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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  December 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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i mean, just gone.nnchildren. i mman, that's crazey. >> six people, including three baltimore fire. >> bad day for a las vegas casino, how they sold morr thaa a million dollarss n the get away. >> buuing brrast million oc line. why mothers should use some common sense. >> liveein high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is foo 45 news "late ediiion." >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. @%ast and it is not officially wiiter..3 so cold out there, city health officials issued a code blue alert. >> city wide effort to save lives during extreme cold temperatures. last year eight died because of hypothermia. thissyear, the heallh department has extended shelter hours, and
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provide overrlow acilities, once the sheltees reach capacity. >> it is real cold. i am homelesss @%have nowhere to go. >> no one will be turned away it is our intent to ensure that does in fact, receivv the services. it is the same message that we are communicating to seven other emergency shelters that receive support and located n baltimore city. >> for a list of shelter@ links. >> nd we're told the rigid tempeeatures are just the beginning. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with what is next. >> very colddtemperatures out therr today. winds have been a factorr we do not have snow showers o talk about around the region right now. but winds are diving down out of the northwest over the mid-atlantic. that has cold canadian rctic air. seeing the deep chill in the temperatuues ut there. in fact, temperatures at 23 in baltimore. %-18 innhagerstown.eens. more like 122 and single digits out in western
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maryland. 's we continue to see the deep chill over the region. you get the cold air in place, and mix in precipitation,,then weehave a systtm to watch. sunnhine.rom the west. %-but we have a system that will bring us the chance for ssoow3 thuusday morninn, thursday afternoon. and then the storm leaves our how muchhof theesnow will stick on the ground or be accumulating acrosssthe area? break ittdown for you. and potential for another one to %-back to you guys.nd. >> thank you so much. easttbaltimore. claams six lives. elderly couule, granddaughter and her three children, all killed. innestigators sifted hrrugh debris today tryinggto determine %-meantime there was a steady fw of loved ones that ssowed up at the scene. >> we know them for 10 years. over 100years actually. @% done ssw all the kidsswhen %-babies. works since they were they are gone. that's it. nothing else that you can say about a family thattwas just a
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%-i mean, they are gone. >> nearly 30 people weee also left hhmeless in the irr. severallhomes were destroyed on %-the red croos is helping thems we speak. gathering at saint anne's church. >> the church was ableeto open minn memorial inside.ow we have familyy we have to take care of mental needs first. then the other stuff will come along later. >> red cross is providing heels anddsheltee for tto otherr3 families left homeless on the very same block. >>well, baltimore firefighters have been through a lot in the last eight days. before today's tragic fire, there were 25 alarm fires in two days. first a fire on the block near city hall sent people fleeing to the streets, as flames jumped from building to building. then less than 12 hours later, an inferno on north charles street. and worst of all, today's tragedy on homeeood avenue. it takks a toll on the firefighters bodies.
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but more sooon thhir souls. >> it never rests well with our firefighters. i am sure most of them have families, and children themselves. and they take it to heart. so it is not easy to deal with. >> 18 people have died in fires in baltimore city this year. >> first on fox tonight. fter being shot.n as a hero but onight a baltimore fired.f's deputy is about to e3 james lane was shot two years ago, during a raad on a baltimore houue. afttrrreviewing he case, lane believes now he was shot by another deputy. not the suspect. the sheriff's office said that lane is lying. >> only thing i did that morning is wake upp wwnt to work to do my job. %-baltimore.citizens of get shot, and almost lost my life. >> despite ttis, sheriff's office said it is indeedd3@ investigating the case. tonight from that deadlyymedevaa
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crash in pg county two years ago. the soul survivor, 20-year-old jordan wells slapped a 50 million-dollar lawsuit against the federaa aviation administration. it alleges that air trrffic connrollers were negligent, the night the state police -elicopter crrshed. killing four peoole. earlier this ear, families of two other victims sued the faa for negligence also. one of the teenssfound responsible for the death of a 14-year-old crofton boy will remain in juvenileedetennion center in michiggn. arundel county judge said that3 the teen was not ready to continue rehabilitation at home. in seetember of last year, he was found responsible for maaslaughter ii the death of christopher ones, who was attack as he was biking mome@ home. >> maryland's outgoing secretary of juvenile seeviccs facing questions from lawmakers. john rydell reports lawmakers are examining a report which reveals 14 proolems. >> it is a system that has been
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harshly criticized ffr years. escaped and attacked counselors, and earlier this year, a teacher at the cheltenham youth facility in prince george's county was murdered by a eenage delinquent. -onstant struggle over confining the violent and trying to rehabilitate the rest. >> there has to be rehabilitation offered to young men and children nd amilies. >> legislative audit chastised the department for sloopy handling of medicaidd3 reimbuusementss >> it has circumvented the -ignificant contract approoal. >> auditors discovered the juvenile officials began to work on more thann$150 million in no bid contracts,,before they had been approved. >> over and over, we keep having probllms with juvenile justice. >> shortly after state lawmakers learned of the audit. department secrettry ddnald devore announced he would step-down. incidents, devore ells lawmakerr his department is
