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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 7, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> a suspended registration over a $5 fine. >> because everybody blames it on everybody. >> why this driver got in to legal trouble, even thhugh he ppid the fine. >> dinner with a side of insult. the crude new attraction at baltimore's inner harbor. >> cool night. then tempeeatures warm up..3 good news about the weekend and return in the sky watch >> naked cowboy for president? exposing his political platform. >> live you have in high definitionn from wbff tv in baltimore, this is foxx45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. -> and i am jennifer gilbert.
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wrongly arrested. and tte verdict that earned him >> efffabell talked to the deputy. and hassthe impact of the -ecision first on fox tonight. >> the day after the verdict, deputy arthur phillips and his attorneys, are talking about th3 $600,000 decision. finally. i feel the truth came out. >> phillips is a baltimore sheriff's deputy. who still cannot unddrstann how he ouud up on the other side of the law. it was two years ago, on thii -treet in northwest baltimore. when phillips, attempted to help a friend diffuse a domestic disturbance. >> when officers aarived at this scene, tempers erupted. and depuuy phillips found himself under arrest. handcuffed. >> what he did was offer information, to the officer. that's what he tried to do. and the officer, for whatever reason, only known to him, didn't want to hear it. >> how does it end up, with him
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in handcuffs? %-works. is a district where he -heee people know him and recognize him. he is in full uniform. >> the deputy had the final say. he slapped the city with a lawsuit alleging, among other thingss his constitutional rights were violattd. and after a three day trial, a jury this week, ruled n the deputy's favor..3 awarddng him $600,000 in damages. >> i feel somewhat vindicated somewhat. but it is still -- it still is something that the situation, itself, troubles me. %-about how power can be used ad abused in that process.3 >> for its part, the city calls promises an apppal. jeff abelll fox 45 news at >> the city solicitor is planning to petttion for a new trial. >> breaking news to reporr downtown. a woman falls down an eeevator shaft in downtown baltimore and
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dice. %-saratoga streets.n and west police are investigating. they do not know why she was in the building. or why she fell doww he elevator shaft. >> teenage couple from and harged with plotting to murder the girl's parents. this is 16-year-old william collins jr. and hhs girlfriend 16-year-old katelyn kirchoff. ly say they texted eacc other withhplans ttokill kirchoff's -arents and anybody else inside of her home. investigators subpoenaed their phone recoods and learned tte attack had been planned for 9:20 sunday night. they say police got a call for a shootinn at the girl's home, at 9:21. certainly a bbzarre certainly somethiig that you would not expect to happen around here. again, i can't unnerstand why two younn 16-years-old, for any3 anybody. much less people they know.
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have pretty much ruinee their actions. >> one person suffered minor innuries. both teens are facing charges, including attempted first-degree murder. >> one student is seriously hurt after a fight at a high school in arundel county. school. the school posted a statement on its website stating three students appareetly were in a fight between classes. one student was so badlyú injured, he was rushed to shock trauma. >> not that many fights in school. p handouttof nowhere. >> two students tonight are ú%arged wiih assault, the other student expected to fully recover. baltimoreecounty. police say it is one of the biggest drug busts in the state of maryland. >> keith daniels is live in dundalk where police found a warehouse full of marijuana and the accused drug dealers. keith? >> jenniferr live on canton center drive near east point..3 look behind me.
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police found so much marijuana in this houue they could classify the suspects as drug king pens. an harming diicovery for unsussectiig eighborhood. >> anne lee said she never smelled anything. no odor in the aiirthat troublee the senses or triggered suspicions. >> i couldn't. %->> so to earn hundreds of pounds offmarijuana, was growing and being prrcessed, right across the street in this warehouse, caught lee, and so many others wise surprrse. >> it may have been under our >> astoonded residents where police raided a warehouse monday night. the county's largest drug bust ever. a two month investigation.affer detectives found 478 individual marijuana plants.
