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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  October 25, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> unbelievable footage aptures a fierce twister touching down. where the person behind this video was seeking shelter. and some never before scene3 from back to the future without michael j fox. why you could say the leadingg3 star took a back stage role. good morning, it's mobbed, october 25th. i'm patrice harris. it was a beautiful weekend, a nail biting kind of weekend when it came down to the ravens game. but temperature wise it was gorgeous. will it stay that way? meteorologist steve fertig here with is here with a look at wht we can expect. he neeer knew what to expect >> it's like go take a nice week off.
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get the w, take a week off aad regroup. >> it's a good thing they won, because if they hadn't, the coach would be sheer practice this week. %-70s, patrice.res stay in the as far as anything unsettled, it's going to be ssme showers with thunderstorms, maybe this afternoon and into the evening hours before they taper off. -6 degrees, a mild start in baltimore, begun in hagerstown and 61 in salisbury.ú you can see the cloud cover especially to the west, and the showers before the tennessee valley. they're headed in our direction and coold be visiting us later in the afternoon and especially the showers proceeding it this morniig. the warm air is in place and we are talking about cooler air to follow as weeget into the later part of this week but not until then. as far as the headlines, showers and thunderstorms today as well as on wednesday but the 70s stay with us through thhrsday before it gets cooler. we will ell you how much cooler in a few minutes. rye now candace dold is here with a check on the traffic. candace, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, steve. not too much to worry about on the roadways right now. we are checking in with a live look at 95 on mountain road. you ccn see the cars are cruise along, the northbound lanes and even the stretch down toward the baltimore county area. as far as the commute from whitemarsh toward the beltway, we're in the green there, 4 minutes right now 54 miles per hour. the outer looo lanes of the beltway, nothing to worry about, 11 minutes, 54 miles per hour. and from 795, toward 95, a 4 minute clip at 54 miles per hourr that's a look at he morning, patrice, back to you. a treasured member of the baltimore police department wilú be laid to rest today. policeesay their brother on the force, detective brian stevenson was killed after an argument last weekend over a parking spot. that senseless eason for his death is still on the minds of many, joel d smith is live at the church where the ceremony will start in a fewwhours. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning,
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patrice, here in reynolds town, this is the new antioch baptist churchhand this place is going to be packed later. indication, this is going to be a very, very busy place. it was over the weekend hundreds of people going out to the funeral home to pay their respects, both saturday and sunday, a lot of opportunity for the public to come out. and they certainlyydid, but just because they came to honor detective stevenson, it doesn't mean they are able to comprehend sian james got into an argument over a parking spot. eventually james picketed up a piece of concrete and threw it at stevenssn's head that eventtally killed him. sttvenson's family saas that they can only try to remember him as a great man and great friend that he colone ceettinly.
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%--- in elementary and so all of his life. >> reporter: people certainly knew him or a long time. he was an 18 year ret van of the -- veteran of the police force and the family members say they appreciate all the love and support they aae getting. a lot of people will be going to the memorial and this is one of these weeks where they will have two funerals to go to up, after portz who died last week in a traffic accident. wednesday. >> the funeral for a second baltimore police officer is scheduled for this week. viewings for officer tommyyportz will be held tomorrow at towson. will he be laid to rest on wednesday following the funeral3 services at the cathedral mary our queen. he is the 3rd city officer
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from the police deeartment to die in past month. the united states flag which flew during ground zero recovery efforts at groun!! in new york l be sent to baltimore to honor the officers. it happened over the weekend just of gorman road. ú%th the victim and the suspect had been living in the woods in what was likely a homeless campground. another homeless woman saw the man set fire to the woman and ran to a nearby store to calll3 when help arrived the woman had been seveeely burnnd and was take to bayview medical center. police searched the area and found the suspecttnearby. neighbors who frequently visit the nearby savage mills, say they had no idea that homeless by what happened.nd are shocked >> horrible, it's absolutely horrible. i don't understand how people could be so cruel and inhumane. i'm very sorry to hear that
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happen. >> ii's shocking. you always see families out here. it's such a nice quiet area. you don't expect something like that happen. >> pooice are working to confirm %-suspect.ties offthe victim and they are also looking for other witnesses. three men shot last night in east baltimore are all expected to survive. shots rang out before 7:00 at eest 20th street at kennndy avenue. police a one of the victims was shot in the upper body. another in the leg, the 3rd victim was shot twice, there's no word on a suspect or a -otive. about an hour earlier, officees in southhest baltimore %-that took place inside of a store. it happened around 5:30 on north warwick avenue in west franklin street. a man was shot in the arm and chest and was taken to the hospital. the store was reportedly being3 robbed at the time of theú incident. a glen burnie man has some explaining to do after police caught him knocking down and
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stealing signs. kevin was caught with 70 signs stashed in his car. he may be linked with other signs throughout the county and he is facing charges of theft. a man rescued after falling on to the d.c. metro tracks talks his close call. ssrveillance vvdeo captured the scene as rob fell off the platform at the virginii metro station at arlington. it happeeed at the orange line train was approaching. he doesn't remember falling on to the tracks, just the foggy moments right afterwards. screaming, telling me to get off and get off the tracks, the train is coming. i can barely get the woods out. i'm like, i can't. my back is broken you know..3 >> but you were able to stand up. >> i stood up, and i think it was sheer adrenaline and not wanting to die..3 i have hildren. >> black says he fell after having a seizure, several people waived to the train to stops and
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as you saw one man even jumped on to the tracks and elped im pull up. the raven game goes into overtime at h and m and t stad. it was the second week in a row that they went into overtiie but this time they went home with a win. ed reid on his first gameeback from an injury, intercepted the ppss and he sent it to. loving ed reid being back and the ravvn wasted no time cashing in. joe flacco went 34 yards anquan boldin and like that, the ravens took the lead 37-34. the bills got a 50-yard field goal to tie thh game sending it %-finally won it onntheir second possession after ray lewis stripped the ball frrm a buffalo tied in and billy con din hit
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field goal. that brings us to the question of the day. there was a questionable part during the ame, do you think that todd heap should have been ppt back into the game after last week's hit and then collapsing to the ground on we're going to take your calls on that a little latee. you can go to ask tell us what you think or sound off through facebook. baltimorfox baltimoreor text yo. >> this is video shot juss moments as a twwster touched ú%wn after a twister touched down in texaa. the person beeind theecamera is behind the county emergency maaagement. he caught the video while sitting in his car dangerously close to the tornado. you can see the twister tearing apart bbildings, flying debris is everywhere, luckily there were no reports of any injuries includingghim. cooing up, bearing it all.3
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>> it was really scary, i'm not going to lie. >> why some teens are ditching makeup one day a week. and the best of halloween and fall come together for a series of activities the whole family can enjoy. what events will be happening at this year'
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halloween is almost here and this year, there will be plenty of fun activities going onnat the port discovery children's museum. this year the museum is playing %-festival where children and
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their parents can enjoy not too spooky halloween fun. joining us now to tell us about the event is kate hendrickson. %-hot spot.s morning's hometown good morning, kate. >> good morning, how are you doing this morning. >> i'm doing well. not so spooky. -ot everyone likes to be scared out of their minds. >> no, definitely not. we are are one of those come and it's a safelies can environment. it's welcoming, educational and fun. >> what are some the activities that kidsswill be able to >> 1 of fun ones, are fussy skell tondz righskeletons righte supee fun, pipe cleaners and a in the next couple of hits, weee will have the singer here, we wiil have circus performances, uncle mamo is going to be here. it's going to be really fun.
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>> is this the first year that you hhve done this or is this a favorite that you have brought ú%ck on time. >> we have had the halloween but this is the first year we are combining the hhlloween fun wwth arts and literature ducation. >> it's called family fall owe win festival. >> fall-o win festival. >> it took a minute but i got it. people may not want the scary that they want. all tte kids are going to want the candy. >> we will have some candy, not a ton but some candy. we will have a lot of activities. >> we will cceck and see how much progress you're making on that skeleton..33 they're very cute, and not very hard at all. >> thank you, the camera mmn is helping me out. >> good, thank you, kate, take care. you can get more information about that festival at our
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website the fam wil family falon festival. and for more information log onn frightening on the sky watch map. look at the temperatures, that is hardly, and 56 degrees rather comfortable indeed with partly cloudy skies. 29.96 holding steady on the barometer. the dew point is at 36. temperatures in the area mild throughout state from 55 in oakland where it's the chill yesterday ssot and it is even today, but not much chillier than anywhere else. 56 degrees in baltimore and also down in salisbury seeing a 51-degree reading there. it's very mill this morning, very comfortable indeed with temperatuues thht will be cliibing again as the 70s before we're done. here is a look ago the sky hd radar, showers moving in from the south and west later this afternoon and into the evening when we could have thuuder, you
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could see storms down toward alabama and heading toward georgia where they earlier had a tornado watch. we are seeing some the showers moving in our dirrction. that severe around here. we are henettin expectinn showr this afternoon and with thhnderstorms not as possible as we get the warm airstreaming and brrnging us into the 70s. that part will shape up rather nicely. thhre will beea cold front that will bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms on thursday. behind that, or wednesday, by thursday we ill start to see cooler air begin to approach. thursday night into the weekend. hurricane earlier that maad its way intoobelize last night and pen 9 sul peninsula and heads ie gulf of mexico. it's not going to ppse a threat to the u.s. mainland.
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as it comes back home. 73 degreessas we look at the chance of thunnerstorms later southwest wind.and evening way a little bit up there, 10-20 miles per hour and gusting higher. 70s, and western part of state, 72 degrees with the showers and can't rule out a thunderstorm for later on today. southwest wind at 55 miles per hour and back to the west in the 70s, look forra high of just about 70 degrees theee with the showers and thunderstorms seeing a couple of light showers in spots there. 59 degrees for the over low. about a mild ight this time f year. can't rule out the evening shower or thundersttrm with a southwest wind at 5-10 miles per hour. a few showers lingering nto the nighttime. aacloud cover aad a high of 74 degrees. 78 degrees on wednesday with another chance with the frontal ú%undary of showers and thunderstorms. one more mild there oonthursday with a high of 73. behind the front, look at what happens, look at he cool down but dry, 59 deggees on friday,
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and 53 on sunday with plenty of sunshine to enjoy. you will like the sky conditions then,,but a cool weekenn to come. let's see what is happening on >> reporter: a pretty cool ride on parts f the 95. >> reporterr orcorridor, not too much to complain about. look at the scene at 66 traveling ear 195. we do want to talk about road closures, though n baltimore. and it's all because of fire activity completely shutting down between pulaski and baltimore street. want to use highland avenue and the becauseeof that, you will pulaski instead. on 95 traveling thr through thea we don't have any incidents, we have the congestion that is starting to build on the southbound lanes from the toll plaza scooting down toward the tubes. the northbbuud stretch very light activity toward the toll
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once you approach the beltway on the entire west side corridor,,3 things look pretty gooddso ffr3 moving through catonsville, let's take a live look at you the outee loop lanes. direction. making the push toward pikeville, up toward greenspring avenue and toward the 88, that is aal ii the greee. there's a report of an accident on the southbound lanes of jfx right past the beltway. we will continue to monitor that information and bring us more as we ccme into our newsroom. that's a look at the morning. get ready to shell out more cash the next time you're innthe grocery store, why many prices are on the rise. >> he ttought those guys were like, oh, not for me. >> and next, teenage girls redefining the concept ofú women are charged 40%more fh insurance as men. domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition
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in eight states. women are abused by their husbands and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition.
