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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 12, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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let us get a check of our morning emperatures. temperatures all day, meteorologist steve fertig. >> reporter: !!!fertig. >> reporter: it's goiig to be3 warmer than average.3 some people got ome rain last3 night nd some people don't get any at all.ú >> i don't think i got any. the case downtown. but anne arundel county, hey got 3-inch. -p>> i was looking on face bbok and hey were talking about howú just a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. looking at hd raddr you and seeú a couple of bands moving from the northwest to east. traveling pen and ne pennsylvanw
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jersey, seeing more activity a frontal boundary may sag further south. that is what cannbring us the afternoon showee or thunderstorm in isolated locations today. 62 at the bus stop with a northwest wind at 5-10. 68 degrees, so it's mild with all of tte cloud cover and that is in the baltimore and surroundinn areas in the low 50s. 73 degrees at 6:000p.m. after hitting the high of 7 at 2:00 this afternoon right round there, anyway. let's see hat happening on the roads with andace dold. she is here with the track edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you,3 steve. the big story is at harford road winn road a broken watermain break. right now crews are on he scene tryinggto get this, but you can see it's just a mess. 1 lane is open, but you want to stick with the alternate route, and you can use bel air road. no incidents to report 95 toward 83. 11 minutes at 54 miles per hour.
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55 miles per hour ith only an 8 minute clip from southbound 95 toward the fort mchenryytunnel ú%ly a 9 minute clip, 544miles per hour here. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, over to you. thank you, candace. 5:32 on fox 44 early edition. dozens of baltimmre ounty residents are without water and commuters aae left maneuvering %-detours.ffic delayssann all oo this afferra 12-inch watermain break breaks inú parkvilll. megan gilliland withhall f the problems t's causing along harford road. good morniig,,megan. >> reporter: good morningg patrice. this is harford road between joppa and north wind road. crews have been on the scene herr since yesterday morning when this watermain burst and not one but two different spots. you can see one right behind me and another one is two blocks uu ú%e street closer to north wind rrad. very quiet here this morning, that is because crews have
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stopped work on the watermaii breaks ight now..3 they have re-opeeed part oo har tourehhrford root aalowing for e rush hour commute in and out of this area. whennthe ruuh hour coomute is over, they will slow harford down back down hopefully trying to fix as much as of this break as they can. as far as how long it will take, they have dug down to the break. beedone on the watermaan break. the day anddpossibly into the evening commute as well. the good news alllof those customers who are without water, about 100 homms that woke up %-we're live at megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. anne arundel police are looking for three suspects who say robbed a man at gunpoint at gln bernie. the incident happened at - 21 years old man was walkkng
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on the bna trail when he was attacked by 4 men. they allegedly punched him his cell phone. police found one of the men, 21 anyone with information is asked to call rime stoppees at 1-866-clock uu. police ere investigating a party in severna. one man was hurt. -e was at a party when a fight broke out and hes shot in the per body. medics took him to shock trauma ú%ere he remains in serious condition. there's no word on a suspect. teetimony is expected to begin today in the trial of a baltimore county man accused of3 killing his wife. 45 yearssold dennis is facing the death o his wife tracy. she diiappeared more than 553 years ago while on her way to d.c. for a motley crew concert.
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police never found tracy's body but they found anothhr discovery. her car went through the harbor missing even though that is not the route she would have ttken to the oncert at d.c. later the car was found at a glen burnie hotel parking lot. >> all we want to do is bring her home and give her a ppoper buuial. >> dennis was charged with his wife's murder in 2009 even without a ody fter detectives say they found ew evidence. the couple's marriage was reportedly crumbling aad tracy wanted dennis out of their townhome wwich she ownee. the triil ii expected tt last about a weee. a baltimore ity worker who received paychecks while behind bars is scheduled toobe sentenced this morning. prosecutors say they will ask for a 15 yearrsentence all but 5 suspended for dennis in july, he sex offender plead ú%ilty tooa sex offend in baltimore county. a woman accused mclaughlln of
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posing aiz police office ass pd then a it cannin it attacking h. he previously servee a sentence3 public works whileehe was ining jail.3 the work of a chi 99 with ch the american transit organization is an important one. and starting today the dogs who detect eeplosives may do things a little bit better. we will find out whyythe training center can improve their performance. good morninn, joel. >> repooter: the first thing we are going to talk about is %he thing you cannot see is that on the coldest ddy, this stuff is not going to get bellw 45 deggees. ittwon't ic ce up and for the giant it will be good. we won't be alking to him. good morning. >>good morning, what do you like
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about the new facility? >> it's all aboutttaking care f a place where we can kkep them and maintain their health. it giveses a place where we are comfortable ii we have vacation that thee will keep him. will keep he dogs. >> reporrer: before that, what did you have to do in the past? >> a lot of times we joined up with another agency and used their facclity to keep the dog there. got the rail because but this is incident. what woull you be doing here? p> if anyone left a box, at a train station, the dogs are called to do a search. we train on that and do searches all the time. >> reporter: all right, let's see. bricks right here has been doing hear that these dogs usually staa into this, until they are
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about 10. they are able to keep their skills up. he is able toocheck everything out here and as figured, no explosive. how do you reward a dog after a good job like that. >> right now it would be hand praises and verbal. if theee was something ffr him to find, and he found it, he would get hisstoy along with the hand praises and the verbal ú%th.we ave the toy for when he finds something. >> how often are these doos and sniff something else. >> reporter: that's a good question. how often are you called to the scene when you have to find something or when sommthing comes up. ú% we go outteveey day and just -y being visible, yoo are helping to deter terrorism. >> but usually a few times a week. a couple of times a week for he unplanned visits but every day they are out ttereewith their presence. >> joel, thank you, very
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interesting. p>> bge wants to raise rates throughout the baltimooe region but they won't be makinn any decisions without hearing from the public firss. state regulators will hold a public hearing tonight in ttwson. gas and electric deliverr rates have been constant even thoughh3 the rates are rising. the cost would add $22 to the electric bill andd$32 to the gas bill. be applied by the end of the year. there are two more hearings on the plan scheduled for this coming up on the early edition, turning adversity into triumph. >> how this man dedicated his life tt helping law enforcement. life tt helping law enforcement. a chance of storms could
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pthat actually means something here. let's een, your father's doctor or staking advantage?ng to you? enjoy.
