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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 20, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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now "good morning maryland." the voice of reason has died. i am linda so honoring the life and legacy of radio talk show host ron smith. and one big happy homecoming here today at bwi as 300 u.s. airmen return home from the war in iraq. that story is just ahead. hanukkah against today across america and the u.s. it takes place on the white house lawn scheduled for later this afternoon. it's tuesday, december 20th, good morning. i am charley crowson let's head over to justin berk who is back with a check of the forecast. >> the date is the 20th of december. the almanac shows we should be in the 20s and should be there
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and we have had plenty cold mornings to deal with the month. but the high temperature should be 44. we are currently at 49 degrees. we are five degrees above the normal high at five in the morning. looks like we will go up higher from here this afternoon. not much higher but we stay on the warmer side of the weather pattern that's brought light rain to the lower eastern shores so it may be a little damp from easton through cambridge and salisbury. west of garrett county, rain in pittsburgh and they are shedding tears from what happened with the game last night hint, hint, yes, the steelers lost and my producer is yelling at me for it. we have heavy rain and thunderstorms. we will watch that because it could get active here as she is cutting my time after talking about the steelers loss last night. 51 is we are we should be this afternoon with showers redeveloping later this afternoon. let's see what's happening with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we will start with good news checking in with anne arundel county police. all lanes now open in harwood. route 255 and route 2 had an
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early morning collision but you are good to go. more good news for those ofy taking the drive on 795 this morning. southbound lanes are all open as you make your way to the west side of 695. we are looking live at the west side at baltimore national pike. no reported troubles on the west side of the beltway. also i-95 at route 100 here. as you navigate you will see more trouble more volume i should say in your southbound lanes but moving at a good rate of speed. checking in the wmta no delays this morning. back to you. baltimore legend diedch radio talk show host ron smith died at his home last night after a battle with pancreatic cancer. linda so is live this morning in the interactive news center with more on the legend's life andhis legacy. >> reporter: we knew him as the voice of reason. he was a fixture here in baltimore and on the airwaves for more than 26 years. ron smith died monday night at his home surrounded by his wife june and his family. he was 70 years old. ron was diagnosed with advanced
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pancreatic cancer several month ago. he retired from his post as radio host shortly after that. his family and friends have created team reason to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. donations can be made in his memory. now we have several people writing in remembering the life and legacy of ron smith. he touched so many people on facebook page. you can see many comments already. michael writes the airwaves will never be the same. mark says your wit and reason will be missed. you're welcome to leave comments on the facebook page. find a link at abc2 muse.-- funeral service will be priet but from will be a public memorial at a later date. in crime news this morning, the woman involved in the murder of johns hopkins researcher stephen pitcairn will spend more time in prison
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for violating probation. lavelva merritt will spend 20 years in prison. she was on probation when she took part in a robbery and murderer in july of last year. last month, she was sentenced to 30 years in prison with 15 years suspended for her part in that robbery. and a dad is behind bars in harford county charged with setting his children's hair on fire. stephen kenneth helgason was arrested. kids came into the salon burned and three siblings admitted they were burned by a makeshift torch. >> it's very strange. it's not clear but it does notappear this was an issue of discipline or excess discipline or anything like that now. this is -- these allegations are he very unusual and that's one of the main reasons we asked for a high bond. >> it's alleged you used cans of aerosol deodorant and a lighter to scorch his children
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as many as 100 times. children are placed in the care of social services. news around the nation this morning, a prisoner and correction officer was killed monday when a prison van lost control and crashed. official say 11 people were in the van when it rolled over. guard who died was not wearing a seat belt. the surviving prisoners and guard were taken to the hospital. some of the injuries were quite serious. and texas man is free after being wrongfully convicted of killing his wife in 1987. dna testing that was not available when he was sentenced proved his innocence. thanks to the evidence police are look for mother -- look for another man the judge apologized for morton and his family. >> all of my son's years he is 28 now. they are all gone. >> a lot of things are gone. my relationship with my in- laws, about a quarter century
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of my life and yet this is a good day. >> morton sell gibel for financial compensation from a special state fund which is used to set up for cases like this. a michigan dad who allowed his the-year-old -- 9-year-old daughter to drive after he was driving pled guilty to child abuse charges. the father-daughter duo made headlines after surveillance video caught them pulling out of the gas station. instied the -- inside the station he described his daughter as the designated driver. story of two teens who found themselves behind a rock and hard place. the 13 and 14-year-old cuss wryness hiking with a relative when they diverted from the trail and the boy realized they were stuck-had to call for help. a rescue crew dropped a line down to pick up the boys. luckily neither were injured. troops make their way home from iraq, the white house is taking time to honor them. up next, the ceremony planned this morning and one right here
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in maryland. also, a blackout delaying monday night football is a big story catching buzz on our website. what's trending now. see for yourself. we are going to new york for the latest in tech bites. >> reporter: it's a big day for star wars fans. electronic arts is relesion the online adventure star wars the old republic. the anticipated game is set 3,000 years before the rise of darth vader. the adventures of tin tin game takes players around world to solve crimes. tin tin is really brought to life. >> tin tin is known for having a really beautiful rich story and really wonderful detail and the costumes and landscape and characters and this game is very true to all of that. >> reporter: the adventures of tin tin is available for all major gaming platforms andretails for $40.