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cooked numbers, false attacks. the truth? frank kratovil is ranked one of the 10 most independent members of congress. frank kratovil does not follow anybody's party line he looks at his district, his family, the community, and that's the important thing to him. endorsed by the chamber of commerce, the nra, veterans, and police officers. as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics, in washington i've tried to do the same. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>>some high school girls are trying to redefine the concept of theebeauty. they're going bare, their face that is. they're giving up makeup once a week even if the idea oesn't fly witt some guy. >> reporter: these young women re doong something daring. every tuesday, they show up at school with no makeup on. the fiist day, there were 12 girls committed on the cause. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: the girls go to collieville high sshool. they wear t-shirts to spread their message. they're redefining their concept of beauty. ú% everywhere, there's something we can't, this perfect,
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designer lothes. we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and go 'm beautiful and i'm just as beautiful as that girl on the cover of the magazine. >> reporter: theeidea taking off. that group of 12 is more than 200 girls at collieville heritage. >> we got the guys go like, not for me, but then the group is like i really like that. >> reporter: they have attracted bothhlocal and national media attention and3 they want to use it for god by mentor -- good by mon terring younggr girls and charity community. >> teeeagers need to get involved in their community and %-for us to.person opportunity coming up, move over new ú%rk. >> there's a new hot spot for the girls to hang. when you can get your hands on sex in the city 2. and next eveeything from coffee beans to deli eats are
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seeing a rrse in prices. why the [ ehrlich ] four years ago unemployment in maryland was under four percent.
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today, it's nearly double. and nearly a quarter of a million marylanders are looking for work. in addition, we face a national health care plan that will hurt small business and cost us jobs. so we have to ask, are you better off today than you were four years ago? we're heading in the wrong direction. we need strong leadership. say no to things we can't afford. fix our health care plan. and refuse to raise taxes.
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martin o'malley can't do it. i will. from coffee to ccreal, you may notice some your grocery items are bbcoming more and more expensive. allison cooick explains why the prices are on the rise. >> reporter: if you have never tried couponnclippings, you may want o start. prices at the grocery store are rising of the over the past few months, folgers, and coffee mils raised the prices. more. it'' not just coffee. the stricker price on ai sarah,e
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and over the next few months, they're going to raise prices. all of the companies are blaming higher commodity costs or the raw materials that go into the finished product. coffee is ttading up 40% over the past year. it's a similar story ith corn which is also uu 40%. remember, corn is used in everything from soda to serial and animal feed to ethanol. there's fears that corn nd coffee crops will be smaller. investors are sending price up %-inflation of the regardless of the reason, america's grocery bill is getting bigger. coming up disney may have some explaining to do after former espn workers slap the former espn workers slap the company with a
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he h h heheheh h! [ spga ] [ si ]gh rrhuy tino nkduindo' nuts r fo50un mchnski aor denoz dutons an d t gea eefr ictrk torre batag.
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da d,ow h autbo tt haon!e? ok ay. fa llun f rs unonun dkisn' lideoucis mppukin muinffs, nudotsan, d ffcoee. trony toe day.
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moore mild temperatures, it's beennreally mmld temperature wise ann it continnes to do so. this week, we on't have the sunshine as mmchh instead we ill have aaway of showers and thunder or two for later today. temperatures are very morning, bi 56 degrees in baltimore, 61 in d.c. and hagerstown, 61, and oakland,
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cooler in the higher elevations. 51 degrees, you can't ask for a whole lot worse than that. you can ask for it, but here is what is coming our way. the showers and thunder in the tennessee valley. that makes its way in here later on and an evening storm still. the high temperature, 72 degrees. we take a look at when we exammne expect thwe canexpect t. >> you couldn't ask for much better of a ride on 83 right now. the harrisburg expressway is in the clear. here i it is at ssawan road and that's the deal toward the ú%ltwwy. once you approach the beltway, outer loop lanes from 83 up toward 795, we're in the green, 8 minutes 53, 53 mmles per hour. onll 54 miles per hour with an 11-minute ride from 95 toward 83.ú as far as 95, there's nothing to get in the way from fort3 mchenry tunnel, toward the
6:32 am
beltway. you're dealing with the volume, %-theee.s at 55 miles per hour that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. 6:31 on fox 45 morning news. the first of two funerals for fallen city police officers start in a few hours. detective brian stevenson was killed fter an argument last weekend over a arking spot. it's that senseless way which he died which many are till joel dflt smith is liv!! d smite church where many will be gathered. >> reporter: it willlbe the place here where detective brian stevenson will be laid to rest around 10:00 a.m. if the viewing over weekenn is -ny indication, this parking lot will be filled very soon. we were there saturday and sunday as the folks came to pay their respects at the lawn green funeral home. just because so many people came ú%t to honor detective stevenson, doesn't mean they wwre closer to comprehending why
6:33 am
this happened his untimely death. it happened late saturday night in canton when sttvenson and sian james got into argument over a parking spot. eventually james picked up a fist size piece of concrete and %-the impact killing him.ead, james is being held without bail. they can only try to remember great friend that he really was. ú% he had a lot of loved ones that cared very much about hhm. yes. ú%ry respectable young man. >> we wanted to ccme by ann sign ú-she sees it, she knows we were here.ú >> reporter: the family members knew how much the puulic liked deteetive stevenson. family members did tell us that they appreciate the love and %-of the pooice
6:34 am
the memorial will be at the albutris funeral. and they have loo another funero go to on weddesday. the funeral of a second joel just mentioned is scheduled for this week. -iewings for ommy portz will be held at rux ton. he will be laid to rest %-at the cathedral of mary ur queen. he is 3rd officer from the city police department to die in the past month. the united states honor flag which flew dduing the ground zero recovery efforts will be sent to baatimore to honor the officers. a 17 years old man is behind bars charged with raping a 10 years old girl. they were called to the home of jose vasquez hernandez by
6:35 am
someone who told them that he had raped and assaulted the child. hernannez denied the allegations, the child was taken to the hospital aad both she and hernandez were interviewed by services. hernandez is a u.s. citizen but is from el salvador. %-so they arrested him considerg him a flight risk. he is now being held without bail..3 thh shooting tack place on saturday night behind a home on east mmnument treet. the 20 years old victim was taken to john hopkinsswhere he later died. police have not released hhs name. a woman wa who was pulled fm a fire has died from her injjries. thht fire started at york way. firefighters were able to rescue they found joanne williams unconssious in a beddoom innthe bassment. medical center where shh later
6:36 am
died. >> the fire depaatment was pulling up things, you can see ú%em kicking in the basement winddw at the bottom. i believe that is probably where -he fire was at. >> the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. 7 people are sent to the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poison inside of an elkridge home. saturday. officials say there was a working co detector inside of the home and everybody had started to make their way out y the time emergency crews arrivve. at last check all 7 were in stable condition after being treated the university of maryland medical center. the cause of the leak remains under investigation. reports of a strange odor coming from a georgetown university dorm saturday, led authorities to a strangeú discovery. the room was running as a drug lab. inside of the roommauthorities found chemicals to manufacture holes general ic drugs.
6:37 am
400 students were evacuated from the building. >> it was one a meth lab as it was initially presumed to be. nevertheless, t was a dangerous situation. two students as well as a visitor were taken under arrest. baltimore city is hoping the 3rd time the charm as they file anotter lawsuit againnt lender wells fargo. wells fargo says it will once again vigorously fight the lawsuit which accuses the family of predatory lending practices. the city alleges that african-americans were targeted to bad loans which led to foreclosuress a judge dismissed a second3 laasuit earlier this year. would ou call this artwork or an eyesore. whatever t is, it's been one man's project for 200yearr in the making. nicknamed thh cathedral of junk, this heap of carefully crafted odds and ends needed a building permit to stay put. the owner said heehad to get rid of someeof his beloved junk to
6:38 am
get the permmt. p> that doesn't count stuff that i haae given away and booh trash heaps and the yard sale, over 30 tons, but there's still 40 tons worth of stuff there. >> i would not want to be his neighbor. the cathhdral of junk ddes get 10,000 visitors each year. coming up, hello. >> hello. >> anybody home. >> hi. >>a blasttfrom the past in fast forward. what brings michael j fox and %-to the spotlight.ure gang back and we're putting the beltway on the spotlight rightú now. here is a live look near 70. you can see cars are just loop direction. that's what you will finn all thh way ddwn toward
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public safety is a governor's most important job. that's why governor martin o'malley has instituted new dna and fingerprinting technology that's reducing violent crime... new, stronger domestic violence and abuse legislation... and o'malley passed new laws to better track and convict sexual predators, with even longer prison sentences. as a father of four, i know there's always more that we must do to protect our children and make maryland an even safer place to raise our families. and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy. oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪
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i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it.
