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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. previoly on "castle"... (montgomery) four years ago, the triple killer, or 3xk, took the lives of 6 women because we didn't stop him. (beckett) the man that we're looking for is marcus gates. when gates got released, he gave all of his stuff to jerry tyson, a fellow inmate. we just need a little more information on marcus gates. don't you guys get it? i'm a dead man. (beckett) not if we get you police protection. for your own safety, you cannot leave or use the phone. (beckett) mr. gates, did you kill kim foster? yes. i killed all of them. he confessed. it's all over. thank god. aren't you gonna ask what happened? it was him all along. he's the real triple killer. (grunting) oh! (clicks) guilty as charged. you won't get far. they already have your name, know your face. i'll change those. done that before. i'll relocate. i'll start over. it must eat you alive, knowing that you came so close to catching me.
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(rbling) (grunts) (grunting) (grunts) (groans and grunts) (sirens wailing) (police radio chatter) grande skim latte, two pumps sugar-free vanilla. castle, i think you read my mind. (grunts) surgery? yeah. sometimes the scar pulls a bit. and you still don't remember anything about that day? no. it's a blank. (radio chatter continues) (officer speaks indistinctly (castle) thank you. wow. who knew cement ovcoats would be back for fall?
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i need to chisel out the concrete by hand before i can autopsy, but it's pretty clear she was shot to death. (ryan) found these two slugs in the dirt. looks to be a 9-millimeter. guy was a pro. double tap. one in the back of the head, she falls, then he hits her again to make sure. buries her in the sand. and then waits for the cement truck to come in in the morning to finish off the job. execution-style murder, cement trucks-- can anyone else say mob hit? i'm looking at concrete evidence right here. is that purse from in here? yeah. according to her pearce college i.d., our victim's name is jane herzfeld. (beckett) a college student? that's not a typical mob victim. (police radio chatter) (ryan) called in a favor to ballistics. we should get results today. did you reach the next of kin? her mother's on her way in. jane was an only child. that's a hell of a thing. yeah. she also had a rooate-- in michigan visiting her folks, but she's back tomorrow. what was this girl into that got her dumped into a ditch? as far as i can tell, all she was into s tutoring other students.
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she was booked solid for the day she died. what's weird is that she canceled her appointments that morning. her students say that it wasn't like her. she was super conscientious. did she tell them why she was canceling? all she said was, something important had come up. maybe she knew she was in trouble. (clicks keypad keys) i'm putting the time of death between 10:00 and 12 midnight. and i found this... bruising, no more than a day old. he must have grabbed her, maybe forced her into a car? also, i found traces of cocaine residue on her shirt, but the preliminary tox is clean. no drugs or alcohol in her system. (castle) the killer could've transferred it to her shirt when he walked her to the murder site. from the looks of it... (sighs) she knew she was gonna die. i found this clutched in her fist. (castle) he let her say a prayer before he shot her. that's not very professional. no. more like jane knew her killer. (woman) when i didn't hear from her last night,
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i knew something was wrong. we always talked at the end of the day. mrs. herzfeld, jane was tutoring people to make extra cash. do you know why she canceled all of her appointments yesterday? (sighs) (castle) is it possible that jane was doing something other than tutoring, something that might have gotten her into trouble? something like what? look, we didn't find any drugs in jane's system but the m.e. did find traces of cocaine on her clothes. jane would never be involved with drugs! yeah, but she might have been involved with people who were. and we think that she knew her killer. there was a boyfriend i didn't like. they broke up five months ago. and what did you not like about him? he wouldn't meet my eye. they would fight. i saw bruises on her. do you remember his name? finbar joseph mcqueen, a.k.a. finn. did a deuce on cocaine charges, possession with intent. well, that could explain the residue
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lanie found on her body. b&e, simple assault... there's nothing gun related. maybe he decided to step up the game. do we have a location on this guy? yeah, that's the best part. talked to mcqueen's parole officer. he says that mcqueen is doing a job at 645 w. 98th street. construction. i can't believe it. i can't believe she's dead. (ryan) when is the last time you saw jane? um... a couple weeks ago. but you--you broke up in april, so... you stayed in touch? uh, i-i was her friend, yeah. i... i-i help her out every now and then. i, uh... l-lent her money once, she paid me back. you know, like-- like that. (ryan) did jane have money problems? (esposito) and as a friend... (cell phone rings) did you maybe tell her that you could hook her up, got her involved in something she couldn't handle? (rings and beeps) jane wouldn't ever do anything that wasn't legit... beckett. if that's what you're implying. jane was a good girl. what? that's why it ended with her. (beckett) are you sure? she wanted me to go straight. and there's no chance that's a mistake? i just couldn't.
