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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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tropical stoom lee gets dowwgraded to a tropical depression...why what's left of ee could be a igger problem for us than hurricane katia. &ppnd... "horrible 80's pattern...""crash test dummies."what else baltiiore of maryllnd's new football 3 3 ptoday is tuesday , september 6th. 3 3
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maps-fiber-back to maps please prix drivers are finished and zooming thhough the streets of baltimore and more than 150- thousand fans have left the area.but thissmorning it is morning commute... as commuters get back to the candace dold is live downtown with mooe on what yyu'll find this morning. morning. i'm standing at pratt and charles street... 3
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do ahead of timm to find out
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about road closures?? pte baltimore grand prix exceeded expectationssthis weekend... bringing roughly p50-thousann people toothe city. but some businessss nearby didn't do so well.and pecause races orgaaizers are already planninn a return next year. little italy for instance.. the regulars did not come out fri and sat nnght.. one person described it f the worst fri nights ever.. people innfells pt geared up for a
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huge weekend but people could noo get to fells point. " area around the race course... howeverr.. report strong sales. a new commercial... ppayed during the baltimore grann &pscrutiny. the utiny..- 300second spot....ppayed repeatedly on juubo-trons peeore spectators at thh race... celebrates baltimore'ss history, culture and diversity... as a world-class city.the ad briefly features the mayor.critics call it a free campaign ad... less than two weeks before the primary. (mossburg) "if this was about showcasinn baltimore, showcasing the indy race, then reeponsible for making thaa happen. the mayor was not that person." person."(dr. vatz) "i don't really have a tremendous problee with this ad. this is one of the advantages of incumbency . there'ss nothing ugly in this ad." ad." the baltimore- based media company that made the spot... donated its creative and roduction team 3t produce it.. 3
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thanks to hurricane irene.. many kids got an extended summer vaaation, but.. .it's &pover.pooer is restored to the thousands of people who lost it during irene.. anddthat includes schools. after a 3i. the hite house estimates hurricane irene's damaae to be one poiit five ábillioná dollars in disaster elief. that's on top of the ver 5 billion needed for other recent disastees, including amateur video out of upstate g - storm chaser was on her way home...when she pulled over to cappure this funnel cloud.. right over the highway. "oh my god, i can't believe what am a seeing. i can't believe what i am seeing. oh god."based on this video, the able to onfirm it was.. a tornado. the wildfires racing through texas aaen't showing
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any signs of slowing - largest of them has lready pcorched through about 25- thousand acres. acres. this sn't what you'd expect from the remnanns of a lee spawned toonadoes and dumppd rain. but n texas, needed, lee's winds just y - fanned the flames."it wws a surreal experience... i hhve seen a ummer of big fires in my life. ah, this one is as -- this one is assmean-looking as i've ever seen." --nats of &pccackling from fire--the bastrop fire outsideeof austin has scorched nearly 500 homes in its path and is threatening hundreds more.families evacuated from he flames noww if they havee nnyhing to gooee - is valuable in life and it t isn't the stuff -- it's the people in your life and what means something to you."dry wwather is making it hard for firefighters to gain ground on
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like rolling because of the extreme drought. the trees, all the fuel and everythhng green but it's'' like pirewood standing there. and thissfire is just rolling over it. it's just unbelievable."it looks like firefiggters will bb busy all week.the national weathee service says though it won't be as hot the next few days, ii's going to stay very dry.i'm john fricke, reporting in the state's history. governor peery says record 3- point-5 millionnacres have 3 first on foxx.. a city lawmaaer takes on pprking scams... ttrgeting football fans on ggme days. days. baltimore ity councilman bill cole says he's had enough with fielding alls from angry ravens fans... lots bb scam artists... only
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tt find their cars have been towed.cole says his new bill will crack down n scammers... by forcing private lot ooners to register with theecity.the accusations that a fan paid dearly to park... while attending a reeent raven's pre-seeson game 18:38:49"i called the tow tuck company, they basically said you weee parked illegally. i said iipaii tee bucks to park here oh you were scammed." costing me close to $400" $440"cole says.. not nly are someeoo these parking lots ripping off raaens and oriolee fans... they're also not paying city parking taxxs.the towing company in ttis case.... illegal or unethical. it's the most wonderful time offthh year!the raaens open the n-f-l regular season this áanyá oppning day... day...ourrfirst game is againsttour arch rivals... the those who ssy it's the very best rivalry in the eetire
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getting in on the fan action. .... that you reelly hate" hate"the ravens and steelers face off sunday afternoon at one at m and t bank ssadium. fear theeturrle... and maybe those new uniforms too. the university of maryland football team debuted their &pseason opener against iami. they're calling thee "maryland &ppride jerseys" ... and it's the enttre state flag.. on a uniform.the ensemble is creating a lot of buzz oo the internet... and our viewers haae strong opinions on both sides. pat- "uh...was the designer on " drugs?????"marc- love them!
