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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 6, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 3 it's friday and that means it's our facebook page aboot want.let us now what's oo your mmnd-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment.and we're starting your weekend off riiht. pight.glee nats nats unleash your inner "gleek." "glee: encorr" is a collection of the best musiccl show glee...witt over 30 great facebook fans to post the ccdd "glee: ennore" on d-v-d.we'll rrveal the code worr sometime this morning.. but you have to
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be a fan to win. winnjust go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to joinn phe ooversation. 3&p
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3 &pmap fiber map a fight outside
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of a ballimoreecity magnet &pschool spills into the street... and it's all caught on camera.neighbors ay, thiss kinddof lewd behhvior happens is done to stop it.some thing neighbors are even worried foo gglliland is live with a look attwhat is happening when the last school bell rings. look....his is the most recent brawl... caught on cell phone cannsee the students takinggswings... knocking eachotter down.the fight soon
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all ou could hearrwas yelling and creaming... pirls creaming in fight fightneighbors say the culprits of all of thii are studentssat francis scott key elemeetaryyand middle school. according t them, this kind of behavior happens all the time.students... nnt ooly &pharassing eachother but also neiihbors iinthe community, picking fights and destroying property.for fear of retaliation... some neighbors didd't waat their faces to appear on camera... but lissen in o what they were willing 3&(23:26)they've destrooedda lo &pa brick out of my stepp... (59922)three ids threetened me and ssii come on out white boy i'll kkck your ass and man i'll stick yyu with my knif. kkifee.... neighbors say... they've called the school so ofttn... the nuubbe is onnspeed diall but ofttn times, they ssy the &pprincipaa ever returns their officials did release this statement to us... us...saying quote... we are unaware offany ongoiig prrbllm
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in the oomunity involving our students.if the communitt has concerns we welcome an neighboosstell us they probllm the bus in front of their h homes, in the community and off schoollproperty.some say usally by the timm they get theree it's ver.megan gillilaad, fox45 morning news. 3 3- evidence obtaiied from osama bin laden's omppund... information.terrorists were &pplanning to attack u-s rail &psystems... on september 11th of's the 0th anniversary of he attacks.the exact locations were not known. but homeland seccrity confirms the informaaion... based on infoomation on computers, d-v-dssand documents the navy seals took from bin laden's house. the united states is not releasinn photts of the raid that killed bin laden...but &ptakee abouttan hour after the
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naay seals left the ompounn. these aae some of theepicturrs. none of them iiclude osama bin paden...but theyydo show bloody pictures of dead en. u-s officiall say 3 men... other than bin laden ... were kiilee during the raid. find aal of our osama bii laden stories n one place on our ebbite...go to fox baltimore ot com...ann click on "bin laden killed" in the hot oppcs section attthh top of the screee a man fouud in a frederick pooellroom with computers full offchild porr will face ffderal chaages in baltimore today.registered sex offfnder, robert ingram was arrested in inn.. an internet addrees provided by pennsslvania motel. they say ingram to the acknowledged using the otel's free wiieless internettservice drivv found in ingram's roomm ccntained over 2-hundded images of children as young as 5. 3 phylicia barnes will e laied o rest tomorrow.tte 16
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yyar old 's ffneral is saturdda at 1-ooclock at a church in ccnyeessgeorgia. bbrnes isappeared fromma december ... whhle visiiing from north arolina.last monnh, her body waa found in the susquehanna riverrand her 3 the uneral is prrvate ... but it wiil be streamed live. yyu can wwtch it... at fox baltimore dot com slash newslinks. n the wake of phylicia barnes' death .... and mann others like her ... the local hhp hop community is taking a raise money and awareness to city.... and of course they it. joel dd.smith is live in north baltimore whreesome of the artists are rehearsingg now.good mmrring joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) ,33
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&pexpect more "oohs and ahhhhs" at altimore's iiner harbor by p baltimore city leaders are considering several proposals to ake the ammng the proposals ... are plans for a massive ferris wheel ... a zzi line from .... even an eiffel tower--ype attraction. oo course, changing baltimore's skylinn is being &pmet with mixed reaation. (james ricc)"not really an eiffel tower bbt we shhull try littte bit better ya know.. ya know, cause from what iit us know now baltimore is known as a clubbciiy" p a new plan will be chosee in the next fewwweeks, the new early as nexx summerr place as - poming up in ouu hometown
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hotspoo.... a celebration of spring!what you'll find at this year's flowermmrt... happening thhs weekend. news.. all local.. all morning 3 morning. p(buup out)) &p(((reakk1)) make sure mom stops and smells
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you can get oses and much, .- much more at flowermart this weekend.jennifer bodine is live with the details on this &pmorning's hometown jennifer... your father's work
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plays a big rooe in the --what are the plans for --what are the plans for flooermart this year? flowers will e there?--is it just flowers or is anything else going on?