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and another 640 pounds ofú processed pot, in bags. reaay for distribution..3 $3.5 million of maaijuana, seized. some ii stacked containers, loaaed readd to go. >> at the bottom of the containers, were coofee grounds, to mask the odor of the marijuana.3 >> police have arrested and juvenile. found them in the warehouse, -iving in a trailer. tte adults are joseph beyondd3 %-face istribution charges.y and etectives ssy they were runniig a sophisticated marijuana growwoperation. >> it required know how. an elaborate know hhw with heating and ventilation system, and water to the plants. police cracked the case. >> i am glad they were caught. >> we encourage all citizens, if thhy know illegal activity like this. orrany other type offactivity to
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get involved l us know. most mportant thing to remember is that they can remain a91 mus. >> well, we are back here live. new developments in the case tonight. we haae learned tte suupects are after judge robert steinberger drastically reduced the bond. fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the faa issues nee rules after several deadly helicopter crashes, including the crash of a medevac helicopter two years ago right here in maryland. five people were n board. onn survived. the new rules require pilots now to have an electronic system, warning about terrrin. but night vision goggles are not required, despite ntsb >> red light ticket trouble in did a computer glitch caase vehicle registration to be flaged with the state. one drive said it happened to
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him. it was here at this intersection, pplaski highway aad route 400 where mike said his traffic troubles started. >> everybody blames it on everybody. >> red light camera caught him %->> i fill out the paperworkkto >> when baublitz finally went tú guilty. and dismissed the case on he also went before the same judge for another red light thatt$$5 fine was reduced to just $5. a court receipt shows proof of payment. but according to city records, baublitz has failed to pay both tickets. but that was just the beginning of his traffic troubles. >> i get a letter from the city of baltimore, and the mva said my tags are flagged again. for not paying the fine. >> mike received this letter in the mail from maryland's motor vehicle administration. notiiying him that he ailed to
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satisfy the violation. as a result, he would ot be allowed to renew his car regissratiin. even though he received this letter from the cctyy notifying him that his tag was flagged in error. frustrated. he went to ity hall searchingú for answers. >> holiday street blamed it on %-court blamed it on holiddy ssreet. holiday streee said mva. >> we contacted the parking fines supervisor for an explanation but no one ii that office would respond. communicating with each other..3 -> well, spokesman with maryland's motor vehicle administration said the ecords show aaflag removed from vehicles are flagged by the state on the city's direction. >> tonight police are looking for the killer of an lderly man. 27-year-old gary latham assaulted john sandy, 73, back in april, along elm ssreet. he died a few months later.ú
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lay them seen two weeks ago on lakewood avenue. anyone wwth any information %-number on the screen. 410-637-8970. >> securitt breakdowns are getting the blame for the murder of a teacher in a state juvennle detention center. hannah wheeling found dead in the heltan ham center in february. is now charged in her death. new reporr said that number of security failures led to he -urder. and leadership shouud be held responsible. ú%rvicesssaid it acted quickly to make improvements after the >> it is now take two for a baltimore city landmark. >> senator heater about o raise the curtain again. myranda stephens is live in nnrth baltimore where where ig changes are coming soon. ú%randa? >> jennifer and jeff, the doors here at the theater are sttll locked. ú%r a ee hours, to give folkk here in the community, a senseú of what is in store or the
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future. and judging from the preview, ú%ny are giving the plans two thumbs p. >> very excited about it. >> baltimore's hiitoric senator theater, move he goers, buzzing, not about theelatest film but the theater itself. it has been a very special place and i am excited to see -t. -> it is a lovely place to go and ee a movie. >> after going through months of fiiaacial woes, the 71-year-old theater closed its doors in july. as it underwent changes in management. next friday, the theater willú finally reopen. ú% senator theater (inaudible). >> on behalf of all of them, we3 are really glad at tte prospect of having this place reopen. >> and that's just the beginning. tonight plans wwre unveiled to add more features next fall. including a second smaller theater.ú along with a new restaurant and bar. the new manager's father and
