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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 14, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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john 200 and i'm very disturbed that that's happening in my n'hood 04 04anger agaiist speed cameras......and now... someone is setting them on fire the new attack police are invesg investigatinga cruise ship runs aground...the problems that lead to this deadly accidet accidentcold weather tonight... how cold it will be for the game tomorrowcoming up in my skywatch forecast... " beyond dreams......and we're just hours from the ravens taking on houston.the reason why terrell suggs gave this boy tickets to the game......and the thing suggs wants in return
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we start tonight with breaking news out of harford county countyhello, iim karen parks... parks......and i'm jeff abell...a man died this evennng... in a house fire in an abingdon you can see the charred... broken window... investigators are trying to determine what started the fire. it broke out about 5 this evening... along lombard court.someone outside the building called 9-1-1 when they saw the fire.once inside... firefighters found one person, dead.he's yet to be identified.investigators say the house did have working smoke detectors. baltimore police are trying to figure out who's setting fire to speed cameras.... cameras....we were the first to report one speed camera attack earlier this week... ...and now... someone torched another ooemyranda stephens is live near bolton hill - where the incidents happened! the speed camera arsons happened within yards of each other here on north howard street. if fact, if you look damage. now... police want to put the brakes... on whomever's behind thiss
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3 nats of cars along north howard street... near bolton hill... more nats charred pavement is all that's left of what used to be speed cameras overlooking traffic. patricia 0039 that's bad. that's bad. the speed cameras are there to protect us and to help 43at about 7-o-clock friday morning - police say someone set fire to a portable speed camera that was on the ground near north howard and john street. it's the second incident like it in the area in less than three days. on wednesday - a fox-45 viewer sent in this photo of a speed camera set on fire ... just a few feet away from friday's incident. john 200 and i'm very disturbed that that's happeninn in my n'hood 04joon 1:46 you may object to cameras, but you have no right to vandalize public property. that's just costing the taxpayers more money and if you do that, you're liable to do something else! it's not clear whether the arsons are random acts of vandalism - or someone taking out their frustration over speed camera tickets. it wouldn't be the first time.
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back in july ... a man reportedly armed with a shotgun... used a hammer to smash the windshield of a speed camera átrucká on the b-w parkway. patricca 0017 i don't mind the fact that they are there because it does and while the debate continues over the need for speed cameras... many who live near the recent arsons... say phere's no need for violence. john 2:20 if you don't like the camera. petition your legislator. petition your city council peeple vote. do what you gotta do, but don't take the law into your own hands 30 city police are working with the city department of transportation on this's not clear if or when the cameras will be replaced. live near bolton hill, ms, ox45 news at ten. baltimore county police need your help fighting back... ...after a man was assaulted and robbed in halethorpe this mg morning just before 8- 300..police were called to this crosses 2-95 near freeway road.thats
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where they found a man who'd been robbed... with injuries to his head.police are still looking for suspects county police are also investigating a stabbing in dundalk.this section of dundalk road is clear now... but just before 130 this morning.two women got into a fight there.police tell us a man who attempted to break up the fight was stabbed.and then the woman who stabbed him... was also injured.both were taken to bayview with non-life threatening far, no charges have been filed. fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen the excitement is about to peak.the ravens first home playoff game in five years starts tomorrow afternoon afternoonseems like the fans are ready...morgan adsit joins us nnw...with a look at the team's last-minute preparations for houston... mor?
