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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 12, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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,3 make today your day.. to become employed.the ten companies looking to hire you area.'s not the eggs you have to worry about.the other ingredient in cookie doughh that could make you sick if youueat it raw. 3 3 monday, december 12th 3 33
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3 3 3 3 3 3 we are following a developing story out of southhest baatimore this morning... a
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man is recovvring aftee being shot several times bbypolice. meganngillilaad is live from the scene here homicide together exactly what haapened. happened.good morniig patrice, police were calleddto this home here on souuh morely street for a 33 family disturbance last offfcers walkee up they realized they wereenow in you can see from this video... it doesn't end rushes from the scene.this o'clock last night.policeesay when thee got inside the house... they found a 7-year old man hooding a knife. 2:33:58"he began to addaace pooice officers with that knife afterrnumerous commands police asked him to drop it, times."the man as taken to an areaahospital.we're told he's in critical but stable condition ttis morning. fortunately, no one else was injured.patrice back to you.
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3 has ii been determineddthat police acted responsibly in this situatton? situation?right ow, homicide detectives along with internal affairs are invesigating the actions police took out here. we'll keep you updaaeddwith in south west baltimore, megan gillillnd, fox45 the search continues this worker who disappeared nine days ago. &pago.dozees of peopleewho know &ptridelphia reservoir sunday. phe fatehr of three was at workkng on aamanaged deer hunt for the wwshington suburban sanitary commission.. when he disappearee.his boat was found about 3-hundred yards from where he launched ihis familyy is ppaying duckett wwll come home to hem. (("as you can imagine iim hurting not knowing where my brother is) is.")) rescue crews say
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could have survived very long innthe frigid watee of the searching the oods nearby. a baltimore man is behind barr this morning in connection with a string of robberiessat goodwwll sttoes in baltimore county. richard pettaway is a former employee of the store on west paddnia road in timonium.he is location and the east joppa road storeein parkville átticeá last montt. police say the stores were still open. ng - many people say theyyre "i'm ggaa they caught thaa season thatssfor sure. you ay - wwlk out of here 8 ocklock, oklock aa night it worries you" you"pooice are trying to determine if pettaway targettd the stores out oo revenge... &pptores.pettaway now faces multiple charges of armed it's the ost wonderful time holiday season.. they're -for
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expecting to get even mmre of pour presents and packages to christmas...and today will be - their busiest day yet. yet.kathleen cairns joins s live from fed ex's facility ... in halethorpe... wwth more. & 3
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3 3the ravens ggabbed their &pfourth straight win sunday... after dominating the stadium.the ravens seemmd to have n easy time ppcking the colts apart... &pand they wasted littleetime getting started.on their first poosession of the game, they mount a 40- yard drive that ends in this joe flacco torrey smith... the raaens led 7-0.tten, in the second quarter, another long drive ...10 plays 69 yards ... capped off by this 6 yaad ay rrce touchdown was 17-3 at the half, and he ravens cruise from there.terrell &pssggs added 3 saccs. an thh purple and black beat tte colts 24-11. terrell suggs was just a gamm wreckk he's a game wrecker on the run, on the pass rush, he
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overall i thought our offense was solid ann special teams played wwll. so that's where we're at. at.the ravens make thhecross country trip for theer next 3&coming up... &pthe 10 companies ooking to hire housands of workees áthis week.áwhere you... oo over. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal morning. ((bump out)) &p((break 1)) 3
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--it'ssa movie classic .... now you can see "annie" the playy.. at tooy's dinner theatre.--meteorologist emilyy grrcey is live with the hometown hotspot--anniee accompanied bb her lovable determined to find her parents who abbndoned her years ago on the doorrtep of an orphanage orphanage
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you can see "annie" at toby's dinner theatre on o'donnell streettthrough january 8th.for &pmore informationn log on o fox baltimore dot com slash gettthe latest headlines, pnd it's all for free.pdates...- 3 3 3 mapp-fiber-back to maps- 95at175-bacc to maps
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get a jump start on your holiday shopping..e're giving
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away gifts every day thhough the friday before christmas's allla part of our countdown to chrissmas.our lucky winners will get a chance to choose a gift from under the tree.soostay tuned for your chance to win! it's ne of the most popular &pcars out there... but it's also the most stolln one. coming up... thh number one and if you know someone looking for work... now issthe time to apply.the 10 big companies hiring ttouuands of watchhng foo 45 morriig news.. ((break 2)) ç97j/÷ 3
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will agree to exteed the ess payroll tax cut efore it expirrs at the end of the year.
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leading conservative senate llwer paarool tax rrtes o an oil pipeline project.presiddet baraak obama aad senatt put republican mitch mcconnell a vote is held.that vote is planned for tuesdaa. a-o-l dot coo has ompiied list... of 10 companies hiring workers this if you know someone lookiig for a job... you might want to listtn up. up.the companies inccude u-p--... seaas... unnttd healtthgroup... boston market... ernst & young, snap--n tools... at&t aflac and macy's. macy's.many of these companies openings for several weeks now... so we know hey hhve lots of spots that neee see this list again... we've posted a link &pto oor website..ust go to fox morning.more dot com slash & the 1994 honda accord tops the list... of the most-
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stolen vehiclessthat's according tt the national crime insurance bureau... which finds 52-thousand of experts say it's a prime .- targgt... bcauss car thieves onll need a ground-down honda key to gain access.another popularrstolen car... is he 1991 toyota camry. a waaning to anyone making holidayycookies... these next pouple weeks.the centers for eaaing raw áflourá... not eggs... coold make yyu sick. researrhers are suggesting &pthat manufacturers come up with safer ready-to-bake consummrs need more education about the risks. cominn p... brawll.. leaves two college bassetball teams doinn damaae now being handed down... to theeplayers involved. feeling and an emotional homecoming... for the families of men and women serving in
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the milittry. we're sharing their stories next. yyu're watching fox 45 morring morning. l local.. all - ((break 3)) so, if the mint makes thool, does the mint hot chocolate make me cool? not really. the new mint hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. grab the cool sensation of mint today.
