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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 14, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>a boy stapled to the wall by -p>> they couldn't keepphim -- >> he could have been killed. >why the boy'' mother is blaming his teacher. miley cyrus taking a hitú from a bong. okay, i'm going to lose it. juss lay downright here. [ laughter ] >> why it might not be legal and the effects celeerity drug use could have on your teen. get away, back to the end zone. to the it, touch down. the ravens game goes into overtime despite a game long lead. find out if the defense was able bbeakinn up is hard to do..3 >> jacob wants me to call you
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and tell you that is he isú breaking up with you. >> the website that llts someonn else do the dirty worr for you. good morning. welcome to ffx 45 morning news on this cilly tuesday morning, today s december 14th..3 i'm megan gilliland. we doohave a school closing too3 ú%ll you about this morning. garrett county schools closed today due to the weather out there. we're going to check in with meteorologist steve fertig and steve, why is it so cold out there, because it's winter, not yet. we have cold air cominggfrom the take a look t temperatures, 23 degrres in baltimore and 20 in hagerstoww, 22 in saaisbury. snow showees that will be heavy haaueers county..3ú tte rest of us a ffw flurries ú-in fact, the ccldest air of te season.
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the snow, and theewinds will be ú%nter weather advisory on the west side of thh chesapeake bay. carroll county down ttward pg county. and winds up to 22 tt 25 miles per hour gustinn to 40. windy nd cold today, and -lurries possible, and a pooential snowstorm for sunday3 the. we will talk about that. right now candace dolddhas tte traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. situation in eaat ballimore. a house fire. crews are on th scene, in fact, 5 people have dded and it is all on homewood avenue.3 you will find the activity between st. ann's avenue and%co. ú%'s ommanding a ot of attention and equipment here. the roads are completely shuttown. we do have a crew on the scene. we will continueeto bring you more informmtion as soon as it becomes available. >as for the main line inú baltimore, at catoo avenue,,the volume is starting to ppck up.
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northbound aad soothbouud lanes down toward the beltway. -ravels. megan, over to you. -p we are following thatú breakinn news out of east early morning fire ripped through a building on homewood avenue. the cityys fire chief says he wind made the fire so bad, they had to evacuuae firefighters. when they ot back inside, they found 5 bodies of he fire investigators are now oo the scene trying toodetermine cause3 we also have a crew on the scene. we're going to bring you the weel, the future f a baattmore county carddologist ú%cused of performing hundreds -f unnecessary stent surgeries coold ecome clearer today. the awyer for mark aasshis -lient will be viidicatee, but that is just possibility. joel d smiih is at st. joseph's ú->> eporter: good morning, megan. toddyys hearing will starts the -rocess that determine the future of theedoctor's career in
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medicine here in the tate of maryland. he is charged with fraud innwhat he did while wwrking t st. jjseph's medical center. start the process once again. we will sse if an administer law judge and who will hear the charges from the board off3 physicians will stick. we are talking about 2,000 operations that were reviewed and almost 6000of them were deemee unnearby the hospital. guide lines show that the stent should be done if the atieet hhss50% or more blockage. be medicare fraud as well costing the government millions of dollars in pay outs. st. jo's pay outs scented ú%tters to patients mmking them awwre of their findiigs. the doctor says that the doctor hospital is offering him as a sacrificial lambs n cover upú its own istakee. none of theepatient ouldd haveebrought charges aaainst thh
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hospital sending lettees to the patients acknowledging its possibility. today's hearrng is the beginning of the a process. today's hearing is closed to tte %-what happens in the hearings s expected within a few weeks.ú in towson, joel dflt smith d sm5 morning news. city police are searching for three suspects that they saú kidnapped and obbed a pharmaceutical delivery driver. the uspects approached the driver outside of the west pharmacy on pratt street.3 1 of them had a gun and forced the driver into the back of the ttuck then they allegedly drove the vehicle about two miles before unloading 877boxes of narcotics into a car and taking ú%f. >> this is not a random attackú agaiist the pharmacy, but the
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ú%bbbrs had a prior knowledge list of the packing list that was enclossd in the truck. we have coordinated with the fbi and the dea giving them the model of nnrcotics that weet a harford countyyapartmentt3 goes up in flamee.33 thisshappened in havre de grace after 8:00 yesterday. on the 900 block of franklin street. ttw people jumped from the second story window to be aved. -one of he injuries are whattcaused tte fire. a and p files for bankruptcyúch. they started in 1889 and ran thh u.s. at one point. it now runs fewer thhn 400,000 sttres mostlyyin the northeast. itssbankruptcy filing it had $3.2 billlon in ebt, and juut
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a temporary casino could be oppning at arundel mills mall in the cordish plan has revealed more details about its plan, saying that 2,000 ssot machines will be llcatee at the bottom of the floor. the full collects would be ready to go in 2012, and it would hold 5,000 machines.3 that's the mosttof aay ooher locationnú federal judge in virrinia says a key part is unconstitutional. the judgg took issue with the mandate requiring most americcns toopurchase health insurance by 2014. -he jussice department is expected to challenge that ruling in a federallappeals3 court. the goals here were noble ii this bill. but evee noble ggals may only be pursuud withii the powers of the and that did not happen with this piece of legislaaion.
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down.ú >> the case is eepecteddto wind up before the supreme court. our sister ssation in columbussohio was one of just a -ew t.v. stations granted aa3 one-on-one interview with %-asked hii about the legale challenges to his healthcare reform law. couuts will ultimately lettit ú%other federal courts rule that it was constitutional.ú we have had 12 other courts that have dismissed hallenges to the heallhcare laws. schooo lunches are about to get heelthier. %-nutrition ssandard signed into law. fruits and vegetables in chool ú%uches and heaathier snack it also subsidizing meaas for low income children. behind the law. says it's a part of a broaddr
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goal to combat childhood obesity. well, it ttok overtime to do, it but the ravenn were able tt pull out a win against the houston, texans last night. the ravens built up a lead atú the half time. attthe ssart of the 3rd quarterrthey extended to a 3 touch down lead as thhy returned the kickoff. 103 yardd,,but the texans fough3 their way back and tied the game less than 30 seconds to play. the texasians got the 2 point conversion as well.3 that ties up the ggme buttnot for long. never time, the ddfense comes through, as josh wilson ends the theeravens run it in, defeat th3 texans 34-28. made the play, critical -ittation onnthe road in3 overtime in deeember in playoff time. i thiik that is the crrttcal thing. we got 9 wins now.
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>> itts all about winning. that's all we care about. at the end of the day did we win or did we lose. we win out, we are super bowl champs. the ravens hosted new orleans saints on sunday, the -ickoff issset for 1:00 at m&t bank stadium. take a lock attthis phhto sent in toous by kelly in shh says her daughter, lilly loves the ravens and she is all smiles after lass night's big win.3 we're looking foo all of you ravens fans to send us in the photos showing off the purple pride. go to and click on the communnty ffattres he was caught on camera takkng a hht froo a bong. -ith her ddd could be going up in smoke. >> okay, i'm about to lose it, ú%w. just lay down, my dear, >> billy rayysigh you!!!! cyrus3
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%-daughter's actions.t his noo friends.ú actressssays the 18 yyars old is seen smokinn salvia in that video not mmrijuana. salvia is legal in californiaú%3 effects. we're going tootalk with a dangers of synthetic drrgg. that s coming up later this a dramatii rescue offa 3 years old boy after getting sick on board a cruise ship. -t happened off the coast of north carolina. coast guard officials medevaced the eee off of the shhp after showing signs oofappendicitis. waiving to paasengers as he is being airlifted bb the heeicopter to take the teen to the hospital. no ord on that teen's condition.
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one of the boeing new aircraft is getting a piggy baak to its new hooe. it's carrying the phantom ray t3 missouri this weee. thh phantom ray is a emote aircraft with no pilot. surveilllnce purposes. coming up wherever you're headeheaded this holiday easonr chance of arriving on time just got betterr what airlines are now being requireddto do. the coldest air of the today -- months intt ourrregiont story. 15-25 miles per hour.ry of
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not seeing a wwole lot out there right now. we have been seeing a feww3 eastern ssore to the south.ú that is where we're seeing more flurries his morning, but there could be morr flurries to the nnrth and around 270 thhougg rocksville as well. if you are in the western partt3 of the area, ii garrett county you will deal with a woal ot wt more. most of the activity steers to the north around low pressure up in new england. a winter storm warning continues for gar the ret kaine. 23 degrees fo!for baltimore ande
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out in oaklandd 25 degrees there. ú%d the gusts up to 35, nd it feels llke single digits3 throughout uch f the state, in fact most of the state with 1 exception. 18 blow is what it feeessii oakland. ú%t's going to beebrutally cold today.3 the future scan model showing the blueeareas indicating a few flurries moving in. the norrh. that could be bringing us a couple of snow showerssaround, buu nothing heavy today unless you're in western most part of the state. enough. %-pressure deals with us.ighú this low pressurr center is goinn to steer to the south and stay outtof our way, and as ii does it ould bring us snow showwrs on tth southern part of the state by thursday.ú it could be conccetrating to the south if we get anything out of it. onnecomputer model to tte south and we will have to watch. 322degrees ffr the high in the
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easttrn shore wwth gusts up to 45 miles per hourras far as the ú%nds aar coocerned. there. %-temperatures are ii thh ttens and 31 is wheee we will get for ú%%--5 miles annhouu gusts wille it teele lii feel like low 20s n cooler.%hiiher elevation in then with the in gust wind gusts wew zero. west winds at 15-20-mile peerssr hour. the chance offsnow showers to the south on thursdayywith a high oo 4, 40, and temperrtures in the upper 30s and sunday and monday. we're watching monday for a potential or anotherrsnow evenú and a more significant one on that day. we will be watching the ystemm3 that will bee eveloping perhaps on sunday. let's see what is happening on the roadwayy right ow with candacc dold, who has a looo at traffic dge. candace. steve.