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bbtter off than when he arrrved four years ago. >> rrally ssgnificant reduction we have seen in violenne among our kids. homicides. throughout the state, down >> outgoong secretary of juvenile services is expected to staa on job, until governor o'malley names the successor, which is expected to occur earller next year. lawmakers say whomever takes over, will still face monumenttl challenges. >> there are oing to be people ttat you absolutely cannot reform. you just can't. some way we have to be ble to aasess them. >> steps they say mmst be taken @% prevent any ffrther loss of life. john rydell, fox 45 news "late edition." >> devore adds the department also got approval to replacc3 seven youth facilities. >> bad day for the balodge yao casino in las vegas.@ look at the surveillance video guy in motorcycle gear runs
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through the casino in a robbery. sport motorcycle.3y on a black taking ith him, 1 and a half million dollars worth of casino chips. they are still looking for that3 guy tonight. >> bad day for actor ugh jaakman. trying to lann on the stage. during a aping of the prahh3 show in australia. bid a problem. his leg hit a light on the way home. he ended up being hurt. had to patch his eye.. oprah had to take a break frro filming. understandably. buttthen they started to reeilm and jack mann jumped back on fun, lets do it again.@ >> well, good day for a grandmotter in arizona.@ shiela vehicleky is taking home a 91 miilion jackpot. sheeplans to use the winnings to buy an rj to travel anddhelp others. she is a substitute teacher and a grandmother of fivee
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>> you can lock in your own airfare for a fee. continental airlinns lets you hold your reservatioo for up to a week at the price you find the fare. then decide if you will purchase the ticket. five dollars for three days hold. nine dollars for a one week hold. >> very sensibleedecision that employees will want to ttke advantage of. why more coworkers should be calling out sick. >> approved reading at one high school discusses religion and money. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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ñç >> the u.s. senate trying to pass president obama's tax cut measure, temporarily extending the buss tax cuts and adding 13 months of unemployment benefits. but house ddmocratsspromise a maaor fight there. that could kill the deal. with taxes set to increase in 17 days. time is uickly running out. >> it would be very bad for ameriians to alloo taxes to be increased. >> this legislation will cost $858 billion over two years. that is bigger than the much revised stimulus. >> all right, we have asked you all ight here at fox 45 news.3 should tax cuts be extended for all americans? 55% say yes. 45% say no. yes, people nned to get on their feet. art wrote also on faceeook. @%, our economy is spinning into a pit of chinese debt. >> the founder of the
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is one step closer to being released from jail. a british judge granttd bail to julian assange, but swedish prosecutors will challenge he judgees decision. asang is locked up for a week, on a swedish arrest warrant in a sex crime case.33 he has the support of high profile people, includdng american filmmaker miccael moore @%d bianca jagr. human rights activist and ex-wife of mcjagr. @% the reeson they are doing it stand trial for those diversions. because it is political case and want him at all costs. >> asang will spend the next two while the swedish government argues the case f they lose the would face strict bail conditioos,,living in a registeeed address, weaaing electronic trackinggdevice, %-evening and observing tight curfews.
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>> this makes sense. federal health officials have a warning for new mothers. do not obtain breast milk online. women thattcannot breast feed are going online to get breast milk from mothers with a surplus. fda said ooline dooors were probably not screened for any kind of disease. women should use breast milk only from sources where donors were thoroughly screened. george elwell have n invention smmke detectoo for residents that re deaf. >> when it goes off. make it go off here. you have audio that the hard of hearing and deaf could not hear. but it will vibrate this isc located under the citizen's >> elwell designed the system so there is an audible alarm, as you heard. and alsoosendssa wireless signal to that vibrator under the pilllw, wwich is brilliant. >> this goes against the hard work ethic but new survey said
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it is better tt call in sick at the onset of cold and flu symptoms. doctors saa ppople thaa feel sick and go to work are more coworkers sick, so as robert de niro would say in raging bull,,3 it defeats the purpose. >> yeah, looks like we are going to see big changes coming our way. with colder temperatures overnight. and a chance for some of the white stuff. flakes coming down over the next day. right now, hd skycam..3 outside. still breezy. blustery, cold. 23 degrees. winds are out of the west at 15. our humidity levels at 45%. and high today on the almanac page. frigid. look at that. 28 degrees. normal high is 46. and normal low, is 28. so we're kiid of where our low should be. so it ooks like we are definitely seeing the cold air this. cold air pushing over the great lakes, upper midwest. we are seeing that iito new englann states into the
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mid-atlantic. coming from. that cold air is as that cold air dodges down keep us old across the region. as far south as florida. as the temperatures continue to drop over the region. if there is any poteetial for precipitation, it is mainly in the form of snow when it runs into this cold air in place. here is what is going onncross the region. temperature wisee you see 18 in hagerstown. %-dover. we have ooly 23 in 21 in salisbury. ann winds ouu of the west in the teens right now across the then the wind gusts, anywhere from 20 to 25 to 30 miles per hour. that making it feel like single digits out there. %-in baltimore. three in hagerstown. nine -- minus nine in western maryland. as we see that cold air in place. here is what will happen on the future scan. tomorrow, clearssup. sunshine out there. still windy -- windy and cold. systems pushes in thursday morning. for rush hour. potential for snow coming down at 8:00, 9 and 10:00.