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♪ oh, what fun it is to... get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha, gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today. chrrstmas gift... for the nearly 150 familles of military men and women returning home.fox45's janice emotional reunions of soldiers
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families.r families..--3443rd 3it's beee a llng wait.... ((take sot))"um, let's go see my son"forr fmilies like the bakers... to get here inside thh army reserve a sot))"i missed him and i love him"hailey will see her father...staff sargeant cole baker for the first time in a year.((ttke ot))"give him a hug!"((take sot))"my son ets pired of me ssying i'm proud of him because he says outside...hundreds line tt hailey...and cole bbker's wife nicole...(((nats yea i keep thinkinggi'mm hearrng it 4:28)))to welcome back thier ilitary police ssldiers...who have spent the afghanistan.(((nnts i'm y - excited)))(((nats i'm gonna say welcome ome 46:43))) (((nats a long time...too long...too long 47:13)))((take sot))"i'm glad for the troop withdrawal, get everyone's about time"to hailey's chhnts for er
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father...the buses roll in...the 443rd company is home. the plaa is bb 2012...the u-s will pull out 33 thousand troops out of afghanistan. where by 2214....fghans would regain control of their security.a short un later...hailey finally gets to see her dad:(((it's a great put ow that they'rr back home...((take sot))"over the next several months, some soldiers say they have the touuh decision to make wwether &pto stay in the military or go back tt ciiilan life"((take of employers willing to help -3 vvterann"staff sarreant coll saas he doesn't believe the trrnsition willlbe too tough....ut those houghts, arrefor anothhr day...((take sot))"i ove you and i missed a dozee other nations plan on withdrawwling their troops also from afghaniitannby the
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cominn up... ome a-list stars hit movie "new year's eve." eve."michelle says: "there film thht i connectee with... " "we hear from the acttrs themselves....about how this movieecomparrs tootheir everyday lives. you're watching foxx45 morniig news.. all ocal.. all morning. -3 3 ((bbeak 4)) 3
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a warning for women. the health risks for the nee birth -live look fedex fox45 3 facclity in halethorpe-busiest shipping daa of year 3 3 maps-fiber-baak to maps 3
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33 3 we are continuing to follow deeeloping news out of south west baltimore. homicide detectivee are investigating police involvvd shooting on south
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morely streee.oneeman was shot several times.megaa gilliland is live from the sceee with gunfire.good morning patrice,re- &phome here on south morrly street or a family disturbance last officers walked up the steps into the hhuse... they rrallied hey were now in you can see from this well... as the ammulancee - russes ffom the scene.this o'clock last night.police ssy house... they fund a man holding a knife.he refused o drop the weapon... anddwhee he began to advance at police.... they shot him... multiple times. 2:34:09he was taken to an area stable condition. 2:34:20he's identtfied as a 7-year old male malerrght now, police are not rrleasing his name.while he &precovers... homicide detectives alonggwith internal affairs are invesigating.
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paarice back to you. &p3 was anyyne else innured in this shootinn? shooting?fortuntely no... the officers involved werr not hurt... and the family members inside watching it all unfold are physically fine n south west baltimore, megan gillillad, fox45 morning news. 3 3 senator e-j piikin ii calling for the transportation secretary to resign...after a fox45 waste watch pontracts for private skirted state law. state highway administration e found deals that incluued sttte money being used to pay contractors and projeccs being funded without proper also cited inna reccnt report from the state auditorr, which pound the agency cculd nott provide any aais for awarding millions in inspectionncontracts.and.. senator pipkin says tte trouble goes all the way to the op. (pipkin) "she's overseen an agency that'' run ammk, thii isn't the first instance that
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something she's superviseddhas been noo-responsive, and he you have the governor calling they can't ssend the money - they'vv got properly." properly."a spokeswooan for governor o'malleyy i rejecting calls for beverly swaim- staley ... who is the transportation secrettry... to resign.she says swaim-staley has acted aggressively to make changes at tteestatt highway senntor pipkin says he wants ssaim- staley to appear before a special audittcommiitee in &p'tis the season... o spread itts the busiest áshippingá ..- day oo the ear today... and kathleen cairns oins us live from fed ex'ss halethorpe.. facclity with more on what you need to kkow to get yoor gifts to their destinations oo time. time.
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,3 3 3 the ravenssare hot!they grabbed their fourth straight win after dominattng the indianapolis colts at m&t bank came in winless... and they peft winless.the ravens hhd an ppart.the ravens wasted little time getting started....on their first possessioo of the game, they mount a 40--yard drive that ends in this joe ffacco touchdown pass to pookie ttrrey smith... thee ravens led 7-0.then, in thh
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second quartee, another long capped off by this 6 yard ray rice touchdown was 7-3 attthe half,,and the ravens suggs addedd3 sscks. nd the purple and black beat tte coltss24-10. terreel suggs was just a game wreck. he's a game wrecker on the un, on the pass rush, he ccused three fumbles. we didn't get them, but they bounced in inny favor. oveeall i thought our offense pas solii and special teams playeddwell. so ttat's here we're at. at.the ravens makeethe ccoss countrr trii for their next ggme ... against the san diegg ccargers sunday nighh. coming up... a-list actorss flood thh big screen... in the new movie "new year'' eee." eve."movie naas natshow the fill dii... in it'' opening a behind-the-scenes look... at tte making.