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daughter team buzz and coup zach that run the charles theater said the hope is to enhance the movve experience nd preserve part of baltimore'sshistory. >> existing struccure built n 1939. that's protected by the federal government. so we would not endeavor to change thatt.3 it would be a fabulous first-class facility. gorgeous. >> and the total cost for theú ú%oject ii estimated at $2 million. that includes a $600,000 loan from the city. construction is set to beggn early next year.3 live in north baltimore. myranda stephens,,fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thanks myranda. the house offruth unveilssthe new webssie attsinai hospital to ccunselors with the house of ruth meet with many teenagers at schools during the school year and designed a website baaed on their particular needs. -eens can take a survey and rat3 their relationship, or look for ú%rniig signs of dating abuse..3 >> teens commmnncate in a
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different level, foo adults,,if they re called 100 times in a day, that's usually harassment. for teens, thht ccold be normal behavior. so put eephasis on the content. >> new website is called, you loveeme, you love me meantime in baltimore county, senators mikulski and cardin announced $10 million n ssaae funding to help domestic violence victimssand familiee. money will be distributed among 143 prevention and treatmeet programs throughoot the sttte oú maryland. >> who is the smarttst one here? not all at once. your dinner? coming uu on fox 45 news at 10:00. a new restaarant downtown. it is our cover story tonight. >> a woman shopping for cars trapped inside, with a attack dogg how she was finally
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rescued. later, at fox 45 news at 10:00 continues. >> and this man rose a hat, and %-the raise to the white house n theeserious issues he wants to cover. coming up on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> beautiful day today.
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>> for the first time incc deliberations began, jurors doors. deciding the fate of three men accused in thh murder of former baltimore councillmn ken harriss -esterday jurors appeared to be deadlocked. telling the judge they cannot reach a uuanimous decision on the murder chargess earlier this week, they wanted to review certain pieces of evidence, including the bullet %-deeense attorneys discussed te
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silence and how their clients are handling deliberations. >> i am actually more hopeful thht they will come to a verdict. i would have thought if they were still deadlocked or -ighting over the same top pick they may have sent out another note with the same statement. but because we did not receive anything like ttat, maybe they mmde head way. >> extremely anxious. >> my client, of course, is neevous. he is excited. he is wants to get this over. i am in the same position. >> each defendant faces a possible life sentence..3 mmrning. >> maryland native toney braxton files for bankruptcy again. filing for a second time september 0. toney braxton plans to sell off $10 million in assets. cited a heart condition as a major factor for the troubles. braxton diagnosed two years ago. >> welll the jobbmarket remains very difficult. first timeeclaims for uneeployment benefits dropped to week. the number of jobbopeningsed.
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increased. but experts say the number of jobless claims neees to be muchú lower to start making a dent in the unemployment rate. it is expectee o go up tommrrow, to 9.7 %. when you count eopleethaa stop part-time jobs and want to work full-time. the unddr employment rate is almost 17 %. >> a lawsuit against health care reform hits a maaor snag. federal judgeesaid congress did not exceed auttority by requiringgpeople to buy health insurance. or find people that don't. appeals are certain to come. >> it is the first decision supporting the constitutionality of the law. 20 states are part f a lawsuit -gainst health care reform in the state of florida. a decisionnis expected some time next week. >> mcdonald's meantime and 29 other nationwide and worldwide compaaies are exempt from parts of the new heallh care law. those companies have low costt plans to cover pprt-time
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workers, with limited medical %-limits to be increaaed.d the but some companies threaten to reevaluate hhalth plans if thee did not get a certain type of waiver. >>well, he has been crisscrossinn the countryú stumping for democrats. today president obama, paid a visit to buoy state university. to endorse governor o'malley. as ohn rydell reports, the %-boosting voter turnout. at in the dc area. >> based on this reception you would have thought it was the 2008 presidentiil campaign. %-barack obama issnot onlytate, ddfending his own record but here to endorse governor o'malley. and the president wasted no -ime, in contrasting the educction record of the3 incumbent and republiccn bob ehrlich. >> hii opponent, raised ccllege
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tuition in this state, by 40 % when he was ii charge. now, even in the toughest of times, over the last two yyars,3 martin o'malley froze instate tuitiin. >> as for bob ehrlichhhe s playing down the significance of the president's viiit.3 >> one thing to remember here, president comes in, a lot of eecitement. big crowds. then he leaves..3 and the presidenttdoes his job. and back to ehrlich versus o'malley. >> maryland's top democrats are hoping that the president's %-people o get to the polls ine november. %-the primary. not have voted in -> we're heee. and it is a start. and that's why he is going around the country, to get everyone thumbs up. %-voter count in history.looest get out thhre and vote. >> and the president laims republicans are ecretly hoping for a small turnout. >> they figure obama is nnt on the ballot. you will not vote. wrong.
