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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 30, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 monday, january 30th. 3 we have a school delay to pass along to you this morning. gerstell academy in carroll county is opening two hours late. 3 3 3 3
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3 a head on crash on route 500 in davidsonville claimed the lives of a severna park man and three teens. thhs is what's was left of their car... now just a mangled piece of metal.police say the three teens were traveling the wrong way on route 50 early saturday morning... when they hit 55 year old terry davis of severna park head on. uufortunately, no one survived. &pdavis dded as he was being the other car... 18-year old breanna franco, 19-year old brittany walker and 18-yyar old zachary rose were all killed. "it's a senseless, senseless accident, and it's tragic for e"
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everybody"we're told grief counselors will be on hand this morning at severna park high school and meade high school where the three teens just recently graduated. meantime, police are still investigating the crash. 3&police willlhold a joint prrs conference today following a gruesome discovery in prince george's county. county.acting on a tip... investigators pulled a body from a well in fort washington, sunday afternoon. the body has been identtfied as 53-year-old lenwood "lenny" harris.harriss.. who was from alexandria... hadn't been seen since september 21st. police aren't saying much about he case... but do say... the person who tipped them off, is part of the investigation. the person whooc: details about that." the press conference with the prince george's county and alexandria policc is scheduled for 10-thirty.
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some terrifying moments... for passengers aboard a lane in or. oregon. the plane had just taken off... when suddenly... one of the engines stopped working.a passenger took this cell phone video... of the propeller coming to a stop... mid-air.the pilot quicklyy turns the plane around... making an emergency landing. "this huge explosion. then, all of a sudden, verything stopped, and it just got totally quiet, and everyone started to panii and every we're all justtthankful to be back, now that i can laugh about it. but, it was pretty scary. yeah, it was just complete silence and it just &psttpped. the propeller stoppe and we all have picturessof the propeller, and video, because it was pretty weird to be up in the air with no propel" propeller."the plane anaged to land safely... with all 55 passengers investigation is now unddrway. that morning cup of joe could be messing with your . horomones. according to a new study in the american journal of clinical nutrition...
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caffeine consumption changes women's estrogen levels.but women's health... researchers don't know yet.the caffeine doesn't seem to cause problems pn the short term.but in the long term... caffeine can change estrogen levels... which in turn can lay a part in endometriosis... osteoporosis... and even breast and ovarian cancers. it isn't coffee... but beer... that had hundreds of people lining up in north carol. carolina.if you're a chocolate lover... you may understand why. why.hundreds of beer fans lined up in winston-salem for ássxual chocolate.á that's the infused with chocolate.the beer is available just once a year... and will be on tap at seveeal restaurants in north carolina for a limited time. 3 the cars you drivv to work and school today... could change based on some testing happeninggat the university of maryland this mooning.
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morning. joel d. smith is streaming live at the "glenn l. martin wind tunnel"... where some new hybrid cars are facing the elements, before facing the public. good morning joel d. 3 3
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3 hot fashion... great cause. cause.where to go for free a cceck on your heart health and a shoipping discount in our hometown hotspot. take your little princess to disnee on ice... your chance to win tickets still ahead. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. t - go red to fight heart disease
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- it's the 5th annual macy's "go red for women" heaatt fair and fashion show- you can get free testing... and a greatt discount at macy's if you support the cause by wearing &pred.- annie wildasin from towwon town center joins us live from townson town center with more.- what is "go red 3&pfor women?"- warning siins o
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kind of testing are you event? - - what do you have to wear to get a discount at is that disco? discount? 3 the 5th annual macy's "go red for women" health faar and fashion show is ttis saturday february 4th at the macy's in towson town center from 10 a-m to 2 p-m.for more information go to our website foxbaltimore take your little ones to baltimore.your chance to win tickets to disney on ice... nex. next. ÷88 3
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the magical world of disney... is coming to baltimore. baltimore.disney on ice is celebrating 100 years of magic.