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making. 3
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ooh>h> ((addlib meteorologist))
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3 ((bump n)) 3 ((bump in)) it's our mobideal of the week! everr weee.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... whicc provides couuons directly to your ceel phone! phoneethis week's deal comes from... havana one entree and get the other free. my-mobideaas-doo-com to get &pstarted.. or llok for mobideals on yoor smartphone. mobideals is a product offour parent commany.. sinclair proadcast group. coming up... prottctiig children frommssx offenders....this holiiay season.what police are doing... to step up their efforts. p3((fighting)) ((figgting))and an all-out leaves two college basketball
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teams ddong damage contrrl. what punishhmnts... are now being handed're ((break 6))x 45 morring news.. - or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities.
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hurry, go to 3 new this morning... former penn state assistant football appear in court tuesday. of rape and molestation inna child sex abuse scandal that iivvlved eight alleged viitims. those alleged victims are expected to testify at the preliminary hearing. 3(fighting)) ((fighting))this basketball basketball players on all sstrted hen verbal jabs turned physical saturray night during the final secoods of a gaae between the university of cinciinati anddxavier.bbthh coaches err extremely angry following the fight. (("america saw an endinggto a basketball game that sickened a lot of us, including
6:49 am
me....has o plaae in college decide who's on the eam going forward. thatts what the university of cincinnati's about. period. i told them, the way i feel right now, i'vv embarrassed."")cincinnati's "))- coach plans to ake the cincinnnti's coaah ciicinnati's coach plans to makk the foor players e suspended apologize befooe they're allowed back on the team.the suupensions for players from oth teams rrnge from áone dayá to six gamess 3 s the holiday season approaches, bbltimore ounty police are doing what they can tt make ure it's a safe onn .... especially for children. they are increasing their patrols of shopping areas ... on the lookout for sex offenders. they knowwanywhere children gather ... soodo sex offenders. officer shawn vinson with the baltimore us thhs mmrninn with more on tte precauttons being taken. -how vunerabale are children this time of year-how are you beefinn up security-what
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&phappens if a ex offender is spooted-retailers also part of the ppan-what do parents nned to know you can fight you can fight you can fighh bacc
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crime trends ii your o explore neighborhood. spot crime aaso sends e-mails... to notify yoo about crime in yourr at the top of the screen... aad to find out if sex offenders are living in your neighborhood... here's a link to the state sex offender regissryyonnour website.just go tt foxbaltimore dot com and go to the communitt features section. coming up... "new year's eve" tops the weekend box office. office. nats: and a resolution caa become a reeolation. we ttke you behind the scenes... to hear what this sttr-studded cast is saying about their experience fflming. you're watching fox 455morninn news.. all local.. ll morning. ((break 7))
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the movie "new year's eve" chroniclls the lives of several people in new yorkkon the festiveenight before thh new year begins... thh superstar cast.candace dold takes us ehind the scenes wiih the a-list stars for the l. lowdown. &p coming up in our 77o'clock
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hour... he's become theelatest target... of the "occupy" wall jay-z is respondinn... to critiis. aad he 0 commanies hiring thousands of orkkrs áthis week.áyou're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. &
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ad natt.ádont stop doing what you doáá-&doáthis heery ad for home improvement store.. won't be airing during one ttv show. the controverssaa reason the and.. thousands and thousandsss. &pyou can's the busiest áshippingá day offthe year.what you needdto know.. to make sure yoor holiday packages.. get there on time. 3 3 &ptoday is monday, december 12t. toddy issmonday, ddcember 12th. 3 3 3 maps-fiber-back to maps 3-
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p3 3 we are following a developing story out of southwest baltimore his morniig... a shot evvral times by poliie. megan gilliland is live fromm the scene where homicide deteccives re trying to piece togetter exactly what happened. happeneddgood morning paaticc, police were called to this home hhre on south morely streee for a ffmily pisturrance last officcrs walked up the stees panger too. you can see rom this videoo.. it oesn't eedd ruuhes from the scene.this happened just before 10 o''lock last night.police ay house... they found a 37-year
7:04 am
oll mannholding a knife. 2:33:58"hh began to dvancc pooice ooficers with thatt knife afttr nnmeeous commands policc asked him tt drop it, he didn't and was shot numerous imes." times."theeman waa taken to an area hospittl.we're told he's inncritical but stable condition this morning. ffrtunattly, no one elle was injured.patrice back to you. 3 has it been etermined that police acted responsibly in 3 this situation? siiuation?right now, homicide detecttves along with internal affairs are invesigatinn the actions police took out here. n soutt weet baltiiore, megan gilllland, fox45 morning news. pwo prince georre's county police officers are ff thee job ... for now...after being placed on routine adminnstrative leave.. for thing ssartte when the suspect
7:05 am
&ppcrjacking at a gas station i takoma park..he 19 yeaa ood suspect then led police on a chase... hitting three vehicles befooe flipppng over. the suspect took off on foot, so the officer tried to subdue the man with a stun gun.a second officce arrived ... and fatally shot the suspect.the driver who wws stabbed is in critical connition. 3&the search conninues this days ago.dozees of people ho -- know and love chuck duckett gathered oo the bbnks of the tridelphia reservvir sunday. tte fatehr offthree was at this site on december 2nd.. &pworking on a managed deer hun for the wwshinggon suburban sanitary commission.. when he disappeaaed.his boat waa found is praying duckett will come y (("as you can imagine i'm hurting not knowing where my brother is."))
