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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 14, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. 6 lives are lost in a fire.e. >> nothing else that sse can say about a family that was justta grrat family. i mean, they are gone. >> familyymembers who could not escape the blaze. surrounding damage in the neighborhood. >> freezing day with high in the 20s and when the cold temp joined by snow in the sky watch fooecast. >> car stuck in the air between 2 buildings. how it got in such a bizarre spot. >> and curing an embarrassing stops this..& fooo that that
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certainll a traaedy hhppened here this morning. >> sick lives llst when a home goes up in flamessin east baltimore. >> loved ones are left grieving and firefighterssare forced to >> iim jennifer.. deadly fire also left more than 30 others homeless. >> fire started just before 5:00 a.m. on home wood avenue near about ould the bury avenue. >> we talked with relatives of the victim today and we are live on the scene tonight. kathleen? >>reporter: jennifer and jeff, it is still very cold out here and still a vvry active scene. peoppe are inside thh houue still clearing out debris. elderly coupleetheir grand-daughter nd her 3 children allldied in this fire. neighbors say it happpned so quickly that there is no time to escape. >> before dawn as firefighters extinguish the final fllmes
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news about the taevts bbgins to prrad. >> my best friend was in the home. >> first ays of morning light provide no comfort. picot is gone. that's crazy. >> 3 children. their mother and their great grandparents -úkilled in theefast moving fir. >> about what a loss. old lady live in there how. how they got killed. >> the youngest children are my relevant activities. firefighters clean up and trres& to comprehenddher own loss. >> just nerve wracking right noo and very hard to inhale a lot of this. >> you could see the fire >> victoria lives next door. we know them for over 10 years and we saa all the kids whenn& they was born since hey was babies and they are gone. that's it. nothing else that you can say about aafamily that was just a great family. i
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moon, they are gone. >>reporter: we are back about. >> we lost kathleen obviously. but relatives have identified the viitims as elanore and richard satterfield granddaughter sierra gold sentence and thee 3 children, 9, 3 and 1. fire investigators sifted through debris for hours caused the fire. again, flames takes 6 lives. >> americannrod ccoss helping 30 people left homeless tonight after the east baltimore fire. several row homes were úvening. where grieving family and friend are now meeting. >> church was able tt open theirrarea and we have neighbors and friends and family. we have to take care of them and.
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>> red cross provide eals and shelters for other families -úleft homeless on the same block. >> baltimore firefighters have in jjst two days. first fire on the block near city halll& sent people fleeing to the streets and flames jumped from building to building. then less than 12 hours later an infernoo n north charles stree street. now orst of all today's tragedy on home wood avenue. takes the toll on the firrfighters bodiee but more so on their soul. >> it never rests well with our firefighters. i'm sure most of them have families and children theemelves and they take it to heart. sooit is not easy to deallwith. >> 18 people have died in ires in baltimore city this year. fire will continue tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00 and you cap geet ore right now on our
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blast of cold winterrlike wwather and it is not even winter yet. city health -úofficials issued a ode blue alert. karen parks live downtown with what that means >> well, jeff, a bus just dropped off about 12 people here at 210 gilbert and folks who want to get out of thh cold and have o place to go the shelters around theecity just like this one here. now right now here inside there are aboot a hot male. now the code blued is a city white effort to reduce hypothermia death. last winter here innbaltimore 8 people died because of hyppthermia. this year the city has exteeded shelter hours and also provide overflow facilities once the shelter reached capacity. but this winter nobody will be left in the cold, they say. >> no one will be turned away
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regardless as to their condition. it's our intention to ensure that anybody who is seeking shelter services does in fact 7 those services. it's the same message we are baltimore city. >> now for a list of shelter locations you can go to fox slash news link.. live in downtown baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thanks care. how cold it is out doors. todd sent us this photo of a thermommter at the carol county home. mercury reads well below freezing. about cecil county dusttng of snow the area received early today. when weather hits your commmnity see it shoot it send it aad up load photo or send photo from the cell at pick at fox . once branded a hero after
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being shot in the face but tonight a baltimore city sheriff's deputy is about to be fired. deputy james lane was shot in theeface two yearssago during raid on a baltimore home aater reviewing the inciient with other deputies ttat were there that morning, lane now believes that he was shot by another deputy who was standing behind the suspect. sheriff's office now moving to fire lane saying that elied about what reaaly happenedd >> what i did that morning was wake up about shot in my jaw. i almost lost my life. >>reporter: sheriff's office tells uu the case is being thoroughly investigated after new information was brought to their attention byya sworn member of the department. >> doctor accused of per forming hundreds of unnecessary llstint surgery went before a judge today. we have more on mark day and hhs ballot to keep his medical license.