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mount vernon ttday and tomorrow froo 11am to 8pm.for more informatioo, log on to foxxbaltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3 3
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3 33 map 195 pap wiikens map liberty
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she's going to have the estt motthr's day we're revealing the grand prize winner in our baltimore's best mom cootest! contest!baltimore's best mom will win a trip forrfour to bay point marrritt ... an award-winning resort in panama also ggts the title of mom.stay ttned to see if your
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&pmom is winner. coming up... &pthe death of osama in laden is raising questions about our country's relltionship with any billlonn of dollars they're given each year... in aidee 3and later... a woman goes to the dentistt.. and comes home with a branddnne accent. why experts's no morning news.. all locaa.. all ((break 2))
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coming up... days after osama bin laden is found hiding in pakistan... many questions are being raised.should we re-examine
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our countrr's relationship with hem?our d-c insider weighs in next. and later... theeduke and dutchess of cambridge re making their way to the u-s thhs summer.wwich state they're expected to visit. you'reewatching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all pmrning. úúúo of osama bin laden is raising
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questionn about the u-s relatiooship with pakistan. the errorist was found in a compound not far from akistan's army base. and now, ppkistann leaders arr accusing pried somethingglike that agaan ... theee woull be all this - billions in u-s aid. our d-c insideer and politiial commentator aamstrong williimssjoins us this morning via skype for this week's washington wrap.
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-was ppkistan protecting osama bbn laden ... did they knoo where he was -we give billioos tt ppkistan to aad in the fight
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against terrorism ... shhuld that monny bb cut off-whattdo you think they've bben doing witt that
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coming up... a woman wakes up... with a compleeely different voice.why she bbamessher dentist... for the change. ((joel ive tease))youure watchiig fox 45 mooning newss. pll local.. all morninn. ((breakk4)) [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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infancy ttat coulddcause problems later.. onnfox 45 3
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3 3 p 33 3 3 p,
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3 3 map fiber map
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students gone wild... nd noo neiggbors in south baltimore are pleading for hell.they say, the kids are harrassing them, picking fightt and desttrying property. some neighbors aree even worried for their own safety.megan gilliland is live with accual video of the latest elee. good morninggpaarice,take a look...this is the moss recenn brawl... aught on cell phone eachooher down.thh fighttsooo spills into the streets.all you can heer is yelling and screaming... girls screaming in fight fightneeghbors say the culpriis in all of thii... aae
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stuuents at frrncis scotttkey elementary and middle school. according to hem, this kind of behavvor happens all the pime.students... not only haaasssnggeachhther but allo neighhors in the community, piiking figgts and destroying property.forrfeer of retaliation... some neighbors didn't want their faces to appear on camerr... but isten in to what they were willing po tell us... (59:53))'ve never seen anything like it....i ccn't wait to get the helllout of &phere.....(4:26)dumppig flower ovee knocking oonmy principal 20 times...she never retunrr calls..... calls..... neighbors say... hey've called he school so often... the numbee is oo speed dial. however, school officiaas did release this statement to us... us...sayinggquote....we are unawaae oo any ongoing problem in the community involving our students.if the community opportunityyto ttlk with them neighborsstell us they problem is that many studentsscatch off school propertyysome say -
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they have called police, but tthre, it's over.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 phylicia barnes will be laied to rest tomorrow. tomorrow.the 16 year old 's o'cllcc at a hurch in conyers geoogia. barnes disappearrdd from a baltimore apartment in december ... while visiting from ooth caaolina.last month, her body was found in the susquehanna river and herr death ii uled a homicde. 3 the funeral is private ... but it will be strramed livee you an watch it... at fox baltimore dot com slash nnwslinks. can words really sttp the violencc in baltimore? how about if yoo put those words to music? sooe hip hop &partists are willing to try... especially in the wake of phyliciaabarnes' murder and so others. joel d. smith is live in arrists repare for a benefit morning patrice, (ad lib) 3 3
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one dayyshe's american... the &pnext she's a foreigner. under annsthesia for a dental procedure... and woke p with aa accent thatts a croos betteen british and scottish. listen foo yourself. "if you open up your mouth, and somebody says 'oo, where pet that accent?' well, i got it from my dentist in toledo. toledo.butler's condition disorder most often caased by a stroke orrtraumatic brain injuuy.ssnne the surgery... buuler says er accent has ggven her more confiddnce to speak in public.
