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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 14, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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hundreds of unneceesary surgeries. >> i warned him to enter tteseú proceedings ae the presumption of innocence which we're all ennitled too tte steps being aken against him oday and why his legal team expeccs his name to be clearedd he is first accused f center at catonsville.liiary i ddo't caae whht the report says. >> why the man behind the failed bomb plot is blaminggfedeeal %-that matters..3 he on hing an unethical ethicssboard?
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we gg inside of the city's commission. goes back to the end zone. >> the ravens game goes into overtime, despite a game long-lead. to redeem themselves.., good morning, welcome to fox this is december 144h. ú%> patricc harris has the morning off. the one thing to wake ou up will be the cold, cold, cold %-we're goinn to cheek in with mettorologiss steve te!! ertigd that is the numbers that we're dealing with. >> i stayed up last nightt33 >> sleeping. >> it was a late game. >> late game. here is what we got as you you said, megan,,lub awakened by
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-he -- will be awakened by the cold ir. %-county, winter storm waaningt there. a wind advisory, too, for the west ide the chesapeake bay. winds are going to bb around 25, higher thhn that.úand even gusts ú%ndchill advisory for the western part of the state where the temperrtures:close to zerr. ú% in hagerstown, as the coldest air oo the seassnnmakessits way toward our region.ú ú%e temperatures drop at we ill talk about as far as how many other channes of snow warm up from now. traafic edge.dace dold hhs the good morning, candace. >> reporter: i'm sleepy too, this morning. it was all worth it now that the ravens won.
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we are looking aa what happened oo the roadways. we all have a fire, a crews on the road and you can use locc as the alternate on 95 traveling thrrugh baltimore, let's take a live look at the fort mchenry tunnel, it's going to be light activity on the southbound lanes, and to theetubee as far as the get way, wee'e in the green across the oard. 95 acrrss to 83, 11 minutes at 54 iies per hhur. an itminut!! 8 inute ccip froma %-houu, 52 milessper that's a look at your morning you. it's 5:03 on foxx45 earlyy3 edition. the fuuure of a carriologist accused of performing unnecessary urgeries could be here today.
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the attorney says that his ccient will be vindicated but that is jjst one thing. joel d smith with what is could happen while this hearing3 %->> reporter: this is a process. the resulttcould be yes, a complete heariig oo dr. medai or his license to practtceú accused of -g and really he ist >> none of these patients who have brought claims against tte bb st. joe in an unpreceeented pptients acknnwleeging respoonibilitt. now medea has filed his oon
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lawsuut against st. joseph. st. joseph has reached a ú%ttlement asspprt of this inveetigatton. today's hearing s clooed to th3 reeommendations will be issued following the testimony.ú it's expected tt last a few weeks as well.., there couud be a plea deal in the works in the murder of yeardlly love. she was found dead in her off campus partment t the university oo virginia n ay. george huuuely s accused of virginia says prosecutors do not plan tooass for the death penalty. %-not want the case to go todo trial. goes up in flamee.ty apartment this happened at half de greasee after 5 will bee 5:00.
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two frieeds and a firefighher were taken to the hospital. -ortunately non--f injuuies wer3 life-threatening. -o word on what aused the fire. now the ukraine, chernnble power plant will be reopen for people. ukrainian governmenn officials saa radiation isshigher than -ormal but it's safe for3 %-the plaat will open next yeea3 a and b is filing for bankruptcy. a and t starred back in 1959 and ran more than 15,000 stores across the united staaes at one point. it nowwrunssffwer than 400 sttres mostly if the northeast. in its bankruptcy filing it had ú%.2 billion in debt, and just $2.5 million ii assets. a tempprary casino could be open at arundellmills mall n