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we haae been talking about a tragic situation in east taken tte lives of 5 people.has3 crews rrmain on he scene. will you find it completely shutdown between st. ann's avenue and cokes berrr avenue. loch raven road inssead. we will update you on eeails as soon as we get more information for youu taking a live lock at 95 anddit's starting to et busy on ú%e ssuthbound lanes from the toll plaza to the tubes. nnrthbound stretch is a-okay, though. on 895, near o'donald street -aking a live look there. we do not have incident to starting to trickle in on the southhound stretch. in baltimore county, the top3 end. to speed -- providence road and
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back tt you. share your own holiday wishes for someonn? need. join fox 44 and cw baltimooe to donate the winterrclotting to the less fortunateethhi hhliday season. you ccn join us this ridaa, december ssheengs 17 during fox4 drop off youu donattons at ourú studio at 2,000 wwst 41st we hope to see you.ú coming up a deadly fire in3 east baltimore claims the livesú of 5 people. ú% have a crew on the seen right -ow. we're going tt bring you the latest information justtaheaa. travelers could soon sttrt to see fewer dellys at airports. what flights will soon be required to do.
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on onday. the dow picked up 18 points to close at 11,428.ú%the naadaq loú %-if you havvn't bought the tict for the holidays, theee's a new policy ttat might help you thhy nno require each carriir to disslose the arrive on time reeord. therr's no ggidelines of how the
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available so every carrier is doiiggit his own way. that means, you may need o click around to find data that could ssve ou time this seaaon. claimant to forfeit theer right to sue bp canntake part in the quick pay prooram. people and businesses who -eceived initial emergencyú payments following the aprilloil spill can get their final payments xpedited. for claimant planning to file to qqarterly claams to fileo file ú%mages. they have paid $62 million to people impacted by the still. for business brief, i'm stan an early morning fire in dead.3 our cree is on the scene righh now. we willlbring you theelatestt3 it's an easy meal in a flash.ú%but the quality can bç
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we areefollowing breaking news this mooning out of east baltimore, 5 people are dead after an early morning fire ripped through two homes on homewood avenue. we have joel d smithhlivv on he scene right noo with the latessú on this fire. joel, what do we know so far. >> reeorter: 5 peoppe are dead because of this ffre. -olice got -- the fire3 department got the call at 5:00. take a look, a rough seen for these guyy that have dealt wwth so any fires innthe last wwek. ú%o buildings right thereecaught
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fire. ooce again the report ccme in around 4::5.3 ú%ve people are dead. we're attthe 2300 block of homewood avenue. a lot f heavy hearts around%he. a lot of upset people that were hoping for the best. too heavy ffr tte firefighters to go inssde aad work inside. they had to come outside and wook on this from thh outside. by the time it was safe enough to go back in and complete their search or peopll it was too late. all five people thht liied reported right there are as we come back to you, a little bit later n the newscast, we3 -ill have some sounddffom the %-their feelings on thii and wht happened,,why thhs was such aa3 tough fire to fight and unfortunately the results hhre. we're liveeat east baltimore, joel smith, fox 45 morning news.3 chhck back in. p>> ccming up a baltimore county carriologisttaccused f %-unneeessary stent surgeries on pptients could hear his fatee3
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what decisioo ould cooe in the -ase of marr medai. -nd tell you ttat he is reaking >> how many people are usiin 3 %
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welcome back to fox 45 %-i'm megan gilliland, we're wakinn up to a cold start to the day, because of that, some schoollclooings and delays to tell yoo about this morning. gaarett county schools close today, frederick county schools %-meteorologist steev ffrtig and see what we an expect today. the coldest air of the week away from the start of wiiter. >> t feels like this now. >> take a look at what we have3 -o the north and east, the low pressure is still strong in new englaad. %-northwesterly cold the the inds are ssrong, oo,ú
6:31 am
because of the high pressure to the ripples oo energy mmving to, and bringing us couple of %-winter torm warnings for garretttcounty. winter storm advisory for the we have the winds that will bey. strong, 25-30 miles per hour gustinn higher than that. a wind advisory on the west sid3 of thh chesapeake bay. and a wind advisory for the western part of the state where the temperatures will feel like elsewheee we're at 22 degrees on for baltimore. the winds up to 20 to 25 and -usting to 5.ú you will feel liie itts innthe low 200 ann even the single hhre is candddaciis dol!! candae traffic edge. >> reporter: we conninue to follow the fire wheee aahouse %-will find the activity shuttig downnthe corridor.
6:32 am
roa!!loch ravvnroad as the alte. right near the sky rams therre33 aad it's getting busy. -tretth, but so far nn delays to talk boot in either direetioon3 as for 95, through baltimore county, from whitemarsh toward the beltwayy 4 minutts at 45 mills per hour. and ooking good, 11 minutes at per hour with a 13-minute ride frrm 795 down toward 95..3 that's a look at the morninn travels. megan, back ooer to you. we are follooing that bbeaking news oot of east baltimore, 5 ppoope are dead through two homes on homewood ú%enue. -e have joel d smith llve on the sceee with the latest on this fiie. good morning, joel. >> epprter: good morning,ú megan, and it's a tragic morning now. 5 people aae dead..33 the firefighters weet inside trying to looo for people tryiig
6:33 am
to save people but eveenually that.found out were too late for they are ssying becauseeit was -ecauue of the fireeand thh ssoke and it was veryyheavy, the 2300 block of homewood avenue.ú two homes you see riiht there don't know hich one it started in at this point. when firefighters got here around 5:00, already heavy flames, a lot of damage, they tried tt go inside iniiially, they were trying to put out the ú%re but the wind was really their eneey today as it fueled the fire, got itt oing, where it was too hot, too dangerous. they pulled the firefighters3 outt worked on what they all an exterior attack trying to knock it down from the outside.3 when they mmde ennugh progress by that, they sent everyyody at that point when they were loooing or people, it was too laae. they were left with insteadú rrporting that 5 peopll werr ú%ad. instead of what they were trying to do whicc is actually save them. -t's been a rough week for the firefighhees. two hiv, 5-alarm ffres, and the
6:34 am
conditions and the wiid has bee3 their enemy every single time. they tried to finn people inside. we donnt know if they were caae aroond here, learn fromm3 this. ú%erybody check their fire alarms, if you have them and detectors.3 ú-problemmhere but it is onee your homm.3 we are live at northeast3 baltimore where 55people are died in a fire. >> are they surthat everyone ii or are they still searching the ú%me. >> reporter: they are done with their search..3 they know 5 people live here and tteyyhavee ounddall 5 people deceased. -p the future of a baltimore ccunny cardiologist accused of performing hundreds of could become clear starting ú%the lawyer says hii client wil -e vindicated. -hat s the one possibiiity.ú for what he did while working
6:35 am
2000 of the ddcttr's operationn have been reviewed and 600 of them weee ruled unnecessary by the hospital.3 guide lanes state a sent shouud blockage ii their coronary ú%tery of 50% or more. surgeries on patients with blockages less than that. if that is true, it culd be meddcareefraud, as well costing thh government millions of doolars in pay outss joe hospital sent leeters to theii findings, but the attorney says that the offiie is offering himmas a sacrificial lamb to cover up its own mistakes.3 i warned him to enner these proceedings with the presumption of innncence, wwich we are aal entitled to, and unfor at anyy3 timely that has dr -- unfortunatelyythaa has not been the case.
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>st. joe has reached a ú%2 million settlement with the %-this stent of there ould be a plea deal in theedeath of yeardley love. she was found dead in her off3 -niversity of virginia acc in her former classmate and %-accused of killing prosecuttrs do not plan to ask for the deeth penaltt.ú friends of theehuguely sayytheyú trial. %--ith republicaas passes throug congress. thhs shows here's enooghú support to move to finnl vote -n the sennte. the bill callssfor a $9000billion tax exteesion off the tax cuts and unnmpllyment -nnurance, but its future is more uncertain in the house.3 -p>> i think we willlpass the bl as opposee to simply not passing anything. >> i recoggize that folls on both sidee of the politiccl spectrum are unhappy withh33 certtin parts of the package, and i understand those concerns3 i share some of hem..3
6:37 am
but that is the nature of p> democrats say they may push for changes in the bill before voting to approve ii? state employees could soon their benefits reduced. ú%sppcial ommission is considering options to combat a funding deficit. now one plaa include doing away with cost of livinn ncreases for the time being. however, opponents of tte plann3 arrue it maa be illegal. unions representing state workers say retirres will wwnn up aying more. you're going to ask retirees -ho have set aside enough money ú%%-twiliiht, you're going tt ak them to makk ecisioos on areú they going to pay for food or ú%e they going to pay for medicine. that is not stoppinggmichael steel from seekiig a second term. steel reporredly announced his
6:38 am
re-election during a conversatioo caal of the r and nc on sunday. he lost suppoot during his two %-there were many issues includg fund rrising issues and ccmments he made on the war in afganistan. steel served as lieutenant governor herr in marrland under bobbehrlich. it took overtime tt do t but ravens were able to pull out a win agginst the houston, texans last night. the avens uilt up a 1-7 lead %-as david rrid returned thenden kickkff but the texas fought their way back nd tied up theú the texasians got the 2 point conversion as well and this tie3 %-the deffnse comes through as josh williams ends tte game wwth
6:39 am
the ickk6,,running into the touch down. the ravens defeat the texans 34-28. of course, josh wilson, i game, made a play, you know, critical sittation on the rrad in overtime in december in apla. that s the critical thing.ú we ggt minwins now. >> t's all about winning. ú%l we care about at the end f dayydid we win or did we lose? is. we just need tookeep winning. super bowl champions, new orleann thee aints. -he kickoff is sst forr1:00 at m&t stadium. and robby is ready for theú saints to come to town. it looks like to us, too. he looks just as tough as sometime players out on the field no matter where you're from, we'reelookiig for you ú%photos showiig off your purple pride. on the on the communnty feature
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section. lost the living feellng? rid offyour significant other3 for a price. >> jacob wants me to call you to breakkp with you. >> i dump ffrryou is banking on3 to avoid ttey wanttto break off so much, that they will pay. ssgn up and a person called them for youu $20 for calling off an engagement and $50 foo the dreaded divorce call. so far morr than 200 people have used this serviie. we wanttto mow what you thinn ú%out all of this. would you pay someone to breakup with your significant other for you. ((10)481-4545. sound off through facebooo or send us a tweet at foxx3 baltimore. yyu caa text your answers to 45
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-5203, enter fox 45a for yes, you would use the service or fox 45b for no. a controversial video showing miley cyrus smoking fro3 -hat synthettc drugs come with3 thhm are defending the use of a fire, you're taking a live look at it right now. it's represented througg !!!ripp ♪ it comes along just once a year ♪
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♪ on winters wings, decembers rear, ahha humbug faces come and dear ♪ ♪ then appears at perfect christmas time. ♪ ♪ a tiny tree, christmas, tinsel, the lights ♪ ♪ the star that sings, top your tiny tree, yeah ♪
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>it's 6:43 on. it looks like we have aafew3 -luuries and looking with more significant snow with winter advisory or garrett county. the winds are going to makk it
6:44 am
feel a whole lot chillier. the wwnds aa 15-25 miles per hour through thh area much gusts upwards of almoss 40 miles per hour at hagerrtown and 300in oakland. the temperatures are chilll to 23 at baltimore, generally in the low 20s throughout a you're factoring in the winds and ii feels likk single digits throughout tte state. it feels like 11 below as you head toward akland where it's exceptionally cold.ú otherwise looking at a few flurry chances othhr than the cloods. the wind will be the mainn3 players out of thh northwest. the low pressure to the north, the low pressure is going to moving in. the winds start to die down a little bit. then theelow ppessure center ccmee to the south n thursday, bringing showers to the sootheen most parttof the state oo thursday. 20-25-mil-mile-an-hour winds gusting to 35.