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is.")) rescue crews ssy it's unlikely the 35 year old &pin tte frigid water of the - rrservoir.. theyyre also searching the woods nearby. poliie say a maryyand lliebbcker has beee charged with disorderly conduct after aa officer spotted him punching cars. 18-year-old allx ttine was arrested ffiday after behaving erraticaaly... yelling aad punchhng cars at a shoppiig centerrjust offf of damage o carr.a university of maryland team spokesman handleddinternally in &p3&pformer penn state assiitan ffotball coach jjrry sandusky will appear in court tomoorow morning.saadusky aces 40 charges of rape and molestation in a child sex abuse scandal that invooved eight alleged victtms.those allegeddvictims are xpecced heaarng.tte former coaah also
7:07 am
indecent assaalt and tww counts of endangering a child's welfare. meanwhile... joe paterno ii reccvering thissmorning... &pafter frrcturing his pelvis. the formmr penn state coach saturday night... after falling inside his hooe. doctorsssay he woo't need suugery... but are keeping him &ptreattent... as he battles lung cancer.paterno was fired last month... amid criticism &phe should have ddne more when he learned aaout a sexual assault allegationnagainst sandusky. the ravens grabbed their fourth straight win sunday... stadium.the ravens seemed to k colts apart... and they wasteddlittle time possession of the game, they mount a 40- yard drive that ends in this joe flacco &ptouchdown pass to rookie 7-0.then, in the second quarter, another long drive
7:08 am
...10 plays 69 yyrds ... &pcapped off by his 6 yard ray at the half, aad theeravens cruise frommthere.terrell suggs added 3 sacks. and the purple and blaak beat the coltt 24-10. from the front line to the back line.. we're good.. cant be satisfied tonight tomorrow weestarrtsan diego 3 &pthh rrvens make the cross game ... againss thh san diego chargers unday night. showing pride for tteepurple pnd black...even aa the tender agg ooftwo months... is luke. this was sent in by starr. show us your purppe pride. you can upload photos and viieos to us through purpll -at -fox baltimore --ot- com. and you can see hose pictures on oor "see it shoot foxbaltimore dot com.
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or you can go o our facebookk foxbaltimore... click on slaah "inside fox45" on theeleft side of the screen. it was an invasion of the santas... in new york citt ovvr the weekend. santa wannn-bes from around the countryy.. gatheredd saturdaa... for the annual "santa-con." participants and restaurants... toasting to meeting locations. coming up... beforee ou take a bite into that raw cookie dough... there's a warning for you.thee ingredient... other than eggg.....that can caase you har. &pharm..nd " theesun will come out.... tomorrow."but you can see the stars shining this morning.we give you a sneak peek at the play "annie"... in our hometown hotspott youure waaching fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all
7:10 am
morning. ((break 1))
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still ahead.. one young girl gets a holiday gift that she gonats! natt! a hearty welccme home!find out howwher father was able to come home... early for the holi. holidaas. you're all local.. all morning. ews..
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only at newwthis morring... gooernor o''alley will share details of hhs reeent trip to india in seeeral otherrelectee officials have just returned from a six ay trip.the goal an autopss ii being conducted righttnow... on the remmins of a ceeillcountyywoman ... found across state lines inndelaware. police say two hunters found the body of this woman... 21-year-old brittany peart... in a wooded area in newark, delaware last weekend.aa autopsy is bbing conducted to &pdetermine her cause of death. peart waa llst seen in jull of 2008 in her elkton home.
7:19 am
a warring to anyone making couppe eeks.the centers for - disease control warns that eating raw áflouuá... not eggs... could make you ssck. reseerchers are suggesting that manufacturers come up consumers need more eeucation about the risks. 3 --annieeat toby'' ddnner theatre... tte baltimorr locatiin--meteorologist emily gracey is live wth the details on ttis morning's hometown hhtspot--annie, accompanied by her lovable muut named sandy, is determined to ffnd her parents the ddorstep of an orphanage orppaaage you can ee "annie" attttbbys dnner theatre n
7:20 am
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o'donnell street throogh information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.while you're thhre, get the latest headlines, peatter, and traffic updates... and it's all for free. still to come.. still to come.. getting the people of maryland back to work.find out the top &pthree things that will increase job growth in ur
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state... according to one political action group. group.and .... are you in the right now.but find out the 10 companies that areelooking to you''e watchinggfox 45 - if yyu knowwsomeone s -
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loooing for a job... you mmght wanttto listen up. up.the companies include health groop... oston market... ernst & young, snap-on tools... at&t retail... lockheed martin... aflac and macy's. macy's.many of these ompanies now... so we know they have lots of spots that need again... we've postedda link morning.ebsite.just go to fox
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(((pat)) maryland'ss umemployment rate has improved in the last couple offmonths as more than 31-thousand jjbs werr added. most offthe jobs wereeadded in the private sector .. the rest coming from state government &p... it'ssnot enough. charles lollar with ideas about job rowth in maryland.- the rate dropped from 7--oint-4 percent to 3& 7-point-2 perceet....which puts us in a better position than most of the nation.-we'ree doing something right to be among lowest unnmployment rates n the country -215--housand marylanders still without jobs
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-whaa ould weedo better-arr these jobs that will put people in the same position they were before they lost most wwn't get baak to that - financial level-a new report puts maryland at 11 in tth country for "business attractiveness" .. we're ii 6th 3&(((pat)))
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3&pcoming up.. the win-less colts entee their former stomping grounds... and &pplaa that put the ravens in the lead for he win! wii! you're waaching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((ad lib ((break 4)) 3 a warning for women. the health risks for the nee birth control pill...on fox45
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3 we are continuing to follow developing news out of south &pwest baltimore.homicide ddtectives are investigating a police involled ssooting on sooth morely man wassshot several times.mmgan gilliland is at the scene with more n whaa led to the punfire.good morning, megan. megan. 3
7:34 am
a baltimore man is behind bars with a string of robberies at gooowill stores in ballimoree county. the suspect...29 year ood richard pettaway ii a former employee of tte sttre on wess padonia rrad in ttmonnum.he is road sttre in parkville pa átwiceá last mmnth. police say the robberres happened during the early evveing hours when the stores were still opee.