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i kept telling her... (beep) this is who i am. (knock on window) (esposito) don't move. (grunts) (clattering) (exhales) (esposito) my man finn, inches from confessing. (indistinct conversations) what? what's going on? ballistics just came in. the bullet that killed jane herzfeld is from a gun that's in our system. it's a glock 17. w-- (chuckles) that's good news. (indistinct conversations continue) ryan, it's a match to your old service weapon. that can't be right. it's not a mistake. the weapon that killed jane herzfeld... (exhales) it's yours. captioning provided by abc studios, abc, inc.,
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♪ o'er hill and dale, telling their tale, gaily they ring, ♪ ♪ while people sing, songs of good cheer, christmas is here. ♪ (horns honking) (people speaking indistinctly) (bell tolling) (people continue speaking indistinctly) (ryan) she was holding a cross in her hand when she died. she was praying for mercy. and then... she heard him pull the trigger...
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of my gun. (ryan) we were working the 3xk serial murders lastear. we had a suspect in custody who had given us a full confession, at which time, castle and i went to the motel-- castle was with you? yeah, the nypd sequestered jerry tyson at a motel as a witness, and castle and ryan went over there to give him the all clear. at which time you realized that tyson actually was 3xk? yes, sir. tyson got the drop on us and left with my gun and badge. look, detective ryan was cleared of all wrongdoing by the i.a.b. i don't care whose fault it is. all i care about is mitigating the damage, which means we track down jerry tyson like the animal he is and we haul him into custody. yes, sir. (door opens) you okay? i will be when jerry tyson's in cuffs. beckett, mcqueen's alibi checks out. waitress confirms he was at angeli's diner on the east side until closing. all right. cut him loose. (mouths word)
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you know, ryan, if tyson is the shooter, that explains jane. no direct motive, just fits his profile-- she's young, she's blonde. (beckett) but 3xk strangled those other women. why would he use a gun now? he told me he likes to change up his m.o. yeah. he must have mentioned that when i was out cold on the floor. you know, ryan, none of this is your fault. the fact that he used your gun-- that weapon was issued to me by the city of new york. i let it out of my hand, and now a girl is dead. so please do not tell me that it's not my fault. (people speaking indistinctly) (clears throat) i'm gonna start a canvass at jane's apartment, have 'em show tyson's photo around, find out when jane's roommate's back in town. (beckett) okay. (people continue speaking indistinctly) whew. it's a cop thing, castle. no. no, i get it. yo. c.s.u. pulled information off jane's metro card and atm records. she spent most of yesterday at grand central station. yeah, over a 4-hour period, she made... multiple withdrawals out of three atms in and around the train station-- $800 worth.
10:13 pm
so she canceled a day of work to hang out at a train station and empty her bank account? that was the important thing that came up? i'll send a team over there first thing. have 'em talk to vendors, see if anybody remembers eing her. or tyson. he stalked his victims before he killed them. (castle) it's like i've been holding my breath for a year, waiting for this day to come. a whole year of wondering about him, hating him, dreaming about him, trying to think like him... but still having no clue how to catch him. it's not your job to catch a serial killer. because i'm not a cop. i like to pretend i'm beckett's partner and like i'm one of them, but days like today, i realize, i... that i've just been playacting. oh... your playacting once helped saved new york city as i recall. be there for your friends. stand beside them, work together. that's plenty useful.
