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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 6, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> one egg is the size of one piece of grain of salt. >> how to ssot them. the best way to clear them out of your home. and the big price tag hey may bring with them. and warmer temperatures moving in. how high we will get. and if the warm weather will sky watch forecast.ekend, in the >> this house burned tt the ground while firefighters watched. the city policy that kept firefiihters from pulling out their hoses. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. ->>good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. 17-year-olddboy is accused of sexually abusing three boys. >> he faces juvenile charges, but tonight, one family is fighting to change that. they want a tougher penalty. first on fox tonight. keith daniels is here with how jessica's law could help them. >> maryland lawmakers made changes to jessica's law before. most recently with legislation
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that deals with mandatoryy3 sentences. tonight, one family wants theú law to be more clear, on how it applies to underaged sex offenders. after the alleged rape of two of their boys..3 >> we will call them jane and john doe. we are shielding identitys. husband and wife in baltimore county going public about what could be a parent's courts nightmare. only in this case they say what hhppened to their two young sons, was no dream. but real. >> he had them isolated by himself where he could do what >> couple learned a trusted 17-year-old relative, is accuued of raping, sexually abusing the couple's 10, and 12-year-old sons. a painful discovery for tte mother, and father. >> it is just every tiie i think about it, all i can think about is somebody doing something like that to my kid. which i am supposed to be the
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but the way the laws are, i can't. if i do something, i am going to be the one in jail. >> the couple say the alleged3 ú%tacks, happened at aahouse in this dundalk neighborhood. and nearby at the park, at the end of the block. they say during family functions, the alleged attacker, would lure the children away.3 >> according to the viitim's parents, the alleged abuse lasted over a period of nearly three years. it started, they say, when the suspecc was 15 years old. hhs victims, much younger. >> these are children that can not defend themselves. somebody has to fight for them. and me and my family will. >> the family, is fighting to have the young suspect, who faces juvenile charges, tried as an adult. they say baltimore county prosecutors, have suggested that he may be let go wiih only treatment and probation. so the parents want prosecutors
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to consider jessica's law. a law imed at adult sex offenders. >> jessica's law states any age, it does not state juvenile or adult. any person, four years older than the victim. and he is four years older than every one of the victims. >> well baltimore county prosecutors re not commenting on this case, because the suspect is a juvenile. he goes to trial, october 13. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right. keith. nearly 150 police officers in prince george's county investigated for cheating on tests. in one class, cadets got perfect scores on 11 tests. even though he cannot take the test because he was dismissed. this could affect hundreds of cases. >> it is possible. i mean, i don't know how many cases there will be. that are, youuknow, involved in this, at this point. >> no one wants to see anyone here that should not be here. if there is something wrong, the
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department will take tte action necessary. >> the allegations surfaced last yes, after a cadet said an instructor was giving out the test answers. >> this funeral of a marine killed in iraq in 2006, was moss people would cringe at. but is it protected as free speech? today the marinn's fatherrtook the very question to washington, d.c.. and as john rydell shows us, thh church took their controversial statements all the way to the steps of the supreme court. >> ♪ >> oo the steps of the nation's highest court, an emotional ú%ash over free speech. those familiar and to many folks, inflammatory signs, are proudly waved by members of the westboro bap history church. memberr of all ages. >> dear god and god hates you. >> it makes me sick that these people are spreading hate. >> signs displayed by same
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protestors in westminster at the funeral of lance corporal mathew snyder. killed four years ago in iraq. church members claim his death,ú and that of countllss other soldiers are god's punnshment for america's tolerance of homosexuality. >> i thhught that wass he worst day of my life. >> but for several years, corporal snyder's father has been fighting back. he said the protestors not only inflicted motional distress on family, but presence at the ú%neral was an invasion of privacy. >> oor son, a hero, dead, only to be compounded by the family being targeted, and ubject to personal attacks. >> ♪ westboro's attorney that is also the daughter of the church's founder. said that their actions did not violate the first amendment. ú% the mere fact that you take ú%urself hhving your feelings hurt over words is not enough to shut up the speech. >> the supreme court is not