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p33coming up... authorities uncover attack was planned for the 10th anniversary of 9//1.what details we know. yyu're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all porning. ((break 5)) ((bump n)) ((ad libb meteorologist))
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3 3 3 ,3
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pap fiber map 195 map wilkkns 3 3 3
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coming up... a planned attack... on u-s soil.what evidence was uncovered... during the raad and the dukk and pound. coming to tte u.s.which state they plan to visit this summer. news.. aall ocal.. all morninn. ((break 6)) promise me low prices. and stick to it. like seriously low prices. [ male announcer ] at safeway, we made a promise of low prices. and we're keeping it. [ female announcer ] take our fantastic club card specials like driscoll berries, they're buy one, get one of equal or lesser value free. i need to know that when i'm here,
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[ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. newly-married duke and duchess of cambridge aae llnning a trip tt the u-s.the royal caaifornia in july.the palace details at thisstime... buu sayssaadetailed itinerary ill be released later. eeiience obtained fom osama bin laden's coopoundd.. reveals some alarming nee information.terrorists were planning to attack u-s rail systems... on september 11th of this's he 10th anniversarr of the attacks.the
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exact locations were not knownn but homeland security confirms the informaaion... after navy seals took cooputers, d-v-ds and docuuents from bin adee's 33 3the debate continues over photos of osama bin laden's dead booy. the preeident saysshe will noo could incite more violence it and americans here at home. he added proof ttat bin ladennis dead but some lawmakers ssa p.. gruesome or not ... the photo should be released to end the debate once ann for pll ann to put conspiracy therories to rest. congressman elijah cummings joins us this morning with a look back at all the staggering eeents of this pass week. pwhat was your reaction to bin
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laden's deathpicture and shhuud it be -concerns about - puture with --ob training fair faii p3alternatives pathwaa to success event is happening saturday june 11th from 10am to noon at copppn state univerriiy. our websiie at fox baltimore o - 3coming up... it's down to the final four... on "american idol."which contestant was sent paccing. and in our hometown hotspoo... ringing in spring.what you'll find at this year's flowermart... goinggon this're atching fox 45
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morninn. -3 america spoke and we are now
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pown to the too four on backstage reaction to the elimination for todaa's lowdown. lowdown. pfter he highest amount of votes of the eason... another person was senn packing. after 60 million votes the person going home tonight is safe. jaaob aa ent home during an
6:55 am
emotional night on iiol. a vissbly upset lauren alaina rushed back tt her fellow she was safe.after a few weeks in the bottom two... t wasn't a shock that jacob ended up going home. steven tyler says jacoo'ssjjurney mighh talented. tyler says, "there'ssnobody who sings like that... he'ss raw, perfectin his voicc his perfect jacob .... randy jacksoo is moving on to the big finale. jjccson says,,"i still thhnk right ow it's a three person differenttand weird ffr the show, we've nnver had that. it's comiig down to those three people right there that youu aw uppthere. and if lauren gets her thing together next weee she can enner it agai. again.
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it is now down tootwo girls and wo guys. you can see the top four on american idol next wednesdaa and thursday night at 8-pm here on fox45. fox45. stay tunedd.. i will talk with jacob live coming up ii our 8 o-clock hour. you'rr going to hollywood!
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the american idol finale live ii-person. all you haveeto and 8 p-m all next week monday through friday and look for the 'idol legend' of hh night. then watch fox45 morning news the next weekday. you could win an idol for 4 days in hllywood and tickets to the american iiol chance to win. comiig up in our 7 o'clock &phour... suspicious etters wwth white pooder... are seet to moree than two-dozen chools n the d-c area.what was written iiside. ((megan live ttase))a brawl breaks out near a baltimore city schoollneighbors say itts not the first time.i'm megan gilliiand, we'll show you video f what happens after the chool bell rings. ((joel live tease))you''e watching fox 45 morning nees.. all looal.. aal morning.. ((break 88) túgñ
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map fiber map of a baltimore city magnet ee on camera.nnighbors say, his kind of leww behavior happens all the ttme, ann yet nothing ii done o stop it.ssoe neighbors are even worried for their own safeey.megan giililand is live with a look at what is happening when the good morning patrice,take a look...this is tte most recent brawl... caught on ceel phone cannsee the students taking ssings... knocking eachothhr downnthe fight soon spills nto the streets.... &pand creaming... was yelling -
7:05 am
fightneighbors say the culprits of aal of ttis are according to them, this kind of behavior happens ll the time.sttdents... not only harassing eachother but also neighbors in the community, picking fights and estroyingg property.for fearrof reetliation... some neighbors didd't want heir faces to appear on cameraa.. but listen in to what they were willinng to tell us... (23:22)they've destroyed a lot of thingsson my property taken aabrick out of my stee.... (59:22)three kids threatened poy i'll kiik your ass and te - &pthem one said i'll stick you pan iilllstick you with my knif. knife.....neighbors sayy.. they've called tte school so often... the number is on they say the princippl never , returns theer officials did reeease this us...saying quotee.. we aree unaware of any ongoing problem in the community involving pur students.if the communiiy
7:06 am
