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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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with thwelcome back. p>> garrett county schools are thhse kids have had a very easy we have going to check in with meteorologist steve fertig to more than. temperature out theee. very cold, feeling like single digits out in garrett county. it's feeling like t's well below zero. it's a cold blasttthat continues takk a look at sky watch hd
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ú%dar. we're not seeiig the snow around here, but we're seeing it to ttú north. pennsylvanna and new york. conttibuting to the colder temperatures. it wwll make forra cood night3 tonight. you still have winds to worryú abouttthat will make the temperaturesschillier. it'' only 9 in oakland..3 you look at the winds att33 15-20 milessper hour and gusting ú%%-adviiory for the western paf the stateewheee temperatures are excessively cold. everybody feeling the chill, 19 27 degrees at noon.n-hour wind.3 %--:00 p.m. as well after toppig oot at 30 degrees at 1:00 this for a look at what is happening on the roadways.ú we need to heck in with candace with the traffic edge report. candace. not too uch happening. providence road. the volume starttng to pick up, but we don't hvv inccdents to
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report on the entire stretch. the southbounn lanes from whittmarsh, 4 minutes at 55 miles per hour of the thh same speed witt a 4 minutt clip from the fort mchenry tunnel, and southbound 895 is in the 95, 9 minutes at 52 miles per hour. that's a look t the morning megan, back over to you. the city declares its first cooe blue of the season. that means anyone who needs shelttr from the very cold %empeeatures outside will be -nd hundreds are using those services right now. joel d smith is livv at the main city shelter where ours ave ú%en extended and no one being turned away. how are you doing out there, joel.3 >> reporter: it's pretty cold right now, but the thhng ii we're getting breaks here and there. to stay.rtunate to haae a place for he homeless this is a tough
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time. ú%ar they had eight deaths that due to hype or hypothermia how s it last nightt >> reporter: here was 254 people and that is counting the mee, i ddn't now aaout the womenn it was a great thhng to have, a ú%on a daa when this is not ope, and it's a ccld bluee >> you got to tougg it oot and hope to find a place where to lay down n the sidewalk and hope you can find a warm blanket. some people got it a lot wwrse than others ann i'm grrteful to have a place to go. to get here on time, isnnt it? >> iffyou don't get here oo time. you awaa because they do not %->> reporter: right noo3 there's overflow places, wwen
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therr's code blue situations, there's overffow and you're okay. on a normal ay you can bee3 >> they have a vaa that will come and picc you up at 7:00 and %-leave you there at 6:00.r nd >> reporter: what the rest of the ddy going toolook like hereú for you. >> i'm going to go to theú healthcare for the hommless and get edical situations taken someone ttok lie bag and clothe3 -nd everything i had. >> reporter: it happens a lot. >> it happenn a lot here in baltimore city. >> reporter: good luck to you and tay warm today at least. a lot of people are dealinggwith that right now and ttey're grateful foo what they got, the code blue situation. it's still old on the streetss3 and had e have o surviveethe best way they can. >> it's amaziig how fast that is filling up. %-six people whooe lives werr lt in an east baltimore ffre.
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not ellerryycouple, theirenue. invessiiators sppnt the daydren sifting through debris trying o determine a cause which has yet to be dettrmined.3 meenwhile thh friends and family >> we know all the thinggisto actually and e saw all those kids when they weee born since they were babies and they're gone. that's it, there's nothhng elss you can face about a fammll that was just a great ffmily and they're gone. ú%> near low 30 others on the bllck arr leftthomellss after3 -hat fire destroyed several hooes. ú%%-victims byyoffering them a e to stayyaa st. ann's church. >> the chhrch waa able to open their doors for us and now we haveea memoriaa and we have neighbors and riends and ú%mily. we have to take care of heir3 mental needs first and the otheú
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tte red cross is providing meals and shelters to tte familles that left homeless on that block. p>> the family of 10 years old maayland girl who was killeddby a drunk drrver noo want the bar thaa served the driverrto pay up. %-mulli-million ollar llwsuui %-we have more.ablishment. >> reporter: two years aftee tte hhorific accidenn that killed jasmine ward, her grandfather still haa flash ú%cks. the impact of of tte suv at nearly 100 miles perrhour that felt like a seei and then his thoughts turned tt the bar that servee the driver alcohol in the hours before the deadly crash. >> they put the gun in his hand, assfar as i'm concernnd. >> reporter: the drrver ú%chael eatonnwas seetenced to nearly eeght years in ppison, but until a maryland law it's only a misdemeanor to serve habitual drunkard.3 >> they didn't do anything. thee had the opportunity to save
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my granddaughter's lifee to save %-suffering. who is still >> reporter: the family $332 million lawsuit, claims failing to stop eaten, the lawsuit claims that he was a regglar claimed to known get descrurchg. %-maryland's courts have ruled that the bars and restaurants ggts drunk. the two bar tabs inccuded 17 bottles of beer and 3 hots of liquor oovrrsix hhurs. at some point, theebar cut im off,,but then began servinng im again. >> the account fact that ee bought aal of -- the fact that he bought all of this col thhre, beer and hard liquor, that was belligerent and aggrrssive..3 youuadd all of thii together,
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the guy was intoxicated and should not have been permiited to drive. >> reporrer: the amilyyhas ú% liie with tte consequences eaah day. >> omeone is loaded with the alcohol and eople don't stop him from drinking. >> rrporter: nd taking an the soll survivor of a 2008 medevac crash that claiied four lives in suing $50 million. the lawsuit filed n behalf of the 20 years old jorran wells ccaiis thaa aa air trafffcc3 controllers gave out dattd weatherrto the chopppes pilot. it's alleging that governmenn officialssdid not initiate an appropriite search and rescue after the incident. the piiot, twooparamedics and a ú%ttent died innthat crash. ttat patienn and wells were beingg rrnsported foolowing a3 car accident. the faa is facing two lawsuits3 related o the crash. scaar moments on board a3 private plane in missouri as it was forced to land ith no landing gear.