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expected to issue an opinion in this case until next year. as justices wrestle with the soldier's funeral goes beyond3 the scope of the first amendment. >> for veterans here to support military families, there is no doubt. >> he has right for freedom of speech but over cross the boundd of decent i see when he is doinn and a vets's ffneral. >> john ydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> albert nyder initially awarded $5 million in damages by a federal court. but thaa decision was overturned by a federal appeals court. hear more ffom on you of the supreme ouut hearing. go to news. >> are there limits to freedom of speech? %-the emotional debbte has peope practicing their own freedom of speech. >> folks comm out on out. fought for, in part, durrng the battle of fort mchenry. >> congress shall make no law.3
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respect a establishment of rellgion or prohibiting the free exercise there of. >> or bridging the freedom of speech. or of the press. >> first amendment, allows uu to speak our minds. >> it is what we are. ú% freedom of peech. i feel like you can express yourself. >> you have the right to be able to speak yyur own mind. >> at towson univeesity. >> there is a fine line between what is appropriate and inappropriate. >> hitler has his own freedom of speech. i am jewish, i am against what he did. but he has his freedom of speech. >> i would draw the line. >> racism in general. %->> are there any exceptions? >> i don't know. that's a good q. >> an example is you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater because it presents danger to people around you. >> in downtown baatimore. >> soap box. >> soap box. >> you have engineered a speech
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to be protected. >> people practice their own freedom of speech.3 >> if you supprrss one kind of speech why not anothee ind? >> it is a tough questioo. >> as they debatee >> freedom of speech is very importaat. >> potential limitations. >> lots of people abuse it. >> anything neeative. i would not waat it around me.ú knowingly lieing..3 >> i do not like the ku klux klan. but unfortunately they have the rrght to do what thee do. >> hate somebody. >> even though we do not like what somebody said. >> that's the way they feel. >> i have the right to stand here and say what i want to say. ann back where baltimore won, one war. >> oh sake can you see. >> the battle over the issue. >> this is my right. >> right of any american citizen. %->> yes i am passionate about . %->> ppople debated today like they did back 196 years ago. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> inccdentally our first amendment and the u.s. constitution was adopted back in 1791. now onto the question of the day. it was, do you support the church's right to protest mmlitary funerals? most of you say no. 90 to 10 %. scott from edgewood writes. not a ah a funeral. that's a private time for families. dave writes on facebook. everybody has the constitutional right to freedom of speech. this is part of the first, and one of the most valuable rights guaranteed tt the people, ofú this great nation. >> just go to and tell us what you think. sounn off through facebook. send us a tweet@foxbaltimore. text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no and your response may air on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> man found ddad inside of a home in south baltimore. police were on the scene after 1:00 this afternoon. street.ey avenue off 10th body of a man found inside of a home there. >> and 2 people shot one killed3
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overnight. in you south baltimore. police say before midnight a man and a woman were approached by two men n in the 2700 block of claflin court. woman shot several times and pronounce dead at the hospital. man shot in the lower back and will survive. no one arrested. >> a scare at one baltimore city elementary school, karen parks live at cross country3 elementary. wherr parents learned about a case of viraa meningitis tonight. karen, what an you tell us at this hour? >> jeff, nly one confirmed caae of viral meningitis here at3ú cross country elementary. and offiiialssonly said it is a yoonger student. %-news that has created mixed emotions from parents. >> another day, cross coontry elemennary in baltimore. but today, a scare ii looming. >> my concern is just all the students that attend the school right now. >> lamont betters has an eighth
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grade daughter ter he school. >> my dauuhtee has a case of asthma, so she is high-risk. >> he has learned a confirmed case of viral meningitis here at cross country. %-done. sure ii is completely >> meningitis is inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. and it can be life threatening, and is considered a medical emergencyy >> personally aware of this yesterday morning on the playground. by concerned parents. >> curtis is the principal here -t cross country. and he said the moment he heard the news, the emergency ction plan was put in motion. first, he called the health department. then this letter was sent to parents.ú case, and precautions taken. >> making sure eveeythiig wind down. >> i was not concerned. >> dorothy wyatt has two children here at cross country. >> i am confident that my children willlbe safe.
