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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 23, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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movie massacre... new information on the 3 3
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3 3 the alleged gunman in the aurora, colorado movie theater massacre will appear in court this morning.james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others. others.megan gilliland is here with more on how the nation is coming together in support of
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the victims. good morning guys,take a look... across from the century 16 movie theater... you can see a cross has been placed for each of the 12 victims. the man responsible for putting up the crosses... did the same for the columbine tragedy back in 19-99.the memorial continues to grow as people across the country visit... to pay their respects to the victims who died during that midnight screening of the new batman movie... the dark knight rises. mos says: "we've been through a lot as coloradans. it's just very tragic. my heart breaks for all these people."mos says: "innocence. i think innocence was lost."mos says: "it hit home."mos says: "i just had to come down and wish a family member goodbye in a way. seeing his name there on the cross and you realize that this is real and just not a sto" story."the alleged shooter... james holmes... is expected to be in court today.our sources tell us that inside his apartment... besides the boobie traps they also found a
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batman poster and a mask associated with the movies. president barack obama is promising that justice will be served.hear what he had to say to the victims and their families coming up next half hour.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. major movie studios are waiting until today to report weekend box office numbers... in respect for the victims of friday's movie theater massacre. but "the new york times" is estimating the new batman movie "the dark knight rises" made about 162-million dollars over the weekend. movie studios expected the film to bring in 190-million. according to the times... there is speculation moviegoers either did not want to watch a violent comic book story... or did not feel safe at the movies. it's been a year, and police still don't have any suspects in the shooting death of a 20-year-old man in northeast baltimore.william daughtry was last seen skateboarding to a friend's house, when someone in a car pulled up behind him... and shot him in the neck.daughtry's mother says
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her son was an honor student, and this is something that shouldn't have happened. "with the type of kid he was you know it should have never happened and i would hate to see this happened to another kid that really wants to thats doing the right thing you know thats striving to reach a goal." goal."daughtry had just taken the test to become a baltimore city police officer. environmental officials at fort detrick say the army has no plans to post warning signs of potential chemical contamination in surface water near carroll creek. you're looking at video from last year during an 18-month investigation into possible cancer cases linked to previous chemical contamination. groundwater samples recently taken from area wells revealed higher levels of chemicals than what is accepted under federal drinking water standards. but officials say contamination isn't a health concern ....because people aren't drinking the water.
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3 the ncaa is about to take unprecedented action against the penn state football program. aaday after the school decided to take down the famous statue of joe paterno.... many fans fear the ncaa is going to take down the entire program. program. joel d. smith is live in fell's point with reaction to the statue coming down, and a look at how tough the sanctions may be. good morning joel d.... (ad lib) patrice, penn state has the largest alumni association in the country... about half a million. the future of the football program, and its ability to compete for years to come, is very much in jeapardy. jeapardy. with the proximity to pennsylvania, no doubt many of fans are right here in maryland. we went out to talk with some of them yesterday... at a few penn state friendly bars in federal hill. they had just learned about the 7 foot, 900 pound statue of joe paterno being forklifted away from the outside of beaver stadium, a place it had been for a decade. the university announced it was taking the monument down.... after a report into the child sex abuse scandal, finding the late coach and three other top university officials covered up sex abuse claims against retired assistant coach jerry sandusky. so what should happen to the team now? 3
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"it's probably the biggest scandal in modern history in sp" sports""they should have a few year suspension, no bowl games, scholarships stripped away" away" the ncaa, the governing body of college athletics, has not penalized a member institution without first holding a committee on infractions hearing. that is not happening here, and remember as bad as it was.... the school itself did not break any specific ncaa regulations. 3 using immoral or criminal behavior as a means to justify sanctions would constitute new
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territory for the ncaa. the deeision comes down at 9am. some are saying the school should get the "death penalty", what would that mean? jury selection is set to begin today... in the murder trial of drew peterson. peterson.he's the former chicago police officer charged with killing his third wife, kathleen savio... and the suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, stacey peterson. a 2-hundred-person jury pool has been waiting á3 yearsá for a
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trial to get under way. among the questions potential jurors may be asked... is whether they saw a t-v movie about the life of peterson. a 16-year-old lifeguard is being hailed a hero... not for pulling someone out of the water...but for saving a couple from their burning home. alex panopoulos and his friends left a midnight screening of the ádark knight risesá ...when he saw smoke and flames rising from the roof of a home on ácromwell bridge roadá. that's when he and his friends' mom called 9-1-1 and banged on the door of the home .. alerting the family inside. "they were just like oh my god, thank you, they were like in shock i guess had we not knooked on the door they probably would've uh, they wouldn've have noticed it." alex's mom says she wasn't too surprised by her son's actions. when he's not in school, he's a lifeguard at a local swim club. more rain on the way? way?meteorologist steve fertig tells you when it could hit your neighborhood... next.