7:35 am
many peoppe say ttey're breathing a sigh of relief. "i'm glad they caught that individual, that's foo sure, especcally duringgthe holiday season thats forr ure. you walk out of here 8 ocklock, 9 oklock at night it worries you" you"police are trying to determine if pettawaa targeted the stores out of revenne... or just beeause he knew the stores.pettaway now faces multiple ccarges of armed robbery. senntor e-j pppkinn is cclling forrthe transportation secretary to resign...after a fox45 waste watch investigation reveals sweetheartt eals aad lucrative contractssfor private consultants that may have skirted state law. law.our investigation into the state highway administration found deals that included state money bbing used to pay &prenn... for private contractors and projects being funded without proper from the state auditors, which - found the aaency ould not prooide any basis foo
7:36 am
awarding millionn in pnspection cootracts.and.. senator pipkin says the prouble goes all the way to the top. pgency tat's ruu amok, this - isn'ttthe firss instanne that something she's supervised has been non-responsive, and he you have the goverrnr caaling for a gas tax increase to give they can'ttspend the money they've ot properly." governor o'malley is rrjecting calls for beverly swaim- staley ... who is the ttansportation secretary... to resign.sse aas swwim-staley has acted aggreesively to make changes at the stateehiihway aaministration..eanwhile... senntor pipkin says he wanns swaim- staleyyto appeer before a speciaa audit committte in annapolis tomorrow. join our wastewatch.if you our hotline at 10-662-1456...- oo go to foo bbltimooe dot com. p the raaees are hot!they grabbed their ffurth straight
7:37 am
win ffer dominating the inddanapolis colts aa m&t bank stadium yesterdaytheecolts pame in winless... anddthey left inless.the ravens had an easy time.. pickkng them apart. apart.the ravens wasted litttee time getting started....on their first possession of the driveethat ends n this joe flacco touchdown ass to rookieetorrey smith... thee ravenssled 7-0.then, in thee seconn quartee, another long rice touchdown was 17-33- at theehalf, ann the rrvens pruise from therr.terrell the purppe and black beat tte colts 4410. i doot look at any teaas record if you dont bring best of not brrngin gour bestt e've been beat we wanted to come out and score.. score.. tte ravens make theecross
7:38 am
country trip for theii next game ... againns th san diego chargers sunday night. and ryan and shawn are rrvens pans.take a look atttheir show us your purple pride. you can upload photos anddvideos toous through purple -at -fox balttmore -doo- com. and you can see those icturesson our "see it shoot &pit send ii" page at &pfoxbaltimore dot com. page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... clicc on "inside fox45" on the left piie of the screen. ((fighting)) ((ffghting)) turned physiccl satuuday night puring the final seconds of a game between the university of cincinnaai and xxvver.bothh following the angry
7:39 am
(("america saw aa ending to a pasketbaal gameethat siccened me....has no place in college forward. that's what the university of cinccnnati's about. period. i told them, the way i feel righttnoo, i've never been this embarrassed.")) embarrassed."))cincinnati's coach plans to makk he four before they're alllwee baak n the team.tte uspensions for players from both teams anne frrm áone dayá to six games. pne of the deeands of "occupy" protesters is to make the top "ooe perrent" pay more in taxes.. rapper and business mogul... jay-z is a member of thatt nn percent. he ssys... go ahead, tax me more: but onll if the government does one thing. -- me personally i wouldn't ind payyng more taxes if it went pducationnfor people inn - poverty. if it went to the
7:40 am
wouldn't miid. i think it should e clearly deeined, money is being allocated. jay-z just announced he will perrorm two shows at carneggee hall n februarr.the money will go to the ssawn caater pcholarship foundation and the united wwy of new york. 'tis the seeson... to spread hooiday cheer.and you can't do day of the year today... gáá --3 and athleen cairns joins us pive from fed ex's more on what you need to know to get your gifts to heir destinations on time. time. 3
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
3 3 after pressure from an poo won't be seeing ads like . - onnt-l-c. nats.ádont sttp doing
7:44 am
what you oá doáthis ad for lowes is one of ssveral that won't be airrng the show follows the lives of muslim familiesslivinggin michigan.but the retail giant ssopped adverttsiig during the show afterr he "florida famiiy associatioo" complained the show was "proppgaada that hides american values."now seveeal lawmakees are conssdering organizing boycotts agaanst tte chain if they don'' that brings us to our question &pof the daa:what do you think advertiss during "all american muslim."phonn lines are open now..the number to call 410- 481- 4545. one young girl gets a holiday gift that she doesn't want to let go. ((:40 daddyy daddy! 3:43)) :43))11 year old sselby ussery socccr toornament in athens
7:45 am
georria... when her army dad &psurprised hhr oo the field. sargeant richard usserr had been in iraq for a year... but an ankle injury made a holiday trip home possible. still to come.. the gloves are . off....the only reason youu didn't become a career candidate is because youulost to teedy ennedy in 1994. pánats claps/booingáá clapp/booingááthe g-o-p &pdebates are getting heated. find outtthe statement that turnnd candidateemitt romney into a betting man. pan. ou're &pwatching fox 45 morring news. all local.. all morninn. ((breek 5)) p(bump i
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and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs... including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c. it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula, and new super-convenient chewable tablets! ((ad libbmeteorologist))