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it happennd tuesday at springfiild brandson nationnl airport. if you look closely here, you can sse thattthere's no wheels runwayy onne it lands, flaaes and smooe start shooting up here. ú%ergency vehicles now rush to there's the pilot and the passenger make their way too3 safety. no word on what caused the landing gear to malfunction. two cars rash into the same ú%nsas chiropractic office. in he morning, an elderly woman %-peddde and crashes into the3 buiiding. just hours later the same thing happees to an elderly who presses the gas insteed oo the brrke, too. desppte alllof the damage, the two elderll people who rashed3 their cars are doing okay. >> ttis could be a lot worse. were in different places. >> despite the damage, they are
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should be fine, too. lucky to be alive after being this is video rrm the december 4th incident. as you can see, the car slams into the offiier and another man. authorities say he haa stopped to assist ith an accident when another driver ost control and hht them. believed to have contributed to that crash. comiig p on the early editiin, e was alled a hero >> it's like hot bbood ouring down my hands and arms and down my neck and down y shirt. >> why this sheriif's debt is into tt lose his ---ddputy is about to lose his position. today.3 pj have weather systemmswe'rr 3
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wishes with omeone? need. ú%on fox 45 and cw baltimore to3 donate new and gently used winttr clothhng to the less fortunate his holiddy season. ú%cember 17th, during fox 45 ú%in baltimore. west 41st street you can meet the morning rew, giie the giit of warmth, join us anddshare the waam holiday wishes.3 a lost folks could use that warm this season especially on a day like todayy i would like to check in with meteorrlogist steveefertig and you now what we're dealing with. we are feeling ith the cold nd no flurriee out there. scan. it's ecause of the cold temperatures that the temperatures are dropped even more. as you look aa the bigger pictureeyou can see lakee-ffect snow around pennsylvania, too. partly cloudy skies. winds are out of the west at
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12 mmles per hour. the humidity is at 52% and the %-indicatinggthat we have rrom r the ttmperatures to drop aabit. closer to same in salisbury, 20, %-the west at 15-20 miles per hr with gusts up to 300miles per hour anddit's oing toofoal a wwole ot ccill -- feel a whole lot chilliir. 55in hagerstown, it feels liie 100below zero in oakland. once again excessively cold3 %-why we have tte windchill's -dvisory continuing through3 10:00 a.m. this morning in the western part of the state. meanwhhle, to continue with the northwest flow, that brings in the cold anddthe windy conditions as we sit between tte low and the high. as highhpressure moves in it will help the wind diminish some as you get into the latter part thursday. %-systemmttht ii coming your way that cculd be a snowwmakkr. most of it is concentrated totho
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the east. we will bee atching, because if that system comes that is about a different situation, will be wtching thaws that one will be steered byy he jet stream. deppndinn on he movemeet, this it ay tay offshore and bbing 3 little bit less. ú%at one issmore iffy on sunnay -ut the chanccs there are a way of a few more inches possible then potentially. 300degrees with a 15520-mile-an-hour wind aad gusting hhgher than ttat. the central part of the state, llts of sunnhine but getttng up to 50 egreee for the high. back to the west, look for a %-the high. of 25 egrees for mostly clear skkes, and then tonight, 19 degrees under cllarr -kies to beginnwith it and then it turns partly cloudy as the clouds increase. 10-20-mile-an-hhur winds,33 gustinggto 30, o a breezy and ú%ld night again. still breezy but not as windy.
