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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 8, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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remembering a hometown hero. ((take sot))"it's horrible news, i'm sure the family is devastated((more vo))the community paying tribute to an airman killed in afghanistan. ((vytas)) ((take vo))reflecting on the lives lost for tribute in tucson((take sot))it's a sad event((more vo))the ceremonies marking one year since he ssooting ramapage, and the congresswoman still week away until the raven's take on the texans.the preparations ahead of playoff game...and the fans spreading purple pride. 3
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hello, i'm jennifer gilbert. ouu big tory tonight.... police in annapolis raid the apartment of a local looking for happened last week... at a public housing complex. &pmelinda roeder is streaming live from the police department with more on what led police to that apartment. melinda? 3 3 3
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3 police did discover p-c-p and marijuana inside the other apartment.neither the alderman... or his attorney could be rached for comment today. but we understand kirby will be meeting with police officials in the near future to discuss the in annnpolis,
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at ten. the search continues tonight for the two suspects who attacked a bolton hill man right outside his doorstep . . police want people to get a good look at the two men in these sketches. police say the pair robbed a man at gunpoint as he was walking into his home , they abducted him, drove him around,, and, forced him to withdraw cash. three hours later the viitim was dropped off in some bushes on north avenue. "i'm not angry, i'm outraged" //butt to// to//"a rettred policeman told me about it...and i was stunnnd" stunned"police believe the suspects targeted theevictim because of the type of vehicle he was infiniti suv.they also took his ipad, personal items. police say both suspects are about 20-years old. one goes by the name "jerome" or "bootsie". a virginia man is dead after he was shot through the window of an apartmenttin south baltimore. shots rang out early this morning on mariban can see bullet holes from the shooting that killed
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35--ear-old raymon paarott. he was shot multiple times.he was in town visiting familyy aad in east baltomore...a man waa shot and killed friday night. 27-year old doraa hinton was shot severaa times whill walking home from the store around 7 pm. you can pee police on the scene...and crime tape marking off the area .... just a block from &phis home nearrashland and montford avenues. witnessesssaw one man unning from the cene but, so far, no arrests. still no arrests toniggt in the stabbing eath of an elderly woman in eaat baltimore. baltimore... mary hines was stabbed... and her biddle street home was set on fire. flames destroyed much of the evidence...making it difficult for investigators searching for clues. mary pines was a longtime baltimore city school teacher, and principal. remembering a hometown hero.... the tight-knit community of westminster is in mourning tonight.airman first class matthew seidler died thursday...when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomm.
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jaaice park tells us...howw friends and family are honoring the 24-year-old's pemory. ((take sot))"people from the dark van, we knew something was bad"standing next to matthew seidler's chiidhood home...friends say the 24 year old airman had deployed only a few months ago... thursday...the westminster native died when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb, in southern afghanistan.((take sot))"you can't even imagine...he was distraught, just told me matt was gone and was killed in afganhistan" ((take sot))"it's horrible news, i'm sure the family is devastaaed stated, it'ssa brand new year what a horrible thing to happen it's just a grrduated from here in 2006, westminster high school, then went off to college before he realized where he truly wanted to be, the airforce"when seidler joined the air force in 2009...he chhse oneeof the most dangeeous jobs...he
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signed on to be an explosive &pordnance dissosal technican... everyday...he was on the frontlines...diffusing bombs (((gfx))).in a statement, seidler's lt. colonel spoke of never forget matt's sacrifice and dddication to his critical, yet dangerous mission.tonight, friends and neighbors say they watched as a shh, quiet kid...became transformed...and they respect the brave decision he take onnsuch a dangerous role:((take sot))"he died doing what he loved, weelllall remember him for what he was"janice park...fox45 news at ten. drivers are paying more at the pump than they ever hhve at the start of a new year. year.for the fifth straight week... gas prices are on the rise.thh national average for regularrgas sits at three dollars and 37 ents.that's an increase of 8 cents this week. here in marylann drivers are also shelling out an average of 3 dollars and 37 cents.a rough start to 2012.
