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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> chris: it has been adventurous night. kasey kahne led the most laps followed by kyle busch. other activity, juan pablo montoya warned about getting near ryan newman. he got in to jimmie johnson. and then he had trouble with brian vickers early. >> jeff: slides up there, takes two tires and hits the 83 car. >> chris: rough night for brian vickers. he threads the car. sheet metal everywhere. >> jeff: loose on the driver side. >> chris: getting the 83 -- talk about earning stripe. earning tape. on pit road, hold on gas man. he was okay. >> jeff: he didn't take equipment out of the pit box either. >> chris: this is with paul menard. he was all right. >> jeff: i told you real men work in the pits. >> chris: some of the pit stop adventurous for different drivers and different crews as regan smith with seven to go in front. your start on restart inside, outside now. >> jeff: the guys restarting the leader. if he takes the inside lane he's been getting beat by the
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outside lane. this will be interesting. it could jam everybody up. but if the outside guy doesn't go it could make a mess. >> chris: problems for jeff burton continue. already a long night here in the showtime southern 500. technically, 501 miles. we mate not be done yet -- we might not be done yet. >> mike: no. we have evseven laps to go. brad keselowski with five laps fresher than smith. smith pitted 326. keselowski 331. and stewart, 339. next week, fox saturday baseball, back in prime time. red sox-yankees. showdown between two of sport's biggest rivals. giants-cubs. diamondbacks-dodgers. next week in primetime, presented by lowe's. 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific. check local listings for the
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game and start time in your area. let's hear from regan smith on the decision to stay out. >> how many laps on the tires? >> 30. only 30. stay out, stay out. >> yeah. >> i got my wish. >> 10-4. took the tires clean. keep them clean. >> darrell: that is the key. keep tires cleaned up. if you spin the tires on the start -- who is this? bowyer. got a problem. >> mike: childress car. >> darrell: i think he will make it. that is not unusual for darlington. there is so much sand and dirt on the track it clogs up the radiator along 400, around 450 miles. getting ready for the restart. >> mike: keselowski an stewart, the cars that did not stop is that carl edwards is the first car on fresh tires and he is right there in row two, as we get ready for the
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restart. behind him, kasey kahne, kevin harvick, ryan newman, kyle busch, jeff gordon, with fresh tires. here they come for the green with five laps to go! >> larry: he spun the tires. >> darrell: going to get away with it. keselowski not going at all. >> larry: keselowski in the 2 held carl edwards up on the outside, on the 99. edwards will make a run for third. >> darrell: a good run down the back. at-contact down the back straightaway. >> mike: kyle busch on the inside. harvick drops one. edwards to second on fresh tires. >> larry: four to go. >> darrell: three wide. >> mike: bowyer in the wall. hard. >> darrell: hard wreck. more wreck. turn four. big wreck. harvick in trouble. >> mike: keep going. keep going. keep going. >> mike: three of the four
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childress cars if trouble. in the closing laps. bowyer's car, the front end destroyed. >> larry: spaghetti junction on the restart like this racetrack, slick. some guys on old tires and some guys on new. that was inevitable. it's not what regan smith wanted to see. >> mike: the window fete down on bowyer. that is a signal to the safety crew he is okay. remember, we saw kyle busch dropping way down to the bottom. passing cars. almost on the apron. that is his number 18 against harvick. >> darrell: you can see already the left front of harvick's tire where they made contact. the left side. here comes kevin back. the 18 a big shot in the rear. bowyer on the bottom. three wide here. this is where i knew it would go bad. >> larry: it just would not work.
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>> mike: kahne drops to the inside. he goes three wide. bowyer takes a wild ride to the safer barrier. and kyle busch turned harvick around after they made contact half a lap before. >> darrell: yeah, something is not right about that. i have to look at it another time or two. >> mike: let's see it from the directv blimp. >> darrell: see it back here. bottled up off turn four. three wide there. a lot of contact. bowyer gets in the side of the teammate. harvick. >> larry: you can see the 18
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and kyle goes dead left. hooks harvick in the 29. >> inside. inside. inside. inside. inside. inside. up there now. inside. low. inside. inside. inside. hold her straight. hold her straight. hold her straight. keep going. keep going. keep going. keep going. >> >> ride with jeff gordon. >> clear high. keep coming. bam. >> get down. get down. down low. you're clear. clear high.
