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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 13, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> mylie cyrus takes a hit from a bong. >> the controversy, and what her rep aid was really inside. >> the mother of a suspected terrorist speaks out. >> he is not a teerooist. >> why antonio martinez said the failed plot is really the fault of federal investigators. >> cold and getting colder. how low the temperatures will go, and when we will finally get watch forecast.again the sky smelly feet. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. the search is on tonight for thieves that kidnapped and robbed a pharmaceutical delivery driver. >> keith daniels is standing by live at police headquarters where police areecalling this an intelligent robbery. keith, what can you tell us. they are working with a vague @%scription of the suspects. still tonight they say that they are optimistic about recovering those drugs, and making an arrest. >> baltimore city police say it happened monday morning at 9:00. a driver, for a pharmaceuticcl company was delivering drugs at thh westside pharmacyyon west pratt street. when three menn one of them, with a gun, approached the driver. ttey grabbed him. took his trucks, which was loaded with about 87 crates of drugs. kevin grant. >> fast, service is good. >> is hearing about the theft on -is latest visit to his neighborhood pharmacy. >> times are bad. i guarantee you those guys are
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probably taking those drugs, use them and sell them. because narcotics are -- >> no one inside of the pharmacy is talking about the crime. %-is business as usuaa.ers, t >> i have no information. >> detectives say thieves took the drugs and abducted the driver. locked him in the back of the truck. drove him to south baltimore on fort avenue. where they unloaded his truck, then put the drugs in to their own u-haul truck. then drove awwy. thee left the driver there, unharmed. >> good thing that he was not hurt. but still, you know, it is bad that there is crime like thattin baltimore. >> the driver managed to alert police. >> important part is that the individual was not hurt. >> who called the crime a well thought plan. >> this is not a random attack against a pharmacy. but the robbers had prior knowledge of the packing list enclosed in the trucc. robbery well thought ouu and so was our response. we have coordinated with dea,
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fbi, given the amount of narcooics that went missing.@ >> we do not know what kind of drugs were in the truck. bothy police say they have a siinificant ssreet value. live at city police headquarters. keith daniels, fox 45 news at it clock. >> thank you, keith. and it is the big talk in hollywood tonight. mylie cyrus, caught on camera smoking from a bong. %-now.y, i am going to ose it lay down back there. >> the hannah montana star that turned 18 last week was@ reporteddy smoking salvia. her publicist points out that she is an aadult and the herb is legal in california. mylie's dark billy ray tweeted after seeing the video, saying " i am so sad." salvia is illegal in dozens of states. here in maryland t is against the law for people under 21. and at least one town has passed a total bbn. but as kathleen cairns reports
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tonight. some top rreearchers at johns hopkins school of medicine say it could have important benefits. >> so the inttnsity is just really other worrdly. and the duration is remarkaale. researcher at john hopkins university school f medicine where he just wrapped up the first scientific study on human reaction to salvia. >> thhs is where we conducted the study. paaticipant would sit in the chhir. theyyactually inhaled the drug, through this tube. >> his research concludes salvia may benefit search disorders. >> such as chronic pain. cocaine addiction. alzheimers disease and other dementias. drug works at this particular receptor in the brain. and because of its completely unique structural profile. >> the sale of salvia firss outlawed in ocean city where it -as referred to as synthetic marijuana. >> they can be hundreds of times stronger thaa the regular drugs.