10:14 pm
trust me. (clinks) i'm sorry. i don't know him. jane and i were only roommates for six months. maybe he was the guy she was seeing. jane had a boyfriend? she wouldn't tell me about him, and... she wouldn't let him come around. why wouldn't jane talk about him? she said that he had some things he needed to figure out before they could go public. honestly, i just thought, maybe he was married. then, like, six weeks ago... things changed. changed how? she was crying all the time and she would get phone calls really late at night and be really upset afterwards. do you remember a specificime or day when jane got one of these calls? last thursday. a-around 11:00. (clatters) thursday night at 11:04, jane got a call on her cell. our guys say that call originated on a pay phone in sammy's bar in midtown. two calls a week to the same number over the last six weeks? it's him.
10:15 pm
i've seen her, couple of times. yeah, came in with seth. is this seth? nah. that ain't him. you sure? take a good look this time. seth's a regular. that ain't him. but if you want to talk to seth, just stick around. he usually comes in here pretty much every day. doing what? he uses that phone over there a lot. meets with shifty looking individuals he calls, uh, associates. one time, his jacket rolled up in the back. he was strapped. sounds like a drug dealer. all right, so what time does seth usually come in? about 3:00. stay if you want, but i gotta get back to work. so how's ryan holding up? three days after my last tour in iraq, i'm at a diner with friends. a car backfires. my friends look around. i'm under the table. ryan's just waiting for the next hit. here's what i don't get-- what's a drug dealer doing with my gun?
10:16 pm
well, maybe tyson sold it to him or tossed it, and seth found it. that doesn't sound like jerry tyson. 3xk always has a plan. so maybe seth is a patsy. (bell on door jingles) (hinges squeak) (bell jingles) (door closes) how you feeling, jo-jo? hey, seth, how's it going? (seth) ah, keeping outta trouble. you? looks like you'll be able to ask him yourself. hey, seth. detective beckett, nypd. hey, whoa. whoa. hey! (ryan) back alley. he's on the move! on the move! (tires squeal) stop! police! nypd! (tires squeal) nypd! get up against the car, right now! gun. it's a glock 17.
10:17 pm
you got a permit for this? sure do, ponch. i'm a cop. detective seth carver. narcotics. do me a favor and put me in the vehicle before you blow my cover completely, will ya?
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so let me guess. you talked to her mom and her girlfriends, and all ofl 'em said that jane was an angel. am i right? so you're saying, she wasn't? i'm saying that when i met her, i was pulling her over for blowin' a red light, and she had 2 grams in the glove compartment. jane didn't do drugs. what can i tell ya? little miss was riding dirty. you--you didn't charge her. there's--there's nothing in the system. right. that's because when i asked her where the coke came from, she told me ben lee gave it to her. who's ben lee? who's ben... (chuckles) son of clifford lee. he's the head of the han yi tong. operates out of a dim sum house on mott street. what's the han yi tong? uh, tongs are a chinese merchant organization. most of them are legit, but some of them are a front for the chinese mob. so clifford lee would be like the godfather. oh, yeah. (ryan) how's jane supposed to help you get to clifford lee based on one coke buy off his kid? when it comes to education,
10:22 pm
clifford lee is old-school chinese. his sons may be drug-dealing criminals, but they still need to graduate college. ben lee was one of her students. she was tutoring him. twice a week, she was in their house. i told her i would drop the possession charges if she brought me some solid intel on lee's criminal operations. she said okay. and somehow she tipped 'em off, and they killed her. that's it? i just handed you a solid lead. what, he wants more? what is this? yeah, how about the truth? come on, ryan. keep it together. you expect us to believe that you worked a case for years, and then one lucky saturday night, you just happen to roll up on the perfect c.i.? (chuckles) see, i did my time in narcotics, carver. know a shortcut when i hear one. ah, gee, ryan. if i didn't know any better, i would think you were accusing me of something untoward. whoa. hey. (chuckles) you targeted jane herzfeld. you planted those drugs in her car, and then you made her help you out. you--you sent her in there alone--
