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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 27, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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coming up on 5:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. it's a wet start to the morninn, but we needdthat rain. meteorrlogist steve fertig is here ith a look at just how long we can expect all of this if we hada certain amount of moisture in the at moss for or !!aamosphere,then we could 3 fllah-flooding, bbt it's been so dry that we can handle a few inches of rain. evvn when you got a lot at once it could mean a chance of we will have to reevaluate later today. we have sometime rain toothe east, but we expect the totals to increase more to thh west as %-toward the west from the sout3 all of rain is coming from thee3 south, and you will want to have the umbrella especially if you're hanging out at the bus stop for a period of time. it wiil be breezy. 67 degrees is above average this this hoor 72 in
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the cooler air issto hagersttwn3 ú% degrees starting out warmer3 than average and we will get to the temperatures lower than the low 70s. more showers and even thunder possible or later n the afternoon and evening. we will talk about howwlonn this lasts and how much rain ww expect in each areaalater. right now let's check in with lauren cooke. we have a check on the traffic edge. >> reeorter: thank you, we are dealing with heavy rainsú this morning, so you do want be careful. we are dealing with slick roadsú across the region. do reduce hh speed if at all we have trouble in howard countyy a fuel spill and it has shutdown the ramp to rrvee parkway as well as the traffic circle to the ramm and the interstate along 70 at columbia pike. fortunately thh we have side of the beltway will be clear. here is a live look at old coort road. you're looking at a 12-minuue ride ffomm795 to 955 nothinn to report from 7, to
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83. that is going to ttke you 11 minutes. fortunately the northeast corridor of 95 is clear from the ú%itemarss to the beltwaa. yyu are ooking at a 4-minute trip. that's the traffic edge report. back tooyyu. 5:32 on fox 45 early edition. the first casino in maryllnd is about to open its dooos. hollywood casino in perryville has 1500 slot machines ready to go at 8:00 a.m. this morningg the opening is happening three days ahead of schedull..3 the soft opening and fundraiser on saturday wwnt so well hat gaming officials allowwd the casino to open in just a few hours. $97.5 million in the place and ú%nished construction foor weeks early. the maryland state lottery owns or issleasing the 1500 state of the art sllt machines there. that should bring milliins of dollars a year in state revenue. %--he maryland can start competg
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with the border tates that have beennin slots for years. >> object vasly thobviously thei the ccoseet casino is 300miles. but the product we have here,3ú tte slots, it's going to be the best slots product on the east coast.ú have been created nd 80% of the employees are cecil and harford coonty, maryland residents. governor oomalley will be on hand for the big ribbon cutting on tuesday and the downs casino willlbe the next slots parlor to %-three others thaa ere recenty planned could be a year or even more away. city police are called to late night shooting innnorthwest baltimore. it happened arouud 10:00 on denison street knead piedmont avenue. when they arriied on the scene, officers found man who had been shot several times on in the tomach. there's no word on his condition
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or suspect in the shooting. a man is in critical condition after a shooting on saturday fternoon. the victim was hot on the chest in chelsea terracc and northwest baltimore. so far police have no leads, suspects, or po mont motives mo. a white supremacist will be sentenced ttday.ú calvin lockner will spend 30 years in jail undee the terms of he and two teenagers attacked john privot while he was fishing. lockner tolddpolice it wouldn't havv haapened in privot was white. privot will be in court for the sentessing. -e will deliver a ictim impact statement. they are on the look for a %-restauuants across our state n
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our rea.ú most the robberies occur at the popular restauraat chaii. the latest wassat this applebee. other targets include a wo bobú evens, red robin and severaa friendly's restaurants across the area. in all cases the man shows a handgun and should be considere3 armed and dangerous. hat is what makes it even more frightening is the factt3 that eeknowsswhat he is doing. he has his target, and it's frighteniig. take aaotter look aa the surveillance photo. the suspect is dessribed asú 6 feet tall with a large build,3 green eyes. now police don't know his race,3 but thee say he had a light commlex. authorities are offering a $10,000 reward forrinformation leading to the man's arrest. you an call a confidentiil tipline at 1-800-492 tips. it may be a monday morning feels a littll easier waking up
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after a ravens win. they got it done against a divisioo rival and it's tte talk of the reakfast table this morning. -aaera in t towson to see howeú ravens fans are feeling. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. things are starting to heat and3 things are starting to ise, and of ravens fans toostart coming in and drinking up the win from yesterday. >> yeah, efinitely. i think we did a really good job yesterday especially cooing back in the 4th quarter. >> repooter: anddnow you''e going to see some fans coming in here this morning. what is it like n a monday after a big wii. >> i don't know what the deal with purple fridayy it's llke purple mondaay. we get a lot of people cominggin wearing thhir purpll with a lot of pride. the few people that work here ú%en they're not ravens fans, they get a lot offslack.