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and that there is no concern for them as far as threat of meningitis. >> we're told there is a possible second case here at cross country. confirmed. reporting live here in northwest bbltimore. karen parks, ffx 45 news at 10:00. >> plans to build a wal-mart in remington just got a green light todayy land use ommittee pproveddthe plan today. 22th street station project wil3 be built on the old anderson automotive dealershii site. city council will approve the plan some time nexx month. several members say they will not back the plan unless there are better wages, and benefits for the workers. >> the effort to keep childrenn3 in school and ggt hem to graduate is getting results. but everrso lowly. >> the city released new numbers on graduation rates. and dropout rates today. ú%aduationnrates r at a high of3 66 %. the dropout rate standd at just
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over 4 %.ú that's an all time low. and a 57 % decrease frrm the when it was nearly 9 and a half %. >> we're on the right path. and i believe that deeply. because you cannot have a future in a city where half the kids are dropping out of school. you cannot haveethat kind of a future for a city. >> state wide graduation rates climbed to 86.5 %. and the dropout rate deereased by 2 and a half %. lowest level in 11 years. >> there is no high school stuuent in the state of maryland today, who is anonymous. ask the principal, about how a particular student is doing, and in terms of their march toward graduatton. and i can get information. >> state is also pleased with how the high school assessmentú exams are working. numbers show just 33 students
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were unaale to graduate because %-graduation. pass the four >> they really could effect anyone. >> those blood sucking bedbugs. what to do if you get them. it is tonight's cover story. the information that the wwite houseeis accused of keeping ffom the crisis. -> and another university of maryland student is robbed. ttis time right on campus. i am myranda stephens, the steps they are taking to help keep students safe. >> and ww saw sun and clouds out there today. few wraparound showers remaining few wraparound showers remaining west and east of so who is "making stuff up"? the news media say it's bob ehrlich... with attacks that have been called "false" and "misleading." made up attacks bob ehrlich knows aren't true.
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but here's what's not made up. bob ehrlich's $3 billion in taxes and fees. the $2.5 million he got paid working at a lobbying firm. or the fact ehrlich worked for the casinos to put slots at arundel mills mall. now, bob...that's all true.
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>> we have breaking news out of southwest baltimore. innestigaaion.oting mill road and found a man inside of a car shot several times. homicide investigators have been called to the scene. now police say the actually and dennison in northwest baltimore. >> jurors in the ken harris murder case shows sign of deadlock after deliberating for three days. joy lepola has the latest. >> for the first time since deliberations started in the murderrtrial for former baltimore councilman ken harris. jurors show siggs of deadlock. it comes in the form of a note. that reads quote the jury has not reachedda unanimous decision, on the first two charges. defense attorney bevins represents the youngest three. in this case. consideeing the case seriously. that's all anyone could ask for.
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and it could be that 11 are holding out in favor of acquittal. it could be another number. ú%don'' know. but, again, they are takinggthis deliberating process seriously. >> does the note indicate jurors cannot get beyond the murder and conspiracy to coomit murder charges. or does it mean that they have decided the other counts and are deadlocked on the remaining two? >> they may ot have gotten to the resttof the case. or they may have already decided. it is anybody's guess. facing 29 counts jurors have a substantial aaount of evidence to review. on tuesday, jurors asked to see the bullet that killeddharriss and a sheellcasing near the murder scene. >> theee was no evidenceú presented whatsoevvr that is the casing that was associated withú the bullet that killed mr. harris. but there is an inference it mightthave been.ú >>the night of the murder no one got a good look at the man that killed harris and robbed the new haven lounge. at best witnesses can only place certain items at the scene, but
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the state argued contained the defendant's na. issues jurors aae struggling with, and trying to reach a verdict. >> in downtown baltimore, joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and jurors will return tomoorow for day number four. contest, to aamisdemeanor campaign finance violationn a city council woman is headed to florida. on the taxpayers dime. city spending board approved almost $1100 today for helen holton to attend thrre day conference next week in palm beach. amonn the expenses, the city will spend $255 a night for holton's hotel. so she can ttend the national conference. of county's >> she is a working councilwoman. she has travel expenses as a part of the budget. >> well prosecutors say holton asked two local businessmen to pay for a political poll on her behalf. chair of the city's taxation and
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finance committee. more serious bribery charge is still pending. >> t is our duty to hold our government accountable. -nd you can help us do ttat by joining our waist watch. if you see government waste call our hotline, 44106210. you can go to and click on waste watch. %-spill in the gulf of mexico,il said that the government held back information about just how bad the spill could have been. according to a panel appointed3 %-oceanic and atmosphericational highest estimates on the amount but accordinggtt the report, the agency was blocked..3 by the obama administration. bp puu its highest estiiate at 2.5 million gallons a day.ú the overnment used a figure of 210,000 gallons per day.