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well in back to fox 45 morning news. 6:40 is the time. it's time to get a check of our forecast. meteorologist steve fertig s here with a look. >> patrice, mild air is going to will be headed in our direction, where early we haddfun this windssare calm and holding steady in the barometer. it's mild everywhere. 56 in altimore and 9 in hagerstown. 55 in the higher elevations in oakland and own in salisburyy3 the temperatures will warm up into thee70s once more. checking out the sky hd radar,3 not not a whole lot going on right now. a couple of light showers but these showers may be meaded in our direction with umbles of thunder later on this afternoon. warm airstreaaing in froo the south and west later on today. and some of the showers you see to toward the tennessee valley coming our way for later on this afternoon at 3:00t could be
6:42 am
earlier as far as showers. if you hear any rumbles of thunder it will beelater in the afternoon. a cold front comes our way for3 wednesday bringing us more shower chances then. cooler air will follow as we get into the latter part of this week, toward friday and so. the higher temperatures will be in thh 50s, enjoy the 70s even if it's accompanied by these showers. 73 degrees for the the high this region and for the centtal part of the state, close to the samm. 72 degrees, showers won't rule out a thunderstorm but a better chance of showers, ho however, o the western part of the state, 70 degrees for the high. even there it will be mild showers and can't rule out a thhnderstorm there as well. evening thunderstorm, showers, and 59 degrees for a mild winds not too bad out of the southwest at 5-10 miles per hoor. 74 degrees, and drier and warm and 78 degrees warmer till for the wednesday when we can't rule
6:43 am
out a shower or thundersttrm then as well. we will start to see the warm we still warm up for city degrees for the thursday we dry temperatures behind the front 59 forr riday and 60 and 63 for the sattrday and sunday. let's check on the traffic edge with candace dold. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are starting tt see a bit of slow down on the main lines. right now whitemarsh at 28 miles per hour on the southbound lanes. that's traveling rom whitemarsh twarld thtraveling from to rout. we do need to talk bout what is happening inside of baltimore. there's fire activity that completcompletely shuts down pui and baltimore street. it's also blocking fayette street right at conk lin. that will detour you on to orleans or even pulaski insteaa. on 95, it's mainly just getting
6:44 am
%-through rosedale eventually toward theporr mchenry tunnel. and you can see the same deal. the conggstion is tarting to build, the northbound lanes and even the southbound stretch3 toward the beltway. ú%ce you get past beltway and traveling 95, near 195 at the airport, let's take a live look and see how that is looking forr steady volume northbound andd95 as well. there's troubbe on 295 this morning because of an accident on the southbound lanessthat is right near the beltway. again, use 95 as the alternate. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back to you. it's mobi deal monday, every mooped we will bring you a deal of the week which provides coupons coupons directly to your cell phone. this week's deal comes from
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arrow sign spinnerr. just go to mobi deals. mobi deals is a product of our parent ccmpany sincllir group. itts twilight week. we have an opportunity for you to qualify for our twilight grand give away. and workers at espn zone are angry for the way they weee let
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the death of an mesh swimmer is sending shock waves through the world swimming. 26 years old frank died while competing in an open water. %he water temperrture was very from over exertion. crip enwon six u.s. national swimming tiiles during his
6:48 am
career. sell eighteen dioceline diod ú%ther of twins. dion'' doctor says the two came out with heads full of hair, weighing more than 5 pounds eech. nn ord yet on what she will nnme the newworns. there will be a lot of activity at espn zone at the harbor today, not because of the restaurant reer!! rrreopening bt because the workers who uued to have jobs there, are protesting workers were given less than a week notice and many found out by facebook or news accounts. now they're filing a class action lawsuii against disney. attorney rubin is here with a %-good morning.suit. >> good morning. >> what are the employers saying, disney not giving them 60 day notice violates the >> right? what is that and what the violation. %> the warn act and the worker
6:49 am
where there's place closing like this one, workkrs are entitled to 60 days notice so they can adjust and retrain and do what they need to do. if thattdid not take place, there's a technical violation of that statue and that billets ths them to file a cllss action lake >> this sounds like they were not given that, will this something that will proceeded easier. >> nothing is easy. espn zone is saying we provided the state with the notice that it'sssupposed to provide. >> is that sufficient. >> not under the statute. the amount of damages would be the number of monies they wouud %-espn zone said that they were going to pay theeemployees for the period they were supposed to keep them employed. it takes the teeth out of the ssatute.
6:50 am
the damages are the pay they into have gotten for the 60 >> is there a timeframe in which disney wwll have to pay that. why didn't you pay that at the time? >> you put the finger on the nail. the question is did they actually make good on that promise, did they pay them ú%mely. i also think that a company such as disney which is known for not fairly doing the best thing for its employees alllthe time, this ii sort of a call to arms. ki understand that. >> disney said that it was because it just bad financial times. they couldn't ford it. afford it. could that be a fall back for disney. we don't have the money we had to close. >> there's certainly financial exempttons but according to what i havwhati read so far. i don't hear the facts. so far i don't hear disney flag >> if you don't have money from the restaurants, disney has
6:51 am
plenty of other places to pull money from? >> a lot of people think that employees are at the mercy of employers and whatever they say goee, that's not necessarily the case. >> not necessary leettcase at nt alll theestatute is supposed toú provide them some sort of buffer. disneyysays that we're relying on our pay in lleu of the notice period. that's a technical violation. >> how long does something like3 this take to play out? >> in federal court, thhngs can take a long time. class action requires a court approval for a settlement. it's anybody's guess, but it can takk over a year for sure. >> willldisney not want to go through that. let me pay these people heir money and then all walk away. >> i'm sure that's what they're hoping for. >> the employees are hoping for. >> the prehalloween celebration the whooe family is hoping for. what events they can go to in
6:52 am
this fal in festival. >> next their venture from the big apple to the desert became quite a hit in threaters. quite a hit in threaters. now youucan take that ad bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
6:53 am
6:54 am
about two years after the sex in the city hit the big screen, they got together for sect sex? sex in the city two. dvd releases and others in he >> reporter: hi, patrice. it's time to get carried around all over again. sex in the city will arrive on
6:55 am
blu-ray and combo back tomorrow. they are back to take another bite out of he big apple. samantha gets a chance to go to ú%u dah bee, she only wants to take the trip if he can take her friends. they take the drama on the desert. >> ccn you hear me now. >> reporter: the movie is rated r. ii you're not looking for a chick flick, then we have a few options for you. seg orny everybod weaver seeurer with all of her alien movies. it includes more than 60 hours of extra content and 1200 ú%otos. another cllssic hollywood franchise is back. "back to the future" that is. 25th anniversary collection includes aal three back to the future fflms, plus the bbu-ray
6:56 am
has never before seen footage of the original marty mcfly. they shot 5 weeks worth of scenes for the original film beeore being replaced by michael j. fox. and in t.v. news the force is back and beeter than ever. >> negotiate the treety with j obba. >> reporter: you can pick up star ars the clone wars the watchh22 episodes and bonus materials as well. the musical rocky horror piccure show is getting the glee treatment for halloween. rachael, and the rest offthe club will be doing their rendition of the cult classic night at 8:00 right here on fox 45. i'm candace dold. that's the low down. patrice, baak to you. %-horror show.seen the rocky i will have tt catch iiton glee.
6:57 am
>> paranormal activity 2 it brought in fur $41.5 million whh -akes it highest grossing weekend ever for a movie. they go off of word of mouth. when you don't have a lot of advertising and you go off of that that's a big time revenue for them. >> just not my thing. i'm too scared to watch stuff like that? >> i agree. hey it does well. >> 40 million worth of people like it. it's a way to own a piece of twilight universal without becoming a vampirr. it's twilight week here at fox 45. we're iving away auto photographed twiiight possers to and dvds. to qualify cust the juut the 10th caller at (410)481-4545. you will also get twilight and watwilight new moon on dvd. go to for the rules. coming up in the 7:00 hour.
6:58 am
>> it's a 15 months of testing we finally got a diignosis. >> a young girl with aa extremely rare diagnosis. what is being done to better understand her condition. a slain baltimore detective is being laid to rest here in randallstown. i'm joel ♪
6:59 am
[ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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now on fox 45 morning news.
7:01 am
a baltimore police detective killed hours before his birthday. like before, high school and elementary, so all his life. >> how friends and family are remembering brian stevenson. my dream of megan, would be that she -- there are only 50 cases in the entire world. but a local family is doing to deal with the difficult diagnosis. it's good, it's over. >> and the ravens head into their by week at 5-2. we got complete game highlights of their victory over the buffalo billl. good morning. it is, monday, let's see the 22nd, the 23rd. i had to think back. my brother's birthday was
7:02 am
frrday. that is how i figured that one out. it's monday, october 25th. i'm patrice harris. i do know your name,. happy bellted birthday to your brother. the thing s the beautiful weather with all of sunshine this weekend, it's going to be replaced by more cloud cover and a chance of somm showers. here is what we got. can't complain too much. temperatures are not fall like like they should be. 54 at the bus stoo this morning, not a bad starting thorning with mostly cloody skies. ú%e temperatures in the surrounding area, look at that, oakland, that stands out to me, because that is the usual cool spot in the higher elevations and even 54 eas 54 degrees thera mild start. it's very mild this morning. showers in the tennessee valley heading in our direction, could be heading not just shooers but potentiallthunderstorms. and we op out around 72 degrees
7:03 am
between 2 and 4:00 this afternoon, 68 at 6:00 p.m..with the showerssand maybe a little bit of thunder, too. %-the roadways with candace dol. she is here with the traffic edge. ú% reporter: we are talking about trouble on tte beltway. in fact, it's all because of an accident on the inner loop lanes. -t's right near liberty road. lee's take a live look and seeú what exactly it looks like at the beltway. here it is on greenspring avenue, once you get past all of that mess, it's looking better in iicidents. inner out ander loop toward 795. that's a look at morning travels. patrice, back over to you. 7:03 on fox 45 morning news. a treasured member of the be laid to rest today.tment will police say thinker brother on the force detective brian steenson was killed after an -- stevenson was killed over an argument of a parking spot. that senseless reason is still on the mind of many. joel d smith is live at the
7:04 am
church where the funeral is going to start in a few hours. >> reporter: people getting ready for a very big crowd. if this weekend viewing was any indication, this parking lot will be filled in a short moment. people were tryyng to pay their respects over the weekend rkt the funeral home, buu just becauseemany came to honor him they can't comprehend hiss3 untimely death. stevenson and another man, sian james got iito an argumeet over a parking spot. james evvntually picked up a fist size piece of concrete and threw it at stevenson a's head. the impact killed him, just hours before he turned 28 yearss old. the friends and family will try to remember him as the good man he was. >> he had a lot of loved ones
7:05 am
>> i looked at him like one of my nephhws.3 it's like high school and elementary, all of his life. >> reporter: family members told us that they really appreciate all the love and support that thee are receiving, a lot of support going their way right now. stevenson an 18 year re veteranf the police force. the fawn rail her funnral here,t the plans for the fallen officer. it will be an emotional one. the next burial for a fallen officer will be next wednesday. we are live here at reynoldd foxx45 morning news. a woman that is pulled from a burning house in dun contact thi!!--dundalk has died from her injuries. ú%refighters wereeable to rrscue three women sleeping upstairs. thhy found joanne julian unconscious in the bathroom in th!!bedroom intheebasement.
