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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 23, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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flames tear through a perry hall apartment complex.we'll show you what's leff of it... and what's next for the families who used to live there. -show play, nats- nats-and goodbye superboww... this year anyway... the plays that cost the ravens... anothee ring...and if ray lewis... is hanging up his cleats. 3 my daughter sent a text to the family saying, "the ship is sinking. we love you." you."and a maryllnd woman... lives to talk about her time on that ill-fated italian ship that ran aground... killing several people.who she áreallyá blames... for the accident. 3 3 - inner harbor 3
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today is monday, january 23rd. 3 3 3 3
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3 a dozen people are homeless this morning after flames rip
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through their apartment building in perry hall.megan gilliland is here now with a look at the extensive damage and what's next for these families. good morning patrice,the two alarm fire broke out on the balcony of his apartment building alonn arlen road. can see the extensive damage to the building as crews work to clear the heavy smoke billowing from the rrof top.crews arrived here just after o'clock last night. inside... 24 people scrambled to get out. 37:52"everybody was able to get out of the building on their own we had about 12 people displaced." displaced."those 122people forced out of their homes... are getting help from the red cross still this morning. still no word on what caused the in perry hall this morning, megan gilliland, fox45 morring news. police are asking for your help tracking down this man who tried to rape a youngg
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woman in a park near johns hopkins happened around 6-thirty thursday night on greenway near east university parkway, in the police say a man tackled an 18-year-old woman in park... and tried o sexually assault her.she was able to get away... but investigators are asking anyoneewho recognizes this man... to call police. fox45 teams up with the most popular crime-mapping website. activity in your neighborhood. and will send you emaiis when crime happens.go to fox- baltimore dot com to sign up. click on spot crime in the "hot topics" section near the top of the screen. police are searching for the car that hit and killed a woman in baltimore county. the woman was struck at seven courts and neves court in perry hall over the weekend. took off. if you have any n contact police. re askeddto
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3 south carolina's primary gives the republican field yet another winner... proving the race to the white house is far from over. "newt! newt! newt!" newt!"neww gingrich pulled off a stunning upset victory... climbing out of a double-digit deffcit in the polls in a matter of days. mitt romney's second-place finish caps off a bruising week for a candidate who had been on a roll. "this is a hard fight because there is so much worth fighting or. we've still got a longg way to go and alot of work to do." rick santorum finished third... and despite a last- place finish... texas congressman ron paul says he's still moving forward. it's a whole new ball game in the republican race for
5:06 am it's newt gingrich is in the spotlight after his big wii in south carolina ooer the weekend. tommy andres has a look at the next big battleground... florida. 3 "it's good to be back in florida. i need your help." the republican race for president has arrived in far, there have been three contests with three different winners.rick santorum in iowa....mitt romney in new hampshire... ...and, on saturday, newt gingrichhin south carolina. --nats of applause--the former house speaker plans a week of big speeches in florida to keep up his momentum.i think py job in florida is to convince people that i am the one candidate who can clearly defeat obama in a series oo debates and the one ccndidate who has big enough solutions that they would really get america back on track."mitt romney is already looking for ways to bounce back after his defeat in south carolina. starting with the release of his tax returns.romney had takkn eat for saying he wouldn't make them public until, he says he'll release them ooorrow."we just made a mistake in holding off
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as long as we did. it just was a distraction. we want to get back to the real issues of the campaign." romney's rivals will have some catching up to do if they want to claim victory in florida's primary. romney already has a well-funded organization in the state.i'm tommy andres reporting. the florida primaryywill be held on january the candidates will face off for their 18th major debate in tampa. 3 3 we were so close...but it seems it wasn't in the cards for the ravens to make it to the superbowl. the last few minutes of the game were heartbreaking ... but ray lewws said it best... the game.and lose it... the ravens did against the new enggand started our ppooising... but ended up... being a heartbreaker. heartbreaker.4th quarter... patriots are down 20-16...4th pnd goal from the one...tom brady dives over the line into
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the end zone...pats up 23-20... joe flacco and the offense with a chance to win the game on the final drive...flacco hits anquan bldin for 13 yards on the out...then he layy it to boldin...tight ropes the boldin...then he lays it to out...thhn he lays ittto boldin...tight ropes the sidelines for a gain of 29... well into field goal range... to the enn zone...lee evans co - drops a touchdown...take &paaother looo..doesn't get his 2nd foot down bbfore sterling moore knocks it loose...that's why it wasn't rulld a t-d... evans wishes he had that one back...3rd ann one...flacco rolls out...fires into traffic...moore breaks it up again...maybe some contact before the pass...nothing out comes billy cundiff for the game-tying 32 yard field goal...all his misses this year have been on the road...thhs one never had a chance...wide left...ravens in disbelief as their seasoo comes to a devestating end...