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a differrnce oo almost 2.3 million gallons. no response from the white house tonight. >> itt as happened again. a university of maryland student is robbed on campus. myranda stephens joins us with what police are doing tonight to combat the recent crime. myranda? >> jeff, unnversity police are not sure if this latest robbery is connected to tte ttree last -onth. but they are not taking any chances. stepping up patrols, and community. >> for me personally this s liie my oon little municipality. >> sergeant robert general soy rides around the university of maryland colleee park campus on the look out for any sign of trouble. >> officers normally out ú%trolling, looking for traffic stops. any violations. just kind of being a visible presence. >> campus police are stepping up patrols in response to a string of robberies targeting students, since the start of the school
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year. police say the lltest happpned early sunday morning, when three suspects robbed a student of his wallee and ccll phooe. unlikk the prior muggings, this one happened on campus, just behind arundel hall..3 >> we do have some people that come back quite frequently. %-that we know have no businessn campus.ú >> police say the suspects in sunday's robbery got away in a vehiclee but they were caught on surveillaace camera leaving the the university actually has hhndreds of surveillance cameras set up around campus in hopes of preventing crime. still, officers say students should be alert. >> i really do think the university is a safe environment. >> and police say the video of the suspects caught on camera is enhanced. so far, police hhve ot made any arrests, in any of the robberies. at 10:00.a stephens, fox 45 news >> okay myranda thank you. mostly gray skies all day tooay.
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when will we see more? vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. vytas? >> we have clouds. -emaining residual showers. h.d. radar shows light showers back west. montgomery county and howard county. anddthee we have deeent hhurs that rolled through belair awhile ago. and aberdine. making the way across the baa. cecil county, chester county, kent county. showers. pushing east s we continue to see the activity wrapping aaound the low. so you can see that is coming down from the north. and then going ff to the east. bigger picture here. you could see how the activity will move on around this area of low pressure. and bring down the cooler air from the on north. looking at the cooler flow gging on out there. that's what we are experiencing at this timee now, bigger picttre here, as far aa the temperatures. looks like we are going to continue to see temperatures in the 50s for ooernight. 55 in baltimore. 56 in d.c. and it looks like we will continue to see this activity moving out of here. go through the neet day here.we
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so looking at this area of low pressure moving out. and we will start to get clearing in the pick. wwrming temperatures cooing our way. show you that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. own personalized fooecast. i-radar is avaalable at use the inttracttve tools to track storms down to where you live. go to >> well, aagiant way to celebrate fall in could go keys vil. >> ww were at valley view farms 1000, 140-pound umpkin was delivered. ii is the largest pumpkin ever displayed in the state of marrland and one oo the largest ever grown worldwide. >> it is hard to believe. that was planted back in june. and here it is a few months later at over 1500 pounds. >> it needs license platess check out the pumpkin in person, through november the 6th. afttr that the umpkin will ee3 cut open and seeds counted. the person to correctly guess the correct numbee of seeds will
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ú%n a $300 gift card to valley view farms. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. a home destroyed by fire. why firefighherr just stood there and watched. despite pleas from the ú%meowner. >> it is really stressful, honest, it is a stressfull3 situation. >> coming up next. >> coming up next. chemicals, heat treatment, the ju stri dve, we 'lgel t erthe! adntveurrue ns on un dki,n' wi thur o mleap cddhear brkfeaast sawindch. eabrkft asju gstot a olwhe loswt eer.te
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>> bedbugs bite. and they easily hide in crrcks and crevassee maaing them a nuisance. >> in tonight'' cover story, melinda roeder shows us how exterminators are fighting back to win the bed bug battle. >> they could affect anyone. >> and it absolutell has nothing to do with sanitation. >> they are creeppy, crawwing and causing chaos for victtms..3 >> t is stressful. honestly, it is a stressfulú situation. >> typical top spot to check. >> they are big business for %->> as infestation preadsú through apartmenns, homes, schools, libraries, so does
10:29 pm
public concern. take action by getting the word out. >> so that citizens are aware of what they can do to identify bedbugs. and prevent them from coming in to begin with. then respond unin a way hat is effective. >> it is possible to terminate but hiring an exxert is highly recommended. >> it is probably best in general to call an extermmnator. and if you can afford that, that's certainlyythe most sense. >> getting rid of them requires multiple treatments with chemicallsprays. >> when we do conventional or the chemical treatments we do a and theyyhave to prepare each time we do those servvces. >> exterminators will innpect to make certain that the critters are bedbugs.3 >> identifiiation is key. >> and seek out their hiding spots. >> typiccl spot you want to check if you have bedbugs, is3 along the seams. >> then after residents have removed all beding and laundry for a hot wash, they head in and get to work. >> treat along the baseboards. the mattresses.
