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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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joe: this crowd lit up when they saw derek holland coming out of the dugout to try to finish game four. the last a. l. pitcher to throw a shutout in the world series with that gem tossed by jack morris in '91 against atlanta in game seven. strike 1 to punto. hamilton moves to left. craig gentry is in center.
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just inside, as he gets back to 96 on the radar gun. beltre. down on a knee. one out. >> tim: adrian beltre really comes into play because derek holland froze so many right-handed batters inside. and beltre is among the best. he can win yet another gold glove this year. >> joe: now furcal, who is hitless tonight
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and 2 out of 16 in this world series. chanting derek holland's name. strike 2. 2-2 from holland, who is really working
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rapidly. getting it, getting his sign, and bringing it. ball 3. and any hiccup, we will probably see feliz. >> tim: holland and napoli with great rhythm, cadence. a one-out walk. with the heart of the order coming up, the big bats, in a four-run game, that's going to be it.
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a 116-pitch night. no call yet.
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[ male announcer ] the all-new beetle. it's back. joe: look at all the smiles in the dugout for the work tonight of derek holland who threw 116 pitches. got into the ninth. went 8 1/3. only two hits, two walks. his last one ended his night. seven strikeouts. now it's neftali feliz. ball 1 high to allen craig. >> tim: that's where feliz was in st. louis. he pitched game two. he walked the first batter. you do not want to walk the first batter in this situation, orally any situation. but he was wild high with all his
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deliveries. >> joe: pujols on deck, then holliday, berkman, all the big bats are stacked up. >> tim: you have to take a pitch right here, make him get the ball down in the strike zone. >> joe: and he does. down and away. 3-0. now feliz goes behind the mound. you see the anguished looks on the faces of the fans here at the end of a long day of pro sports in arlington. 3-1.
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3-2. two on with one out. and allen craig never had to swing the bat. here is pujols. feliz, who is 6 for 6 during the postseason in save chances with an e.r.a. of just over 1. he's making it interesting here in the ninth.
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pujols hitless tonight. he goes after the first pitch. fly ball down the right-field line and moreland can't get there. >> tim: the rangers caught a break because nelson cruz was playing albert pujols so deeply in right field, he couldn't make the play. and obviously you have to respect the power of pujols. so the cardinals actually caught a break there with nelson cruz playing so deep in right field. >> joe: and he's back out there again. >> tim: yeah. i mean, you have to. >> joe: two on, one out. and a breaking ball from feliz is strike 2.
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pujols into center. gentry to his left. two outs. now the last chance for the cardinals is matt holliday. if he can get berkman to the plate. berkman would represent the tieing run. john daniels, the young general manager, who has done so well here with the rangers. ball 1 outside.
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>> tim: any way to reach first base, that's in holliday's mind right now. >> joe: it's 2-0. the guy on deck, berkman, hit 31 home runs during the regular season. 3-0.
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he will take one. >> tim: he may take another. >> joe: that pitch could have been up. >> tim: maybe. >> joe: and it's a full count. holliday spoiled the pitch. 99 from feliz.
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feliz means "happy" in spanish and these fans have been happy throughout. runners will go. and another foul from holliday on a 98 mile-an-hour fastball. >> tim: this is one-on-one baseball right here. holliday will only get fastballs. >> joe: game over! rangers win it, 4-0!
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napoli with a big swing of the night. and derek holland did his work from the mound through 8 1/3. two hits, no runs. no save for feliz. but this world series is tied two games a piece. >> tim: after derek holland, the biggest baseball day of his life. >> joe: and it was all heat from feliz.
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the best play of tonight's game brought to you by the audi a8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. in the sixth, first pitch, and napoli got on top and rode it out for a 3-1 shot and the 4-0 lead. that's how it ended. his third home run of this postseason, second of the world series. and it is our chevrolet world series postgame show, and we go down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. derek, you had a number of nights like this during the regular season. not so much in the postseason. what was the difference tonight? >> i was very focused tonight and i knew this was a big game for us. i had to step up and made sure i was prepared. i was motivated from my start against the tigers. i didn't goos long as i wanted to so i did everything i could to get prepared. >> you had two notable conversations with ron
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washington. tell me what he said to you before the game in the dugout and the ninth inning on the mound. >> just making sure if i go in i'm not trying to hit him. it's not intentional, keep doing your normal game plan. if you hit them one of our guys will get hit, too. go in there and back them off the play and continue to pitch your game and obviously the second conversation i was beg to go stay out there. i told him i will give it everything i've got. i can get the double play, feeling good. just let me finish. if i don't get it, take me out and let nevin face pujols. >> the crowd was chanting your name and you got the huge ovation walking off the mound. >> it was huge. that's what i love about texas fans. they are in the game nonstop. they are roaring no matter what is going on. i came off the field, and my arm harrison was sticking up. not like i have much, but it was continuingfully and
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felt really good. >> he was been trying to throw the mustache for so long. now he's talking arm hair. what a day for the sports fans in arlington. hamilton and berkman went over to toss the coin. the cowboys beat the rams and then over here down the street, the rangers beat cardinals. one big swing by napoli and a lot of pitches from derek holland. back after this. 4-0, rangers.
