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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 3, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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three fires ii howwrd counny....have ccaseddmore than milllon dollaas in ttis mornnnn.. firr iivestiggtors are lookiig into - siiiiarities that could link ttem. wwodbineethis folllws two - house...the other....att -3 this lltest case....workerssmovvd hoosee ouu of earby fiells where eebers wereefalliig..-(aahley beheler)"it was just &pp ssw tte fiie oothe timeethe - roof collapsed t was prooably -plke five miiutes. " it's - bblievee the fires could be -& linkee....o faa.. no peopleeor animals havv een harmee.. p3 flames tore ttrouuh abarn & coonty.a vvewee sent innthis -&pppcture.itthappened oo duulii -& roaad.he lames engulfed the
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phed just after 10 a.m. no one paa injuree. 3jjry selection staats in the -3pdeaah peally triil oo an - chhrgeedwith stabbiig correctionaa ffiier daaid &pmcgginn.mcgginn was kiiled at & thh jeesuu correetional -& and sentenced o eath... his case willlautoomticaaly bb & aapealed because offa new law requiring striittr guidelines por capptaa uunihmeet.ooeniigg -3&statements begii jannuryy9th. 3 p the maanuntt or an army &ppuuderiig park ranger in &pmooning.the suspectt.. 24- yyar-ool benjaain arnes.... & pwssffund dead in mount ranier nationaa parr.he's the mann -& ussected offffaaaly shoootng a pprk rannerr n nnw year's ddyy.. during a traffic sop &in the park. he victim.... mmrggret andeessn....was a wiff and motter o tto. -& "she never complained, she
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to help nyone, verr compassioonte." &pcoopaassonnte." arnee -3 was also the mainnsusppct in a nnw year's eee shoooing... that left fur ppople wounndd. the park will reeain cclssd so that workkrs hhveea littlee& attempttd murder suupect thatt-sommemight sayyii handsooee handsome..te f-b-i- has dubbed -& thissguu....sttve iiaa... the - sayy e robbed more thanna hall & dozzn bnns nnaa the dallas &pyearr...wearing a mask eacc time..pooice ay he aaso fired -3&pooeebaan robbery in richaadson. ppneiigborss err shocced that he roberiee. &p3&p((oh really? heessthe ooe hat 3 someonee shoot! i didn't knoo all that...that he was evvn.. - thhy'vv alwaassbeen nncc. -33& theeyd speek to uss hen weed -3 ppeakkto hhm, aandall thaat))
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33 it's alleedy ttuuh geettng pued to riiiig "2212"... on pmmortant work papers... bbu cycle.they ann toochange it -33 po, ll hliidyy ffll o the &psame dayyof te weekk very &pyear.ffr nstanne.. under and neww ear's daa ould -& always fall on a sunday.othhrr holidaay woulddalso ee n the --& samm dayy... uring theeweekk connenience. & very gooddcalennar butt t &pjumps by onn day or tww dayss, pnn so eeerybody haasto redo their cheeules for eeerythiig timee." but hopkins -&&pprofessors admiittheyyace an --3convince te resttoff te coontry...tomakkesuch a - 3ii you thought ppices t the - pump were oiig down... gguss aggin!- pgain!over
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tte past week....3&&pccnts.that'' almostt apenny day.maayland drivers can of 3-dollars 27 ccnts ggllon. it's not the ews annyne wants - to hear... aa w start the nnw -3 yearr 3 "gas is just oong ccazy....i remembberat one pointtit was 99cent...and then ld peoole say gaa priies were 49...and &pnow we'rr way u here" hhre"expprtt preeict ggss - timm this yyar. 3& foxx45's ppmpppatrol 3 gas pricee whhre yyu live. just go to fox baltimorr -&pdot ccm....slashhpump atrol. -& p3& se's arellyooddeenugh tt alreaay eeng hailed a heroo herrozoria jjrdaa was sppnndng a
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noomallday, cookinn ii the kiichenn iih her grrndmotherr.. wwen all of a &&psuuden she nottced her granndmther idn'ttlook well. & phe knew ttha hee grannmother haa a long hissooy off 33 3 "i told them that y grandma -33 was omingg.--utt to-"tt havee the ittle girl do thaa, iit -3 brinns mileeto myy ace." to ggve thh ddrres....and - ppaameeics quuccly arrived to &ptake care oo hhe grandmooher. folks ith aaericann ediccl &&presponse say it's important tto -3 ttachhkids as arly aa &p3& p3 houston, enver,,or pittsbbrgg? ittsburghh?oomaattr whootte &pon thoos ame tickets forr januaary11tt.withhthe wii over tte
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beegals... they eerned a bye week in thee layoffs.... pnd the ddiiisn title forrthee & historr. & 3 ravvnssssy they ave a limited & or tte january 15th gamm... tickee mmster ddt com... or &pmster" utleet - those ttckees hat go on 33& sall today, ill coss mostt stilll eee liie parttof thh less. jee dd pmiih is ive in colummia&pppinned. gooddmorning 3 3 && (ad lib) & p3 -3&p3 p 3
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will elp uud a hugg poject -&pinn dwnnoonnbbltimore... 33aaking for s fair pllying ffeld..--& field..he things ggveenmentt secrett cost yyu. -3you. y."
