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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 21, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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this is your look at u.s. 29 driving through columbia all lanes clear from i-70 to route 32. we checked on 395, 295 and all your main roadways into downtown. and we are worry free. here's a live look at russell street into downtown off 295. charley. back to you. a 5-year-old girl is in the fight of -- 15-year-old girl is in the fist her life. she has -- fight of her life and you can help out. abc2 news linda so is here to tell us of what you can do to help save this girl's life. linda. >> reporter: charley, she has one month to find a bone marrow donor and today you can give the little girl hope by seeing if you are a match. there will be a bone marrow drive from 3:30 to 8 p.m. tonight at st. joseph fullerton parish center on bellair road. it takes time to fill out paperwork and get a cheek swab to see if you are a match. two months ago she was the picture of health. the 15-year-old went to her
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homecoming dance at john carroll high school. five years ago she underwent a heart transplant but developed side effects from the medication following surgery and lymphoma returned through her body. she is undergoing chemo at theuniversity of maryland children's hospital. >> she had mouth sores up and down her esophagus and couldn't eat or drink for weeks on end. >> reporter: find out the information you need on the website at more information on that bone marrow drive that is happening today. it's the 5th story down in the slide show but if you click on that it will take you to the full story and the the exact address where you can go. it is happening today 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at st. joseph's fullerton parish center. that's on bel air road. live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. the latest on the shooting of a towson town mall.
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police are saying it was not a random act. rodney was shot and killed in the parking lot outside nordstrom. police are not giving out a lot of details they are saying they have several leads that could lead to an arrest. county police say the malls are safe and optimistic they will have the case cleared. >> it's absolutely was not a random act of violence. this was absolutely not a robbery. we have hard work detectives and field personnel running out lead at this point in time. >> security is always stepped up especially during the holidays and this year is no exception. they say more officers are out patrolling the roads this time year. and in dundalk police identified a man shot by police. he was shot and is now charged with first -- with attempted first-degree murder. police found him with a gun at a home and were called in for reports of an armed robbery.
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one of the officers who responded said he pointed a gun at him and the officer returned fire. the cumberland time news reports a woman was in court tuesday when the judge set trial date at april 30th and order her to be held on 330,000 dollar bond. she is accused of star starving courtney mccoy outside a party. if convicted she could face life in prison. the latest news quirk and easer through your ipad. abc2 news launched a ipad app that is great way to stay connected in your hometown and around the world 24 hours a day. we are getting into the holiday spirit with the lights in full display. we sent out lynette charles to check it out in hampden on the 34th street with the latest in
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this. this is your first time to go lynette. >> reporter: it is. i am experiencing a miracle on 34th street. i have vows chosen my favorites and this -- i have chosen my favorites and this one says be naughty and save santate trip i like that. and it says dear santa is it too late to be good. i remember when i was little i wrote letters to santa and i wrote a letter to santa this year as well. let me bring in sharon right now because she is one of the homeowners of this lighting display. thanks for being here this morning. >> good morning. how are you. >> reporter: doing well thank you. so tell us what are the hours people can view this lighting display? >> we start lighting up around 5:00 and coming through this weekend we will probably leave the lights on all night starting friday night most of the lights stay on until 11 during the week. the best thing to do is park
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and walk down. last week it was so bad the police had to come down and block off our street. your better off to park and walk. >> reporter: i interviewed bob and tell us about new year's eve what happens for new year's eve. >> normally, a lot of the parties -- neighborhood parties will come over to 34th street on our streetlight. rob set up a ball that drops and baby santa claus -- baby new year also come out and we will-- wish everybody a happy new year. >> reporter: that's awesome and you can see the pole right there. you can see where it is actually the ball drops from, the silver and black one. >> yes ma'am in front of bob's house. >> reporter: okay thanks so much sharon for being here. we appreciate it. and once again charley you know, the holiday can get a little stressful. but my advice to you is to come here, take it in and it's festivities and happy times. back to you.