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3 learning about going back in time! time!"this is great you know. this is something these little guys are never going to forget in their life. the long journey this baseball team is taking to remember the players that broke the color barrier in baseball.. and the special guest... that appeared at one of their games. ((bump out)) wow,
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♪ enjoy special k®, in 10 delicious flavors. so many possibilities. what will you gain when you lose? 3 a little league team is re-living history ... right down to sweating it out with no air conditioning. the team left philadelphia and they are following in their heroes' footsteps at every stop on their cross-country tour. as sarah hoye reports, it's all part of a tribute to jackie robinson and the team that broke the big league's color barrier. 3 for this little league team from south philadelphia, it's been a summer vacation to remember. as a tribute to jackie robinson and the negro leagues ... the inner city players of the anderson monarchs traveled back in time aboard a vintage 1947 flexible clipper touring bus -- the ultimate road trip. the 3-week long, 4-thousand mile journey
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gave them a glimpse at what robinson and other players went through during the barnstorming days of the negro leagues. "it seems like we are negro leaguers from back then. and, we're honoring jackie robinson and all the negro players." along the way, the monarchs compete against local youth teams, meet surviving players from the negro leagues and visit historic sites a& then it's back to the un-air- conditioned bus in sweltering heat and on to the next city. "play well coach, i know you will ..." this week the team was in the nation's capital a& but before any sightseeing they played a game in suburban virginia that attracted one very special spectator... "good job, take your time babe .." ... mamie "peanut" johnson ... the only female who ever pitched in the negro leagues. johnson wanted to meet the monarchs only girl player and the team's number one pitcher, mo'ne davis, known for her sizzling fastball. "it's a joy to see her out there. it makes me feel good, really, yeah." while in
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washington, the team went to the lincoln memorial to stand where marian anderson a& who is the namesake of their rec center in philly a& performed her historic concert on easter sunday in 1939. the next day it was back to baseball and a visit with washington nationals standout shortstop ian desmond. "this is great you know. this is something these little guys are never going to forget in their life. and you got to get that great appreciation for baseball, you know? when i was a kid i actually got to go to cuba and the dominican republic, and to just experience baseball in a different way and it kind of makes you appreciate the hard times that people went througha" it's a message that's not lost on monarchs' leftfielder myles eaddy, who found out on the bus what life must have been like before air- conditioning. "it's really hot. we always got to stick our heads out the window. the only time we get that much air is when we're on the highway. i would like to stay on the bus everyday, that's how much
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history that bus has." the monarchs have their own link to history ... their team is named for the kansas city monarchs, the negro league team where robinson started, in the city that hosted this year's all-star game. that's what inspired little league coach steve bandura to organize this summer's tour. "we're getting so much love everywhere we stop, which would have been a little bit different in 1947 i'm sure, so that just shows really how far we've come." their last stop is cooperstown, new york, where they'll attend the baseball hall of fame induction ceremony. instead of reading about history, the monarchs are living it. sarah hoye a cnn a& washington. adam scott winning the open championship seemed like a form. formality...and the orioles had a 4-run lead in the 9th. one of them collapsed under pressure...find out who... next in sports. ((
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bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports.
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... gas prices are creeping back much you can expect to pay a gallon... in maryland to fill up.
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