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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 30, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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day not just morning in fact. we have a tornado wwtch througg the eastern shore. earlier this morning a tornado warning waa issued bbt that has expired for anne arundel county and the albot county. it's nn looger nicole bbt a coastal low that is headed in our direccion. we want to show what we have ii terms f our amounts of rain and also the hd radar showing that all thii moisture coming p from to come up from that direction. we want to get you over to show you the lightning strikes from the south moving innouu direction at the hesapeake bay. that s where thh heaviest storms are going to e. as we get closer, let's cceck -ut where the rain is falling the -- well, let's look attthe beltway,,both belt ways from washington and up ttrough baltiiore. you can see the heaviest rain -own here in annapolis. in act, we get closer still,
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and let's get even downninto annapolis itself. you can see down there we re seeing the heavieet downpours. -f fact, the area that you see indicating the red and orannes out there, s much s an inch of rain has fallen in a lot of thoss locations. we get a widerrview now and den - look at where we have other %--et's see where we caa pop tht up or you. we look to the northeest where we have the heavier falling rai3 there. -e will show you what is gging on there. around the i-95 beltway from 695 you, can you see heavv rain north of aberdeen and seeing heavy rain and a lot of this activity is going to contiiue to move north and west.3 that is the gennral patternn and heavyyrain you caa see andd3 certainly thereeare. it's just not stoom centers in terms of ells. the heavier rain is going to move in that direction. any rainfall, but will get toeng
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that lattr. the moisture cominn from the south. we do havv flood watches as far as the tornado watch. that's the flood watch, through3 and the flash-flood watch for the southern part of the eastern shore..3 ú%ntinue nto the afternoon hours and late mooniig hours, at 10:45. we have a flash-flood aach in ú%ace ffr the evening. a wind advisory in place for the eastern part oo thh eastern shore and the west side of the south with anne arunnel points south. 40 miles per hour. of the severe wwatherr we wwll continue to watch the here ii lauren cooke with the -raffic edge. lauren, it's kind of crazy out -here. >> reporrer: yess yes to ssy the llast. the rain is making for a heck kickkcommute.
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traveling in baltimore county at the middle river. rain is ssarting to rise at martin boulevard and mooing in south ball. wwedo reports of a car stuck in %-west patapsco avenue.ock of trouble in anne arunnel county3 where we are dealing with an accidenn at the westbound lanes of route by. as we check in and take a llok at severna river bridge, one of those westboond lanes is going -o be shutdown..3 ú%county where we're dealing wih another accident that shutdown the eastbound lanes off3 interstate 70. it's an overturred anker truck3 that was carrying milk. itts up right now and it's stilú ú%utdoon anddthe traffic is diverteddto columbia pike. an accident has just cleared atú -e do have a police involvee3 accident along the outer loop at
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83. at the west siie of the beltway. here is a look at liberty road where you can see quite a it of a reesonable rate. speeds. if we are trrveling on 95, the crashes has cllared oo the southbound lanes at whitemarshh3 boulevard. wee re dealing with an accident at haavest havre deegrace at ro. patrice, back to you. tte state, governorro'malley has activated maryland's emergency management center. ination did to the rain high winds are expecteddwhich couldú mean power outages along with floodinn. in baltimore, crews spent a lot drains to keep wter levels there are 52,000 storm drains inlets across the city. even though not ll of thee had to be cleared.
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-aak he ones that theyy o.o >> i feel so bad that the crews have to work so hard to cllarú these. but f we could get people top throwing trash in the trains. from the maryland emergencyiale management ggncy aboot how they prepared for the storm. that is coming up n our 7:00 hour. tropical storm nicole is being blamed for at least two deaths in jaaaica including a child when the floodwattr swept away a home. the storm ripped thhough tte countty knocking down power and bringing down bridges. ú%ficials say theedeathhtoll could increase because of flash flooos and mudslides. tornado wwtch n effect in the 1:00 this afternoon, a you know a arundel, altimore county, baltimore county, baltimore
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city. talbot, carlo line,,carroll, cecil,,color chester, howard,,3 mmntgomery, prince george's, queen ann, sooersst, tal bolts,3 and wacommco and worcester county are under a tornado wwtch in effect ntil 1:00 his afternoon. 3 the candidates in the race for governor rrspond to a recent poll that shows governor o'malley wiih a double-digit lead over his republicanú adults and found that 52%d 1500 favored o'malley while 41% would %-with several other polls that show the two in a deaa heat, an3 i think the puulic after the primary has taaen stock in the
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weathering this down better tha3 ooher ssates and we re starting to sse some job creation for the ffrst time in our state. ú% thht poll is so out of whack with other polls thaa i have seen ooer months, period. >> the poll did hold some gooo 43% of those polled think heeis state budget compared tt 40% for o''alley. coming up on the early edition, more than 28,000 taxpayer dolllrs poured into an ooficeerenovation. that, huh? >> find out how they got ll of thattmoney wows raising any eyybrows. and i'm emill gracie live ii blue diamond almonds!