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because there is no control. it is being made for one reason only. that's to make money. you know, to sell ittto kids. >> while for centuries it has been used as an ancient medal ritual it is gaining popularity as a recreational drug. >> powerful has losegenic. >> experts say the fest acting short-term could benefft you. and there could be benefits for some. ->>it hits this very particular speecfic way. >> in southeast baltimore. kathleen caiins, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> there may be a plla deal in the works for the murder of yeardley love. found dead in her apartment in may at the university. -er ffrmer boyfriend george huguely accused of killing her. spooesperson from virginia said @%osecutorssdo not plan to ask
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for the death penalty. and family friends say the huguely he is do not want the ccse to go to trial. >> breaking news out of harford -ounty. officials are on the scene of an grace. happened after 8:00 on franklin treatment people jumped from the seconddfloor window to escape the fire. three residents and a fireffghter were taken to area hospitals. none of the injuries are life %-no word on what caused blaze. >> a fire claims four lives. including two children in cecil county. it happened in earlville and chesapeekeecitt. residents of the indian acre mobile home park awoke to flames and explosions. several were killed. and firefighters took one hour to control the blaze. >> i look out my front door, and i saw the bright light. and the embers were coming
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toward my property. >> then we heard propane tanks blowing group and no worddon tte cause of the fire. >> two men are killed, 11 others are sick. after carbon monoxide leak into the a baltimore county home.3 emergency crews were called to this home on kolbe road in3@@%p. when they ot there two men were already dead. the rrst of the people iiside were taken to the hospital. along with three police officers that got sick after going into3@ the home. thhre were no, no carbon monoxiie detectors found in the home. and officials areetelling everybody today, if you don't have a etector in your house, >> carbon monoxide ii a odorless, invisible gas, and the symptoms that it causes, when you are affected bb it, are very similar to other kinds of general illnesses. you feel nausea. dizzy. so you can become extremely sic3
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and die beffre you know what the problem is. >> more than 500 people die each yyar from carbon monoxide poisoning. obama's health care law. wealth of virginia said a key part is unconstitutional. the judge took issue with thh mandate requiring most americans to purchase health care by 2014. the justice department is %-ruling in a federal appeals court.@ >> the goals here were noble in this bill. but even noble goalssmay only be pursued within the powees of the constitution. and that did not happen with this piece of legislltion. down. >> the case is expected to winn court. >> our sister statton in columbbs, ohio is one of a few tv stations granted a one-on-one interview with president obama. so we asked him about the legal challenges to its health care
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reform law. he said the coorts will ultimately let it stand. had two other courts, federaldy courts, rule that t was @%%-we have had 12 other courtst have dismissed tte challenges tots health care laws. >> wsys spoke o preeident@ obama, about a wide range of topics, including the economy, and the g.o.p. victories that changed the balance of power in %-hear more from our sister station's exclusive inttrviee with the president over the next few days, right here on fox 45 news at 10:00. reaction on both sides of the healtt care debate. michael buczyner is standing by live on federal hill. >> the bill that forces people to have insurance or get it. runs across a snag tonight. and both people on both sides of the issue say the battle issfar3 from over. the bill was signed into law. and it is sending shock waves
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through baltimore. authorityyto make sure that all@ americans have the health care they need. >> it is a victory for the american people. >> congressman elect harris, applauds the decision from a virginia feeeral judge. decision declared the obama@ administration's health care law unconstitutional. it required citizens to buy insuranceeorrpay a penalty. >> it is not the most irrational leeal theory out there. >> average person probably doesn't want the government telling them what they have to buy. %-tte first step in aalong bbtte for effective health caree3 reform.>> i really do think thae %-stepped their bounds.osi over i ttink that this aw should be repealed. >> 14 other federal judges concluded that congress has authority. we think this judge is wrong. law and heads up the maryland >> this law is constitutiin am.
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we think that 30,000,000 americaas that will get health care are very haapy about that. for supreme couuttshowdown. whiih, according to his3 constitutional aatornee, could take years. >> people that like things firmllydecided, are going to be very unhappy in the next several years. but our politicaa syytem is messy. >> back out live tonnght white house said that there should not be any problems implementing the law since it doesn't take effect until 2014. -or now, miihael buczyner fox 45 news. >> do you think the health reforr law is unconstitutional? 67% say yes. 33% say no. and one viewer writes, no, leave our president alone. >> leonaad said, forcing people to buy health care ii stupid. >> go to and@s. %-text your answer to 45203. -nter fox 45 a for yes.
