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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 2, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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additon that could bring 500 jobs..onight on fox 45 news at five. 95 at 395 3 3
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mapwilkensbelair395map if you're in the fells point ... be aware... because there has been a rash of robberies in the area. area. the latest victim tells fox 45 she was held at gunpoint just feet from her front door. door.ellen shapiro says she asked a friend to walk her home that night and not even áthatá kept the criminals away. 15:32:06 said something along the lines like yeah this is
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baltimore this is what's about to happen give me you wallet and pulled out a gun and put it to my head :37 :37 in the past month there have been more than a dozen robberies in fells point. so far this year.... baltimore has had 121 homicides...but less than one out of three of them... have been solved. former baltimore detective... stephen tabeling spent 25 years with the city police early 2000, he was hired by the governor to evaluate the city's homcide department.he says even though the murder rate is slightly lower than last year... too many of them... go unsolved. "i think it affects the families emotionally...wondering if the person ever gets caught, it works a toll on the families especially" especially"so far, there have been six fewer homicides than last year. a baltimore police officer is honored for "compassionate service"... after saving a dog and adopting him days later. officer daniel waz-kev-itz was
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patroling south baltimore in may, when he got a call for a vicious dog.when he got on the scene he saw kids throwing bottles at "bo"... a pitbull. the officer called "bo" over and took him to the animal shelter and kept checking in on him.the two are now iiseparable. officer daniel waskiewicz, baltimore city pd: "just like people, you can't judge them by outside. you actually have to meet them and get to know them. that's how you really tell what kind of dog he is, not by the breed or anything like that." that."waz-kev-itz was a cadet at the time of the call.he just graduated from the police academy last weee. fliers at b-w-i now have access to free wireless internet.on wednesday... the airport launched its new wi-fi program... offering a free 45- minute service to custooers. the only catch... is that an advertisement must run before the session begins. the airporttis also offering a paid wi-fi service that's uninterrupted and does not include ads. actor cuba gooding junior is no longer a wanted man.on
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wednesday... charges were dropped against the actor... by a woman who claimed gooding pushed her inside a new orleans bar.the bar's management released a statement saying they're hopeful dropping the charggs will, quote- "put an end to the matter." former boxing champ evander holyfield is auctioning off some of his most prized possessions... to get some cash. items include a bronze olympic medal he won at the 19-84 summer games... championship rings, belts, gloves, trunks and robes worn inside the ring.he's also selling the boxing gloves from the 19-97 heavyweight bout in which mike tyson bit off part of his ear.thh boxer lost his atlanta-area mansion to month. the auction is set for november 30th.... through julien's auctions in beverly hills. is sports card collecting a thing of the past? a recent recovery of cards in ohio is expected to fetch more than a half million dollars at auction in baltimore this week. joel d. smith is live at
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the baltimore convention center with more on that and the other big ticket items and celebrity guests in town. good morning joel d. 3
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3 a big honor... for the u-s women's gymnastics team.on wednesday... president obama called the so-called "fab five"... from air force one.he congratulated them for their gold medal-winning performance in london.the president also called swimmer michael phelps to congratulate him for winning more medals than any other olympian. an awkward situation for the mayor of london... while doing a promotion for the olympics.
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after climbing into a harness... and starting to zipline... mayor boris johnson gets stuck... leaving him dangling in the air.the mayor was left hovering above the ground for about 5-minutes... as spectators snapped pictures. staff members eventually pulled him to safety. surprising things... turned into art. art. (3:48:00) (pumping tire nats) nats) how a bike... g-p-s and city streets... become art.later in our cover s. story. 3 ((break 1)) a former factory in frankfort,
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new york is destroyed by a massive fire. flames shot from the buildings.take a look as the building is completely engulfed.the property had been vacant since the tool factory was sold in 2006. 15 of the 35 buildings are a total loss. at least 30 fire departments were called in to battle the fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation.