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corner. clear. >> clint bowyer climbs out. he is okay after a hard hit to the inside wall. >> darrell: so absolutely disappointing to run as good as he has all night long and end up like this with a few laps to go. same way with the 29. >> mike: we listened in on kevin harvick. >> three wide. the 18 hooked me. >> we are going to hook the 18 some other time be. ready for it. he has a flat on the front i hope. >> mike: we saw from the replay that kyle busch got in harvick to got into bowyer. kind of a chain reaction collision that sent clint bowyer hard in the inside wall. >> darrell: there is so much
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contact between the three cars. it's just hard to know exactly to see what happened there. here is the 18 to 29 right here. watch the 18. up against the 18. they separate it. see them back here. they come off the corner, right here, all three of them. contact, the 33 and the 18. 29. 33 shoots down the track. the two cars here make contact. then right there. >> mike: wow! >> larry: that pretty much tells the tale right there. >> darrell: yeah, i don't know what happened. the 18 hit the 29. >> mike: four laps to go. regan smith is the race leader. carl edwards behind him on new tires. brad keselowski on old tiefrs, as is stewart in fourth. kasey kahne.
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from kahne on back, the rest of the lead lap cars have fresh tires. kahne, hamlin, newman, mcmurray, gordon and biffle are the top ten. as they take the caution with three to go we will move to green-white-checker and up to three attempts to finish this. >> darrell: it may take three attempts. >> larry: it may very well. >> mike: this has only happened once previously in darlington, that was in 2007. i think greg biffle won that race. >> darrell: i was impressed with the way regan smith took off and was able to hold the lead before it happened behind him. >> larry: he didn't want to see the caution. >> darrell: no, he was in good shape. >> larry: he knows it puts carl edwards and the 99 with two fresh right side tires on the outside on the restart. >> mike: how is he going to beat carl edwards in turn one this time? >> darrell: if he can get an advantage, on the start here, he needs that inside so he can go up in front of carl and
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block carl. that's what he needs. but even if he blocks him off turn two, i think carl will have the grip with the two tires to get by. >> mike: the big question right now is can we end this race with one attempt at green-white-checker? green, then the white, then the checker. 20 cars on the lead lap. regan smith. looking for his first sprint cup victory. carl edwards trying to deny him. from the outside of the front row. brad keselowski, stewart, kahne, hamlin, green flag, two to go. >> darrell: boy, the 2 car will get up there and that will mess with carl a little bit. carl should get steam up the outside. >> larry: regan smith in the 78 gets a good run through one and two and pulls away from
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carl edwards down the back stretch. >> mike: stewart loses ground. loses two spots. it's smith in turn three. edwards has the grip. and here he comes to the white flag. regan smith, one lap away. paul menard blowing up in the back of the pack. white flag. >> darrell: can he do it? can he hold him off? no matter what. >> larry: we have a race now. they will race it back. if we don't get a caution. >> darrell: boy, smith got off turn two -- >> mike: he hit the wall. >> darrell: he's all right. he's okay. he got off there, great. >> mike: edwards didn't jump inside. >> darrell: they're wrecking behind him but it's okay. hold him off. one more car. >> mike: coming to the flag. regan smith looking for his first sprint cup win. edwards -- smith gets the flag. this time he will get to keep it. >> larry: how about that? >> i love you guys. that's awesome! awesome! yes! >> darrell: wow! what a call! >> you are the man, buddy. nice job today. nice job today, buddy. >> thank you very much.
