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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 3, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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security administration worker is shot in woodlawn. it happened in broad daylight as thh man was taking a breakk breaa. eith daniels... live where police are ssill searching for theegunman. city policc shoot and kill a man in south
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baltimore. it happened around 9 o'clock lasttnighh at a home n saint victor stteet. police say a resident called officers because he said his roommate concerned for his safety. as - when offfcers got there... between 40 and 0 years old with a gun. officers say they tried to end the situation peacefully, but the man would not let that happen. ((1727 ooficers identiffed themselvess askkd numerious times that he drop the weapon, the suspect did not cooperate with officers commandss turned towards the policc officers, at which time they fired at shot.))homicide detecttves are investigating. city police are asking for your help tonight finding
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whoever's responsible for a deadly shoooing in west baltimore.police say around 12-30 this morning a man was shot in his bacc and chest near mcmechen streetthe was pponounced dead at the scene. the identity offthe victim has not yet been released.there's no word on a motive at this time. a brazen robbery at a &ppopular restaurant in anne arundel county....leaves three one who's in the g happened last night at a friendly's restaurant in glen b. bbrnie. john rydell is live at shock trauma...where one of the customers is being trrated...john... jennifer...a customer pelievedto be n his 50' here at shock trauma...he was stabbed at least once...after police ay...he may have resisted two aamed men...who showwd up at the restaurant...onewith a gun...and one wiih a knife. it happened around 8:45 last crain highway.police say...two men robbed...the restaurant &pitself... and then...began robbing several customers of cash.... and other valuubles. during thh robbbry... one customee was staabed... two injuries.tte two ... minor -
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suspects...then fled...and police say...a third suspect... wassoutside....possibly... acttnnas a lookout. the man who oons the now refllcting on what happened... (fee) "and uufortunately i think it's a part of the economy that's goiig on and i wasn't here to wittess anything and it's an unfortunate situation and i wish it had never happened." the injured man here atshock expected to survive.police...are now askinn anyonewhoowas at the restaurant last nighttt &pccntacttthem....if thhy have anyinformation...that may lead to an at shock prauma, john rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30. police make an arrest... in phe massive fire at a baltimorr tire business. police charged jason hicks... an employee at the belvedere arson. the fire broke outta week ago and flames quickly spread throughout the familyy business.... that had been maxwell owns the auto repair n 3
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shop next door... and he says fire.he says... hicks has caused problems in the past. &pp 04:52 "i keep on telling him, mr. washington, that ggy is a trouble maker. get rid of him." &phim."maxwell saas he's called police on hicks several times. the motive is still unclear in word on when... or if... the - belvaadre tire store will rebuild. the undeeground metro stations are back up in running tonight. the subway was shut down foo several hours today as b-g--e crews investigated the source of the odor. there's no word yet on what caused the problem... but it was a very chaotic day for people justt trying to get around. "im frustrated, i'm kinda mad, but i guess i will have to whatever"no one got sick from tteeodor. three people were sent to the carbon monoxide happened just beeore ten at a home in rosedale off patuxent
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avenue.investigators say a faulty furnace may be to blame. the home ddd have a carboo monoxxde detector that went off.... and may have saved the lives of he people inside. watch your speed f you're driving through howard ounty today. two new speed cameras are now pn fffct. the county plans to use tto mobile cameras in school zones tarting today. after a 30 day warningg period... drivers aught going speed limit will be issued pickets with forty dollar fines. getting llttleemore s - bearable. prices sinkkto a six month low. triple-a reports the national average forra gallon of gas has droppee to three-dollarssand 41-cents. and here in maryland... drivers can expect to shell out three dolllrs and 35 cents. while drivers aae giiing it a thumbs up, many hope to see an even bigger "prices are lower, but only it back where it useddto e 2 years ago." while there isssooe relief aa
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the ppmp ... this time last year gas prices weee 85 cents cheaper. find the lowest gas prices in your area by going to our website. go o foxbaltimore dot com slash pump patrol. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?lauren cook has ur traffic edge report. report. maps-fiber-old court-back to maps please 3
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when news latest information right on - downnoad the fox45 mobile news app for your droid or i-phhne. it includds headliies.. traafic.. and weather conditions.. all at your fingertips. go to foxbaltimorr dot com and look for "mobile" at top riihthaad corner of the scrren. you could soon follow fox44 using a brand new motorola xoom.we're giving one facebookkdot com slash page, foxbaltimore to enter. once you''e on our page click on the "inside fx45" tab on the left of your screen. october is national bullying awarness month. it is &pestimated that 60 thousand children misssschool very day because theyyre afraid of being bullied. justtleave me alone" alone"bullying has beeomm he moss common form of violence
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thousand mmryland students shooeddhalf of eeementary and middle school students say they've been bulliid. "when you have a community that has high rates of violence it's not surprising they're carrying those images into their home building" building" the c-d-c is now stepping in by providing funding for anti-bullying programs in city miidle sshooos in an eefort to battle bullies, making students feel safe again at school. &p governor o'malley increases his support for same-sex marriage in our state. the very ublic endorsement of the controversial unions. "she suffered for four years for a crime she didn't commit" commit" a victorious day for amanda knox! the emotional day for the american college student cleared of murdering her former roommate! 3 michael jaakson's doctor.. on trral for the singer's death. what emmrgeecy room dootors told jurors about the day he dded. &p3
