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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 28, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> thii planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> proof of alien life, the covering r forward with their
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story of a close encountee. >> he pushhd me and i smacked. >>iiam a student punched by an aide on the bus.ú the confrontaaion that led to the assault. >> the bed bug problem in maryland getting worse. just how baa, and he $500,000 lawsuit over an infestation. >> a powwrful storm brewing in the carrbbean is moving toward ú%ryyand,,will they beebe here in the foreccst? >> i hit it with my helmet and fell backwards with dizziness and got black. damage of tough ting out, and the saccifices athletes are making to research the injuries. >> live in high definition, from wbff in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am eff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gillert. -n elementary school student said he was puncheddin tte face this morning by an adult aide on the schoollbus. >> happeeed at sharp leadenhallú
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elementary, and parents want %-melinda roeder has more on the story you are seeing first on fox tonight. >> he assaulted my daaghter. punched her ii the eye and nose, and she initially walked into the school she was bleeding. >> shaknees grant bay surrrised to get the call from the school informing her of a ight between her daughter and an adult aide >> aide asked her to it down, get out of the window. she refuseed. >> 10 ney was leaning out of the window as the bus pulled group and talking to aafriend. >> aide ried to getther to sit. >> he told me to sii down. said you are going to get in my face, ann if you smack me i will tell my father and mother. and that's when he pushed me, and i smacked him in the face, and he sttrted to hit me.ú tten i startee to kick and trying to defend myself. >> when the fight was over, she
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>> hit me in the nose. >> with a small cut and nose was blind. now her parents say the aide was out of line. >>i felt like if you cannot deal with childden, that have behavior problems, because this is a school with chhldren with behavioo problems. if you cannot deal with it, you be do not need to be in that profession. %-put their hands on a especially grown man. >> schooo is investigating and 10 ney and her mom be waat the aiie removed from the job. >> if he is on the bus, i go to schoolltomorrow mmrning, i will be scared. >> never okay for an adult employee to hit a child. they say. >> two wrongs does not make a right do not ut your hand on one of my children. >> fox 45 nnws at 10:00. >> now the aide is not a city school employee. >> but he works for a private incident is being investiiated.e >>well, we did see the sun finally again today. >> ut, it is about to get lot worse out there.
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chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us now. how much rain is on the way for this aaea, vytas? >> we started out with rain and it was from the other dayyas weel. and we have a saturated ground from the previous rainfall. -n fact, looking at the totals over the last 48 hours. anywhere from n inch o about a quarter of an inch, to some areas, 2 and 3 quarters of an inch or ore. quarterrack in western maryland. activity from the other day. but more rain on the way. building out of the souuh..3 we have breaks in the clluds earlier today. sunshine, but down to the south, keeping an eye as we sse another system mmving along -- frontal boundary riding off the coast. but watching down off the south3 there is another system that is forming. tropical depression. wrapping in the moisture, intoú that front. -nd it will make he way p toward balttmore. afternoon, and into wednesday night to thursday. thursday being the main day to get activity from. this we're talking about how much rainfall we can get from
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the tropical depression. maybe a tropical storm, over the atlantic and over baltimore. an additional two to up to 4 inches depending on the ttack, whether it is further west ú%land or further east. -nd potential for some significcnn floodinn, especially in the low lying areas, metropolitan areas. and that's what our main concern s we could run into some torradic activity from the spinning of this storm. the tropical depression is sitting right now. tracc oo the storm, by national hurricane center. and potential that it wwll havv an impact on the region coming up in a bit. >> lllright. vytas, thank you. you can track the rain yourself by radar. i-radar ii available at, use it to track storms doww to your neighborhood. just go to aad click on i-radar.3 >> and if you see flooding, occurring in your community. you can see it, shoot it, send it. at, of course,3 click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. and send photos from your cell phone to
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>> anddarundel countyypolice officer ii celebrated tonight for saving the life of a 4-year-old girl. cpr when the child stopped breathing at her own home. keeth daniels is standing by recovering tonight.eethe girl is keith?ú >> jeff, 4-year-old brook vein is in stabll condition. her parents by her side and not taking the time out to talk to us now. but the father is sending a message, to the officer that helped his daughter. during those tense moments. two words tonight. thaak you. >> early, :00 tuesday morning. frrghtening moments inside oo this house,,on vena court in the queen's park neighborhood. mackelloy's home.o ann >> i was llke my god what is happening? >> 4-year-old brook has stoped breathing. sick from an upper respiratory illness. >> you don't know what to say, when they say, the 4-year-old has stopped breathing.