10:30 pm
but the experts with ehrlich pest control have a better technique. >> this is a typical heat treatment set up. >> using industrial strength heaters and fans thee seal off the infested hooe and literally pump enough hot air in to kill the bugs. >> basically moves the air from where the heater s, into the area where we need it. >> just how hot? >> 227 degrees. >> bedbugs cannot live in temperatures above 120 degrees. but these guys are not taking any chances. they bring the heat, to more than 200. >> you are liteeally cooking the bugs. >> it is faster and more effectiveethan chhmicals heat treatment, one day and takks ú%ght to 10 hours. %-preparation homeowners must remove electronics, on and anything that mmght melt. and clear enough space for the air to flow. >> we have opened up draaers. make sure they are emmty. %-not have a lot of denseu dd
10:31 pm
clothing. >> the average cost f thermal treatment s about two to $5000. >> of course, chemicals are cheaper but ressdenns cannot afford that either. >> ot everyone has the resources for aa exterminator. >> theehealth department can offer helpful tips to tackll it yourself. including firsthand advice from ú%ose that have doneeit. >> washing our clothes. doing a good inspection to find3 out where they are. using steam cleaning. because the heat kills them. >> but the bugs, and especially eggs are tough to detect. >> one egg is the size of a %-of them they could be back to bite you. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and there is more information on how to detect, and exterminate bedbugs. >> go to our website links. >> new rumors toniggt about when
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the i-phone might appear on the verizon network. which major newspaper has the scoop and what the article hadú to say, coming up in tonight's "word onnthe web". >> a tennessee home reduced to ruble after a major fire. coming up.ú why firefighters simply refused to stop the blaze, from spreading. >> few showers moving through the area tonight. and make way ffr sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow. on the next day plaaner. by llnch time it will be lose shoo you how long the 70ss3 (music playing)
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announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent.
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hefty! hefty! hefty! >> finally, i think e're on the better side of the week. with the sun. >> we saw a little rain out there.ú %-made it feel more like fall.3 but we have fall temperatures, even n the 70s wherr we ú%ould be. aad it is acttally going to get nice out there. here isswhht is going onnright now. downtown. the area.3 gentllmen, looking t hd skycam. you cannot really see it here. it issdark. cloudy skies. there are showers scattered across the area. somm fooks getting more rain than others. %-winds oot of the west-southwet at nine. humidity levels at 72 %. and it looks like as you see on the almanac page story of the day. high reached up to 60 degrees. so it was a cool day. low was only 49. and that was held with the
10:36 pm
clouds. and cool temperatures down out of canadd. but we had a few drops of rain, -easured. but some areas are going to add to that. especially harford county in deeent rain a bit agoo and aberdine and havre de grace. but temperatures warm. ú%rmal temperatures should be t 71. so we are below normal today. but we will get back in that range and above that, for the next few days. across the region, here is what is happening temperature wise. 50s across the region. new york 59. 50 harrisburg. 50 pittsburg. cooler up in cleveland att54. and we will continue to see that cool air mainly nooth. but we will see a shift in the temperatures out of the weet-southwwst. rrght now they arr coming out of the nooth. you see, across spin around low pressure. area of low pressure wrapping in a few spotty showers. but continuing to push up to new england. that would take the clouds and showers with it. you see back over in ohio..3 zanesville, columbus, breaks in the clouds. wheeling westtvirginia, pittsburg even seeing a break
10:37 pm
clouds..3 so that is heading our direction. so we will probably see sun for the morning commute. so the forecast on the eastern shore looking at 72 degrees. with sunshine. winds out of the west at five to 15. tonight central ortion of thee3 state. much of the same. 74 degrees. and with winds out of the west at five to 15. so breezy. so yyu willlprobably need to keep a jacket nearby. western maryland, 71. and westerly wind. at 10 to 20. so breezy on the western portion of the mountaiis. here is ow it plays out on the surface map. you see how the low extends up to new england. taking the clouds with it. and we have a weak front that is scooting west of us. but the high pressure is going ourrregion. %-around high pressure.rotation so that's goong to help to bring up the temperatures from thh southwest. so we will see our temperatures increasing forrthe next several days. and stay dry and enjoy sunshine asswell. tonight dealing with a few scattered showers. 51 degrees. and then for tomorrow, nice afternoon. and not 51. it will be 70.