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by noon pushes out of here. in the wake leaving -recipitation on the groond. in fact, future scan predicted snowfall here. model ooking at the potentially @%w mucc we could see across the region.@ maybe up to closer right around an inch across the region. frederick and gaithersburg. northern virginia, sterling and rusttn. inch and a half to two. and ttis could leave snow on the @%ound as ttis system pushes through thursday. here is how it plays out on the bigger picture. kind of watching sooth. potential weaken storm as aaea of low pressure develops over theedeep south. traveling up the gulf of mexico. %-snow across the mountains.teis western edge of maryland and then along the 95 corridor. late saturday to sunday. mainly sunday afternoon event. it coull be disruptive weather. -ith some accumulating snowfall. depends on how strong the low gets. so we have to watch this closely tt see if this actually comes together. and formulates a storm for the weekend. we will keep you posted.
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clear skies, 19 degrees. windy tomorrow as well. looking at 32 degrees. not a warm day. and it looks likeewe will see snow showwrs for thursday, friday, saturday. clearing out. with warming temperatures a bit in the upper 30s. then the chance maybe for some snow on sunday. -ut we will watch the traak of the storm if it comes tomorrow together. >> this is a great tiie to remember there are families that are not as fortunate as many of us. >> fox 45 news is holding a holiday wiihes coat drive, friday,,on morning news from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., you can drop hats, scarves, at our studios at 2000 west 41st. meet the morning news crew and spread warmtt this holiday -eason. >> one school district is defending he choice to use a book that calls jesus a wine guzzling vagrant. in the classroom. why they say the book isn't
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offensiie. >> and the ravens squeaa by houston what are th
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>> a school book with a unflattering reference for christ hhs people in new hampshire up. >>let get this. book refers to jesus as a wine guzzling vagrant. nickel and dime is an account of the life, wooking mun mum wage jobs, but apparent say it is inappropriate for impressionable teens. >> if they had made a movie out of the book, and were faithful to the book, quoted the book. he would be too young to legally see it. >> a book review committee ruled the message of the ook outweighed the shortcomings. >> you know for a viitory it sure feels like a defeat. that seems tonight general consensus around baltimore. monday night tte ravens beat the texans to go 9 and four, but that's one of the positives. ravens up 28-7 on this 103-yard,
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third yard kickoff returr froo reid but they blew it. unbelievable. texans mounted drives of 99 and 95 yards. and came back to tie the game at 28. and then in the extra period. this, josh wilson interception for a touchdown. gave the ravens the 34-28 victory. it wasn't pretty but it was the and almost to a man, the ravens are not satisfied with what went -own in houston. >> we were trying to put points on the board every time we were on the field. three possessions second half. and said o each other every time. put the game away. we felt any kind f points. on the board there. then, you know, we would really solidify the game being over. >> all about winning. win or lose? @% don't matter, what the score is, as long as we win. if we win out,,you know what i mean, we are superbowl champs. >> josh wilson, hero of the game. made a play. critical situation. on the road.
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in overtime, n december. ii a playoff hunt. and, i think, that's the critical thing. nine wins now. and we move forward from here. world champs ccming in and play them in a week. so tough. >> to the college game. change of plans at maryland. offensive coordinator james franklin installed as coach in wait ssin and tooo over when friedgen retired. that's not going to happen now. espn and other outlets reporting that franklin is leaving college park to become coach at vanderbilt. he was the second choice behind@ coordinator mel sewen that ddcided to stay where he was. franklin due $1 million buyout if maryland did not hire him upon friedgen's departure. >> signed cliff lee, top pitcher in the free agent class. he was a philly until late in 2009 when ttey dealt him to seattle because thhy thought they could not sign him. turns out they could. and added this count. five yearr $120 million deal in
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philadelphia. that is some 28,000,000 less than the package offered him by3 the yankees. -> it looks like we will see clear skies tonight..3 tomo ♪ [ mom ] my son finally got a cell phone. we found a plan we could actually afford. ♪ he thinks it's for him, but it's probably more for me. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the new walmart family mobile plan, powered by t-mobile. where families of three pay only $95 a month for unlimited talk and text, saving $1200 a year. it's a whole new way to stay connected. learn more about it at
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>> final look at the seven-day foreeast. for tomorrow. we will see sunshine, windyy3 conditions out there.
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32 degrees. and then on thursday. 31 degrees with a chance for morning snow showers. maabe light accumulation to watch. yes, that storm scoots south. friday and saturday. sunshine. 30s. and lateesaturray night and sunday. watch the south-southwest. potential storm in the making that could give us disruppive weather if it formulates. we will watch it. and t is cold next week. back to you. >> all right. thank you, vytas, that's all for the "late edition." thank you for joining s tonight i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. tune in to morning neww tomorrow
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