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37 degreee on friday, mostty sunny, 39 n sattrday, and itú could be snoo shooers, ependin on the trek oo that system..3 %-you're headed to the raven ga, the high temperature of 37 degrees. if you're not goiig to the ggme, you can see it right here 37 and 36 for yourrmonday and tuusddy under partly cloudy skies. now candace dold is here with a look at the trrffic edge. ú% reporter: well, steve so far nnt a bad start to that eerly morniig ridee in fact the actual numbers, speak volumme right now of the 67 mills perrhourron the beltway traveling at harford road. then 61 miles er hur on the ú%x. now e do have pooice activity to talk about. it's right on the city county line. ii's onnliberty road..3 you will find it attflankerty lane. that, but so far you can stilll3 ú-the outer loop lanes are lookg ú%od own to the triile bridges aad the inner loop stretch up tt
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695. traveling near pikeeille at greenspring avenue, tak!! takina look nd no delays to tall about in the outer loop direction or toward the 83. speaking of 83, let's ttke a live look moving hrough road. it's up to speed on the northbound lanes and southbound3 direction. that's a look at the morning megan, back overrto yoo. still ahead, maayland''shead coach in waiting. it looks like he s leaving college park. the majorrconference school that -s talking with the terps offens!!offennive coordinator.3 %-fireehirt.on these days, hot
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he was branded a hero after beiig hot in the facc. now a baltimore city sheriff's ddputy is about tt be fired. joy lepola has the cover story you're seeenggfirst on fox.ú deputy james blake was shot in the face duuinn a raid in a baltimore home. now the sheriff eeves i's offics
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trying to fiie him. he says the ggrment is trying o cover -- tte ddpartment is trying toocover up what reelly happened. >> all i thought, 'm going to. motion. morning raid at a ballimore row home that turnedddeadly. >> i can still see the hht blood doing down my face and my armss3 >> reeorter: blaine and 14 other deputies were evering a warrant for a man wanted ffr murder. someehing went wrong. >>the suspect had something and %-big flash and a big flash andú felt ain. i flew back. little bit ann i heard a big bang like boom. >> reporter: deputy lane was shot ii the face. the suspecttwas shot and killld by anothee deputy. ú% the bullet hit me around here
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and it exited out the back of m3 neckkright here..3 >> reporter: two years afterr3 the violent morring, the sheriff's offiieeis moving to fire laae saying he liid aboot >> someone shot me with a gun, it, i just assummd that he shott me because i was shot. >> reporter: aftercareeully reviewing the incident with other eputies there thatt3 shot by another deputy who was >> the ullet, you know, just ú%de bigger hole in my face than a 38 - the suspectthhd a 38. >> reporterr nn ulletsswere ever recovered from the scene but internal docuuents obtained by fox 45 anddmedia partner3 -nvestigative voice, showed deputyylane passed a lii detector test when questiined by homicide detectives aaout his version of events. acciientally shot hii failed to3 -he same test. >> he told me that, you know, h3
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day one. >> reporter: now the3 decorated he deputy and father, awaits to learn if the bullet that almost killed him will cost him his career. >> what i ddd that morning was -ake-up and went to work and do my job to protect the people of baltimore and get shot. iialmost lost my life. ú% reporter: in a statement the spokesman from the sheriff's -ffice sayy quote, this case is after new information was brought to ouu attention by a sworn member oo tte department. the investigation is currently ongoing. other than that, the officc cannt commentt later on ffx 45 morning news, going hands free. %-shoppers are going gaga over . next, ravens sweep by 3
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here is your first look at sports. for a victory, t sure feelss3 that seems to be the general3 consensus around the baltimore area. the ravens beat the exans monddy night to go 9-4, but that is the only positive we can come up wwth. the ravens went up 28-7 in the 1 yard kickoff return to day rrd lead, but they blew that ead a3 unbelievable as thaa sounds. they came back to tte the ggme at 28. but then in the extra period,ú this josh wilson interception for a touuc down gave the raven3 a 34-28 victory. it wasn't pretty, but it was %-and theeravens are not satisfd with what went down in houston, -n the board every time we got
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field. we had three times a possession, and we said to each other, let's if we ut any kind of points on the board there, we would solidify the game. ú% all weecare abouttit is winnnng. i meen, it don't matter. yyu know, we're just going as if we win enough, we are super bowl champions. >> josh is tte hero of the game. made a critical game in ú december punt and that is the critical thing. ú%got wins now. coming in and we're going to be playing them on a short week o it's goinn o be tough. >> remember you can see the ravens take on the champssnew orleans saiits at 1:00. the battle of two placcesecond teams as they try to kkep pace with the division leading falcons and the ravens hope to gain grounds on the steelers.
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the saints and ravens here on fox 45 inside the college game he would take over when ralph retired. as reportedly not going tt happen now. espn reporting that franklin is leaving college park to become he was the second choice behind the other choice. maryland did ot hire him upon regent's depart tour. yodeparture.tte top pitcher inn3 class.3 %-philly until late '09 when thy ú%lled him to seattle because they thought they couldn't sign %-it turn out they could, and aa discountt.3 he gtt a 5 million deal, $28 million than the package offered by, you guessed it, the
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no matter where you re,,3 oot there all of you. we want to sse your purple pride. go to and ccic3 ú% the commun!! community featts section. coming up in the 6:00 hour, he is running for re-election, a politicaa analyst weighs in oo whetter michael steel ii the -ight choice to head the lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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