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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it is 5:42 on this tuesday morning. we have a few showers in spots. we zoomed intt the nnrtheastern3 part of the state where we hadú showers in elk ton. as we ppt things into motion you will get a better idea of the movement from west to east. elk ton seeing a couple of showers, and chhsapeake city seeing a liitle it. this will continue on and off through the morning downtown seeing a few showers moving through there now.ú you will see the modeeate ain falling in the southeast part of baltimore and down tooard brooklyn park and dundalk as well. you will see the yellows moving in and surrounding areassgetting lesssr amounts. most the activity has stayed to the north in pennsylvania as it has moved toward the northeast. we ad anne arundel county hail that was 3 quarter inches in diameter. that was significant with shorms thathunderstorms that moved thrh there. otherwise we're not looking at more than showers today but not
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heavy rain coming your way. as we look at the bigger picttre you can see the lightning strikes and most of them in pennsslvania and past nee jersey and into the atlantic ocean. we are seeing a few lightning ssrikes o the south to wilmington and delaware and further south, but newcastle county in general. again this may be visiting this chance for the thunderrtorms ú%ound here through the entral part of the state as the frontal boundary sags further south. 55 in d.c. and 53 in salisbury. boo in hagueers towns -- 52 in hagerstown. these temperatures will climb above the average, average beinú 59 even ttough we will get a it will be a modified cold front so we will be gettinn cooler air as we move through the next couple of days. high pressure moves in is that brings us sunshine tomorrow but it will be short-lived because we have a coastal ow to ell you about. thaa low pressure center coold be bringing us heavy doses of rain by thursday until friday.
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paul.ep our eyes on hurricane it just bam a hurricane this mmrning and it's got 75 miles an ú%ur winds gusting up to 95. 650 miles southwest of miaai florida. it's going to turn north and east and it's being heated by a lot of warm water in the caribbean. the same trough of low pressure that is bringing it out to sea, will also help strrngthen this coastal lowwand bring us the heavy rain in the waa of an inch or more, maybe for thursday into friday. we could haveea heavy dose then. shower channes and thunderstorms at the eastern shore. holling off on the showers and thunderstorms until late in the day juut like the eastern shore with 77 degrees for high temperaturee then back to the west, lookingú at a high there, a little bit cooler, above average, 75 and again showers in the afternoon with maybe isolated thunderstorms, too. can't rule out an evvning thunderstorm and then -emperatures drop to 49 degrees
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under mostly cloudy skies to sttrr and they will turn partlyú cloudy in the overnight period. winds will gust up to. and cooler behind the front and mostly sunny skies. the coastal low develops bringing us rain into friday early.3 60 for high on friday and then we dry ouu. it's pleasant forrfriday, saturray aad monday. 63 for saturday andd63 and 67 for the saturday and monday. -ere is candace dold with the track edge. >> reporter: thanks, steve we ú%ohave a relatively quiet ride on the west side of the beltway. %3 miles per hour at the kay ata atonsvilll region. you will ffnd an issue at harford road between joppa road and north winn road. here youuare taking a live look, there's cars getting by, that is because one lane is open there, however throughout the morning it's going to be a mess so yoo3
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will want toouse bel air road thhoughout that morning rush hourr now as far as theebeltway traveling through that area at %-outer loop lanes are getting y just fine. drive. up towwrd the 83, let's talk the baltimore county moving near shawan road. northbound and southbound laaes %-cars are coming down the pike tooard the beltway. we're in excellent shape on the jfx this more than.ú the southbound lanes from the beltway scooting down toward northern parkway and ventually all the way into the downtoon ú
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ever since he was a llttle boo, terry unt junior has always wanted to be a cop just like his dad, butthis fate forced him to use a wheelchaii. that never stopped thhs extrrordinary man from ú%dicating his life to law ennorcement. >> reporter: officcr edward, 1969. 32 years ood teery huut junior is a tired less worker for the cop on the beat of the those who are on the job now and those who have come before. terri is the founder of a long assistance prom, a non-profit