7:06 am
julian was taken to baaview medical center where she later died. things, ventilating the house and you could see them kick in %-bottom.ent window at the i believe that have where the fire was at. >> the cause of the fire has not been determined. a 27 years old man is bind bars charged with raaing 10 years old girl. on october 15th, police were called to the home of jose vasquez hernandez by someone who told them that he had raped and assaulted the child. hernandez denies the allegations. the child was taken to the hospital and both she andd3 hernandez were interviewed by police and child protective services. hernanddz is a legal u.s. citizen, but is from el salvador. police learned he was planning to return there, so they arrested him considering him a flight risk. he issnow being held without bail. several of the people who loot their jobs when the espn zone closed earlier this year
7:07 am
are banding togethhr to sue disney. disney who owns all of the restaurants across the country closed but two of the locations in june. that includes the two at the inner harbor. it left 140 people out of work. they say it's not right. they say that the ccmpany failed to give them 60 day notice that the reetaurant was closing violating federal law and they plan to file a lawsuit thhs afternoon. you bring out your family tú creaaive to tuun this halloween. and more warm 0s for highs today. however, all of that sunshine this weekend gives way to nor -loud cover and a chance for
7:08 am
7:09 am
there's so much fall fun going on port discovery it's
7:10 am
scary. the children's museum will have several halloween activities for the family to ennoy this weekend. we are here to talk about the family fallo win festival, it's in our hometown hot spot. good morning, pam. >> good morning, patrice. you don't look like you'ree3 alone. you ggt somebody a little bit scary behind you. >> look at over here. >> i'm scary, too, i am, i am. >> tell me about thh feetivities this weekend. i guess you're all a part of it? >> it's this saturday the 30th, 10-5, wonderful family oriented. a lot of activities, yoo've got it will be so much fun. >> you know. >> not too scary, though, what are you guys going to be doing there? >> i'm going to be doing performing, a lot of songs. >> i'm going to be the star, yeah, yeah, i'm rascal.ú >> okay, rascal, don't take over the show?
7:11 am
>> but i'm the star. you come see me. come on, come on, please, please [ laughter ] >> we will come, because he is begging, we will be there, but who are the folks behind you. >> we have a witch. we have a wizard. >> awesome, huh, you got to come. it will be great. >> do you have a sneak at a performance. i know rascal is trying to steal the show. -s there something else. >> we will start a song see how far we get about witches and wizards. >> okay. ♪ ♪ now witches and wizaads they all wear weird hats ♪ they live in dark caves ♪ ♪ with the spiders and bats %-♪ and stir magical bruise br♪ ♪ so thor their necks ♪ the kids are going to have
7:12 am
fun. the halloween fun festival is going on at port discovery. for more information log on to i'm canceling my previous saturdayyplans. 56 degrees the temperature right now with mostly cloudy skies or partly cloudy in some spots. look at calm wind. you can't see the wind but they're calm. it's comfortable with temperatures in the 60s. can't ask for better. dew point is at 51. the surrounding area also mild. bi56 in baltimmre but 51 in salisbury and d.c. the ame. bay ii hhgerstown and the cooler spot in the higher elevations a3 %-otherwise we're looking at sky watch hd radar showing dryú conditions in our area for now. shower chances will be advancing our direction from the tennessee valley where there's strong showers and thunderstorms at will we get any storms here, -erhaps, but not expecting severe weather. an upper level disturbance will bring us a shower or thunderstorm does tush answer
7:13 am
later ilay -- disturbance latere day. we will continue to have the southwesterly flow. that is bringing more moistureú anddcloud cover, but it ill bring the temperatures back into the 70s as he warp front steers to the north -- the warm front continues to steer to the north and continues to bring the warmer temperaturee. there's a change later in the week toward the weekend as far as cooler temperatures. what we're looking at on the future scan model is a chance of %howers. thunderstorm around. the cold front that follows on wednesday, that could bring us more shower chances and thunderstorms, too. the frontal boundary won't clear here until wednesday. cooler air will be advancing an3 this weekend it will be chillier even though it wiil be sunnier, too, ww will have a trade off by the end of the week. 68 degrees for the eastern shore evening thunderstorms. winds out of the southwest but gusting higher there. the central part of the state,
7:14 am
5-15-mile an our winds with a the shower chances come our way later into the afternoon and evening especially. back to the west, looking at ú%owers and thunderstooms maybe later this morning, 70 degrees for the high a south wind at 5-10. tonight, rather mild, 55 dials and ssowers lingering into the late night hours. tomorrow, 74 degrees, a drier day but cloudiee day. mild through wednesday with a high of 78. the front bringses a chance of showers and thunderstorms then. the front is slow to move through. still warm on thursday, 73 for the high. the 59, and cooler behind the front. cooler and 60 and 63 with more sunshine then. let's see what is happening on the roadways with candace dold is here with the check the on traffic edge. caadace. >> reporter: steve, there's trouble on 95, because of heavy delays. 21 mills per hour in fact on the southbound lanes traveling through whitemarsh. we also need to talk about the
7:15 am
beltway and ell, t's because of an accident on the inner loop lanee righh inner liberty road. let's take a live look at the area and show you hhw it's it's not going to be a pretty picture. in fact, many annoyed drivers, outer loop lanes and inner love lights. we will continuueto monitor the situation but as for now you need to leave a fee extra minutes earlier. there's aa accident in the area. there's a head-on collision on we will continue to keep you up-to-date but no lane or road closures to report because of that one. jumping back on the beltway, a live look at park heights that looks much better, the outer lanes are inner and outerú the jff, once you approach that ww are in the green. there's no troubles on the souuhbound lanes from beltway traveling all the way into he downtown area. inside altimore there's fire activity completely shutting down con ccine street between pulaski highwayyand baltimore street.
7:16 am
use highland avenue to scoot around that. that's a looo at the morning travels.ú patrice, bako t back to you. >women raped and murderrd inú baltimore. the alleged suspect on trial and the testimony jury memberr have heard in the case of william brown and ed reid made his return to the ravens felt in a big way. 7:16 is the time. 7:16 is the time. you areewatch he h h heheheh h! [ spga ] [ si ]gh rrhuy tino nkduindo' nuts r fo50un mchnski aor denoz dutons an d t gea eefr ictrk torre batag. bob ehrlich is desperate, and he'll say anything to get elected. negative attacks the media have repeatedly called "dishonest" and "total malarkey." and why can't we trust bob ehrlich? because he raised taxes and fees by $3 billion then denied it... because he says he's for us, but made $2.5 million
7:17 am
at a special interest lobbying firm. and ehrlich says he'll cut education again if elected governor. bob ehrlich-- a career politician we really can't trust. imagine denying a pregnant woman the choice of health care providers. only one senator voted with big insurance over pregnant women: andy harris. protecting our bay? harris was the only one to vote against cleaning up toxic waste sites. he always sides with the polluters, one of the worst environmental records in the senate. and harris was the only one to vote against extending education
7:18 am
for special needs kids. no wonder his republican colleagues think he's too extreme. we can't afford his extreme ideas. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message da d,ow h autbo tt haon!e? ok ay. fa llun f rs unonun dkisn' lideoucis mppukin muinffs, nudotsan, d ffcoee. trony toe day. new this morning, a man shot several times in east baltimore ovee the weekend dies from his ú%juries. the shooting took place saturday night behind a home on east monument street. the 20 years old victim was taken to john hopkins. police haven't released his name. reports from a stranged on
7:19 am
coming from a george university dorm leads authorities to the discovery of a dorm lab. 400 students were evacuated from the buiiding. two students and a visitor were arrested. baltimore city is hopinggthe 3rd time ii the charm as they file another lawsuit against lender wells fargo. wells fargo says it will once lawsuit which accuses the family of predatory lending practices. the city alleges that african-americans were targeted for bad loans leading to increased foreclosures. the original lawsuit was filed in 2008. good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. -ou knoo legendary sports writer, jim heniman coined the phrase. forced lock. that is basically what we saw yesteeday at m and t bank
7:20 am
stadium but with one port caveat. win the ball game. before the game ed reid finally introduced making his 2010 debu3 after injury. ravens up by 3. that wouldn't last. brian fitzpatrick, had a few ddy. 33 yarrs in the score. could have called him brian manning on sunday. the beginning of a career day forreits patrick. bills take the lead 7-3. gets turned around and coughs it around before being tackled down. they settleeffr a field goal to let lead 10-3. more of the same for pits patrick, throwforfeits!!!for,fi. buffalo stunning theeravens, 7-3. joe flacco, fires to the goal line todd heat.
7:21 am
heat makes the leading caach. ú%ddthen later in thh half, fitzpatrick off to play fake. johnson taccling kind of optional on the play. runs through two tackles, picks up 43 yards, he had 158 on the day. the bills had tte 30th rank offense coming into the game. go figure. very next play, fitzpatrick, looking more like jim kelly. somewhat fix it between washington. he voons fo!!evans, and the 24 e half. it was 0-8. manning and the colts, and after billy come the field goal, ravens off to kicking, tte ravens sensation. comes frommbehind and knocks it loose, wouldn't ou know it. josh wilson dies on the fumble. a little redemption for the raven!!ravens corner. second time of the game.
7:22 am
ravens got the bills lead to just 4 going into the half. the firsttplay of thee3rd quarter, fitzpatrick, fires across the middle. ray lewis deflects it. ed rrid there with tte inteeception. fresh off the pup list.3 the number 20 sets the ravens up in great field position. first plaa aater the interception, cam cameron, opens up the play book. and he finds the wide open anquan boldin, and the ravens face the lead 27-34. and they scored 17 points in 1 minute and 12 seconds. laaer in the quarter, the ravens put their foot on the gas. 4--, flacco with the bullet o the ron mcclain. the big ppll back, fumbles his way to a game of 16 yards. that set up this. willis mcgahee from two yards down dives in against his former team, purple and black up. %-quarter. the end of the3 throws it right to guess who, ed reid, second interception of the
7:23 am
game and he has got room to run on this one, goes 40 yards inside of bill's pen. two interceppions on the day out performing the entire ravens secondary. last year the ravens had a 10-point lead. the ffrst quarter, mcgahee fumbles the exchange and they fall it on for the bills and just like that the raven get it right back. fitzpatrick, carving up the ravens secondary all day, hits evans again. takes the screen and the second touch down for the day. the bills trail by 3. they line up for the 50 field goal for the tie, dead, solid perfect. that would have been perfect for 60 yards. the 10-4th uarter lead, any extra period, fitzpatrick, hit shhwn nelson over the middle. watch as ray lewis rips it away3 for the ffmble recovery totally
7:24 am
number 52 would have made thht play. unsports like penalty and the ravens are in field goal range. and outcomes billow con din from 38 yyrds for the win. and he gets it, the raven escape home against buffalo, 37-34 in overtime. they're 5 in 2, heaaing for the week. kristen berset had this report facing the team off the by week. for the second week in a row they went into overtime. this game though had a different outcome. the ravens out. >> he poured it out in and anytime he is shooting, the 50 game, and the 4th quarter. last week we didn't make a. this week we came back and made the play and supposed to make a second half. you have to be ready.ú whatever we line up. the team is goong to give us the best shot. we have to be ready for it. it was game of momentum.3
7:25 am
it was a time that we haa the momentum and had everything kicking it and going down the goal field there was times where you didn't have it. but we're able to make the ig play. >> come back and say ball every wwek. the nfl, everybody makes plays, you know. they're going to make plays every week. they get ppid juut like we do. going in the second half with an interception on the first right. reid first game back ssid it was good to be back on the field. >> coach made me a cam tan on -- captain on wednesdaa, kind of you know, i was mentally prepared, you know. physicaaly i knew it was going to be tough. -ou know, we fought through. the trainers, doctors and organization myself we all worked hard, you know for the six weeks that i was off. >> you get peopleetalking about all these other people and
7:26 am
nobody mentions ed. i knew howwimportant ed is. anytiie you get a an like ed to come back, it sppaks for itself. you don't have to talk about that guy. >> just getting back to the guys coming out here, yoo know, nothing the fans, you know are going to be how they were. you know that was just come true, like the rookie. >> and the ravens squeak out a 37-34 win over the buffalo bills %--ow they head intt their by wk for the much needed time off the heels nd get ready for miami. back to you. what a game, joe flacco threw for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns. he wasn't even the best quarterback on the field. brian fitzpatrick was cub supere became the first bill to thhow over 300 yards in the last 60 games for thaa franchise. his four touchdowns werr spread out between lee evans and steve
7:27 am
johnson. 263 yards and 4 scores. the bills racked up 506 yards on offense, compared to the ravens 364, but baltimore gets the win. they head toward the by wwek. bills fall to 0-6 on the year. that's hard to believe. that's your morning sports. i'm bruce cunninghhm, fox 4553 morning news. a scary moment during sundaa's game. tied end todd heat colllpsed on %--ouch down play to start the 3rd quarter. he returned to the game a short time later, but this comes as just a wwek after he suffered a severe helmet to helmet hit when the ravens played the pattiots. that brings us to the question of the day, shoull todd heat after last week's game and then collapping to the ground on sunday? we will take your calls latee this houu. you can go to and tell us what you think or sound off thhough facebook. text your answer to 45203, enter
7:28 am
fox 45a for yes or foo 45b for ú%.