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>> o one hopes that happens more thhn governorro'malley. buoy ssate, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> there were problems at the rally. several senior citizens suffered dehydration and exhaustioo. camera caught one man being helped. and three dozens were helped. many stooddfor hours to see the president speak. ow the question of the day.3 will tte president's appearance in marylann, affect your vote for governor? %-ryannwrites on facebook. just another reason to not vote for o'malley. >> but maryland writes. president obama in no way was a good polltical move. go to and tell sound off on facebook. text yourranswer to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b no, no and we will hear more responsee tonight on the "late edition" at 1:00.
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>> we continue our vote 2010 analyst blair lee. spring. blair, good to see you. >> ith theepresident's poor showing in the polls is his appearance good or bad for governor o'malley? >> ouuknow, there are many, many states now where the ú%mocrats running for reellction do not want the president in their state. when he does show up some democrats are finding conflicts in schedule and nnt appearing on the same stage. with presiddnt obama. maryland is the exception. maryland is a blue state. very emocratic. and 30 % african amerrcan ú%pulatton, one of the highest populations in the entire nationn here obamm is welcome. here obama can help o'malley. particularly o'malley needs african-americans to turnout on election day november 2. that's why he is bringing obama %->> all right. turning now tt the polls. recent washington post poll over challenner ehrlich.
10:23 pm
ii was met with scepticism.3 but the atest poll gives o''alley eight-point lead. half weeks left going up to november 2. >> i think so. the trend is clear. last month, o'malley was up by3 three, now up by eight. ttat's a clear trend. this is also happening, jefff across the nation n maay, many blue states, the democrats are beginning to gain n the republicans, some of theú protests movements seee to be -oving in the othee direction. democrats coming home. so it is not unusual. >> blair lle stream fringe silver spping. %-as always, thank yyu for our time. aad you ccn see more of this interview, simply by goinn to 2010. >> pprfect fall weather today..3 >> yeah, how will friday start?ú vytas reid is here with a look at the sky watch forecast. hi vytas? >> hi jennifer and jeff. you see this smile. that's how the weekend will start.
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fabulous ut there. if you like this day, the wayyit was today, with the sunshine and warm temperatures. you willllike the weekend. because it will be a faaullus one with plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. in fact, look he at the tempeeatures out there. cooling off for the evening hours. which is expect. ee 58 in baltimore. 66 in d.c. looking at 61 hagerstown. 50 over the mountains in western maryland. eastern shooe and salisbury. 61 degrees.únow as we look at tt and radar composite. we can see ovvr the region not a lot of activity. that will be the case through the ooernight. and then kicking off the wwekend. a llrge area of high pressure will be moving in from the ohioú river valley. and that will situate itself and stay there for the next several days. and allow for us to stay dry, clear, and warmer. so it will be a great weekend ahead. and i will break it down for you in the seven-day forecast. coming up in a bit. back to you guys. >> thank you, vytas. >> i love the smile. >> yyu can be in charge of your oon perronalized forecast. i-radar ii available at
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ffxbaltimoreecom. use the iiteractive tools to tracc storms down to where you -ive. go to >> i am not a republican. i am not democrat.ú i am an american. >> and he is wearinn pants for once. a man that was upfroot, shall we say in new york city, ggtss33 upfront in washington, fully clothed this timee thank goooness. who is running for president now? that's next. >> are you a jersey shore reject? >> next, restaurant so rude, we had to lean it up for our cover story. story. what we can show you about narrator: general motors is making vehicles of the future right here in baltimore county. and with new economic development and worker training grants from governor martin o'malley, this gm plant is expanding. that's 189 new, green manufacturing jobs that will build the next generation of electric hybrid engines right here in maryland.