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morgan?the n-f-l seems to have a love, hate relationship with joe flacco.not one raven catches more flack than flacco. before i get everyone all fired up to defend him... flacco doesn't care what anyone outside the ravens thinks about him. nor should he...he's the quarterback... every coach and q-b gets hit the hardest by critics..but what everyone seems to forget is that the only q-b in n- f-l history to take his team to the playoffs every season he's been in the league and win at least one game..but then he all 7 playoff games... flacco has completed only 53 percent of his passes... thrown 7 interceptions and just 4 touchdowns..this is why when you hear ellte n-f-l quarterback you hear tom brady, aaron rodgers and drew brees.but flacco's teammates say they're stickinggwiih their guy. "i've said his since joe first came in here: there is something abbut joe i liked from day one. you have to appreciate a young kid who comes out with that much talent, and now you see wheee his talent is going from talent to eing more of a
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mentor, more getting this offense to understand. you see his composure and how he is settling in to really control ttis offense. now, where we are, why wouldn't it be joe to go lead us tt a super bowl." 3 flacco has never seen the post season in baltimore.all four of his playoff wins have been on the road..i'll be back in sports unlimited to break down the ravens defense and the one player they need to shhtdown the most. we first brought you the story last night... about ayden lasley from bel air. air.he was told by school officials that he wasn't allowed to wear his "ball so hard university" sweatshirt. the sweatshirt is in honor of his favorite player...linebacker terrell sug. suggs.suggs watched our story...and now the young fan is headed to the game tomorrow...but as janice park tells us tonight...there's something suggs wants the boy to do... do... it's the pprase that blew
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up...onto all types of gear...thanks to ravens linebacker terrell suggs... suggs... the linebacker's easy going nature...has created legions of 12 year oll ayden las-ley. but wednesday...officials at south hampton middle school asked ayden to remove his sweatshirt honoring his favorite player...saying it violated school pplicy. policy."baltimore, than ravens" ravens""i took a look at the sweatshirt what's so inappropriate, i felt like it was an overreaction on their part"ayden's father bill lasley says the next day...the school took back its ban. ban."after heaaing about ayden's plight here at school, the ravens linebacker responddd in a huge way"after watching the story on fox 45...suggs reached out to the las-ley's: ley's:"not to worry i made all know t sizzle loves the kids" kids" in additton to the facebook
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message...the las-ley's also received an incrediile call: call:" beyond our wildest dreams...ayden has never been to an nfl game so this is beyond our wildest dreams"but there's a catch...suggs says he expects straight a's from ayden this he can be a shoe in for ball so hard univ: university:"thank you...for all the stuff you've done...the tickets, the facebook letter...ball so haad university"janice park...fox45 news at ten. some ravens fans are preparing for tomorrow's big playoff game .. by painting their car purple . .it was the annual 'ravenised ride' parade and car show... 02:07:35 "number 010 and thatt would be he santas yay.." 07:30 07:30and it was a competition to see who decked out their purple ccr the best.
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fans polished their purple ridess.. on he parking lot of salvo auto parts on liberty road in woodmoor.some were already stocked for tailgating tomorrow. 02:03:26 at the games, everybody has their jersey but your committee when you do what these people do. these people are committed fans right here." 03:36 03:36and, organizers made it worth their took home over 15-hundred dollars salvo auto parts. the ravens are keeping cash registers buzzing this week. for many marrland retailers, its like christmaa in january. january. (2:07:32) (exterior of tent) (2:02:57) (audio open) "this is baltimore baby. this is what its all about...." in northeast baltimore..... (2:15:35) "can i help anbody here....?" dan the t-shirt man is selling purple... and seeing green.... (2:04:30) "you want big bills or small bills, big! (laugh!, thanks.....) dan mcclure owns raven fever....where sales of ravens merchandise has doubled from last year. (1:52:56)
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"they say we're in a recession but not around here in baltimore...." (14:50:35) (register nats liquor store) at wells liquors in towson..... (14:40:10) "beer, beer, and more beer....." tomorrow's home game is fueling a superbowl of sales..... (14:40:53) "70-thhusand people go to that game and they tail gate....." (13:51:10) "there's going to be ticket sales, concession sales, parking. there's going to be hotels...." economistt say tomorroo's home game will have an economic impact on at home. (13:57:29) "when people are happy about their city and what their city means, they might be more illing to spend...." (2:14:18) "credit card please...." (2:16:02) "this is five....." (2:11:17) "92....thank you very much...." for dan the t-shirt man.....there's no time to waste.... (1:57:30) "we have all these wonderful fans.....(woman cheers)....(pan to ssirt) mcclure has been open all night....all week....and hoping the fever keeps getting hotter. (1:58:16) "indy......012 all right.....(cheers) 3 it appears ravens fans are calorie conscious.... the owner of wells liquors says 'light' beer is flying off the shhlves faster than any other drink. some fans chose to make their purple pride permanent today... ...and help a good cause causethe devvlle ink, tattoo
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finished up a "tattoos for charity" event... designed for ravens fans.people got the baltiiore "b" tattooed on them for 30 dollars......and ome of the money went to charity iq: the idea"oq: do t again this year yeariq: around hereoq: think it'll be oo ok we just called tony... and he says they raised 825 dollars... and 25 people got ravens tattoos even if you're not goinggto the game... many of you will be watching it. it....and the weather may make a difference differencemeteorologist emily gracey is here ith your gameday forecast... emily? emily?