7:29 am
7:30 am
. a brutal rape and near murder. the trial for the man sussected of committing the crime is unddrway, but they say he wasn't thh only victim. they say that he is a serial good morning. brown is on trial for this one parttcular crime and the victim testified on wwdnesday. give us a little bit of what %-testimony talked about what happeneddon the night that she was left for dead in incoln park, how she got picked up by someone and driven there after she said, no, i don't want to
7:31 am
go. he raped her in the back of a car ann tried to strangle her. she tried to get away. he strangled her and left her for ddad and cut off part of her ear.3 >> she was outtooking -- she wanted a ride. >> there were questions raisedú by the defense that she was prostituting herself..3 she only wanted a hack and was looking for a ride at poplar road. >> she can identified who she is. is this an opee aad shut case? >> that is what is going to be decided because she made a distinct id in court and she seemed very sure of herself. this hearing is to determine whether or not to admit her testimony. defense attoonny is trying to -aise questions. he is also facing charges of murder of two other women. woman was murdered in the same area under the same circumstances. >> very similar. and those trials are all happening at theesame time. >> yes, they are all running
7:32 am
concurrently. the 2008 case of yolanda downno one has been charged but it's exactly the same circumstances. dothere's been no charge on that one. >> in these cases don't police have dna evidence on him? >> this the three caae they have dna eeidence for him on all three of he women. two of the women that died on this one. in the 2008 case they have dna buttthey haven't said if there's any matches. >> it will continue to play outú in the courts. >> it will.3 >> to reed hi there, i'm ian wright
7:33 am
and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy. oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it.
7:34 am
7:35 am
>>welcome back to fox 45 morning news. severn 34:00 issth7:34 is the t. %-forecast. check of the meteorooogist steve fertig is here with a look at what we can expect. take a look at the temperatures as we head out. we're in the 50s, mid-50s to uuper 50s throughout the area. ú% salisbury. valley. that will come our way later in at afternoon. should top out at 72 degrees. we may have rumbles of thunder later.3 we will talk about when we can expect that later in a few minutes. here is candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are checking on the usual top -nd of the beltway at harford road and it's the same deal. a long line of cars frrm harford toward perring parkway. in facc, that is pretty muuh the average from 95 toward 83. we're looking at a heavy ride that's a look at the morningú travels, patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace.
7:36 am
7:35 on fox 45 morning news. the first of two funerals this week for fallen city police officers starts in just a few hours. police say detective brian %--mount last week end over ague parking spot. it's that senseless way in which he dieddwhich many are thinking about ttday. joel d smith is live at the church where the ceremony willú be heldd >> reporter: good morning, patrice. aad folks are starting to arrive to get ready for this emotional -ay for the baltimore city policeedepartment and everybody who knew detective stevenson. the antioch baptist hurch. 10:00 is when it will start, but they expect this parking lot to3 start filling up very shortly. hundreds came out to pay their resppcts. so many people were there, it didn't mean that they were able to comprehend the untimely deat3 of detective stevenson. that did happen a week ago on saturday night in canton when police say detective stevenson
7:37 am
and another man, 25 years old siaa james got into an argument over a parrin a parking spot. sian james picked up a piece of concrete and threw at his head eventually killing him. they can only try to remember him as a good man and the great family guy that he was. >> he had a lot of loved ones that cared very much about hhm, yes. very respectable young man. >> we wanted to come by and sign the book and make sure when she sees this,,she knew we were heree >> reporter: the family members teel us they appreciate the love and support they are getting. stevenssn was an 18 year veteran of the baltimore policc force. they are getting set up and getting ready to go, a lot of police department exppcted to be here as well as many others. it will be a busy ddy here. after they are finished here, the burial will happen soon after.ú unfortunately this will be a
7:38 am
busy week for baltimore police department as they bbrr on another one of their own in two days. joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. the raven won in overtimm yesterday but t was a very scary moment during sunday's ravens game. todd heat collapsed untouched following the raven touch down game to start the 3rd quarter. he returned to tte game a short time later this all comes a week afttr he suffered a massive helmet to helmet hit when the ravens played the patriots. that brings us to the question of the day. should todd had been put back into the game after last week's hit and collapsing to the ground on sunday. our phone lines are open now at (410)481-4545. %-and tell us what you think.m sound off through facebook. send united states a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45203, enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no.
7:39 am
coming up a local family dealing wiih a devastating diagnosis. >> she wasn't really crawling like sttnding at the appropriate age. >> how they're ttying to help imagine denying a pregnant woman the choice of health care providers. only one senator voted with big insurance over pregnant women: andy harris. protecting our bay? harris was the only one to vote against cleaning up toxic waste sites. he always sides with the polluters, one of the worst environmental records in the senate.
7:40 am
and harris was the only one to vote against extending education for special needs kids. no wonder his republican colleagues think he's too extreme. we can't afford his extreme ideas. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message
7:41 am
pretty mild start to the day. 56 degrees is where we begin. winds are calm, 84% relative humidity and the barometer is hoeding steady. 56 is our temmerature in baltimore, not too different around town as can you see down toward dc. 51? salisbury and hagerstown at 58. oakland it's typically much
7:42 am
chillier in the higher elevations. a southerly flow bringing us the mild temperatures. the sky hd rrdar not looking too eventful right now. some showers begin to stream in our direction from the tennessee valley wwere you can see heavy well. we may hear rumbles of thunder around here but not expecting anyy evere weather. as we llok at our surface southerly moisture will continue to bring the southerly notice tour. we will start to see showers possible for the western part of this state especcally but we can see some the estern part of maryland and the eastern shore, too. look for as much as a quarter of appear inch in the western part of the state. cooler air is on theeway behind the next front. that front coming wednesday will bring more showers then. we may continue with the warm air for wednesday, before the
7:43 am
cooler air continues to stream in from the north and west where high temperatures get into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. for today enjoy the warmth. showers and thunderstorms mayybe somethiig you won't enjoy, but something you will have to deal %-afternoon and evening.his about a 60% chance of that. 62 degrees with a shooer and thundeestorm chance. back to west, mill, too with a high of 70 degrees, again the chance of showers and even eliee in the late morning -- earlier and late morning afternoon. tonight, 59 degrees for the overnight low. an evening and thunderstorm still possible. light showers linger until the midnight hour and then we start to ee things taper off. tomorrow mot mostlyycloudy day. 78 on wednesday and the shower and thunderstorm bringing us a shower as well. frontal lowssfor one more day and 73 degrees. behind the front we cool down at 59 and 60 on saturday and 53 on
7:44 am
your sunday with a lot more sunshhne for the weekend once again. here is what is happening on the week. candace dold has the traffic edge. >> reporter: what is happening in delays on many off3 the corridors. right now on 95, in fact, 16 miles per hour on the southbound lanesstraveling through whitemarsh. the sluggish 18 miles ppr hour on the outer loop lanes of the beltway at harford road. congestion is starting to form on the jfx now at 48 miles per hour. because there's an accident on the southbound lanes. it's now on the shoolder, but the problem is we do have delays leading up toward the scene. you will want to use 95 as the3 alternate route. take a live look at 95 traveling at 195 for this morning and there it is. it's theeheavy but steady volume, southbound and northbound lanes up toward the beltway. speaking of the beltway the %-catonsville, will you find at cramped ride there. let's find a outer loop lanes
7:45 am
pretty much the same deaa. there's through catonsville, the llberty road that is where we on the 795 there's no incidents to taak about, but we definitely haveeour fair share of volume and it's from owings mills boulevard ddwn toward the beltway. that's a look at your morning -ravels. patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. %-on playing after falling to te ground during sundaa's ravens game. there he goes. the tied p inwasn't touched before the incident happened and we want to know what you think. should todd heat had been put into the game after last week
7:46 am
7:47 am
you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at >> a scary moment during sunday's ravens game. there he oos, down todd eap
7:48 am
collapped to the ground following the ravens touch down he was never even hit. he was back in action a few minutes later, but all of this comes a week after he suffered massive helmet to helmet hit against the pa patriots. that picks us t brings us to thn have been in the game and affer -ollapsing yesterday? >> what do you think. i was afraid. i waa scared ctually? >> actually, i thinn they definitely should have kept him out. he had a blockkng assignment, and he didn't look right. he just didn't look like himself. >> maybe it's a silly question, buttwhy do you think they put him back in there. two touchdowns, you want to keep that guy on the field? >> it's a good question. i woull think safety would come -- >> lennie thank you for your call. let's go to michael this
7:49 am
morning. good morning, michael. >> good morning, how are youu >> i am great. what do you think, should heap had gone back in the game? >> i believe it was the right decision. why? professionals i'm sure some of the best and they gave him the ú%ay. aftershock. there's no way to tell when something like that is going to happen. without his contribution we probably won't have won the game. >> definitely we need him. i love that he was there, but i think err on the side of caution. if i was his family, i would have been on the field pulling him off myself. let's go to juliet in rnold. good morning, juliet. >> what do you think, should he have kept playing? have run and taken him out. >> can you imagine what his wife is thinking and watching him sitting watching that. >> i know, i'm laddhe is okay and of course he wanted to play. i have been reading an article
7:50 am
this morninn and saying i don't want to be out of the game. the helmet,,patrice. helmee to helmet. and juuia, thank you so much for your call. >> let's takeea look at the web page facebook. %-should not have gone back in. gene said with the by week following such a big hit, the katherine says we're quick to assume that the oacc sent him back in, but ddd we stop to think that he wanted to go baak in. if the player insists that he is fine and wants to finish the game, the coach is going to alloo hhm to plaa. i just don't now if i would agree with that. tell heap someone like that it's not oing to happen, because he would never let it. that is what todd heap say. but should they be allowed to make the decisionn of course, even if it's not in their best interest.