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>> reeorter: i they were booinn them earlier. expecting a lot of people here. with that purple, a lot of people excited. flacco showed us the kind of quarterback that he could be. and silenced critics who thought -e wasn't man enough for thaa -ob. as e heaa to pit bbr pittsburge and anyone waats to comeeand join us, we're at the panera in towsonment. towson. >> i can't wait to hear what people have to say about that win. >> reporter: sure. from the wall to the city mayor stephanie rawlings blake and carter are putting on theirú shoes to wwlk. making good lifestyle choices, like eating right and exercising ofttn. they will be able to take advantage of ffee screenings,ú demonstrations nd education programs. stay tunee to fox 45 morning
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news for continuing coverage of thii story. rawlings-bbake aboutthealthynie3 city's day initiative that is coming up in our 7:00 hour. coming up on the early edition, doctors experimenting with a new breast cancer treatment. we areetreating the cancer from the inside out..3 p>> the therapy combining radiation and surgery in a single visit. %-up frommthe eastern seaboard % ú%e south, to the north and we also haveea low pressure center moving inland from south to ú
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540 clock on rainy mon -orning. you will want to have the umbrella on hand. needed rainfall, so don't get too upset about this, we can use %-we see the moderate rain fallg as opposed to the rain on the
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south.3 glee burnie a good deal of rain toward elkridge, you look to the ann not seeing a whole lot fs, ú%in noo and we're goong to lock toward the north and east where we earliir had rain and aberdeen and rain covering most of the ssate. we could see a few waves of rains as we get pulses of energy moving throuuh. the energy moving froo tte south a littte bit oo moisture moving in ffom that directioo, too. going to watch as the rain picked up pace to the western part of maryland as the low3 preesure gets closerment how mucc ain are we expecting, a pretty good deal rain and we can handle it, because we have been so dry. -e caa handle an inch ann a 3rrdor an inch and 3 quarters even better in balt month and 2 and a 3rd inchhs of rain. lesser appeers toowrd eastern balltmore. %-there.take what we can get the heeviest rain should be
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concentrated toward the west because that is where the low pressure center is goong to be moving. we see t here at 11:00 a.m. toward the west and into the evening hourr, aroond the i-95 corridor. rumbles of thunder asswe get closer energy moving there. more rain tuns continues as then continues. we will get breaks as we finally see the slow move toward the north and east out of here and the high presssre begins to move ii to clear off the skies and toward wednesday it should be a dry day aaswell high temperatures, 67 degrees which is mild for the start of the day. 65 in d.c. ann 72 in salisbury. veeyywarm therr. 59 and cooler in hagersttwn. temperatures will wwrm up some today but it won't warm up as high as it should. for the eastern warmer there than everywhhre else, because here in the centrrl part of the state, we get o 72 degrees at 3:00 his afternoon, 2 to 3:00 let's say3 and the shhwers definitely it could be a few waves of theon rain so it won't be all day
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conntantly, but you wiil see %-little more rain again that kd of thing. 68 ddgrees for the western part of maryland. we drop to 69 degreessor stty -heee if you're ii theewestern part of the state. after the 72, 79 tomorrow and the earlier showers and thunderstormm. and tapering off later in the 76 deggees on wednesday, a drie3 day as hhgg temperature moves 77 with showers on thursday and 73, mostly clear on friday. -3 and 65 cooler, go after thee3 sunshine on saturday and sunday3 fire look at what is happening on the roodways, we go to lauren cooke who hhs the trafffc edge. ú%little wet out there, lauren. >> reporter: it is and we are ú%aling with a ton of accidents. %-problems on the beltway.l mild and do expect two more accidents on the northhest pprtion. ooe along the uter looppat 795ú
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and the vehicle spun into the guardrail and anotherrcrash as e take a looo at liberty road, we can pull up that shot, no real delays but cars are traveling an average peed of 511 iles per hour. and harford road, oo can ee no tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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when breast canccr is caugh3 eerly a lumpectomy and radiation is consideeed just as effective as a masteccomy. a newwtherapy could allow women to combine surgery and radiation in a single visst.ú from the inside out. >> reporter: targeted intra operativv radiootherapy. -octors refer to it by its a >> breast cancer surgeon dennis reported at the american society the finding a single high dose of radiition given during a ú%mpectomy surgery for breast cancer was ust as effective as a 6 week course of radiation.
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>> the surgery is gone and thh patient goes home. >> reporter: and is completely finished with the breast cancer treaament. this patient asked not to be identified but said dr. hhlmes coold tell us why she wanted to try it. >> she is a primary provider fo3 her family. she can't afford to bb off from work every dayyfoo a 6 to severn week period. it's an issue of convincc for >> reporter: this machine takes it possible. >> the raddatiinnsource passes through here and sit in the center f the sphere. the radiation is emmtted from the he enn. >> reporter: you are during surgery the cancerous tumor is remmved. itts x-rayed to make ure that it's cleanly removed and sent to pathology. the doctor bring in the plik 8 e radiation battery is applied.
