? she said yeah, 65-inch tv. >> said yes. >> the wall cut around the tv. then memorabilia filled in he rest. %-left to decorate.he only thing now, when the ravens score, kim gets to go to the end zone too. in all it coot close to 5000 and took a year to complete. on its oww, this room is lready %-buu detaals make it. look theelight switch plate, has %-over here, the blades of the fan, they are purple and black. and when it ccmes to remote control. normal one doesn't look right, does it? no problem, this one has been ravens. fun doesn't stop inside.
10:25 pm
the chopper has a raven theme and hummer mmdified so when she3 hits the braaes her football pride does not stop. the couple admits they will never be done, another jersey o3 what do they say when people look at this purrle mecca and -all them crazy??3 >> i aggee with them. >> in dundalk, joel d. smith, foxx45 news at 10::0. show off your spirit by oing to ride. photos and upload one of your own, if you wish. >> a girl fight ccught on tape and posted on "youtube". why one of the girls' moms is facing criminal charges. and what sse aiddto defend herself. -> governor o'malley said goveenor ehrlichhraised fees when ehrlich governed, which are taxes even though o'maaley is behind the biggest tax innrease
10:26 pm
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coverage with tonight's for the record. political analyst blair lee is streaming from silver spring. blair good to see you sir. ú% hi, jeff. >> there is a lot of buzz over governor o'malley's tv ad, especially that criticizesú ehrlich to raising feesswhen he was governor. ehrlich said there is a differencc between fees and
10:29 pm
taxes. but will votees make that distinction, and in your mind, is there such a distinction?3 >> nn, there is no distinction really between fees aad taxes. i guess, technically you caa say that fees are user charres raised to ear mark ann e used for certain specific projects. but look, the averageetaxpayer, and fee pair unddrstands than both fees and taxes come out of their pocketbook, it ii what you pay to government. i think, thattthis talk about bob ehrllch raising all of these fees, is a classic example of trying to change the subject, what martin o'malley is trying to do is deflect over to ehrric3 this ccarge f being a tax razor, hen, innfact, it was o'malley, inn20077 in the special session, that raised taxes, the greatest level in the history of maryland. there is no question who raiied taxes, or fees, the most between these two guys. >> nd governor o'malley held a
10:30 pm
special session to doothat to so why don't we see ehrlich close to the general election come november 2? >> i think two reesons. first of all, ehrlich has to save his powder. he didn't have as much money as o'malley has. o'malley three times as much as ehrlich..3 on early advvrtising the wayey o'malley has beee able to do. buu secondly, i think,,also that going on throughout the summertime. i have never seen a incumbent governor attaak a challenger so vig lusly. iffyou landed from mars, you would think ehrlich is the en they ignore the challenger and o'mmlleyy as waged a frontal assault on ehrlich, as if he is the governor. it shows, i think, a certain amounttof nervousness about the pools, and how close thiss3 election is. >> or the most part, watching
10:31 pm
tame. when do you expect him to come out of the corner and throw >> i think, ehrrich is going to aatack, not o'malley personalll, he is going to attack the o'malley record, in terms of the economy, and in terms of joos, and in terms of the tate deficit. and state spending. headed in the wrong we need to turn it around. we need to live ithii our means. and having multi-billion dollars deficit in this state. it is not sustainable. you will not see bob ehrlich return the ffre on o'malley personally the way o'malley has been attacking ehrlich. >> blair, as always, thank you for your nnite in joining us ú%night. talk to you next week. >> thank you, jeff. >> you can see more of this interview by going to 2010. >> i yell the balance of my time, u.s.a., number one.
10:32 pm
>> and we will. >> in character, is the blow hard froo the coberr report. stephen cobert testified on -apitol hill today on he issue3 of migrant worrerr. what the mock conservative pundit said that even made some democrats wins. >> you probably didn't read the ffll remarks. >> whht evidence do you have that u.s. government is respoosible fr 9/11. >> iranian president implles the u.s. government may have had a hand in the attack on 9/11. how he is explaining his comments tonight. >> record breaking temperatures todaa..3 much cooler air on the way. i will
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littll cooler tomorrow. >> yeah. a whole 4 or 5 degrees. >> 86 is going to feel coolú after today. 95 today. record breaking temperatures. tomorrow not the ccse. but above average. we should be in the 70s this time of ear. >> it s the second day of fall? second fulllday of fall. we will be back in the 70s by the understand of the week. ú%nally cooo down. outside of this evening, we are3 still in the 80s. %-out there.ows dry conditions clear skies. that will allow us to cool down from where we were at earller. pretty warm. 82 right now in the inner -arbour. with winds out of the south-ssuthwest at 6 miles per hour. all right. we are watching a cold front
10:36 pm
approach the area. line of howers and storms back to the west. ú%oser and closer tt marryand this evening. and as it does push hrough our arra, it will bring us a change in tempeeatures. no rain, we need the rain.3 and we are not going to see it witt his system. nowwthe future, forecast shows a little bit of rain coming in next week. bbt for this weekend, we will staa dry as the front approaches. clouds tomorrow morning. aa it pushes through.3 but no rain in the forecast in the immediate future here. tropical storm mathew to the souuh down into tth caribbean. moving closer to mexico and centrallaaerica. winds at 50 miles per hhur. moving west at 13 miles per hour. and while hat track is bringing it overexplain weakkning it to a next couple of days. -e will keep an eee on mathew. becaase the extended commuter models are actually bringing it back into the gulf. and eventually r toward the u.s. and possibly impacting the so something to watch. even though this is 10 ays out in our forecast. so we wwll not be worrying about