10:23 pm
no backup, no protection-- and now she's dead. yeah, well, i didn't make her dead. the hell you didn't. you may have not pulled the trigger, but you're as guilty as the creep who did. what about you, man, hmm? look at yourself. word around the house is that that creep used your gun. what kind of cop can't keep hold of his own weapon? what did you say to me? huh? let's go. say it to me! say it! say it! i want you to say it! say it to my-- hey, break it up. break it up. (beckett exhales) we're all cops here. (scoffs) okay? if you're all done, i think i'll take my leave now. yeah. thanks for your help, carver. you got it. what are you trying to do? you want the captain to come in here? go cool off. (people speaking indistinctly) (people speaking indistinctly)
10:24 pm
guy's a jerk. (exhales) (spoon scrapes cup) (clatters) when i started in narcotics, i was so green. i-i didn't know how things got done. (chuckles) one day, there's this major bust-- a street gang cooking meth. they're stacking up guys in the bullpen, taking their statements one by one. place is a zoo. i'm answering phones in the squad. girl on the line, name of alisha, asking for my lieutenant. so i call out across the bullpen, "hey, lou, alisha's on the phone for you." (laughs) it was her tip that got these guys nailed, and all of 'em just heard me call out her name. searched all day and all night, looking for her, before the gang could get word back to the street that she was a narc. did you find her? i did. got her into witness protection, but... (people continue speaking indistinctly) that was the stupidest thing i'd ever done as a cop... ah. until the day jerry tyson got the drop on me
10:25 pm
and stole my weapon. carver is a jerk... but he's got a point. come on. (people continue speaking indistinctly) you know what carver could have a point about? is ben lee. if ben did tip to jane, then that's a strong motive. you up for a trip to chinatown? hell, yeah. yo. uniforms at grand central caught a break. they found a clerk who works at a mailbox center around the corner, who says he rented a box to jane on the day she died. i'm gonna go check it out. you want to roll with me? no, i'm with beckett. castle, you want to come? huh? i-i was just thinking... if our killer is someone in lee's organization, th he must have gotten your gun from jerry tyson. which means our killer may know tyson's whereabouts. we nail him, we nail 3xk. yeah, but there's nothing in tyson's background that indicates a connection to the chinese mob. maybe the shooter is connected to the lees-- someone tyson's crossed paths with during his four years in prison, someone working for the tong. if i find out who that someone is, maybe we have our shooter.
10:26 pm
wading through four years of prison records-- it's a lot of work. i don't mind. all right. let's go. (horns honk) (indistinct conversations) (indistinct conversations) ♪ (whispers indistinctly) ♪ detectives. i assume you're here out jane. ♪ (chuckles) please, sit. (jangles keys) i understand jane was an employee of yours. is that correct? she tutored my son ben. oh, this is ben, my other sons, philip, david, steven. when was the last time you saw jane, ben? last week. we had an appointment the day before yesterday, but she canceled. and where would you meet? sometimes at school. sometimes at my house.
10:27 pm
was jane a good tutor? did you like her, ben? she was okay? what's with all these questions? he just said he hadn't seen her. philip. (beckett) the truth is, mr. lee, we've uncovered some information about jane that a man in your line of work might find troubling. you mean that she was an informant? jane told me herself, about a month ago. she said that a bad cop had framed her and is forcing her to help him. i told her that there was nothing to tell this man about us because we are hone businessmen. i hoped the officer would grow tired of waiting and leave her alone, but unfortunately, that did not happen. i'm afraid your killer may be closer to home than you think. we've already ruled out detective carver. (chuckles) of course. (ryan) and what were you... honest businessmen doing between 10:00 p.m. and midnight on the night jane was killed? we were home, watching television. please feel free to speak to any of my household staff if you wish to verify this information.