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arena february 8th- 12th .. and we want to get youuinside &pfor free. free.the 4th and 5th callers at 410-481-4545 right now win a family four pack of tickets to the show. 3 3
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3 say i do with beautiful hair. hair.whether you're a brrde-to-be or just have a big event ... we'll show you how to get glamorous hair like this for the occasion. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3))
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ashley riddle from up do's for iido's is here...she's also a part of our wedding in a week our bride's hair and makeup for her wedding. - how do you ecide between
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having your hair ll up or down?- what are this season's hottest looks?- you aaso do makeup.. lashes are a big trend?- shhw us what youure doing right now. 3
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you can contact ashley at up do's for i do's on her weesitee just go to uu do's for i do's dot com for more information... or give her a call.
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also... you can decide which of our finalist ccuples will be married live on fox45 morning news next friday. voting has started!!our four finalists' stories are on our website.go to foxbaltimore dot com to vote for who you ttink should can also vote on our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltiomre.the winner will &pbe married live on the aar next friday.'s all brought to you by the baltimore bbidal show... at the baltimore convention center february 4th through 5th. from gorgeous hair... to gorgeous gowns. gowns.((:41 you don't twirl when you have a train, you walk around. :44)) :44))the big winners on the red carpet... and who walked away with a trophy at the sag awards. ((nats))plus... a first at the x games... a snowmobile defies
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gravity and sends fans into a f. frenzz. ou're watching fox 45 good day ballimore. 3 to bbeak 3&((break 4))
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33 3
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3 fiber map 3 religgous leaders and other community actiiists are
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planning a rally tonight áagainstá the same sex marriage legislation. after more than wo thousann lesbian... gay... bisexual... and trangendered supporters ... gathered in baltimore this weekend to ppsh for change. governor o'malley showed his support at the conference... just days fter he introduced a bill that would legalize ssme sex marriage. (2:10)and it is the dignity that says passing a law too prooect transgender marylanders from employement credit and housing discrimination is the right thing to do... the same sex marriage legislation will be at six o'clock in ronn of the statehouse. maryland residents still seem split down the middle on the issue of same sex marriaae. a new washington post poll shows 50 percent of marriage... 44 percent do not. and most who oppose it, cite their religious beliefs. florida hoods its republican presidential primary tomorrow. tomorrow.mitt romney is caapaigning hard in the state... polls show him with a
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double digit lead over his rivals.but it's been newt gingrich who has gotten some major endorsements over the weekend... one from former g-o-p candidate herman cain... and another from the tampa pribune. rick santorum has canceled his campaign stops in florida.heeis in pennsylvania where his 3 year old daughter pneumonia. a start-up car coomany is hitting the tunnel before hitting the road. joel d. smith ii streaming live in college park... with a new plug-in electric hybrid car thattcould be in your driveway some day... if it passes the wind- good morning joel d. - 3 3
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3 speaking of cool vehicles... an innredible trick at the winter x games. games. watch as a snowmobile defies gravity. gravity. ((:05 nats :13)) that front flip with thee snowmobile... was the first ever landed in competitton. competition..eath frisby landed the trick and couldn't have done it any more perfectly. &p a story of courage and determin.
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determination.((1:02 i was taking crack and marijuana to the school, to show my teacher: look, my father is a prug addict,1:08)) addict,1:08))she was neglected as a child... how one girl defies the odds... coming up. plus... a big warm up this week... meteooologist steve fertig hows us how warm it will get... and howwlong it will last next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) baltimore. ((break 5)) they're running out of you.
