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chance to 3&11:15:15 i would sa human trafficking... right in our oww backyard. the conditions that make maryland ideal for modern day slavery. to train your immune system to recognize cancer and to fight ii off. off.a possible cure for cancer. how a new vaccine works... and why it was discovered... by accident. a boy is in trouble this morning for peeeng... in the classroom.why hhs parents say.. he shouldn't be punished. 3 3 -inner harbor today is wednesday, january 25th.
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3 a police chase in baltimore county ends with one man dead and several more came to a screeching stop on dulaney valley road in timonium.megan gillilann is live from the deadly scene this morning. morning.good morning patrice, we're live at the corner of dulaney valley road and ivy church road.this orning things are quiet out here... but last night... it was chaos.
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from this corner to the middle of that block... pieces of the crash were everywhere... everywhere...take a look at what'ssleft of this gray honda... now just a twisted wreck.the driver of the vehicle... 20-year old aaron mccoy junior...died in the into another car.mccoy was n - actually aaburglary suspect police where following at the time.a chase that unfortunately eeded with a 3- car collision. (eeise) "the two vehicles &pactually lock and then collid with a truck that's in he opposite lane. the whole mess pole."before the crash... ole."- police say an officer in tried to stop it... a passenger bailed out and officers arrrested him... bbt mccoy kept going.a police helicopter followed from the
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police say mccoy sped up near the county gun range on dulaney valley road... and crashed. dootors have treated and released three other people who wwre injured in this crash. live in timonium, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 2 men will spend the rest of the kidnapping and rape of a woman in baltimore...who was lost... and asking for help. may of 20-10...jerome lee and jamaa richards spotted a woman on north eutaw street... asking for help.they picked her up... but instead of helping her... her...she was sexually assaulted.they drove to a contiiued.she escaped...but lee nd richards found her... her...forced er to take money pefore dumping her on the in - street. a federal jury will resume deliberatioos this morning ... in the stun gun death trial of a former
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frederick county sheriff's deputy.the parents of 20 year old jarrell gray are asking for 145 million dollars in a wrongful death suit against corporal rudy torres.gray's parents say torres used excessive force when he tased gray twice... killing him back in 2007.the deputy defends his actions saying... gray posed a threat. (gregory lattimer- gray family attorney)"it is very painful for them and morr painful because there has been no showing.. of sympathy or regret or remorse for the death of their child and that is unfortunate" unffrtuuate" in closing arguments the efense there s no evidence the taser shocks caused grays death... the autopsy report lists the cause of death as undetermined. torres was found not ácriminallyá responsible... in gray's death. 3 3
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the governor receives support in his efforts to legalize same sex marriage in maryland. rights supporters gathered aa his mansion in annapolis.governor o'malley invited advocates who say they believe the bill will be enacted this year.o'malley says this bill includes more safeguards to protect religious organizations from being sued... if they don't recognize same-sex marriage. (fields) "beinn able to be married would be paramoont to both of us because we would version of the american dream." dream." a similar bill passed the state senate last year... but it failed to pass the house.some opponents say they would like to see the issue decided by maryland money generated from the new alcohol tax... is going to a good cause. governor o'malley's 2013 fiscal budget includes 64 million dollars for healthcare programs.that's much more than the 15 million in this year's budget.lawmakers directed the pest of the proceeds to school construction... advocates say... the new budget will
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hhlp more marylanders. (demarco) "providing health helping people with e peopll, - ddvelopmental isabilities, providing funding for drug and alcohol abuse treatment prevention, heleping people with mental hhalth problems, ttat's exactly what the alcohol tax was intended to." &pto." last summer, a 50 percent increase in the alcohol sales tax was approved...raising it froo six to nine percent. your gas taxes could be going up by more than 60 percent. that will be debated by state lawmakers this session.if thh gas increase can't be challenged because it's an appropriations bill."americans for prosperity" began a petition drive so marylanders can let their lawmakers now what they thiik of the proposed increase.see the petition at fox baltimore dot com.look for " stop the gas tax" undee "hot topics." president obama lays out his blueprint for americaa.. during tuesday night's state of the union address.and today... he plans to sell it. as greg black explains... the president is kicking off a
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three-day swing... through key election states. statee. "members of congress, i have the higg privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the president of the united states."in his third state of the union address, president obama laid out his economic agenda and political roadmap for campaign 2012.he demanded action from a deeply diiided congress.... "senn me these tax reforms and i will sign them right away.""so put ttem in aabill and put them on my desk this year.""send me a bill that createssthese jobs." ...and calleddon congressional leaders from both parties to support his plan for fixing the economy.i intend to fight obstruction with action, and i reeurn to the very same policies that brought on this eeonomic crisis in the first place. in 10 months, president obama willlbe up re- election.he insisted his policies have helped turn around the struggling economm he inherited."the sttte of ouu union is getting stronger. and we've come too far to turn back now."but in their responsee republicans blamed
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the president for making a bad sittation worse"in hree short years, an unprecedented explosion of spending, with &pborrowed money, has added trillions to an already unaffordable national debt. and yet, the president has put us on a course to make it ahead." one thing both sides could agree on was honoring congrrsswoman gabrielle got a 90-second standing crat ovation before the president's speecc.she resigns from congress today to focus on recovering from a gunshot wound.i'm greg blaak, reporting. president obama willlhead to iowa, arizona and evada today as part of his five- state tour.those stateeare considered key for the november election. a middle school student in texas is being punished... for urinating in a classroom.but according to his parents... it's not his fault. fault.they say their son did what he had to do... after the teacher repeatedly refused to so the 12-year old used an ass.