10:28 pm
we will. (jangles keys)
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hey, dad. what's all that? convict reports. i'm trying to figure out which bad guy jerry tyson gave ryan's gun to. (martha) any luck? i'm looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. ah. somewhere in that box is a link to tyson. i'm just not seeing it. well, i'd offer to help, but i've got all these complaint letters to read. what, did you drop out of school and get a job in consumer relations? no. the senior class made me
10:33 pm
their executive liaison advocate to the administration. well, that sounds like quite an honor. not really. ivy league schools look fondly on applicants who serve in student government, and alexis is beefing up her resume before she reapplies to stanford. or anywhere, if i even go to college at all. chelsea's been our advocate for the last three years, and when i told her i wanted to be more involved, she offered to step aside and let me take over the position. well, that was nice of her. not really. again with the not really. yeah. i didn't know when i agreed to do it, but you just sit there for hours and hours and listen to everyone complain. i-i think chelsea just got tired of it, of figured she could stick me with the job. and i thought she was my friend, but i guess-- not really. (laughs) face it, kiddo. chelsea set you up. (laughs) she set you up. your friend set you up. (people speaking indistinctly) the lees' entire household staff confirms that the mily was at home watching television the night jane herzfeld was killed. yeah, well, there's no surprise there.
10:34 pm
hey, how'd it go at grand central? good. i found this. check the tag. it belongs to jane hefeld. (ryan) where was it? at the mailbox center where jane bought a box. she was using it as a locker to hold this bag along with $500 in cash. hmm. there's men's clothes, and toiletries mixed up in here. and two tickets on the late train to phoenix for the night she died. she was looking to get out of town, but she wasn't going alone. no names, so who was going with her? her mystery man. her roommate said that she was dating someone, someone who had some stuff to work out. and carver kept hassling her to betray the lees. maybe they figured it was just smarter to get out of town. but why phoenix? maybe a r climate. it's an asthma inhaler. but according to the autopsy report, jane didn't have asthma, so it must have belonged to the guy. (ryan) nprescription sticker, but there's a bar code. yeah, i'm gonna call the manufacturer and have 'em trace it. oh, and in case her traveling companion was waiting outside for her, i pulled video from the bank security cameras next door to the mailbox center. (beckett) okay, stop. there's jane. (beeps) and who's that with her? finn mcqueen, jane's ex-boyfriend. (beep) but he told us he hasn't talked to jane in weeks.
10:35 pm
jane was leaving town with finn? nah. he's too tall for the clothes in that bag. it's not him. yeah. whoa. looks like he's trying to talk her out of going. (beep) what's that in his jacket? (beep) that would be a weapon. looks like a glock. c.s.u. found it under your mattress. where'd you get the gun, finn? i notice the serial numbers have been filed off. and that's the same type of weapon that was used to kill jane. that is not mine. and your guy confirmed my alibi. alibis can be bought. video... doesn't lie. (chuckles) you knew that jane was leaving town, and you knew she was in love with someone else, didn't you? (knock on door) he keeps saying he didn't do it, but that's... beckett. a man with a guilty conscience. beckett. we got word from ballistics. no match.