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wow! nice job! >> mike: a single car team. racing out of denver, colorado. going to victory lane. of the southern 500. >> darrell: we have been bragging about his qualifying. what a great qualifier. this week he qualifies terrible, the worst he qualified all year. but guess what? got him a win. >> larry: i mean this puts him in the sprint all-star race. >> mike: harvick and busch. >> darrell: he's after him. >> larry: this is just started now. >> darrell: carl says i got -- >> mike: there was a pass. there was contact. and then as bowyer went in the fence, kyle busch came and turned kevin harvick around. >> darrell: we know harvick -- he plays rough. especially when the race is
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over with. i have seen him climb over people's cars to get to them. >> mike: we have cars overheated. we have drivers overheated. >> darrell: we have wrecked cars. >> mike: bobby labonte crashed on the final lap. harvick looking in his mirror. shuts the switches off. >> darrell: something is going to have to give here, boys. >> mike: we thought it could be newman and montoya. turns out, it's harvick and busch. they are still stopped way up at the turn four end of pit road. as regan smith does his victory lap. and harvick is going to put the steering wheel back on. >> darrell: i think harvick was getting ready to hop out of that thing. i think somebody must have gotten to him. nope. >> mike: wheel is off again. >> darrell: here he comes. he says okay. i'm going back here. we're going to have a little
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talk. there goes his car! the dadgum car just took off. holy smoly! that is darlington. fireworks! >> mike: fireworks in the air are the least of it. >> we'll handle it later. >> mike: how about carl edwards congratulating regan smith? that is really classy. both kevin harvick and kyle busch will go meet with the nascar officials in the oval office. there was a crash in the backstretch on the last lap. >> darrell: pretty big, too. there were a lot of cars. the 9, the 47 both. >> mike: kyle got a piece of that, as he tried to pass ambrose. >> larry: boy, bobby labonte in the 47. a lot of damage. >> darrell: he has had a great
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race all night long. the car doesn't have a scratch on it. >> mike: ambrose and labonte were 11th and 12th when that happened. and here is the finish. boy, we thought on new tires carl edwards had the measure of regan smith, but he could not get in clean air, could he? >> darrell: regan smith had what you needed, the clean air on the nose. man he could get up off the corner. >> mike: i want to hear in victory lane when he said, "i got my wish." >> darrell: i think the late caution. i think that's what he was wishing for. >> mike: one of the wildest wins in sprint cup history. one of the wildest finishes. regan smith becomes the 45th driver to win a sprint cup race at darlington. the sixth first time race winner here. last to do it was lake speed in 1988. from cato, new york, the
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former rookie of the year is in victory lane. matt yocum? [ cheering ] >> matt: waltrip, and legendary names that won the crown jewel event. now you add your name to t trophy. can you describe what it means to you? >> i can't. first and foremost to the moms out there, happy mother's day. my mom comes to every race i run just about and she missed this one. sorry. she's in tuscaloosa, alabama, with some animals. and saving animals after the tornadoes down there. mom, hi. i love you. sorry you missed this. i got to thank the fans for all the fans coming out. furniture row, the guys stuck behind me for three years now. we've had major ups an major
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downs. i think this would be classified as a major up for sure. the car was good all night. we never had track position and the opportunity showed up to stay out there. and pete made a great pit call. i was going to be mad if he didn't say that, but i'd do what he told me to do. it worked out. we're in the all-star race. there is so much cool stuff going on right now. i had to get my composure. just right here, i did. we have a neat trophy now. legends win this race. i'm not supposed to win this race. i haven't even had a top-five. it shows in this series, anybody can win on any given sunday. >> boys from colorado take a big one in darlington. >> mike: pete rhondo makes the call and regan smith goes to victory lane. brad keselowski an greg biffle there to congratulate him. carl edwards came over before he got to victory lane. gives him a big handshake. here it was on the final lap. regan smith about runs out of room and just about loses the race right there. >> darrell: yeah, but carl
