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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 10, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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there appears to bb little way this race will make money... money... 3 (mayor) "i think with andretti on board.....baltimore has tt offer..." (coates) "....and so from......investors absolutely." ///str/// a balttmore city firefighter issaccused of
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running an online prostitution ring and unlicensed simmons was arrested after a raid by the f-b-i. f-b-i. jamar simmons has been with the fire department since 2000, pplice say federal agents swept a warehouse on south pulaski street in connection to a possible human trafficking and prostitution case. 3 3 3 police have also arrested franklinncoit in thisscase. he was also charged in september 2010 with human countt. n bbltimore - an early mooninngfire... sends one person to the happened around 4-30... on north linwood avenue near say the fire starteddin the
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rear of he hoose... where construction is underway.the fire did not spread to adjacent hhmes.a neighbor was sent to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. baltimore's fire chief is scheduleddto receivea two percent raase. that's the recommendatioofroo baltimore's mayyr.but aa john rydell reports...that already prompting outrage... outrage... (rydell) "baltimore's mayor says a two percent raise for the chief s justified bbsed on his performance but that's pot how the unions see it." james clackkwas appointed fire then mayor sheila dixoo.since then...his work has been praised by baltimore's current stephanie offering clack a two peeceet raise...and plans to extend his contract...thhough 20-18. he currently earns more ttan 161-thousand a year. (mayor) "we've had the lowest number pleased with the work of my - fire chief and the department and i'm glad that e's staying onboarr."(hoffman) "no one's
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getting laid off, no one's getting demoted."but rick hoofman...who heads the union representing fre upset. he says his members...will receive no raise his coming a time when the trying to save shutting down... two fire companiee. (hoffman) if ww're all asked to take a hit and we have been, we just closed two companies, theeaxe is still october, i think any percent raise is way too much." (rrdell) "that proposed two percent raise for chief clack is expected to be voted on by baltimore's board of estimates tomorrow. in west baltimore, john rydell, ox 45 news at 5:30." another baltimore police officer iissentencee in a towinggscheme.officer jamie lugo will spend two yeers behind bars for his role in a kickback sccm that exposed more than 60 officers.lugo is the 14th officer sentenced in the scandal which nvolved damage vehicles to a rosedale body shop in exchange cash. it's now official....maryland voters will decide whhther to
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pegalize ame sex marriage. marriagg.opponents of the law submitted more than twicethe number of signatures required to get the questionon this fall'ssballot.and now...the stateboard of eeections....has officially "certified"more than 100-thouuandof hose signatures. the lastest tatewide assessment tests show slightt improvement or students across maryland. but there's some mixed news forstudents in baltimore city public schools. math scores are up around two percent in gradesthree through eightfrom the year before.but reading scoresamonn middle school studenns are down...nearlyythreepercentt the c.e.o...says one absent.s....are chronically - (alonso) "there's a huge challenge aad we eed to work communities about making sure that the kids are n school orr the progresssis going to be difficult to sustain.. sustain."students considred chronically absent...miss 20
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&por more schooodays a yeaa. take me to the river!that's what dozens offpeople pay a local company to do during hot summer days.but, paul gesslerr explains that business is facing fines for the service. paul-- gary kloch's tube 'n taxi was fined ore ttan a hundred bucks three times in three tubing is not the problem so much---as the taxi. maryland's department of natural resources tells me operating a business in a the ransaction is done at drops tubers off inside the - trout fishermen say tubers bring alcohol and throw trash in the water.kloch says the fines won't stop him from his 3 "i think the ccurts will overturn any fines when they sse i'm not running a commerciaa enterprise in state park land." land.""people sometimes leave big stuff. that'ssthe problem, but littleecans and stuff,
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that's not the ppoblem. they shouldn't leave it, but it doesn't really ffect the fishing. i don't think." kloch charges abouu 22 bucks a person, depending on the tube, for the rental nd taxi service.he only had four customers today.itts only wortthwhile for him about five weekends out of the year-- iicluding last weekend, when gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. tonight?brandi proctorr has nig? our traffic edge report. report. mapbelairfiber295map895 thousands of thousands of people ouu there
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still trying to recover from the storm from more than a weee ago.we'll talk with a representative of the maryland insurance administration on whht to do if your home was damaged by ttees or limbs from someone elses property. --fighting ats--- nats--- a politican behaaing badly.the shocking thhng a lawmaker did on live tv... and the issue that set him off.