has conceens we welcome an neeghboos tell us they problem is thaa many students catch the bus in front of their homes, in theecommmnity and off school property.some ay they have called olice, butt usally by the time they ggt there, it's over.megann gilliland, ox45 morring nnws. the man found dead in the identified.he's 57 yeaa old jeffrryyyoung bonsall.his body pas foonndon may third neer luuherville labbratory on york road.the cause of deatt is ssiil under innestigation, but play. one person is recovering this porning after being injured baltimore countyyit happened just beeore o' lock this boullvarr in dundall.police say tte emplooeeewasstaken to the hosptial , but is expected toobe suspects havee 3 3 today , president obama goes to foot campbell, kentucky to
7:07 am
personalll thank the navy seals who took out bin laden. laden.this comes one day fter phe president visiieddground zero to pay ribute to the nine-eleven victims. sot - bama says: "americans, even in the middttof tragedy, years, across politics, across party,,across administrations, to make sure that jjsstce is do" wreath .. he spoke with a - families anddheroessaffectedd 3baltimore county .- rrpresentative "dutch" ruppersberger will explain what the eeth of osama bin laden means for our nation.. to some senior cctizens today. crest retirement community in top-ranking democrat on the houss intelligence committee on the operation.. and what it means for ourrcountry's future find all of our osama bin our website...go to fox baltiioreedot com...and ccick &phot topics section at the topp
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of he screen 3 3 phylicia baanes will be laid old 's funeral is saturday at conyers georgia. barnes - disappeered from a baltimore while visiting from nrtt - carolina.last month, her body river nd her death is ruled a homicde. 3 the fuueral ii private ... but it will be streamed live. you can watch it... at fox baltimore dot com slaah newslinks. in the ake of phylicia barnns' eath .... and many otters like her ... he local hip hop community is taking a stand. they want to raise money and awareness to heel stop the violence in the ccty.... and of couuse ttey are using the pooer of music po do it. it. joelld. smith is live innnorth balliiore whre some of the artists are ehearsing now.good morning joel d. good morning patricc, (ad lib) 3 &p3- 3
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coming up... give mom ... the best foo hot spot... weere takinngyou - gift ideaa. ideas. you're watching fox
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45 mooninn news.. all local.. all mornnng. ((break 1)) 3 [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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love you."flowermart is the perfect place to go this weekend to get a mother's day gift. carol purcell is live with the details on this --what are the plans for fllwermart thissyear?
7:14 am
--whaa kinds of llwers willl be there?--is it just ffowers or ii anything else going on? on? flowermart is in mount vernon today and tomoorow from 11am to 8pm.for more information, log on to pox baltimore dot com slash morning. -3 3
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3 3
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3 map 195 map fiber 3
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she's going to have tte best mother's day ver.ttday.. we're evealing the grand prizeewinner in our baltimore's best mom contest! contest!!altimore's bet moo bay point maariott ... an pward-winning reeort in panama city bbach,,florida.the winnnr also gets the titleeof mom.stta tuned to see if your mom is a winner. still ahead.. aafamiliaa house from a popular holiday movie isson the market.find out the asking . price. yoo're watching
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local.. all mooninn. all ((break 2))
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new this mmrning...letters containing suspicious white pooder... have been sent to more than aadozen schools in the d-c area. according to theef-b-i... the letters refer to al-qaeda... nd have authoriiies think thhy coold be part of a larger natton- wide pattern.the letters have been sent to a lab for testing. recognnze this hoose?it's the subuuban chicago home... where actorr acaulay culkin outwitted a pair of crooks... in the movie "home alone." now... tte house s up for sale.the asking price? dollars. -four million death of al qaeda mastermind osama bbn laden, a new public..according to the u... e
7:22 am
deeartment oo homelaad security,,al qaeda had discussed aa lan to derail trains in the u.s. on the 10th anniversary of 9- 11. megan clohertt joins uu livv megan? shington with morr.megan? 3&sugggsted quustionn 1. weevveheard sooe taak bout what osama bin llden'' death
7:23 am
will mean foo continuing the war in afghanistan. do ww knnw any more about how this might affect draw-down dates?22 the &pbig quustton for many s wher relltionship ith pakistan after finding bin llden hiding so close to a mmjor military hub in that country--mann saa not to haae known he was there.
7:24 am
still to come.. to spruce up the inner harbor - not kidding. we'll tell you flooting around... oh man! a waywwrd baseball!ffnd out you're waaccing fox 45 &pmorning news.. ll local.. al morning.
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waterrront... kathleen cairrs whether to build an eiffel
7:27 am
towwr and some other things on the inner harbbr attrrcts shops, restaarants, and the touuist attractions... (john flowers) "a lottof people likk unofficial guide... (loveethis &pshot-drums nats) and sometimes... entertainment.... ((rums) enteetain... designeddto attract evvn more visitoos, in the coming yeaas... thhre are 9 ppoposaas... one ppchmaa--a visitor)"do you el 3 know from wherr to where.. cause over the habor woulddbe cool..."another calls for (lady from north arollna)"i be great cause mosttpeoplee waat to go see it in france but cant afford it.. laugh" (james ricc)"not really an to rrpresent alttmore d try little bit better ya know.."a ferrisswheel is possiblity: (gary domnisse-harfoor co resident)"i think it will distraat from the beauty of ciicus and we doot neee a circus town here."ideas are
7:28 am
&pflowiig:(mmm with 2 kiis)"i think any outdoor attraction... ridess.. water park.. anything for he kids" flowers)"maybe some cars.. like bummer cars or something.. i could seeea rolllr rink right heree "" city officials will decide what plaa gets picked... and viistors can exxect the channessto be in place.. as &pbalt kc fox 45 news at 10 coming's down the wire contestants.the person goiig is....find out who didnt' make it out of the bottommtwo. you're wwtching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. obesity. mistakee made during infancy ttat coulddcause problems later.. onnfox 45 news at what you spend?
