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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 20, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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your overnight restrictions have been lifted at the fort mchenry tunnel on i-95. and a live look at the top side of the beltway, 695 at the harrisburg expressway. we are good to go on the harrisburg expressway all the way from the pennsylvania state line. charley, back to you. this morning after a brief public battle with pancreatic cancer long time radio host ron smith is dead e spent 26 years on wbal radio was 70 and the staigs announced his passing monday night. according to the station he was in hospice care when he died. he announced earlier this fall he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. stay tuned to "good morning maryland" later in this hour for more on the life and legacy of ron smith. police areer is ming for a -- searching for a suspect for shooting and killing a man outside the towson town center. linda so is here with the latestand who police are looking for. >> reporter: that's the big question this morning.
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police are not sure who they are looking for. this morning, they have no suspects or description. they are hoping someone who saw something will come forward with information. when officers arrived before 6:30 last night, they found the victim on the sidewalk near a service entrance to nordstrom. you can see markings for shell casing and the man's identity has not been released. police closed off the entrans and exits during the investigation but the mall was never closed. officers entered the mall to search for suspects but didn't find any. shoppers left the mall, some didn't know the shooting had happened. >> look for someone who may look panicked or suspicious, someone who based on their training and knowledge of fewman nature looks like someone who may have committed a crime. >> reporter: this morning baltimore county police want to hear from you if you saw anyone in the area. give them a call. linda so, abc2 news. if you are headed to the mall, police have tips to take a look at and keep in mind.
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first, always make sure you park in a well lit area and close to an entrance of a store if at all possible. second, try to put the cell fon away when walking -- phone away when walking to and from your car. if you are distracted, thieves can take advantage and third unlock the car door. do not unlock the car door until you within reach of opening it. it can prevent others from getting in the car with you. things are back to normal in dundalk after neighbors awoke to gunfire monday morning. one of the neighbors was held at gunpoint. a baltimore county police officer fired shots after he says he confronted a suspected robber in a house on waifford drive. >> a woman a-- wafford drive. >> a woman asleep says she woke up and saw a masked man with the gun. and she was distraught and called for help from a next door neighbor who called 911 and initiated the police response. >> the suspect was inside the home with the gun when police arrived. the suspect was shot but his
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injuries were minor and he's been released from the hospital. the officer has been placed on administrative leave and county police say charges are currently pending. meanwhile, this man has been arrested for robbing a taxi cab sunday. police say maurice turner has a long record and asked the driver to pull over and shot him in the back. in 2008 turner was convicted of first degree murder. back then he was sentenced to 30 years with 25 years suspended and three months supervised probation. we don't know when or why maurice turner was released. new this morning a. holiday treat for friends and family of 300 airmen returning at # this morning from iraq at bwi at the airport in time for the christmas -- at -- that is great homecoming i am sure many people are going to be thrilled and packing bwi today. >> reporter: yes, charley, this is a special homecoming for the 300 airmen returning home
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today. especially special because it's mark the end of a 9-year war in iraq. joining us live is major matt warner how are you. >> great, good morning. >> reporter: what can we expect? i know there's a lot of excitement and anticipation for the airmen coming home marking the end of the war. tell me about what we can expect when they arrive here. >> well, the airmen are excited. we expect 300 to come home today and they may come here to baltimore or may go onto another station, but for sure they will feel pretty good when they get back on american soil. >> reporter: what type of jobs and what kind of tours of duty did they do while in iraq? >> well, they did probably just about everything they would do back here at home. there will be airfield managers and pilots such as myself, pretty much the whole deal we do in the air force they did in iraq. >> reporter: is there a different feeling this time around coming home because this is the end, they are not looking to go back for any further tours? what is the feeling like? >> for me personally having served for a year it's a pretty
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good feeling knowing the mission is accomplished and we are coming home. we have deployments and deploying to afghanistan and other areas to know iraq is coming to a close is a good feeling. >> reporter: how many missions did you serve. >> i spent a year in iraq and served in the advisory mission and worked on the ground with iraqi roughly one year. >> reporter: give us a insight for people who don't know and never been how is it what is your day to day routine like and how do you you maintain? >> it's a challenge. i was in the international zone on the northern side of baghdad. and i worked with the iraqis pretty much on a daily basis. so, you know, 12-hour days you get a half day off during the week during a week when i was there and a 15-day mid tour in the middle. so it's challenging. and, of course, family helps quite a bit to support you while you are there. >> reporter: do we expect any type of celebration at bwi or family members to meet loved ones. >> that's a great question. we don't know.