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no matter how much methamphetamine i used or how
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much alcohol i drank, it wouldn't make the pain go away. throw three i felt such despair. there was absolutely no hope. no hope. no light. and i was crying out to a god i did not believe in. i said, "if you're real, you've got to help me. please help me."& ((ad lib meteorologist))
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p 3
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it's our mobiieal of the week! every
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from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone!this week's deal comes from... patapsco amish farmers market.get 10 percent off all just go tt my-mobideals- dot-com to get started.. or look for mobideals on your smar. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. hollywoodds awards season is in full swing. swwng.((you have no idea what it takes a girl to get in these dresses)) dresses))frommwhat they wore... to who won the awards. candace dold takes us inside the sag awards next. next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6)) it is award season in
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hollywood.the screennactors guild awards were held last night. one movie dominated the night.this morning we hear from the stars and recap the
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other winners. winners. 3 it's the ultimate award show for actors, as their peerr help recognize the best work in tv and film, hoping for victorya"a& flannery says: "these award shows are so taxing - you have no idea what it takes a girl to get in these dresses" like most big time hollywood award shows... the red carpet walk didn't dissappointt bringing out aawwoos who of dazzling gowns and outfits. king says: "you don't twirl when you havv a train, you spin around. i learned that about an hour ago.'pearce saas: "mr. armani -- yeah, it's too hot to wear a tie." small scceen winners included alec baldwin, jessica lange, steve buscemi, betty white, boardwalk empire and family. jean dujardin jean dujardin won for
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his leading role in "the artist" and "beginners'" christopher plummer cootinued pis win streak but the big winners of the night were the ladies of "the help" taking home bbst ensemble cast with individual nods for octavia spencer in viola davis taking home her - first sag award as a leading actor. davvs says: "it's changed because i've allowed it to change me. that i have gained a different perspective of the business. and the perspective that i've gained is hat i have a voice and i have the power to change." and like 3 awards. from a troubled past... to a bright future. future.((1:48 i'm not going to be that kid that needs another 1:50))the emotional storyyof a young giil that defies the odds... to make a better life
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you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) ÷88
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she was abused... and she's a high achieving young adult. adult.julie peterson introduces us to aroline jjmes... whose story will inspire. 3 caroline james earned a of hard knocks, long before ol she ever ot to the university of alabama.i have a bruise right now ttat persists for
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years and yyars, aaddit's n my leg. it's very long. it's from a heated belt. he ut the belt on the stove and it took tte skin off, just like that. the college senior ays the bruise is a remmndee of her father, who died when she was father was, because he was a drug addict, ofttntimesshe wasn't at our home, so he would just go off for on weeks on end; my mother had left us when we were very young. and so during those times, i would just take care of my brothers. i would do anything from gathering food from neighbors, to fixing food in the house.because they missed so much school, james taught herself and her younger brothers many of theebasics, like how to read.finally, she got help.i remember at eleven when i actually got us into the foster care system, because i had to gather informatiin on my fatherr i -w to the schooll to show my teacher: look, my ffther is a drug addict, we're not, we're not able to live in our own
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household..and so i was stepping up to be a mother, just to raise myself, at an age where most children are jumping rope. she was taken in by a foster family.then, her big break came in ninth grade: a magnet high school recruited her. it was a place that recognized her potential. later, at eighteen, she aged-out of the fosser care system.nats bells chiminn success at the magnet school led to a college acceptance, leaving her past soon as i got toothe university of alabama, i did not want to discuss it. i said, you know what, i'm not going to be that kid that needs another hand-out. i'm sick of it! i'm sick of being ashamed, i'm sick of everyone knowing what has happened to pe, i'm embarrassed, i don't want to be that kid put on display anymore. james has a three--oint-eight g-p-a , carries a double major and is a member of mortar board.this is my home.and she's proud of her first apartment. i'm very
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excited to have things that are of my ownn excited to have something to bring into a space that is my own. (where'd you get your couch?) i got my couch at a thrift store it was fifteen dollars (smile, laugh) (very nice.)even so, it's not easy.there'ss criiis point after crisis point continually. and most of it stems from the lack of support, both financially and emotionally.she says these aren't the only hurdles, so are the stereotypes.i think that many people perceive foster students o be purposefully under-achievers. i think that they think that given the background thaat we've come from, we on't want to achieve, we don't want do anythinn with ourselves. we have the tools yet we don't really want to work with them, um, and i think that what they're missing out on is that oftentimes, foster kids don't have the tools and furthermore, they don't know what to do wiih the tools once they get the self- starter pursues law school and non-profit work, she's knocking down those foster child stereotypes, every step
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of the ay.julie peterson, c-n- n, tuscaloosa, alabama. january is going out feeling like april. april.meteorologist steve just how warm temperatures will get for your it! you're watching p 45 good day baltimore. - hey guys, breakfast!
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what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. same-sex marriage ii maryland. the battle lines in annapolis...3
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áá7 day forecastáá 3 ((brrak 8)) &p3 3
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