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try new jamba all natural energy drinks from nestle... 3 it's friday and that means it's youu turn to sound anything you want.k page about could air in our "facebbok se feedback" segment. segment.juut go to faccbook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the cooveesatiin. 3
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fiber map 3
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students gone wild... and now neighbors in south baltimooe them, picking figgts and y - destroying ppoperty. somee neighbors are even worried for their own safety.megan gilliiand is live with actuaa video offthh latest melee.
7:34 am
good morning pptrice,take a look...this is the mmot reccnn brawl... ccught n cell phooe video.yooucan see the students taking swings and kkocking eachothee down.the fight soon girls screammng in ighhand 3 figgtneighbors say the culprits in all of this... are elementaryyann middle school. accordinn to them, this kind of behavior happens all he time.studdets... not only harassing eachother but also &pneighbors in thh community, ppckinggffggts and destroyinn property.for fearrof reealiation... some neighhors didn't want their faces to in t what thhy were willing to tell us... (59:53)i've nevvr seen anything like it....i can't wait to get theehell out f here......4::6)swinging on mm trruck dumping flooers ovee pnocking onnmy door....sexxin p'veespoken to tte prrnccpal 20 times...she never retunrs ca.
7:35 am
calls.....neighbors ssy... ooten... the numberris on so sseed dial.however, schhol officiils ddi release this statement to us... us...saying quott....we aae unaware of any ongoing problee our students.if the community has coocerns we welcome an pnd address their concerns. neighbbrs tell uu they problem is thattmany students catch the bus in front of their homee, in the community and off school property.some say they have called police, but usally by the timm ttey get gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 3 evideece obtained from osama bin laden's compoundd.. information.terrorists werr for- pllnninn o attack u-s raill systees... oo seppember 11th anniversarr of the attacks.tte exacc locations ere not knoon. &pbut homeland security confirm the information... based on information n computerss
7:36 am
d-v-ds and ddcumentssthe navy house.took from bin laden'ss the united states is not that killed bin laden...but taken about an hour after he nnvy seals left the compound. pthse are some of the pictures. pone f hem include osamm bin &pladen...but they do show ploody pictures of 3 dead mmn. u-s officials say 33mmn... killed ddring the raid.. were our website...go toofox n - baltimore dot com....nd click on "bin laden killed" in thh hot topics sectioo at the top of the screee 3 phylicia barres will be laied to rest tomorrrw. tomorrow.the 166year oldd's puneral is saturday at - o'clock at a church in conyerss from a baltimoreeapartmmnt in decembee ... whhle visiting frrm northhcarolina.last ponth, her body ws ound in thh susquuhanna river and her death is ruled a homicdd. 3 the funeral is private ... &pbut it will be streammd llve
7:37 am
&pfox baltimore dot om slash newslinks. &pviolence in baltimore? ho about if you put those words to musii? some hip hoo artists are willing to try..... esseciaaly in the wake of phylicia barnes' murder and so many othees. others. joel d. smith s live in north baltimore as local &partists preeare for aabenefft show tomorrow night. good morniig patrice, (ad lb)& 3
7:38 am
theepiiesville oman accused pf bilking ssveral ppoole.. iicluding a foorer baltimore raven.. out of thousands of dollars in a cancer
7:39 am
ordered to repay the money.41 &pfriends.. includinn former that she had ttrminal caacer dollaas.a judge has ordeeed t. cchen to pay back the money before tte end of her 3- year supervised provation.cohen blamed her beeavior on alcohol and drug addiction. a university of maryyand student ii charged with selllnggffke i-d's to underaae students at the school.aa potomac on 16 counts.he is 20 pennsslvanna drivers licenses from his dorm room. 3....oh!!!! ....oh!!!!ouuh!that's ppobbbly not what a baseball fan not her hands... to catch a . & a major league baseball game.t - maybe next time... she'll 33 carry ... a glove.
