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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it has one of rudest servers around... but that's what makes this food truck so popula. popular.this morning it has parked right outside our studio.we'll show you what makes it the most popular food truck in the country coming up this hour. monday, august 6th. 3
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3 3 3 3 state legislators will return
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to annapolis this week for a ásecondá special session. they're expected to address gambling questions that were left unanswered in the spring. spring.but some politicians say now is not the time to go b. back.tom rodgers is here with more on the controversial meeting and your other top stories of the morning. the first special session was to balance the budget... now we're putting our money on gambling this second time around. gooernor martin o'malley is asking legislators to vote on a proposal that would allow a casino to be built in prince george's county and would create a "las vegas style" gambling in all state casinos. the overnor says the measure would bring in an additional 100-million-dollars in revenue... and thhusands of jobs.but many legislators say a special session should only be called for emergencies. "well i think we had a pretty emergency situation when we adjourn serny dye without a budget and i want to avoid that emergency." the governor declined to specify if he believes expanded gambling... actually constitutes an emergency.
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either way...senators will convene thursday and lawmakers face aadebate friday.we're told they will also debate legislation surrounding the recent court decision on the liability from pit bulls. cell phone video shows the thick smoke billowing out of a reisterstown home this weekend. the fire claimed the life of an 80-year-old woman. woman..t happened saturday afternoon around 4 on main street.the woman was found dead in the back bedroom of the home.firefighters believe smoking was a factor in the fire. w bill harris, reisterstown: 1.07.54 "i never dreamed that there'd be someone actually inside.." bill harris, reisterstown: 1.08.55 "if any of us had known, we would have done something. we could've gotten in there, i believe." believe."investigators are not releasing the victim's name , right nowbut we've learned... smoke detectors were operational in the home. a two- alarm fire breaks out at the m-and-t bank along ritchie highway in severna park sunday eveninggsmoke billowed out of the building as fire crews from anne arundel county worked to knock it all ... it took more than fifty firefighters to bring it under
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one was injured... and right nnw there is no estimate of the damage done. just an hour ago... police released the name of the man ...who shot and killed six people at a sikh temple in wisconsin sunday.his name is wade michael page... a 40 year old army veteran. veteran.police shot and killed page after they say he used a semi-automatic handgun to shoot people at this temple in oak creek.investigators say page shot the first officer on the scene of the rampage at least áeightá times... before a second officer shot and killed page.police dispatch calls reveel what happened next. the ssbject's not moving, we're approaching upon him, he's not moving.10-4.ambulance up!! subject down!! subject's down!! bring the ambulance!!we have one officer shot. candlelight vigil sunday evening as they try to cope with the tragedy.this morning the officer that was shot... along with two other survivors... remain hospitalized. one person dies following a nascar race in
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pennsylvania.the victim was one of two that were taken to hospital... after being struck by lightning in the parking lot at pocono least 9 other fans were injured. the u-s unemployment rate has ticked up to 8 point 3 perrent... proving more americans are in need of a job. this morning joel d. smith is live in dundalk with one profession that is hiring! good morning joel d.
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3 we are following breaking news just into our newsroom out of downtown baltimore... we just got off the phone with the fire department.. and they tell us eight people have been taken to the hospital... and up to 60 others are being evaluated by medics after a carbon monoxide leak.'s happening right now at the main post office building on east fayette street.we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available.we will be right back.