10:36 pm
the gun's a glock 17, but it's not mine. (telephone rings) (esposito) detective esposito. gotcha. (castle) i know who the killer is. (esposito) thanks for getting back to me. castle, we just got some bad news, so npotheticals. just give us a name. well, i have to start at the beginning-- name. (sighs) jinhai li chang. okay, start from the beginning. thank you. so i realized last night, 3xk would never give a cop's gun to a friend. a-a gun that hot would be a curse, not a blessing. but he would give it to an enemy. so? so i went over all the incident reports involving jerry tyson during his four years at sing sing, and one report in particular stood out. tyson got into it with a guy in the weight yard, and he ended up in the infirmary with a broken jaw. the jawbreaker's name-- jinhai li ang. look familiar? that's philip, clifford lee's oldest son. apparently papa clifford anglicized the family's names when they moved into the country, but he never bothered to make them legal. that's why it took me so long to find it. when philip got his weapons charge in 2008, he was booked under his chinese name. but if philip and tyson were sworn enemies,
10:37 pm
why would philip accept the gun? the two eventually became friends. it happens. not with jerry tyson. that guy doesn't have any friends. he's a psychopath. he wanted payback, and he was willing to wait. tyson sold philip my gun hoping he'd use it in the future. and then when philip found out that jane was an informant, he did just that. actually, philip's motive may have been a little more personal than that. the bar code on the inhaler that we found in jane's bag? that inhaler was issued to one ling mai chang, better known as ben lee. jane was leaving town with ben. so student and tutor become boyfriend and girlfriend. they were in love. it's "romeo and juliet." well, jane did have a thing for reforming bad boys. yeah, but asian gangs-- you're in for life. there's no walking away. (esposito) so like romeo and juliet, someone ended up dead. brother philip found out about their plans to go to phoenix together, so he murdered jane to keep little brother in the fold. (beckett) yeah, it's a great theory, guys. there's just one thing missing. evidence, eyewitness accounts-- something to make this case stick. i know someone that can help us out.
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(door closes) (siren wails) you here to let me out? not to let you out, finn. to set you free. (laughs) you cops, man. what's that supposed to mean, set me free? the truth, finn. the truth sets you free. i've been looking for it all night. i finally found it.
10:42 pm
who knew the truth would be hiding in a juvie report from 1996? you got grabbed up moving paper for a chinatown bookie. do you remember who bailed you out? hmm? clifford lee. you been working for the lees for years. little jobs, because, well, finn, let's face it, you're kind of a screwup. but you wanted more. so when you found out ben lee needed a tutor, you recommended your ex... jane... thinking it would earn you points with the family. then you watched it all go sideways when jane and ben fell in love, decided to leave town. you thought... what if the family blamed you? 'cause no one leaves the family business, not even for love. so you tried to make her change her mind. you fought. but you couldn't change her mind. so you made a call to philip, and then philip went and got jane.
10:43 pm
(clatters) remember this, finn? i talked to her mother. she says you gave this cross to jane on her 21st birthday. (crying) she was holding it when she died... for comfort. because she knew she was gonna die. and she was so... afraid. (continues crying) (woman) let me make sure i got this straight. finn mcqueen claims that he phoned my client and told him that his brother ben was leaving town with jane herzfeld, to which my client allegedly replied, "i'll take care of it." is that all you've got? we've already established that philip was at home with his family when the girl was shot. well, then why was his cell phone on west 12th street? (ryan) your client made a phone call to his parents' house at 11:30 p.m. that call pinged off a tower off the west side highway, which is a couple of blocks from our murder scene. were you calling your father,
10:44 pm
letting him know the job was done? (woman) please, detective. his phone pinged? you know that's not enough to charge him with murder. not yet, but give me some time. listen, if your client wants to talk deal-- dream on. let's go, philip. (door opens) you killed that girl, and you used my weapon to do it, and now i carry that weight. trust me when i say to you that i will norest until i make you carry it, too. (woman) hey! we're done here. and if you attempt to contact my client or his family again without first notifying my office, we'll sue the department for harassment. (beckett) all right. okay. we got it. (closes door) (gates) this is the second time you've gone at the lees with nothing. now philip lee has lawyered up, he's probably gotten rid of the gun, and he has four family members and various household help willing to alibi him for the time of the murder. the cell phone puts him in the vicinity of the murder scene. vicinity? finn mcqueen said-- finn mcqueen cannot testify to what happened, castle. he wasn't there.
10:45 pm
make your case. but you do it now, wit harassing the lee family. sir, we need to keep leaning on them. we need to keep the heat on. no. you need to stay away, and that's an order. so what, we just write the name of jane's killer in a file and we let him walk free? that makes us clerks, not cops. (people speaking indistinctly) take the rest of the day off, ryan. you need to clear your head. (people continue speaking indistinctly) (esposito) it's not over yet, bro. we just need someone to go on record, someone who knows what happened that night. yeah. the only one whoreally . mm-hmm. (people speaking indistinctly) (opens drawer, jangles keys) (closes drawer) (sighs) where you going? i'm gonna do just like the captain said, take the rest of the day off. (jangles keys) hey.