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he called 911 and fortunately, arundel county pooice corporal luue winkler was close by. on patrol, right around the corner. he arrived at the house, before3 paramedics. in. >> it was pretty emotional. >> five year police veteran entered the home, talked to the father. found brook lying on the floor. her skin turred blue, her ips purple. wringler started cpr. >> she began to gasp several times throughout the process like she waa trying toobreathe. but it kept failing and she kept demonstrating but winkler kept going, continuinggthe process. kept the oxygen flowing. seconds felt like hours. >> shortly before the fire department arrived she started to gag and gasping, and she had that one big breath of aii that she sucked in, and you could see
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the color starting to come back to her. and iiknew we would probably be okay, and fire department at that time was pulling up outside. >> the officer reviving the child..3 by all accounts saved her life. arundel county executive john leopold. >> congratulations to you. job well done. >> thank you. %-of the recovery. blocks wwrd and winkler's qqick glaces it is wonderful. he is a hero. anybody that can save anybbdy's. and corporal winkler is encouraging arents learn cpr. and meantime, tonight he said he has a daughter about the same ageeas brook, and he is hugging her a little tighterrtonight g at the uniiersity of maryland keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> governor said he did not order the state'sslabor department to reword a gloomy
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jobs r but the action has led to charges of a cover up. john rydell reports on a new round of e-mails revealed today. >> whhn marylandds department of labor and liicnsing initially released the july jobs report it was ardly ood news. on the website the agency characterized maryland's economy as stalling. and described a decline in consumer confidence. but within ours, that report -as removed. and it was reelaced with a statement saying the earlier posting was mmde in error and outlined a far less gloomy forecast. >> it appears a staffer told the truth, was caught telling the truth and then made up the rest of the story. >> theecampaign of republican gubernntorial challeeger bbb ehrlich reeeased aastring of e-mails it obtaaned from the state which dettiled the communication among state officials. in one e-mail a labor department official said to another, makee3 it disappear. coming from the top. today the ehrlich campaign released a second round of e-mails n 1 the labor sscretary
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thanks the staff for staying late friday night to put up the desired version of the job's report. and helping to minimize the impact oo a very difficult ú%tuation. >> what we should not do is put up opinions andomly, he numbers are hat they are. %-job's report was simply a drat and should have never been posted. >> i ould say what youuhave you had an honest assessment, which was recalculateed and basically ssrubbed in favor of a polltical positive reassessment. so yeah, we are playing politics, but again i am not that shocked. ú%ery administration plays politics. >> in he camppign year, you know,,there will be peoole that look at every piece of newssto be twisted as some sort of doom deppnding on the sidd of the campaign they are on. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well toddy the governor insisted he was naware offany of this untilllong after it was
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done. you can hear everything the governor had to say, go to >> and while some democratic caadidates seem to be avoiding president obama this campaign season. that is not the case for governor o'malley. >> an important message, ffom president obama.3 >> maryland, you have a choice in the election this fall. a choice whether you keep moving forward with the hard working leadership and vision, of slip backwards?ey, or do you >> the resident recorded a raddo ad for o'malley. release comes one day after o'malley attended aabill signing ceremonn with the president in washington. and stay with fox 45 news for governor. 2010. >> a baltimore city police offfcer is killed in a car crash. catonsville died after crashing his truck in pennsylvania last night. hh is a 31 year poliieeveteran. commissioner bealefield talked