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right behind him looked like he was shadowing him, did the same darn thing. >> mike: meanwhile, tempers overflow. back in the garage area, between kevin harvick and kyle busch's team. while this simmers down. let's hear from the second-place finisher. krista? >> krista: yeah, mike, carl edwards was watching the replay of that last lap, the final restart. you have a fresh tires. you felt, you saw regan hit the wall. anything you could do differently? did you feel like it was your chance? >> there were six things i feel like i could have done differently. i'll do it in my mind until we come back. thanks to aflac and i wanted to get a win so badly. congratulations to regan smith. i need a mattress and i might buy one from furniture row. he did a great job. he spun the tires a little bit on the restart. i pedalled to make sure i didn't beat him across the line and brad pushed him. then i was scrambling, i didn't plan on this. i didn't plan to have the
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lead. happy mother's day to my wife. i love you, kate. i really wish i could have brought home the trophy. this race means a lot to win. got to congratulate regan smith. huge day for him. >> krista: what did you say when you went to his car? >> i told him this is a really big deal. he knows that. he drove mike mitler's truck at phoenix one time and i got to work on it for him as a driver. i worked for him as a crew member, low man on the totem pole. a good person. man, just i guess if i had to get beat, hard to get beat by him. we'll be back. aflac is behind us 100%. we are leading the points and we'll go to the next one. >> krista: feel-good story. enjoy mother's day. congratulations on the new little one, carl. >> mike: a lot to sort out here. not everyone will leave her happy. as kyle busch takes off and sends harvick's car in the wall. final injustice on what has been a difficult night. we have lots more after this.
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>> chris: reality tv gone wild. nascar on fox. this is what happened moments ago when kevin harvick upset with kyle busch got out of his car. very dangerous taking a shot in the car.
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as kyle bumps the 29 car and pushes harvick's unmanned car out of the way. they have a history. at homestead last year, harvick what was believed to be deliberately wrecking kyle busch. it carried over and the feud earlier. as he said he was dealt with harshly, as he heads to nascar's official meeting place. a full moon the way people acted tonight be. you the feel-good story is his mom helping animals in tornado-ravaged alabama. regan smith his first win in 105 career races. he led 11 laps. the fastest lap in the end in overtime at darlington. >> jeff: he ran the fastest lap of his race to beat carl edwards. that was the difference of the race, chris. >> chris: kyle busch wound up 11th. jeff gordon, 12th. we're waiting to hear from kevin harvick or kyle busch. but let's check in with kasey
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kahne. >> krista: kasey kahne had a fast car. you were beating yourself up when when you hit the wall. but then it was like you were given a second chance. if you hadn't had hit the wall? would the outcome have been different? >> we were tight after that. we had to keep fixing the car. the pit stop were key. the red bull guys did awesome. i killed a crush panel so i'm covered in rubber and stuff. i don't -- we didn't finish as good as we should have. i think we could have ran second. fourth is good for hitting the wall as hard as i did. fourth is good. >> krista: thank you, kasey. >> chris: meanwhile, clint bowyer on the lead lap. threatening, as we take a look at the celebration for 27-year-old regan smith. clint bowyer afterwards. his car brought out the caution that created further problems. and clint is okay. he has had a couple of second-place finishes so far this season hitting the ball
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hard. we caught up with clint bowyer. dick berggren is standing by. >> dick: all right. clint bowyer. you mad at anybody over what happened? >> can't wait to get out of here. nature of the beast. there is no room to race at the end. i knew when a caution come out, all hell would break loose and it did. i got such a good run there. i felt like i passed four or five cars about come off there. had plenty of room. i don't know somebody got in kevin and knocked him into me or something. but real abrupt to come down. i have saw he got wrecked, too. how about regan smith? at least something good come out of it. proud of him for winning. proud of bb&t, trying to manage everything and stay out of trouble all day long. we did. get caught up in a wreck. >> dick: thank you, clint. >> chris: everybody happy for regan smith, who at the age of 4 got in the go-kart and his mom wasn't keen on the idea because she said he just learned out to walk. turned out pretty good.
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>> chris: first-time winner regan smith celebrating in darlington. a score to be settled between kevin harvick and kyle busch. ryan newman and juan pablo montoya, they're old news now.


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