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it's always good to show your purple pride... no matter what the weather is like outside. outside....and if you're going to show your purple pride tomorrow.. . you may want to bundle up like baby london. nikki lee sent us this photo... of london dressed head to toe in pruple heaaher sent us this photo... of sisters sara and sofia... dressed in purple...they are ready foo tomorrow's game. show us your purrll pride...send photos and videos to purple at fox baltimore dot com....also upload those photos on our see t...shoot it...send it page attfox baltimore dot com... coming up on fox45 news at ten...////we'll show you the
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ravens secret weapon in our cover story tonight......and... a key player on houstons team ásat outá last time they played the the team plans to neutralize andre johnnon...coming up at 10-50on sports unlimited 3 "they didn't have enough room on the boats for us uscruise ship runs aground... killing 3 people...the rush to get off the ship......and what rescuers found inside a cabin tonight i'm jeff barnd. we have new suspects on the wheel of justice. find out where it stops... and who will be highlighted.. next. fight back...
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and help take a wanted suspect off the streets of baltimore. jeff barnd is standing by with this week's whhel of justice. justice. all new suspects this week on the wheel of justice. with your hell... one of these suspects will soon be behind bars. all of them aree wanted on warrants.
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we're spinning the wheel... and when it stops... we highlight that person. then we open our hotline.. so you can call in with tips. tips. 24-year old levonia adell is wanted for assault. police say last month.. she gottinto an argument with another woman on spellman road near cherry hill park.36:24 at some point adell pulled out a knive and cut the other woman on the hand. adell took off... the victim went to to get stitches.36:44 ms. adell does live innthe ashburton area however we believe she can be anywhere in the city. city. 3 you can help put levonia adell behind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970. we'll be back next saturday with mooe suspects.. and another spin of the wheel of justice. in just one week...voters go to the poles in south carolina.. carolina......and the latest polls in that state show mitt romney with a small lead over his rivals...its about 5 points... depending on what
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poll you look at.his closest rivals are... newt gingrich... m... and ron paul - mitt romney is getting some high powered help in south he tries to extend his lead.governor nikki haley - a tea party favorrte - campaigned with him today... along with former nascar driver bobby allison. even though he has to fight off other g-o-p rivals... romney sees barrck obama is his main targee he's had experience working alongside hardworking amerrcans. i think it's better to have actually been a hardworking american, in a hardworking american job.. and i think that to create jobs in private sector, i think it you should have worked in private s" sector."rick santorum got a big boost today. the family research council, evangelicals and other conservatives...are now rallyyng around santorum....after a meeting of conservative leaders in texas. santorum says: "i think what you saw with this meeting in texas is people are trying to assess not just who's the most electable conservative versus mitt romney , but who's the most electable period." perrod."see all of our stories about the race for the
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white house.go to fox- baltimore dot com... and click on thh vote 2012 icon in the news features section.all of the stories on our website are free new e-mails show members of the obama administraaion had information that solyndra was going under... right before the mid-term elections electionssolyndra received half a billion dollars in stimulus money... then went bankruptin an e-mail to the former director of the energy and climate change policy office...... a white house aidd wrote , "here's the deal -- solyndra is going to announce they are laying off 200 of their 1200 workers. no es bueno."...and that email was sent on october 27th of 2010the white house says there's no support for allegations of favoritism it's frightening to look at ... a cruise ship... runs aground off the coast of italy.