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"its pretty discoruaging, but you gotta put gas in your car, so you try and economize, but it is what it is" is" this time last year...drivers were shelling out an average of 3 dollars (42:55) (tank clicks of) off) (43::3) (hose nto ) tank) (24::8) (honking and protests) protests) and motorists in lutherville were fueling ... and fuming....over the prices. that would raise maryland's pas tax by 15-cents a gallln. they say the hike would amount appointed by the governor, is - recommending the tax hike. 01:00:50 "somehow we have to find a way to make the investment that a modern economy requires to create 00:57 01:00:08 "ttey have no business in this day and time raising our gas taxes...." 00:13 let lawmakers know hoo you feel about the gas tax..... go to fox baltimore dot
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com and click on the gas tax petition under hot topics. youuhave to act soon though. this is the only chance voters will get to let lawmakers know if they're againsttthe new tax. 3 like the rest of us, the ravens have spent the weekend watching the n-f-l pllyoffs.... but that's about to come to an end...sports director bruce cunningham joins us with how the raven's are gearing up for next weeks match--p agains the texanss they got a first round bye...and a three day weekend off...but tomorrow, it's back to business...serious business...they're back on the practice fieed, getting ready 3o face the housson texans... housson advanced with a victory ov er the cincinnati bengals, and will face the ravens next sundayyat m&t bank staddum, whereethe ravens went undefeated this of the victims was this same houston club, who lost here nonn of that means anything now...this is the playoffs, the second season...and everything starts over... we will have much more on the
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ravens...incluyding an in studio visst from cornnrback chris carr...coming up on our expanded sunday night edition of sports unlimited, right after this newscast. and as gameday draws cllser.... fans continue to show their purple pride.our newsroom has been flooded with your phooos. christmas may be over... but festivvs is here! the hynson's have a festivus tree o help pump them up for the playoffs. fox45 viewers... miie and parol gossman are ready to cheer for the can see the pair sporting their ravens jerseys in front of their christmas tree.they say it's all about the ravens, all the time! show us your purple pride. post your pics on our facebook page. head to facebook dot
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com slash fox baltimore and click on the inside fox45 tab we had a great weekend with all going to change. chief meteorologist vytas reed is ssanding by to let us know when theewet weather is going tt roll in.vytas? 3 "bells rining" tributes in tucson. the groops gathering to remember the
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rampage...and congresswoman giffordds road to recovery. we'rr just days away from the new hampshire primary.the candidates' final push and the increased efforts to sway voters across the nation. ♪
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tucson at 10:11 this morning to mark thee moment a mass shooting began at this grocery store one year ago. this was the scene last year when six people weee killed...13 others wwre wounded, including congressman gabrielle giffords. less than an hour ago... giffords led a crowd at university of arizona in the pledge of allegence at a vigil doesn't remember the attack, grateful for her life. kelly says: "it's a ad event but, you know, it's a marker in time." time."giffoods was shot in the head and spent onths in the congress in august 2011:as foo the accused shooter... jared loughner, a judge ruleddhe is not competent to stand trial. he's being treated for mental illness at a medical center for federal prisoners in missouri. 3 many political analysts are chalking up new hampshire as a win for mitt romney. but, some polls suggest many voters remain undecided or uncommitted. fox's carl
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cameron is on the trail in the granite state with the votes just days away from the primary. 3 3 3& with sixty-three percent of new hampshire undecided or likely to change tteir minds, mitt romney is sprinting toward the finish line. rick perry and rick santorum are campaigning in south carolina and romney took a pounding at a ebate sunday morning, and to a lesser extent, last night. gingrich says, "can we drop a little bit of the piius bbloney? the fact is you ran in '94 and lost. just level with the american people. you've been running for sinceethe 1999s." santorum says, "we want someone who's gonna stand up and fight for the conservative principles, not bail out and not run and ot run to the left of ted kennedy."paul says, "i don't see how we cann do well against obama if we have any candidate, tha you know, endorsed, you know, single payer systems and tarp bailouts and on't challenge phe federal reserve fifteen-trillion of injection bailing out theii friends. last night romney's
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rivals barely laid a glove on hii and mostly fought among themselves. paul says, "so you're a big spender; that's all there is to it. you're a big-government conservative." santorum says, "it's a ridiculous charge. and you should know betterrthan to cite george soros-like organizations to say that they're corrupt."paul says, "there it goes again."santorum says, "they, they've caughtt you not telling the truth, ron." paul stood by his calling gingrich a chicken for avoidinn the draft. gingrich says, "doctor paul has a long history of saying things that are inaccurate and false. i personally resent the kind of comments and aspersions he routineey makes without accurate information and then says, "i'm trying to stop the waa but at least i went wwen they called." romney's rivals are all vyyng to be the conservative alternative. perry says, "there's a bunch that say they're conservatives