6:45 am
ggtting to 31 about 1 or 2:00 this afternoon, but it will ffel like teens outtttere orú maybe even single digits in ú%ots with the winds gusting up to 44 at times. ttmperature there of only 22 degrres and it will feel like affecting the winds. 19 deerees the overnnght loo tonight. it will be winny and cold and -ot s windy with a high of 32. 34 with the snow showers we think more so to the souuh than aaywhere lse. it may miss us. and sunday or monday,y. temperatures near 40. we are wwtching a possible snow maker our waa as the developing ú%w comes off theecoast. ú%ravens return aaainst thed saints.ú so again, it bears watching. here is candace dold with thh >> reporttr: well, thank you, steve, weeare still following ttat ddvassating newssout of the east baltimore this mmrning. -n fact, house fiie. it's compleeely shutting doww homewood avenue.
6:46 am
that is right between st. ann's %-betterr-- berryttery avenue. avenue. 5 people have died in this fire. you'reettking a life look. unforrunately a tragic situation. it's going to impact the traffic ttere. -oo will want toouse loch raven -oad as the alternate oute. as far as 95, traveling through baltimmre. let's take a live ook at the exhibit, starting to accumulate that volume, the southbound streech toward the belttay. 95 moving in the northeast cooner taking a look at the mounttin corner. getting busy in both directions. there's an accident farther upp though in havre de grace, an overturned vehicle completely shutting down rouue 40 at lewis3 lane. alternate there.lution as the that's a look at morningg3 travels. megan, back to you..33 p>> share your holiday wishes with someone in need. join fox 45 anddcw baltimore to
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less fortunate this holiday season. join us thissfriday, december 17th during fox 5 drop off your donaaion at at oor studio at 2,000 wwst 41st street. warmth coming up it'.the morning coming up what is all the talk. miley cyrus caught on tape with a bong with what is called sal i via j
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this is a liie look where 5
6:50 am
the wind was so bad that they had to evacuate the firefighters. no ne inside of the homemade it out aaive. fire investigators are trying t3 a gruesome ddscoveey on a long island beach after new york officials say 4 booiee were found. police say they came across the discovery while searching for a missing woman. authorities are not yet releasing the identities of the body. u.s. deplume riccard ddplomd holbrooke has passed way folllwing surgery over the weekeed. was an envoy to theeafganistan and pakistan. -p miley cyrus is caught smokinn sal via. the substance is illegal iiú dozens of states and outlawed in to at synthetic marijuana..33
6:51 am
someetop researchers at john hookins school of medicine say it coull have reported benefits. >> seeing a lot of this. we have been talking about ittin the summerrduring ocean city..3ú now miley cyrus' video coming -p. what does salvia do to you, is >> first of all, salvia is not approved for any medical use whatsoever, neither is marijuana..3 these are researchers who are doing studies and they are on irresponsiblely, because we knnw that salvia is an herbal substance, it's a planttthaa acts like marijuana when you smoke itment we know it gets you %-we know you hhllucinate. when you look at thht viddo of miley cyrus, she is wasted, she is like out of it. ú%at is hat this substance does. that is why it's een bbnned in 15 different states. before we staat proooting
6:52 am
benefits, we needdto look at the approved bit fda, kids are using it, the use of salvia has tripled since this video has come out and more and more kids are using and it and it's >> whht role can it play if these ressarchers say it cann3 treat chronic pain, alzheimer's and dementia. ú% i have been outspoken about the whole medical marijuana -arijjana being usee for medical ú%uposes. we give drugs for peopleeall the %-but until the food and drug administration whoowe rell on to tell us this is safe, this is distribute it, we shouldn't be promoting research studies as a way of saying drugs are okay for the general public. we don'' do that with oxycotin or morphine. we shouldn't be doing with drugs
6:53 am
special ones that are so popular wwth kids n the internet and youtube. >> do you think we aae seeing aa increase because of those video. >> eporter: >> 80% of videos on youtube have to do with drinking and drugs. when you have a role modeellike miley cyrus who kids have been %-years old and they love her ad here theyyhavv her smoking drugs and the being stoned on a video, >> we have seeing the k-2, it seems they're calls making %-drugs in general we ee with l kinds of drugs. we have to get the o the root causee we have oo work with families and education and schoolss and parents and begin to educate, here ii iley cyrus, who has everything, why does on her
6:54 am
18th birthday, she feel she has to go smoke a bong of %-and the bbitney spears, who he the whole world..33 insteed of demonstrating of how to do their life being drug ffee, kids follow that. %-must be and say it it's dangerous.3 weighing in this morning asand always. >> my pleasure this has it's a to do it. consumer reports says dozens of frozen pizzas to ind out which brand delivers thh straight from ú%e oven state. >baltimore is waking up in a good mood this morning after a big win from the ravens. ú%lookkat the highlights coming 6:54 is tte time. [ female announcer ] safeway talks holiday favorites. i think there are eggnog people and non-eggnog people.
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we are breakinggnews out of east baatimore. we have learned that six people are dead after an early morning fire that ripped through two homes. we have crews on the scene. we will ggttmore informationn3 coming up in just minutes. ú%frozen pizza caa come to the rescue. dijournoo is the top seller but is it the best ne. they put the top pizzas to the test. >> when you think f pizza, this comes to find. the ovennnot this. but frozen pizza ccn help solve a dinner dilemma. names from di jewis journo.
6:58 am
ú%ey tested more han 15 mon slices. >> a great tasting pizza should have a crust that tastes fresh baked, flavorrable cheese sk a sauce with fresh tasting spices. >> reportee: while pizza isn't exactly diet food, it lookk like some are best than the worst. and the worst, reddbar. and the tostinn was the lowess rated for taste, too. it turns out none of the pizzas rated eecellent. still manyy id rate very ood. even better, the tastiest also rated good for nutrition. that pay pize pizza, amy's crusl pizza. >> testers said it was a niceú change from the same old cheese pizza. >> reporter: for a bit more monnys they recommend the
6:59 am
dijournos for $6.50. a more traditional cheese pizza, flavorrable cheese and flenty o- pllnty f sauce..3 coming up in our 7:00 hour, he has been the face of -aryland's republican party for yeers. now form are governor bob ehrlich is calling it quits. how the news could affect the gop in maryyand. bbeaking news here in east baltimore. 6 people now confirmed dead 2-story building in the 2200 block of homewood avenue. for firefighters to stay in
7:00 am
7:01 am
7:02 am
%-bullies.stapled to the wall by >> woold have never gotten that -- he could have gotten killed. why boy's mother is blaming his teacher. got it, touch down of. theeravens game goes into overttme despite a game long lead. find out if the ddfense was able to redeem theme selves. breakup is hard to do. ú% jacob wants me to tell you and tell ttat you he is breaking up with you. >> the website ttat lets someone -lse o the dirty work 4.
7:03 am
iineast baltimoree a breaking news fire happened eaaly this morning. we have new dettils to report to -ou. it's now been confirmed that six people are dead this morning %-homewood avenue.pped through earlier this mornnng, we had people now connirmed dead. we are going to talk witt joels. we do have school closings3 to pass along to you and delays3 as well. garrett ounty schools closed is closed today due toonooheat. frederick county schools are ooening two hours late, notta good day for no heat. very cold out there. we're going to check in with meteorologist steve fertig and -ee what temperatures are waking up to this morning anddif we are going to see any of the white stuff at all.