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this governor gets it when it comes to protecting our jobs... and keeping our families strong for the future. narrator: martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
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ell, we have aal heard of service with a smile. what if the smile is because the >> a new restaurant is hoping to be the next big atttaction at the inner harbour. but as joel d. smith shows us -onight. it ill only thrive if ccstomers answer, the very first question >> all right. we are service with sarcasm, can you take a joke? >> be careful of yourranswer. here at dick's last resort the jokes and sarcasm. come quicker than the food. >> speak english. who is the smartest oneehere? woah, not all at once.
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>> you are ot safe outside eitter. >> are yyu a jersey shore reject sir? location will try anything to convincc hungry passer-by to try a taste. >> i have he news in the house. i ave good food. >> fellows youuare not hungry? >> you have a good ttme. i guarantee you. if not, come back and talk to me. >> once the deal is done. a warning. >> servvce with sarcasm, controlled chaos, rudeness. nothing offensive s all in fun. have a good time. >> can any amount of warning get you ready for seevers full of attitude. at every turn. look at the face on thisú customer as the waitress investigates their relationship. >> re you married? >> no. >> i want to know. >> it is different. >> listen up. go over the menu with yyu really do not interrupt me. -ry to keep up. >> i have never heard of anything like this. ú% let me know what the hell you want.
10:30 pm
>> it is rude but okay. >> i was warned they were kind of rude. >> the restaurant opened here ttree months ago. the newest dick's last resort among aahandful around the country. >> somewhere to let down your hhir. come in, have fun..3 >> someone will get a hat. i don't care. want to see the magic right here. >> employees are old to be creative and obnoxious. >> it is true. >> but believe it or not. -here are limits. >> this place really works because the servers, seem to know what they are doing. hhw much they can push a customer. and how much they cannot. baaically they have to figure out quickly how much each customer can handle. >> well, you have to wear your because that's the cool wayy >> we try to cater to everybody. we like to, you know, read oor gueets and make sure that we are showing them the experience that they want to have. but, you knoo, sometimes you will have tte aatitude that does noo work. but it is rare.
10:31 pm
but, you know n turn, we expect it back lso. >> i will give her attitude now. >> nothing to do with us? have failed in other cities. baltimore has a sense of huuor. -> good place to come. my kids would love this place. >> it will take up for a year, at least. >> so we can get a track record. but so far so good. >> at dick's last resort. joel d. smith, ffx 45 news at 10:00. >> a trip to buy a car, takes a terriiying turn. ú%ming up. what happened to a woman in a -ar lot in philadelphia, and how she managed tooescape. >> i am not a republlcan. i am not a democrat. i am an meriian. >> the naked cowboy puts on a suit and makes his pledge to
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change america. well known new york cityof the peeformer. next. >> if you like today's weatherr3 you will like the weekend better. looks like more sunshine, withú warming temperatures. in fact, looking at the next day planner. overnight clear ssies, get the them for the morning rush oor commute and lunch time outsidee detail look at the seven day coming uppnext. eaks to send jobs over seas.
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i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college. fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!!