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>> all right. lynette charles at the festival of lights. and new this morning jewish families from around maryland and the world are celebrating hanukkah. children and their families gathered last night at the temple in northwest baltimore. today is the first full day of hanukkah. karen levinson sent the video where they gathered to sing songs and sharing food before the lighting of the menorah. and downtown last night in baltimore jewish community members ushered in the holiday with a lighting of the menorah. the crowd was reminded hanukkah is also about the religious freedom all americans enjoy. the 8-day festival of lights commemorates the rededication of the temple of juice lish. it is set up downtown where the occupy baltimore protesters were camping out until last week. did you know your dog can catch the flu. signs to be on the lookout in case your pooch may need a vaccine. also, baltimore grand prix seems to be plagued with problems and we will have the
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latest on the highly charged meeting. you are watching, "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. as we go to break a. live look at the inner harbor. we are back in a bit. @ @
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now "good morning maryland." it's time of the year for colds and flus and your pets could be just as susceptible to flu as you are. the drug company merck says a highly contagious strain turned up in several states symptoms for dogs are same as humans. now people can't catch canine flu but can spread it through clothes. so vets need to make sure that they keep your pet -- gib your pet the dog vaccine. i never heard that. >> neither have i but that's why we watch the news to get information that's new isn't it? >> they call it news for something. >> good morning. check this out. spinning and swirling upper- level low surface low and we are starting to detach the two in the upper level feature has
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snow but there's mainly rainaand heavy rain and storms pulling in for pensacola florida. and it's going to head in our direction and why we are dry this morning. we expect to have some showers starting to creep in from westside. harper's fairy and frostburg and frostburg they have rain at 46 in oak lan. 40 hagerstown and york. we will push in warmer temperatures. in fact we will go our way back into the upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon and evening. with showers that could have rumble of thunder. more on the weekend outlook in moment. if you want to take weather on the go, have you heard about the ipad app? check it out and you will get interactive radar and updated forecast and video. and you will get to see my mug on your mobile device. that's what you need to get started. here is angela with traffic. >> reporter: thank you. and good morning everyone. as you head out this morning. no early incidents to report around the beltway. while you your overnight work
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crews are clearing out there's ongoing construction in owings mills on reisterstown road westbound one of the lanes is blocked near owings mills so be prepared for a brief delay throughout the day. here's another look at i-95 southbound at maryland 32. traffic moving very well through the columbia region. and nothing to slow you down on the harrisburg expressway as we look live at 83 and shawan road. looking good northbound and southbound on the harrisburg expressway between 695 and the pennsylvania state line. back to you. if you've child in college you know how expensive it could be. up next, the controversy over the rising cost of tuition and the salaries of some college presidents. also, digital dollar savings. it's one story catching a lot of attention on our website. abc2 news. what is trending go and find out. you are watching good morning maryland. what's new, now and next on this wednesday morning as we go out this morning another live look at 34th street. downtown hampden.
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my "good morning maryland. news time 5:15. 45 degrees outside and a
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consume irreport for you. a few recalls to tell you about. before you scoop the ice cream for the holiday pie, you need to be on lookout. 20,000 ice cream dipers made bysold through pampered chef is recalledp it's made of a metallic gray aluminium and base of the handle. and when put in warm watt earth cap can fly off and hurt you. so far, 6 injuries have been reported. and 6,000 pairs of the naturalizer dare women's dress shoes are recalled. the shoes are made with 3 inch heel and a bow across the front. the heels of the shoes can lean to either side causing the person wearing them to fall. in other news "new york times" is downsizing the company says it is shrinking the portfolio to save money. company is in talks with selling 16 regional newspapers and the sale comes on the heels of the time's chief executive janet robinson is stepping down at the end of the month. for those of you kids in college, there's controversy
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this morning about how much the top dogs are being paid. here's what is at issue. tuition prices are going up and they are going up quickly. meanwhile, college are paying top executives top dollar. according to a cnn report vanderbilt paid chancelor 1.9 million in 2009 and that's enough for 43 students to attend there to build current prices but it's private institution. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 5:17 on the clock and you may be jumping up and down and waiting. let's get snow here. it's not going to happen today. 46 in baltimore. and 50oc and we have upper 50s and it's 58 in norfolk virginia and that's warm stuff. and warm air streaming from the south. check it out. we have our wide view eastern 2/3 of the nation highlightingtwo general bands of rain this one associated with the front. so we have the frontal boundary to the west and it's more energy coming in western texas
