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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 1, 2011 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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3 3 -3 3 3 famiiies anguish after a terribbe discovery.the ffveeyeer olddboy believvd stuck in a closet for days wiih his deaddffther.. fathee. 3 chaos at a carrnval..the wild homeevideooof a violent 3 county. 3 3 from bad to worse. worse.rachel thommponn:05:40 " i don't know, but ii'ssridiculous." - riddculous." 3 where ggsspriccs could bb next..a ssrinn of rainn days will finally move out in my skywatch foreccas. poreeass.and obama versus trump. trrmp.obama says: "no one is put this birth certificate & matter toorest than the donald. offensive. 3 -3
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3 hello iim jennifer gilbert. breaking news n bbltimore countt. county. 3 a shooting in randallstown -3 leads to stand-offf police say a maa shht his wife in a townhome on dressage court. officers were ble o pull the -3 victim out of the home and get her to theehospital.. she's expected to surviie. the inside tte home.tacticaa units were sent to he ccne, and police ay the man eventuaaly ssot and killeddhimself. peighbor's say the couple has a 13--ear old daughter. 33 ""yeah weesaw her kinda of break down when she eard her mom was shot..i'm sure when she finds ut her dad is not 3 devasting..- 3 no word yet on what ttiggered
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phe initiaa shooting. 3 &p3 new detaals emerging tonight about a shocking discovery in jessupfamill membbrs sayythey can't begin to understaad...what it was like for little 5 year old najib abdullah.for fiie agoniiingg days, theelittle boyysat with pis dead father...ttapped ii a closet.janice park met with the little boy anddhis motherr todaa...and has their story first onnfox.. foox. 3 the screams of najib abdullah's family can be hearr throughoot mary laneepeople are sttunee... stunned... 3& abdullah's faaily says olicee searrhed this home room by room earlier this week...after a bbeakkin was repprted.but one closettwenn deceased abdullaa...and his llttle 5 year old son, najib jr... still alive.the awwuu diicovery was made byy abdullah's friend, troy wise:
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smell justtccme out at me, ii was juss horried, my dad as likeekick it down, the little boy gges please help me i think my daady's deaa" dead"today, little 5 year oll 3 hospitaa.his face and body, &pccvered with bruises and scrrtches: scratchess""uut imagine being in a small space with dead bbdy, but your father, and watch your father pii father lay and de, it's bad" little najib was too &pshaken to talk today....ut hiis mother veronica lawson says her little boy describee in gripping detail...every moment of evvry day.police saa it 3 an altercation with his father...from there...things become unclear.but according - to little najib...his father in an attempt to protectthim, drrggedd im through the woods of jessup...then brokk the window 3of thhs ome o hide.lawson is convinced her son's fatter
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feared for tteir lives and says ssmehoww his got injured...hiishead was split closet, the littleeboy first watchee is faater die...then decayiig bodd... body..."i'm very happy he was able to stay ann fight and 3 jjss likk his mooher and father"noo that her son iss ssfely by her side...lawson payy she wwnts to now 3 closet with her son...and why &phe had to die: dii:"i'm not going to rest, until i fiid out what happened" janice ark fox 455news at 10. &pp3 veroniia lawssn says she plans on thanking troo wise in person...for saving her son's life. &pand another suspicious death this weekend in taneytown --- a man ws found ead ii his townnouse yesttrday..he ody of 44-year-old carey landskroner was discovered 3 his winddw after not seeing
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him for a couple days. authoritiis think some kind of explooion aused his deatt. 3"he was missing half hhs siie offarm and half his face was blown ff... it wasn't rom a gunshot." 3 neighbors ssa they did hear a loud banggwednesday nnght near landskroner's home.the circumstances surrouuding his death are still uuknown --- &pbut ii is being rulld either acccdental or a ssicide. police are still inveetiiating. -3 3 and a look at this scene at a carnival in milford mill last up ii the chaas sent uu this video. itthappened near security square mall. police say the ffght led to the stabbing of three ppople ---- onnflooida road ff of liberty rrad.poliie ave no suspects. theevictims are xpected to - surviie. -3 33 mississsppi authooities have arrested a man fouuddddiving the carrof a maryllnd woman found dead last week. week.28-year-old leroyywilssn & of entonnwas driving the aarested aater e failed to
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that's whee authorities dissoveeed marylanddpplicc were looking for the car in connection with theedeath of lindsey crrspino.her body was found wednesday at a farm in cennre-ville.wilson ill be extradited to maryland to face chargess -3 3 a wwman's body was found on mathews street near greenmount found face down -- but the death are still is being inveetigaaed as a homicidd. and yet another iicident, in peekend ---a man was ffond 3 in millford mill.thh man was takennto the hospital ----he is exxected to recovvr.police & are ssill invvstigating. - 3 p3 a man in glln urnie fouggt 33 carjjckers. 3 it happened at the shelllgas station alonggritchie hhghway. police saa tte man clung to - the driver's sideedoor oo his & carrwhiie two men trieddto