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%-response may air tonight on t3 "late eeition" at 11:00. >> cordish company said thaa a temporrry casino could be open at arundel mills mall about a year from now. company revealed more details about the pllns today. 2000 slot machines would be located on the grrund floor of a at the mmll. the full complex would be ready to go in late 2012. it would hold almost 5500 slot machines, the most of any location. >> if you are a state employee your benefits could be cut very soon. a commission is considering @%lernatives to reduce a massive unfunded liability. john rydell reports, one optiin is being called illegal. >> for state employees that are vested, there is a light at the end of the careers. but pensions may bery eroded if a state commission gets its way. members are considerinn numerou3 options to reduce spiraling one would freeze cost cost of lg
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for retirees for five years. >> how much money would be earnee on pensions, all of these are facttrs that would decrease the benefit, which is midlevel across the u.s. >> legislltive analysts ay freezing cost of living adjustments is illegal. and it is not a viable way to see larre unfunded liabilities. but unions representiig the workers, say retirees could still pay more. prescriptions andco pays, you will have to ask if they willl3 pay for food or medicine. >> union leaders are worried about another option. placing workers nno a dined cribs s similar to 401k plan. >> people with decent size nest eggs, they were ddmolished, left once again it is finished. >> they are expected to take a final vote oo the recommendations next week. and sent to governor oomalley
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and state lawmakers. proposed changes, that could drastically impaat state employees, and retirees, for decades. >> it is just very which complicated. and very important. and you are dealing with people's lives for decades. lives of taxpayers/employers and employees. @% in annapolis, john rydell, >> the commissiin is considering theestate sharing the cost f funding teacher's pensions. >> maryland team. of the year will not have to worry about going to school. >> chemmstry teacher at urbanaa is teacher of the year. today the maryland automobile dealers association gave her the keys to a brand new chevrolet cruise. she alss received other prizes, @%cluding $20,0000in high tech equipment. >> now, if you see news, see it, shoot it, send it. @%load hotos and videos to %-the see it, shoot it, send it -connor send photos from your cell phone to pics@foxbaltimore.coo.
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>> it is an embarrassing problem. smelly ffet. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the change in your diet that could top the proobem. >> because i don't thiik it is wiih him. >>the mother of a suspeeted terrorist talks about the case against her son. why his attorneys say he was set next. >> it is ather exciting..3 the folks are pumped up. >> a look beeind the scenes at to make christmas happen onelps time..3 when fox 45 news at 11:00 continues. >> and frigid bitter cold temperatures ouu there tonight. as we continue to see the strong winds from tte north. slow down theetemperatures. and continue to see snow showers. 23 in baltimore.@ 19 in hagerstown. sevee in western maryland and windchhll factor is older. i will show you how cold it will be, coming up.., ñç
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>> a suspected terrorist accused of trying to blow up a military recruittng office, appears in the llwyer for antonio martinez is arguing entrapment. joy lepola covered he ddtention hearing. >> why do you say that? >> i don't think it was him. >> surroonded by cameras, the mother of suspected terrorist antonio martinez, taakeddabout the government case against her son. >> he is not a terrorist. i don't care what the report said he is not a terrorist. >> federal authorriiee arrested martinez last week, after he allegeely attempted to detonate a car bomb near an army
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recruiting office in catonsville. >> the deeendant sought to recruit four to help himtwo. tuned him down, one tried to talk him out of it. the forth turned him in. >> during the hearing today,,3 quote grinning from ear to ear. as he lefttthe ssv parked, that hh believed was packed with explosives..3 but his attorney alleges this is aacase of entrapment. >> the arguments we are making today were designed to make the best -- put forth the best position we could with regard to @%y he should not be detained. >> what the fbi is trying to do -hen they approach you is to makk ssre that whateverryou decide to do, it has to go through them, so they can have >> martinez's lawyer called the plot an act. designed by the government. he also questionee the informant's background. %-ranting from facebook to the fbi's attention. >> what abouu combing the mosque
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that you felt the informantt3 might be doing, ii the area. >> again, the arguuents i made in the courtroom speak for basse on what the government has alleged in affidavit. >> based on the charges, and the fact the jjdge seized martinez as a flight risk and danger tt she decided to keep martinez he exactly where he is. in federal custody. inndowntown baltimore. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 11:00. >> the government saiddmartinez @%d several opportunities to back out. and didn't. preliminary hearing s scheduled for december 21, unless martinez is indicted in the meantime. >> police get new inforration about a suspected dogfighting %-policcecame across six pitbuls while raiding a house for ddugs @% friday. thoussnds of dollarssii cash.nd four uspects were immediately @%rested. as officials continue to iivestigate whether they were @%nning a dog fighhinging.
