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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 15, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 & today is wednesday, juue15th.
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3 - onfirmed 3&ptornadoee in harford county on unday sunday- bel air was hardest hit 3 -3
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3 3 map fiber map
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3 ciiy police are invvstigaaing an overniiht shootinggin northwest happeeed n boarmaa avenue... - near adult &pmotive oo any arrests. 3 a man in hii 40's is - balttmmrr.crimeetape marks offf the area where it happened on -3 greenmount avenue... near tuesdaa afternoon.the man was - shottin he head... and pronounced deed shortty before pwo.
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3&pmayor stephanie rawlings-blaae -announnes craccdown on teen - curffws in the city. it comes after criticism that she's nott doing enouuh to keep kids awayy frrm crime.megan gillilanddis hereewith the new ruues taking affect aal across baltimore. 3good morningallight kids listen up...starting now... police ill be roonding up -3 juvenilessundee 17 years old... if they're out paat 11 on 3 pight over the weekknd....- they'll be taken to a urfew center where their parents & will be called. called.12:04:39 wweouu here thugging selling ddugs getting mmnny f bit eegot no cuufew. ccrfew.this ii the western &pistrict.chances are this area & will bb one of the sppts curfew area, &pwhere crimes are commmtted in brrod our news crew pulleedin, we aatuaaly saa a teen running down the street pushing a scooter... &ppith another an chasing him yelliig for olice. & (guu scooter stolen) 11:37:42 i waasrrnning trying to get my bikeeback i'm kept chasing and
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kept hasing 11:39919 a gang of them juut sstrteddto packk bikes trying to hittme but i jjst stuck with he bike. bike.james dennis ad juss walked into a neighborhood storeetoobuy sooeecigaerattes when his scooter wws stollen by the's thisskind of 3 rawlingg blakeehopps to curb , with the reopening of the city's curfew center.but advocates against youthh violence aague the mmyor needd &&p juut thissyear, fivee juveniles hhve bben killed. thaa's almoot one kiddbbing gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a security guard at a -33 mootggmery county mall is - arrested... accused of running a prostitutionnring. ring. police ay tte suspect... oopee kweme... admitted to walking arooud a mmll in wheaton... trring to -3 lure young women into becoming eecorts.he's accused oo pimping out girrs online... -& and even having sex with a 16 - theyyrr
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stunnee by the news. &p3 mos sayy: "when & we found out this morning,,we this is a family eighbbrhood, pids on every home oo his block. we everrnoticed anything." anything." court records show the mother of thee16-year old -3 girl caaled police... alerting them to kwwme. 3 p lookiig forward to a summee vacation? the only -33 onessmore excited than you... &pcoull be burglars, just waiting for ou to leave. leave. joel d. smith is pive in bare hiils, wwth sme -3 high-tech wwys tt ease your -3miid when you're awayy gooddmorning joel d. 3 good morring patrice, (ad lib) more than 2 million & urglaaiee happen ii the u.s. evvrr eaa... and pplice say sometimeeswe make ourselvee a targetnewspapers are iliin up -3 on the stoop, shrubs bllcc the &pwindows, no lights come on when the ssu goes down and, too ttp it allloff, postingg on &pffcebook how yyu eejoyyng a tropical getaway.why nnt ust send prossective intruders an 3home this summer? -
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,3 3 pormer white ouse press resume... áfaaebook.. lockharr... who an the white house press office during 3 second term... is expectee to leave washiigton... toowork at facebook's headquarters ii california.facebook sys &plockhhrttwill work as the sitees viceepresident off & global communicatiins. 3 pthngs could e loooing uppffr ccarlieesheen.thh former "two- ann-a-half-mmn" sttr is rrportedly in - appeaa ii a new sitcom. &paccordinn to t-m-z... sheee nngotiatiig "big oofer"... por aashow written espeeially - show couud air as early ss -3 januaryy 3 pctress natalleeportman is now theeproud mother of a baby boy. pprtman nd her fianca benjamii millepied.the tto et
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on the et of tteemovie "the black swan". no word yet on a nameefor the baby. -3 3 coming up on the early - edition... hackers work their -3 wayyinto he senate's website.. juut for kicks... kiccs...they've actually dedicated their wwbsite to - tteir attacks." attaccs."fiid out howw heyy did it aad how eesy it caa bb! be!! it can e! 3 out how thhy find ouu how they did it and how easy it -& can be! & pe! 3 3 ((breekk1)) 3((bump in))
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3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((addlib mmteorologist)) 3 3((trrffic reporter ad llbs))3 map fiber map route 43
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33 map 33 3 3 is your dad balttmore's best??--3 hundredd of you think so... 3thhre can only beeone wwnner..-revval a finallst in our baltimore's best dad contest. in a chip and puttt ontest t turrfvalley reeort in howard county .. for he title. title.our grand prize winner
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will get aatrip for tto to sann -winner also gets thh title of -3baltimorr's beet dad.stayy tuned to see if your dad made the cct. ssill to come... 3 lockheed martin is cutting it's payroll.find out how many peopll will be witthut jobss jobs.ttey've actually & dedicattd theer ebsite to &ptheir attacks." &pattacks."nexx... they ddn't likk the federrl overrent.... 3& weesitehowwthey did itt -3 3&p((bump outt) p3&p((breekk2)) 3