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3 3 3 3
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cominn up.. you won't be &seein. screen.nats... nats...lowe's is pulliig this one... along with several others ....that aii during "all americannmuslim" .. a t-v show on t---c.a conserrative christian group ays the ad hides islam's danger to values.that brrngs us to our question of the day.what do &pyou think of lowes' decision to not advertise duringg"all 481-4545. yoo're ---3 watching fox 45 orning news... all local.. all morning. ((breakk6))
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♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. ((question offdaa animation))
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pd nats..dont sttp doing what you doá doálowe's is pulling this add.. and many others ttat as supposed o air during a nee t-v show on t-l-c ... called "all ameriian muslim."the show ffllows the lives of muslims families living in michigan. but and evangellcal group from &pflorida says... the ad hidee the dangerous intent to american alues. values.that brings us to our puestion oo the day.what dd to not advertise during all american muslim."oor phone lines aae open now.. 410- 481-4545. jerome- bmore bmore allen"it's sad. it's an anti-
7:55 am
american thing to do." &pcoming up things are ggtting ugly in the republican debates... the aas ann accusations thrown ... during the weekend faceoff. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all locaa.. all p(break 7)) p(bump in))
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7:57 am
a÷a÷ the republican presidential candidates battled it out in a debate in iowa saturday night
7:58 am
the state's caucuses. of the most nntabll momentt of theenighh ... including newt gingrich's comments n the betting man. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows --it iowa saturday. newt gingrich being an invented people. is what i said factuaaly correct? pes. s it istorically true? reeson yoo diin't become a career candidate is because you lost to teddd ennedy in romney fiied back -- but this time at rickkperry ovvr healthcare. i'm just saying, &pyou were for individdal mandates my friend.10,000 bucks? 10,000 bet?perry brought up gingriih's track pecord...iffyou cheatton your fronttopenly, i've made d up seek reconciliationn. ron paul
7:59 am
stuck to cutttng back government...if we took that washington, we'd get rid of 88% of the government. while rick santtrrm on sunday -- and michele bachmann on satuuday -- turned the ffcus ack on president obama. we need this race to bb about aracc obama and his record. of all the candddatee on this stage, i've beee fightinggpresident been therr. jon huntsman ve - pointed out what he thought was missing from tte debate. i believeethat the most important issue of all people was not even touched -3 unittd states.iowa's caucuses will launch the 20-12 primaries on january third. &pi'm barbara hall reporting. -----enn-----cnn.script----- at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston
8:00 am
or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. jh: "we'reehappyreehappy with t
8:01 am
8:02 am
victooy and leased to be where we are at" at"another win for the ravens...the plays that ppt bbltimore on top... and tte chhlleegee ahead oo next week's ggme. phousands and thousands of can see... it'' the busiest áshippingá day of theeyear.what you need to know.. to make sure your onntime. and... it's not the eggs you have to worry about.the other ingredienn in cookie dough that could make ou sick if you eat it raw. 3 mondaa, ecember 12th 3 3 maps-fiber-back to maps 3
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8:04 am
p3 we are following breaking news
8:05 am
&ppedestrian has bben hit and we have a ccew on tte way to d. the scene and will bring you more as it becomes available. 3 33 3 we are following a developing story out of southwest paltimore this morning... an investigatton is underway his severaa times by pollce.s shot ambulance rushed to p home on ssuth morely street in southwest baltiiore sundayy night after a family disstrbance call turnnd into an officer-involved shooting. police say wwen they arrrved at the house they found a 37 year old man holding a kniff. p32:33:58"he began to advanne police officers with that knife after numerous commands police asked him to drop it, he didd't and was shot numerous times." timee."the man wws taken to an area hospital.we'reetold he's in critical buttstablee
8:06 am
else was hurt in tte incident. a funeral is scheduled today... for the virginia tech pfficcr... killed in the line of duty. last week... deerek crouse was &pmaking a traffic stop... when a 22-year old man walked up to hhs cruiser and shot him.a short time later... the nnarby parkkng lot.police say pe shot'ssunclear what connection the suspect &phad to the officee... if any. crouse was a father of five... and eteran of the army. former penn state assistant football coach jerry saadusky will appear in court tomorrow morning.ssndusky faces 40 charges of rape and &pmolestation ii a chiid sex abuse scandal that involled to testiiy at the preliminary 3 hearing.the former ccach alsoo indecent assault and two counts of endangering a childds welfaree a warnnnngtooanyone maaing holiddy cookies... these nexx couple weeks. weeks.the centers for disease
8:07 am
make you sick..esearchers are suggestiig that manufacturers come up wiih safer ready-to- &p3it's the most wonderful time of the year... especially for shipping companies.thii exppcting to gee even more of your presents and packages to their destinations in time ffr christmas...ann today will be their bussest day yet. yet.kathheen cairns joins us live from fed ex's facility ... in hhlethorpe... with more.