7:40 am
3 3and then there were four.. on american iddl. idol.after 60 million votes the person going home tonight lauuen you are safe. pafe. vvsiily upset lauren alaina rushed back to her fellow contestants after &ppinding out jacob was the one whoogot tte boot.after sevvral weeks in the botttm two... ii pasn't the biggesttsurprise &pthaa jaccb ended up goiig hom. highlight of eliminntion nightt juugeejennifer llpez rocked the house... when she took tte staggeto debut hee new hit singing nats natsááchatáá ááchatáá americannidol continues next
7:41 am
right here on fox45.aa at - you're oing to hollywood! hollywooddyou can experieece &pinnperson. all you have to do is watch fox45 between 7::5 pnd 8 p-m all next weekk for the 'idol llgend''of the k - night. then watch fox45 &p rning news he next weekday. &pyou cculd win an idol collector's kit and qualifyy forr4 days ii hollyyood and ticketssto the americcn idol pinalea&ccurtesy of airtran airways.stay tuned for your still toocooe.. wwll mom needdan umbrella on meteorologist steve ferrii has your weekend forcass.. next. next.. you're watching pfox 45 morning news.. all local.. all
7:42 am
&pmorning. 3 mettorologist))
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3 3 3 3 333
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map liberty map fiber map providence mapp-&3 -3 it's ourrmobbdeal of the weekk every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... hich
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your cell phooe! phone! this get a free 1 hour vvhicle diagnosis.that's an 85 dollar just go to mm--obideaas- &pdot-com to get started.. or look for mobiddals on your smar. smartphone. mobiddals is a prrduct f our &pparent compann.. sinclair broadcaat group. still ahead...'s timee.. tt lt it all out.tell us what you're thinking aaout....and your facebook feedback egment. yyu're waaching fox 45 morning news.. all local...all morning. ((break 6)) ((question f day animation))
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ii's riday... anddthat means it's time for fox45 viewers to ssund off about anything ou ww've bben asking you aal morning to let us know what's on your mind for ourráfacebook feedbacká seement... undrstand yywe would eep -3 the u.s. money wwen they knew
7:51 am
where bin laden was aal this time, they were hiding him out and still we put money in their hands to help them, i think that is pitiful" pitiful"lesliee i on't need laden...dna is enough." enough."vivian happy friday!! 33 congratulations to shannon amenn and kathy wong.they were theefirst two facebook fans to correctly post our code word &pon d-v-d.of "glee: encorr"" -- commng up remembering ur fallen heros... finddout about an event that remembers thee police officers and firefighhers who gave the year....and innour 8 o clock - hour...give momm... the best for mother's our hommtown hot spot....weere ttking you to flower mart for watching fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all mooning. ((break )) ((bump in)))-ñ ú six mmryland police
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7:53 am
7:54 am
officers and fireffghters were during the past yearr today they wiil e honooed... at the 6thhannual jack mitchell with dulaney valley memorial gardens joins us this morning remember the sscrifice these - public servantssmake-who are thooe , beiin honored ttday-whaa
7:55 am
happens at the event-goveenor speak--pening prooessson-21 gun salute .. flyovee-jeff barnd is guest speaker-open to theepublic 3
7:56 am
coming up in ur 8 o'clocc hour.. 3&úshe went to sleep an foreign accent !the bizarre story behind this incident! incident! you're watching fox 5 &pmorning news.. ll local.. al morning.
7:57 am
túgñ 3
7:58 am
pullcontestants.. how the
7:59 am
remaining ... and j-lo shows jlo singing nats natslusk.. joins us live. pliminated idol tonight ii the person going homm spoken. spoken.amerrca hhs happened.&ph woman tooedo. toledo.acceet?' well, iigot it where did you get that yourself. yoursellfand no longer imagine waking up.. hronnc problem. say administrators.. why parents say.. and it's noo the áánats of school fightáá fighháááity stteets. streets.a school figgt morning news... 3 that.years of service prove be selfless and her 20+ krreger. kennedy krieger. mothers now on fox45 morning nnws... p school fight spills out onto pitt streees. streets.áánats of school fiihtáá figgtááand it'' not the first time. why parents say.. phey on't believee chronic problem. when thee say 3 aad no longgr soundingglike you. yourself.wwere did you get this woman claims -3 happennd.america has spoken. spoken. the person going home tonight is eliminated idol contestant paaob lusk.. joiis us live. &plive.jlo singing nats done.jlo singing nats full 3
8:00 am
friday, may 6th &pryan says: after 60 hhme tonight is jacobson going - lauren you arr safe. 3 safe.he's got a big voice---a big heart and big dreams.even american idol is over--hissn industry is right in fronttof h. him..ox broaddasting is mmking the dreamer...jacob... morning. last night was an emotional night on idol... but
8:01 am
&pit seems everyá night is becoming that wwy. is it simply that the coopetition anddpresssre is just becoming &&poveewweeming?i imaginn ts &pttickyyto have soomann people mentoos.. judges.. and then you have to stayytrue to yourself. hhw do you everrbody? everybody??- 3 p jess-woulddyou have done
8:02 am
anything differentt?and what willlyou do nnxt?gave of yourselff every timee ou hit stage...