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about fowler's dedication o his job. >> ii factt,even at the time of his death, he was on his way to attend aatracking in upstate pennsylvania, to make himself a stronger cop. >> it is suspected weatherú played a key role in the >> the charles county worker is rescued after falling 30 feet into a well. -uge rescue operation was set up out f the well in waldorf late this morning. station. was at a sewage pumping worker was alert during the rescueeand is expected to be okay. >> dozens rally to help save the chesapeake bby today at the natiioal aquarium.ú >>the ally was hell to all on %-maryland bay restorationú strategy.ú maryland, dc and 5 other states submitted plans toothe eps this month. now it is time for the public comment on the plan. which is what rompted today's rallyyú >> you know, you cannot overstate the value of the bay for maryland, for the whole
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region. and people are fed up. you know, with fish that are unhealthy. with water where youucannot -- you go to the beach and you cannot get in. >> public comment is allowed3 -etweennnow and november 29. the state will get a final budget figure by the start of 2001. >> i probably hii it with my helmet. and then i ell backwards. like with ddzziness and got all black. >>the impact of concussions, among high schooo athletes. and a plan to combat the problem,,it is our cover story, when we come back. >> the daughter would wake up, with bed bug bites on her neck, arms, legs, that's disturbing when you cannot protect your child. >> up next, a bed bbg invasion. action at one apartment complex that sparked a lawsuit. >> this planet is being visited by beings from another world..3 >> and next. the evidence they claim they
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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 ú% >> the invasion of bedbuus has3 gotten so bad some tenants are suing the landlords. john rydell has more onnwhat is bugging the victims. >> orrville and rebecca brown useddto live in howard crossinn apartment in ellicott city. they recently were forced to move out after their unit was invaded by bedbugs. >> daughterrwould wake up, with bed bug bites on her neck, arms3 that is very disturbing when you cannot protect your child. >> according to the lawsuit, browns never had any problem with bedbugs, that ii, until a shhrt time after they were notifyed by the rental office3 that another unit was infected. and that their unit would be treated. but the browns say that never ú-and their problems only got worre. >> when you have beebugs in your
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bed. crawling into your bed at night, sucking your blood when yyu sleep. and wake up with intense itching all over the body it is disturbing. you feel violateed. >> attorney witney said the brown's ordeal is becominggmore3 %-bbltimore county also, and she filed suit after bedbugs invaded her apartment in cockeysville. >> she reacted badly to it. and she haa bbting up and down the arms, and to this day permanent ssaring. >> that's why aaea health experts are adviiing homeowners and renters to take precaution. >> probably best in general to call an exterminator. and if you can afford that, that's certainly make the most sense. you want to get rid of ann arra where hey can harbor.3 so clutter. >> for some renters that had o vacate apartments they are seeking remedies in the courts. in ellicott city, john rydell, fox 45 news at 11:000 -> well so far no comment on the
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suit from the apartment management. but those tennnts, bedbugs have become so wide spread in baltimore, that the city health department will hold the first in a series of public meetings tomorrow tt address the problem. >> a man is dead after a fight in baltimore county. police were called to stone gate court in cockeysville aaouu 11:30 last night. found a man lying in the street. so far no suspects tonight. >> and a man that arranged the murder of a gang member because apparently he was gay will spend the rest of his days in jail. two members of the blood gang, bloods, killed steven parrish two years ago, with timothy rawlings calling the shots. he was convicted of murder, conspiracy and hate crimes. >> baltimore ccty police wiil arrest people for videotaping officers on public streets. joy lepola reports, this despite a ruling monday by a harford ú%unty judge.
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>> baltimore city police at preakness..3 captured electronically, and illegally, some would argument. >> again, we're focused ongoing after violent offenders, which we hhve been doing, but doesn't mean that we will disregard any >> from a fight at preakness, to a officer berating aaskater at the inner harbour, recordings of police placed in the spotlight. >> sit down, i am not a dude. -> it is whether or not you have >> monday, charges were thrown out, agaiist a biker, who videotaped his traffic stop bb a state trooper. the judge ruled police in public have no reasonable expectation of privacy. while a judge in harford county may say it is within our rights different story here in the city. where police say they can still arrest you. >> the law is still the law.