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three people are dead...and dozens of others are still missing...but tonight... rescuers found 2 people deep inside that ship... áaliveáthey're still trying to get them out.greg burke brings us theestories of the people who got out alive alive in the early morning darkkess... off the coast of italy:chaos, confusion....and fear as the "costa concordia" runs into trouble:the luxury cruiseliner brushing too closely to a tuscan reef late friday, ripping a 160-foot hole in itt side... with water rushing aboard, some saying it was a hasty evacuation of the more than 4- thousand aboard:mos says: "they didn't have enough room on the boats for us so we had to wait. they said they were coming back to get us aad at that point the boat started sinking more and more on the side we were at and we made that decision at that point that we had to get off."that group, along with hundreds of others...pushed into the salty sea...trying to swim to safety:
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davies says: "and i got on my back and i said to my wife "kick, kick, kick, swim, swim." with the morning light ... a clearer picture of that these american on its side..- tourists...still carrying their life-vests... in we were standing is actually underwater right now."back at a hotel in rome... frightened passengers file off shuttle buses...many slipping into warm, dry clothes... but still shaken up:beach says: "the rescue was awful. i mean it was very, very disorganized. / the rescue boats they were different boats to get on." (burke on cam tag)the captain of the ship has been detained and will be questioned. this is pure speculation at this point he has not been charged but speculation that there could be charges of manslaughter and abandoning the ship.only a judge's decision can release him.while they've called offheir darkness, there's still dozens unaccounted rome, greg burke, fox news. 3back in baltimore ... protestors rallied for jobs ...
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while commemorating a man that fought for equality. equality.people gathered at west baltimore...for the in - martii luther king junior march for jobs and justice. they urged the city to focus on job creation. the march ended at the site of the old reads drugstore ...where morgan university students once protested against pegregation. after sparking controversy ... the quote on the martin luther king junior memorial in d.c. will be changed. changed.the quote is chiseled into the side of the massive stone structure in king's drew criticism because ii was shortenee... &psome said it made the civil right's leader appear arrogant. the inscription reads: "i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness."it's modified from a sermon king gave in february 1968. 1:12 "it's an important monument... beautiful. job isn't done... it's not correct at this point." 1:23 1:23a committee will be formed to determine how the
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it is ácoldá outside right ow nowwhat will that mean for the pame tomorrow and the victory party next week....? week....?meteorologist emily skywatch forecast... emily emily 3 3
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"29 that's really wrong. that's taking advantage of people that really care." 34 34a wooan raises money... ápretenningá to have breast cancer...the disease doctors say she áreally suffers from. later on fox45 news at ten... oj says: 03:04 "there's a great work still to be done." 06 03:06the backbone of the ravens.the man inspiring the players to push they journey toward the our cover story... after the break
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ravens fans know the super bowl is in sight. of the key players from their super bowl in the team's front office now......and he is one of theebiggest motivating forces for the team team kathleen cairns has more on the "brrgance briga. brigade". (((montage:tapes in deck: ))) (wife with photo) [0]"oh my
10:26 pm
goodness.. he was the know what and he still is the man cause oj have broken records"[1] oj brigance played professional football for a decade.and his proudest fan... is chandra.. his wife.(wife with cards) [2]"yyu have the miami dolphins first then st louis rams"although now has a bigger opponent:(wife) [3](nods... it was diagnosed as als)that was 2007...and in just 4 years the disease..has taaen its toll.(wife) [4]"oj and i did have our moment on the floor with tears... "[5]"i brooe doww..once i gathered myself i realized god had prepared me to handle this adversity by his grace."(wife) [6]"he stilllhas a voicee.cause he uses his dynovoc... trust me his mind is still strong"[7] [8](voice) i usually smile"[9]oj darts his eyes... to communicate using a new.. high tech voice machine.[10](wider) "i have a deep seeded belief god would
10:27 pm