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but their records don't follow up on that." huntsman and romney sparred ver raae with china last night. huntsman says, "i think it's important to note, as they would say in china, that (speaking doesnnt quite understand this situation." this morning romnee renwed his criticism of huntsman assthe obama administration'' ambassador to china today. huntsman says, "i will always put my country first. and i think that'' important to them."romney says, "i just think it's most likely that represent our party running agaiist president obama is not someone who called him a remarkable leader and went to divided, david, because of attitudes like that." rooney was up more than twenty points just a few weeks ago. he's likely to win ommwhere in the teens and become the first non-incumbent president ever with back-to-back wins in hampshire primary. in exeter, new hampshire, carl cameron, fox news. pccupy demonstrators ... fight for aawest baltimore woman to stay in her home. home.08:48:03 "chant: offenders. predatory lenders
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criminal offenders" 48:09 48:09protesters for tte occuup homes movement crowded outsidee (leill) kara's house.after three years of fighting foreclosure .... she's scheduled to be evicted on tueeddy.occupiers rallied to save her home.stamming the block as an "eviction free zone." 08:40:14 "i was very down. thanks to them i can say to all the people that are n my we have to fight and i will is - keep fighting....(peoppe cheer)" 40:27 40:27kara is fighting her foreclosure in court ... claiming she was the victim of predatory lending.occupiers plan to stand up to big banks house on the day of her evictionn a woman plunges into a river ..... when a bungee jump goes wrong.the accident that led to the dramatic fall...and the miraculous story of survival. a 4-hour police stand-off.the
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cliff, it's gonna suck you out south."the twenty foot waves -- simply irresistible for surfers. it's the largest surf in a year...and is kkepiigglifeguards busy in san diego. at least 3
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cuffed after a 4 hour the man was hiding and what hee says he wws after. i felt like i'd been slapped all over." &pover." a bungee jump gone wrong!the dramatic fall...and the amazing story of survival.
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georgia police identify a man accused of killing his wife and mother-in-law. mother-in-law.they say 59-year- old james benson walked into a crowded waiting roommin a georgia hospital friday ...and shot and killed the women.he later turned himself in.police say benson was estranged from his wife.he faces two countss of felony murder. a swat team whisked awayya florida man in cuffs saturday p..after a 4-houu stand off.
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38-year-old jess kelly baricaded himself in the a-c duct of a storefront. police say he had been trying to rob a check cashing store.but ran for a hiding place after he pet off the burglar alarm.when peporters asked why he did it ...kelly said simply ... "the economy." &pa 22 year old woman... survives.... a horrifying bungee jump.... this is erin langworthy jumping from the victoria falls bridge....overrthe pambezi river in africa.... when... look at that....her rope snaps.....and she drops the entire 64 feet into the frigid rocodile infested waters. 3 langworth says: "it went black straight-away and i felt like i'd been slapped all over." over." langworthy came to in the water.... and then struggleddagainsttthe rapids of the river. eveetually she reached the bank and was able to crawl out. langworthy spent a week in the hospital, but miraculously was
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&pnot seriously injured in the &pfall. 3 ravvns cornerback chris carr joins bruce and morgan n studio to analyzenext week's playoff game...coming up on sports unlimited...
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00 fireworks 02 (can you2 (can these nats to last for 4 second? seconds)?fireworks lit the morning sky saturdayas thousands took on a 13.1 mile walk at walt disney world.the for anyone.but it's that much more challenginn for matias ferreira.he lost his legs
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fighting for our country in the middle east.but ferriera says nothing can stop him. 58 there just a little springy. a little difficult..they start hurting after a llttle bit, but no reason to stoo. just otta keep going. 01:05 01:05and ferreira had plenty of support.most oo his running companions were also wounded soldiers.all taking on the pbstacle ... together. 3 3 that's all for the news at 10...up next bruce cunningham and morgan adsit break down next week's matchup against the texans with ravens cornerback chris carr...bruce and morgan... coming up tonight on sports unlimited...houston is the in baltimore n round 2...ay chris carr will be in studio to telllus how they'll try to repeat tteir week 6 win ver tte texaas... texans... and iigo 1-on-1 with cory redding...he knows how rare it why this could be his last ... chance to win in baltimore... baltimore... 3 two words...tim tebow... steeler nation in shock tonight...the unbelievable finish from the mile high city..
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city... anquan boldin caught 8 passes for 132 yards against houston earlier this season....why his return will help the other rece. receivers... and maryland with its firstt acc test...terps on tabacco road against c state...mmrk turgeon's conference debut... sports unlimited starts right now....-
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