10:46 pm
wherever you're going, i'm going with you. it's my fight. and you don't want me getting involved. it's my case, too. and you're my partner. i'm taking a run at ben lee. the lees will have him locked down. i'm betting his old man won't let him go out in public alone. then... i guess we can't go in there looking like cops. [siri - here are directions to charlie grant's house.] is it cold in sante fe? raleigh? cleveland tonight? [siri- really cold. down to about 14 degrees.]
10:47 pm
find that e-mail with the naughty or nice list. [siri- new message from mrs. claus: go easy on the cookies.] [laughs] how does the rest of my day look? [siri - you have 3.7 billion appointments.] ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, ♪dong ♪ throw cares away, christmas is here, bringing good cheer, ♪ ♪ to young and old, meek and the bold, ding dong ding, dong, ♪ ♪ that is their song, with joyful ring, all caroling, ♪ ♪ one seems to hear, words of good cheer, from everywhere, ♪ ♪ filling the air, oh how they pound, raising the sound, ♪ ♪ o'er hill and dale, telling their tale, gaily they ring, ♪ ♪ while people sing, songs of good cheer, christmas is here. ♪ ♪ merry, merry, merry, merry christmas ♪
10:48 pm
(people speaking indistinctly) oh, snap. is that philip? yo, what's good, son? man, i ain't seen you in a minute. man, how you been? he thinks i'm my brother. happens with the gweilo. what's up? move along. hey, man, why you touching up on me? hey, man, you better check your totem. hey, philip, tell him that we boys. tell your boy thor that we boys. yeah, let's go outside. you can call philip on his cell later. philip, tell him! man, you've changed, phili hey, ben.
10:49 pm
you shouldn't be here. i just want toalk. about what? about jane. jane is dead. so you let it all just die with her? what happened, huh? college maybe got you thinking th there's something better out there than being just a low-life drug dealer? jane made you really want to try? (rustles objects) (lowered voice) you can still get out. and i promise, you'll be safe. (laughs) you cops and your promises, man. carver promised jane she'd be safe. look what happened. you're talking about my family. i'm talking about your life. jane died fighting your battle. i know you can honor her better than this. (man) ben, you okay?
10:50 pm
(whispers) you know how to find me. (lowered voice) what the hell were you two thinking, going to see ben lee when gates specifically said "stay away"? who's gonna tell her, beckett? not me. ryan, are you planning on telling the captain what we did? not me. castle? who me? no way. (flash beeps, camera phone shutter clicks) nice, smart-ass. and what about when ben lee talks to his dad and gates gets a phone call from their lawyer? you two are gonna get benched. ben lee's not gonna tell his father. how do you know? because... i looked him in the eye and i saw the pain he's in. maybe he's not man enough to stand up for himself, but he's not gonna rat me out, either. you guys took a hell of a chance. beckett, you're starting to sou like a boss. just let me know next time so i can help-- (gates) detective ryan. there's someone here to see you.
10:51 pm
(exhales) (slaps hands together) papa said you were down here. ah, you're a senior now. you don't need to work this hard. i have a test on monday. blow it off. we'll go out. i don't want to go. philip. if they hadn't found jane, if she'd stayed hidden... i never would've known what happened to her. would you really have let me wonder for the rest of my life? sometimes it's a gift, not knowing the truth.
10:52 pm
so if she were just missing, i could believe that she were alive somewhere? i could pretend... like a child? but she's not missing! i don't like this. ben is supposed to lead philip to a confession not force a confrontation. you guys, just give him a minute. she's dead, and i'm not a child. in time, you'll see, it was for the best... philip's dancing around it. look, the second he acknowledges guilt, we're moving in. come on. come on. (voice breaking) did she cry? did she ask for me? ben... don't do this. i need to know. you're not thinking clearly. we'll talk about this tomorrow. if you don't tell me everything, we can no longer be brothers. you wearing a wire?