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patriots win 23-20...cundiff reflects... on his wayward kick. keep it simple...kick i've kicked 1000x's in my career. oc: no excuse for 3it. it.thhs is the 5th trip to the super bowl for tom brady and bill bblichick... many of the players say they are going to grow from this... and improve. but a lot of fans are still languishing over those last few plays that kept the ravens out of the super bowl. joel d. smith is live in towson on this black monday with some of the painful reaction... but also some perspective. good morning joel d. 3 3 good morning patrice. let's go
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even though the ravens lost... local businesses can count sunday... as a big in. win.santoni's grocery store in highlandtown was stocked with ravens cakes, cupcakes andd othee baked gooos.. on customers piled in to buy snacks for game parties. dedicated santoni's employees came in at 3 in the morning to "ravenize" the store. 00:04:36 "it's high energy. everyone is so wrapped up around this whole thing with thh ravens. they're all fans and they know what this means for the town and to this company. 04:46 04:46santoni's expected to double their sales of some items. a school in mourning...over
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losing a legend. legend.nats of signing signinghow the penn state university community is remembering thier former head football coach.. joe paterno, who died on sunday. sunday. 3
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3 3 some couples take a year or more to plln their wedding.but &pwe're doing it in just one we. week contest.. and you can enter to win an all- expenses- paid to win an all- expenses- paid wedding... on us. enter.. tell us in a hundred words or less why you should win. win.send your entry to "wedding in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in baltimore.. 21211... or log onto foxbaltimore dot com to enter... you can also read the official rules.remember to include a photo with your entry! and it's all brought to you by the baltimore bridal show at the baltimore convention center february 4th and 5th. still to come... entreprenuers aren't so sure about the economy...the reason why they're hesitant to add to their payroll. payroll."he's more than a coach. he's family is more phan a family familybut first...joe paterno
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passes away after his battle with lung the legendary coach. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) ♪ round, round, get around, i get around ♪ [ female announcer ] new and improved swiffer dusters with dust lock adhesive can clean virtually every surface in your home. ♪ its thousands of fluffy fibers pick up dust here, there, pretty much everywhere. and swiffer dusters traps 3 times more dust
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than a feather duster. and locks it away. ♪ swiffer cleans better or your money back. ♪ get around penns state university is in mourning... legendary formmr football coach jje paterno died sunday morning after a battle with cancer.he was 85
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years barbara hall reports, since word of paterno's death spread through nittany lions territory, fans have been taking time to reflect and remember. remember. --reporter pkg-as follows -- nats of signinga somber vigil at penn state university. students, past and present, joining with fans of the football dynasty to ourn itt lost leader.all day people flocked to campus, gathering around the iconic statue of joe paterno."he's more thhn a coach. he's family is more than a famiiy. joe was penn state. he made penn state.""he meant a lot. if it wasn't for the football program and penn state and winning the orange bowl in '05, i probably would not have come to penn state." joe-pa, as he was affectionately called, was the most successful coach in major college football history.he spent 62 seasons at penn state. his 409 career wins are an n-c-double-a record.however, a child sex abuse scandal that rocked penn state -- cut his
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career officials fired paterno for his former assistant, jerry sandusky, sexually molested a young boy in a locker room shower. but, paterno's fans stuck by his side."he's a man of charrcter and integrity. a man of hope...helping to bring our community closer together afterward. he brought it together to begin with and it will stay together because of him.""we're still gonna love joe paterno forever and ever. period."fans say the longtime coach's legacy at penn state will far outlive the scandal that led to his firing. i'm barbara hall reporting. straight ahead... a maryland woman speaks aboot her time on the italian ship.. that hit a reef.who she was on the ship with... and what was running through hee mind... as the boat was sinking. ((break 3)) ♪
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finding small businesses across america are still down economy... peter barnes explains why some businesses hire.hey are hesitant to hire. -------------------------------- --------------- the latest survey of small businesses from the u.s. chamber of commerce finds them still gloomy about the economy -- aad not in the mood to create more jobs. of the 1,300 entrepreneurs the chamber surveyed -- 85% said the country is on the wrong track.coratolo says: only 12 percent said they are adding jobs and that's consistent with what they said in july of last year. they're still sitting on the sidelines. they're being defensive. 63-percent indicated they're going to keep the same number chamber survey found that 78% offentrepreneurs said taxes-- regulation and other policies from washington make it harder for them to hire new workers. 74% said the new health care reform law does too.
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coratolo says: 8 out of 10 small businesses want washington to get out f the way. only a very few want them to give them a helping hand. the hamber survey found small company owners are optimistic about some things. 45% think the business climate ii their communities will improve over the next two years... up 12 percentage points from last october. and 69% have confidence in their own futures saying their businesses are headed in the right direction. that's it for this edition of the small business report. i'm peter barnes, fox business network. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' heartfelt goodbye... i will step down this week. week.she's resigning to focus on her health... after being shot in the head a year ago. but find out the job, she ádoesá plan to finish... &pbefore leaving office. office.a dozen left homeless. i'm megan gilliland... the destruction left after a perry
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hall fire and what's next for the families who used to live t. there. 3 3 -my toes know. -my shoulders know.
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