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the man accused of smashing seven sheriff's department cruisers with a tractor will be back in court tuesday to enter a plea. plea.he first appeared in court friday... just one day damage in the department's parking lot.jennifer reading has moreeon how he did it... and how law enforcement is picking up the pieces. pieces. "we bring roger pion in first" 34-year-old rogerrpion was far from his father's tractor. his hands in shackles -- as he entered the newport courtroom -- accused of crushing 7 orleans county sheriff department cruisers during an afternoon rampage thursday. "it was like you were at a truck show watching some big foot smash trucks." randy mathison knows pion well -- and says the attack doesn't surprise him."he's been a 3 farmer all his life. he
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probably was just upset."pion was arrested last month by newport city police for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. he already has 17 misdemeanor convictions -- but police wouldn't say if the rampage was revenge."this isn't the tractor used in the crime but it is a very similar model. we wanted to give you a sense of how big a tractor would have to be to crush seven police cars.""how do you stop a tractor? we are just fortunate he stopped. we are fortunate the general public wasn't hurt. we are fortunate my officers weren't hurt. we are fortunate mr. pion wasn't hurt."police say pion wws carrying a loaded gun -- but never drew it. police had to draw theirs - to get him to stop a few miles from the station."he's a real nice guy. he's been in this community a long time. it's kind of hard to see him go down like this." as for police -- they're moving past the shock and picking up the very expensive pieces. damages are already surpassing a quarter million dollars."we'll roll with the punches. it was a big blow but we'll come back strong.""at this point the sheriffs department has no idea how long it is going to take them to replace the fleet. in the meantime they're borrowing cruisers from counties like windham and essex county is helping them out with their daily transports.""we're still doing our job there was a few hiccups this morning to get everything organized but
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everything is coming off without a hitch."and the derby fire department is helping police salvage what they can -- using the jaws of life to pry equipment out of the crushed cruisers. in the end it's going to be a costly crime for everyone in town. "insurance will pay for it initially but it will trickle down to the tax payers because what insurance doesn't cover is going to come out of my coffers which comes out of the town sets for us." 3 history was made while you were probably still sleeping. sleeping.((cheers)) ((cheers))coming up... we have
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landed on mars... the mission... and the first pictures from the red planet... next. next. youure watching ((break 2)) 3
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cheering nats natscheers erupt in mission control just hours ago... as nasa's 2-point-6 billion-dollar rover "curiosity" touched down on mar. mars. the s-u-v-sized spacecraft made its dramatic arrival earlier this morning and it's already starting to send back i. images.the rover will be controlled from the jet propulsion laboratory in california.scientists hope to
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assess whether mars ever had an environment able to support life. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3
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3 get your kids ready for school... from head to toe. toe.we've got a cutey getting a treat from our popular food truck.. she will be back inside to show off one cool haircut for school next. next. you're watching
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fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) 3 release me, momigus! that's mom to you. and you should eat something that's good for you before you go outside. never! come on james. it's a new fiber one chewy bar. chocolatey and delicious. fiber one chewy bar, huh? mmm. refueled space captain james. [ male announcer ] new fiber one chewy bars. great taste kids love plus calcium and fiber kids need. we're helping you send your
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kids back to school in style. kimberly bell from the hair cuttery is back for part two of this mornings makeover monday segment.we saw some of the latest trends for the little guys... what's in for girls this year? - show us your models? - remind us of the program the hair cuttery ha? has?
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for more information on the hair cuttery and to get involved in the "share a hair cut program" log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. the search for vi ripken's abductor gets national attentio. attention.coming up... america's most wanted gets involved... plus... what cal ripken is doing to put the heat on the suspect. suspect. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4)) 3
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3 95 at 395 map 3
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it's back to work for state lawmakers.a controversial second special session is set to begin this week. week.the issue at hand... is a gambling bill.tom rodgers is here with more why some are boycotting the session... plus your other top stories of the morning. governor martin o'malley announced his goals last week for a special session to begin this thursday with the senate... saying he wants lawmakers to expand gambling to "live" table games... like black-jack and poker. poker."casino special interests and maryland legislators are trying to pull a fast one.""we get a tax hike while casino owners get a bailo"
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bailout."this commercial... sponsored by the taxpayers protection alliance... urges maryland lawmakers to stay home during this second special expand gambling.and while some lawmakers are expected to boycott... others say they want to be there to read the fine print. reilly) "taxpayers have currently bonded and are paying for those machines? how does that interact in the future, there are a lot of unanswered questionn." questtons."the bill also calls for building another casino at the national harbor... in prince george's county. the governor says it'll bring in 100-million-dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs. lawmakers must act by august 20th though... to have the issue on the ballot this fall. the man who abducted cal ripken's mother is still on the loose....but hopefully not for long.áamerica's most wantedá has joined in the fight to find the suspect. a profile picture of the suspect is now on a-m-w's website. cal ripken has also purchased billboards with a sketch of the kidnapper's face that tower over highways across maryland. ripken spoke