8:08 am
8:09 am
3 3 the rrvens rabbed their fourth straight win sunday... after ddminating the indianapolls colts attm&t bank have an easy time picking the - colts apart... 3&&pand they wasted littleetime
8:10 am
getting sttrted.on thhir first possession of theegamm, thee mouut a 40- yard drive that ends in this joe flacco touchdo torrey smith... the ravenn led 7-0.then, in the seeond quarter, another long drive ...10 plays 69 yardd ... capped off by this 6 yarddray rice touchdown was 17-3 pt the hall, and the ravens cruiss from there.terreel the purple and lack beat the colts 24-10. from the ffont line to the back line.. we're ggod.. cant we start saa dieeo 3 33&the raaens make the cross country trip for their next game ... against the san diego chargers sunday night. they're the christmas wish santt's helpers... a little off guard. guard."also a video game, the
8:11 am
baby doll hat poops." poops."how they're responding... to these unique requests. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump oot)) ((break 1)) xmx jingle all the -- ♪
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♪ oh, what fun it is to... get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha, gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today. --annie at toby's dinnee thhatre... the
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baltimore location locaaion --meteorologist emily gracey is llve with the details on this morning''shometown hotspot --anniee accompaniee by her determined to find abandoned her doorstep of an orrhanage prphanage you can see "annie" , you can see "annie" at toby's
8:15 am
dinner theatre on o'donnell street through january 8th.for more inforration,,log on to fox baltimore dot ccm slashh morning.while you're here, get the latest headlines, weather, nd traffic updates... aad it's all for free. 3 3 3 3
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3 forget holiday shopping.. leave that to us. ussit's our countdown to christmaa.ww're giving away
8:19 am
all these gifts under our tree. is get to the phooe. phoneethe 100h caller at ggft ffom under the tree. it's one of theemost popular cars out therr... but it's also the ost stolen one. commng up... the number ne car... that hhivee reak into it's a wonderful feeling feellng and an emmtional of men and women serving in es phe military. we're ssaring pheir stories... minutessfrom now. ou're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all &pmorning. ((break 2)) ((bump in)) /úoññt ooh>h> forget going glam for holiday parties.this
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ugly!the ugly christmas hat's ! &psseater rend issheating up the holidays.anndthis morning, we're going to make our own! 3
8:23 am
comiig up... they're the christmas wish lists... that pre cctching santa's hhlpers baby dolllthat poops."me, the poops."how these postal nick... uring his busiest nt - time of year. and our countdown to out thier preseet from under the ttee now.if ou dddn't win... we're giving youu another chance ánext.ástay
8:24 am
tuned for the cue to call. you're watching fox 45 morning newss. all local.. all morning. 3&&p((brrak 3)) p, or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. ((bump in))
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with christmas less than weeks away... we can only pole is now.that's hy some stepping up to heep old saint n. nick."i haven't' gone oot of my way o bother peoole. i have been nice to my haaster." theyyre answwring letters to santa... that got lost oo
8:27 am
their way to the north pole. this way... kids who've been good all year... get the presents they asked for... and ptheyyarr so excited when they get these responses i am ssre." "many of ttem ave questioos quessions as best we can how gets all around the worll in e - one night." but there are always ttose requests... that catch santa's helpers off guard. ""lso a video gamee the baby doll that poops.""i'll have to &pask the elves what a lamma lamma mrs mmmmm is." service -lib)) the postal volunteers have been helping aaswer the letters for the past 12 ears. it's ourrccuntdown to it's our christmas here at fox 45. 45.everyyay froo now through christmas eve.. we are giving
8:28 am
away gifts from under ourrtree. our ffrst winner of the day is betty from columbia. she chose . unwrap. kkups citruss press130-watt juucer has a bbilt-in senssr to activate the juicinn processdie castt &pbase for stability and removable parts are dishwasher safecourtesy: krupsvalue: $180
8:29 am
$180 win this time-- don't worry. pe're ggving awaaymore gifts as part offour countdown to christmas.and in fact... we anymoreeyou caa in one right now if you're thee10th caller at 410-481--545. coming up... 3items that onne belongee to &pelizabeth taylor... go on sal. today.the bizzrre ittm you can bii on....that's only 25- dollars..ou're wwtching fox 44 morning news.. all local.. hool cllsing to
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8:31 am
pass alonggto you this morning. school in city is closed due - to power.
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3 3
8:34 am
3pwe are followwng breaking ee killed by aalightrail train in lutherville.itthaappned just 30 minutes ago on ridgely road. &pwe have a crew on the waa to &pthe scene and will bring you more as ii becomes availabbe. the search conttnues this worker who disappeared nine days ago. ago.dozens of people who know and love chuck duckeet gaahered onnthe banks of the &ptridellhia reservoir sunday. phis site on december 2nd.. working on a managed deer hunt for the washington suburran saaitary commission...when he
8:35 am
disappeared.his boat was found about 3-hundred yyrds from where he launched ithis family isspraying duckett wwll come homm to them. ((""s you can iiagine i'mm brother is.")) is.")) reecue crews say it's unlikely the 35 year old couldd frigid ater of the ressrvoir.. they're lso searching tte woods earby. aa eaaly holiday present... for the nearly 150 families of military men and women returnnng homee home.(("i love you and i misseddyou")) you"))soldiers from the army reserve's 443rd military pooice compaay... reunited with theirrfamilies sunday in owings mill.the troopssare retuuning hhme after spending the ast year supporting &pcombat operations in afghhnistann tops theelist... of the most- stolen vehicles.that'ss according to the natiinal
8:36 am
crime insurance bureau... which finds 52-thoosand of them were stolen in 2010. experts say it's a prime targett.. becauue car thieves key to gain access.another popular stolen car... is the yota camry. 3&tte ravenn are hot!they wwn after dooinattig the pndianapolis colls aa m&& ank stadium yesterday.tte colts came in winless... and they left winless.the ravens had an easy time.. picking them apart. apart.the ravens wwsted little time etting started....on their first possession of the game, they mount a 40- yard drive thht ends in this joe rookii torrey smith... the second quarter, another long - drive ...11 plays 69 yards ... capped off by this 6 yard ray rice touchdown was 17-3 pt the half, and the ravens
8:37 am
cruise froo there.terrell suggs added 3 sacks. and the purple and bllck beat the i dont ook at any teams record if you dont bring best youll get beat victims of that of not bringgn gour best we've been beat we wanted to come out and score.. pccre.. the ravens make the cross countty trip for tteir next game ... against the san diego chargers sunday night. 'tis the season... to spreaa holiddy cheerraad you can't do that.. without a ittle help. it's hh busieet áshippingá day of the year today... and kathleen ccirnssjoins us live from fed ex's halethorpee. facility with to get your gifts to their &ptime.tiinsson ttme..-
8:38 am
8:39 am
3 3 commng up... the most popular preeents for alarming ammunt ome owners e will pay. and theee aae lots off presents left to giveaway... two more this mornnng... and plenty more eacc ay througg christmas eve.stay tuned for yourrnext chance to call... you're watching fox 45 morning
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news...all local.. all morning. ((break 5)) so, if the mint makes this hot chocolate cool, does the mint hot chocolate make me cool? not really. the new mint hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. grab the cool sensation of mint today.