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>> it is happening in everybody's backyard and we need to be aware of it and report anything when we see it. >> olice say they also fouud a treadmill, a commonly used item to strennthen fighting dogs. >> a & p filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. it happened yesterday. the company owns super fresh and a & p started back in 1159. and ran 15,000 stores across the u.s. at one poinn. and it now ruus fewer than 400 stores. mostly innthe northeast. and ankruptcy filing had $3.2 billion ii debt. %-dollarr in assets.f billion >> the president's tax deal with republicans clears the majjr hurdle in u.s. congress. the paasage of a proceduual vott shows there is enough supporr to move to aafinal vote now in he u.s. senate. bill calls for $900 billion extension of tax cuts and unemployment insurance. uncertain in the house.@ >> iithink, we will pass the
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bill. as ooposed to simply not assing anything. >> i ecognize that folks on both sides of the pplitical spectrum are unhaapy with certain parts oo the package. and i underssand those concerns. i share some of them. but ttat's the nature off compromise. >> emocratic leaders say they may push for changes in the measure before voting to approve itt >> people are traveling more. and theeevidence is at bwi thhrgood marshall airport. in october, almost 2,000,000 people passed through bwi thurgood marshall airport. making it the usiest october in the history of the airport. passenger traffii has increesed for 16 of the past 17 monthh. the only exception was this past february hen snow, i remember that, slowed things down there. >> well, driiing will costtyou in mmrrland the verage price of dollars a gallon. up four cents from last week. @-last mooth..3rrm this time anddat his time last year, we were payyng $2259 a gallln.
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well you can find the best gas price dollars neighborhooo. gooto and click oo the pump patrol icon. in the news features seccion. >> did ou send some christmas packages today? if youudid, you are noo alonn. >> today is the busiest day ever for fed-ex. joel d. smith was in rosedale earlier as the first of 16,000,000 packages came in for >> wow, very busy today. >> santa has nothing on these overgrown elves. >> it will get ffll. i will leave aisle room but my shelvesswill be full. >> it is exciting. the folks are pumped up. ready to go. they are ready to make their christmas wishes come true. >> wishes of those running@ fed-ex. 16,000,000 shipments made monday.3 twicc the average daay 16,000,000 is a huge number but maybe think of it like thii. between thanksgiving and christmas, every second fee-ex sends out 86 different packagee
10:24 pm
or 1000 in the amount of time it takes me to say all of that. >> online retailers and dot coms and everybody going on the internettand shipping. of the increase, comes through those channels. >> that's whyythis is the busiest ay. but not the last one to@ guarantee delivery. -hey have until friday for ground deliver or december 23 t@ pay a higher price and ship it but with illions beinn shipped3 that means customers will make thousands of mistakes. >> they arr going toouse a box thht is not sturdy, it cannot hold the weight. not put enough padding in the package and not label it properly. >> to be sure to use two to 3 inches of bubble wraparrund fraaile tems and tape it. need another check? see if it makes a sound when you pick it up. >> it should not shake. you cannot hear anything. >> thee up to these guys. this tiieeof year, they say, they are just as reliable as you
10:25 pm
know who. and everybody is exccted. and like i said, it is like >> in rosedale. joel d. smith, fox 45 news.3 >> now the busiest day for the postal service is monday. 800,000,000 cards and paccages will be sent now the onn day. >> predicting the busiesttday to be diesel december 22. %-tt me.uttinggit close it seems >> proccastination. >>well, you know what, it is cold. and it feees colder than it is. because of the win. >> yeah, ittis bad out there. how long will the cold snap here is vytas reid with the >> the cold is digging in, in precipitation mixed wwth cold, anddyouugee snow. one of our viewers in parkville sent in this photo, jje de, took a picture out back. looking at snow showers comiigg3 juss a bit ago. hour aao. ssowers coming down on the
10:26 pm
%-right arrund the beltway ther. over toward pprry hall and whitemarsh. and we will continue to see ut it in radar.3 there is the blip that moved across parkville. with showers coming down. you can seeettem making the way %-rockvilll, fredericcvilll more -now showers. so weemay see off-and-on snow with cold air in place. looking at the regional temperatures. cold air. in the teens back west of us. we will continue to see the cold air funneling down behind a that is up in the new eegland states. in fact, our hd ssycam is shaking because of the winds. we have seen the cold temperatures. winds, and eeen snow showers out there. so it is making it feee cold at this time. so temperrtures only 24 degrees with the winds out of the west-northwest at 18. i will have a detailed look at the forecast ann show yoo when the next chance is wwen we could get snow showers coming p in the forecast.