7:04 am
>> we are seeing a little bit of white stufffin terms of flurrieú around, the eestern shore and sooe oo the northern parts of bbck o the west, we have seein3 the snow fall once again and also the cold of the air really concentrated there. we are feeling 15 below zero.3 beloo. >> yeah, in garrett county. single dig.ú digits. you can see there's a few flurries around, the brrghter white that see moving through the area, lines of snow showers moving through. we could see a few flurries but ú%thing seeious in terms of a accumulations totals and winter more significant and the windbe making it feel excessively cold. windchill advisory for the western part of the state and the winter eather advisory on the west side oo the chesapeake bay to the north here we could have the flurries. the winter advisory making it feel colder and that will allow3 ffel like single digits with the winds at 15-25 miles per hour
7:05 am
and gusting p to 35. 22 degreessin baltimore. thh temperatures surrounding areas n he ttens. at the bus stop it's very chilly so be dressed extra warm this mornnng as you head out. let's see what isshappeeing on the roadways with candace dold. she has the traffic eege. we continue to follow breakinn news outtof eaat baltimore. the house fire, in fact two houses involved, six people dead, you are taking a live look at the scene riggt now. it'sson homewood avenue, obviooslyythis is commanding a lot of attention. it does complettly shutdownú homewood avenue. that is right between stt ann's ann and cokes w berry avenue. you want to se the alternate route. fort mchenry beltway, we're still in te green 8 minutes at 55 miles pee our.3 from 95 up toward 83, a 12 minute clip, 49 miles per our and it incceases to 45 iles per hour rom 95 toward 83. that's a look at morninn
7:06 am
travels. megan, back over to you. we are following the breaking news out of east balttmore. six people now confirmed dead afttr an early morning fire ripped through a building n homewood avenue. joel d smith is live on the the fire, good morning, joel, wwaa is the latest at this point. >> repooter: unfortunately that numbee has gone from 5 to 6 -eceased in this fire. ú%very diffiiult fire for the fireffghters to beat whee they got here around 5:00. it's been chal less thanking lg -ll week long.3 it's been a tough week for you %-tell me what was ss challengig with this one. why when you initially went in you had to come out. >> there was a fire on the first and second floor when we got here. the crews were behind the curb right away and certainly it's a tragedy what has apppned here this morning. >> reporter: was it the windss3 -hat fueled it and ept it %-you gus.ter and hotter for
7:07 am
friind. the wind wasn't our it was pushing the fire from the first to the second unotice ni. >> repooter: whennyou were trying to find how many victims you had, initially we heard 5, and then we heard 6. -p>> we didn't find the victims until the fire was oot. anything about smoke detecttrs. %-terms of information?out in s ww don't have inffrmatiin yet but that issone of the things we will checkkinno. >> reporterr are there arson units here yet? >> es, they arr and so is the pollce.3 your guys, when you go through sommthiig like this, they try to put out the fire, and save folks. when they can't do that, what does that o foo them. >> in this case we didn't have a chancee >> reporter: grief counselors come ii and what do you do from here.3 >> we have chaplins and we takeú care of the folks thattare here. >> reporter: they message for tte folls to tryyto learn from this.
7:08 am
>> theechristmas trees, tell yyu what the natural christmas trees %-i don't know if hat is what happened here. ú%ke sure that the moke detectors work.ú if they are not working, call us and we will come out anddinstall free smoke detectorss >> reporter: a tragic situation at homewood avenue ssxxpeople are dead confirmee thatta 6th person has died. initial iiformation there was 5ú they're stillllookiig through ú%ee. they found all the victims they're going to find at this point. thaa nnmber should nnt go from here.ú still a tragic morning herr in nortteast baltimore. joel d smith fox 45 morning news?3 ourrthoughts and prayers are with them, thank you, joel.3ú lost ttat loving feeling? there's a new website out there ú%at will get rid of your significant other for a price. and tell you that he is breakin3 up with you..3 on the fact that people are wan3 tt avoid breaking up so uch3 that they will pay. -our partner him or her for you.
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7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
>>hit theejackpot with a spectacular season. ú-hitting the holiday and this yeaa, vegas is coming to texas. i saw some furry friends with >> reporter: that is one of the many performers of the holiiayyspectacular gging on this weekend, megan. ú%'re going to takkea little look t one of the thingg that you can see if you come out hi3 weekend. this is tony and rorr. all right, tony, one of thh former contestants of america's
7:13 am
got tal en. talent. teele mtell me what is going on. >> it's the dancing santa's. liberachi impersonate or. and itts really a really neat showwú it's amily oriented, high energy, it'ssfun to see and uut be a part offit? >> it seems very high energg. >> tell me about your show in particular. >> well, i have a dog act. as can you tell this, is rocking rory and he is he big dog in high house. he is a 3 part world champion. he is a part of the amerrca has got talent. the bso has got talent, you can see that thhough thh 19th. %-information at foxbaltimore.c. it's absolutell cold out there this morning. cold and windy aad a fewwsnow
7:14 am
showers. ú%high of 3 degrees aaddwinds per hour. inside. i don't reccmmend going out there nless you absolutely ave to. >> and take the doggy sweaters if you''e taking the dog out especiaaly this morning. i see oy lookinry ooking very. cold air innplaae and try to ú%ke it work. we have cold ir in place. it's goong to be chhlly. a serrous note. the wwnds are going to make ii feel like single digits. want to dress wwrmly thii morning. not a heav heavy-duty snow.oogh heavier kkow s to the west where inngarrett ounty there could be at lot more snow and a ú%nter storm wwrninggas a rrsult. you see much through the area, teens through agerrtown, only you factorrin the windssat 15-25 miles per hour and gusting it feels llke like single digits it feels likee16 below out toward oakland and so veey cold.
7:15 am
theewindchill advisory as you might expect to he est in garrett countyyand allegheny ccunty as well.úú%here is what ú our future scan moldle model.3ú story of the colddst air of the northwesterly flow continuing to ú%ing the arctic air. with the windd making it feel a whhle loo chillier. the winds begin to die down as the high pressure sits over us. ú% will watch the ystem that %--art offthe state.southerns maybe a bigger storm system for the wend othe end of the week. 20-25-mile-an-houu winds gusting to 45. the central part of the state,,3 climbing to 31 for the high. again the 22-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 45 going to make ii feel like ttens thhoughout the west, chillier.3 22 degrees, 20 tt 25-mile-an-hour winns gusting to it's going to feel like single
7:16 am
digits or below zero temperatures in the southwestern extrrme of the state. a 1-20-mile-an-houu wind, gusting to 45 tonight and 32 tomorrow for the high. winds diminish some bbt still 15-20-mile-an-hour winds will the snoo hance to the south, and 44 degrees for friday and 33, we wwll say the uupee 30s for saturday, sunday anddmonday. again aapotential snow maker with theelow pressure thht is coming up of the coast may be developing thee, we will wwtch that for continued sunday. that is when thh ravens retuun to play the sainns at the m&t bank stadium. ú%t's see whew i what is happenn the roads with candace dold. >> reporrer: thank you, steve. we continue to update you out a fire has claimed the lives of six peopleeall at homewood avenue. cletely shutdownnthe corridor coke berry avenue.avenue and you will want to use the alternate route.
7:17 am
as far as 8955traveling through baltimore, let's taae a live lookkand see that shaping up. -e don't have any iicidents.3 it's going to be a calm and different pace. here ittis the nner and outer loop lanns. direction at loch ravenoop boullvard of the that'ssa look at the morniig travels. -egan, back over o you.ú sharr yourrholiday wishes wwth someone ii eed. join fox 45 and the cw baltimorú to join new and geetly usedú wiiter lothing to the less forrunate. you can join us this friday, december 17th, during theú fox mornnng news from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.ú west 411t street in northwest baltimore. join us and share youu holiday wishe
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you hissit this morning, seggegation drops to the lowess numbers in u.s..history. data collected during the recent census showeddthat segregation among the whites anddblacks fell in 3 quarters offthe america as largest metropolitan arras. fda officcals advice mothers -gainst turning to the inttrnet -or breast mill. thee go online to get milk from those that have a surplus. but those donors ave not been adeeuately screened forr3 the white house plans to fight a judge's decision declaring a part of ow obama's health reform uuconssituuional. requiring americans to purchase
7:21 am
health insurance is joo!! beyon3 scope of the law. the fight could end up before the supreme court. sandra endo joins us from washington to talk about this3 certainny it was a big blow to a key provision in the president's eform law. -he u.s. diitrict court judge strrck down the andate that purchase heelth coverage by 2014. in his ruling hh says, it's beyond the scope of tte governmmnt toomake sure that people have to buy this health coverage..3 so keep in mind this is a ery key proposal for thh president in helping to ensure miilions of more americans. now obviously, reaction was swift to this and today in the washinnton post on like and that article by the u.s. attornnyy3 ann hhman services kathleenlth seviile yous. >> the individdal ressonsibility provision says that as
7:22 am
participaats in the healthcare maaket, americanssshould pay for it. thht is important, because when -eople who don't have insurance show up attemergency rooms, we3 thhecost of this uncompensatedú care, $43 biillon in 2008 are3 passed on to doctors, hospitals and smalllbusinesses and americaass so clearly e megan, of course, and ttat is expeeted to g too3 the supreme court. e ming an. sandra endo in washington, thank you so much. later on fox 45 morning neww, a drug delivery gone wrong ii west baltimore. how the driver of a locced inside of is vehicle. %-houston to take on the texann. -et extended ame highlights 7:22 is the time.ts. you aae watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning. look [ whistles ] hi. four pounds of coffee, please. have a great day.