10:37 pm
that in thh immediate future. but possibly next weekend. looking at the next ouple of days at home. staying dr. cold front puuses thhough. southerly winds that bring the warm air. push off the coast. and behind that northwesterly wind and northerly wind bbinging allowing us to cool down. by tomorrow, mid 80s for highs. and by undaa, after a few clouds roll through the area, we will only get nto the low 70sf. so a big chaage coming in our forecast. and it all starts attthe end of overnight tonight. 69 degrees. pretty mild outtthere. with windd out of thh south at five to 155 and then for tomorrow. another above average day. nowhere near what we saw for today. 89 degrees. on the eastern shore. soothey are holding on to the heat a little bit more than folks in ccntral mmrrland. we will be ii the mid 800 here. 86 degrees. ú%d after some morning clouds,3 we wll start to clear outú ttward the afternoon. and mostly sunny skies. it looks like a really nice day in western maryland. wwth a high temperature of
10:38 pm
82 degrees. back at home though. after tte morning clouds rollout. we will have mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. and then by sunday, big cool down coming.3 feeling more like fall out there.ú 72 degrees for the aternoon high. partly cloudy to mostly cloody skies sunday. then n monday, we start to see3 some clouus roll in.ú even ore with evening showers showers sticking with us throuuh the day on tuesday. they should beethis time of year. in the mid to upper 70s. -nd overnight lows dropping down -o 60. extended forecass. including what to expect by the end of next week, coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> uite frankly, sir, how could you say such an insane nd nntty thing? >> >> would you address your own presidenttthe ssme way? >> irrnian president ahmoud the way thht this intervieeitt -tarted. but most americansswere not too happy wwth his remarks aa the
10:39 pm
united nations yesterday. mahmoud ahmadinejad implied the amerrcan oveenment had a role ii the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> it seems very clear. >> that's fine. but the fact findinggmission can perpetrators were..3e who is al-qaida. who is -- whereedoes it exist? who was it backed by and supported. all of these should come to light. >> and bbc interview president obamm said it was offensive, it for him to make a statement like that, was inexcusable. >> and stirring up congress,ú -tephen cobert testified before %-on the issue of mgrant farm wookers. and as you miiht expect, it was something of a loose caanon and turned the hearing into a cooedy ccub. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american.
10:40 pm
then sliced by a guattmalan and served >> he proposed oneesolution, to decrease aamrica's agaii denies on american workers to pick our %-eating fruits and vegetables d if you look at the recent3 that many americans have alreedy started. >> unfortunatell, my gastroonterologist has nformed me in no uncertaii terms ttey are an unnecessaryysource of rough age, i would like tt submit a video of my colonoscopy -nto evidence.%>> he was invite. part of the united farm workers take our jobs campaign. for egging her own daaghter on in a fight. and posted on "youtube".
10:41 pm
>> that's the voice of the3 mother. her 16-year-old daughter ann ú%other teen planned the fight near their school in palm meadow florida. %-abuse tonight.ged with child >> we are basically in shock that a parent can sit there, and watch their child, or any child, involved in a situation like this. and not inttrvene. >> the arrest affidavit states the mother admits wwat she did waa wrong. but she said the fight was going to happen one way or the otherr %-in our closet?have skeletons >> absolutely. pointing theefinger at lindsay me. >> strong words from indsay lohan's fathhr..3 what he has to say about his daughter's latest stenttin jail3 coming up. >> facebook outages and why facebook's founder is
10:42 pm
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[ laughing ] hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches,
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grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich. >> frustrated facebookers take to twitter afterr acebook loses face for two hours. judy kurtz reveals the reason
10:45 pm
ú%hind the outage in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> several faccbook stories tonight. lets start with the faccbook fail that had many 500,000,000 users fuming. two days yesterday. down for 2 and aahalf hourss3 because of a technical issue with a automaaed issue.3 countless people headed to ú%itter to vent frustration. one said facebook down, global producttvity up. others lashed out at the ceo. and he is in the headlines for a large chaaitable donation. krett tor of facebook announcing he is giving $100 million to newaak new jersey public school system. some are questioning the timingú of zuckerberg's charity. release of a movie called thede social network. facebook is not painting zuckerberg in a nice light. you can become a fan of fox 44 news on facebook.
10:46 pm tonight'ss"word on the web". >> actress lindsay lohan antics lanned her n the lammer again. for a few hours. a judge sent lohan back to jail for failing a court ordered drug but ttis evening, aaother judge said it was unlawful to hold lindsay lohan in jail until the so that judge set $300,000 bail for her. through all of this, it seemed that her number ooe critics became her biggest supporter. her father angrily addressed media outside of the courthouse. >> that lindsay knows what she wants and people are turning a blind eye when she has weak moments. shh cannot have any more weak moments like that. of jail some time tonight. under strict terms of release. for a 2007 drug and drunk
10:47 pm
driving case. %->> sergio kendall speaks to te media for the first time since [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network.
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it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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not record breaking heat. high temperatures in the miid3 80s.3 big cool down comesson sunday. with a high only of 72 degrees.


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