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about a yyar. -he cordishhcompany has revealed saying 2,000 machines would be located on the ground parking3 garage of the floor. the full complex wwuld be ready than any location. a feddral judge in virginia uncoostitutional.ú the man took issue with the mannate requiring all americans to pprchase health insurance by the goal1213 -- 2013. >the goals were nobll but3 even the noble goals may only be pursued within the power offtheú constitution and that diddnot happen with this piece of legislation soothe court muut
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a sister at columbus ohio was one of few t.v. stations with president barack bama so weeasked him aaout the llgal he says the ourts will >> keep in minddwe had two other courts, federal courts rule that it was constitutional. have dismissed challenges to tte ú%althcare loss. >> reporter: the school thanks to aa overhaul of fedeeal knew frig!!no!f younutrition sto law by president obama. sannra ndo has the updatt. >> weewill get back to sannra endo in a little bit talking about the healthier lunches lun3 the resident's tax deal passes through ongrrss. thissshows that there's enouuh
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support toomove to a final vote senate it calls for unempllyment exxensionnbut its future is mmre unceetain in the %-as opposed to not passing bill anything.ú >> i ecognizeethat folks on both sides of the political spectrum are unhappy with certain arts of the accage and i understand those concerns. i share this some of them but that issthe nature of compromise. >> democcats wwlllpush for changes in the bill before they school lunches are about to that was signed yesserday. we will checkkwith saadra endo. >> rrporter: more healthier school lunches and heelthier choices at the vending machines. that ii the newwlaw signed by prrsident obama n monday. p> not only am i proud of the bill, but had i noo been able to
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get this passed, i woulddbe [[laughter ] >> reporter: mms. obama is a3ú strrng advocate of the legislation. school obesity. -p>> when school eals areethe -ain source of nourishment for soo aay kids, we have an those meals are as nutritious as >> reporter: the new law comes with a $5.5 million price crucial as stuuies ccntinue to meals daily including breekfast. a new study shows that kids healthiir cerealssespecialll if further proof that hhalthy optioos helps youngsttrs now and in the future. see conditionn like high blooo
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pressure, high cholesterol, and %-these are things thaa they ony used to see in adults. this bill is about rrvvrsiigú-ts the healthy futures that thhy deserve. >> repprter: in washington i'm a sandra eedd. several city officials will be oo hann t honor a baltimmre legend. city council president jack young is one of the ppople who will be in east baatimore to remember maa louis, the well -nown, boxing coach and mentor, he diee in november at the age of no.3 this portton a portion of east eggert street will be dedicated as max louis way. he is acccsed of trying to blowup a miil temporar!!! millit center. why lawyers for a aatonio mmrtiz argue he waa set up. wwy do we have a wiiter weather advisory on
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lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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j ú%wishes ith someone in neee..3 %-donate new anddgently used ú%nter clothing to theeless fortunate this holidayyseason. -an you join us this friday, decembee 17th,,durrng fox 4553 morning news from 5:00 a.m. to %-dation as here at our studio. 2,000 west 41st street, here in baltimore. crrw, give the gift of warmth, join us and give the holiiay wishes. and here's no day like today,3 wwen emperrtures are freezing %-let's chhck in with meteorologist steve fertigg good morning, megaa.3 well below freezing. thhs is going o be the coldest air of the season making its way
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-nto theeregionn sky hd radar, you will ee a light flurryyhere and there toward salisbury, seeing light encounter hat at ssme locations damascus, light snow flurries buu the heavier stuff off to pennsylvaaia and ew york and moving intt garrett county out there. we have aawwntee weaaher warning outtfoo garrett today and thaa wiil will continue through here are theewinds, 60-mile-an--our wind in but wind gusts as high as 5 to -0, aad oaaland the same and 30-mile-an-hour gusss in baltimore. tte winds wwll be plaaing a huge role in making the temperatures feel much chillier, still. 22 degrees is the temperature, and tte same at alisbury aa 22.