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>> harford county state attorney cassilly sees the judge's decision as problematic for police. cassilly now believes the wire tapplaw needd changed, and he is not the only one. >> this is new ground for the state legislature nd for tte legal commuuity, to look at. as information evolves, and as our aacess to real time information evolves we need to -ake suue theelaw corresponds to what is happening in society. >> criminologists ross said it is an issue hat could have wider implications. >> once you are out in the minimal expectation of privacy. >> it is an argument that most likely won't end here. joy lepola, foxx45 news at 10:00. >> delegate mike smigiel plans the wire tap law. >> on friday aryland will be the 8th state to require drivers to be hands free while talking on a cell phone. as kathleen cairns reports, som3
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restrictions. >> a truck driver was exting when heather heard was killed. young woman had been planning her wedding hen her parents had to plan er funeral. >> killed instantly. >> at a news conference neer -nterstate 95 in howard county. >> national safety council estimates that 1.6 million collisions each year are caused specifically by cell phone use. >> state agencies, publicized the new law, and the reassns why it is needed. >> last month in carroll coonty. ú%--ear-old driver, had a hand-held cell phone that he dropped. distracting him from the road. he lost control of his car. slammed into a telephone pole. >> maryland's new law has motoriits scrambling to buy3 hands ree devices. some companies say sales are up 30 percent. >> the closer we have gotten to october 1st, the more awareness there is out in the public. so we have seen a lot of interest in ourrstores and buying alternative devices for
10:22 pm
hands free. >> some say the real solution is a complete ban on cell phone usage while drivinn. law. >> the messaae from law enforcement. >> when you're out driving an automobile, you are already multt-tasking. anything you add to that will distract you away from driving. >> in howard county. kathleen cairrs, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and tarting friday, if you -re caught driving with a phone in your hands you could face a fine of $40. >> is there intelligent life out there? former air force personnel now admit they spotted uf o's years ago. they spotted the uf o's over nuclear missile silos and ú-60ssty units back in the >> white pulsateing light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with straage markings.ú >> object, red glowing object, hoovering just above our front gate. >> un is not taking the cases
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seriousll but takinn the cases seriously. last week the u.n. appointed n ambassador for alien affairs.3 ú%w, here is our question of the day. do you thhnk the government3 covered up evidence of alien -upply jim writes on our website. i lways knew that uf o's existed growing up in new mexico. remember roz well. %-and mathew writes, all i wanto know ii which ones infiltrated our government to help keep a liddon it. creative. go to foxbaltimore.ccm and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook. send us a weet@foxbaltimore. text your answerrto 45203. and your response may air at -1:00, on the "late edition". >> three deaths at this bull fight.ú why the crowd might to blame. helmet. and thin fell backwards. like with dizziness.
10:24 pm
anddgot all black. >> the impact of concussions. the astonishing number of brain %-sshoolers, and a plan to combt the problem. it is our cover story, when we come back. >> looking at the potentially flooding conditions as we get toward wednesday afternoon,ú wednesday night to thursday two to 4 inches plus a possibilityo. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> friday nighttunder the lights. football.ú >> fans want to see tackles. but megan tells us the hits could have a deeper impact for the athlete. her cover story, concussion ú%aper cushion. >> reservoir gators take on the river hill hawks. >> we will have a victory. >> fans pass through the gates ú%th fingers crossed. >> come to watch my grandson play football. >> on the field, freshmenú runniig back number 21, gram broohart. suited up ready to play after a blow to the head.33 >> i was on the practice field where varssty is. hitting and during oklahoma's game. >> when things went dark. >>i probably hit with my hhlmet. and then i fell backwards like with dizziness.
10:28 pm
and it got all black. >> coach brian coal remembers watching him fall to the ground. >> hit hard. down for a few minntes. >> broshart got a concussion3ú from the hit. sscond one. >> so your brain, literally that, floats in essential fluid, in cerebral fluid bangs up against the skull and back and it can stretch the nerves, and so it is just beeause you have a helmet does not guarantee it %->> he had a helmet on that. >> until some of the technology in the helmet changes. >> kids it harder now. >> and it is not just on the gridiron. -he rate of concussions in high school girl's soccer is almost as high as it is in boys' football. soccer player allyson conk from ellicott city took a hit to her head in august and still feels
10:29 pm
the effects. >> headaches, forgetttng things, moment-to-moment. >> allyson testified in front of congress as llw members investigate the growing problems. high schoolees suffered 400,000 concussions between 2005 and 2008. >> frankly if they were called by real name trrumatic brain injury people may pay more attention to them. >> expeets are urging lawmakers require us schools to train parents, students, and teachers in concussion education. are already pushing.nty schools >> no one wants to say they were knocked down. but, you know, try to ppeach to the kids, tell them the difference. >> and try and protect the kiis as much as possible. >> you know, at practice, there is preventative measures to take. head-to-head contact, like ii3 said. but during the games, naaure of the sport. >> and the violeet hits, get worse through high school, into