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if you get an e-mail from the postal service says it has a package for you don't click on that. it will install a malicious virus on your computer. delete it. those are your tech bites.
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news time 5:39 39. hanukkah begins -- 5:39. it's hanukkah begins tonight. we visited a temple on park heights in northwest baltimore. children were busy getting ready for the holiday and the festival of hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the jewish temple in jerusalem in 165bce after a band of maccabis were
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victorious over a greek army. they are teaching the kids songs and explaining the meaning behind hanukkah. some got into the holiday spirit like aidan michael levin. >> i eat potatoe and. [audio not understandable] and i got presents. >> that's awesome. annual lighting of the menorah begins tonight at 7:30. >> you have permission to eat greasy food tonight for the next eight. let's check it out from yesterday. mount airy a beautiful start to the day. cloud roll in as the system brought showers to the north and looks like the cloud are trying to break up a little bit in the evening. it come back in and dominate the skies this morning. 47 itemsville ijamsville. and -- ijamsville. not much spread across the region. most of the rain has been on the lower eastern shore looks like some sprinkles on west
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side. the main band of rain is missing us today. there will be showers trying to make a return. plan for a mostly cloudy sky. we are aiming for a high temperatures not much warmer than now but into the lower 50s. we will check out the extended forecast next and traffic again with angela. >> reporter: good morning. we are off to a quiet start for those of you heading into the city this morning. 895 and 95 traffic moving well in both directions. around the tunnels also look good on 295 and 395. now if you are coming into downtown from anne arundel, here's a live look at route 2 and hanover street bridge. both directions of traffic look good there. also here are your current traffic flow conditions on jfx at north avenue. you shouldn't have problems making your way in on i-83 or i- 95 this morning. charley. >> some people are showing up to pick up lay away only to get a big surprise. coming up, the random acts of kindness catching on. that's straight ahead. also...
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>> reporter:
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# now oid "good morning maryland -- "good morning maryland." 15 minutes until 6. 49 degrees outside. and today 300 airmen will land at bwi. this is more than a who will --
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holiday homecoming it's a coming home after the war if iraq is officially over. corinne redman is standing by with more. >> reporter: this is a special homecoming this morning. we are waiting the arrival of the 300 airmen who will be be coming home from iraq -- will be coming home from iraq. they served and marked the end of the war in iraq. joining us live is major matt warner who is with the u.s. air force. tell me, what was your role? you spent time in iraq with some of the men and women coming homing. what was your role. >> i spent about a year in iraq and i'm pilot by trade but while i was in iraqi was on the ground with the iraqis to help them rebuild the air force and provide advice to the air star on items to buy to rebuild the air force. >> reporter: tell me about this sense of relief about coming home and the war being over and not facing another tour of duty in iraq. >> well, obviously not going back to iraq is fantastic.
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that's clearly -- that's clear but we are deployed in afghanistan so there is a chance the people can come back and redeploy to afghanistan at some point in the future. but it is good to know iraq is finished up. >> reporter: now you spent time in iraq you think it's stable and think it's a good time to pull out? >> i think so, yes. i was a cheaj while i was there because you are de-- challenge while i was there because you are deployed and separated but it's a working relationship with the iraqis and we have given them foot to stand on. >> reporter: and the men and women coming home are from everywhere. >> we understand about 13 will be from what we call roughly the local area, and the other 280 plus will head across the country to get back to their families in time for the holidays. >> reporter: this is a start for them on their trek home. >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: all right. so we expect them here about 8:00 this morning. they will arrive and they will be back here for their homecoming this morning at bwi.