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>>reporter: he's a cardiologist work at saint joseph medical center in towns end for 20 years but lately he has been under investigation for fraud. the maryland board -úof physician began investigating after getting a complaint that he had inserted almost 600 heart stint into patient who didn't really need them. the doctor denies those allegations but the hospital sent out letters to patients acknowledging wwongdoing affer a preliminary investigation. today a closed hearing began before an addative court judge-e recommendations o the board on revoked or restriited but the attorney says his client hasn't done anything wrong. >> we expect paparrazi full vindication. we expect that no sanctions will be l imposed. week dueeto the volume ofd take medical record ann may include testimony regarding his relationship withhthe company that makes the stint and whether he purposely overr& billed meddcare. this is news
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at 5:30. thank you. how are the roads looking tonight? cap today's has our traffic edge report. kandace? >> thank you jennifer. rightt6 now the actual sped on the west side of the belt way at 57 miles per hour moving through kateville and 45 right near the boulevard exit. there is a crash on the northbound lanes at swan road that takks out one lane there. live look agent bit further back on 83 a lot of annoyed drivers. string of brake lights all the way up to this activity and falls road or even york road as alternate route. now there's also ttouble on the belt way tonigh!! vehicle in the same direction at providenceeroad. on 95 ample speed at the tunnel 14 miles per hour because of disabled vehicle on the northbound llnes at the tunnel there. that'' the eveningption travels now back over to you. >> thank you kandace. great honest today for baltimore
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legend. >> this morning a portion of east figure street rededicated as macc lewis way. the boxer opened a training center anddhe trained kids in the art of bo boxing. he died at the able of 92 innnovemberr >> all right this isn't xactly dinner table conversation but. >> stop snacking. >> if you have smelly feet you are not alone. a lot of people >> yes. we don't. up next. food you caa use to cut out all that stink. >> car flies through the air and gets stuck between 2 buildings. how this bizarre scene happened. >> warning over breast milk. on line market for the product únd health risk it could pose on line market for the product únd health risk it could pose to your baby.
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>> senate gets closer to passing pressdent obama's tax cut measure. temporarily extends the bush tax cut for the 13 months of unemployment benefits. senate is poised now to give final approval maybe tonight but house democrrt promise a major attle thht could derail the entire deal with tax increase to be in 17
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all americans? go to our web site and tell us what yyu think. sound off through facebook. a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 45 2 03 and a.for yes and b.for no. and response may air tonight on the news at 10::0. in health check tonight a warning for new mothers about breast milk. fda is warning women who can't breast feed not to buy breast milk from mothers who are selling it on line. fda says moss donors have probably not been screened for diseases. there are groups however like the human milk banking association of north america where milk donors are tested. >> if you have smelly feet? this miggt be the solution. you can soak them in tea. new study rovessthat tea wiih a úight accident act as natural deodorant and added boous the nice soap that can help sooth tired toes. about.
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>> man is arrested after alledgedly driving drunk and crashing hat 2 homes leaving his car suspended 5 feet above the ground. here's the bizarre scene. police say the driver went over a curb and crashed betteen the walls of 2 houses breaking a gas line in the prooess. crane had to be called in to hoist the car off theehomes. no one was hurt. and 9-year-old boy hhlped save aaman's life by spotting an suv that was hanging off the side of a cliff. adam peterson and family were driving to get a mass tree when he noticed an suv hanging off the side of a 70 foot cliff. he insisted that his dad stop and take a look. >> him if there was a car hanging over the edge. >> then my mom said is there somebody, is there a person in >> pulled over and as we a sudden puuled his head out of the car and we were all shocked picot wow! the only thing keeping that suv ffom falling
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were 2 small trees. adam's mom called 911 right away and rescue crew brought the driver to safety. man inside the car was taken to the hospital as precaution but he was released almost right away. glee is glittering. how many awards the hit show is nominated for in this year golden globe. fichlt and freezing cold temperatures out there today with the wind making [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room was game day central.