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and we will talk about that in moment. low pressures and that drags in the southerly winds ahet head of it. that's why we get the stream of moisture. a band in virginia. once we get the rain late morning today then the afternoon turns wet and we could have thunder mixed in and the pattern slides through over the next couple days. another piece of energy through northern mexico. cold air starting to dive out of canada. the whole ideas is the pattern is starting to shift and turningcolder next week. what happens in the mix. we will get those bands of rain especially this afternoon expected to be wet soggy and maybe even heavy stuff at times and rumbles of thunder towards the evening. that gets out of here a break tomorrow and tomorrow night. and on into thursday morning we get another round of rain. behind that is when the computer models are split and that's the big deciding point as to what happens for the weekend. we are hanging on for hope for some of you. there's been a change since yesterday i want to highlight. near 60 today and that's more
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like the evening. rain ends overnight at 48. mostly dry tomorrow but tomorrow night we get that rain in the area and it should end on friday morning. ravens game looks dry right now. that's an abrupt change but we are shifting the pattern to monday. one model giving us snow and we will hang on but upper 30s and low 40s into early next week a good possibility. look at roads with angela. >> reporter: all right. on the roadway right now, still look good for the most part especially on the major roads around the beltway. we did check in with baltimore city police on the scene of just one collision at park avenue and west saratoga but that should be out of your way momentarily. for those of you making the drive towards the capital beltway i-95 moving well past maryland 175 all the way down to 495 and 259 look good for you there. here's a live look at 695 and liberty road on the west side of the beltway key routes moving relatively with a light traffic. frustration has been
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mounting in the area for baltimore city including the business in federal hill. business owners say they lost thousands over the labor day weekend and last night the federal hill neighborhood association voted to keep the board president but voted to let three board members go. business owners are fuming about what happened in september. >> labor day weekend was devastating to lose a three dane holiday weekend which is usually one of the best holiday weekends, zero. >> the group that ran a grand prix gave money back to the association. frederick county has a new alert system ready to launched. it will allow government official to send. send emergency messages but phone, e mail and text. officials encourage residents to sign on line for the -- online for the alerts that will notify people of flash flood warnings. amber alerts and road closures.
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today is day 6 of the private first class bradley manning. he faces life in prison if found guilty of leaking classified documents to wikileaks. government was called for more than 13 witnesses. they will testify in that case. a new study in canada is doing trials on humans that could save lives. up next the clinical trials approved making headway in the fight against hiv. also what delivery guys are caught doing that will make you grateful if you receive your holiday package in one piece. you are watching "good morning maryland" as we go to break, go back out to 34th street. and those guys along with mickey and mini. where's my mug? we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland. around world researchers in canada will soon begin human clinecal cal trials for the vaccine preventing hiv. the f-d. has -- fda has given them the go-ahead to begin
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testing of the previous trials failed because they used live forms of the virus and the new trial will use dead virus which won't cause hiv in recipients. it would be five years before the drug would go to market if it works out. in houston fat families and friends are say -- families and friends are saying bye to the former miss venezuela who was 28 years. she published a book titled out of focus about her fight against breast canser. a billionaire saudi prince is getting his piece of the social networking craze. he says his investment firm is buying 300 million dollar in the stake in twitter. he made it on the arab rich list for 8 years and he has a net worth of some 21.3 billion dollar. he invest in news corporation time warner apple and citigriewb. the bathtub a long way from the atlantic coast a puffin was
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found. a veterinary technician found the bird in this downtown street in canada. as a get of -- guest of honor and wild bird rescuer. they think it's 6 months old too young to developed the orange beak but the question is how it wound up in montreal. they think it hitched a ride on a ship. it's beginning to look like christmas and up next we will go to a little light show that is sure to brighten up your spirits for the holiday. also, was it dasher dancer and prearns? how a reindeer ended up in the middle of the highway. it's 5:26. on this wednesday december 21st. good morning, maryland.
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when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. it's more than money for college. it's built my character and given me a sense of accomplishment. now i'm on a career path, and i'm the leader of my team. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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now "good morning maryland." so you have done your christmas shopping and now it's time to destress and enjoy the holiday. i have the prescription coming up. time is ticking for the vote on the payroll tax extension. i am linda so. how it will affect your bottom line come january 1st. the amish people accused of shaving their neighbors have been formally charged. why was this a federa


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