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>> trailer for twilight with almost 18,000,000 views is onee3 of the most viewed videos n -youtube" this year. find out whhch one toped the list in toniiht's "word on the web." >> the aw precludes us from commentingg >> ethics ommission created to @%intain ethics. -ut is it ethical?@ we examine the ethics of tte ethics board in the ccverrstory.
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>> it has bben more than six mooths since the city's new ethics board was sworn in. but doothe changes to the ethiis law mean more transparency and tougher law. we audit the ethics oard in tonnght's coverrstory. >> surrounded by city leaders. then newly elected baltimore -ayor stephanie rawlings-blake, wouul sign two sweeping pieces of legislation into law.
10:31 pm
both would change the face of@ the city ethics board and how is @% does business. >> people of our city and state -emand more from government, and this new thics board issa good exaaple of us oving forward. >> the city's ethics board recovering from aablack eye. a damaged reputation that reaches back years. former mayor sheila dixon, convicted of stealing from the needy and removed from office last year was cleared in 2006 was the city's ethics board for a separate set of allegations. but board members would not offer details on the decision. >> the ethhcs law ppecludes us from commenting oona pending matter. >> they completell overlooked it iivestigate that. what does that say to taxpayers@ >> council president shiela dixon was under investigation comppny that employed rethe sister. city records indicate that dixon did not abtain when she voted three times in connection with
10:32 pm
u-tecc contracts. but the city's ethics board at the time found no wrongdoinn on dixon's behalf. allow public officials to be involved, in any matter that involves the interest of a relative. %-being a part-time employee wih u-tech. i abstain as the board of estimates when u-tech comes before tte board, i haveecovered my basis. >> now a new mayor and new administratioo brings chaages to %--> want to ake certain that e public knows that it is tax dollars are being spent efficiently. >> mayyr's new law aims to makk it independent and transparent. specifically the law alloww the@ president and comptroller to each nominate a board member. county employees and lobbyistt from serving on the board. councilman cole's companion ettics bill was also signed into
10:33 pm
law. @% people that are reviewing public officials, ethical behavior, are completely independent and without influunce. i think, that the mayor took a huge step when she seeeed connrol of the board. %-far enough.y it does not go since the mayor controls three aapointees on the five member @%ard. >> but if you have three people appointed by the mayor, who do you think they are behold ento? basically the handmade by the people of power. >> review of the actions, show 20 inquiries, including questions about solicitationss3 for political contributions. -rre food. and even cooplimentary tickets to a ala. the board will also address subbidized travel byymembers of the city pension system after a >> his new ethics board has@ shown with willingness to take on the travel issue with the pension board, has shown they are willing to ackle the tough
10:34 pm
so it is a new day. travel by members of the pension system omorrow. >> we know tea soothes the throat, buttalso two other body@ parts. what are they? @%%->> winter weather slams tte midwest. why hundreds of motorists had to be rescued. -> and frigid cold temperatures %-the western portion of theto state. whole central portion of the country is in a deep freeze.
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>> it is freezing out there. >> crickets are frozen. yeah, it is cold. bone chilling cold. >> it is. you have to bundle up to staa %-you do not want to get caught outsidee keep the car running.3 blanket in the carr make sure you ave safety features in place. but frigid temperatures out there. and that's the case through the night time. remember last week, we had the naaty winds? well nasty winds are back andd3 back with a vengeance.