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because there's never been a better time b.g.e. execututives aae coming unddr fire after the utilities response to hurricane irene. the public servvce coomission is evaluating the utilities responne after the super storm. hundreds of b.g.e. customers complained the automated response indicated power would be restored on a certain day..... but in some cases.... it was not. (rrb gould)"in our effort to try and give our best information possible ww invariably let some customers down.. but its important tt note.. 3/4s of the customers only had an outage of about pwo days" days" b.g.e. estimates the repairs after hurrrcane irene cost the utility 81 million ollaas. maryland is etting tougher on child neglect ccses. crime to deliberately neglectt a child. the law took effect octoberr1...violaters could
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face up to five years in prissn and a 5-thousand ollar finn. under previous &pcouldn't be prosecuted unless a child was killeddor physically injured.ooe of the bill's governor anthony brown...celebrated iis ccild abuse centtr today. brown says: "so, if you mooal imperative to address the needs of our children and to protect them from abuseeand neglect, ecooomically, child neglect costs us as a country approximately 94-billion dollars a yeer." in 2010, maryland child proteetive services identified child neglect. governor martin oomalley.... stepping up his support for same sex marriage in maryland. to join us as we ork to pass of aryland. maryland. the overror will appear ii a series of videos advocating gay marriage in the state. the marylanders for marriage equality coalition launched in it.. governor o'malley says
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he plans toopursue legislation legalizing the unions in the next legislative session. that brings us to our question of the day. is it appropriate for the governor to appear in videos promoting same sex marriage? go to fox-baltimore dot com pnd tell us what you think. you can also soond off thhough facebbok. send uu a tweet.. &pat foxbaltimore. and you can teet your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. american student amanda knox is free tonight. tonight."we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is ovvr." over."the twenty-four-year-ood was acquitted in the murder of her former roommate today. she'll be released immediately from the italian prison where she's served almost four years. knox was studying abroad in italy when her roommatt meredeith kercher wasskilled. hhr former boyffiend was also ffund not guilty. the conrad murray manslaughter trial moves into its secood week with important testimony. michael jaakssn's emergency room doctor testified todayythat there was
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áno way doctors could have &previved jackson after he arrived at the hospital. dr. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter.if he's convictedd he could spend &pup to four years in prison an lose his medical license. video of casey anthony is ow reaction to news of er daughter's remains eing found. found.this video was taken inside a jail meddcal facility in wasn't shown to the jury during her trial... because it isn't ccear if she was reacting this way because she new it was her daughter, caylee... or if because the location waa so close to home. anthony was acquitted in july... on charges she killed her two year old daughter. 3a team of inspectors is back damage to the washington monume. august that rattled the east coass. the quake causee several cracks to form in the 127 year old monument. an inspection for arthquake
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tonight.candace dood tells us ttis season doesn't start in a hospital... it starts in prison. 3 we find dr. house serviig time for a car crashhanother symptoms spark his curiosity, and he must come up with &pcreetive ways to treat thee patient while naviggtinn &ppriion rules.that' s when he adams played by odette dr. annable odette is now a series regular and she tells us it pstablished team.its a little show in its eight season where peeple have beenn orking togeeher for so long not just the cast but the crew and everrbody knows each other so well its such a well oiled machine so we were deeinitely nervous everybody been really nice. a little hazing from the
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boyss but nothing ww cant handleyou can see the premiere fox45.i'm candace dold and thats your lowdown. it's felt more liie winter &pthese past fee days... but warmer temps could bb headed our way. chief mettrologist vytas reii is standing by with a look at how warm its going to get. 3 3 3 3- 3
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make one call to an allstate agent. sunday night's ravens viitory pver the jets came with a bit of looked for all the world like the avens had reverted to the 2000 season..great defense and a struggling ffense...a foomula that carried them tt a ccampion. the ravens d had three returns for touchdowns...two fumbles and this lardariuu webb interception...and when you get that you usually win... story...just 267 yards...but to be fair, take this into consideration, the jets are a very good defensive team, and maybe things aren't aa bad as you it was, it was a big victory ver a highly pegarded eam, and the ravens were thrilled to get it, offensive struggles or no... ray llwis: "old school, we started out the year kind of hot like his and kinda got back on track last week against st. louis. this week we came out and kindd carried it over. so, ittwas a pretty good all around team win."ed reed: "we're developing those killer instincts, we kind of
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have to. but it's a long season, and we just got to keep building on that and contiiue to get turnovers. good defenses definiiely ggt of the ravees chief tormentors could be quarterback ben roethlisburger &pyesterday indicated a possibl fracture, but a second one, taken today,, revealed no on how long he'll be out...if at all...but remember this, big ben played over half of last season with a broken foot... .not all as good wwth &pthe ravens last night...ww'll break down joe flacco's i go 1-on-1 with defensive lineman arthurr jones...that's all coming up tonight at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3
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