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steal it.he eveettally ggabbed the steering wheel cauuinn it &pto crash into the side of the builddng..theeman was not seriously urt and tte suspects got away. 3 you can track crimes n yoor nniihborhood... and gett e-mails when crimes occur. go to fox baltiiooeedot-com nd & click on sppt criime in hot topicss &p3&pgas prices too four dollars -3 gallon in some parts of pmryyann.and it doesn't look like drivees will be getting a soon.melinda rooder isslive latest predictions from triple-a... and eaction from &pmotorists. meeinda melinda &p3 pe''e seennthe ccst oo fuel ccrep up ovvr the last two monnhs aad now that t's &preached thaa our-dollar 33 change. and time for povernment tt step in. in. 3 05:48 - nts of gas pump - beeping filling up at thee pumpp.. just got lot priciir.3 costs me bout 77 bbcks."04:40 "prooably about 80 buckss"a pallon of regglaa unneaded ... some
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staaions in baltimore..- 01:34 "when we see gas prices hit that dollar ppr gallonn mark,... hooever they can."the experts at triple a say fourr dollaas seems to mark a threshold for motorists.. now porced to cut bbckk..achel thomspon: 05:36 "pretty soonn i don'' knoo what people re 3 i don't know, but it's things to onserve, likk car pool..04:25 "i've coosidered getting a moree as efficient car, absolutely."but drivers 3 05:55 "weegotta get to work. we gotta gee toothe grocery stooe."14424 "ya just kind of have to."ssme say t's time 3 action... and lowee gas prices... haaever it takes. 07:013 "yes, it is ime ffo - them to do something to helpp - the people."yet many fearr taa when lawmmkers takeeup the experts arr alreaddyprooecting
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ffve dollar per gallon priccs... ater this summer. 01:57 "the reality is most &panalysts believe the rices will peak... level off after that." 3 - 3 arylann's eneeal asssmbly - reeected efforts to raise he gas taa by ttn cents a galloo in the last sessioo. but a sppcial finance committee continues to pursue he 3 say they'll push forrit again 3 bbltimmre, melinda roederr fox 45 news at ten. 3 we can help you finn the bbst deals on gasoline in your coomunity.just go to fox- baltiiore dot com slash pump 3& the wet weather has moved in & aad its going to stick around ffr awhile. vytas reid is here with his forst look aa the skywatch foreccst. forecast. 3-
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3 3 in the midst of theelockout, ttere is much for ballimore pavees fans tt be excited about toniggt...sports director bruce cunniigham draft weekend.....bruce? 3 overrtheir 16 years off existence, the ravens have earned aareputation as one of - the best drafting teams in tte &pknoww as the wizard during his
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ppaying days...and that wizardrr transfers inno the drafttroom asswell...- wwll.. 3 p and this weekeed they - the cornerback they nneded so badly...aad injected some baddy neeeed youth into heir badly needed help on the oofenssve ine...and that was just the first three picks... to say the least, the sound -3 satisffed with the crop they harvested... 3 3 3 much more on the - draft...morgan adsit goes one on one with number one pick - jimmy smith and jamison hensley from the baltimore sun thatts aal coming up on the expanded unday nightt dition - of sports unlimited, right -3 after this newscast
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3& 3 trying to cope afterrthe how many hurch serviccs his week became outdoor events. 3- 3 the air trike that may have pilled qaddafi's on. the celebration aad the utraag. pmy...fellow...americans""" 3 pprsident obama takes a jab at donald trrmp dringgtte hite &plasttnnght.what the ppeeident had to say bout the birther issue and how "the donald" responded. 3
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3 -3 33 the lean up is still ust beginning in the south fter &pdeedly torradoes ammered 3 casey tegalllrepprts even church services have become a challengeefor the victims of -3 tte storms. storms. 3 3 phurch seevices-- eeng heldd aaross aaabama today (sundayya"a& even though mannycongreggtions ddn't have a bbildinn to -3 worship n. burns ays: "i donnt knowwwhere they got their strength from (laughter) but we just had to teel them that we don't know. and thatts like many buildings in the &pregion, heephil campbell churrh of god was dessroyed by - the evere weather. 3 theegrounns where it once & stood. burns ssys: "and i jusst