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((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))map belairwilkens195395 mapmta
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3 3 3 3 no clay... but ... it's art. art.(3:31:05) "the trick here is to try to intentionally curve the line around the corner...." corner...."the unconventional things one man uses... to create his masterpieces. masterpieces.and later in sports...ed reed is in training campwe're there as
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he shares his thoughts for the first time this summer. ((bump out))
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hi there. whoaa! chase freedom is offering 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. that's great! i know, right? just learned how to drive this yesterday. one second i'll be right back around... here's that 5% cash back you earned. wow, thanks! courtesy of chase freedom. oh boy! earn 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. activate your 5% cash back at a baltimore middle school teacher is melding the world of art with the world of this morning's cover story, jeff abell takes us for a ride through the "imagination of michael wallace" wallace."
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(3:29:45) "we will be going through patterson park...." its a few minutes after breakfast..... ?? (3:28:14) "what i'm going to do is ride this map upside down." and michael mapping his next move.... (3:28:47) exaggerate my turn here on dillon street by overshooting py turn just a little bit." wallace is a cyclist who seldom peddles down the same path... (3:31:05) "the trick here is to try to intentionally curve the line around the corner...." because when he designs a bike route..... (3:28:55) "we'll hug this corner and this one...." the route becomes a design itself..... (3:23:36) "i find a way to fit the entire world into baltimore...." (3:48:00) (pumping tire nats) wallace is both an athlete and an artist..... (3:50:54) "and we're going to hit record track....and its on....." with satellites recording his ride, the streets become his canvas.... ??(4:05:08) (bike nats over pavement) and the bike becomes his
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brush.... (3:54:15) "all right this is the spot here...." as a biker, the city's landscape may be geograahically desirable..... (quick nats) but as an artist, its geophysically un-reliable... (3:58852) "some of the streets are getting re-done today...." (3:49:50) (paving nats) (3:58:55) "had to go over some of those. heading to the park now." because every move is being recorded... (4:08:12) "this is my turn right here....." wallace can't afford a wrong turn. (4:08:19) "this will take me down to linwood....." in a city made of blocks....he finds a way to make curves. (4:08:31) :these open park space spots are just perfect for making pictures...." an hour and a half after he started his ride..... (4:13:47) "....all right.....(breathes
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hard)..." it was over..... (4:13:49) " (all done)....first thing i do is hit save. don't wanna lose that....": his ten-mile ride through the city produced an riginal piece of work. (4:28:55) "so there's the camera i made. it was ten-point-one miles." a tv camera....with a story all its own. (4:29:45) "when i look at this one i'll remember i had to cross a road that was freshly ppved." wallace discovered the value of gps technology when he set out one day to draw his own name." (4:31:20) "in the giant wally, i realized if this works i can make anything...." now....three years later..... (3:34:20) "i've got a washington monument. i've got a reflecting pool." thhre's a whole collection of original pieces..... some of them are hanging in local restaurants. (4:43:44) "i think its way creative...." like the gecko....that turns heads at geckos.... (4:24:44) "all of a sudden it hits
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them....its a gecko...and they go, oh wo, its way cool...." his wally gpx website is getting attention too... in november, it was called the coolest site of the week. but with publicity comes questions.....'is this really art....?' (4:33:19) "they can hate while i create....." but by using technology to create his work, this middle school science teacher belives there's a whole different meaning.... (4:31:55) "the kind of people thats going to push the envelope of new solutions to old problems is going to be the artists of science in some ways. its going to be the people who come up with new thoughts that will push us forward when we're stagnated in the same thing...." (biking nats) so wallace peddles on.... aking the road less travelled..... and making discoveries along the way. (3:58:20) "oh its a great day to ride today....!" jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. wallace has created 150 pieces of work and has shown his collection at two art galleries.
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kate middleton tops the list of the best dressed celebrities in the world.find out the other women who made the list...and the men that out the other women who made the list...and the men that madehey america, even though
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