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most old people do not like the new uui's!" uni's!"nathan - it looks likk someone ate the state flag and threw p over a footballlplayer" player."do you love them or hate hem?join the conversationnon our facebook pagee. facebook dot com lash foxbaltimore. ccming up on the early edition... six months lattr... and the effects are still fell. mother has to go through.. to just go outside... ámonthsá after the devastating tsunami.. and nuclear scare in n 3 ((break 1))
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p(ad lib meteorologist)) p3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) maps-liberty-fiber-backk to maas please
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3 still to comm... honda is recalling almost a million vehicles.the models that could catch on fire. fire."it will take long time." "many years?" "many years." and people in japan are still trying to return to normal after the huge tsunami and nuclear scare six montts ago. why the government ttere is unddr scrutinyy.. for how ttey handlee the disaster. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3
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3 it's been sii months since the devastttiig earthquake and tsunami rocked apan... and destroyed the lives of today... survivors are still trying to reeuild what was lost. kyung lah spoke to lostomeeresidents from a coasta town ... where nearly 900 people were kiiled. killedd --reporter pkg-as follows --a radiation meter's static is the constant backgrounn noise to yuki ooaku and her two months affer japaa's nuclear crisis at the fukushima more, not less, anxiety aaout 3 her air, food and water.
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radiation readings outside the house are elevated, even though sheelives in kashiwa, just north of tokyo, two hundrrd kiiometees away from is a relative hoo spot-- if the family lived outdoors a full yeaa, the exposure would be en times higger han before the nuclear crisis began, but still aa a level phe government calls safe.but osaku won't take any chances &pif she must go outside, shee - wears a mask.eating and &pdrinkinn-is nowwa coostant source of fear.'i don't believe theegovernment'' she ssys. as i do morr ressarch, there'' nothing to makeeme feellat ease about our safety. osakuubelieves japanns authorities worry more aboot than proteeting public health. "from the mother to the sentiment has only ggown in -& and distrust of both japan'ss povernmentt nd tepco, the owner of the crippled nuclear plantt"just after he accident, so many things happened. so we hould, i should say, somettmes we dddn't now what waa happening there. it might have
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frustrated so many people" the biggest frustration--- tepco's slow release of to admit that three of the nuclear cores suffered full meeldowns at the plant. temporary cooling systems ree now in place, keeping the cores stable& buu fukushima remains a crisis& with cold around the plant is a ometers - closed-off, hazardous zone 88- ttousand residentssssill have able tooreturn to their homes. "we havv never hideeany information but" " it didd &ptake you months longer than peoole expected to admit that there as a full meltdown.""we tried to discllse every informatioo we had as soon as possible. but such kind of below people's expectation." "and ost of the international ccmmunity's expectations"as to
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how long fukussima nuclear plant itself will be a contamiiated zone"it will take long time." "many years?" "many years." yuki osaku isn't waitiig around for that& she's movinn wiih her two children tooone of japanns southern-most islands.her's simply fed up. i want tt go back to the life we had before the quake, she says. i want to go grocery shopping without worry and pave my children play outsidd. i want it will only come, she says, by moving far, faa away.kyuug lah, cnn, kashiwa, japan.-----end----- cnn.script the c-e-o of tarbuccs is ásteaming madá... at uncle sam. washinnton. 3
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everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi. and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation, nothing beats alabama. ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot. and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. mississippi has wonderful people, great music, and the beautiful outdoors. louisiana's the best seafood you'll ever eat. shrimp gumbo, crab cakes, etouffee. florida means beautiful beaches and sugar white sands. actually experts agree that the best beaches
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are here in alabama. which can't compare to a good time on the gulf in mississippi. louisiana fresh catch. florida beaches. alabama beauty. mississippi outdoors. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. i'm glad we got that settled. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- markets were cllsee monday for the labor day holiday, but
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sttcks in europp and asia ended sharply is recalling nearly oneemillion cars worldwide.a design law inncertain modees of the honda fit and cr-v can potentially leaddto a fire..heeautomaker says residue froo window cleaner caa buill up over time and degraae the master switch to the power windows.therr is allo a software bug in the hondaacr-z compact hybrid. under certain conditioos, the &pmotor could otate in he wrong direction.the summer box office seaaon is over. according to, from memoriallday weekend through laborrday, domesttc theattrs took in an estimated 4.38 billion dollars in ticket sales.that's up more than three percent froo last summer, mostly because of the increase in some ticket prices. but attendance was the third lowest in the pass 15 estimatedd543 million people went to the movies this summer. starbucks c-e-o howard schultz says he's fed p with national telephoneetown hall
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tuesday night to discuss ways to restore confidence in politics and the eeonomy. pprticipate.the call-in is nonpartisan group "no labels." foo business brief, i'm barbara hall.-----end----- cnn.script coming up... it's a case of deja vu!the story of the lost i phone five proto- type... who lost it... and
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