10:53 pm
ryan, he's tipping. maybe ben can turn it around. no, we have to pull him out now. just... (philip) ...wire. what is this? let me see. open your shirt. i don't need to prove anything to you. ben! this is your last chance, little brother. show me. (gun clicks) let's go. let's move. you gonna shoot me now, like you did jane? don't push me. go to hell. (officers shouting indistinctly) get 'em up! down! (officers shouting indistinctly) traitor! traitor. nei jian! nei jian! nei jian! you ruined my life! no, ben! no, no! ben, put down the gun! no! don't! no, ben! no! ben! no! (esposito) get him outta here! ben! oh, god, ben!
10:54 pm
ben! ben! call it in. rush the bus? they're on the way. (officers shouting indistinctly) ben! ben! (voice breaking) i'm so sorry. damn it. i am so sorry. (pants) oh, god. i'm so sorry. there's enough on a tape to sway a jury from reasonable doubt. and the coke that we found in your car is a match for the residue found on jane's body. and then... there's this. (thuds) the gun that you pointed at your brother. detective ryan positively identified it as his stolen service weapon. it is also the same gun that was used to kilne herzfeld. you're looking at murder one, life with no parole. my client has some information that might interest the nypd. (beckett) what kind of information? (philip) jerry tyson... 3xk. what about him?
10:55 pm
when he gae the gun, we talked. i know where he was headed, and what name he's gonna use. so lee wants 15 to 25 with parole in ten for giving us tyson's new alias. and i need to give the a.d.a. a recommendation. this might be our chance to get 3xk, castle no. it's a setup. jerry tyson gave that gun to philip lee knowing he would use it, so there's a good chance he knew we'd eventually get to philip. maybe. so what? so nothing tyson told philip would be the truth. (inhales) giving philip lee a good deal for bad information? that's just another win for jerry tyson. are you sure? sure enough. jane herzfeld deserves justice-- life in prison for philip lee. no deals. we'll get 3xk and we'll do it right.
10:56 pm
damn, castle. look at you, thinking like a real cop. (beckett) hey, guys. he you could look a little happier. today was a win, right? (objects clatter) well, i keep thinking about seth carver, sending jane into the lees', all alone, with no backup. do i really get to call myself a better cop? you are a better cop, kevin. you're a better man, because you didn't send him in there alone. (people speaking indistinctly) hey, there's your boy. ben... good to see you back on your feet. (esposito) hey, that was a pretty impressive performance back there. yes, you have a future in stunt work, my friend. guys, this is marshal mike drooen from witness protection. he's escorting ben to his new home in los angeles. detectives. ben, your plane leaves in an hour. thanks. i just need a minute. (people continue speaking indistinctly)
10:57 pm
thank you. i wouldn't have had the courage to do what i did without you. well, you have your life back now. live it on your own terms. it's what she wanted. (people continue speaking indistinctly) (castle clears throat) oh. let's, uh, keep this party a little quiet, though, all right? if the captain hears, i'm sure she'll blame me. (beckett) who's gonna tell her? not me. you? nope. what about you, ryan? mnh-mnh. well, then i think we're good. well, then... to my partner-- kevin ryan-- a credit to the job. to ryan. to ryan. i'd like to make a toast.
10:58 pm
to bravery... and commitment... to love and sacrifice... to jane. (castle, beckett, and esposito) to jane. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. so you don't have to deal with this. [ boy ] she's pushing me! [ mom ] you guys stop it. [ horns honk ] look for spaces. hang on. [ horn honking ] are you sure that's a space? keep walking. [ horn honks ] [ female announcer ] just go to walgreens. great parking...short lines... and just the right gifts. and we're open late to help you finish your list. happy holidays and from all of us at walgreens we wish you well. [ female announcer ] shopping simplified. with walgreens...there's a way. you can put a force field on him and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you.
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