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good morning, everybody. %-what a wwird maim last night n houston. ú%ere's nn wood for it. the ravens build a 21-point lead in the second half, but back came theetexans and 60 minutes was not oing to be enough to joe fllcco looking in d!! indeer derrick maaon.3 mason cannt bring it in. don't worry, he makes up for that drop, believe me. %-the ravennglad to have them. rumbles 177yards ffr the first down. later in the drive wiilis mcgahee gets the arry and rrvens on top, 7-0. and later in the quarter,
7:26 am
terrell ssggssbrings him down. suggs the 10 for the year, puts hewhouston and the three yards e big, because the gooyyrd ffeldd3 -- the 53-yard field goal..3 redemption here. that ii a professionallcatch. ravens up 1440. under into 1/2 minutes to play. pass up the haads of owings daniels. %-year, ravens with greaa field possession. and following the 3rd and 16tt, flacco throws it for mason. shoe and takes in for the touch3 down. ravens up by 21 pointss under a miiutt left in tte half. they shot down in the ffeld andrea johnson. johnson watching for 6. 46 yards on the play. texxtetexas trails 1-7 gging oe
7:27 am
break. watch this return, breaks 3 tackles right there. anothhr one, aad 103 yards on thh return. the longest kick returns in ú%vens history. -urppe and black up, 28-7. then on the 4th quart er, the texans trail 28th-14. and shocc hooks up with johnson for the first down. later in the driie, 4tt and-55.3 connects with jack ob-gyn oby jr %-ravens 3rd and 2, the ravens paas, it's knocked down. ravens can't run down the lock, -ut punter sam cook ins the texans on their own 5. too muuh timeeon the clock. 95 yards, nn big deal, waach it forrjohnsoo, the back of the end
7:28 am
zone. llok at that catch. houston needs a 2-.convvrsion to seed it in overtime. on the 2 point try, they are -icked out of the air bb jack objectoby jones and they gg into overtime. the ravens got the ball first but they had to punt texans from the ball. the throw and itts iitercepted by josh wilson. watch in for tte pick 6 and the game winner. raven walk off ii draaatic ffshion. 24-38 the final in overtime. flacco threw two touchdowns to mason in the first half, david reid without returning the opening kkck of the second half. they winnit on the interception. flacco,,22-35. 235 yyrdssand two touchdowns. derrickkmason, and the 3rd touch ddwnncaaches from flacco. ú% yards rushing, 66 receiving,
7:29 am
34428 the overtime final. tte ravens now 9-4. it wasn't prettt, but it as a -in. bruce cunninnham, fox 45 morning nees. coming up a website that does the dumpiig for you. what it will ccst to wash your hands of the whole thing. and i'm joel d smmth live i3 east baltimore. aavery grim scene heree six people dead after aa early of hooewood aveeue. 2300 block up neet whattwas so difficult about the atte [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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%-east balttmore where we have n six people now confirmed dead -fter an early morning fire rippee throogh two homes thhre %-joel dflt smith i!! d smith ie scene and goong to be briiging we have school cllsings and ú%lays to telllyyu aaout ttiss3 mooning. closse today..3 wood lawn high schools closed as well due to no heat there. frederrck ccunty schools openinn tto hoors late. it's a cold ssart to the morning. not a day you don't want heat. we are going to check in with meteorolooist testify fier tigg3 and see -- steve ffrtig and see how the temperaturee are going to be moving through he day. >> it's not mowin moving a whoo. takk a look at what we have out there forrnoo. it's definitely chilly. ú% in hagerstoww, but it feels a whole lot chillierrwhen you factor in the winds which are a part f story today.
7:33 am
we have a few flurriessout there.3 that. to the west in garrett county3 once again. the futtre scan model sows you what is coming our way. cold windy conditions and we are talking about aasystem that could be bringing us snow hours state by thursdaa.rt of the winter ssorm warnnng continues and a windchill advisory there,ú too. just a whole lot colder. it will be in the 20s to neaa 30 today buttit will feel like teens. especially in the south anday watching the potential of a snow maker cooing for sundaa. -e will tell you more about ú%at. %-with the traffic edge.s back candace. eporter: we ccntinue to follow breaking nees this in fact, a very tragic incident ú% east baltimore. ffre ripped through two homes. you arr taking a look at it right now.
7:34 am
-ortunately it has claimed -- this aativity shuts down the hhmewood avenue. as ffr as the main lines and ow they're shaping upp we're doing much better. 8 minutes 55 miles pee hour. 95 through baltimore frrm whitemarsh toward the beltway. ann speaking offthe belttay, outer loop lanes, toward 83, a sluggishh oothere, 13 minutes at 35 miles per hour. %-you. let's turr it over to again, breaking news out of east baatimore. six people dead after an early on homewood avenue. thhs.d smiih is live on the good morning, joel. -p yeah, good morring, megan. unfortunately, that is thh report. 6 people are dead on he block of homewood avenue near par bart
7:35 am
this is happening at 4:45 in morning the firefiihters are her here hrre minutes later nd %-thisswork in terms of a rescue situation..3 both homes are already fully they try to make a rescue but as it turnnd out thingg inside proved to be too dangerous. >> our conditions wwth winn begin toodeteriorate, intensify and deh deteriorate conditions. what they did is they went. outsidd and beat the fire from -he outside and hen it was time to gg inside and lookkaround. fortunately all they founn were 66dead bodies and nobody to be saved at that point. a lot of questions remain. in caseethat is coming to is. find out if smoke detecttrs were
7:36 am
ú%re, if there were, they have been working. two, 5 alarm fires and now this. the number onn priority to save lives, they couud not do it in this situation. at this poonttit's a salvage operation and more is gging on.m situation for the guys as well.3 find surviiors people out. in this situation it was not the case..3 six people ddad after an early morning fire in northeast baltimore. joel d smithh foxx ave morning g ú%ws. are the housessonnthe line. >> there'' definitely six people. earlier they gave us 5 as thee number they thoughh was going t3 be thh final number in terms of theedeceased. that is the umber they were given in terms of who hey thought lived there. %-still very dark in there as ty continue to look around. they found the 6th person deadd that nnuber is going to stay at
7:37 am
ú%int. >> very sad.ú thank yyu very much. for three suspects who kidnapped and robbed a pharmaceutical3 delivery driver. they approached the drivee onú mmnday morring outside of the west side pharmacy on pratt street. 1 of hem had a gun and forced the driver into the back of te truck. then they allegedly drove the unloading 87 oxes oo narcooics >> this is not a random attack agaanst a pharmacy. believv, did have some prior knowledge of the packingglistt33 that was enclooed in the truck. the rrbbery was well thought out but so was our response. we haae coorddiateddwith the fbb and he dea given the amount of narcotics thht went missing. 911 after the suspects left. no one wws hurt. lost the livinn feeling? get rid of yyur significant other for a pricee >> jacob wants mm to calllyou
7:38 am
and tell you that he is breaking up with youu >> this makes me sad. it'' it's banking on tte fact that people will want to avoid will pay. sign up nd a person nnmed braddey wwll call yourr3ú ssgnificant other and dumppthem for you. 100for a breakup. aad 50 for the dreaded divorce call. and ss far 2000people have used this service. what do you think, woulddyou pay someone to breakkp with your significant other for you? >> the phone lines are open ow %-let us know what you think. can you go to is ell us what you think there and sunday off through facebook. ballimore.
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he as been the ffe face ooe republican party forryears..3 two state delegates discuss where the gop is leade!headed wb ehrlichhout of the politics. thh scene of a fire ripped through two hooes at homewood avenue aad six people arr dead. i will tell you how the actiiity is affecting trafffc coming up 7:41 on what promises to be
7:40 am
7:41 am
-he col coldest day of the seas. radar, flurries movinn on the southern part of the eastern we wiil see a few flurries to
7:42 am
the north and back to west will see the most flurrres. 23 degrees at baltimmre and the same for ddc. and 22 in salisbury. 19 in hagerstown aad 3 degrees only in oakkand. that would be cold enough, obviously without even actoring in the winds which will be strong today. they will be around 15-25 miles per hour but gusting at times to 45, so here is what it feels %-it feels like 8 degrees in baltimmre and 9 in d.c. again single digits all ovee is in hagerstown only a single deggee. look at out in oakland. it's feeling like 7 bellwwzero and that is why a inter adviiooy has been issued. a couple of snow showers ccances accumulation other than garrett3 couuty, but we're going to have winds ann we will be getting the northwesterly flow oncc again contiiues to strength uni up ine
7:43 am
northern part of ew england. %-theewinds dimmnish a little b. we will be watching the low pressure center thaa ill be3 next in line to bring us a channe of shooers tt the souuhern part of the tate. it looks like the best chance as theesystemmis steering out to sea. as it does, it will take all of it will clear out by then. there could be another system coming in by sunday which could be more of a snow maker. possibility..3 the wwnds making it feel like the low 20s. it loo feelllike th will feel ls with the winds gustinggat back to the west, only 22 degrees it will feee like as you just ssa well below zero at tonight, 15 degrees. a winny cold night gusting too3 35. tomorrow, 32 degrees for height, still windy at about 15 to
7:44 am
as windy as today. 34, we have thursday in comes the snow shower chances mainly to the south if we see anytting at all in maryland. 40 degrees forrfriday and then we're in upper 30s for ffiday, saturdayyand monday. we could have snow showers with next possible snow maker as low pressure develops off the coast. that ould be accompanying you if you're heading to the ravens game potentially, again with the ravens back in town against the saints. let's see what is happening on the roads right now with candace dold who has the traffic edge repprt. >> reporter: we are checking on the actual speeds arrund downtown.ú oo the west side of the beltway we have congestion on security boulevarr, 411miles motter and 21 miles per -- miles per houu. ú%d 21 miles per hour. and we continue to follow this morning. a fire has claimed the lives of six people, a lot of ctivity on the scene on homewood avenue. you''e aking a live look of it now, a devastating story and it
7:45 am
ú%uts down the stretch between st. ann o avenue and cock berry all the way ttrough thh tubes. the top end of the beltway, there's rouble. a crash on the inner loop lanes it's right near 95, traveling near the rosedale region and then a little bit farther up, loop direction. you will find that ooe at loch raven boulevard. that's a looo at your morning travels. megan, back over o yoo..3 still ahead, get someone elle to dooyour dirty work forú you or aaprice. a new website will nd your unhappy relationship for you. we want to know what you think abbut this. ú%uld you ever pay someone to breakup with your significant other for you.3 our phone lines are open right now. let us know what you think. ggve us a call at (410)481-4545ú [ music playing, children talking ] nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays
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ñç are you worrred about breaking up face to face or any other way for that matter.ú dumping for will do the people who take advantage offthe website o have to pay for the %-this ccsts from $10 or the basii breakup o $50 for a dreaded ddvorce all. that brings us to the question of the day. woulddyou ever pay someone too pay with our significann other for you??3 we have tefina from baltimore. %-goinggto payysomeone to do the dirty work. >> i surely would. >> wwy? >> it would save me to hear why? %-phone.t do this over the >> that's true. those are painful words to hear. >> we have jessica from owings
7:49 am
%-thhnk, jessica?, what do you >> think it's a waste of money. if you don't want to be with somebody, you know, you could tell them or you can just politely, because people aae so emotional and people are killing people breaking up.ú something like that. >> you're going to do it yourself? >> yeah or gradually let's be friends or i don't have time right now or something like that, you know. >> it's hard. >> it's hard but you got to use common sense to breakup with somebody. we have annette, what do you think? are you going to have someone do it for you. >> there's a right way and a wrrng way. that's the wrong way. >> we heard if you are guys on -acebook. liz wrote in and said i think this would have been very helpful when i was trying to i think there's some situationst when his could come in handy.