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we will be here to cover that for you. reporting live from bwi,- thurgood marshall airport. >> the president and the vice president plan to mark the end of the war with a special ceremony at andrews air force base to well home home troops from iraq. the withdrawal end a 9 year of war that claimed 45,000 american lives and moved to -- wound 32,000. 42 -- 42 hundred american livesthat should be corrected. people are showing up to play off lay away payments to find a secret santa has taken care of the bill. some people at a k-mart in salisbury are paying off the debt people owe. special visitors are heading to local lay away counter and giving cash to others for the holiday season. some shoppers say it's new nontraditional way to celebrate the holidays. you know your favorite christmas movie but what is your least favorite? think about this. now according to fan dang wrote
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top pick for the worst christmas movie was 1964, santa claus concurs the martians. someone put up the money for this film. according to the "new york times" the flick cost 20,000 to make and featured a cardboard set. other movies include home alone 3, hulk hogan 1996 film, santa with muscles and arnold schwarzenegger holiday family comedy jingle all the way. if you are shopping, be aware of the shipping dates if you want to get your gift on time. first class holiday mail has to be out today december 20th. if you are last-minute shopper you can get things on the 2 1á9 -- 21st and send priority. he can press mail guarantees delivery as late as december 22nd and today is expected to be the busiest day for mailing holiday cards and to help a child in need take part in the kinder time toy drive. two days left. last day to drop off the unused
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toys is december 22nd. drop them off at a fire station oars wall marts in the area. there's a list of the drop off location and to make sure you join us thursday on abc to news -- abc2 news at 5 and 6 for a holiday send off and to make holiday wishes come true for so many children. >> 5:49. look hanukkah is going to be a wash but the one thing we want fory mass is snow. we i say the collective we right? you are with me on that. could it happen? it's possible. we are watching the one major storm system that is responsible and has been responsible for blizzard conditions in the central plains and responsible for thunderstorms stretching across the mississippi river valley this morning. we will continue to watch that as it taps into some heavy moisture out of the gulf of mexico pushing in the warm winds. 49 degrees and we are locked in with clouds and yes we are on the mild side of the snow track that has the cold air stretching to the north and west and there's snow across the great lakes and it extends
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off towards cleveland and it's north of pittsburgh there in the rain and they are i can't say i promise might producer i wouldn't but after last night's game they are not so happy. we have a live showers off to the -- we have a look at showers off to the northwest as the storm pushes in. one of the highlight the wind direction. we are above normal this morning, strong surge of southerly wind push us close to 60 tomorrow. tomorrow evening the strongest push of wind ahead of the front could ignite thunderstorms. possibility of rumble of thunder especially around the bay and eastern shore as a band of moderate to heavy rain swings through a lull in the action thursday but we will actually resurge heavier stuff towards the end of the week and into the weekend. that may tap into the cold irair. 5 # today. -- 52 today. rain jacket take it with you. you might not need it until later on. upper 50s tomorrow and into thursday. heaviest rain should be tomorrow afternoon and evening. we should taper that off on
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thursday bring it back in on friday and rain looks like a mess for the ravens game weather wise. and that could turn to a wentry mix. we are going to watch that through christmas day highs in the afternoon will be in the 40s lows in the 30s. here's angela with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. as you get ready to head out in the next few minutes, be alert for delays that have formed on the west side of the beltway through the catonsville and hel -- halethorpe reg ofnlt 659 and wilkins, delays are between i-9 -- region. 695 and wilkins, delays are between i-95. traveling in liberty road coming from 795, a lot of volume there. we are moving at posted speeds. remember to follow us this morning on twitter at maryland traffic. now back to you. the race to the white house is getting tighter by the day. but that's not all that's changing. coming up, the president's approval rating takes a tick upward. could this enhance his chances
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for a second term. and after a pair of power outage, steelers -- steelers and 49ers continued the game. you are watching "good morning maryland "i here first and only at 4:30.
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president obama job approval rating is back up to 49 per. this is the latest abc news washington post poll. it's the best showing sincespring and could put reelection prospects back within reach. newt gingrich wants the g -- once the gop front-runner is losing support and ron paul is on the rise. you want to talk about approval numbers. congress is at about 15%. they continue battling over the payroll tax cut extensions. house republicans prefer a one year extense over the two month extension approved by the senate last week. instead of majority leader harry reid swients negotiate until the house aprovence the senate's previous measure. thousands are expected for the national hanukkah menorah lighting. that could take place today at
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4. where tickets are available. and in time for the holiday weekend, the frank capra classic it's a wonderful life turns 65. it is set in bedford fall and reveals what life would have been like had he not existed. george bailey was good man. steelers were in the dark for most of monday night in san francisco. ben roethlisberger threw for 330 yards but had three picks and the pittsburgh offense could only muster's third quarter field goal. loss helps baltimore they are tied atop the afc north at 10- 4. but baltimore has the tie breaker. the dream was to have a backyard clubhouse after a starship cruisers. how an 11-year-old dry dream came true for the holiday season. guests may want to feed the pets table scraps during christmas dinner. the reasons you may have to say don't do it. and another retailer that
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is set to help those who wait until the last-minute doing shopping. we will tell you what's in store when "good morning maryland" continues for the 6:00 hour. we are back in a few moments.
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are's watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." killed a man outside towson town center. why police are having a hard time tracking down the suspect. radio legend passes way. a look back at the life and legacy of wbal's ron smith. and finally heading home. about 300 u.s. troops will be here at bwi marking the end to the war in iraq. the full story coming up. news time 5:59. and winter starts tomorrow night. but the last day of fall is packing a nasty punch across the southern plains. look at this. this is in southwestern kansas. you can see the plows moving ug


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