10:30 pm
college, and the nfl. >> we serve as a model for millions of youth, high school and collegiate athletes..3 most profound impact we could have is set a example. >> shaun called it quits from the nfl after doctors warned him he had too many head injuries. ú% iidon't think it is the culture competing that we have culture howwwe manage brainhe iijuries once you sustain a concussion. >> there is a lot of misleading information out there. >> no longer recommended to wake up someone everyyhour on the hour to make sure that they are okay. aatually sleeppis a gooddthing to help immrove the symptoms of concussion and to help someone to recover. >> after that, ease baak in. >> it can be very serious. i am not one to be hysterical abouu things. a second concussion or multiple concussions can cause longer permanent brain damage and really rare injuries death. >> for broshart head is back in
10:31 pm
the game. >> hoping to make it to senior year and see what happens with colleges. >> but with two concussions already, he knows e has to be careful on the ield. the impact of another hit, could megan gilllllnd, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and a foot note. dozens of former and current nf3 players have agreed to onate their brains afterrttey die. >> they hope to help research on brain injuries. ravens center matt burke ii one of he athletes making the donation. %->> still ahead on the news at 10:00.3 disgustinn surprise inside of a loaf of bread. tell you what it is. next on the ews at 10:00. >> and this bull ight, with3 ttree people illed. why the crowd helped to cause the tragedy. when we comeeback. >> and we saw plenty of rainfall
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for the last couple of days. more raan on the way associated with a tropical depreesion. could become a tropical storm. here is what it looks like for tomorroww sun and clouds. clouds gather in the morning of by theeafternoon, cloudy with rain beginning after one to and it is going to get heavy. tell you how heavy and how it3 will affect your forecast. coming up @
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%-week so far. a strange weather >> getting stranger. >> rain, and hot temperatures awhile ago. then a cool down. tornado watches, now tropical depression, which is potentially giving us heavy rainfall over the next couple of days. so you have oots? -> no, i don't wear boots. i get carriee out to my car. >> oh, you do. i forgot. nevertheless, you may have to get carried to your car ecause that will be the case as we get tt wednesday afternoon, wednesday night. definitely heavy rainfall across hd skycaa right now. currently looking at 70. partly cloudy kies. win out of theewest-northwest at 10. humidity levels at 64 percent..3 we have alleady seen ourrshare of rainfall across the area. and hereewas light rain earlier this morning reported ouu at bwi -hurgooddmarshall airport. and then inner harbour, lighter rain. but we have seen as much as a
10:36 pm
inch to two in parts of the state from the previous storm that went through over the last 48 hours. we will be adding to those totals. and ground is saturated..3 so the rain that is coming will have nowhere to go. and a lot of runoff into the streams, creeks and tributarys into the rivers and low lying areas. so we could get significant flooding from that. high was 81 today. we will see cooler air on the way. -urrent watches out there. we have some coastal conditions out there. the chesapeake bay until 3 a.m.f in the morning. but more issuance cross the state and region, in the form of flood watches, flash flood watches and that will continue as we get through the day tomorrow. -robably a busy weather day as and tomorrow night. here is what it looks like south. issuing the ffood watches and flash flood watches down in the carolinas. mid-atlantic as the storm approaches. ú%ght now we have a frontal boundary that hhs pushed through the area. low pressure movinggup tt
10:37 pm
-anada.ú clearing things out. but we are seeing onshore flow a bit. along the front. -ow will continuu to ride along the froot as well. area of low pressure, which is the tropical depression. you can see it rolling from the sooth at noon. sitting south and wraps in the moisture. and gets heavy through mid-morning and afternoon. -ook at all of the rain coming in by thursday. thursday morning. so be like wednesday night. thursday morning. heavy amounts of rainfalll to thursday afternoon. then scoots out of here. and it will be heavy rainfall.3 ú%ywhere from 2-to 4-inches. here is the tropical depression number 16. if it is a tropical storm it will be nicole. ú%nns at 35 iles per hour. potential track from the national hurricane center takes it across cuba to florida, over miami, then it looks like it comes onshore in north carolinaú and the projectee path could take it right p over the chesapeake bay. and the eastern shore. potentially wrapping in the heaviest amount of rainfall over central maryland, including
10:38 pm
baltimore, back toward eastern slope of the mountains. so lookinn at a signiffcant3 amount of rainfall frrm the system. gusty winds as well. that we have toowatth for as the storm moves in. tonight 59 degreee. looking at the clouds gathering a little more through the day tomorrow. -ool conditions tomorrow. starting out with mayye some sun and clouds. clouds gather through the day. and then the rain showers build in, around 74 degrees. see the rain at 3:00. and build more as we get through the later evvning hhurs. thee the five-day forecast shows thursday. thursday night still coming down friday, saturday, sunday clear out. as the system pushes north. >> three dead and dozens injured in this. this horrible bull fight in columbia south america. ammteur video shows people running into the ring to capture the bull. mowing dozens of people, before3 subdued. the audience is screaming as