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empty water bottle... to urinate at his desk. "she tells him if he asks up, if he leaves the classroom she'll write him up for truancy and she hope he pees in his pants." pants."according to the sccool's student handbook... students are expectee to plan their rest stops between classes. but the family's attorney argues... students are entitled to basic necessities like bathroom breaks.the boy is currently under "in-school" suspension. today... the boy's parents will appeal the principal's decision. it's a growing problem in maryland... the 19 year od from new jersey wanttd out and wasn't being allowed to do so. so.why f-b-i agents are targeting b-w-i airport for human trafficking. trafficking. ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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some couples take a year or more to plan their wedding.but we're doing it in just one week.'s our wedding in a enter to win an all- expenses- paid wedding... on us. enter.. tell us in a hundred words or less why you should win. win.send your entry to "wedding in a week".. 2000 weet 41st street in baltiiore.. 21211... or log onto foxbaltimore dot com to enter... you can also read the official rules.remember to include a photo with your entry! and it's all brought to you by the baltimore bridal show at the baltimore convention center february 4th and 5th. still to come... stewart's legal issues... -
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might not be over.the new lawsuit shees facing. facing. maryland is a transit thruway for victims. but first...the thriving... but illegal activity... in maryland... that has the f-b-i targeting b-w-i airport. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment for febreze fabric refresher; they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax, take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh. a little bit beach-y.
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agentt tell fox 45... it is an emerging problem in aryland. crime and jjstice reporter joy lepola eeplains why aaents are targeting b-w-i thurgood marshall airport for the illicit activity. activity. ((pkg)) a man is charged with human trafficking after a teen's mother makes a desperatt call to police.(file sot) the 19 year od from new jersey wanted out and wasn't being allowed to do so. court ocuments detail how 19 year old johnisha harris was warned by other girls that... "leaving was not that easy". edward perkins used backpage to get the word out. police found harris at a hotel near b-w-i. a textbook example of a growing problem federal agents say is thriving inn maryland. (agent) 11:11:33 maryland is a transit thruway for victims of human trafficking and those who traffic them :38 tucked away in a corner at b-w-i thurgood marshall aarport.... agents hope to educate travelers regarding the illicit
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activity. that surrounds them. (agent) 11:17:45 we've had cases here in this terminal where this terminal has been used as a ttafficking point general prostitution turns into trafficking when either a juvenile is involved or a victim is being fooced or coerced. stand up 13:12:26 federal agents many people are unaware that thissform of modern day lavery even exists and this neighborhood is a perfect example over the summer federrl agents raided a business at the center of a human trafficking operation center of a human traffickiig operation neighbors here tell me they had no idea.(girl from file pkg where she says it said massage parlor buut bite(homeooner no super) 13:13:34 we heard it later on but not right at the time. did it surprise yoo? yes in a ay why is that? we don't have trouble like that anywhere in this neighborhood a thriving underground business that federal agents have targeted in an effort to bring about awareness of a problem some would prefer to ignore. 11:15:15 i would say the problem is hidden in maryland
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there are resources available for victims of human trafficking. go to fox baltimore-dot-com -slash-newlinks for more information. straight aheadd.. verizon breaks records with selling i-phones.but... that's not good news.the legal issues that stops the company from celebrating themilestone. themilestone.and martha stewart... headed back to court.the major retailer that's suing her. ((break 3)) ♪
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police foond several abused dogs in a woodlawn home.but as jeff abell explains... they look much different now. now. 3 3 3 (5:33:32) (lick, lick, lick) "yes, i love you...." michelle is 4 and a alf years old.....a pit bull with a lot of love....and one whh's feltta lifetime of hate.... (5:33:13) "there's somee scars on her snout. there's one above her eyes. sse's got these scars here on her paws
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right here from the macine when they'd force breed is shelley...." michelle is one of four dogs rescued almost three years ago from a woodlawn home. they were hungry and abused. and investigators believe beinn bred to fight. this week, 37-year old larry alston was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the operation. typically, abused dogs are put to sleep when court cases are closed..... but animal activists rallied to keep these four alive. (5:35:23) "this just happens to be a lucky break in a way that it actually came through and i think it sets a precedent for other dogs like these guys." michelle is the first dog of the four thats now up for adoption at the baltimore humaneesocietyy they still wear the scars of the past.....but eventually all four will be searching for a home. (5:39:18) "more pepole are starting to realize its nnt the breed its how they're raised. and sometimes even when they're raised in thht they still come through." (5:40:58) "shes a goiod girl. and
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they're all like this everyone of them." animal advocates have sppnt months working to rehabilitate the dogs... and now... they say, they're the calmess dogs at the martha stewart may face more legal troubles.and elizabeth corridan explains... verizon sells a record number of iphones. good news,,right? think again. again. --reporter pkg-as follows -- stocks ended mostly lower tuesday with investors nervous over greek debt talks and weak corporate earnings.the dow fell 33 points.the nasdaq edged higher,while the s and p 500 ended lower.johnson and pohnson profits took a beating in the fourth-quarter.profits tumbled 89-percent ... after the company was hit with two-point-nine billion dollars in charges related to a hip-recall and litigation settlements.the health-care products and pharmaceutical giant posted a mere &p218-million dollar profit... down from one-point-nine billion dollars last year. verizon sood a record
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four-point-two million i- phones in the last few months of 20-11... but it ame at a steep cost, because they were heavily addition, the nation's largest wireless provider took two-billion dollars in pension- related charges.martha stewart &pis being sued for breach of contraat.macy's filed a lawsuit agginst martha stewart living omnimedia to block a licensing agreement with j-c penney.according to macy's, the deal violates its exclusive arrangement with the martha stewart brand.last month, martha stewart living said the two lines would be "completely different."for business brief, i'm lizabeth cnn.script----- coming up... we lost... but he a connncticut doctor got his hands on the missed field goal ball... that billy cundiff kicked. kicked.
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