7:51 am
%-spirits of a difffreet kindng ahead of halloween. the program at port discovery halloween festival. only by cases in the world.e's next a family figgting back against a rare, genetic
7:52 am
♪ ♪ from the styles you want... the foods you crave. even your favorite toothpaste. now, the things you love at target... are even better. save 5% off today and everyday... when you shop with your target credit or debit redcards. are you redcard ready? only at target.
7:53 am
a baltimore county man is facing mounting bills and a medical mystery. >> kathleen cairns and photojournalist james larson explores megan's world. >> reporter: at this parkville home that proudly displays the country's collrs. >> this picture over here andre3 and megan. >> reporter: the inside walls are deccrated with images in
7:54 am
black and white. >> we took all of these pictures. >> reporter: one boy. >> we have andrew up here. he was in my cousin's wedding. >> reporter: two girls. >> carolyn anddmarilyn. >> reporter: megan's arrival ú%s another milestone ffr the3 maselli fammly. >> it was another healthy girl. >> i was 4. i was a little kid. >> reporter: 6-year-old carlie, eagerly shared some family history she slipped -hrough the album. >> daddy burping megan. >> reporter: the brother andrew holding megan. a brief biilogy lesson. >> we had megan like in the middle of a family baby boom. >> reporter: life seemed perfectt just a it slow for megan. >> we would just hold her. she would just lay therr..3 >> sheewouldn't colshe couldn'td
7:55 am
up. and sister noticed. >> she wasn't really crawling or -- like standing at the appropriate age. >> megan and pretty eyes. >> reporter: theyysought help from a long list of medical experts. >> after 15 months of testing we finally got a diagnosis. >>she is missing a part of here gene. >> reporter:: it's extremely rare genetic disorder. >> i have no idea why this happened. %-only 50 cases in the world. >> at our age she should be able to do everything. >> reporter: she can't speak. >> she does it. >> reporter:: bbt has a love for sound. >> this is it. that was the one thing we focused on at thh beginning once thhy gave us the diagnosis, is
7:56 am
it fatal? ú%. shh can live a long, healthy liff. maybe not normal but long and healthy.. >> reporter: so now their days are filled with trips to the hospital for megan. >> hi, how are you amyy >> hii megan. >> reporter: at the kennedy craiger institute, megan gets help from a team offmedical experts. >> excuse me.. >> reporterr and genetic p> there's not a genetic cure. there's no way had a we can fix the chrome some. >> reporter:chromosome. >> reporter: but the diagnosis ggves doctors insight on what to do. >> these people with this are prone to have seizures.
7:57 am
>> reporter: medical bills have already surpassed $2 million..3 back at home. >>hey. >> reporter: megan is most my dream of megan woulddbe that she -- >> bless you, bless you. >> that she lives a normal life and happy and healthy. >> reporter: they concentratt on her strengths. >> pretty eyes. i woull love for there could be a cure, but i don't think that would ever happen. >> reporter: it's a fresh view. a iss. >> reporter: oo megan's ú%rld. >> she is a gift. i wouldn't traae her for anything. >> that's our plan. just make her the best that she can be. >> reeorter: in baltimore county. >> she is happy, then we're happy. >> reporter: kathleen cairns,
7:58 am
fox 45 morning news. megan's parents have started the miracle for megan's foundation to raiie monee for genetic research. the first annual mile for megaa's 5 kx wil 5k will be held megan's parents wwll be here in our studiooto talk about the our studiooto talk about the he h h heheheh h! [ spga ] [ si ]gh rrhuy tino nkduindo' nuts r fo50un mchnski aor denoz dutons an d t gea eefr ictrk torre batag. public safety is a governor's most important job. that's why governor martin o'malley has instituted new dna and fingerprinting technology that's reducing violent crime... new, stronger domestic violence and abuse legislation... and o'malley passed new laws to better track and convict sexual predators, with even longer prison sentences. as a father of four, i know there's always more that we must do to protect our children
7:59 am
and make maryland an even safer place to raise our families. da d,ow h autbo tt haon!e? ok ay. fa llun f rs unonun dkisn' lideoucis mppukin muinffs, nudotsan, d ffcoee. trony toe day.
8:00 am
a baltimore city officer senselessly killed after a parking spot ddspute is laid to rest oday. >> we have lost an officer who meant a lot to his family, to his community and certainly to his brothers and sisters in
8:01 am
blue.3 >> how friends and faaily are remembering the life of detective brian stevenson. fighting breast cancer one fight at a time. which food may help keep the disease away. thriller night. >> and you know what time of year it is when yoo start seeing this. what was so unique about this group of zombies dancing the night away. good morning. it's monnay october 25th. i'm patrice harris. it'ssthe start of a new week. will the weather be the same as we had ver the weekend? thattis the question. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at -- it was beautiful overred weekend. absolutely gorgeous. >> it's going to stay mild. it was a great weekend. now we still have the 70s but %-it comes a chance of showersth
8:02 am
later afternoon and evening. 57 degrees, look at that temperatuue. not bad in baltimore..3 if that is not warm enough, how about 61 in salisbury. even akland where it's typically cooler in the higher elevations out west, looking pretty mild to start. the showers you see, though, toward the tennessee vvlley that is where we're headed later. the shower,,maybe a little thunder for later in the afternoon or evening. we will take a look at the rest of the weekend forecast in just a bit. right now candace dold is here with the traffic edge. candace. >> repooter: steve, we're talking about the key bridge and because of a disabled vehicle on the inner loop lanes it does bllck one lane there. be aware, you're going to find the activity. let's take a live lookkof the beetway through the area. as far as the delays, no significant issues in either no need to take an alternate route..3 it's going to command a little bit of attention there. %-outer loop lanes, from 95 towd 83, we're in the red. ú%'s goinggto be an extremely heavy ride.
8:03 am
and 14 minutes, 33 miles per hour and then it dips down, 27 miles per hour with a 24-minute ride from 795 all the way down toward 95. that's a look at your morning travels, patrice, over to ou. thank you, candace. 8:02 on fox 45 morning newss baltimore police department will %-police say their brother on te ffrce, detective brian stevenson was kiiled affer an argument last weekend ver a parking spot. that senssless rrason for his death is still on the minds of many. joel d smith is live at the church where the ceremony is expected to start in just a couple of hours, good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patricc. 10:00 a.m. to be exact here atú the antioch baptist church. by. a lot of officers have been showing up. if this weekend attendance in any indication, it will be a packed parking lot very soon. over the weekend the viewing there was aanumber of opportunities for those to come
8:04 am
a lot of people there and even though aalot came out to honor detective stevenson, that doesn't mean that they were able to comprehend his untimely deatt. it was happened late saturday night if canton, a weekend ago oo saturday night. another man in sian james got spot. eventually james picked up a fist size pick of concrete and threw it at stevenson's head. now frieeds and family of3 detective stevenson say ttey can only try to remember him as theú ú%od man he was. >> he had a lot of loved ones that cared very much about him. i look at him like one, high school and elementary, all his life, all his life. >> reporter: family members have told us that they appreciate the love and support that they have been getting from from his death.
8:05 am
stevenson was an 18 year veteran of the force. it will be at 8:00. people re showing up. a very emotional week it will be. people are waiting behind us ann ú%. detective stevenson will be only one of two officers had a will be laid to rest this beek, thats week, that'' becauseeof another funeral will be coming up this wednesday. >>the funeraa for the second scheeuled thii week. it will be held tomorrow at ruxton. he will be laid t restton wednesday following funeral services at the cathedral mary our queen. portz was killed when his police cruiser crashed last week. he is the 3rd police officer to die in the past month. ground zzro recovery efforts in new york city will be brought to ú%nor those officers?
8:06 am
a woman was set on firr. it appened near the border of and savage. the victim and the suspect had been living in the woods in whaa was likely a homeless camp. another woman saw the man set fire to the woman and ran to a nearby store to call police. -hen help arrrved the woman had been severely burnnd. she was taken to bayview medical center. police searcced the area and found the suspect nearby. neighbors who frequently visit the savage mills had no idea ttere was a homeless camp nearby and they were shocked by what happened. >> it's absolutely horrible. i don't understand how people i'm sorry to hear that happen. >> it'' shocking. you always see familiis around here. my husband and my brother brought our dog here. -p>> police are still wooking to confirm the edties o identitiese victim and the suspect. they were looking for other witneeses.
8:07 am
coming from a georgetown odor university dorm lead authorities to the discovery of a drug lab. on saturday, authorities found chemicals manufactured to uss halys jen ic drugs in that dorm room. two sttdents and a visitor ere arrested. falling on to the d.c. metro %-he fell into o the tracks. he doesn't rememmer falling on %-moments right afterwards.oggy >> i remember everybody %-the tracks.ling me to get off the train is coming nd can barely -- utter the words out. i can't. my back is frozen, you know. >> but you were able to stand up. >> i stood up. i think it was sheer adrenaline
8:08 am
and not wanting to die. i have childden. -p>> black easyyhe is fell after having a seizure. several people waived to the train to stop and one man jumped on to the tracks to help pull the ravens game goes into overtime at m&t bank stadium. it was the second week in a row time they walk away with wwn. ed reid in his first game from an injury intercepted a pass. 34 and the ravens wasted no time cashing in. joe flacco went 34 yards and anquan boldin and just like that, the ravens took the lead at 27-34. the game remained at seesaw when -he bills got a yard goal to tie the game and send it into overtime. but the ravens won it on their con dishit a 38-yard field goal. the final score 37-34, ravens.