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haggrstown 19, nd only 35 in %-it feels like 18 below zero iú that's correct.3 eveeywhere else itts single digits..3 out to west where it's the collest area, aawwndchilll3 as we look another the model, a thereewith the blue indicatinn snow showers. a couple of flurries of energy. -e will see thh chances of the snow showers diminish a little later today but the cold air will remain with us watching the next system thattwill be cooing snow flakes byythursday but it another system bind tha behind r sunddyywhich bears wwtching 20, 25-mile-an-hour winds, can't rule out a flurry hereeand there. 25 degrees foo the central part of the statt, we won't rule out the flurries but it'' going to
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be a mainly cloudy sky starting out. ú%, 22-miie-an-hour windd and it chilly indeed.sgoing to make dress warmly if yoo ave to hea3 ouu. to 25. the ooernight low with a night.%34 on thursday with the e of noo showers and 40 on friday, mostly sunny then, but it only warms uppa little bii and 39 on saturday. look for the possibblity, this is a possible 8 wiih a snow showers that could be a little so e will be watching another system then ann 38 with mostly clear skies oo monnay. %-haapening on the roadways, track edge..3ú candace. >> reporter: good morning, steve and good morning to all f we continue toocheck in on theú ú%tual speeds for you. in fact on he west side of the bellway we're attgoi 65 miles pe
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hour, traveling attcatonsville, and as far as the what is in baltimmre, a house fire in it doos ccmpletely blookcene.ú homeewod avenue, it's right between t. ann's avenue and cokes berry avvnue. as for the alternate sttck with loch raaen road inssead. travvling through 5, here it is at 395 and the caas are zipping3 allng,,the southbbuud and northbounn lanes as well. on 895 we're in the clear at o'donald stteet, taking a live look there, it's going to be a -eal on the top end of the beltway, thrrogh towson taking a live look at providence road. ú%aativity there inner and outer lop lanes down toward the 83s. that's a look t your morning %--ver to you., let's turnnit thanks, ccns daze still can. toyota is recalling more vehiiles, the problems hat
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drivers are having with the coin %--p 5518 is the
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a suspected terrorists accused of trying to blowup an in federal court. the lawyer for an antonio martinnz is aaguing entrapment. ccimeeand justice joy lepola covered monday's hearing. >> this is not him. >> reporter: surround by caaeras the mother of suspecced ú%rrorist antonio martinnz caseeagainst her son.rnment's he is not a terrorist. i don't care whht the report
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says. >> reporter: the authorities arressed martinez, aka muhammad attempted to detonnte a bomb. >> two turnnd him down, oneú tried to ttlk him ut of it, and ú%e 4th turned him into the %->> reporttr: during artinez3 %-described how he was rrnning from ear to ear asshe leff thee3 suv that he belieeed was packed ú%th explosives. the case of entrapment. >> the arguments we're making the est position we can to determine why he should not bee3 detained. >> the fbi trying to do when they approach you hat whatever you decide to do it has ttogo ample opportunity to sttp it. >> rrporter: martinez called the act designed by the government he also questioned
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he brought the rantings from >> what about coobing the %-felt he innormant might be doing in the area. >> the arguments that i madd in the courtrrom,, peak forr3 themselves and it's based on what the overnment is alleging in the affidavit..3 -> rrporter: based on the charges and the fact thht the danger and danger to the publicc she decided to keep martinez where hh is, from federal cussody. now the government aid martinez had several opportunities to bacc out and didn't. a preeiminary hearing ss3 scheeuled for december 21st unless martinez is indicted bbforehand.3ú well, llter on the early edition, gas prices on he riieú how much a gallon oo regular mmayland. busiest shipping daahassits3 @ñ
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p>> toy to recalls another car, business is boomingg,with fedex and tte dow is up. %->> reporter: another toyota recall, this time it's the sienna,,toyota it recalling 94,000 minn vans to fix lights to staayon. and fedex says ttis is shhping up to be its busiest day everyy ever it's expected to sendd3 $16 million packkggs today, ú%%-the dow now up orr than 9%s yearr a mergee monday general ellctric saying it will pay more
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than $1 millionnto buy energy companies. aad dell ponying up to buy data storage, reliant ú%chnooogy. chernoble becoming a touris3 attraction. they areerunning tourr ver of the plant thaa exploded.ú they say the tours re both safe and informative. a drug delivery gone wrong in westtbaltimore..3 how the driver of a pparmaceutical truc
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ellome back to fox 45 eerly edition. i'm megan gilliland. we're gging to check in withú meteorollgist steve fertig about these cold temperatures. we're sitting between thh high pressure and theecoldú pressure east. this cold wind is going to make it coldde. ú% youutold us yeeterday that >> we're getting into winter by fact.week, a week from today, in radar. the spinning motion uu new england is spinning some energy. maybe we get a couple of snow -lurries movinggthroogh theareaw shhwers foo part of the day. most activity is in the up sllpe of the mountain. in garrett county we see the more significant snow falling3 there andda winter storm warning continues for garrett county for today. other than that, a winter storm advisory.
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and a winter weather advisory iú want to let you on the west side of the chesapeake bby from garrett county. and anne arundel too. here wiih the inds, 15-25 miles per hour. t feeling like theseú temperatures out in akland at 5 degrees re about 18 below zero there. ttat's why the windchhll advisory forrthe western part of the state. elsewhere, 3 degrees inn%baltie digits with the winds the 19 degrees should do it for the bus stop forecasttthis morning so be prepared for a chilly one wwth tte winds. 28 deerees by noon and probably backing off from the 31-degree high at 1:00 this afternoon, to it will feel like teens throuuhout the day. -he is happening on here again caadace dold with th3 traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: unbelievable numbers. it's absolutely freezing out there. %-nfar as what is going o, it's


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