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you will see when i do as well. people may come to bwi and go off to other places or have family here in the local areas as well. but when they get to the final destination it's pretty good feeling and there will be celebrations for sure. >> reporter: they are expect to be here around 8 this morning right? >>i believe that's right. >> reporter: so 8 this morning, 300 airmen will be here mark their end of the tour for iraq and also marking the end of the war in iraq anal sure that's a lot of anticipation and excitement when they do arrive here this morning. reporting live from bwi airport, corinne redman, abc2 news. if you are heading to the airport for the holiday weekend, get ready to have your patience tested. what causes frustrations when it comes to air travel? we will take a look. and joe paterno resting at home this morning. we have an update on his health after what has proven to be a rough several weeks. you watching "good morning maryland" what's new now and next and everything to get your tuesday started off right.
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back on this tuesday morning. this could be some dreaded news
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come the holiday season. drivers in five states are being forced to clear the roads after a heavy storm pumpels the area with snow. who will -- pummeled the area with snow. companies are too risky across nevada and new mexico and highways are not an option. winds and snow put brutal factor for the storm and blizzard warning in effect overnight for those along northeastern new mexico and northwestern texas in the panhandle. also, in the oklahoma panhandle as well but forecasters knew the storm was come. and drivers taking to the air are wishing for something different for the holidays a new study shows two out of every five air passengers wish for another form of transportation to get to their destination. you want to snap your fingers and go? the majority of passengers, 70% whether check one bag and 58% of passengers will be bringing they will be in tow as well. now 32% will be carrying gifts on the plane and others say they checked them along with
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the luggage for even longer waits and longer lines. justin. hopefully the gifts don't get wet a lot of rain coming up. dry this morning and mild 49 in baltimore and 43 near easton and cool down because of rain that's been plaguing the lower eastern shore for the benefit of the overnight and early morning hours. light rain right now and it's southeast and over towards denton and federalsburg and cambridge and salisbury. that's about it. we take this back to the wider picture and another band of rain mixing with snow across the great lakes. and there's mother system. and we have this stretching from thunderstorms across the deep south which is important because there may be be an influence of that on our weather by tomorrow evening. today, relatively quiet. we are mild upper 40s to -- lower 50s and build back showers later this afternoon. we will talk about that extend outlook in a moment. here angela with track. >> reporter: getting ready to
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head out the door, no major incidents to report in the city. let's go north of the city for those of you possibly make the drive in from harford county. as we get a live look at traffic on i-95 at maryland 43, your travel lanes are open between bel air and rosedale. now once you reach the top side of the beltway on 695, you will find easy driving conditions. here's a live look at 695 and harford road. we are clear from i-95 all the way over to the harrisburg expressway. charley. back to you. cfc -- pfc manning will be back in court. a makeup bag featuring one of the hottest musical stars has been pulled. why a group says it's a result of false advertising. you are watching "good morning maryland" a live look at the inner harbor and happy birthday to the man pushing the buttons on good morning maryland. steve [ mom ] haddy, come on. we got a new book!
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now "good morning maryland." today marks day five of private bradley manning's fife. he faces life in prison if found guilty of leaking
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classified documents to wicky leak. yesterday people trying to get into the hearing were turned away. a presiding officer order them out because of classifies information that would be discussed. the government called 13 witnessance more are expected to testify today. meanwhile the man accused of trying to kill barack obama by firing shots at white house will remain in custody. the ruling came down by federal judge monday. that ruling filed a two-hour hearing where oscar ortega hernandez's public defender questioned a fbi agent about the strength of the government's case and contradictions in witness statements. former penn state head football coach joe paterno has shown signs of improvement after being treated for lung cancer. the tumor was showing reduction following radiation and chemotherapy. paterno who was fired following the scandal will turn 85 on wednesday. meanwhile a local family is racing to save their teenage
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daughter live against a dead list disease and you could help. 15-year-old xavia pirozzi had a heart transplant but developed side effects from medication that followed the surgery and lymphoma spread throughout her body and she is back at the university of maryland children's hospital taking a adult strength chemotherapy and the family has a month to find a bone marrow match so the community is now organizing a drive. >> she had mouth sores up and down her esophagus and couldn't eat or drink fon weeks on end. >> having your bone marrow tested is simple as paperwork and cheek squab. this is where to give to help her this wednesday 3:30 to 8 at st. joseph's fullerton parish center on bellan sir road. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. one more week deeper into the