8:09 am
we are in a tornado. we are in the tornado. >> take a look at this. this is video ssot moments after a twister touched doon in texas. the persoo behind the camera is wwth the county mergency management. he caught the video while ú%tting in his car dangerously close to the tornado. you can see the twister tearinn up buildings and flying debris everywhere. luckily there were no reports of injuries including for the ppeson capturing that video. thriller ♪ ♪ thriller ♪ night >> you knew it was commng. just in time for halloween more in new mexico to pay tribute to michael jackson. it was a part of 20100event taking place across the world. these zombies spent 3 months
8:10 am
practicing their moves with a coach. no word if their worldwide dance broke any records. we need a fox 45 version. coming up -- steve is laughing. now talking about frighte to some showers.onditions but just they will total 3
8:11 am
8:12 am
haaloween is almost here. this year there's plenty of activity at the port discovery3
8:13 am
museum. this year, children and parents can enjoy not too spooky halloween fun. joining us to tell uu about ffn is kate hendrickson. >> good morning, katt. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> you always have fun things going on. -p>> what is happening this weekend? >> thank you. >> we have this saturday is we have tons of fun stufff stuf. we're advising everybody to come in their favorite costume. we have lots of fun stove like scottie here. we will be training kids to ju juggle. we will have a lot of performances and art activity and tons of fun stuff. kids get to go do things there and take them home with them. >> goodies they get to take home and leave crafts that we have going on in studio art shoo. tons of fun stuff, yeah. >> the guy there is very happy.
8:14 am
now that wasn't so cute, though [ lauggter ] >> yeah, he is tons of fun. >> and kids will have fun. >> whattage range are we talking about that you suggest coming out? >> i would say 2 to 10, but everybody is welcome. kids of all ages. up, what about the parents?ss >> yes, the parents are well cae to dress up. ww're going to beedresseddup, kids are going to be dressed, it's going to be fun. >> do they get to spend time in the museum beyond the activity. >> definitely. we will have the i t activitied all of the exhibits will be open..3 >> and candy, there will be candy. >> there ill be some, yeah. >> scottie has a lot going on %-that spaghetti has been playig >> no, i don't think i want to eat it either. >> kate thank you for joining us. >> you, too. the family fall-o-win
8:15 am
festival is going on saturday. at least a hat trick of warmer weather is coming your way. -7 degrees is the way e start this day with mild temperatures and mostly cloudy skies. winds are calm, 85% relative humidity and the barometer is falling for now. 51 is the dew point. a lost moisture coming from the3 south. that may provide us with a chance of showers and -emperatures wiss, pretty mild3 to start the day. 57 degrees in baltimore. 61 degrees in salisbury. in hagerstown 57. 55 degrees whereeit's cooler..3 as we check the hd radar, not very eventful, a couple of light showers pushing through garrett county. a lot of oisture headed in our direction, and showers and thunnerstorms that could be coming oor way and bringing us ú%owers and thunderstorms chance later into the afternoon and evening essecially. we get more warm airstreaming u3 come up our way and bring
8:16 am
temperatures up to the low 70s today.33 it wiil bring more moisture and a chance of some showers as yoo can see showing in the future scan model, the western counties by later in the afternoon. it could e in the late morning there and into the afternoon for maybe the central counties and eastern shore even though it's not showing up oo the futuree3 scan model. next frontal boundary, comes ttrough, stronger front brings a better chance of shooers and thunderstorms by wednesday for morr of s. thhn the fronttwill slow down and tte warm weather stays with us one more day through thursday and cooler air ffllows. that cooler airrwill only brrng cooler temperatures ss a muccú %-coming your way wiih moreekend sunshine.ú don't expect a whole lot of sun today but we will see the chance of showers ccompanying mos!! m3 ccoudy skies. 62 degrees for the central part eerly evening especially, back to the west earlier,,late morning afternoon, and showers and thunder possible later in
8:17 am
the afternoon. tonight, gyp degree 59 deggres g thunderstorm can't rule out. just some showers thereafter until midnight and then it tapers off and all we're left with a mild 59-degree %-tomorrow mostly cloudy day, bt looks to be dry. 744for the high so it stays mild for another day or two. 72 degrees on wednesday way shower and thunderstorm chance front pushes through. 73, and 55 behind the front much cooler, 60 for saturday and 73 for sunday with mostly cleer and partly cloudy skies. it will be cool this weekend with more sunshine returning. now let's see what is haapening ú% the roadways. candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter: we are dealing with the usual delays on 95 traveling through whitemarsh. right now we're at 17 miles per hour on the southbound lanes making the trek toward the beltway. the congested ride traveling
8:18 am
54 miles per hour there. we want to show you what the scene looks like outer loop lane at harford road. outer loop lane is going to be the ordinary day there. it's jammpacked all the way down towarddparkville. it does ease up and then it gets heavy again righttaround ttwson. as for the inner loop lanes, there's an accident. it's traveling through pikesville, you will find oneeat stevenson road. you will ffnd that activity there and significant delays leading up toward all of this flashing lights. 695 at liberty road, we don't have any accidents to report, let's take a live look, we have the fair share of volume. inner looo upptoward the accident, outer loop down toward the triple bridges. by tte way, there's a crash on benbrook drive t the beltway at liberty road. that's a look at the morning travell. patrice, back over o you. it is mobi deal monday. every monday we will bring you a
8:19 am
deal of the week for mob i deal which provides coupons directly to your cell phone. -his week's deal comes from arrow edge. go to mobi deals to get started or look for m burke mobi deals r smart hone. coming -- >> yeah. >> my, my. >> a young girl diagnosed with an extremely rare disease that -as no cure. megan's father joins us to talk about an event he and his wife have launched and what it's raising money for. she skated her way to the top. now former olympic dorthy amill is beccming a champion in another way. what caus a baltimore county family is
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
battling a medical district. their dauuhter was diagnosed with a disorder. they stepped up to doing something about it. in fact, they were going miles for megann nick is here for egan. good morning. >> good morning, to you. >> steetell us about megan. she is a absolutely adorable. >> when egan came, she was a normal baby just like our other she didn't hit her milestone and riggt about 3 to 4 months we knew something was different with megan. after 18 months of doctor's visits and trying to findda diagnosis and tests that we sent overseas and things like that, we finally got an answer that >> what will that mean for her? >> she is definitely delayed. she has a mild seizure disorder,
8:23 am
and low muscle tone. she is slow, she is just slower than the other kids. >> what she has is rare, 50 othee people in the world. >> so far, there's only 55 cases reported in the world. >> you are the at forefront of trying to bring attention and awareness and research for this. >> right. foundation. tell me about that? >> on the car ride on the wwy home, my wife and had i talked about it from when we got the diagnosis that when we had been there. 18 months, and we thought it was a to help other people not go ú%rough the same thingment we decided to start the foundation and help raise money foo research and awareness and help other families that may not be able to affood the same kind of care. >> the medical bills are mounting? >> i'm in tte army so my insurance is great. they have taken care of everything but i can't imagine goinn through this without it? >> so you all have a bbg event coming up this weekend. tell me about that?
8:24 am
>> on saturday it's miles from megan at padonia park. if you can't already registered and the race kicks off at 8:30 rain or shine. >> how many people are ou expecting out there? i would imagine that anybody who has known megan oo seen her story on our air will want to be out there? >> we have 300 people signed up -nd about 70 volunteers. they keep coming in.ú we venngot 3 this morning which is great. hopefully you will get more after this. tell people how to reggsser. is there a website. go to active and searchú for miles for megan. go at our website at >> megan, thank you for hanging out with us this morning. have fun this weekend. >> we will put a link from your viewees will know how to get
8:25 am
involved with that. thank you so much. >> thank you. the last minute search for the best costumm. we will take a look at the popular costumes ripped strright from the movies. next from the skating rink to the hospital, she has been in an independen incredible journe.
8:26 am
8:27 am
she is olympic gold medalist and there's an figure skating rink named after her. dorthy hamlin is also a breast cancer survivor. %-and she is speaking out.month good morniig to you, dorthy. >> good morning, how are you?
8:28 am
>> i am doing well. >> breast cancer unfortunately is a story that so many people can relate to. tell me a little bit about your journey? >> i was diagnosed three years ago. i have always paid close attention because my mother is ú survivor of 30 years noo. >> wow. >> ss i knew that there was a3 chance that i might get it. fortunately, i live in ballimorú and i had incredible care at john hopkins hospital. oh my gosh, what an amazing experience. if you're going to go through something like that. had wonderful support from my family and friends. you know, i got amazing care. so, i had this love for jewelry my wholeelife and the opportunity to maabe give something back came up to design some beautiful jewelrr. proceeds are going to g komen for the cure for this line of jewelry, it's called love, hope
8:29 am
and health. i'm still being treated and i thank my lucky stars every day. >> we will ask about the jewelry line. what girl doesn't like jewelry. it's a great way to go. offcourse, you need ú%couragement if you're going through ssmething i would imagine, like that. talk about the jewelry line. what is it and wheee can people get it. >> can you get it in any3 hellsbuug department store at the malls and online. ú%m earing pink pearls with the pink ribbon and we start at $14 and go up to $2,000 so there's every price point. it hows someone their love and it's helping, you know. there's hope. there's llts of hope, you knowú breast cancer isn't a death sentence necessarily anymore if you get it early. you know, early detection is the key. >> you areea prime example. you're here and you look very active, you're active, smiling
8:30 am
and beautiful. a lot of people want to be able to get to that point and stay at that point and have their illness progress anymore. what is advice aaout theú of yourself. >> well, certainly exerciss, eating a healthy diet is very immortant. but absolutely getting checked. you knoo, i had some scares a couple of years befooe myú actual, the one that was malignant. i have to sayy as much as i checckd, ine was disccvered by my doctor in a routineú mammogram. it wasn't even though i thought i knew what i was looking for, this time i didn't get it..3 >> regular checkups. >> really stay on top of it, because if you get it early, it's a great chance that you know, you can beat it. >> well, dorthy. p> knock on wood..3 >> we thank you for jjining us ttis morning. >> thanks for having me. >> everybody should get out and buy piece of jewelry and give it to somebody you love.
8:31 am
>> dorthy, take care. >> you, too. >> you are watching fox 45 morning news, ll locaa all morning.
8:32 am
8:33 am
welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 8:32 is the time. i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of our forecast following a beautiful weekend. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a bit of a change. we hang on to hee3 temperatures, patrice. it stays mild, but the clouds move in and so does the chance it willlbe back, i will tell you when in a littleebit. that's a warm start to the day for sure in baltimore. 61 in salisbury and in .c. ú% in hagerstown and even in the highhr elevations out to the west where it's typically cooler. 55 degrees this morning. we have the southwesterly flow that is giving s the warm air. with that southwesterly flow we have the clouds and showers that will bb headed in our direction for later this afternoon and eveeing. 72 degrees for high and we will talk about when we can expect the showers more specifically in just a few minutts..3 right now here is candaae dold with the traffii edge.