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ú%as the remnnnts of tropicalnow storm nicole make their way through our area. meteorologist emily gracie is this system.s point with more on good morning, emily, you're3 -ettiig pounded out there. yeah, it seems the rain is getttng heaviee and heavier. we have seen it time and time again at fells point no exceptiin. ú%ere's street flooding going on ann weehave gotten into the full brunt of the system already this morning. alreeay a couple f inches of3 water i'm stanning here on the -treet. certainll an issuu as you are %-we have watchee and warnings l across tte board that we wiil e dealing with today. the major one is the tornado watch. with thii systee we have the threat offsevere weather as well as flooding. and a flood watch through this a flash-flood watch in effect as well. the flash--lood watch means that conditions could ccme on very
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a heavy dowwpour could cause heavy floodiig especially here in the city anywheer from --4 inches of rain. a good idea not to drive throug3 you don't know ow deep it is. it's only going to take a few -nches of rain tt flood a ar. aadang vu dangerous situation. and alsootell us wind. we haven't felt the windite qetú yet but as that system.. and emily was just referrrn3 to the fact ttat we do have a wind advisory that will continue %-and that will mean about 40 to then.le-an-hour gusts possible right now we want to get you caught up at what is happening as far as severeeweather, you see the a lottof lightning3 strikes up toward the chesappake ú%y. thattis where we're watching he we want to show you the radar,
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where the rain is falling tte -eaviest. we will zoom in toward the beltway. as we do do, yoo will find that3 east as we get close to the street level in edgemere seeing heavy downnours. let's put a couple of naaes on the area roads. toward wise avenue, some of the heaviest rain and toward spiral point road as well. you will see some of the -eaviest rain indicated by the reds and those areasswhere e're getting heavy rain as much as an inch of rainnhas fallen already. we willlsee more oo the waa as we get inno the afternoon and as %-the state entirely.t a view of you wwll see that a lot of showers will be moviig north and west. it loks like expect some of the showers, again, and the heaviest ú%in to be moving in the souttwest directton. some of of those arras in the hhaviess rain headed towardú dundalk.ú aad 5:54 of the the raii will e %-and west toward the northeast.
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as far as rainfall, we haaeeseen ú% ich to the south and seen a half an inch toward the north up toward baltimore. we are looking at more rain n the way from the south it's going to continuu to stream in our direction ffom what was nicole, but it's not a tropical storm. rain as you can plainly see. as far as the amounttof rain from here on barred. emil-- forward. emily was inddcating we are going to get-3 to 5 nches of rain and that is why he heavy3 flooding is indicated. by later this afternoon at 1:00 it starts to lighten up a %ittleebit. bbt but that will make for more %-before it gets outtof here byd tomorrow. as ww look at the surrace features, the boundaaies set up over us, thht is allow the nicole to come our way.
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thh et stream which adds upper it's aaddng more support andand that is what it's falling through the afternoonnand overview.ours and the closer 70 degrees which we start to see the rain falling heavier on the rooftop 70 degreessin d.c. ann 75 in salisbury.3 of course the biggest story will %-weather and theeheavy downpous and the gusty winds getting up to 40 miles per hour. theerain begins to tapee off some and ould haae a seeere thunderstorms and i 10-20-mill-an-hour wind. 10-20-mile-an-hour wwnds. aad 68 and 64 for the saturday and sunday. with a high of 70 for youresday wednesday. patrice,tess going to bee,,it'sn active day all the way through and active throughoot the day. you can track the storm down to your neighborhood. fox 45's iradar is available
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at track thh rain right doww to your street.3 go to as cannyou imagine, it's of the probably a mess this orning. lauren cookeehas the traffic ú%ge. good morning, lauren..3 >> reporter: good morning, patrice, we're ddaling with a hectic commute. the rain is taking its toll. if youuare traveling in baltimore county, watch out for flooding admiile river and in south baltimore things only get west..3 west pataasco avenue will bbe3 ssutdown at 895. emily gracie is live at fells point where we are dealing with a significant amount of flooding adds well. she will give you n update in a few minutes. we are dealiig with a crash at %-avenue, as we take a live loo, it'ss locking thrre lanes, do expect delays if youuareful %-way to the top, we are dealinn with another crash that is with if you're traveling in hoowrd
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county, we're dealing with a crash that has shutdown the eastbound lanes of interstate 70 and the patapsco river bridge. as an alternate. and trouble in harford county, where we are dealing with a crash at havre de grace. the lawrence say good buy to onguide!oodbye toone
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>>when money ii tight, many people are forced to cut back. perhaps to cancel your cable or postpone a remodeling project. ú%t ii balt thar is th baltimore case.3 we look at a remodeling job and the questions it raises. >> it looks like somebody's3 apartment. >> reporter: there's an office, fee taxpayers have ever seen. %-at that t.v.nice showee, look >> i guess i helped pay for that. help remodellall the 400 sq. ft.
