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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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,3 today is monday june 6th. 3& - apple ceo steveejobs... makes rare appearance to launch latest producc.- unveil apple's next generation of software.-- called the i- &pcloud. 3 3 3
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map fiber map &p an elderly woman is
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recovering this morning... after being injured during a pitbull attack. happened in the city's greektown commmnity..he dog's owner says the dog got out... while laying with the kids."blue".. the one year old pitbull mix.. rannright up the &pelderly victim... knocked her down... and then when the woman began struggling.. "blue" began iting her.the who lay bleeding n the ground. 02:27-02:40 "she's smacking at him, which i would've done thee same thing... and when he snapped at her, he got her lip.""i want the neighbors to know... we are concerned more about her han the dog." dog." "blue's" owner has writtee a
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lltter to tte victim's family bills and she's already been cited by the city.she is nnw waiting to hear what will become of the dog.we've been told the victim... wwo is in her 80's ... has undergone surggry and is in stable condition. in aane arundel county... two pitbulls fight... and onn ends up dead.. after beiig shot by the other dog's happened yesterday morning around 11 a--.. in severn. authorities say the owners of pitbuul... were walking the doo.. when they came upon another pittull namedd "gyno"... who was off his leash.both dogs began to fighht when one of thh owners with "gyno" ran to get n addlt aarived... and shot "kayne" in the torso.he later died.the incident is still under investigation and
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currently.. no charges have peen filed. pollce in haaford county &paae on the lookout for twoo men... who stabbed a fast-food employee... duuing an attempted roobbry. robbery. it happened saturday night... at the k-f-c police say three employees were cllsing foo the night... way in ... armed with a semi-r - automatii handgun nd a kniie. when they ordered the employees toothe ground... one female workee tried to acttvate a seccet security system. "and the female behind thh counter tried reaching up to phe prrss... and stabbed her shoulder." the woman underwent surgery... and is in in stable condition. police are now reviewwng surveillance video... for more clues on one of the susppcts... who moments after pleeing... came backk.. to demand more cashh you can spot crime anddwheee it's happening in yyur foo baltiiore dot com ann click on our sppt crimm link. you can see the dangerous areas of your neighborhood and
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know to avoid them. week three of the ccsey anthony trial begins tooay. anthony is charged in the murder of her 2-year old daughter tommy andress reports... in tth first two wweks of the trial jurors heard from her mother, brother and anthony herself. 3
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stay tunnd to fox45 morning news for continuing coverage of this attorney joiis us live in studio... to talk about thh evidence against casey... and why ttis case has become such a edia frenzy.that's coming up in ur
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it's 83 days... and ounting in the n-ffl lockout...friday both sides went back to court. this tiie for the n-f-l's appeal of the judgg's initial ruling to lift the lockout inn favor of the players. wasn't a glamorous day in saint louis.the players and their aatorneys arrived at the courthouse bb bus..oth sides had 30 minutes to of ttree judges.some eports - say hat two of the three judges seem tt favor the owwers...whhle judge kermit eaning towards the players..o whennwill the ravens be able to report to traaning ccmp?a decision will 3hundreds of items once belonging to swinnler bernie madoff were sold at auction &povee the weekend.coolectors bid on everythinggfrom furniture to fishing gear... seized from his florida mansion.some of the pricier items included artwork valued at mmre than 110-thousand- dollars... and watches worth up o 30-thousand-ddllars. to own things that have like
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historic or celebrity name attachee to it."-butted to- "i've ssid he's the jesse james in a dressee up suit." he's now serving 150 years d. behind bars. money from the back the victims of hii poozii scheme. weethought he was deed deadan emotional reunion for one family... whose puppy was pipped out of their home... when a tornndo swept through first... the owner says she lost all hope. she had no doubts... her dog "shadow" was gone. "you could hear his nails being dragged across the floor and he wws just crying you coull hear him hitting the &pwalls as he was being pulled oot of the house and ii completely broke my heart." heart." after several sleepless nights... and longgsearches... without a scratth.the owner . calls shadow a symbol of survival... since he as ggft for dauuhter... who has been battling cancer for the past two years.
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it's the deadlist e-coli outbreak in history.. and it's happening right now in europe. and sometime today.. after several days of speculation... we may know the sourceeof the infection.german scientists are expecting efinitive test results about which foods aae c. far.. 22 people are dead.. and hundreds of others across the ccntinent of them got sick after eating at this erman restaurant. originally.. scientists suspecttd lettuce.. cucumbers and tomatoes.but it ooks like now.. ittcould be bean sprouts. u.s. officials ssy this ii a european strain,,and our vegetables here should be safe. but is there aaything we can dooto ensure that? joel d. smith is liveejust outside our studios in north baltimore with the answers straight from the grilll good morning joel d. 3
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3 cooing up on the early edition... wo worrdd collide .. in a criminal wayy.. "the worlds that these two people inhabit are so ssparate situation in a non-funny way: c. ccmical. we take a look at tte separate worlds of the former head of the i-m-f.. accusee of raae.. and his alleged victim... victim... 3 ((break 1))
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((bump in)) (((-shot toss to weather)) 3((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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getting to work downtown, couud be long commute for you this morning.part of conway street is now clooed, for grand prixximprovements. improvements.megan gilliland is live there right now with a look at how things are shaping up out there now and how long you can xpect the delays to last. 3 p3 option candace...what's our best report.the traffic edgg candace dold with with the expert... need to check in to do that... we bet... is to avoid your best fall... but right of peoole &pthis attracting a loo street will be we know conway 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))map fiber map harford
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providence 3 3
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&p 3 3
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3 3 so you think you can sing? sing?it's our monster jam our website foxbaltimore dot com and upload aavideo of yourself singing the national to sing the ssar spangged banner when monster jam comes to m & t bank stadium on july 9th. still tt come... the economy is growing... but not as fast as people were hoping.who's to blame?find out who some lawmakers say is the p. problem.this whole thing with strauss-kahn happened in a nano second." 3a world wide finaacier... now
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facing rape charges.find out how the world of dominique strauss kahn.. and his alleged victim's backgrounds... collided.. ext. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) morning foo tte former chief
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oo the international monetaryy
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will appear before a judge at the new york state supreee pourt.his aayers say strauss-khan will enter a pleaa oo nootguilty to ccarges he tried o rape a maid atta new &pyork hotel. as richard roth &pappearance allo highliggts th contrast in people and places of two main figures. &pfigures.
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straight ahead... businesses weree't adding to the payroll as expected last month... what emplooers are looking for frommthe government. goverrment...and you'll have commutee.. f youunormally use conway.the reason behind the shutdoww... nd alternative routes... ((breakk3))
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