8:03 am
some of your last want everyooe to remember is that true and im a livvng weecontinued goal. 3 you can see thh top four on american idol nexx
8:04 am
&pwednesday nd thurssay at 8-p here on foxx5.let's get a f the weather... steve 33 fiber map 3
8:05 am
3 ,3 bin laden's compound... sama reveals some alarming new infor. planning o attack u-s rail systems... on september 11th of this's thee11thh
8:06 am
anniversary of the attacks.the exact locations wwre not known. but homeland security confirms this... based onninformmtion ooncomputers, -v-ds and documents the navy seals took tooay , president obama goee to fort cammbell, kentuckyyto persooallyythank the navy seals who took ut bin laden. this comee one day after the pressdent visited ground zero toopay tributee o thh &pnine-elevennvictimss baltimorr ounty ruppersberger will explain what the death of osama bin laden means for our nationn. to someesenioo citizens today. oak ccest rrtirrment communiiy in parkkille.ruppersberger is the top-ranking demmccat on the house inttlligence ccmmittee and haa been briefed regularly on the operrtiin.. and whht it means for our coontry'ssfuture security. pind all of ur osamaabin our eesite...go toofox ce on - on "bin laden killed" in the hot topics seecion at the top of thh screen
8:07 am
3 phylicia barnes will be laid to ess omorrow. tomorrow.the 16 year old 's funeral is saturday t 1- o'clock at aachurch in conyers &pddcember ... while viiiting from north carolina.last the susquehanna river and her death is ruled a homicde. &p3 the ffneral is privatt ... but it will be streamed liie. ffx baltimore dot com slash t - newslinks. in tte wake of phylicia barnes' death .... anddmany othhrs like her ... theelocal hip hop community is taking a stand. ttey wann to raiie money and awareness to help stop the violence in the &pcity.... and of course they are using the power of music to do it. it.. joel d. smith is live innnorth baltimore whre somee morning patrice, (ad lib)) - 3 3
8:08 am
8:09 am
coming up... a celebration of spring! this year's fllwermmrt... happening this weekend. you're watching fox 45 mrning morning. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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coming up... one minute she's american... the next she's a foreigner. how a denttl procedure... gave one woman a scotish accent.
8:17 am
put next... your chance to own a piece of history. what &pitems aae being auctioned pff... byylegendary orioels manager, earl're watchinggfox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all orning. p(break 2))
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hh was the "earl of baltimore." foo 17 years, earl weaver was the legendary manager of the baltimore riolessnow, he's hunt of hunt auctions joins us wwavvr's 1966 orioles world series
8:20 am
&pchampionship ringgworth 15 to 20 thousand dollaas --weaverrss baseball hall of fame --weaver's thousand dollars porth 15 to 20 championssip ping series 1966 orioles world series championship ring worth
8:21 am
11 to 20 thousand dollars fame induction ring wortt 15 to 20 housand --weaver's 1969 paaager of the year award worthh2 to 3 thousandddollars --cal ripken junior first pitch aseball from 1995 first pitch --callripken junior first piich bassball from 19955 worth 2 to 4 thoussnd doolars --where is the uction? if people can't be there, here are other ways to bid. what for morr information on for more information on hunt auctions, log onnto fox baltimore dott
8:22 am
coming up... ning. a woman wakes up... with a foreign accent.why she bllmes her denttst... ffr he change. buu next... we're givinn you a sneak peek of ttee maryland film festival.the director of the movie "small pondd joins us're patchinggfox 45 orning news.. pll local.. all morning. &p((bumm in)) lights, cameraa actioo.all
8:23 am
8:24 am
week ww have been giving you a sneak peak of the maayland fiim festival.this morninn, director josh latessjoins us. --you directed , small pond. tell ussabout
8:25 am
8:26 am
that...--you're currentll working on the h-b- o serres "game change"
8:27 am
starringgo ssries "game working onnthe h-b----ou're series "game king on the h-b-o - change" starrrng julianne some other highlights of the maryland fiim festivvl festival -3 for morr innormation onnthe marylanddfilm festival, log on to fox baltimore dottcom slashh morning. coming p... oor last finalist for "baltimooe's best mom" join us live in studio.we'lll meet her.... and later on...
8:28 am
you're watchhng fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. all morning. 3((break 4)) p((pen)) 3 [ male announcer ] baltimore. a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms.
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every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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túgñ in more communities across the country, &p 3 map fiber map
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3 fiber apmap fiber ap a figgt outssde of a baltimore city magnett school spills into the stteet... and t's all caught on can see thh students taking ssings... knocking eachother down.all &pscreaming... girls screaminn in fight
8:33 am
culprits of all of thii are studdntt at francis scott key elemennaryyand middll school. time.students... not only harasssng eachhther but also neighbors in the community, property.for fear of retaliition... some eighbors &ppidn't want theii faces to &paapear on camera... but liste pn to what they wwre willing &p(23:26))hey've destroyedd lo oo things on my propeety taken a brick out of my step.... (59:22)three kids thheatened pe and said comeeon out white boy i'll kick your ass and them one said iill stick ou mmn i'll stick you with my knif. pniie.....neighbors say... they've called the school so speed dial.but often tiies, they say the principal never peturnn their officials did release this though...saying quote... we problem in the community nn involving our students.if the community has concerns we wwlcomm an opportunityyto talk
8:34 am
with ttem and address theei ccncernn. leeters containing suspicious white powddr... have been sent to mmre than a dozen schhols area.. according to the f-b-i... the letters refee to al-qaeda... and have return postage from dallas. authorities think they coull be parr of a larger naaion- widd patterr.the letters have 3een sent to a ab for testtng. phylicia arnes will be sattrday at 1-o'clock atta 16 church in ccnyers georgia. barnes disappeared from a deccebbr ... while visiting from northhcarolina.last month, her body was found in the suuquuhanna river and her death is ruled a hooicde. the fuueeal is private ... youu can watch it... at fox baltimore dot coo slash newslinks. can words rrelly stop the viollnce in baltimore? how about if youuput those words to music? ssme hip hop especially in the wake of .... - phyllcia barnes' murder and so many others..-&others.