not not have allowed us to endure this fight with als.. if my wife and i couldnt bring glory to jesus christ through out decision to keep on living dispite our circumstances.. " (chhndra- good) [11]"every day we wake up.. were remembering god... "although oj is confined to a wheelchair..and relys on a machine for even blessed.[12](wider shot) "the jouuney since my diagnoses has been challenging.. but to great discovery of deeper faith..strength and perservence...oj is motivated by the milestoneshe says god has already helped him accomplish.--game nats-(wife) [13]"oh my gosh..[14]this is &pthe moment we won the superbowl.. the superbowl.. how great is that"[15] he's the only person with championship rings in the cfl and nfl.-click- [16][17] "was a confirmation...that with god all things are possible."(with phhtos) [18]"laugh ....what a fun day i teel you were at the
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white houue.... and... wow!" and through the highs... and have been by his sidee[19]"i even receive an anon. birthday card every year simply signed.. a stallions fan."from fans to faitt:[20]"my belief in jesus christ has given me the strength to face every day with purpose and passion. i was created specifically to impact families battling als" (chandra) [21]"we understand the importance of giving... " ((((go to the night event-- clapping))))chandra and oj have formed the brigance brigade charity...whichamong other things...buys desperately needed equipment for als victims.( [22]-- "the wheel chair means a tremendous my family and me... "while oj may be locked insidean immobile bodyhe's still very much on the move. [23](voice on oj:)[24]"theres
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(voice over at the event) (wife) [25]"he still has his life.. he still is waking up in the morning..still breathing.. hes still oj!" [26]and... he's still earning a paycheck with the ravenss (voice only) [27]"hey juice!" he's sr advisor to player development.[28]"the opportunity to be around the players inspires me to livee life.. and achieve all god has for me to accomplish"(guy wwlks in) [29]"im still waiting for oj to get a black guys voice on his machine it throws me off everytime im not used to the white guy talking to me."(oj response) [30]"ok thank you.."(football player) [31]"hes no different then he was before.. the only difference is he needs to type out his message ... i think hes more owerful now before pvery game i want to touch him as him and perform like him... - (nats ravens playing this year- show touchdown)[32] and ravens.. this season.. to another superbowl(oj) [33]"i still have 24 yrs of football and life experiences.. to from a super star..on the an inspiration...for otters...[34](oj) "thank you
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jesusskc fox 45(player leaves) [35]see you later.. alright for more information on how you can help the brigance brigade and the effoot to help other victims of a.l.s... a.l.s... log onto baltimore dot com.../slash newslinks 3 "29 that's really wrong. that's taking advantage of people that really care." 34 34a woman fakes a cancer diagnosis ...and rakes in hundreds from family and friends.the disease doctors say she áreally suffers from. 41 "the kid's unstoppable." 43 43a new york teen with a difficult home life ... getting reccgnized for her work in science.the obstacles at home and the prize that could turn her life around. 3
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mississippi's outgoing governor ... is defending his decision to pardon some two hundred convicted criminals. sparked outrage ...when former governor haley barbour granted pardons in his final days before leaving officeefive inmates who had worked in the governor's mansion ...four of them, convicted of murder...were released last weekend.but barbour says most he pardoned barbour says: "10 "the fact is 215 people received some form of clemency but of those 189 were not in prison. most had been out of prison for years, often for many years." 23
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those who are pardoned get their criminal records wiped clean.... and barbour says incrrases their chance of getting a job. 3 a california woman pretends to have breast cancer .... even fooling family and friends. friends.this facebook event page shows well wishers asking litza...who they believed was dying from breast cancer. in fact, hundreds of people opened up their wallets to help her.but after a trip to the e-r, her husband discovered that for six months ... his wife had faked symptoms.doctors say she suffers from a different kind of illness...a mental disorder called munchausen syndrome goradia says: 48 ""hey purposefully act as if they have symptoms and signs of a disease ann usually it's intended to seek attention." 56 56litza's family says she's now being treated for her áreal disorder.and they plan to pay back every dime she received in donaaions. police in southern california