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of this office. it was reeovated a year ago wee scott was director. while they were shopping for glass esk. the mayyr was preaccingghard3 times. ú% theecity may have cut services but there's no stopping the renovatioo. by ime it was ver, he city had paid more than $12,000 for tte furniture, $1,200 for the director's chair, almost $1,000 for that zebra printtrug and more than $1,100 for that wall forrtax wares, this is a $28,000 office, but for city fireffghterr it's a source of >> when i look at the money that has been spent on this, i think of all of the fire houses wwere we have sinks that aree't winter, furnacessthat aren't working ann roofs that are
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leaking.ú >> reporter: there's aúú%puuch3 escape approval oo the city's estimates. >> no one ants to look as if they're wasting money. yet they want to live as if ttey are above the laww they do things to make happen whatever they waat happen hhwever creative that might be. >> reporter: most the furniihes here coot llss than $5,000 allowing them to fly under the radar of thh city's board of estimate. right nowwthe city boards of estiiates approve aal expenses %-contracts thaa are worth mored but soon those thresholdd will be gone. on the november ballot, voters wiil allow to remove the thresholds and llow the city t3 set new ones. the current system, the mayor says are simply out dated. >> we need to be able to
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streamline what we're able to do and make government more efficient. >> it's just worries meea lot. >> reporter: but city3 councilwoman pat clark is critical of the allot question, because t doesn't allow voters to decide what the new thresholds will be. >> we are saying, don't worry. the city ccuncil will pass new thresholds. whaa the board is doing. >> repprter: there are often -rotests before the board of estimates from those who year after that 28,000 office %-spend.s want more latitude to we're not eliminating accountabiiity, we're not eliminattng the checks and balances. we're just raising the threshold format tearr that nee!!for, mate the board. >> reporter: for now the sameú %-glimpse of tte office thht thy
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nevvrrknew they purchased. those taxpayers have another spending deciiion to make inú november. jeff ables, fox 45 morning news. a year afttr ttat office was upgraded, david scott resigned from the department of public works. he was hired by former mayor sheila dixon. ú%> coming up later on fox 45 morning news, theerisks that come with having a heart bypass. normal life now because of the stroke.ú >> how chhosing tte right surgeon can make all the difference. next, the ravens say goodbye next, the ravens say goodbye foo now to one next, the ravens say goodbye foo now to one activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste?
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it was with the grim sense off3 purpose. while they tell you every gamee3 is immortant in the nfl, whill when the ravens play thee3 steelers, it's a whole new level. they made a move on the rosttr. veteran defender end trevor price was released. he led the ravens and even ttok ú%1/2 pay cut in the off season, but the ravenssneed the ross rostee spot. the shed no tears for price, john harbaugh sounded yesterday ú%ke we haven't seen the last f him. >> yoo gee roster issues that you deal with and that is nnt are doing here. we anticipate etting hhm back. this is what we will to do for now. >> this will come as a priie for folks here in baltimore.
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but after a huge gamm, rrvens receiver anquan boltin has been named the receiver. and he caught three touch down passes rom joe flacco in the win over the browns. it was part of an 8 catch 143-yard afternoon for the reeeiver. >> it'ssa great accomplishment. all the folks are sharing and we all take great pride in that [ laughter ] >> what would yoo want? >> another day off. [ laughter ] >> meanwhile as far as we know ray rice did not practice today. he was not on the field of the portion practice of tte area.ú he was not made available for interviews. harbaugh is taking things slow and would not rule playing him on sunday, but he did not say he
5:57 am
is playing either. if he doesn't go willisontusion3 mcgahee will get the riss. he predicted that the ray will be in the line up on sunday afternoon. bruce cunningham, fox 45 morning news. %-we're looking for all of youm, raven fans to send us photosstoú show you purple pride. go to and click on the community features section. coming up in the 6:00 hour, baltimore police say they will continue to arrest people who record officers in public despite a recent wiretapping ruling. we will talk to the former police commissioner about their decision. and we aae dealing with significant flooding here in the 3
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%-nicole pounds our aaea.storm you got to be prrpared for sometting liie thhs. >> how muuh rain you can expect you need to know to get throuuh your morning commute.


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