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"and i thought, 'oh great, there's a little boy who's hh's playing." 3 but he wasn't joking around... why a 5-year-old callld 911... and what he said that made dispatchees ake hhm serioosly. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3
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the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at throws shoe, pplls gun" gun"a politicaa argument in jordan escalates to the point that one politician pulls a gun on
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another.the lawmaker says he was angry because the other way into office.after the his argument escalated... that's when one man threw his shoe at the other... then a pulled a gun.luckily....he doesn't shoot... but the incident ácouudá force him to resignn v. a teen loses part of his arm after being attacked by a happened monday whill he wassswimming with friends in a flordia river. witnesses say the 10-foottlong alligator ssddenly came out of the water ... biting the teen below the elbow. peck:says: " the gator was coming after him..on top of back and forth, he wws oming." coming."baker sayy: (covered with vvdeo): "the gator was abbut two feettaway from hhm, just caae sttaighh at him. look...and punched the gator and tten it took his arm and he went unddr. " " killed theealligattr... they retrieved the teen's arm... reattach it. vvdeooout of housson...dozens
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of boats, caapers and rv's went up in flames after a ssorage facility caught ire. firefighters say there was a iito the sky.a lack of ffre &pit impossible for crews to contain the injuries are reported.the cause of the (("daddy, it's kay. i called the doctor.. i caaled the doctor." )) p)a little boy is being hailed a heeo for helping save his year old call 9-1-1 ... but he is alss can be heaad comforting his dad during the emergency call.quincy hall callld -1-1 fterr his dad chris hall suffered grand mal seizureehid dad surrived the attack... and the washington boy received a quincy's actions took center ceremony... but the pint-sized life-saving aboutthis
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(reporter: "did you call 11 yourself?")"uh huh."(reporter: huh."quincy knew how to call 9-1-1 because he as taught since his ddd hassa seizzre disorddr. karrn stakem hornigdeputy commissionnr, maryland insurance administration- who's at fault for damage - process for making claims- advice or
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hiring a contractor- high ddddctables (woothhfiling a deductable?) 3 3 coming up.... a teenage irl jumps from a
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3&pto a new jersey boardwalk tuuns iito a nightmare.she had to make a split second decision for survival.. and it was all caughtton camera. of ride rrdemelanie rossomando was riding the "seaside heights sky ride" during a nasty storm. the ride lost power - with melanie and her best friend herlide joseph dangling 35 feet in the air.with lightning decided to jump. melanie
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we're next to a huge metal ee pole and in my mind, i'm like we are in a metal death trap &pnow. in my mind i was like lighting, or i break a leg ayb" got off afely including ne --3 rossomando's friend, who didn't jump. temperatures in the low 90's today... the pumidity not as baddas over the weekend and last week.but chief meteorologist vytas reid.... 3
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3 will the orioles lose out on theer first round
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cunningham has that tory next innsports. 3 cocococococococococo[ barks ]st]
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keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ with the orioles shuttdown for the all star break, time is running ssort to sign their have until friday afternoon to signed, or lose hii.. gausman - him.. published reports out of ew orleans last night said gausman was seriously conssdering turning the orioles down and returning to, orioles gm dan duquette told reports that the pwo sides have made progress latelyyand that he's quote confident gausman will ssgn... the slotted bonus for the fourth overall pick is around birds haveemaae an offer close to that...they have until 4:59 to get it done..stay 3 you can watch the mid-summer &pclassic tonight at 7-30 righ pere on fox 45...see orioles adam jones, matt wieters and jim johnson in kansas city. as the american league and
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natiooal battle for homefield advantage in the world series...the m-l-b all-star game tomorrow at 7-30 onll oo fox 45... and...if you;re so the game...just to to our wbff &pfacebook page to join in.... that's faccbook dot ccm slash to racing, where trainer doug o'neill will drop his appeal to the calirofnia racing board pay suspension august 19thhhe says he's not guilty of the charges he was guilty of dopingghorses.. horses.. the horse with which he very nearly won the triple crown has a new owner...i''l have another, who won the kentucky here, has been sold to , seen papanese interests, and will stand at stud there...the purchase price was 10- million...i'll have another ws retired due to a tendonninjuryy just before the bblmont stakes...the prrakness was his last everrwin in racing. all star game highlights and the rest of the night insportt coming up after the ballgame... --toss to tony-- tony-- 3 3
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guarded some of the world's ve most-priceless works of art prom would-be vandals. but they're not what you'd expect. 3&this is the "hermitage museuu"... in holds á3-millioná works offart.but it has another distinctive feature... that's not mentiooed in guide books.a small army of about 65 cats rats and mice.rtworks from "if miie feel, the smell of
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cats. they understand thaa there are cats. that's why they prefer not to come." stray cats from all over thh city.aastaff off3 people takes them. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feed" is next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- nd the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you laaer. laterr kate and i have been married for 15 years.
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