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group that raises mmney and raises cause of the law nationwidnationwide. 14 years ago his efforts help granite monument ith the names of officers who left home to keep our streets safe and never returned. there are many jobs out there3 where a given person will come home and tell theirrfamily what a tough day they have had. it's normal and a part f the ú%man condition, but if you remember the law enforcement ccmmunity on any level and you leave yourrhouse to work go to work, there's no guarantee ú%atsoever thaa you will be coming back home after your shift has ended. >> we have to remember on a regular basis, constantly that federal, state and locclllaw enforcement officials sacrifice their lives unselfishly every day. they take their oath and wear aú %->> reporter: terry was
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connined to a cheel chair and w. following his father's lead is all he wanted to do in his life3 instead he has give hii life to the eacd. which has helped police officers during economic ttmes. >> what a better way to pay tribute to those who have served tthir lives in the line of duty every day to keep their streets saff and maybe make a donation whether it's on a corporate level or whhther it's, you know3 5 or $10 to say, hey, here leac, we really appreciate the work you are doing. >> reporter: had terri een aa3 life woull have been verlooked. for more than a decade they are grown o astounding proportion. terry knows the law and is plugged into the key plears and3 knows how to raise money. >> terry has overcomm hisú physical hhndicap. god uses people with handicaps
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whether it beephysical or mental in different capacities to do things the ordinary person, like you or i could not do.ú >> reporter: terry's younger brother patrick is also a great souuce of family pride, an army ranger who served in iraq and afganistan, all have shared in terry'ssprofound success and his ongoing dream to dd in a wheelchair whatthe probably never considered doing had he been a coo on the beat. >> terry like i saii, he s a god sent and he has been able to bring peeple together, bring enforcement together. we appreciate all tte work that extraordinnry individual. >> reporter: law enforcement officers have long said they're a tightly bound fraternity that bleadbleeds blue. this mmmber makes surrethat their efforts are never forgotten especially when they
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never come home. >> ooficer charles huckabee 1977. >> there will be a fundraiser octooer 19th at michael's cafe att imonium. proceeds will go to assisting the national law enforcement museum in d.c. if you want more information go to ann click on news links. coming up later don't get caught out in the cold. the tips that will prepare your car for the droopingg3 temperatures. next ravvns kicker, billy is helping the team in more ways [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. his past attacks have been called deceptive, his new attack, false. harris voted for deregulation increasing our electric bills by 72% it's not surprising, harris always sides with the big guys. he opposes cracking down on wall street and supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. harris even opposed making big insurance cover cancer screenings. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. after back-tooback victories over the steelers and broncos, the ravens sit at 4-1, time for the best record in the nfl. taking notice as evidence bys
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ú-several of thhm released yesterday have theeravens ranked number one in the nfl.ú including in that number, 1 troublished by cbs sports. whenntheir team reaches the top. john harbaugh talked aboot that on monday. >> you know how bogus it is. we know it means absolutely nothing, because the very next week that was up here this week, is down there two or three weeks. we don't care. it's irrelevant, it's hot air, but it's fun for the fans i guess anddall of that. anytime they say nice things about you we're very weary about you. we like it whennyou don't say nice thingg about us, e like t3 read thatt that is motivational. >> while everything else is -oiig well for the ravees, there's one thing you may not be aware of. kicky billy who is leading the in touchoffs, kickoffs that
5:57 am
cannot be returned. against the broocos 5 of his 6 kickoffs fell into the end zone and only one did denver try to return one of them.3 >> he kicks them deep in the end %-at the 20-yard line.matically you can't say enough of whht billy has donn with thht. as the wit weather gets colder fewer of those.o be fewer and a big challenge this. kickoffs this anddhe has a great viiion. that is something that we're very connerned about. >> rrporter: sad news conccrning a ormer raven, receiver mike clayton has been lost for the season. the st..louis rams after tearing a patela tendon in the rise knee..3 clayton was traddd to the rams by the ravens shortly bbfore the season begannand he blossomed %-teaming with sam.
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and he had 23 catches and two %-games.ns in the rams first 4 game of the week. you can vote for he game you would like to seeehighlighted go to you can click on high school game of the week.ú maybe you will see your school this friday night. ffr friday october 15th. beneficiary olbishop spaulding d %-girll soccer will announcc the winner on thursday night. that's yourrmorninn sports. i'm bruue cunningham, fox 45 mmrning news. no matter where you are from, we're lookiig for at fans to show off
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