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>> looks like we haae a gorgeous weekend on the way. >> enough to give him a smile that goes kachinggú >> it is wonderful. nice, late fall weather and fabulous. to get outside. great weekend to be outside. do sommthinggoutside. more sunshine. mild temperatures. that's the other thing that will be nice. looking at the hd skycam. downtown baltimore. -eautiful night. cooler side. as temperatures drop. if you are heading output on a jacket..3 looking at 58 degrees. and folks, moms and dads, remembeerkids have school3 tomorrow morning.3 make sure you dress them with a jacket. because it will be cool in the morning. but things warm nicely in the affernoon. windd out of the west at seven. with humidity levels at 67 %. almanac page tells the storyyof the day. high of 74. comfortable temperatuue earlier
10:36 pm
today. 50, the low ttis morning. and you can see the normal %-70 degrees.should be around but we are just a little aaove normal. continue tt see temmeratures get above normal. looking at record high of 96 degrees back in 1991. so we saw a hot dayyback thee. across theeregion. we can see 59 degrees in bostonn 66 ii new york. 55 in charleston. folks up in cleveland 50 right now. we will continue to see theú temperatures warming a bit or -he next several days..3 we're enjoying clear conditionsú as high pressure builds in from the west. remaining showers uu therr in maine. new hampshire, and also vermont3 few little showers out of canada pushes out of here. making wwy forrdryer conditions to build in from the southwest. and that means we willlcontinue to see clearing conditions. -nd warming temperatures. so on the eastern shore. here is what the forecast is for tomorrow. 75, sunshine. winds out of the west at five to 15. breezy day. around theecentral portion of
10:37 pm
the state. looks likk we will ee temperatures around 76 degrees. with more sunshine. with winds oust offthe west t five to 10. mountains, looking at 74. with mostly clear skies. here is what is the controlling3 factor of our atmosphere right now. rotation of air round it, keeps us nice and dry. friday lookkng time line. friday, saturday, sunday. keeping precipitation to the north or south of us. ú%d it looks like we have a double high pressure, another one coming in from ohio river valley.ú tennessee valley. looks like it will build in to our region for the next couple of days..3 keep us dry nd lock out moisture for the next ffw days. and enjoyable weather. so tooight, clear skies. 50 degrees. cool night with a northwest wind tomorrow, beautiful. great kickoff to the weekend. 76 degrees. and fivv-day forecast. we see 76. mirror image of friday. for saturday looking at a
10:38 pm
beautiful day. to be outside and sunday, going to the ravens' game, temperatures at 72. and we warm back into the mid to upper 70s for early partssof next week. back to you guys. >> in philadelphia today, passengers are forced to evacuatt a flighh bound for bermuda. the u.s. airways flight loaded by someone appaaently without a security badge. plane towed awaa from the terminal. officers searched the jetlinnr. it appears nothing was found. although airport officials ttnight are still not talking. >> a woman in philadelphia went to a car llt to buy a car. but ended up trapped with attack -ogs.ú sylvia mccall ssid a salesmanú ú%en she went back to ind him. she noticed the office was locked up and 2 dogs, biggdogs, were coming at her. -nd she was trapped inside of a razor wire fence. well she got on top of a car, and tried to fend the dogs off
10:39 pm
with a cane. >> i lloked up and i saw the gates were pulled in and lockee. so i started to back up. and i tried to be very calm. because i have had had a heart >> well, inally, hhlp came er way. bystanders distracted the dogs and officers helped her to clim3 through a break in the fence.3 now the businees owner deniess3 that anybody ever showed her some cars. >> that's bizarre. >> all right. firrt iie square. now the white house, new york %-plans to get upfront, close ad personal with poll ticks and challenge president obama, in 2012. hoppfully clothed. square singing in his underwear and cowboy hat. and yesterday he was in a suit3 when he made the announcement for presidential bid. ú% the agenda fighting terrorism ú%d illegal immigration. >> i will not allow profiling to
10:40 pm