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have faith that god's going o bring us all through with &pflyinn colors." meanwhile...the cleanup from last week'ssdevastating tornadoes contiiue .. as federal and state agencies moved qickly to help the - thousanns oofpeople left homeless. authorittes plso are seeking the missing,, aided by adaver-snnffing dogs, amid feaas thh death toll coold yettrise. survivorssare banding togeeher &pto help pick up the piecesa"a&but memories off the storm remain resh n theii minds. prrsident obaaa is prooising federaa - hell willlcontinue to flowwin...- obama sayss "so we need o keep hose aaericann in our hearts and in oor prayers. but we also need to stand with them in the harddmonths and years toocome. anddi intend o make sure the federal povernment doessthaa."(anchor president obbma's cabinet are visiting alabama and mississiipi todaa to our thh damaag and mmet with fficiaas
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in concord,alabama, casey stegall, fox neww 3&pa nntt airstrike yesterddy has reportedly killld embers of libyan leader muammar qaddafi's family ---- including his youngest son. 33& this video shows what's left after the airstrike hii thiss house n ttipoli.reports are -& saying qaddafi's son --- saii aa-arab along with 3 of his 3 the strike.qaddafi and his wife were also insidee--- butt &&psurvivee the --- rebels in beeghazi are cclebrating. 3 "my goddwe're not supposed to &prejoice aayonees death but we want him to feellthe pain and porrow we feel when oor ownn people get killed."pxtremely happy but the greater joy will be when the father muammar getsskilled." --- qaddaff followers were attackee talian and british embassies n llbya.but many are doubtinn qaddafi's son waa 3 3 the annuul whhte house
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corresponddnt'' dinner in washington is ussally a lightt it also gave preeident obama a - chance to do some serious politicians, celebrities, and jourralists joined the president and first lady at &pthe glitzy affair last night. &p and donald rump as also ii the udienne, as the president let him have it over the birther ssue that -3 came tt head this week when his long -forr birth certificate. 3 obama says::""o oneeis happier, no one is prouder to put this birthhcertificaae matter to rest than the donald. and thht's becauue he can ffially get back to the isssus that matter. likk, ddd we fake the moon landing? what -reaaly happened in roswell? - tupac?" trrmp appearee to mile at times when thee
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presideet waa speaking. but said some of the jooes about him that came after the inapproppiate.
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3 &
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honoring the latt pope john paul the second.theeevent that - marked his irst tep toward sainthood.
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huge crowdd in vaticann &pcity this morning to wwtness -3 the first big step toward
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sainthood for pope john paull the seccnd. jennifer 3 caahollccfaithful from around the worrd gathered for the ceremooy. 3 3 st. peter's square was filled to capacity before he sun time of the mass - an estimated 1.5 million were heee n rome to see pope john & paul the 2nd pass the first - major milestone towards sainthood. 33 pope benedict the 16th has officiilly movee is predeceesor one step ccoser to sainthood. pope: "we allow -3 that the venerable servant of blessed .." in front of an enormmus crowd oo catholicc -3 ttat filled st peeer'sssquaree ppilling into the surrounding streets - pope benedict the 16th declared john paul the second blessed.the crrwd erupted and some were moved too pears as aa enormous photo of
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the popular pontiff waa unfurleddin st eter's squure by the current pope - were 3 paul he second's coffin - to &ppray ann pay their respects. father robert gahl: "everyonee around the world aw him as a &pfather,,holy ffther, and peally today now people are pelebratinggthat he is blessee, he isshappy in heaven and he is a holy father." beatification requires the verification of a miraclee the church saas this oman - a & prennh nuu -- wws miraculously cured of parkinson'' disease after prayiiggto theelate pppe. now one morr mmracle is required for him to be rigali: "he lived what he preached ann he personified thh gospel. peopleethink that is great." there's no officiall estimate of how ong it will take for joon paul the secood -3 to be canooizedd- but some 3 two to five yearss in rome, jennifer davis, foo news. 3 3 .the n-f-l draft is over... compleee coveeage from the 3 1-on-1 interviews with theii first 2 ppcks... that's comiig
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up in sports unllmited... unlimited...
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3 pand we'll hear from the top 2 &pddaft picks as i go 1-on-1 -3 with cornerback jimmy mith -3&pand former terp receiver toorey smith... 3 3 -3 3 ..oo much confidence doothe 3 flacco???... enoogh o let him makkea pick in the draft.... we'll eeplaan coming upp.. up... 3 .ozzie newwommes a hall of
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fame tight end... so does he - think jimmy smith could over him???... you don''twant to miss his answer... answer... 3 .and e didnnt forget aaout the o's.... they hhd chance &pto win their 33d straiggt ii chicago gaiist theewhite soxx.. find out if zach -3britton could pick up his 5th win of the year....spprts unlimiteddstarts righh fter this...
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