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>> chris: welcome back to the postgame show on fox. for the first time since 2003 when the
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yankees battled the florida marlins, the world series is tied at two games a piece. rangers the winner at game four, 4-0. hi, everybody, alongside eric karros and a.j. pierzynski of the white sox, i am chris rose. did you notice this is the first shutout since -- >> a.j.: '05, game four. houston astros. >> chris: he had his pompoms out all night. derek holland, you challenged him and it was like he was listening to you. >> a.j.: i think it was obvious. he had to go inside after what st. louis did to this pitching staff last night. that's what he did. you don't have to hit anybody but you have to throw you will throw inside. and this is just to keep them off the plate. then that opens up the outside part. ground ball to first. they can't dive over the plate. that ties up matt
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holliday. what does that do? it opens up the outside. derek holland before the game, ron washington told him in the interview, we heard him say, it's okay to go inside and if you hit somebody, you hit somebody. you can't pitch scared. what i mean by pitching scared, if a pitcher is out there and worried about hitting a pitcher, a hitter sentences that and you dig right in. but if you are a pitcher and you say, i don't care if i drill you in the ribs or get to that inside part of the plate everybody this is my plate. that's what derek holland established tonight. >> a.j.: derek holland was unbelievable tonight. he pitched the game of his life in the world series. and the texas offense, edwin jackson went out, had a good game, but seven walks. what does that do for you? it turns the lineup over. the rangers only went 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position. what was the one, though? mike napoli, three-run homer. they finally got to him. they finally got the hit. it wasn't off jackson, it was off boggs but they finished off edwin by being patient, working the
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count. only 59 strikes in 109 pitches. rangers did a great job of being patient, working, and finally come up with the huge hits. >> chris: it was all about the rangers tonight. we caught up with the rangers backstop, napoli. >> ken: mike, sixth inning, two on, one out. obvious double play situation. boggs came into the game. you hit the three-run homer. what was your mind set coming into the at-bat? >> i mean i knew he had a good sinker and trying to get me to hit into a ground ball. i was looking fastball, trying to get something up in the zone, and drive it somewhere. i got a pitch i could handle and did a good thing with it. >> ken: derek holland, what made him so successful tonight? >> getting strike 1. we preach to him all the time getting strike 1 so he can do different things and trying to keep hitters off balance. he did that tonight. mixed inside and had a good curveball. >> ken: you guys have a lot of fun with him. talk about his permit,
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what makes him usual, his personality? >> he's crazy. he's messing around all the time. he wears funny shirts all the time. he's a young kid. he acts like it at the park, and we enjoy him in the clubhouse. >> ken: series tied 2-2. williams -- wilson and carpenter tomorrow night. what do you think to see the rest of the way? >> he will have to follow up his good start last time and get out and play our style baseball. >> ken: mike, thank you very much. back to you. >> chris: guys, thank you very much. so first 2-2 series since 2003. it's something baseball has needed. we've seen it all. we've seen two three-run games, homers by pujols, great pitching by derek holland. what do you see home with a pair of aces on the mound. >> a.j.: a good pitching performance. chris carpenter, his last few starts in the postseason has been unbelievable. i think it will be a lot better pitching than the last couple
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nights. offense will struggle, even though we are here in arlington. >> eric: i think we've seen a blueprint. c.j. wilson can learn from derek holland and how he threw tonight. are you listening to in? i know it's not milwaukee, a.j., and i know it's not a home field advantage, but this place is rocking. >> chris: it is. we know one thing, that mustache that derek holland has, it lives a few more days. we might see him in game seven if we have one in st. louis. we are definitely heading back to st. louis wednesday night, but first things first we will see you tomorrow night for game five of the world series on fox. a quick reminder, coming up next, except on the west coast, the late local news. tomorrow night we bring you game five of the world series. from here in arlington, texas starting at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central, 4:30 pacific. promotional consideration paid for by the following.
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for more information on tonight's became and the latest in major league baseball news, simply log on to powered by msn, the world's favorite sports night. for all our crew, this is chris rose saying so long from rangers ballpark. a huge day in the city of arlington, as the cowboys take care of business against the rams, and the rangers beat the cardinals. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ ñ> "i think they should, if you
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