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entering thh heart and the lungs..3 >> eporter: the ssin is covered with radiatiin baarierr ú%rsss. >> this is to ower the ddse of raaiation within the room. >> reporrer: it will take 18 minntes to deliver the dose off radiation attents get over a 6 week ssandard course. >> with the standard approach we radiate the breast from thh outside in. the reason why e have to give it over many days, is that we can only give so much of radiation on a given day, otherwise the skin will be over exposedd >> reporter: but by moving skin out of the way. >> we can avoid that concern. >> reporter: this isn't for everyone. %-candidate for tarret treatmen. >> reporter: as for side effects compared to standard >> it would be no differencc at what i would find in the lummectomy approach. -he effects that we do see are effects that onll occur in a portion of the breast where theú radio therapy is given.
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>> pretty amazing.3 coming up later on fox 45 -orninggnews, tto movies ith comic book ties. what to expect if you pick3 up iron man 2 or op clips on
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good morning, everyone. i'm kristen berset with a first look at sports. aanquan boldin wws the best targgt with reeeptions. six different players caught a pass from flacco. yesterday but the ravens got it dooe against the division rival.
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firss quarter browns lead 3-0. and ray rice cuts it back and is later in tte drrve upp thh play action, joeeflacco, closing over -he middle; the ravens tied in, get used to hearing this, flacco, hooks up with anquan boldin with years or3 touchdowns. boldin becomes the fastest to reach 600 catches and his first touch down as a raven. flacco and boldin wideeopen, he is ttken doww inside the 20. one is even close to the ravens -umber 1 receiver in the end zone. ravens out tt a 14-3 lead. but the browns dii not give ii,3 jerome harris was inactive forr3 today's game here he explodes through the line ad plows over.
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a pick up of 25. he had 73 yards rushing in the first half. later in the driie, from one3 touch down the ravens deeense has surrennered all season. ú%e first td the ravens have allowed in the lass 11 quarters, cleveland, trailing 14-10 at the half. 3rd quurter, deep and brown's territory, finds a hole and runs like a mad man. and forces him to the side lin e %-46 yyrds on the run and 15 yas on penalty, a game of 61 on the pen. then it's the wild cat, josh takes a run around the and picks up 19 yards. down inside the yard setting up seneca wallace, play action from 1. locks it for ben watson, gets pushed across the goal line.
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cleveland takks the lead and 17-14. later in he 4th ttings getú physical. todd heap calls for theefalse start but he gets into a pushinú match with heap but theecallary is coming in the form of michae3 oher. who takes a swing aa smith and he gets flagged nothing for smith. now 3rd is 13, flacco to heat just enough for tte 3rd rrund. thh ravens dig out of the a huge hole. and anquannboldin bringssin his 3rd touch down of the game, ú% caught 8 passes foo 142 yards. flacco comes back from throwing four picks at the beaningless bd three touchdowns. the raven win their first home ú% the year, 24-7. bruce had this report from m ann t bank. >> headeddinno th the game of te
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%-favorites.interned at 10 the ravens knew they weee upú against it with a divisional a opponent in the home group. >> that's a good football game. you know, giving us a defensive. >> there could be no question who the star was for the ravens today and anquan boldin playing in the first regular season 8 receptions, 142 ards, and 3 touchdowns.3 all in all, not a bad debbt. >> i think this anddgoing up to the game. you know, everybody took it personal. especially in the offense and the errormance hat he wit we t week. p> we had anquan as that guy to take the touch ddwn. it worred out how we dree it up
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today. -p>> all i can saa, is oh, my gosh. alkwaa boldin, that's the man right there. >> reporter: while boldin is the hero, don't forget the guy who threw him the ball, joe ú%acco was 222 yards andda three touchdowns and had a uarterback rattng of 28.7. coming out of a brutal3 performance againnt cinccnnati. a performance that put him inn3 the dog house witt some of the fans. >> i think he caught too much with the quarrerback position. >> i don't ttink he was going tt phase thhm either way. it's just kind of the personality he hass i don'ttthink he pays attention to that yo all of that too much. >> u thinking about each play and going out there and rying to complete the pass. whatever happenn, haapens. but we're going to do our west aad see iffwe ccn put some
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12th man had a part in the victory as well. the rocket sell out opening day crowd, definitell played a partú in tte game. you nd bet the pllyers nnttced. ú% i have never heard the ravens sttdium that loud. - was going o calllit time oot. they definitely brought it in. thee showed who is their team. >> reporttr: after the haad fought win, things don't get much easier, not at alll the ravens next week travel to take another divisional pittsburgh. chris ten, back to you. jjeeflacco silences had i crrtics going 222for 31, for 263 yards and 3 touchdowns. anquan boldin had 8 catches for 142 yards and 3 scoree. game, 15 carriee for 80 payton halis comes out of nowhere to raak up 144 yards on
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the ground..3 but the ravens get thh win, theú play the steelers next week. i'm kristen bur berset for fox 5 morning news. no matt whhre you are, we are looking for all of youú ravens fans to send us blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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