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♪ oh, what fun it is to... get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha, gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today. ww have a school closing to school in city is clossd ue g.3 to power. here at fox45... therr's noo denying we love our pets.and according to a ew survey by "pet plan"... we're not alone. alone.ttis holidda season... 8 outtof every ten pet owners are expecced to splurge on their 4-legged friends. 28-perrent will spend 50-dollars or more.some buy and then there's the
8:43 am
occasional owner who buys custom clothing... spa days... or swarrvski crystal-encrusttd collars.the survey also finds that 71-percent of pet owners holiddyygreeting ard. pt's our countdown to christmas here at fox 45. 3 45.everyday from now through ccristmas eve.. we are ggving away ggfts frrm under our ssndy from middle river..she chose a gift from unddr our trre to unwrap. unwrap.chicco speedy ride-on unwrap.from under oorrshe to un- chose a gift from middle river. our first winner our from under are now through everyddy from everyday from now through
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christmas eee.. we are giving our first winnee from middle river. sse cchse a gift from under our tree to unwrap. unwrap.chicco speedy ride-on the backrest is designed to be used so theebaby walker... and then use it as a riding unner seat storage provides a "hiding place" for special toys.a "hiding lace" foo &pstorage proviies under seat toy later.use it as a iding walker... and then used o the baby designed to beethe backresttis speedy ride-ontree chose a gift rom under ur tree to unwrap. chicco the backrest is designed to be useddso the baby can use it as a walker... toy later.under seat storage provides a ""iding pllce" for sspcial toys.aaes 12 montts $49.99available at: tru-dot-com dot-ccm 3&and if you didn't win this time-- don't worry.we're giving away more gifts as part ((toss to weather))
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((ad lii meeeorologistt) 3 weather kid tease 3weather kid teese 3- 33
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this holiday seeaon... shaae your good fortune with those in's our warm hooiday wishes winter clothing drive. yyu caa give the gift ff warmth to the less fortunatt. fortunate.monday december p9th... fromm6 to 10 a-m...we are collecting nee anddgently used wwntee clothing right sttp by witt your donation at 2000 west 41st ssreet in ballimore..yoo can meet the morning crew.join us and share yoor warm hooiday wishes! comiig up next... the besttgifts for the ravens fans on your liss this year... about're watching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. all morning. ((break 6))
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what would you are, you don't want staleeces
8:51 am
jane fonda workout tapes...the maryland lottery gift guru, carole everett, is here to --alternatives o this season.- pad holiday giffs... and you accually bbouggh some pretty funny "bad" gifts that your lottery players actually told pou about --how do you aaoid being labeled the "bad
8:52 am
gift-giver"?--what are some affordable, fun and easy giit raavns fan to the --you have gifts, which actually told you t about &p for more information on the &pmaryland lottery giff guru, com slaah morning.while you're there, getttheelatest headlines, weather, and traffic updates...and it's all for free. coming up.... itemssthat once belonged to
8:53 am
ellzabeth aylor... go on sale today.the bizaare item you can bid on....thha's nly 25-'rr watching fox 45 &pmorning news.. all local.. al morning. ((break 7)) ((bump in))
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8:55 am
pwn a piece of elizabeth won't be cheap. as jeanne it moos eeplains... hundreds oo items belonniig to the late
8:56 am
great movie star will be christie's. uction at liz tayloo is eyeing her own auction. she is eyeing hee christiess she is watching at - your back as the ccothhssoff her back go up for bid...from her beadee versaces tt...i do like the chorus line of tt own herrtiara, the one given to her by husband #3, film director mike todd, who said...elizabeth you are my queen, you must ave a croon. wedding dresses. she wore yeelow thh first time she married richard burton, a hippii caftan the second time she married him....her 5th thatttime you run oot f white.but she never ran size of a cherry.richard burton gave it to hee.she wwuld call it her baby because she ore it every single day. she evennwiggled it at larrr kinn. (reporter: most peoplee
8:57 am
have a jewelry boo. what did she ave?)she ad a jewelry room.christies created a mock up feetuuing all her jewelry poxes, ith heerlabels. foo diamonds, from a matcc she played witt burton.he said eliiabeth, if you beat me by a diamond.she won, he boughh littte cheaper? imagine slipping into elizzbeth &ptayloo'ssdaisy hot pants. she wore this utfii at the age of 39 the daa shh first became a granddotherr...they'rr noo just hot pants...thee're kind of like 'where's the fire fellow who insultee her in "butterfield 8." the auction includes her portrait by andyy warhol and a monkey necklacee that michael jjckson gave her. she said these monkeyy are like miihael aan myself were that her boa once got stuck in
8:58 am
his seqqined acket. if your neck is staattng to feel weighed down...(reporter: this afford the real thing.)well it's a greaa christmas giff. christies is selling paper cutouts of liz tayloo's jewels forr25 bucks. it seems as if very possession, like this if 500 year old peerl, comee with aagreat llz taylor story attached...and she almost lost it and they found it innher puupy's mouth.the nly thing more glittering than her (nats)jeanne moos, cnn, new coming up... - pn all-out bench -cleariig brawl.....between two collegg &ppunishments thht are now bein handed down.yoo're watchinn fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. all morning.
8:59 am
the battleground in the war on terror is expanding... "there is a strong connection between hezbollah, iran, and mexican drug cartel." "there's a network of mosques throughout latin america are part of this network." "... they're going to use their platform in venezuela to strike at u.s. interests."


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