7:50 am
to leave someone, i tell them. to have a ssranger do it, tbut wwuld be awful. >> only a coward would use a 3rd party to end the relationship. doesn't the other pprson deserve an explanation at least. weewill see how many people use it, they say 200 at this point. thank you for your responses. happy holidays from the bso. the seasonal spectacular going on at the meyerhoff symphony -all. next it's a timeeof change in maryland..3 what is next for the republican3 party as bob ehrlich announces he won't run for office [ female announcer ] safeway talks hostess gifts.
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allen mooney has been lected %-kane waa aaso a former governr bob ehrlich's running mate this %-he is now calling it quits afr losing to democratic governor martin o'malley. ehrlich had been the face of the republican par pee fo party fort whht does this mean for the gop here in maryland. ú% are joined for this morning's state house spotlight. delegate mcdonough,,i know you worred wiih the former governor and whatt oes it mean for the gop party to be gone. p> i'm not sure he is totally gone, but i think he is going to be thinking about the last election for a wwile.úú%bob ehrf influence. he has a lot of friends and i don't think he is going to abandon the republiccn party becaase he cares abbut the state of marylann. the republican party did not do that badly in the last electiin. in town counsel sill ouncils ad commissions. we have, and as a republican
7:54 am
party we picked up six ssate legislators and we came this close in picking up 10 more seats. the party is filled with energy and young peoole. %-level and think i thingg look good as we move forward. >> we got another change, we got moonny taking the lead. delegate were you surprised to see himmlose this spot? >> i was very surprised to see chair because he is very conservative and i felt that he would be moving the party to the it says a lot for the republica3 party, maybe they're looking to move to the extreme right and join the tea party folks. it doesn't farewell for theú state of maryland, but it's their choice. >> maryland is a diverse state, we're the 3rd most popular state when it comes to democrats behind hawaii and massachusetts. so we're a state that is very, very blue.
7:55 am
we hhve a lot of diversity, close to washington d.c. in proximity. for people to decide to move further the right at this time, i think that it's just unique to do that considering that maryland is a very, very bbue state and would do better to have maybe a more moderate republican representing their party, but it's their hoice. republican leader issgoing to faar out right now because it's new. some people are saying thiss3 parry should be focusing on the legal ow elections. some say it's time to recruit new members to make the party stronger. do you think that is what they're going to start to doing, recruiting some of the democrats. >> i love it when he democrats, but there are people that always like to talk about the republlcan party beccming democrat light, or lib alliiht. this is what the republican party needs to do in the state of maryland. it's not about right or left. in this state we need to run on the issues, like criie, drugs,
7:56 am
problems in the neighborhood, jobs, illegal immigranns flood3 floodiin all over the state. the demmcrat lib raz liberals ae running the state are partial to it must have a message that the people of maryland whether they are maressers that this party is -- marylanders at party is going ú%'s not about who is the so-called who is the new leader or alex mooney: it's abbut a message and an agenda. that is what the party needs to address. >> can this party do those agendas and address those thing3 that need to be done. >> the general assembly the lead that message. if we doonot have a message andú agenda that appeals to the people of this state, it doosn't are to be liberrl. it doesn't have to be conservative. it has to be practical that people care about with solutions and ideas, we're not going to
7:57 am
win any idea. >> delegate, i'm going to ask you one more question, too, do you think that you guys with work together? is this person mooney a person you can ork with? >> if the generallassembly doesn't necessaaily work with the party chair, that's the demoorat reppblican. that is something they do to %-to recruit people in certainnd races. the new republlcan chair. however, when it's certtin issues that he wants to talk it to this pprry about, our door is always open. this is not congress. the general assembly does a greattjob as working with the republican party. if i get a call from the new party chair, mr. mooney, my door ii open and i will answer his call. >> delegate, thank you very much. and coming uu in the 8:00 hour, theeravens manage to leave housson with a win. stay tuned with more on the play >> reporter: i'm joel d ssith
7:58 am
in northeast baltimore where six people died following an early morning fire. now =ó ú
7:59 am
8:00 am
performing hundredd of unnecessary surgeries. >> i warneddhim to enter these proceedings with a presumption of innocence which we're all entitled to. >> the steps being made in tte case against him today and why his legallteam expects his name toobe cleared. miiey cyrus taking a hitt3 from a bong. okay, i'm going to loss it t now. >> just lay down. >> why it might not be legal and
8:01 am
effeet celeerityydrug use could have on your teens. the stack of the end zone. justin got it. touch down. the ravens game goes into overnight dissipate a game long find out if the defense able to redeem themselves. they're the biggest vieciall stars. >> the man, man could smell it? >> of 2010. >> the double rainbows, oh my god. this year's top 10 youtube viewed videos. welcome to fox 45 morning news. tuesday is tuesday, december 14th. i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning off. we o have schooo closings and delays to tell yoo about this morning. garrett county schools are
8:02 am
closed today and wood lawn high school is closed due to no heat. not a good thing. frederick county schools are openinn two hours late. we need to check in with meteorologist steve ffrtig and see how it's feeling out there at this hour. winter doesn't arrive until 8:36 a week from today. >> :36. >> in the evening, but certainly feeling like winter today. it's the coldest air that moved into oor region. take a look at the results and we have lake-effect snow moving into the western part of the state especially but even to the east some snow showers moving through yyur area if you're down to the southern part of the eastern shore. the biggest story might be the cold air and the winds making it feel considerably chillier. we havv a winter storm warning once again for garrett county. windchill advisory as well because the temperatures will feel like its well beeow freezing. we have seen 18 below as far as the feel like temperatures in garrett county this morning and a winter weather addisory on the the wwnds will be up around 25-30 miles per hour taking the
8:03 am
23 in baltimore, feel like we're in the single digits. we will taae a look at what we can expect for the cold air and juss how cold it will be today in a few minutes. right now candace old has the3 traffic edge. >> reporter: we counsel it through two homes killing six you're taking a live look of all %-of attention through the area. it'' impacting traffic as well. homewood avenue is completely3 shuudown between st. ann's avvnue and coke better avenue. you will want to se the loch route. 19 minutes, 32 miles per houro, not doing too bad from 83 up toward 795, 8 minutes at 54 miles per hour, but then it 41 miles per hour there. that's a look at the morning travels, megan, let's turn it ovvr o you.
8:04 am
we are following that breaking news out of east baltimore. morning fire rips through a builling on homewood avenue. joel d smmth has been live on the scene all morning and he as the latest now. good morning, joel. >> reporter:: good morning, megan. six people dead at homewood avenue near part let avenue, 2300 block to be exact. the fire started at 4:45 in the morning. the firefighters got started at 5:00 in the morning. complicated. we'reereporting that one is a child. weere not giving away the exact identities right now. what was the difficulty when you guys got inside this morning. >> upon arrival to the scene are our firefighters were mmt with a fully engulfed two story dwelling. they wenn in and began an interior attack on the fire. the wind didn't help us out in this case. it actually intensified the fire ass t extended to an adjacent dwelling. due to unsafe conditions, the
8:05 am
incident commander had to3 -vacuate those guys. >> reporter: how difficult is that decision? %-want to find everybody butu sometimessitts too danggrous? >> it's certainly dangerous and we have be mindful of that. we an't allow ourrfirefighters we have to employ that situation, and suppress the fire with exterior operations and senddthem in with it's ssfer. >> reporter: how long was it when you went back out and you went back in? >> it was moments. >> reporter: you come out and suppress it and go back in? >> exactly, come out, and suppress the fire and other firefighters are performing search approximate recuse -- ane operations we found six people expired this morning. guys feeling right now. >> we ever look forward to responding to a fire and pronouncinn someone.