10:38 pm
right around 74 ddgrees. and we will see plenty of sunshine. in fact, here is the correct number here. 74 degrees with the sunshine. 72 on friday with more sunshine. and then saturday warming up to around 77 egrees. sunday looking at 74 degrees. %-oot the ravenstian take on --k who were they playing in. >> envvr brrncos. toyed think about it. good day to be there. all right. back to sportt, right? back to you guys. >> tennessee ressdents are fueros after firefighters watch a home burn to the ground. each year south fulton tennessee residents must pay $75 fee if they want fire protection. paaticular home, did noo pay. and the mayor said if homeowner3 do not pay they are out of luckú >> soon affer firefighterss33 returned ack to the fire station, someone assaulted one >> well, a house fire prompted
10:39 pm
desperate rescue attempt of ot just people. grabbed their small dog bandit and got out. but the bigger dog, rube trapped. from the news hellcopter you caa see him in there pacing and you see the firefighter makes the decision, he kicks down the door..3 and goes in, and lets rube run to safety. well, the house was a total loss. but the people, and the dogs are all okay. >> is verizon about to unveilú its own i-phone? people have been buzzing for months that the popular device could jump from at&tt >> in tonight's word wore, judy kurtz reveals the major newspaper that is now ssying the judy?s are true. >> now, i know what you may be thinking. you have heard it before. that verizon may break-thruu3 apple's exccusive deal with at&t and sell the i-phone. wall street journal is reporting that this time the talk is for
10:40 pm
real. paper said according to people brieffd by apple. the iant beffre the end of the year. verizon wireless will begin to year. would be similar in design to the i-phone 4 currently sold by3 at&t. and just a few weeks ago, verizon ceo all but squashed chatttr oo the carrier getting thh product. at investor meeting head of verizon said the company does3 not feel like it has a i-phone deficit. and he said verizon would have to earn the i-phone. >> nd no matter what kind of phone you have or who your wirelessscompany iss be the first to know about breaking with fox 45 mobile news. get text alerts sent o your phone. sign up and text wbff to 20433. or go to, i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> i think i recouped faster than what they thought. >> still ahead on the news at 10:00.
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alternative to hip replacement surgery. some say it works etter with shorter
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i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college. fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!!
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>> for decades hip replacements have brought relief for a lot of people in pain. but now there is an alternative %-osteoarthritis. with after 30 years as baltimore counny firefighter. thomas s. eman weet to work in history trimming business. >> a lot of ccimbing. a lot of up and down everywhhre. on your feet. >> but persistent ain got in the way of running his new business. >> the last year and a half, i %-like festus on gun smoke. >> bone on bone arthritis hip destroyed.ú >> after visiting dr. henry bbshay at union memorial hospital. thomas decided to undergo hip >> it is a major operation.ú i have got a -- it is probably 10 or 12-inch car and with 32
10:45 pm
staples. >> younger than the average age for hip replacement. he is active. he is thin. and a hip resurfacing was a >> hip resurfacing is an alternative to total hip replacement. doctors are ble to preserve much more offthe patient's bone. a big advantage if the patient ú%errhas to undergo another hip surgery in the future. >> the head of the femur has to be milled to accept a cap. whereas, with a hip replacement, the femur ral head is cut and impact into the inside offthe femur. the socket side there is still very similar. the other difffrence is the bearing, the hhp resurfacing only comms in metal on metal bearings. >> only a few months after surgery. >> i think i recouped ffster. >> he recovered remarkablyywell and he is on the fast end of the
10:46 pm
spectrum. >> thomas is free of pain. and back in business. >> the average patient typically takes six weeks to three months to completely recover from the surgery. >> the ravens get back to work now and are raving about the heroics of joe flacco aga
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narrator: general motors is making vehicles of the future right here in baltimore county. and with new economic development and worker training grants from governor martin o'malley, this gm plant is expanding. that's 189 new, green manufacturing jobs that will build the next generation of electric hybrid engines right here in maryland. this governor gets it when it comes to protecting our jobs... and keeping our families strong for the future. narrator: martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
10:49 pm
forecast.3 see those temperatures getting right to 74 degrees for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 72 on friday. kicking off tte weekend. by saturday,,a beeutiful day to get out there. 77 degrees. %-if you are heading down to the game, check out the ravens and broncos. looking at 74. had to remember what ittwas. 74 degrees. plenty of sunshine. and then we won't get another round of showerssuntil tuesday. so fabulous next couple of days leading us into the weekend. jennifer and jeff? >> looks good. >> ravens back to work today and praising the emergence of the young quarterback. >> bruceecunningham has update on the reaction to joe flacco heroics. bruce? >> jeff, coming up on "sports unlimited". the ravens are buzzing about the game winning drive engineered by flacco. hear frommthe face of the franchise himself, ray leis


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