10:38 pm
wind. 24 degrees. cloudy skies. winds out of the west-northwest at 18. and humidity levels at 48%. so we still have a chanceefor a few scattereddsnow showers, we have een a few push through. and more tonight. and almanac ssows high of 33. low of 23. and not much precipitation. few flakes thhs morning scattered across the area. knot nothing sticking. and south, there is more. southern tip of the state and eastern shore. salisbury, and thoss areas. western maryland of course, is garrett couuty where they could3 see an additional foot of snow. crazy things out there. the winds crazy here.will see bundle up. winds blowing through the area. giving us a chilly night with windy conditions. here is where the core of the cold aarris coming from. national map shows up there toward the polar region. that dome of very frigid coldd3@ air is pushing own over the upper plains, into the great lakes. 2 degrees right now in
10:39 pm
minneapolis.3 ten in chicago. and ttat's where they have seen from the storm that pushed we are on the tail end of it. getting wrapaaound action of that. area of low pressure over maine and nova scotia and eefects off3 dragging down the cold air. ann miami, at 47.s. now that shows you the effect of -his storm pushing all tte way down south. new orleans at 43 degrees -- or 39. so very frigid temperatures out there. as this storm continues to wrap in. back at home. closer look here. temperatures 24 in baltimore. 19 hagerstown. seven oakland. and then you have the winds out@ -f the northwest 18 to 25 miles per hour. gusting to around 30 to 35, to 40 at timess look at this. 37 miles per hour wind gust in oakland. that's blizzard like conditions. feels like nine degrees on the your skin. one in hagerstown.3 15 below in western maryland. so dangerous temperatures as far as what it feelsslike oo your skin. looking at the scattered snow
10:40 pm
showers across the area, they are off-and-on. we could get light accumulation. butttemperatures continue to be sustained througg the overnight. as this system drags up to the north. -reating still lakk effect snow showers in new york, pennsslvania, ohio. what we are watching is next ssstem tawill push in by wednesday. southwest f us. indiana and kentucky. this is the next snow maker. so wwdnesday we could get more aacumulation out there oo the ground. 19 tonight. few scattered snow showers tomorrow. maybe a morning snow shower, clearing out in the afternoon. %-and wednesday. next syssem.3 friday and saturday back to the upper 30s. but still cold. >> emergency crews in indiana searching for drivers stranded by the wintee storms. strong wiids causing snow drifts up to 6 feet high in laport
10:41 pm
county. tow trucks removing abandon vehicles and helping people to escape the frigid temperatures. >> when i was coming in, i didn't see the snow. it was shiny. oh, when i realized i was already in. i got stuck. >> rescuers have assisted almost 50 vehicles, all with people inside. >> if you happen to llke hh winter weather you will get a treat in the country of ffance. sculptures on display in the alps. all originals except for copies of the thinker, and michael anglo, david. this exhibit lasts until the end of the ski season, in the month of april.., >> we will tell you how tea could help your feet. next on fox 45 nnws at 10:00. >> and this was one of the most viewed videos on "youtube" this year. 25,000,000 people, or 25,000,000
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>> if you like your tea to stay cozy during cold temperatures. @%searchers say it does more than keep you warm. it can help you stop your stinky exxerts say soaking your feet in a scented tea acts as a today riser. we are not sure how they discovered this new found use. they say it could soothe worn out toes but o not drink it. >> no, soak it. and throw it outt >> throw it out, do not drink it after that. lousy flavor. "youtube" releases counttown of the most viewed videos. >> judy kurtz reveals the song, that toped the list. judy? >> according to youtube" views, 2010 is remembered for vampires, smelling good and a lot of song paritys.3 look at this year's most watched videos on the site. this trailer for the twilight %-viewed clip.s eight most
10:46 pm
17,000,000 people wanted to get a sneak peek of whether bella would choose edward or jacob. number five is the man, your man, could smell like. >> anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady. >> old spice commercial became a "youtube" sensation this year, garnering 25,000,000 views. but only one clip could claim the number one spot on yootube's most watched video list. and all it took was a infamous ♪ >> ♪ >> this music viieo of alabama resident antwan dobson on a local news station raked inneau view after view on "youtube". it is callld bed intruder song and watched 47,000,000 timms since beinn posted onn"youtube" in late july. for the full list of top
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@%outube" videos, you can check out my blog, on"word on the web" blog. i am judy kuutz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> none of these great plays was good enough t ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get it. ♪
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>> inal looo at the seven-day forecast. it looks like 30 degrees for


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