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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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damage. myraada stephens, fox45 news aa 5:30. state delegate pat mcdonough is calling for an independent evaluation study of b-g-e services. mcdonough says citizens are frustrated and tired of b-g-ees excuses and laak of information. he says he wants to set up aa audit commission to studyythe preparedness and post storm services of b-g-e and pepco. "i have prepared letter for the public service commission they ffil to support tte dea tten i will pre-file legislation for the next's session of the generrl mcdonough says setting uu this audit performance commission will help answer joining us now is rob gould . spokesman foo b-g-e. how would you respond to the call for an independent commission to investigate your response? where are the remaining
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trouble spptsare you till confident that everyone will
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the weekend?ine for the end oo - 3 & the hunt is on for a thief in
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anne arundel county...taking advantage of the power outages. joan sames lost power at her home in edggwater friday... and didn't have it for several days.the temperature in her home soared to he 90'sswednessay night, she left the doors anddwindows open and unlocked... waiting for a breeze. she was asleep on her couch n the living room... when suddenly, at about 2 o'clock in the morningg.. a noise woke hee upp and she saw a man
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standing nearby. (sames) "and i just screamed, get out!" as loud as i could, p grabbee my blackkerry from the table there nd rrn out the front ddor as ffst assi cou" could." sames says the man grabbed her purse and everythinggin it, inccuding her credit ards, debit card and driver's license.her power is back onmeaawhile... balttmore county police say thee've got tww reports of thefts related to the outages. they say someeoe stole two generators from the rear towson. meanwhile... the d-c fire departmeet is feeling the heat today... and its not from the 110 degree temperatures. temperatures.last saturday... just one day after severe storms hit the area.... firefighters were dealing with fallen trees ann medical emergencies... as a result, they had triple thh nnmber of norral cclls. but in tte middle of dc fire crew spent valuablee time...fillinggup a small, private swimming pool. they
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opened a fire ydrant.. spending aaout an hour to get the job done... while surrounding neighbors were &pcouldn't beeieve it because ii didn't know they can come and do that." (reporter: "they're not actually supposee to do that.") "i kind of figured that." (laughs) the ffre union presiddnt says even the crews thought the request was unusual... because the fire epartment doesn't go around filling up priiate pools. "i did talk to some of the firefighters that were involved and they had concerns. they thought that, out doing other work, ave been - especially given the torm." originally the request as ys denied...but the information wasn't passed along. he insists theee'ssno peesonal connection between the homeowner and anyonn attthe fire deeartment. phat certainly was questionable use of taxpayers money. and speaking of &ptaxes...fox45 is holding a town hall meeting next thursday, july 12 at can watch live on our
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baltimore-dot-com. swimming pools herein the baltimore areahave been packed today.and as john ryyell tellss us...there's a newlaw to help keep (rydell) "on a ddy like ttday, is there any better place to be than here? these folks don't think so, they're here &ptrying to cool off on a very hot day and thanks to a new law in anne arundel county, &pthese swimmers will be better the kidsshere...probably never &pknew...connor's been six yeers...since thh five year a croftto swimmmng pool. "connor wwuld be 12 years old today.. bittersweet, yeah, we woke up this mornnng very emotiinal just with heavy hearrs." but debbie neagle freed and her hussanddhave been waging a campaign to put portable and community pools.((nats)) and emmrgency bill to do just thaa...was signed
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john leopold.(freed) "it's aa celebration of my son's life but also this bill helps protects other kidd in tte county, what other way could we do it than to ign it on hissbirthday."(neagle-freed) "they save lives, they should be t every public pool." (rydell) "connor's pareets say they plan toocontinue puuhing for a statewwde law to make sure that all pools are equiped with one of millersville, john rydell, fox 44 news at 5:30." crews are set toobeginn construction on the baltimore through downtown...the new organizers plan to begin working on the trackkjuly 30th. thee12-turn, two-mile circuit will be built in 32 days, with crews working through the night.the grand prix is scheeuled to run over labor day weekend. feeling a áslightá pain at the pump aggin. gas prices beean to creep a little higher this streak of low gas prices. the pverage prices drift from
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three dollars and ninety-one cents ii april to three dollars and thirty-three cents this ndependence day holiday. triple a says gas priccs are increassng because crude oil prices are increasingg..and &pthat we're likely to stay at auuust. fox45's pump patrollis always looking for the lowest find the best priie in your neiihborhood at fox baltimore dot coo. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?carrie peirce has our trafffc edge report. report. papfiber--695 greenspringmapmap pap
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george zimmerman releaaed fromm jail .... how muuh he raised in donations....and where &phe'll stay whileeawaiting trial. 3 scott peterson appeals his death sentence.... for the murder of his wwfe and unborn son... why his attorney says he deserves a nnw trial. new details in the tom cruise and katie holmes' divorce..... what may have led to the split... and the mmsterious actressee house.... e - 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- eeggh years after
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the murders of his wiff and unborn son, scott peterson is appeaaing his sentence. a jury convicted peterson of suffocating his wife laci, and dumping her body in the san francisco bay christmas eve two-thousand-two. &plawyers foo peterson claim he was deprived a fair trial pecause of edia attention, pnd innorrect evidentiary rulings. his attorney argues the trial surpasssd the o-j simpsonnmurder trial in terms offpublicity. the appeal is exxected to take months, if not yearss to be george zimmerman has been after a judge set his bond at 1 million dollars.zimmerman raised at least 20 thousand dollars in donations and was released this affernoon. he's required to stay in seminole county, florida while
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murder trial for fatally shooting trayvon martin.hii attorney says a temporary safe house has been set up. the judgeepreeiously revokkd zimmerman's bond after prosecutors proved he had lied about his finances. a disappointing jobs reeort out today....the labor department says employers added only 80-thousand jobs last onth leaving the overall at 8-point-2 percent. it is the "third" straight month of wak hiring.the dismal report comes on the final day offpresideet obama's bus our pennsylvania... and just four months before the election. obama says: "whether you're punching a clock, or starting aabusiness, you got a chance but you're going to have to make a choice about which direction you want to go in." president's pplices have "the - clearly not been successful." successful." there are 4 more jobs reports untillthe novvmbbr election. today's numbers could prompt the federal atteept to boost the econooy.