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winter season megorlogical winter that started on the first of the month -- meteorological winter that started on the first of the month. but tomorrow night it begins after midnight. we are closer into the season but cold air locked up to the north and west. 49 this morning warmer than the normal high. and we will stay about 10 to 15 degrees above normal for the next couple days. general storm track pumping in all the warm air and taking in moisture off the gulf of mexico. so, this band of cloudiness and developing showers is something we have to focus onto enhance the rainfall. but the main system is sitting back here. the apparent lo low will be responsible for developing rain and keeping the snow and cold air on the north and west side as we wrap in the warm air in the cotter clockwise fashion ahead of it. that's going to pump in moisture and bring us some showers today but i think the heavier rainfall will come on in tomorrow and then we will have another burst coming towards the end of the week. there's the cold air and snow across the great lakes so it's not that far away. but this main band stays up
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pennsylvania a good chunk of the day spreading showers in our direction. nothing really substantial showing up in the future trend but i will be look out tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening for the low level jet stream. winds and mid level of the atmosphere could be pumping in warm moisture and thunderstorms to develop any time after three through tomorrow evening. even though it doesn't show up here. another burst of moisture towards the end of the week. and that's when it gets interesting. 52 today. showers take the rain jacket but don't plan on washout. better chance of rain starts to move in this evening and tonight. we hold it at 42. check out the extended forecast. we are going to be warm again tomorrow. looking for high temperatures about 59, 58 on thursday. after we get the storms out of here, another burst of rain comes at us on friday and saturday's system christmas eve and ravens game and looks like rain and could end with some snow. something we will look out for and hoping for i think over the weekend as well. 5:19 let's go to the roads with
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angela. >> reporter: thank you. good morning. on the roadways right now, no incidents around the baltimore beltway. but first, an update on the accident in har woo. we checked in with ann a-- harwood. we checked with anne arundel county police and they say the roadway should be open at route 255 and route 2. let's look at how conditions are flowing on the beltway a live look at providence and 695. again no accidents reported on the baltimore beltway. west side traffic volume picking up as we get a live look at 695. and wilkins avenue. again, your outer loop lanes is where you will see the volume. but still running at pretty good pace. now back to you. your kids play your cd and beg for concert tickets. and a spokeswoman for cover girl cosmetics. now a makeup ad featuring taylor swift is pulled for what's called false advertising. proctor and gamble used this picture to set cover girl nature looks mows mascara. how about that? it pulled the ads when the
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council of business bureau started to investigate the small print of the picture which read, lashes enhanced in post production. proctor and gamble didn't recall calls to abc news but since the ad has been pulled, the investigation has been stopped. in other news at&t is bowing out of the agreement to buy t-mobile for 39 billion dollar. it went belly up following concerns the deal would raise prices and give consumers fewer choices. in august, the justin department sued to block the deal. chairman of the sec said he he didn't sport deal. at&t will have to pay $3 billion to the company owning t- mobile. if you hate paying atm fees we could have a solution. watch a tv commercial while waiting a company called free atmsnyc says you can avoid fees if you watch a commercialwhile waiting for the transaction. it won't take longer to get cash and if you don't want to
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watch, you pay the fee. the first free atm ad something tested in brooklyn. -- ad is being tested in brooklyn. an extraordinary tale of survivor. three people on board a vessel stayed alive. and demonstrators clashed with police in cairo. what triggered the latest rash of violence. you are watching "good morning maryland" what's new, now and next for you on this tuesday, december 20th.
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now "good morning maryland." more survivors from a refugee boat disaster in indonesia after 13 people have been found alive. three days after the overloaded boat sank the 12 men and one woman were discovered floating near a island joining more than 30 other survivors transferred to detention center. around 250 asylum seekers were aboard now having each paid up to $6,000 to make the dangerous journey to australia. they will continue searching for survivors throughout the weekend. >> the death of north korea --
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with the death of north korean kim jong il they are afraid they will bum full nuke clear weapon state. no one truly knows the status of the country's nuclear arsenal. in egypt protesting in the military troops clashed for the fourth day. official say hundreds of people on both sides were hurt as a result of the unrest. at least 13 killed since friday. now things called down after the ousting of the former president hosni mubarak but sprouted up again after military rulers gave mubarak's prime minister the former job back. people are paying respects the former leader havel today. funeral is set for friday. police say she was involved in the murder of a hopkins
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researcher stephen pit karen. -- pitcairn. plus, he was drunk and he let his 9-year-old daughter drive. the sentence the judge is handing down. details of that coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland a live look at the nation's capital. news time 5:27, 49 degrees outside.
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