8:35 am
northhbaltiiorr as loccl artists prepare for a enefft show tomorrowwnight. good porning patrrce, (ad ib) 3
8:36 am
& mayyis mmntal health month..nd children's menttl health matters.ii fact, that's hee naae of a campaigned launched
8:37 am
association of marylaad and families.kari gorkoss community outreach director for the mental health assoccation of maryland, joins &pus this morning with more. --teel us what childrenns mental health
8:38 am
&pcampaain help maryland families?--if your child eeds help, what should you do? do? for ore innormation abbut this campaign, log on o fox baltimore dot com slash morning. poming up... we meet the lass finalist in our "baltimore's best mom" contest.stay tuned winner. bbt next... a woman gges to the dentist... ann comes home with a brand nee accent. joke. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morring. ((break 5))
8:39 am
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8:41 am
karennbbtler says she went uuder anesthesia for a dental an accent that's a cross with "if you open up your mmuuh, ..- and somebody says 'oh, where toledo..utler's conditioo is called foreegn accent syndrome. it's a speech disorder most often caused by a stroke r traummtic brain injury. pnjury.since the &psurgery... butler says her
8:42 am
accent has given her moree confidence toospeak iinpublic.
8:43 am
8:44 am
3 3&meteorologist)) -
8:45 am
libertyer mmp rovidence map -
8:46 am
3 you're going o hollywood! the americanniiollfinnle live &pin-person. all you have to and p-m all next week 7:55 - monday ttrough friday and look for the 'idol legend' of the night. then watch fox45 morning news the next weekday. collector's kit nd qualify for 4 days in hollywood and tickets toothe americca idol pirwayy.stay tuned foo your chance toowin. coming up next... we meet the last ffnalist for our contest."and tay tuned as we reveal this year's winner. and ater... what's your your roots... could determine -3 your risk of certain diseases. you'rr watccing ox 45 morring news.. all local.. all ((break 6)) [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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in ballimore!and we ttink we've found errfor weeks we've been asking you to tell us why your mom is baltimore's best...and hunnreds of you wrote in.everyday this week weeve evealed a finallst.. and today's finalist is patricia neallpatricia and her daughter christii johnson.. who nominated hhr .. join us this morring.
8:50 am
8:51 am
-- hy did you orning. morninn.-- why did you nominatt yoorrmmo-- what does being a mother mean for you --llter this morning we'll revval oor rand
8:52 am
prize winner..... you win aatrip for pou win aatrip for fouu to bay poonttmarriott ... an award-winning resort in panama city beaah, fllrida.and the -- weehave another surprise ffo you... 3
8:53 am
&p coming up... accurattly it ccn ceettin diseases. and in ur hometown hotspot... ringing in spping. what you'll find at this pear's flowermart... going on this're wwtching fox 45 morning news.. all
8:54 am
local.. all morning. how well do you know your
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family's medicaa history? as dr. mallika marshall explains... it ould rovide thh key to your own health. health. lower third (fade in)):"dr mallika marshhll" know your pamily medicallhistorymallika: you inherit half of your genetic profile from each parent, including genes that
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may cause or ncrease your risk of ceetain medical conditions. 17731:28:24 too7:33:30:02dr malliiaa marshall transition learning givee you cluee andd elpssyou certain diseases. teet over or stock background (fade out) lower third (fade in):gather information about three generations of rrlativeslower family disorderslower third your family historylowerrthird identify paaterns that may be relevvnt to your own health lower third (fade out)mallika: pearninggmore about your family history gives you ccles family istory ives you clues and helps you to understand youu risk for certain generations and note which medical disorders are recurringgin your family.your doctor can useethiss information to help you interpree the history of and identify patterns that own health. 17:33:05:0017::2:07:14 lower third (fade in): how often to check your bllod pressurelower thirdwhethee you need to be screened for piabetes.and you and yoor doctor can makeeinformed pecisions bout your care like pressure orrwhether you need to be creened ffr diabetes. 17:32:09:0717:32:10:16dr 17:32:10:16 o17:32:09:07 to check your blood your are like how often infoomed deciiions about oor doctor can make diabetes.anddyyu andd screened for iabetes.and you &pand yyur doctor can make informed decisions aboot your care like hoo offen to cceck your blood pressure or whether you need to be creened or 17:32:10:16dr mallika marshall coming up on good day baltimore. man's failed hoo many hours it took irefiihters... to free him
8:58 am
frrm a vvntilation duct. youu'eewatching &pfox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ,
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