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today marks one week since katie holmes iled for divorce from tom cruise.the details surrounding the relationship continue to emerge.candace dold haa more on hollywood's heartbreaking story for today's loodown. lowdoon. (((pkg))))katii filed for divorice in new york seeking primary residential and legal custody of their daughter, suri. this news comes after 5 years of marriage.there's a lot of speculation about why phe wanted to end it all.many people say katie didn't want to commit to scieetology like tom and she didnt ant to legal experts doubt it will n. play a deciding role in the terms of the final settleeent. sources close to tom say scientology was not theereason for the is important to note that neither katie nor her attorneys have commented on the reasons. there's a lottof speculation
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&pabout the ays leading up to picture of this escalade.his - splash news says these are photos of two vehiclessnow being used by three mysterious professionalllooking mmn who have been stalking out katie holmes previous to her divorce papers being filed.these are phe "parking permits" the men leave posted visibly o park wherevvr they go.tom learned that katie fiied for divorice while heewas in iieland filming a sci-fi saga oblivion. he then headed ack to the states this week... he went to birthday.he held a quiet party. &p katie and suri went out yesterday to children's museum &pof the arts in new york.she was also in whole foods his week and was apparently in a much better mood than just a mooth ago.sources say katie is now leasing a two-bedroom, two- and-a-half-bath apartment in new york ..of ourse.. details and that's your lowdown.dold 33
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3 33 i ended up going to bed knowing that i did the right thing and that i can sleep at night - that i tried to help. help. a story that made headlines around the country.... a lifeguaad fired for saviig a swimmer's life ... wwat his boss is now offering. 33 --adblib weather the florida lifeguard... who
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was fired for leaving his post to save a swimmer's life... is now being offered back his job. helped rescue a man who was ii an area f the beach that reaa "swim at your own risk." but &punder commany policy... lifeguards are required to caal 9-1-1 if aaperson is outside their zone... due to liability issuess the company owner says he now realizes firing lopez was wrongg... and
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is offering his job back.... buttlopez already made up his miid. i ssid i humbly decline the invitation to ggt the job back. it's another chapter in my llfe cllsed. i'm just going schooling finnshed, and get onn clearly he should not have been terminated for wwaa had occurred. i know that he has tried to do the right thing. phree lifeguards quit after the incident and two others wwre firrd because they told company officials they too necessary... all of them have now been offered their jobs back.
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:00-:05 "celebratinggtheir new title as beer city usa in a very appropriate fashion later today. i'm nicole di--" di--" reporttr caught offf guard when omething sneaks up behind her ... how this live report took a surprising turnn
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thh push before the end of this month's trade deadline for the orioles...will be &abou only.starting pitching.'s not even the all
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star brrak...and 3 of the orioles starters, who were on the active roster on opening day... are now in triple-a norfolk.tommy huuter, brian matusz ... and last night jake arrieta joined them. . basicclly, after tonight and miguel gonzalez's debut... the orioles will be working on a two-mmn rotation... jason hammel and wei yin chin.major decisions have toobe made about o's starters during next week's all-star break.because thh orioles are still in 2nd place behind the yankkes... but that wwll ot last with 2 starterss.. even 3 when chris pillman returns from double-a bowie. arrieta has the worst e-r-a of he group at 6-13... he's only lasted 3-and-2 thirds in each of his last 2 losses with 10 and hasn't had a quality tart since june 2nd...tommy hunter had a trip to the bullpen before he was sent to tte minors...hunter an inning and 2 thiids in is last outting with the o'ss.. wimbledon...roger federrr takes down novak djokovic 6--,
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3-6, 6-4, 6-3 in the semifiials to advance to his 8th wimbledon final setting a mondern-era the other semi...andy murray becomes the first british man to reach wimbledon's final since 19-38...he defeated jo- wilfreed songa in search of his first grand lam title... o's and angels tonight...first pitch at 10-05...miguel gonzalee on thh hill for the birds...coming up at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... --toss to emily-- emily-- 3 33 3 33
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a reporter in missouri getssquite aasurprise when someone decided to share her spotlight. "....celebrating their new pitle as beer city uua in a vvry appropriate fashioo later poday. i'm nicole didonato live in eastown and those details ommng up!" "oh my good" goodness."nicole didonato was live ootside a microbrewery... when a stray cat climbed upp her back to make a cameo appearance.after the ssow, nicole tweeted that she make eye contact with aacat. 3 that's all for feud" is next.and we'lllbe - ten -- and the late edition at .
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