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arrest a man who ay be linked to a series of killings of homeless men. men.he was captured trying to flee the scene of a stabbing. the ictim ... who appeared to be homeless ... was found dead near a restaurant.police say the suspect "generally fits the description" of the man wanted for killing three other homeless men.but they've ánot linked him to those an inspiring story out of long island.a homeless teenager becomes a semi-finalist for a prestigious science competition. competition.winning ould change her and her family's lives forever. forever.samantha garvey's research in marine biology ... has put er in the running for the intel science talent search. garvey says: 06 "i just started crying and i go to my dad and i'm like 'daddy, i'm an ntel semi-finalist.' and he was like, 'is that good?'' i'm like, 'yes! it's amazing!'" 14 the 17-year-old's living conditions.her family was ffrced to move into a homeless phelter...after years of financial difficulties.garvey says her situation motivates her to work she's in the rrnning or a 100-
10:36 pm
thousand dollar college scholarship. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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01:00:28 " its so much fun, its hard to explain." 00:31 00:31"ravenizing" is his the ultimate ravens fan ... may have national fame one day. -3 lots of people are trying to
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show off their purple pride. pride. some of them are making videos.madison from perry hall says she is one of the biggest ravens fans around aroundwe have every single peice of raven's merhcandise" merhcandise"...and look at what they "found"...ravens branded haar straightener... ravens cereal... ok......even a shirt for the dog there...//are fans, .../ ááandáá.../then.../there... aree../super-fans. man is "revved up" for tomorrow's playoff game in a way no other fan can touch.joel d. smith shows us why is passion may also get him into the hall of fame. fame. as you can tell from the car-bar in this amazing game room, retired baltimore county fire captain greg hudnet knows aathing or two about transformation.[0] 2848and that includes himself.[1]2643 i brooght home these camo shirt another day, and the next thing i know, he's putting it all together.2948 yes, this is my birdman outfit.
10:43 pm
2551 he retired and got tired of the starched shirts and pins, and then went a litlte crazy with more bling.3016 its so much fun, its hard to he let's his car do the talking for him.[[]nat boom this 52 buick dedicated to the ravens, started as just a purple and black i retired, 3425 thisbecame my hobby, and this hobby is almoot taking over my it's a rolling tribute to the team, complete with ravens eyes, signatures of the players, and enough awards to fill up a super bowl trophy poom .[3] 5138 the detailing on this is amazing. look, there is ravens or purple touches everywhere... except underneath. that's where the steelers belong. c-mon, you knew those terrible ttwels were good for something! overall greg has 20 cars, and used to have more than he wants to add something else
10:44 pm
to his collection... a hall of fame membership.4938 go online, these are on the rules. he's been drafted to join the professional football ultimate fan won't surprise his wife if he makes it.... at this point nothing will.2705 it slowly went, it wsan't like i juut woke, up and saw i was married to a crazyyperson. this just parkton, joel d. smith, fox 45 news at ten. 3 houston has one of the best receivers in the andde johnson will affect the ravens' game plan... next in sports unlimited... now, some people now, some people think they
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know now, some people now, some people think they know the ravens... ravens...but there's a 3 year old that might give morgan adsit a run for her money moneyso who's your favorite player?mmm... jimmy smithjimmy smith... what's his number22 22this is little garrett kellner from westminster...his dad... blake... keeps asking
10:48 pm
him questions...garrett just keeps going... even if the names are a little bigggr than he is who elseed reedwho elseray lewiswho elsewhobrendan ayanbadejooq: umm... 28... who e elsegarrett goes on for á5 minutesásee the whole thingitt inked to ouu website... fox-baltimore dot com slash newslinks 3 tomorrow, the ravens will kickoff with the texans in the divisional round of the playoff. playoffs.... morgan adsit preview's the big &pmatchup in sports unlimited... morgan... coming up tonight on sports 3un.
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unlimited... he missed the first meeting in week 6...why chuck pagano says focusing on andre ohnson will end up hurting the teaam.. . jim harbaugh trying to emulate his big brother anddreach the championship game in his first season...see if the iners could hold off drew brees and the saints....and go 1-on-1 with cary williams...what the ravens cornerback sees from t-j yates that could give them problems tomorrow...sports unlimited starts right now... texans and ravens set to tap gloves in this year's rematch during tomorrow's a-f-c divisional round.ravens won round one... 29-14.but there will be two huge differences su. sunday.matt schaub's not thh starting's third string rookie, turned starter t.j. yates.he was good enough to lead houston last week to their first ever playoff win..and andre johnson did not play against the ravens.even after all his injuries... johnson doesn't play like he's 30..he had 90 yards and a touchdown against ciiat


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