8:34 am
candace. >> reporter: , it's been an interestinn morning. we haaen't had too many accidents to talk about. it's just that volume and here it is again on the beltway traveling at liberty road. you can see the lanes are completely filled, inner and outer oop toward 70 and while we're in the red from 795, the entire way all the way down towaad 95. right now 24 minutes at 27 miles per hour. taking t farther back from 95 toward 83, it's also iinthe yellow there, 17 minntes, 36 miles per hour, but then doing much better on 95 whardd9d whitemarsh. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back overrto you. here re the stories we're following this morning. %-ttey file another lawsuite against lender wells fargo. wells fargo says it wiil vigorously fight the lawsuit which accuses the company of predatory lending practices. theecity alleges that african
8:35 am
americans were targeted for bad loans leading to foreclosures. a judge dismissed a seeond one earlier this year. several f the people who lost their jobs when the espn zone at the harbor closed earlier this year are banding together to sue disney. the disney company which owned espn restaurants across the country, closed all but two of the locations at june. that includds the one at the inner harror. it left 130 people out of work failed to giveethem 60 dayany notiie that the restaurant was clogging violating federal law. they plan to file a lawsuit this it's the time of year when everybody is looking to be somebody ther than themselves. if you haven'ttfound the right costume for halloween, time is running out, but don't worry. we have some suggestions. don't let the search for your halloween costume scare
8:36 am
you. look to hollywood for inspiration. netflix is maaing has entertainment expert katherine richer available to talk with us ú%is morning. >> good morning, patrice. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm trying to think of costumes inspired by hollywood, i'm ddawing a blank. help me out. >> i love halloween and i love the movies. the movies are inspiring what people wear on the holiday season. this year we're going to see a lot of people dressed all in blue based on the movie avatar that came out since last december. it's the first halloween since the movie came out. you knnw, if you want to dress up like audree hel hepburn from ú%eakfast at tiffanies. and mad man is another greet place to go for inspiration. >> all of the super heros,
8:37 am
there's probaaly iron man out there and things along those lines. >> iron man, superman, batman, all the lassics are still very3 key for the kids. >> you can't go wrong with that. if you want to have a party for kids or even for adults because everybody is paatying round halloween, whaa is a good theme? >> i recently atched monssers inc. wwth my two kids and they llved it. %-story line is very sweet butt3 it's so bright and colorful with all of monster outfits, but the monsters aren't scary. they are nice monsters. -hat i would recommend is doing is a movie party. invite their kids and friends o come over and dress uu in one of the monster outfits. you an actually watch the movie being treamed from netflix. this is what we're doing right now. a lot f set up, and have the sugary snacks. try to throw a couple of apples
8:38 am
so make sure we get some health in there. once they have the costumes on and see what hey're wearing up on the screen it's a lot of fun and you're entertaining the kids for a couple of hours. >> how about the adults, howwdo we entertain them? >> going to the movies in terms of what will inspire, different ideas..3 you got the classics like the exorist or carey, what i'm recommending is the rocky picture show. it's a classic and it's a lost fun. many of us wept to the movie threaters nd went to the midnnght showings ann get up and dance and ing along to the movie. have your guest show up in the colorful outfits,,you know, adults like candy just like the kids do, so bring out some the candy ut we also like to have a drink or two. why not serve drinks in the cool beakers. whyynot steam ii up and have fun.3 >> people have been talking about the rocky horror picture
8:39 am
-how, and i have never seen t i will have to get caught 3
8:40 am
8:41 am
i see a little bit of sunshine out there. good morning, welcome back. 8:41 is the time. meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell us how much sun we will see, probably not as much as the wait weekend,. ú%> not as much. 57 is where we start with artly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies deppnding onnwhere you are. winds aae calm. 80% relative umidity. we are expecting some change for the next couple of days with more cloud cover. 57 is tth temperature in
8:42 am
baltimore and it's mild all over. 57 in hagerstown and oakland the salisbury and warmer at 60 degrees. the low 70s like they did thisto weekend unseasonably warm temperatures continue past today and the next few dies. back to the -- pho dies. few days, and the showers are starting to get closer towwrd alabama and georgia seeing the stormiestú weather at his appoint. but the showers, again going to continue to be a factor for us later in the day today. and then another chance we will talk about on wednesday, two different things that will be providing us with the showerú chances. one is disturbancc that will be moving through as we get moreú moistureestreaminggup trt southe south and with it the shower chances through afternoon for the western counties on eastern %-the front examines in and is e second sul prit.
8:43 am
culprit. it will stay aaead of it and warm and even tuesday in the 70s of th. minbehind that fronn cooler temperatures then. 70 degrees ann ild for the ttme being. we have the shower ann thundersttrm chan chances for lr in daa. for the central part of the state, wind as much of a factorú thunderstorm in the evening as we climb tt 72 degrees. the western part of mmryland we are still on the normal side. ú%chance for showers later this morning and thunder for the for you. we can't rule out an eeening thunderstorm and bine degree 59s miid.3 the showers taper off and all we will be left with are most low cloudy skies which is hat we will havv tomorrow during the day. a dry day as we climb to 74. the front brings us a chance of a shower oo hunderstorm on wednesday.
8:44 am
a high of 78. one more day, one more for tuesday with a high oo 78 degrees. drier and look for sunny skies. 59 on friday, 60 and 63 for your saturday and sunday. now for a look at what is happening on the roads with situatiinnhere is candace dold with the trrffic eege. well, we conttnue to track the actual speeds out there right now on 95 things are starting to look mmch better, 42 miles per our on the southbound lanes traveling thrrugh whitemarsh and now at 57 on the how ther loop lanes at beltway traveling through harford road. 59 at the jfx not aabad ride there either. we want to talk about the beltway on the top end there's a crash at the inner loop lanes at stevenson road. there's a look aa liberty road and see how that shaping up. we have at inner loop ride at as for the outer loop lanes, you're going to have a fair share of company aal the way down toward 70. into the beltway, let's take a
8:45 am
live look at 795 at cockeysville and it's going to be the same here it is at old court road. still delays on the old portion of the beltway is 775. on we do have an accident at carroll counny a crash that completely shuts own route 1 %-that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back to you. baltimore with changes you caneh makeeto your die tot diet to man 3
8:46 am
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dr. mollica marshhl can show you the overwhelminn effectt the latest research suggests that a plant based diet can help. vitamins and minerals found in vegetables can boost thee3 next time you hit the supermaaket, keep in mind these effects, load up on fruits and vegetables. the american cancer society suggests attleast five servings ú%day. try eans, scientists believe in ingredients in beans can help protect ourselves from damage that may lead to cancer. reach for flax seed. there's beee self lab studies which suggest that flax seed can protect against the formation of tumors..3 choose whole grains. annioxidants may help reduce the risk of developing cancer. fill the shopping cart and enjoy the benefits of these potentially cancer fighting foods. i'm dr. mollica marshall.
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to help you keep better track of your spending. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. cooked numbers, false attacks. the truth? frank kratovil is ranked one of the 10 most independent members of congress. frank kratovil does not follow anybody's party line he looks at his district, his family, the community, and that's the important thing to him. endorsed by the chamber of commerce, the nra, veterans, and police officers.
8:51 am
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics, in washington i've tried to do the same. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >>from farms to able therr's a movement going on across the country to get people to preeare meall using locally grown
8:52 am
produce. james the program director of healing initiative for kaiser permanente is here to tell uu about the effort that is going on in our region, good morning. >> good morning. %-right from the farm. is fresst tell me about what you're making here. >> this is a potat poe at potatp and the onion and garlic are the basic vegetables. we have ham which we can add which is totally optional and there's broth that we can add or chicken broth. ú% i will let you get started sd and work on that as we talk about get fresh baltimore food >> it's an effort to educate ann engage people n making healthier choiceses. ballimore is consideree a food ú%sert, what that -- desert and
8:53 am
what that means is there's very few grocery stores that are available to people. people tend to shop at which seldom have fresh and healthy products or they eat at fast food restaurantss get fresh baltimore is a way to shed lightton the issue in baltimore city s well as engage people in thinking about healthier alternatives for ú%emselves and their fume llz. families. >> is there a push to get some of these foods to the corner stores or direct them to the farmerssmarket. >> kaiser permanente has teamed up with the city of baltimore and a local non-profit called associated black charity toú there's absolutely a push to ge3 people to frequunt farmers market. there's 14 farmers market and three of them accept evv ards. waverly, palm and explain what
8:54 am
the evt card is. >> that is for wic uses,. >>especially for credit cards and debit cards. if you go aad buy the products thee ou can cooe only and make somethhng just like this? >> that's right. the idea it's a myth that we ddn't have time to cookkat home. it's a challenge at times, i admit, but it's very easy to ggt simple vegetables. ú% this case, put them in a pot ú%d makeesoup. soup for the faaily is a great warm and healthy meal. it's gettiin cold. i'm going to show you i'' doing here. we got, carrots and onions in this pan. all you did i was dice thee up and throw them in. >> not too small and just finely, put them into the potú with olive oil. ú%u can use olive oil or any type of oil that you have. you want to throw in some potatoes. >> the thing about this and we
8:55 am
about 20 seconds left. the thing is it takes a little prep time to chop and cut and do all of that. this is something that you can have in the re refrigerator andt off of it for days..3 >> this serves six. the soup and nice and green and healthy when you finish put it in. you put the kale. >> we're out of time. can i open the pot and show the finished product. i know people are particular when you're in the kitchen. don't open pots if you didnnt cook it. here is what the finished product looks like. it smells delicious. i wish you all could smell this? p> iffyou for having us. >> if you want more on the baltimore get fresh campaign, just go to links. coming up get ready all you i@@@@ %3
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
all right, would yyu calll3 this artwork or an eyesore, whatever it is, t's been aa3 man's project for 20 years in the making. nicknamed the cathedral of junk, this piece of odds and ends needed a building permit to stay put. owner said he had to get rid of some his beloved junk to get the permit. >> that doesn'' counn some the stuff i had to give away and the trash and yyrd sale. %-40 tons worth of stuff leftll here. >> the cathedral of junk gets about 10,,00 visitors each year. >> how would you like it if that's your neighbor? >> i know i can comm up with my own cathedral, i'm pretty sure. >> i save eeerything. >> all cleaning time. >> all right, weather wise, we're going to clean up after we get to midweek and enjoy a sunny finish the first week. first we got toodeal with a due
8:59 am
showers and thunderstorms and milddtemperatures all the way throogh thursday in the 70s. a chance of showers not just today but aaso wednesday. >> but it does dry out.ú we look forward to a lot of sunshine for the week. cooler temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s for the weekend. if you want to own a piece of twilight universal without having to become a vampire. it's twilight week here on fox 45. we're giving autographed twilight posters, and dvds and clothing.3ú to qualify yyu have o be the teege calle10th caller at (410)481-4545. you will get twilight and way to lit 2 on dvv. >> you're not disqualified if you're a vampire, though? >> vampires can apply s well. >> see you tomorrow.


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