enhance security efforts. ú%willltake nothing less than the defeat of the taliban in i will once and for all close and seccre the borders of the u.s. to illegal immigration. >> he gets a lot of support already. no word yet if he will get more support. and no word yet n how burk will fund presidential run. >> of course, i am very concerned about women. >> nnw study shows it is okay for pregnann womee to drink alcohol. the reeearch behind the very controversial indings, next in ú%alth check. >> and if it sounds too good to be true. it is. a warning, about some pretrial3 a warning, about some pretrial3 scams ccming up, in tonight's narrator: general motors
10:41 pm
is making vehicles of the future right here in baltimore county. and with new economic development and worker training grants from governor martin o'malley, this gm plant is expanding. that's 189 new, green manufacturing jobs that will build the next generation of electric hybrid engines right here in maryland. this governor gets it when it comes to protecting our jobs... and keeping our families strong for the future. narrator: martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. ♪ they've all beenamilies strowearing shirts ♪e. ♪ which caused a trend alert ♪ and everyone ♪ saw everybody ♪ tell'em all ♪ tell'em something, where to go and what it's all about ♪ ♪ tell them how to feel when they shout it out ♪ ♪ tell everybody else ♪ and everyone ♪ tell everybody else
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pregnancy and alcohol. the study sugggsts that women that have one or two drinks a week while preenant are not putting their baaies at-risk. the study followed thousands of kids in the uk and found those that moms drank from time to ttmee during regnancy, seemed3 to have no adverse affects.
10:44 pm
but many moms to be, and doctorú say they are not convinccd. >> like if you don't need the glass of wine. why have it, right? just because it miggt be okay. >> experts are also questioning the way the study was cooducted. and caution women not to change awhat hey have been doong, without checking with their doctor. >> a warning tonight, about a cyber space scam. those internet free trials may end up costing you money. >> in tonight's word worr, judy %-may be ripping you off. that >> better business bureau saidú ú% aware when it comes to free trial offers onnine from3 -verything from diet pills to teeth whiteners, agencyysaid it is receiving thousands of complaints from folks that thought they were getting a free trial and ended up losing hundreds of dollars. scams are disguiseed as no riss free trial ffers, but what many people may not realize is that the fine print rrveals that yoor credit card will be charged each
10:45 pm
month. some oo the biggest offenders includeefree trials of diet pills. teeth whitening strips and work froo home kits. when it comes to the work from home kit consumers thought they were paying 3 and ended up charged as much as $150. when they trieddto cancel, the company's phone and e-mail address did not work. bbb aid alwayssread thh fine print and check the company out through the better business for a free rial.fore igging u3 always free to become a fan of facebook and "word on the web". go tt baltimore. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". 3 let down against denver su
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you don't want to browse all over. [ all ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ]
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>> final look at the seven-dayú forecast.ú it looks like we will see a beautiful weekend. with the temperatures holding out in the mid to upper 70s. 76 friday. saturdaa 76. both days ull of sunshine. right around 72 on sunday. and the game looos fabulous for weather to head out and enjoy. lloking at monday, tuesday, week, holding on to mid 70s. maybe clouds on tuesday and wednesday. but a great weekend ahead. >> thank you, vytas. >> the ravens have to put tte denver sunday.ttsburg behind
10:49 pm
%-week's game and "sportsúhis unlimited". %->> wow! coming up tonight on "sports unllmited". will it be aatrap game. kristen berset previews the broncos and ravens to ee how the purple and black are moving on. anddday two, he plays that got madden and rod tossed from their games. is it time for inssant replay in baseball? >> and mcclain joins me at the gunpowder lodge, for coors light silver spotlight. his ideas on the game and how they plan to stop denver. that's coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now. -> coming off ooe of the most rousing victories in team history. ravens turn their attention to this sunday. the denver broncos come to call at m&t. match up of the ff number one passing attack and number one defense..3 kristen berset a


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