10:39 pm
people try to capture him. a 20-year-old man was gored and killed instantly. two other men both in their 40s died at the hospital. seriously hurr.ú now the town's mayor bbamed public drunkenness for this tragedy. >> oxfood england stephen forest was making ssndwiches for his children, bright and early in the morning and found this.ú brown ferry stuff on some bread slices. it was a dead mouse. forest immediately called the bread company that slogan happens to be, the besttof both. best oo both what? the company gave forest 2000 %-the thing is, the mouse's tail is still missing. >> former president jimmy carter is ack in the hospital tonight. became ill oo a flight from atlanta to cleveland. he will spend the night for observatiin. the 85-year-old was on his way to cleveland to promote his new
10:40 pm
book. he plans to resume his book tour wednesday. with a stop in d.c. family members say carter is resting and doing fine.ú >> coming up. genetics and igraine headaches. why a new discovery could help improve treatment. >> real-life businesses may be struggling. but one online world is boomingú the explosion in
10:41 pm
bob ehrlich's real record on energy. lobbyists helped write utility regulations. we got stuck with a 72% rate hike. but martin o'malley got tough on bge, forcing them to pay back $2 billion to consumers. and what's bob ehrlich been doing the past four years? he got paid $2.5 million at a lobbying firm, a firm representing special interests and casinos right here in maryland. that's bob ehrlich-- a 72% increase for us and $2.5 million from special interests for himself. nice work, bob. bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. these covered cfls look great and last longer- perfect for 'them hard-to-reach places. 3-way cfls really click with my style. go to participating retailers for bge's instant discounts on select cfls.
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learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at heyhey, i go all night long and still save! [ announcer ] complete opposites...] in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ]
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>> a faulty piece of dna couud of migraine scientists say the major discovery could now help them to create a new class of drugs to help people cope. >> it is there in the nerve cells. that ait keee whether or not pain is transmitted and there by causing the headache. so now that ww know there is a key player, and that then is the place to start looking for drugs that will be active against that particular gene. >> doctors say environment plays a key role in when and where people get migraine headaches. but the new genetic link will help to fine tunn aay and all
10:44 pm
treatments. >> a pink pep rally in baltimore county to get pumped up to ight breast cancer. >> give me a c.3 give me a u. give me an r. give me an e. what's that spell? >> county executive jim smith foundation were on hand to help maryland get geared up for the race for the cure. 5 k helps to raise money for the breest cancer projects across the state, and hroughout the country. sunday october 3 in hunt valley. to register, or to donate to the susan g. komen research foundation, go to our website links. >> u.s. economy may be ssumping but in a populaa virtual world business is booming. >> in tonight's "word on the web", jude joy judy valleys how the company behind farm bill is making major bucks during this %->> times are tough on wall
10:45 pm
street but own on the farm %-online games like farmville ae seeing profits soar. farmville can be found on facebook. game is all about ming a virtua3 plot of land. some items for the farm, crops ú% animals can be bought with real money. and a research group calledú inside neework predicts that next year people will spend more than $2 billlon on ss-called virtual goods. the company behind farmville also said it plans to open up a new headquarters and hire 2000 ú%rkers. join the real conversation on facebook by becoming a fan of fox 45. get breaking nnws and chat with just go to baltimore. i am judy kurtt, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> the ravens turn their attention to their archrival, it is steelers week, hear
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>> final look at the sevee-daa forecast. we will e getting heavy rainfall from the tropical depression that could become a next one is amed nicole. wednesdayylate afternoon, could be tornadoes in this.. because of the spinning atmosphere, and the stormss3 moving up. so we could see a torrado watch wednesday late afternoon to thursday. rain 2-to 4-inches. and once it leaves us, saturday,
10:49 pm
sunday, monday. temperatures cooler and sunshine back in play for the weekend. so tract storm and keep you posteddwith the details. jeff and jennifer? >> thank you,,vytas. >> biggest week of the yyer for ravens' fans. purple and black in pittsburg sunday. >> bruce cunningham joining us with an early look at tte ravens steelers match up inn"sports ú%limited". bruce? >> it is a good week. coming up on "sports unlimited". ravens have not won n pittsburg since 2006. hear from john rydell and mike tomlin on the first meeting and who will star quarterback. and (inaudibbe). >> >> and she scored the game tieing and winning games fromm3 mercy against notre dame prep. our prep player of the week award coming p. when "sports unlimited" starts. right now. >> tte ravens are resting today. they are only day off for the week. that all changes tomorrow. it is steeler week, you know what that means.


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