8:06 am
it's very ifficult for the firefighters in the midst of enduring the task of extinguishing the fire. our hearts go out to the family victims aad we are praying for them. >> reporter: anyyword on what the fire detectors were in and the condition of those. >> and they with are engaging in the investigation. we don't have the relationship betweenn he victims and whether there waa a smoke alarm. they could be burned up becauseú of the heavy damage. >> reporter: is there a lott3 of work to do here. they're still investigatingú those things. we want to thank you for joining us. the arson investigators are here as well. always have to check everyyhing in a scenaaio llik this. that is what they're doing at this point. we do know that six people have died in the early morning fire in northeast baltimore. one of those we have not confirmed, at least one is a childd here live in northeast baltimore, joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. joel i'm assuming that the homes on either side of them have been evacuated, too. will they be able to return home ú%day. >> reporter: it's aalong day. it depeeds. the investigation will be contained to the homes that had the fire damage, maybe he one
8:07 am
adjacent to it. it doesn't look like ii's going to be a long scenario for those people. just guessing but in a cold situation like today, i'm sure thhy're trying to get the people home as soon as possible. aacardiologist accused of performing unnecessary stent surgeries. theedoctor will face an administrative llw judge today. maryland's board of physicians is trying to determine if stents in hundreds of patients. st. joe'' hospital sent out letters stating that thaa mmy be the case, but medae's attorney him as a sacrificiaa lamb to cover up its own mistakes. city police are searching for three suspects who they say kidnapped and robbed a pharmaceutical eliiery driver. the suspects approached thh driver on monday morning outside of the west side pharmacy n pratt street. forcedded driver t!orcedthe drif
8:08 am
the truck. they unloaded 87 boxes of narcotics. this shows that there's enough support toomove to a3 final vote in the senate. the bill calls for a $900 billion extension of tax cuts nd also an unemppoymeet insurance, but it is future -- it's veryyuncertain in the house. but the ravens eventually able to pull out a win against the houston e, texas yan texans last the start of the 3rd quarter, they extended to a 3rd touch down lead as the day reid tries to the dutch. and the texans fight their way back. quarterbaak mmtt shaw hookssup with johnson with ess than 30 seconds to play. the texans get the 3rd game
8:09 am
conversion as well. this game is now tied, not for long, though. the ravens defense comms through, as josh wilson ends that game right there. theepick 6 ravens win, texans 34-28. she was caught on camera taking a hit from a bongg now miley cyrus relationship with her daa ould be going up in smokee >> okay, iim going to lose it now. >> just lay down, my dear. >> billy raaycyrus is taking to the web to tweet about his daughter's action. he is sad to see the fat oge agf his - footage of his daughter. ú%e is being seen smoking sal sa in -- salvia is legal in california despite the hallucinogenii effects. oprah's reveal of the
8:10 am
friend. who is calling her out onnit. a holiday spectacular on this weekend. i will have 3
8:11 am
8:12 am
place your bets on having a great holiday. the baltimore symphony orchestra is bringing las vegas to charm city with as annual dsl holiday spectacular. meteorologist emil emily graceys live with the hometown hot spot. oh,,my oodness, emily, he is adorable. >> this puppy doesn't want to stay with me.3 he wants to go play. he is a puppy in training in the show here. and tony, you're a part of the show tell me what is going on in the symppony in maryland. you. we have the baltimore school of art, dancers, the martin preston, the liberachi
8:13 am
>> can you tell us what theyycan do other than give kisses. >> all right, give us a little taste. you are truly amazing. the baltimore symphooy or cress that holiday spectacular is at the joseph meyerhoff symphony hall. forrnor movvng, and concert details go to it's going to be cold, the moving in. take a look at thh sky hd adar, take a look at the snow showers to the south and east could have to the south as well.
8:14 am
no significant accumulation other than out in garrett count3 fall and the winter stormould wwrning continues through today. we have a wind advisory on the west side of the chesapeake bay with winds up 15-25 miles per hour and gusting tt 35. so the temperatures that are in the 20s right noo are going feel a whole lot chhlliir. 19 is what we have in hagerstown. only 3 degrees out in oakland %-uu 15-25 and gusting to 35 ory higher it's geology like single digitss hroughoot most of the area, it's feeling llke 19 below in oakland righttnow where as a result we have a windchill advisory in garrett ask algain3 -- and allegheny county. we are talking about the loo pressure rom the north and west. windy tomorrow, just not as windy but still cold as well. the low pressuue center moves o the south as it moves east. that could bring us snow flurries on thursday. that would be the best chance of the southern part of the state. we are talking aboot the chance of some snow as a snow maker
8:15 am
comes our wayy potential coastal low for sundays. we will be watching that closely. 31 degrees for the high with a winds gusting tt 45, we are expecting to see more sunshine bit afternnon and already seeeng some tweeterring on the skkes as we speak. the temperatures drop to 19 degrees with a ú% 35.mile-an-hour wind gusting as weecheck ahead,,cood tommrrow, at 32 degrees, and then 34 on thursday, mostly cloudy with the potentiall or snow flakes to the south and then mostly clear and 40 for friday. upper 30s forrsaturday, sunday, and monday and on %-we willlbe wwtchinn the potential as we get closer. it's not that clear yet. you're headed to the ravens game, hey will be hosting the saints as they come backkhome. here is candace dold who is here with the track edge, canddce. thank you,,steve.
8:16 am
we continue to follow breakiig news ut of the southeast baltimore. fire has ripped through two peoples killing six people this morning. homewood avenue. crews remean o remain oo the sct -here. it's completely ssutdown between homewood avenue, and cock berry avenue. taking a live llok at o'donald street. we don't have incidents to report but we have reduccd speeds on the southbound lanes.3 we have an accident on theeoute3 you will find that. it's right at the key bridge, nnt causing significant delly, but be aware, you will find the activity. that's a look at tte orning travels. meggn, back over to you. thank you, candace. share your warm hhliiay wishes with someone in need. join fox 45 and cw baltiiore to donate new and wi gently used winter clothing during fox 45 ú%rning ews from 5 to 9:00 drop off your donations at our
8:17 am
studios att2000 west 41st street north baltimore. meet the entire morning crew, joinnus and give your warm holiday wishes. we are still count be down to christmas all the way up untillthe big day. we have an enttre stack of gifts under the tree right now that we're giving away to you all the way hrough christmas eve. you can win one right now if you ú%e tte 4th aad 5th caller at (410)481-4545. coming up, they may soon be a royal couple, but that is not stopping prince william and katú middle ton from doing normal person things. we have the countdown for christmms winners now on the -hone justtseconds after we put ittup noo
8:18 am
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it's thh best of television and film, josh, ask katii holmeú are abouu to announce the nominations for the 68thhgolden globe awards at the beverly %-we're gging to listen n now. -p tony colett. >> tina fay, 30 rock. laura findlay, the big "c." >>and besty series and motioon3 -iicure made for televisson. "carlos," the pacific, "killers offthe earth," "temple of grandeur" aad you don't know
8:21 am
jjck. the best original song, motiin picture "bound to you" from burlesque. lyrics by pristinn aguilera. comingghome from "country strong" "i see the liiht" from tangtangled. >> "there's a place o for us," d musii and lyrics by mucous3 inccrrie underwood. it coulddhappen. >> and finally you haven't seen the best of this, by warren. [applause] ú% hello, everybody. all right.
8:22 am
the best performance byyan actor in a teeevision ssries, comedy or musical alec baldwin, "30 >> thomas ane, hung. >> jim parson "the big bang here theory." best performance by a drama series, elizabeth moss, "mad men," and culvert affairs. katte h segal "sons of anarchy." bess original score, motion picture, "alexander," the king's beacc ,"" alice in wonderlaad
8:23 am
,"" 127 hours ," and" the social network ," and" ron si zimmmr "inceppion. and "127 ourr," lisa and christopherrnolann"inception,." >> that's all i got for now. >> [applause]. best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a series, miniseries or motion picture made for televisioo.
8:24 am
scott kahn "hawaii 50", chris colt err "glee." eric tone street, modern familyy and david, stray (, templl gran don. %-series, comedy or musical..3 "the big bang theory." "modern family," "nurse jackie." best foreign language film "beautiful," "mexico spain. ." you are listening for the
8:25 am
as three actors and an actoo. two actors, matthew morrison and leah ichelle all from glee and american idol, carrie underwood for the narnia song. we want to take you to tabloid tueeday when bbandi has more. nicoll itchie has made it official. after two babies the couple got ú%iched over the weekend. the word is that it was a small ceremony for her friends and family. wig names like quincy jjnes, and gwen testif!! stephanie were in attendance. it looks like wedding bells3 won't be ringing anytime soon
8:26 am
for pop star ri hanna. while he is livvng it up, she is her album. %-grown aaart, but she was siggd in a club with not one but two women recently. when we heard, she waa not happy. in an unhealthy relationship. she decided to split. we heard that her rumored romance was to blameefor trust issues as wellment there's been no official ssatement from either of them. and halle barry says she sttuck out and she is geering up for the holidays and dishing on what happened with her baby daddy. after four years, they just realized it wasn't goinn tt be forever, buttshe says she is not settling and she won't stop until she getssit right. and as the royal couple posed for their engggement photos, the world figured out
8:27 am
are he noomal. kate even did her own makeup. a body langgage expert tellssus that the two are genuinely in love and willllast a loog haul. good luck for them. %-evennoprah has enemies.or the shh sat wiih walters to talk about the end of her televisson. she boke down when talking about the gay relationship with her friend..3 she put some kiid of ccemiccl in her eyes that caused them to tear. he also says she did it regularly on her show. therr's been smo respons!! no ro %p we have to call black eyed
8:28 am
peas but this one would have been better suited for justin bieber. that is back to tabloid tuesday3 i'' brandi proctor. oprah, i'm shocked. 8 tweefn s theñç
8:29 am
8:30 am
staat your turbo otal body training program riiht now. danny lee. more advanced program.
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the turbo training and everybody is like, oh, no. >> tell us about it -- tell us about it and ow we with go through it? >> a coupleeof exercises and ho3 weewooud do it. >> the first exercise we are %-ww would shoot for 20 of them, first. we would come downnand extend up. this is going to focus on hittinggthe corr as well. there's a total body. this is focuses on hitting the core. we should do 20 f those. >> okay. >> maybe do like a bounding burden oburpy, and then up..3 >>i know you jump down and all the wwy back. >> a lot of these are seconds, is 30 seccnds. >> the first one is 20 rrps. aerobbcs room and back. we are going to use the sliding disk. we will give you a pile push up slide. %-you're oming across the door.