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publicly about the incident and said the moment he found out his mother had been kidnapped...he got in his car...drove around and looked for her. "it was the worst feeling you could imagine it was about nine o'clock at night my sister called me that a woman was tied up in the back seat of the car and um they wanted to know if we 3 knew where mom was." we've posted cal's entire appeal for justice on our website fox baltimore dot com. to hear his entire interviiw, just head to our website and click on the raw news section. five people are recovering from an accident sunday that involved a city ambulance.the ambulance collided with a car at the intersection of north calvert and east lexington street as it headed out on a call.five people... including
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a member of the fire department... were taken to area hospitals with injuries that are not life-threatening. the cause of the accident is being investigated. a fire on harford road in northeast baltimore remains under investigation, this morning.firefighters got the call around 4 o'clock , sunday morning.when they arrived...they found heavy smoke pouring out of the "hip hop" chicken restaurant which appeared to be took crews more than 2-hours to get control of the flames. one firefighter suffered minor injuries.investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. investigators say arson is behind the cause of a fire that damaged a denny's restaurant in harford county friday morning. police are looking for this man in the orange shirt who they believe is a person of interest. it happened near route 24 and i-95 in bel air.damages total over half a million dollars. anyone with information should call harford county police. during a time when the
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unemployment rate is up to 8.3 percent... one profession continues to need tens of thousands of new employees. why isn't there more interest? interest? joel d. smith is live in dundalk to show us himself why truck driving might be the jobb of why truck driving might be the job of the future. good morning joel d. 3 3
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speaking of trucks... trucks...we've got one of the country's most popular food trucks right outside our studio. studio.steve fertig is also out there.hey steve, don't you have a forecast to do? do? you're watching fox
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45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) we are continuing ((break 5)) it's time to caption
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3 it's time to caption this! this!today on our facebook page we posted a picture of a few polar bears snuggled up. here's what some of you captioned it.jacqueline says, "snuggle buds." buds."scott says, "after this nap, let's go clubbing with sea" seals." 3 here's some of your other captions...((áááad libááá)) captions...your other here's
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some of your other captions... ((áááad libááá))if you want to play along... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 meteorologist))((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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we are continuing to follow breaking news out of downtown.... happening at the main post office on east fayette street where medics are evaluating dozens of people for carbon monoxide exposure.our crew on the scene tells us that they just spoke with the fire chief and he says that medics were originally called to the post office because someone fell. when they got there they smelled carbon monoxide and began evaluating people inside the buildinn. building.we know the person who fell was taken to the hospital. we originally heard reports that up to eight were hospitalized.. we are working to confirm that number as we speak.stay with us for the
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latest. different massages for different pain. pain.coming up... what to ask a masseuse to make sure your massage eases all your tension. tension. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6)) >> it has topped the f.t.c.'s list of complaints for 12 years in a row. >> they said, well, your account has been hacked. somebody had randomly gotten
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her debit card number. >> identity theft. >> people are becoming more and more technically savvy. they're going to develop even better devices with which to gather people's information. >> reporter: cbn news explains how thieves are stealing information, and provides simple ways to keep your identity
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massages aren't just a self- massages aren't massages aren't just a self-indulgent luxury. they're more of a healthy necessity. jessie bernstein from the american massage therapy association joins us this morning to explain.. - what are ome issues we should see a massage therapist? - is there a specific type of massage that is better than others? - when we are filling out out the questionnaire for the massage therapist what health related issues should we include? include?
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for more nformation on the american massage therapy association and how to find a local massage therapist. log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. a rude server makes for one popular food truck. truck.climb aboard seinfeld's áno soup for youá truck... and find out where to go to see it watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) wkk 4:00 has anyone ever todl you
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look like al pacinovery good you know something no soup for u youhe's one of the you youhe's one of the most memorable characters from the hit show seinfeld.and now you can get up close and personal with the soup nazi. david pasternak from sony pictures television is behind the wheel of the "no soup for you" food truck .. and joins us with more on where you can go today to see it in person. -this is awesome... tell us about the tour.- what's on the food truck- black and white cookies, muffin tops, junior mints, snickers, twix,
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snapple, soup, various seinfeld prizes/giveaways. 3 3 3 3 3
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session on gambling....why
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things might get
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