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3& e're earnnng mmre about the mysteriouu group behind tte - peactly whatt.. and how the hackkrs diidit. 3 3 --reportee pg-as followss -a &pteam of hackerssannounccs 'we don't like the u-- government -3&pverr uchh'and says jst for kicks, it's hhcked into he senate's website. & pulzzsecuuity, noon as -3 lulzzsec, takks a public jaa-- &preferencc to the pentagon saying ttaa it now considers cyber-attacks an act f wwr. lulz-sec posts what it ays is 'internnl data' from seeate..ov..rreorter) what s ttis and ow sensitive s it?" "yeah whht wee'e seeing heree proof that they are n the sennte web-server, able to rrn system
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commaads..essenttally they own this serrer."anup -3ghosh is fouudee of ''nvincea,' a cyber-secuuiiy company that works withh government agencies ann -3&pprivate industry.the senate serreant-at-arms says the - intrusion "does ot compromise the securrty of teesenate's lulz-sec's hackers wanted to, thee could've taken he senate's website off its &&ppontent on any enate site. -3 (standuu)""eperrs say lulz----3 sec'ssdone that beffre.. the it ackee inno pbs's website, -3&pposted aafaae tory about being alive and wwll in nee zeeland. both rappers were &pkilled in the late 90s."the namm 'lulz' ii lull--ec, experts say, s hack-speak for laughssbut no one knows the - real names of thh people in & pulz-see or ow many f them thereeareekevin mitnick was oone the world's most-wanted phaccer.he servvd five-yeers n &pprison for haaking into phone compaaies' siits- and ffrmm nnw consult him on cyberr securiiy.heesayyshe hackers whenn
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hee first - started."they enjoy the game of breeking into the syssem, enjoying heir media attention bbcause they havee alot off 3 over 125,000 of them noo. 3 theii website to heir aatacks."we used twwtter to try to reach lulz-sec.tried & leads.never got them.(nats) -33 ghosh says despiieethe dark - humor- lulz-sec's haccing sppee as a brrader message. "that our netwooks re open. ttey have unfetttred aacess 3 mechaniims that are deplooed in today's networkk to get n anyonees nntwork, ttoshoo thee anddshame them and humiiiate experts say here's also a & positivv siie tt hat these -3 hackers are doing.thhy're & puttiiggccos and governmeett web-masters oo notice that pheir networks aaeevulnerable. 3straight ahead... p3 petail sales are hitting a ssag.finn out wwat's causing 3 slump.and another contenddr
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for presiddnttwho's thhnkkng 3 3 ((break 3)) &
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3 prosecutors in the capital murrer triaa of casey anthony 3 witnessse... and may est -& their case ttday.anthhny is & acccsed of killing her two-year-old daughtee... cayyee, in 2008.she has pleeded noo guilttyas tommy andres reeorrs... there iss sseculation as toowhetherr -3 casey hhrself will taae the sttnn. &stand. --reeorter pkg-as follows -- casey anthooy's motherrwas one 3 witnessss tessifyinn for a second time-tuesday.shh broke - as she talked about he ittms found ith her wo-yeaa--ld graaddaughter caylee'ssbody. cindy: "i remember caylee's teddd beer, teddy, as - missing."burdick::"did aylee alsoohave a blanket wwih - winnie the pooh oo it?"cindy:
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"yee."as cindd eft the tand... ittaapears she mouthhd the worrs "" love yoou tt her daugther. assy didn't &pseem to react. the deeeeseeis thursday.they haae saiddcaylee -3 was not killed buu ratter prownnd in thh family pooo on her father ppnicked hhn they covered up er death. her paaher denies thh allegatiin. thhre is peculatton assto ii 3defend theestory."i think if she''sgoing to go wiih that defense she is going to haae 3 to have to sell it. itts not & sslliig well,,especially in light of all of the lies nd pave beenntold ii tte past." caaey's former defenss 25-yyar olddmother issinnocenn. pi beeievv she dddn't coomit 3 i'm sttll roof that &pttere was even a murder at alll" if convicted of urder, &panthooy faccs the death reportinn. 3&peerliee this week jurors were
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tood that testimony ii the of next week. delibbrations & stocks rise... uus.. texas governorrrick perryyhas sommesharppwwrds -3 about the natioonl labor rrlations oard awsuit. p3 retail sles drop... but stocks pop. nationaa retail salls fallingg laas month for the first tiim -3 in nearly a year...but not as autt numbers drraging ddwn the 3 awayyautos... and salee &pctually pcking up a bitt 3 up a lot... on hopessconsumers aree't giving uu.. - layofff cominn to lockheed marrtn. the defense - contractor planning toocut 12- &hundred jobss n its space pakes spacccraft, satelliies and mssileedefenne systems. meantimeeboeinn's fight to -33 jobs heading to courr oday. the nattonaa labor relaaions oard suunn the & retaliatton. a deciiion -
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not expected until the eed of 3 rick pprryyblasting tte n-l-r-b's suit. in an exccusive inteeviee, the - republiian gooernorralso ttllingg eil cavuto he's 3house unn that's business.. 'm rrck folbaum. 3 coming up... well thiis ii away to save on gas..-& gas.."a bbd ddy on a orse ii bettee than a ood day 3 concerned.""wat these peoope are hoping to riding horsee..- isttn up... there's a ee ityycurffw for 3 how late youure aalooed to be out before the copp piik you up. up. -3
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33 evvcted.. on accident. 3 back...on fox 5 news at 5:30.3 3


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