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>> glee hits a high note at the golden globe nominations. ♪ entering the sophomore year fox hit comedy glee grabbed tv honda for jane lynch, llah and matthew and show up for bess tv seriesscomedy. >> watch glee every tuesday night at 8:00 right here on fox 44. fwlin ivt surrounded by family and friend when the star unveiled. she won oscar of course for best accress in 1998 for her role in shakespeare in love. >> it's an amazing idea to think that in however many
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years when i'm dead and gone this will be here and migrate grandchildren can come and see it and it's very thrilling. >>reporter: her latest movie country strong hit theaters lattr this month. bitter cold temperatures stick around for yet another day. >> find out from vytas when we cap see some relief. vytas. >> yes. does look like we see the cold air out there and will& continue to hold on to the cold air next day or so. warmer day tries to work its way in but looks like definitely it is úrigid out there. sky cam inner harbor shot looking at 23 degrees still wind is a factor with the wind out of the west at 18. humidity levels at 43 percent. you have to bundle u up, wear the winter hat, scarf, gloves, don't be outside for long period of time. try too& limit the out door activity because it's blustery and cold because our radar you see a few scattered clouds to the north. sunshine out there. pretty decent but nonetheless pretty cold and wind blowing out of
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atlantic we look at snow showers as well off the coast but looks like we may see some more flakes back in the picture agent bit down the road. show you them in a moment. 23 degrees in baltimore. 20 in hagerstown. 7 degrees in oakland out there in western maryland and the winds flowing out offthe northwest 18 miles an hour wind in baltimore. 20 in definitely c. 21 in hagerstown. this is what it makes us feel like wind chill maryland. here's what is happening on the biggerer pict e picture. looking at the future scan looks like a little break from some of the cloud tomorrow. looks like we get some sunshine clearing out there but like i have been telling you we have another system that is building up out of the south as we get into úhursday. so wednesday looks quiet. on the northern edge of the system that is going to wrap in some snow showers and looks like we could get a little accumulatiig snow out of this as the system moves in. looking at the time line thursday 8:00 a.m. so during rush hoor we could have some snow come down across part of baltimore down to dc, a little
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heavier aaount possibly over northern virginia and of course into western maryllnd. that will be the heaviest and thunderstorm rolls out of here by the time evening hours evening rush hour. so in its wake here's what it is looking like as far as how much snow fall we can expect across the region. right now the model run pre-ticketed snow fall showing the heaviest amount in western marylann but we could get an inch or just at more about inch and a half down towarrs dc back to western maryland. hagerstown and northern virginia 2 and a half inches and of course the heavier amount out there in the western edge of the state but for the most part looks like we could gee a little something for thursday morning into thuusddy afternoon. tapering off into thursday evening about an inch or so across the renal. tonight expect to see cold clearing conditions tonight about 19 what we saw last night with winds out of the west at 15 to 25 gusting to 40. tomorrow looking at 32 degrees. winds sticking around and we have to bundle up and stay war warm.. breakdown the 7 day foreccst and another potential of maybe a big storm in the works coming up. >> great thank you.
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>> be in charge of your own personalized orecast. i radar available aa fox use the interactive tooo to track coming storms down to your street go to our web site and click on i radar. >> this cold weather is a good time to remember that there are faailies in baltimore that aren't as fortunate as many of us. that's why fox 45 is holding a wwrm holiday wish coat drive this friday on fox 45 morning news. 6:00 a.m. to 9 am you can rop-off your gently used coat, hat, gloves and scarfs at our studio at 2000 west 41st street. meet the morning news crew and spread some warmth this holiday season. p. >> we think it is very realistic. already the robot vacuum and robot lawn mower on the market. >> now a robot that blows snow. up next how
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>> for victory it sure feels like a defeat. that seems to be the general consensus around the baltimore area this evenin evening. ravens beat the texans last night to go 99and 4 but that's aaout the only
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positive we can come up with. ravens went up 28-7 on this 103 yard kick off reeurn from david reed but blew that leechltd unbelievable as it soundd the texans drive of 99 and knife yards and came back to tie at 28 then the extra period this josh wilson interception for a touch down gave the ravens the 34-28 victory. wass't pretty but it was their 9th win of the season and almost to a man the ravens not satisfied with one in houston but this was one hero. >> jooh wilson i mean hero of the game. made a play. critical l situation. on the road in overtime. n committees and play off punt and i think that's the critical thing. we have 9 wins now. about mav forward from here and world champ coming in and playing them in a short week. it's tough. >> remember as harbaugh said see the ravens take on the defending superbowl champion new orleans saint this sunday at 1:00 o'clock right here on
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fox 45 battle of 2 second place teams as the saint try to keep pace witt the division leading falcon and the ravens look to gain ground on the steelerr. saints ravens this s a good one and this sunday at 1 onny right here on fox 45. maryland coach takes another job surprising team signs cliff lee make it one of -úthe best rotation in baseball history. and prep player of the week. coming up tonight at 10:50 on sports unlimitedd back to you. >> all right thank ou bruce. >> very cold out there. it hurts. >> yes when is it going to warm-up. here's vytas now with the 7 day orecast. vytas, cold temperatures tonight down into the eens. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. 32 degrees. chance for the snow showers on thursday. ww could et about an inch, a little more as you get to the south inch and a half around dc. be prepared for that morning rush hour. friday 37 degrees. warm-up a bit on saturday. 38 degrees now. we have to keep an eye to the sky. potential of another
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storm in the works possibly sunday morning or sunday afternoon into sunday night. could be a snow maker. still watching the track and development of this. right now only 30 percent chance but definitely keep your eye on sunday to see if it ppays out+++


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