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are making me thirsty!"
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&pp(breek )) & (((-shotttoos tto eather)) - ((aa lib meteeoollgist))
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3 3p((traffii reporttr ad ibss) maapfibbr maa 75 map
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22 maa -3 3--33 p3 -
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3 cooinn up... youurttxx -&&pdollarrs.. held up ii ourrt & to prrseet oor cass on a aai playyng fieldd... & the proojets faciig a delay... -& anddwhh buuinees owners are - blaaing the tttt... next n -3 our overrstooy. &pstory.and lateer n ssorts...&pjohnnharrauug has the avees -ppintheeplayoffs for tte tt straighhtyeaar..why this one - is so sppciil ffr im... (((bup ouu))
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a controoerssialppoojctt accs pt turn over ppbliccrecords. -3ddccments... o beedeemed -story...
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mmlindaarreeer... -33&paddss p hat t'' costinn thhe tatee tookkepp heir &preeoodd eccet. 3&p3 "t's allosttaan - uupprcedenned pportuuntyy 288 &ppofparring loot on op off & metroostop." developers say 3 offfce buiilinns for state --3workers... a new shoppinn center... and ee homme..tee - billion dolllrr -- and 3 part oo hht ill..... -& ttx breaa.... calleedaa"tif"" ppn tthse touuh economii imes, -3&pittsaapeal ann i'm uuggng thht &ppe reconsiddr and too the 33& pojectt" staat commproolee - the lan... bbutnnwwsaasswe -3& an'' aaford it.tuuns oott.. -& pennn... now... evve bbforee &pdemolition and rconssruction -3&pbeggns.thaaks to ie-upssinn & procuued ssate centerrin the appoopiraatemannerr that's it.. aabut."daaiddjjonnon iss mong 33&ownersswhh wwrry tte ppan will -&the tatee- claiimng the & projecct nddtheedevelooment 3vetted. noo -- theyyre &pfailed toottur
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ver any -3pdooumenns eetaiiinn tootte seeecctonnprooees to thee&pmmdda.... oo hee & ppaanniffs....despite aa& peciaalmmsteers rulinn hat -3 rejectedd.ááb the state's oon phaa ammilioo dollarsstt ay attornees to sort througg & innormationnreqquss ---they - poree han 20--tousand dollarr piscovery... mmoe ddlllrs wiil - add up. plinttffsssay tteyy - juut wnn iinorrattin thhy'rre - ennitled to.33::5 aal e're - aakknggfoo is aafairrplaying -3&pfield. we ant to present ouu 33&pcaae on aa air pllyiigg - fieel.....innwhichhweecooppee -33 agaanss"the staae spent some -3 off haa money on a -3pcountersuii.... arettalaaion 3 buuiiess goup.33::2 ""ido & ccnsiier haa ttheat.""a-3 phreet.""3:32 ""ido onssderr 3& osssddthe tate'ss uit out oof
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powneer adda right to ssee... 3reason tte ffist menddmnt -&peeiits iss o makk ureethooe 33&pthere''snnw rrasonntoobelieve -3 paising conccrns aboot ttee "city's bnn ratingg... --if -& aataa break..... becauss it &would "be cclcullted inn tee -3pcitt's geeeeal debt roofie.."&p(bitt wth ssokees)09:4773663thee ostt kkep aaddng up.... whhieethe legall aatleeplays rrocrdd.....waggssoo.melinda &ptee....p cooing up.... -3 3& home ffr thh playoffs foo tte
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&ptteir faas o win sndda'ss ((brrak 3)) p33 bbuue cunniigga
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-3&p oomngg p in our 66-3&pp'clook hourr.. she as n & nats f kelll iigingg...
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&pand now.. se''swwiihiig inn n -ppou wwaa haappned to kelly -& plarkksn's reeord ssaes...whee - phee nddosed g-o-p paul.aad it'll oon ccsst you &more tootryy nd hhi th - much mooe you'll &&pbb pyiiggfoo aalootteyyticcet.,, [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will
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love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy.


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