8:32 am
ú% danny, it's one of the harder programs. as alwayssthaak you. more help.ú you can check on tte resuuts yourself. check out our website fox fox morninn, get fit for the ew ear. coming up we ave our countdown to christmas wwnner on -he phone right ow picking out their presents from under that tree. stay tuned to see what they'reú going o win. 8:32 is the time. you are watching fox 44 morning news, all ocal all mornnng.
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8:34 am
welcome ack, i'm megan gillillnd.ú a cold one, a lot of schools ccosed. -arrett county, wood laww high school closed beeaase of no ú%at. we need to check in with %-we will see why the teeperatus -re closing up. >> reporter: the cold air and
8:35 am
the winds. a couple of fllrries moving throuuh the eastern shore, but lookkat that 23 degrees on the eastern shore. ittsle feeling like single %-we will onlyyget to 35 for th3 it wwll feel like the teens and -0s because of the wind. now take a look at the raffic edge with candace doldd >> reporter: a ire in down. you will wanttto use loch raven road as an alternate route.3 that's a looo at your morning travels. megan, back over to you. weeare follooing breaking people are dead after an early morning fire rips through a joel dfl d smith live on the sce with the lltest on that fire. good mmrning, joel. >> reporter: once again, six people dead ii homewood avenue.
8:36 am
i want to showwyou just a sstuation where they're continning their investiggtion. little bit but unfortunately, their rescue attempts earlier were too late, nott ecause of bbcause of how iitense they were once they got in here and tried to make their attack on the fire froms the inside.3 take a listen at o how dangerous cooditions got. >> the winds gandhii!began to deterrorate. >> we ordered an evaauation of the inside of tte structure and -ent to ootssde ooerations. >> reporter: thhy came outside, and finished fightiig theefire rom outside and thhn we're talling about the second building that you're lookiig at here. they went back in there at thht point. ttat is where they tarted finning bodies. they came to 6 and that is the number they ended hhre. the fire started at 4:45 and
8:37 am
they got quickly within 3, 3 1/2 minutes. things got dangeroos at that ii was too much to handle %-came out aad tried to fight it that way. %-5-alarm fires.icult day, 2, this one griif counselors still around. now they're trying to finddout don't now if moke deeectors were here or not. the first home the family heerd smoke detectors go off and ggt out. joel d smith. back to you. doo't let the winter blues kkep you from working out, how3 exercise can help improvv more than just your waistline. muut have electronics sure to have on any gamees wish list. the bet. news, all local all morninn.rnig
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it's our count done to christmas.
8:41 am
eveey day through christmas eve we're giving our gifts under the nefort dawinnerrof the day is b3 baltimore. good morning.3ú >> do you have kids around. >> yes, i do. work or them. if i can show you here. take a look at what you ot..3 thissis the kiko2, 3 play house here. it has a door with a mail slot, too. a decorated interior and toy storage, when inished playing this could bbea, t reeails >> oh, my goo!! goodness. >> happy holidays, hope you like it? >> i do. >> we are gging to open up we are going to talk to michelle from baltimore because weeknow she hose this gift right here. good morning, michellee >> i'm going tootear through and
8:42 am
see what you got here. this is one of my favorite ones, something else great for a %-this ear.o put under the tree thissis the kkko, tuubootoucc it has thh back wwth a miniaaure motoocycle. ú% vibrates.3 can you hear that.3 it refs u revvs up the i didn't. and it retails for $14.99 happy i like these. ones that make noises. if you dddn't win this time, we have an entire stack that we're giving awaa o youuthrough christmas eve. still a lot of ggfts there. now we are gging toocceck in with teve fertig who does not have a very waam wish to put under the tree. we have flurries undee the area, the biggest story will be the colddanddthe winds. here is a look at theú temperatures. 23 deggees in baltimore, and 22 innd.c. 22 in sallsbury, 19 in -aaerstown and onll 5 in occasion land and minus 15 s what it feels in oakland when
8:43 am
facttr in the winds. otherwise single digits future scan model indicates while we have flurries, we ill have he cold air and he windyú conditions moving frommtheenorth aad west once more as we sit %-the wind will diiinish in wins and this low comes to he ssuth or actually stays to the south as it moves east and bringing flurries to the southern paat of the staae on hursday. another weaaher maker may be coming our wayyon sunday, ut until then a couple of flurries out here. clearing skies in the fternoon, ú%--5-mile--n-hour wiids gusting 19 degrees with clear skies, winds out of the northwest at 15-25 miles per hour and gusting to 35. overnight period, especially. ann thenntomorroww 32 deggees,3 the inds die down a little bit3 ú%t ii will still be a it windy with 15-20-miie--n-hourrwinds, making thh 32 feel chhllier. the snoo flurries to the south on thursday with 33 degrees for
8:44 am
the high. temperature nnar 400or at least uppee 30s for the rest of thh week and thh chance, thh potential for a more significant snow event on ssnday. that is an iffy things, but we raaens return home on the sunday to play the saints..3 we will see what is happening on the roaaways with ú%ndace dold. she has the traffic edge. >> reporter: we dd continue to follow theebreaking nees out ú% northeast baltimore. fire has ripped thhough two homes killing six people. %-it's completely shuttinggdown homewood avenue. you wwnt to use looh raven road taking a live look aa o'donald %-things llok mucc better now t the southbound and even the northbound lanes, that traffic is slowing frrely.ú theetop end of the beltway there's trouble anddthat is because of a crash onnthe inner loop anes.3 you you will find that on bel let's take a live look through can see all of that activityy it looks like the vehicle spun out thhre.
8:45 am
as for 83, iistraveling througg baltimooe county as shawan road. let's take a live look. noothbound and southbound anes it's just going to be a breeze. travelss megan, back ver to you. coming up get hhm what hey want moot this holiday season.ú a look at some of ttis year's holiday electronics. look downn back up. where are yyu??3 >> you're in a boat with !!! in -hat could smell it?33 %-internet sennstionn ofst ♪electronic santa song
8:46 am
♪electronic santa song
8:47 am
give the gift oo ggddets electronics are topppng the aú lot of gifttlists this season and staples gift expert joins us >> good morning. >> howware you? >> i'm great, and i'm excitedúú%
8:48 am
that you got all of this stuuf to what you'rr calling the tech list. >> one stoppshoo. the hot one is going to be the ammzon kindle starring att$$39. it uses electronic paper. it's very easy on the eyes. you you can use to in direct sunlighttand can ddwnload up 35 books and we have one that come3 with 3g. there's no monthly fee but you for the usic lover, we havv an opposition. headphones that come over the hear nd ear buds, $179 respectivell. but f you're a true music lover, there's no other wwy to listen to it. got to lovv the folk that like to take pictures. pictures of the famiiy, and %-the camera of he season.t's itts wwterproof,,shockproof and3
8:49 am
-t retails. it. >> i need that. >> it comes with an tive strap that can float. the only thing can you have too3 %-weehave the scanner as well as the hp and you can create mageú of your memooiess take them with you or put them on your laptop. >> i noticed this heree tto. before we leaae, we got to sew what this is, -- show what this is. this is wwat i need. >> to make the holidays easy. wish you a holiday ggit season, anndww make gift givinn asseasy. >> i'm taking this now. for more information log on to coming uppit's not easy winter days to come out from under the covers and hit th the
8:50 am
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>> yes. >> which clip landed the number [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room was game day central.
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just one of the many ways they are the internet videos eveeyone paused their workday to watch. jeanne nose takes !! mmse takese top 10 video yyutubes of 2010. there's not a single adorable animal video at you tube top 10 videos. driving.0 showcases extremm3 the number 9 video feattres a 3-year-old hhart broke over heartthrob, justin bieber.ú i love ju!jjstin bieber. >> you're trying beeause you >> the girl's okay goes.
8:57 am
but place for the goldberg like video. talk about the pot at tte -nd of the rainbow. >> double rainbow. >> many who saw the rainbow video who camm in 6th waa suspicious. whatever he was smokingtion, i t it.ú >> but the rainbow guy told jimmy kimle e hadn't enjested anything. one kid ppsted that his parents wondered if he was watching some kind of porno stuff. speakinn of spicy number 5. it's the old spice web ad. >> look down, back up, you're the boat with the man whh smell it. -> reporterr the number 4 video made a grouppfamous. >> whip it ♪ >> eporter: avenue knowing spunndozens of sequels. -he number three video made a %-singing a lady gaga song.
8:58 am
viewer ddscretion. the number 2 video may make you gag. we h edited out the gross part.3 this ssnger video of singer kesha. >> and the number one video,,the bed intruder song. >> antoine ot son became -amous. one gllbe video. >> ssss it's so exciting. from his half of auto tuning the song, he bought his mom.ú >> a whole house. >> based on the top 10 you tube, %-going ddwn the ttbes.ture is >> jeanne mose. >> 'm on a horse.
8:59 am
>> cnn. it's just smooth. >> new york. car and a house after that. >> there's a couple of ladies in the studio hat think that the old spiie guy is waitinggfor them at the ther side of the rainbow. he might need extra sweaters if isswalking around like that out there. temppratures are going to get up to 31, but thhy will feel innthe teens with tte low winds. if you'rr ready for that.ú tomorrow 32 degrees mostly clear skies. -he winds will be a factor even -4 degrees for thursday. the temperaaures near 40 but just aabit coolee han that as weehead toward the weekend. we will watch for a potential snow maker come sunday. just in time for the game. >> eah, exactly. >> stay warm, have a warm day, tomorrow.ll watch you back here


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